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tv   Today  NBC  July 10, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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like ay yi yi that's a really bad traffic situation? okay. thank you. >> that's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back in a half an hour. good morning. looking for dirt. donald trump jr. . he met with a russian who claimed to have information on hillary clinton during the campaign. why his story changed so dramatically over the weekend. and the president appears to distance himself from his own idea to form a cyber security unit with vladimir putin after fellow republicans line up to mock it. >> it is not the dumbest idea i've ever heard but pretty close. >> dead on arrival. returning to work with senate republicans still at odds over their own health care bill. >> my view is it is probably going to be dead but i've been wrong.
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>> while another republican lawmaker warns pass it now or face consequences. bulls eye, a bad day for americans during the annual running of the bulls. >> i kind of figure is this really happening. >> all of that, plus wildfires ravage the west. what nary calling the summer of heel begins for commuters at the nation's busiest train station. and the stuff of camping nightmares. >> i woke up to a crunching sound and a lot of pain. >> a teenage bear attack survivor speaking out today, monday, july 10th, 2017. ♪ from nbc news, this is "today where matt lawyer and savannah guthrie" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. glad to have you along wus, and you too, craig. >> happy fifth anniversary. >> thank you very much. july 10th.
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we is a lot to get to. we will start with new controversies tied to russia facing president trump and his oldest son. we will start with peter alexander who is at the white house for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. with president trump facing fooerls criticism in the wake of his meeting with vladimir putin, there are new indications this morning some within his campaign, including his oldest son, donald trump jr., were at least willing to accept potentially damaging information about hillary clinton from a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin. this morning revealing new details about why the president's son, son-in-law and his then-campaign chairman met privately june 16th with a russian lawyer. as first reported by the "new york times," donald trump jr. acknowledges he was promised information about hillary clinton that might be helpful to his father's campaign. before agreeing to the meeting just after trump clinched the information. in a statement provided to nbc
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news, mr. trump's son says an acquaintance suggested the meeting where he was told, "that individuals connected to russia were funding the democratic national committee and supporting ms. clinton." but trump jr. further states the russian lawyer's comments were vague, ambiguous and made no sense and that she had no meaningful information. trump jr. says she did talk about russian adoptions. the president's son and his outside legal counsel say donald trump had no knowledge of the meeting. back at the white house after the g20 summit where at one point his daughter ivanka filled in for him at the main table stirring controversy, president trump is coming under fire with for his new relationship with president putin. on twitter stating. his chief of staff trying to sharpen the point. >> the president absolutely did not believe the denial of president putin.
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>> reporter: president trump adding he wants to move beyond the election interference controversy, highlighting a bold proposed partnership already drawing fire. putin and i discussed forming an impenetrable cyber security unit so that election hacking and negative things will be guarded. several top republicans expressing disbelief. >> it is not the dumbest idea i've ever heard, but it is pretty close. >> vladimir putin could be of e enormous assistance in that effort since he's doing the hacking. >> reporter: marco rubio mocking it partnering with putin on a cyber security unit is akin to partnering with assad on a chemical weapons unit. >> this is about having capabilities to make sure we fight cyber together, which i think is a very significant accomplishment for president trump. >> reporter: but just 13 hours after the president first boasted about it he quickly dismissed the whole thing. the fact that putin and i discussed a cyber security unit doesn't mean i think it can
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happen. the president added, it can't, but a ceasefire can and did referring to south western syria. as for donald trump jr. he is tweeting in his own defense writing, i'm obviously the first person on a campaign to take a meeting about an opponent, went to nowhere but had to listen, adding, no consist ens in statements, meetings about adoptions and i just provided more details. >> thank you, jeremy. bash is an nbc national supreme court analyst. let's pick up where peter left off, donald trump jr. and this meeting with links to the kremlin. >> it is devastating to their narrative they never met with any russians and they had no intent to collude with russian government operatives to affect the outcome of the 2016 election. i will say that campaigns oftentimes look for opposition research but we are talking
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about a foreign adversary government working with a u.s. campaign. it is unprecedented. >> this idea they didn't think that the meeting itself may have been campaign related, you would have paul manafort, you would have donald trump jr. together with this attorney in a room, does that smell right to you? >> no, it doesn't. in fact, the meeting was billed leagues on the campaign, to the campaign chairman and to the president's son-in-law as a way to work with the russian government operative to effect the outcome of the election. this ever everything in effect is what they're looking for. i think it is potentially incriminating. >> let's talk about the meeting the president had with putin at the g20 summit because we now have conflicting stories. the russians say one thing and now secretary of state rex tillerson said apparently he didn't think that the president pushed him all that hard on the election meddling. >> the secretary of state's narrative was effectively the
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president checked the box, that he walked into the room and said, hey, i have to raise this issue so i will. now the president's trying to say, no, i pressed him hard, but the russians put out a statement saying that the president accepted putin's denial and everyone wants to kind of move o there's nothing to move on. either we think it is a big deal or we don't. it seems like the president kind of missed an opportunity to push the russian leader on this. >> there's conflicting versions about precisely what else came out of that putin/trump meeting. based on what we know, how would you characterize the much-anlts pated face-to-face? >> i think it was a missed opportunity for the president because he could have pressed him on a number of issues on ukraine, on syria, on meddling. the fact they had a good relationship developing out of the meeting, i don't think it is a win for the united states. >> what about a cyber security unit, the notion that they will team up to go after election hacking? >> that's laughable. the russians are the culprit. to be working with the cull prilt is to undermine american interests. thank goodness it appears to be
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the shortest lived presidential initiative in history. >> the health care battle will be front and center once again. nbc's kristin walker has more on that. good morning. >> reporter: hi, craig. good morning to you. republicans are returning from their july fourth recess to a harsh reality. opposition has grown to the health care bill. a frenzy to try to fix it to get it over the finish line and the president weighing in this morning in a tweet writing, i cannot imagine congress would dare to leave washington without a beautiful new health care bill fully approved and ready to go. the stakes couldn't be higher this morning as congress returns with one goal, repeal and replace obamacare. this after republicans faced growing outrage from con stitt yenlts. with protests and tense town halls during the recess, the senate's current plan scales back many of obamacare's tax
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credits and ends its medicaid expansion. the cbo estimates as many as 22 million people could lose coverage. a growing number of republicans have opposed the bill, with some openly saying it is going nowhere. >> in my view it is probably going to be dead. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell pushed back a vote with changes be made to the current draft bill, unleashing a reality check to his party. pass the bill or work with democrats. >> if my side is unable to agree on an adequate replacement, then some kind of action with regard to private health insurance market must occur. >> reporter: but he's now facing pressure from the right and president trump, who tweed, for years, even as a civilian i listened as republicans pushed for replacement of obamacare. now they have their chance. on sunday the president's chief of staff seemed optimistic. >> yes, they will get a repeal and replace bill done, i believe that. >> reporter: the president
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floating the idea if the senate can't pass the current bill, they should immediately repeal and replace at a later date. that's the exact opposite of what mr. trump said a few months ago, and some congressional republicans tell nbc news that idea is a non-starter. now the gop is struggling to come up with alternatives. senator ted cruz is proposing an amendment that would give insurance companies more flexibility, but that's being criticized by those who say it could ultimately limit coverage. and senator chuck grassley of iowa unleashing a stern warning to his colleagues on twitter writing, 52 republican senators should be asiemed we have not passed health reform by now. we won't be ashamed. we will go from majority to minority. >> lots more going on today, including wildfires in california that forced nearly 8,000 people out of their homes now. the governor, jerry brown, has declared a state of emergency for butte county, about 60 miles north of sacramento.
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at least ten buildings have been destroyed and another $5,400 are threatened by flames. in santa barbara county a boy scout camp was destroyed. breaking overnight, a massive fire destroyed part of london's famed cam ben market. 70 firefighters were called in to battle the flames. no immediate reports of injuries or casualties. the fire damaged three floors and the roof of the building which contains a number of businesses. at this point no word on just how that fire started. to the latest on a story we've been following closely, a case of alleged deadly hazing at penn state university. many of the fraternity brothers who were charged are heading to the courthouse. gabe gutierrez is at the courthouse. >> reporter: good morning. his parents had to leave the courtroom. today we are expecting prosecutors to layout more
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evidence about a case about greek life being closely watched on college campuses around the country. this morning former penn state fraternity brothers are heading back to court to find out whether they're going to trial. 18 are charged in connection with the alleged brutal hazing death of 19-year-old tim piazza. his devastated parents plan to be in the courtroom again. >> they hope that the death of their son is not in vain and that the death of their son will encourage change. >> reporter: during the first part of the hearing last month, prosecutors played gut wrenching surveillance video of piazza drun drunk, falling head first for hours inside the fraternity house in february. >> we have a friend who is unconscious. >> reporter: it took nearly 12 hours for someone to call 911. >> that is what made the difference? >> yes. >> it killed him. >> reporter: now piazza's parents furious at what they call the inappropriate behavior
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of the defendants in court in june, likening it to a fraternity get together. >> slapping each other's back, laughing, kidding and joking. that was distressing to the piazzas. >> reporter: the chas range from evidence tampering to involuntary manslaughter. >> i don't think he should have been charged. >> reporter: joey emms is charged with reckless endangerment. >> they did not participate in jovial back slapping. >> reporter: he is accused of aggravated assault. >> with regard to the charges against my client, they're both factually and legally unfounded, unjustified and unwarranted. >> reporter: the defendants have pleaded not guilty. several of their attorneys say there is more of the story yet to be told and they plan to cross-examine the prosecutions witnesses at this hearing, which is expected to last through at least tomorrow. craig and savannah. >> gabe gutierrez at the
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courthouse for us. thank you, gabe. many are calling it the summer of hell, a massive track reconstruction that will impact thousands of commuters at penn station. this is a live look at penn station where the emergency track repairs are getting under way this morning. more than 1300 trains run by amtrak, new jersey transit and the long island railroad travel on the station's 21 tracks every day. three to five tracks will be shut down until september 1st, forcing some cancellations. officials are urging commuters to switch to subways, buses and ferries for the next few months. they have discounted some ferries to help easy the pain. also this morning we're hearing from a teenager lucky to be alive. he was sleeping outside his camp in colorado when he was attack by a black beer. here bear. >> reporter: the terrifying attack happened at this colorado campground while more than 100
7:15 am
children were sleeping. >> i woik up to a crunching sound and a lot of pain. >> reporter: 19-year-old dylan who asked his last name not be used was rip from his sleeping bag by a 400 pound black bear. >> i woke up and the bear had my head. >> reporter: dylan, a wilderness survival counsellor was sleeping outside the main cabins of glacier view camp, a christian cam near boulder. the teenager finding himself in a life or death struggle. >> i started hitting the bear as hard as i could and found its eye and poking its eye as hard as i could. >> reporter: and the attack wasn't over. >> i was laying on my stomach and it reached around and grabbed the side of my face and pulled me into its mouth, like it grapd me with its teeth back here. when it pulled it tore the skin and scraped my skull. >> reporter: bear attacks on humans are rare but can be deadly. officials are warning campers to use extreme caution in bear
7:16 am
country. with a growing number of aggressive bears wandering into residential neighborhoods or breaking into homes, like this one recently ransacking a kitchen, even opening the refrigerator. >> i have nine staples. >> reporter: as for dylan, he feels fortunate to survive this encounter. >> i feel really lucky. i was laying perfect for it to grab the back of my head and not face or eyes or something like that. >> reporter: this morning officials say the bear that attacked dylan is now being tracked and must be put down. for "today" miguel almaguer, los angeles. >> what a brave young man to have the presence of mine to do something about it. >> yeah, gout to think had it been any other guy. >> exactly, because he's a survivalist expert. >> either of us. >> any of us, let's be honest. >> we would have offered him a picnic basket and hoped for the best. >> here's a starbuck's card. >> let's take a look.
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we heard the story about all of the wildfires out there. right now there are 50 large wildfires stred over 11 states, and we've also got critically low humidity levels. so a high fire danger. gusty winds spreading these fires, plus this huge heat dome heading to the east, jet stream way up to the north. denver will get up to 95. kansas city 95. st. louis, 8 degrees above average at 97 degrees. chicago, you will be at 91 on wednesday. st. louis, you stay in the mid to upper 90s. atlanta will be in the 90s. that spreads to the east by tomorrow. new york, 92 degrees. thursday it will be 90. norfolk stays in 90s, same in washington, charleston and charlotte. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. recast coming up in the 30 seconds. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru.
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don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. good monomorning. i'm meteorologist kari hall with a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. foggy and clearing away from the bridge and elsewhere across the bay area, temperatures really starting to heat up today. we have 90 degrees in concord. 92 at livermore and in morgan hill. south bay up to 86. and 91 in santa rosa an san francisco today with a high of 65 degrees and there will be some clearing this afternoon. and that's your latest weather. >> welcome back from vacation. >> we missed you. >> glad to have you back. >> coming up, at least seven americans gored during the famed running of the bulls. we will hear from one, including
7:19 am
why he decided to race again this morning. >> wow. and then reports on protecting the president. a rare look at what it takes to keep the commander in chief safe when he travels.
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just ahead, an just ahead, an emotional new look at prison sis diana, a look at a mother through the eyes of her son. >> get out this christmas in july. amazon prime, they have incredible deals coming up. >> let's get busy. >> after click, click, news and weather. >> click, click.
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the citi double cash card. double means double. early morningea very good monday morning to you. police investigating an early morning deadly shooting in san francisco's misdistrict. it happened atth and mission street not far from the bart station. police say shots were fired at about:30 outside and a man died at scene. police are not saying anything about a suspect or arrests. investigators are supposed to arrive today at the building under construction that burned to the ground in oakland last friday. since then, most of the 700 poom forced to evacuate have been allowed to return home. a lot of people an across the bay area, a race from the heat today. >> again today in the valleys but a little bit cooler than over the weekend so we're making
7:27 am
a little bit of progress here and still going to hit 91 degrees in santa rosa today. concord 90 degrees. 92 in livermore and morgan hill. san jose expecting a high of 86. oakland we'll see those highs up to 71 in san francisco and mid-60s there. we will have some clearing as we head toward the end of the week and this means our temperatures will be going up not only here but also in the valleys. head over to vianey for an update on the east bay. >> attempting to recover from multiple crashes but the sig alert is canceled. right before dakota road and all lands are open at this moment and still seeing a major heavy delays and that's due to a couple of accidents right after that, as well. east bay drive times, southbound 880 from 7 minutes the now 46-minute delay from 238 to highway 84. so still seeing heavy traffic. you may still want to take some extra time to head out the door.
7:28 am
>> thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour. have a great morning.
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good morning, everybody. 7:30 monday morning, the 10th of july, 2017. there's the control room where the action happens. some action out here. matt has the morning off. craig pitching in. >> let's get to yourlearn learn a meeting at trump tower between donald trump jr., jared kushner and a russian lawyer. the president's son said he was promised information about hillary clinton that could be helpful to his father's campaign. but claims he did not know who he was meeting with ahead of
7:31 am
time. trump jr. said the information was vague, made no sense and his father was unaware of the meeting. a float plane crash in anchorage, alaska. the plane coming to rest before hitting the street. the pilot managed to climb out of the wreckage uninjured. and thankfully the damaged house was empty at the time. look at this running of the bulls in pamplona, spain. this man runs at the bull and then falls over. that stunt drew a chorus of applause from the crowd. who is that man? >> whoa. >> a group of americans who participated in that annual traditions, they could have used that trick. they were gored over the weekend. this morning, some of them are sharing their stories. nbc's keir simmons has that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ser seven americans, that's seven
7:32 am
americans, hospitalized, according to spanish records, including a 68-year-old who is suffering from trauma and a man known as j.c., who is iners is serious condition. when you see the pictures, you'll understand why. mayhem on the streets of pamplona, spain. this man trampled. this is bill hillman, from chicago, gored for the second time. >> that bull is really fast. faster than i thought he would be. >> reporter: the running of the bulls, 930 yards through these narrow streets, a tradition made famous by ernest hemingway, in "the sun also rises." hillman has run every year for 12 years. he wrote a book on how to survive the bulls of pamplona. only this time, he couldn't escape. >> i thought i could just veer
7:33 am
off and pass. he came. and he came across the street. the last split-second i said, jump. when i jumped, i think he took me a little out of the blow. i was thinking, is this really happening? the second time i've been cogor. so ridiculous. >> reporter: in 2014, hillman was gored so badly, he wouldn't walk for a week. this time, his injuries less severe. he's run again. this morning, i spoke to him via skype. you get hurt once. why would you run again just days late center. >> that's like asking evel knievel why he rode motorcycles. it's something that i love. something that makes me feel alive. >> reporter: tourists taking part. this weekend, a bull turned and threatened crowds of runners, even though riding in a doorway. >> i'm trying to send a message out to all americans. this is not a game. >> reporter: however you take part, this is a dangerous
7:34 am
tradition. and among those injured, are folks from springfield, bellville and virginia beach, among the americans injured. it's stunning when you think, likely all of those seven would have taken long flights just to get there and take part. there are calls, again, this morning, for the whole thing to be banned. >> the whole thing is absurd. keir simmons, thank you. >> hello. somebody get him a doughnut. >> long flight going to be even longer. >> it seems that bill is not good at it, either. if you've been gored twice -- >> gore me once, shame on you. gore me twice -- let's show you what's going on. some strong storms firing up. there's a ground stop at o'hare. we're watching the heavy thunderstorms pushing on through. in fact, we have 23 million people at risk today for some
7:35 am
severe weather of severe storms, especially this afternoon and into this evening. and tomorrow, we head back towards the northern plains. 6 million people for the storms. we're looking at heavy rain between now and wednesday night. four to five inches and three hours from chicago, ft. wayne into cleveland. the rest of the country, today, beautiful weather out west. but the heat continues. scattered storms through the southwest. we have wet weather. a lot of gulf moisture down through the gulf. that's going to cause showers and thunderstorms from texas into the southeast. a beautiful day into the northea good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it will be heating up inland again today. a high of 92 degrees in livermore. morgan hill also up to 92 degrees while jose will be seeing in the high temperatures at 86 degrees. oakland 71 and 65 in san francisco seeing the temperatures over the next several days and then it does
7:36 am
warm up for the weekend with all clear skies and the valleys will get hot once again reaching near 100 degrees on saturday. a little bit of a break over the next three days. >> you had an interesting theory. >> no, no, no. >> that was a commercial break. >> everything we say here, doesn't end up there. >> i've been on vacation. i forgot the rules. >> watch out. vacation al is here. too relaxed. just ahead, we'll take a serious turn and talk about what it takes to keep the president safe. >> i'm jeff rossen. coming up, protecting the president. when president trump goes away from the white house, there's no-fly zones. what happens when a plane tries what happens when a plane tries to go right through [music playing] what happens when a plane tries to go right through across the country, we walk for those affected by alzheimer's disease.
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i can't believe it comes in... how great this tastes! vegaaaan. and organiiiic. try i can't believe it's not butter! in two new ways. it's vegan! and it's organic! and we're back, now, at 7:40, with a new "rossen reports." this morning, an inside look at trump's security detail.
7:41 am
>> jeff rossen is here to show us. >> good morning. it's monday. we're all acutely aware. back at work. and so is the president. he spends many weekends away from washington and including this past weekend. when he's not at the white house, there's a massive military effort to keep him safe. the entire area frozen. one of the biggest threats from the air, planes getting too close. what happens when a rogue aircraft flies near the president and won't leave the air space. this morning, we're getting it access up close with fighter jets in action. >> president trump is on the move. spending time away from the white house, to his mar-a-lago report, and his golf course in new jersey. on the ground, heavy security you can see.
7:42 am
in the air, it's just as intense. but most of us never get to see it, until now. the air national guard protecting the skies and giving us rare access. >> when the president moves around, the federal aviation administration puts a temporary flight restriction in place and we defend it. >> reporter: what happens if an unidentified aircraft flies into the no-fly zone, right into the president of the united states. we set up a demo with this cessna and the air national guard. i'm going to be inside this cessna and we're going rogue. we're going to fly into that no-fly zone and see how the air national guard does it. they scramble the fighter jets near us and how they get us down to the ground and safe. we barrel down the runway. >> takeoff, we're off. >> reporter: flying for miles and miles. until -- we just asked the no-fly zone. our pilots aren't talking to air traffic control, ignoring their calls to reach them.
7:43 am
that triggers an alarm at the air national guard base. these fighter pilots scrambling to their jets. they're on alert and ready to take action 24 hours a day. today, racing to their f-16s. suiting up, climbing onboard and rushing to the runway. taking off to intercept our rogue cessna. reaching the target in just minutes. this is the view from the f-16. that's my cessna right there. whoa. you can actually hear -- i don't know if you can hear it on camera, you can hear that fighter jet coming by. there's no way you tonight hear this or notice it. coming up on the left side of our plane. that's as intimidating as you think it would be. that's the fighter jet on our wing. another fighter jet swooping in on the right. you have been intercepted. if you hear this call, identify yourself. >> reporter: we're a rogue aircraft. we're not going to respond at all and see what the fighter jet
7:44 am
does. the fighter right on our wing. scanning us inside. what's he trying to do? >> trying to figure out who we are, what's inside and what we're up to. >> reporter: and make radio contact and tell us to do what? follow him? >> that's correct. >> reporter: the fiegers want to escort us out of the area. the f-16 makes a bold move. swooping in right there. he's crossing right in front of us. the f-16 crosses right in front, just feet from us. hard to miss and that's the point. that's an aggressive maneuver. >> he's trying to get our attention. >> reporter: this is restricted air space right above the president's vacation home. >> are you ordered to turn to the northwest. >> reporter: the fighter jet giving us one last morning, turning away, hoping we follow. if after all of this, the plane won't leave the air space, will
7:45 am
you shoot them down? >> if required, we'll exkate the rules of engagement. and, yes, we would do that. >> reporter: shoot the plane down. >> if it meets the rules of engagement, yes, we would, to protect air space. >> reporter: with the president traveling so much, it gets expensive. a government watchdog group telling us they're going to release new numbers this week. the air national guard doesn't just do this to protect the president. the same rules apply to big events. since 9/11, they have scrambled fighter jets to 5,000 possible threats. this happens more often than we think it does. >> the guard units that do that, are awesome. jeff, thank you. coming up, we're going to sort through the best deals you'll find on amazon prime day. >> carson, what do you have coming up? >> we're testing out the new >> we're testing out the new modern way to add
7:46 am
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welcome back. carson is over in the orange room. good morning. >> what's up, guys? how are you? we have for you today, artwork and a smartphone have converged, thanks to san francisco's museum of modern art. you have to walk seven miles just to see every piece of art. the art is now being brought to you. that is right. let me show you how this works. there's the moma. the museum's newest project allows you to text this number, 572-51, with a request for art. and in a few seconds, you get related pieces. you can send an emoji. sent me waves. we got this shot from 2002. sent me pofood. apples. a sunrise, a lichtenstein over
7:51 am
there. you're going to get something unique. moma and i have been texting all morning. jen joking, saying, i think it's mad at me. when she asked to send some flowers. got a cactus, instead. we've been playing around with this. i wrote, send me some coffee. we got this picasso. you see that? >> that's cute. >> what's the foecphone number? 572-51. >> the moma will always text you back. >> i said send me al roker. no response here. >> i'm already here. >> carson, thank you. >> hey, look. i'm picasso. >> you're a work of art. just ahead, is it okay to use your vacation to take a vacation from exercise? and what princes william and harry are doing for the first time since the death of their mother, princess diana. we'll have that for you after your local news and weather.
7:52 am
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7:56. we are seeing bright sunshine as we take a live look outside at free metropolitan and 61 degrees and we are going to see the highs in the south bay reaching up to 90 degrees in san jose and the east bay will see some highs there ranging from 71 in oakland to 92 degrees in livermore. 72 in san mateo and san francisco will reach up to 66 degrees in the mission district. on the north bay, we'll see a wide range of temperatures, as well. 91 in santa rosa. over the next several days, we'll get warming temperatures to the end of the week and the weekend an 78 degrees on sunday in san francisco. vianey, whenat's happening on t roadways? >> earlier crashes and even though that sig alert cleared and all lands have been open
7:57 am
along southbound 880, looks like we are seeing more accidents just behind that. unfortunately, the delays are still there. southbound 880 about a 43-minute delay. southbound 680 from 580 to var road, 21-minute delay and northbound 238 from 085 to 880. and still pretty much bumper to bumper traffic. slow and go in oakland. >> all right. thank you, vianey. happening right now investigators are trying to piece what led up to a deadly shooting early this morning in san francisco's mission district steps away from the bart station at 24th and mission. more details on the homepage. an unusual scene in oakland as an early morning police chase ends in cheers. also little lady luck arizona woman driving to california scratched off two winning lottery tickets. one in monterey, the other in
7:58 am
pasa robis.
7:59 am
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you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, passing on putin. president trump backtracking on a proposed plan to work with russia on election cyber security, as we learn more about a meeting between his son and a kremlin-linked lawyer during the campaign. what this means for the ongoing investigation. ♪ plus, diana, our mother. >> she was the best mom in the world. >> a new documentary takes us inside the life of princess diana. princes william and harry candidly speaking about their mother, opening up about her lasting legacy. and christmas in july.
8:01 am
amazon prime kicks off tonight. we have the biggest deals to look for today, monday, july 10th, 2017. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> what is going on with you two? >> it is her 18th birthday, senior trip and first trip to new york city. >> what are you celebrating? >> we're from alabama. we're celebrating love. i need a glass of wine. ♪ >> you've been on a long journey. >> 4 months, 20 countries. back home in the u.s. >> "today" on the plaza. >> what's the 907. >> alaska. >> i heard a rumor we have some dancers on the plaza. you ready to show me what you got? >> conga line. welcome back to "today." monday morning, so happy to have you along with us. we have craig in for matt this morning. good morning, everybody. >> good morning to you. >> happy monday. summer monday.
8:02 am
let's get to your news at 8:00. the white house dealing with the new russia controversy this morning after an admission by donald trump jr. during the 2016 campaign. and the administration is backing away from plans after a meeting with vladimir putin. let's get to peter alexander. he is live at the white house for us. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, the president's son, donald trump jr. is now admitting he was promised dirt about hillary clinton last summer after meeting with a lawyer tied to the kremlin. this took place in june 2016, after trump locked up the nomination. the president's son-in-law, jared kushner and campaign manager paul manafort were there. trump jr. said the lawyer's information was vague and meaningless. they spoke largely about russian adoptions. notab notably, the president's son and his outside legal counsel said donald trump had no knowledge of the meeting.
8:03 am
this morning, mr. president, president trump, has been up, with a tweet storm. but made no mention at that meeting. back here at the white house, just hours after proposing a cyber security meeting with vladimir putin, the president is ditching that proposed partnership. it comes after republicans attacked and ridiculed the plan. lindsey graham said not the dumbest idea, but close. hours after the secretary called it a significant accomplishment, the president dismissed the whole thing saying it can't happen. savannah, back to you. >> peter alexander, thank you. congress is returning from the fourth of july break to face a health care fight that's grown more intense. with just weeks until the august recess, president trump tweeted this morning, i cannot imagine that congress would dare to leave washington without a beautiful, new health care bill fully approved and ready to go. a growing number of republicans have opposed the party's current
8:04 am
draft bill that scales back many of the obamacare tax credits. britain's prince william and harry have been speaking out about the loss of princess diana and the impact on their mental health. now, they're opening up about her role as their mother. j joe fryer is at kensington palace. for william and harry this, is a year of opening up like never before. now, they're both appearing in an authorized documentary about their mother. >> we are both in this one. you're in the tummy. >> reporter: in the trailing for the hbo documentary, "diana: other mother," the two princes are doing something they have never done before. >> she was really informal. and enjoyed laughter and fun. >> she was one of the naughtiest
8:05 am
parents. >> but she understood there was life beyond the palace walls. >> reporter: they are tearing down walls. prince william was 15, prince harry 12, when she was killed in a paris car crash. >> you are uniquely bonded because of what we have been through. harry and i over the years have not talked enough about our mother. >> reporter: this year, launching the heads together campaign, william and harry acknowledged they only recently started dealing with their loss. >> i thought, what's the point of bringing up the past. what's the point of bringing up something that's going to make you sad. if you start thinking about that, it can be damaging. and you have to sit down and think about the memories. for me, it was like, don't want to think about it. >> reporter: now, after 20 years, they are healing by sharing. >> she was our mum. and she was the best mum in the world. >> she mothered us with love, that's for sure.
8:06 am
>> reporter: that documentary is slated to air later this month. here at kensington palace, princess dina is being remembered with a memorial garden, the official 20th anniversary of her death is august 31st. >> joe, thank you so much. i don't know how many people that will help, people who have gone through a loss, watching them share. >> it's their mom. we they princess diana and a world-famous celebrity. that's their mom. there's a lot more to come today, including what parents need to know about a potential danger facing kids at the dentist. and the biggest deals you should watch for on amazon prime day. and living and thriving with dementia. maria shriver spares one woman's emotional story. and martha stewart is here. she is throwing a fish fry
8:07 am
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l'eggo my eggo. okay. [laughs] ♪ you have a side that is retired ♪ ♪ playing tag and gettin' tired. ♪ ♪ you have a side that saves for their tuition. ♪ ♪ but right now it looks like bedtime is the mission. ♪ ♪ a side that owns your own store. ♪ ♪ looks like you need to expand some more. ♪ ♪ that's why there's nationwide. ♪ ♪ they help protect and grow your many sides. ♪ ♪ nationwide is on your side. we're back, now, 8:09, with an nbc news investigation on something that parents may not think twice about. dentists using sedation drugs to keep calm. >> there's growing calls for
8:10 am
change. kate snow with this story that every parent should see. >> we're not talking about laughing gas or novocain, we're talking about sedating a child for dental work. usually things go fine. but after a string of cases, there are demands for different practices. >> if we can prevent one more child from adverse affect or a death, we have to try. >> reporter: wendy sue swanson is sounding an alarm on how dentists use sedation. for eliza, it made sense to go to an oral surgeon when her 6-year-old calleb needed a painful procedure to remove an extra tooth. she promised him ice cream when they got home. >> momma, i'm scared. i said, don't be scared. >> reporter: michael doucet was in charge of administering the anesthesia and doing the dental work. that's normal practice in
8:11 am
dentistry. but minutes after calleb was knocked out, he stopped breathing. at a hospital a few days later, he died. >> perfectly healthy child. bright, shining, radiant, happy, beautiful boy. his body, just organ failure. >> reporter: because of a dental procedure? >> yeah. because of a dental procedure. >> reporter: california's dental board revoked dr. doucet's permit for general anesthesia. calleb's family has settled a lawsuit against them. doucet said that calleb's death was a tragedy. but the family believes the routine practice of dentists doing anesthesia and dental work at the same time is unsafe and contributed to calleb's death. >> it's ridiculous that this is how it's done. and it shouldn't be tolerated. >> reporter: is it safe what you're doing? >> i believe it's safe. >> reporter: past president of
8:12 am
association of oral and facial surgeons. some people we've spoken to about this criticize the practice say it's like texting and driving. you can't drive a car and text message. you can't perform an oral surgery and watch the monitoring for anesthesia. >> it's a falls narrative to say that. i'm working where the breathe is taking place. i'm doing the procedure knowing what the needs are for that procedure. >> there's no national data on how many children are injured or die after being sedated at the d dentist. any death is tragic, but rare. >> shouldn't we wait to get the data before making a major change to the way things have always been done. >> i don't know if this is the way things have always been done. >> that's what dentists say. >> they've done it this way for decades. >> and kids have died for decades. as we're getting better and smatter in medicine, let's get to the cream of this and get rid of every death that we can. why would we wait. >> california lawmakers will hold a hearing today on a bill
8:13 am
that would require an anesthesia expert to be in the room when dentists give general anesthesia to kids younger than 7. experts told us parents shouldn't be shy about asking dentists questions about their training and experience with kids, above all, parents should ask how many people are going to be in there monitoring the child under sedation if something terrible goes wrong. >> good education for all of us, kate, thank you. al? >> let's take a look and show you what we've got going on right now. tropical system out in the pacific ocean. this is hurricane eugene. category two hurricane. we don't see it affecting any land masses. i'm really excited about this satellite. however we've also launched the go 16 and the beauty of this, you can see it's got four times the resolution. you can see more detail, and, in fact, we're getting satellite
8:14 am
images every 15 minutes instead of every 30 minutes instead of every hour. there are more images to look at. more detail and as this system gets online more and more, we're going get more data from it. it's really terrific. nice day here in the northeast. wet weather through the gulf coast. mississippi, ohio river valley. scattered thunderstorms. along the west coast the high fire danger continues. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we still have the fog and drizzle along the coastline and will see it again tomorrow morning but there will also with clearing as we go through the day and temperatures stay in the 60s as we go through the week. this weekend it is going to be heated up and that will definitely be the case for the inland valleys, reaching into the upper 90s by saturday, but the next several days our temperature still above average for this time of year. but we'll actually have slightly cooler weather compared to the weather we had over the weekend.
8:15 am
and that's your latest weather. >> all right. vacation al. >> have actually vacation is the topic. for a lot of people summer vacations are in full swing. time to sit on the old beach chair and perhaps head to sole cycle for a sweaty spin. world. or go for a sweaty spin. check out this story in "the wall street journal." essential or pure evil? writers say intsweating is important as -- do you think you have to exercise on vacation? >> my wife goes to the pure bar and i go to the bloody mary bar. >> that's not vacation to me. if you workout every day. >> not every day. >> i think a little bit of working out is all right. but you're there to chill out, have a drink on the beach. come on.
8:16 am
>> not what you do in your normal life. renting a bike is a great thing to do. be more active. >> something different. >> sometimes i pack and i say, i don't have room for my sneakers. and i'm acknowledging that i'm not going to workout on my vacation. i had vacation and i did not workout. i think moderation, right? >> exactly. >> our viewers chimed in on twitter. do you exercise on vacation? 60% said no. 40% said yes. my theory on vacation, is we do what we want. if you feel like working out, do it. >> no guilt. >> like it. >> feel good. >> we do what we want. >> that's right. >> you're firing me up. going to run out of here. >> pop it and lock it. >> get some chick-fil-a or something. >> who are you this morning? we're going to start with
8:17 am
daddy yankee. the "decembspacito" hitmaker. passed ed sheeran. his hits include gasolinea or shaky shaky. this marks a precedent not only for my career but for the genre, in general. "despacito" is spotify's number one song. >> no one is happier than savannah guthrie. >> i'm december psperado for "despacito." >> as soon as i like it, it's not cool anymore. it's over. >> right there. now, to ashton kutcher, if you heard about this. the actor firing back at "the star," over an article suggesting he was cheating on his wife, mila kunis.
8:18 am
there's the headline, who is the girl? ashton had the perfect response. you should have heard how upset mila was that i spent the day with our cousin. sorry, aunt jodi, the magazines lack integrity. and jessica simpson. you might remember her infamous tuna chicken moment in 2003, from the reality show "newlyweds: nick and jessica." >> is this chicken that i have or is this fish? i know it's tuna. but it says chicken. by the sea. >> forgot about that. >> that's still good. >> fast-forward to 2017, whole foods found themselves in the same predicament. the store making headlines for recalling its chicken salad after realizing it's tuna. jessica simpson tweeting, it happens to the best of us.
8:19 am
in a was funny. >> good for her. >> that's your "pop start." >> had to wait a little while to get revenge. >> 14 years later. >> how about the click? >> let's do it. "the daly click." featuring president trump. not all that political. don't worry. there he is, there. getting into marine one this weekend. he gave the marine a helping hand. there's the commander of chief, as he prepares to board the hospital. it looks like a hot. but it blew off. the president picks it up, and places it back on the marine's head. it blows off again. and another military official grabbing the coffer. that's a valiant effort by the president. >> look how poised the marine is. didn't move. >> not once. >> the best. >> carson, thank you. now, to our ongoing series. we're calling it "brainpower today." an inspirational story for fall
8:20 am
families coping with a loved one's dementia diagnosis. >> more than 5 million americans suffer from dementia. you're about to meet a woman who was diagnosed in her early 60s. so, she decided to write a book about it, what living with dementia is really like. for anyone facing dementia, her words are truly enlightening. >> my name is hardis saunders, i'm 67 years old and i have dementia. >> reporter: imagine being in a familiar place and not knowing where you are. or forgetting simple words, tass, and the names of people close to you. this is daily life for harda sanders. >> i drift from one day to the other. the world is like tilting around you. >> reporter: raised in south
8:21 am
africa, she came to the u.s. to be a college professor. but at 61, she had to retire after being diagnosed with microvascular disease. a condition that prevents blood from reaching areas of the brain. it's the second-leading cause of dementia after alzheimer's. >> i thought, i have a memory issue. >> reporter: did you think that's normal? it's taking me longer? >> it didn't seem normal. i could see other people my age seeming to cope better. >> reporter: once diagnosed, she began journaling about her struggle. those notes became her new book, memory's last breath, where this mother and grandmother shares inspiring lessons about living and thriving with dementia. has it made you look at life with humor? do you find funny moments in dementia? >> yeah. when i do something funny.
8:22 am
i love it when my family just laughs at me. laughing at somebody is an acknowledgment that they still have the sense to know that they did something funny. >> reporter: to remember easy tasks, she posted step-by-step lists all over her house. even on how to get dressed. you have a whole book that's pictures of what you wear and what it looks like together. >> that's right. >> reporter: at her local starbucks, her and her husband, peter, have educated the staff about what to do if she becomes confused. doctors believe she has 10 to 15 years left before losing her mental abilities. you have spoken to your children and your husband that when you become someone who really can't take care of themselves, you want them to help you end your life. >> yeah, i do. i want to have a legal assisted
8:23 am
death. >> how do you feel about that? >> it's odd. i mean, i've promised i'll do that. and it's hard. but i think that she won't be her himself. >> reporter: while emotional, she sees her dementia as a gift. she says losing her mind has given her her voice. >> i want to say that this life after diagnosis, being able to talk about it and disclose it, it has made my life richer. i get up in the morning and the world is just like this amazing place. you can't remember seeing this beauty before. >> studies show family members who care for loved ones with dementia are at higher risk for
8:24 am
stress, depression and poor health. she says that's why caring for her has become a family aware. involving their grown children and spouses, so the entire burden doesn't fall on her husband. and there's 15 million people caring for people with alzheimer's and dementia. >> she's so uplifting and inspiring. when you see something that you've forgotten, it's like seeing something for the first time is beautiful. >> and their relationship, as well. >> there's so many incredible lessons to learn from couples like this. love in action. >> you have a lot coming up tomorrow. what's next? >> tomorrow, we look at a pioneering program that's helping to protect police officers from the worst kinds of stress and trauma. and by doing that, they're lowering the risk of situations result in excessive force. this is an exciting program that i think will go across the country. >> maria, thank you so much. >> every time maria has one of
8:25 am
these stories, we're on the edge of our seats. they're fascinating. >> thank you, guys. coming up, we're going to shift gears and talk about bargains, all right? it's amazon prime day, people. we're going to get you ready. first, your local news and weather. >> that was beautiful. i )m ...
8:26 am
==topvo== gunshots in the middle of the night in san francisco...and good monday morning. at 8:26, i'm sam brock. gunshots in the middle of the night in san francisco. an investigation into a killing. police were processing the scene early this morning surrounding a deadly shooting in the mission. it happened at 24th and mission streets, which is just steps away from the b.a.r.t. station there. police say that shots were fired about 2:30 this morning outside of a tacoria and a man died at the scene. so far police are not saying anything about a suspect or any arrests. federal investigators from the atf are expected to arrive today at the former apartment building under construction that burden of proofed to the ground last friday. since then, most of the 700 people forced to evacuate have been allowed to return to their homes.
8:27 am
vie yep that, seeing a crash on the south bay. >> that's right. we're starting to see a lot more pop-ups of incidents and unfortunately major slowing in some areas but right now causing major delays for the south bay, a crash northbound 101 at great american parkway, the right-hand shoulder is blocked. as you can see, the speed sensors are picking up, major slowing in that area. also working to recover is 880. unfortunately, the southbound 808 side has been struggling all morning long due to a sigalert early on and there are still two fender-benders in that area. major delays for the east bay. >> thank you very much. we'll be back.
8:28 am
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♪ good morning. how are you? it's 8:30, now. it's monday, july 10th. nice to meet you. beautiful morning on our plaza. great start to the work week. things are getting better every day. culminating at friday, when hailee steinfeld is going to be here, to take over our corner of rockefeller center. come early. come often. >> i love that. we like to single somebody out in the crowd. we have a lot of awesome people. i think i found him. if you have besbestie, come wit me. >> what's your names? >> theresa.
8:31 am
>> what's the secret for being besties this long? >> lots of time on the phone. communication. >> savannah likes this. what are the things behind you? thing one and thing two? are these your girls? >> what do you think of your moms? >> they're crazy fun. >> all right. thank you for coming to see us on the show. all right? it's besties day. >> are you interviewing for new besties? coming up, charge your lab top, flex your fingers and get ready to click. amazon prime day stars later today. we'll show you the most of it. also, martha stewart is here. she will teach us how to throw the ultimate official fry. >> let's look at the weather, shall we?
8:32 am
already. let's look at the week ahead. >> "today's weather" is brought to you by nationwide. >> i said, let's look at the week ahead. starting off today. sunshine, the mid-atlantic states. gulf coast, into the great lakes. and we're looking at showers and thunderstorms around the great lakes. plenty of sunshine along the west coast. get in the midweek period. hot and humid weather in the mid-atlantic. wet around the toward the end of week, hot and humid in the northeast but cooling off in new england, scattered showers and thunderstorms through the southeast, mid-ohio, and mississippi river valleys. western third still looking pretty darn good. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it is going to be another hot day in the trivalley. and we're heading up to 92 degrees there, 79 degrees in the peninsula with some breezy winds and for the north bay, 92 degrees while the east bay will see a high of 74 degrees.
8:33 am
and san francisco will get a lot more sunshine today, a high of 65. we keep those mid-60s for most of the week. then this weekend, it heats up, especially for the inland valleys, it will be up to 98 degrees on saturday. >> that is your latest weather. . is that your latest weather. don't forget. get that weather any time. check out our good friends at the weather channel. hoda? >> al, thanks so much. time to shop if you're planning to do some online shopping later today. amazon prime say this is is the day to kick it off tonight. >>. >> reporter: good to see you. good morning. some analysts say amazon will likely bring in a billion dollars on prime day. this is the way amazon is changing the way americans are spending their money and forcing competitors to get in the game too. the old black friday shopping mall frenzy may be facing
8:34 am
another summertime counter part. happening all online. third amazon prime day starting tonight at 9:00 p.m. this year expanding from 24 hours to 30. promoting deals on tens of thousands of items from televisions to toasters. >> a giant marketing day for amazon. they're going to sell a ton of products and they're also going to get a ton of new prime subscribers. >> amazon doesn't give specific sales figures, last year the company said it sold 2 million toys. a million pairs of shoes. 215,000 pressure cookers. 90,000 tvs. all in one day. >> prime day gives you an opportunity to buy that special purchase for yourself and save money on it at the same time. >> reporter: this year experts say look for big discounts. 25% off smart tvs. 30% of apparel. even up to 50% off certain video games and consoles. the catch, you have to be a prim member to get those deals. that cost $99s a year.
8:35 am
in the meantime, amazon competitors rolling out bargains of their own. target kicked off back to school sales offering deals on supplies and clothes. target red card get free shipping. new deals every day and they point out they also offer free shipping. with no membership fee. the buzz in july, alexandmazon prime and ready. >> reporter: lightning deals every five minutes, it's a lot to keep track after. some of the big deals coming up are already being advertised. the amazon echo will be 50%. second shopping expert say check out the amazon app for bonus tools. basically you can get notifications when a deal you want is about to go live. finally, i know this might be hard, but resist the urge to just click and buy. always comparison shop before you buy. all you need to do is a quick
8:36 am
google search to make sure you're really getting the best price. >> we'll a little bummed it starts at 9:00 at night. >> goes to 3:00 a.m. >> we've got time. when we wake up at 3:00 a.m. >> thank you. coming up next, best selling author daniel silva giving u as ♪ [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
8:37 am
8:38 am
welcome back. the haunted house in the middle of casablanca. sun-drenched villas in france. terror attacks in london. a chase across the desert. this is just one of the things you'll find in "house of spies" the latest thriller from daniel silva. the 17th to feature his famous israeli spy master. good to see you. >> love to be here. >> i love how the producer
8:39 am
described it to me. >> that is the best description of the book. >> she call it a dark beach read. >> i think that's a fair characterization. i try to thread the needle between pure entertainment and discussing some real-world issues. >> and you seem to have your finger on the pulse. i know you're a student of these issues. >> i am. >> this opens up with attacks in london and paris. something, pad sadly, we've see. >> i wrote this book, i started the book last fall. i had a clear sense that london was next for isis. they made it clear they wanted to carry out attacks in the united kingdom. the head of mi-5 told the british people there would be attacks in the united kingdom. i had just finished writing the climax of the book. and about three days later were
8:40 am
the first of the three attacks. and they kept coming. >> a serious topic, of course. if you're interested in these issues, you bring a lot of education to it. you also do some travel. >> i do. >> and i have to say, st. tropez sounded pretty good. moroc morocco. do you look at the map and say, where do i want to go? >> i had a sense last year, as i was starting the book, that the physical caliphate of isis was going to go away quickly and they were going to start dispersing out. and a logical place to me seemed to be morocco. there's many, many isis members that come from there. and i know it's a wonderful place that we all like to visit. casablanca and fez and marakesh. but it has a history of extremism. i was finishing the book. and i loaded my family on to an airplane and we spent a week there going around the country. when you read the climax of the novel, i was writing it in
8:41 am
morocco. >> you get a lot of description. this is the 17th book with this protagoni protagonist, this hero. did you think, i have more of these stories in me? >> he was supposed to be in one book and one book only. i sold it to mgm. we're going to make a television series out of it. >> finally, i know people wanted a movie, on tv. >> it seemed to me to have the breadth of the material. and television series, we're sort of inventing a new form of story telling. this ability to drift in and out. i've given mgm 17 novels, a piece of music. now, they get to play it in a different way. and i'm collaborating with them and working with them and we're talking to writers and producers right now. and i'm really looking forward to reinterpreting the material for this very interesting and
8:42 am
exciting new form of story telling that we have. >> i know it's early on. do you think of who can be the gabriel? is there somebody in the mind? >> well, al roker. if i could just dislodge him from the "today" show, i think al would be perfect for it. >> we'll fight for him. we can't give up al. "house of spies" out tomorrow. just ahead, a fish fry on our plaza, martha stewart style. you know it's going to be who are these people?
8:43 am
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california
8:44 am
and do your thing. we're back with "today food." this morning, we're having a fish fry. an event featuring good food to bring folks together. >> and no one knows how to throw a fish fry or anything better than martha stewart. she's here with ideas, straight from the pages of "martha stewart living." >> a nice time for a fish fry.
8:45 am
>> i spent so much time in new orleans. fish fries are a staple. a great way to bring the family around and hang. >> definitely. and the bigger the pot of fat or oil that you're heating up and the more fish that you fry, not only fish. you can do fresh water fish in the midwest. the carp and the bass and the pike and the perch. but on the seaside, you can do beautiful flounder. beautiful sole like this. you can to any firm-flesh fish. >> if you had your choice of fish, what would the number one pick be? >> i like flounder a lot. and it's running out there. do you fish? >> occasionally. you have to make a batter. that's the most important thing. >> the batter? >> yes. >> it's flour, baking powder. the recipes are in the magazine or online at "today" show.
8:46 am
salt and corncornstarch. you batter. what's the other method? >> breading. >> this batter is like a tempura batter. the secret is the seltzer. it's going to -- >> you set me up, martha? >> shoot it that way. and then, you add your setter. >> why seltzer? anything effervescent. you can use champagne. >> okay. >> now, you're talking. >> that is -- and let the batter sit for at least 15 minutes. then, you dip in. and the fat has to be -- this is s s safflower oil. >> how hot? >> 365 degrees. >> and plop that baby in.
8:47 am
>> look how it flies up. >> how long is that supposed to sit in there? >> until it looks done. about three minutes. >> three minutes. >> do you let it rest when it comes out? >> just let it -- then, the tartar sauce. you're eating. what do you think? >> i'm already on dessert. it's so good. >> and the tartar sauce is utterly delicious. it's mio ee's mayo. pickled jalapenos. lemon zest and lemon juice. >> delish. >> stir that all up. a really good tartar sauce. >> jalapenos, are those hard to find? >> they're in a jar. in a jar or a can in the supermarket. you can use savoy cabbage, napa cabbage. cabba cabba
8:48 am
cabbage, mayo, sour cream, cucumbers, lemon, dill. this makes the best law is. i'll show you how to make a sandwich. these guys are starving. >> yes. >> tartar sauce. fish. slaw. >> slaw. >> chips. >> salt, pepper. >> the pchips on it? >> you bet. pickles. >> don't be shy. >> a couple of pickles. want a tomato? >> i love tomatoes. >> he's such a southern gentleman, that craig. >> this looks better than any fish sandwich. >> and potato chips. i learned that from snoop dogg. >> what? >> snoop dogg. he taught me that. i never knew that before. >> really? it's a nice crunch. >> and then, the most delicious potato salad with golden beats. >> don't sleep on the cake,
8:49 am
though. >> it's melting. look at this cake. >> this is the best cake i've ever eaten. >> that's blaondies. >> what's the crust? >> blondies. and that's a chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. >> i love this coleslaw. >> and the beverage? >> this is a wonderful, wonderful, sparkling cherry lime ade. >> cheers, everybody. >> thanks, martha. >> it's good when martha's here. >> all of the recipes you can find on we're going to be back in a moment. first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
little kids, big tickets, is created with our sponsor, jet you know blue. makiing vacation a big business. >> you have to take a place and coordinate to make it a big effort. >> we scoured our plaza for kids that want to help take their parents on vacation. we're at our travel area. we have danielle. you're 11?
8:52 am
>> yes. >> and we have camden who is 5. and kenna who is 7. >> 5 1/2. >> that's very important. now, where are you from, danielle? >> i'm from hawaii. >> oh. hawaii. >> yeah. good destination spot. >> camden, where are you from? >> bristol. >> bristol. >> okay. we'll go with that. >> and mckenna, where are you from? >> ohio. >> when you think of vacation, what are fun things you like to do? >> i like going fun places and getting souvenirs. >> do you like it to be warm out? like a beach? so, you like the beach. >> you're in hawaii. i guess a beach -- >> maybe you want to go to the mountains or a different vacation? >> anybody have any idea how much a vacation costs? >> camden, any idea?
8:53 am
>> i think $5 or $4. >> $4 or $5? >> i have a $5. >> how much do you think? >> probably a lot. like, thousands. >> it can be. it can be expensive. >> how much do you think? >> a thousand. >> in your piggy bank at home, you have $10 in your piggy bank. and, camden, you have $5. and mckenna, how much? $200 in your piggy bank? >> i'm counting all three together. >> you have three piggy banks. would you be willing to trade what's in your piggy bank for a family vacation? >> i would save some of it. and i would try and save some of it. >> okay. >> mckenna, that theory is right. you want to save 10% of what's in your piggy bank. in the case of what mr. roker is asking, you want to give him the
8:54 am
$200. you want to make that swap. >> take your plane and come over to the map. >> i have two planes. >> $5, you're going to trade your $10. >> come on over here. mckenna, you can start. and put a plane wherever you would like to go. >> you have the l.a. area, which is nice. florida. >> down here into the caribbean. >> can go to alaska. >> you're already in new york. what do you like? orlando. nice call. >> camden, how about you? >> san juan, puerto rico. >> someone has taught you well. >> danielle, what do you say? >> you only get to get one. is that the orlando also? all right. well, here's the deal. we're going to trade your piggy banks because your families are
8:55 am
all going on vacation to the places you picked. how about that? how about that? where is your family? come on over. everybody come over. >> there's the family. >> come on over. all right. >> were you yelling? like, find turks and caicos. >> excited? >> you're going to orlando. you're going down to san juan. and there's a little bit more. we would like you to go to right now and tell us why your children want to book a family vacation and how they've been saving up. and we could be sending you there, as well. where does jackson want to go? >> maybe a little nassau, bahamas. have a wonderful vacation. nicely done. >> you're awesome. >> i )m ...
8:56 am
==nats== t=4 ==laura/cont vo== good morning. it is 8:56. on your monday. i'm brosam brock. [ sirens ] a dramatic high-speed chase through oakland, a driver going through city streets at 100 miles an hour. that all started about 10:00 last night. it lasted for a good 90 minutes. oakland police and chp officers chasing down the driver of an
8:57 am
suv. you can hear the cheering in the background. this finally ended at 24th street and adeleine in west oakland where that crowd was watching it go down and cheered as they arrested the driver. again, that happened late last night and ended about 11:30. happening right now, we are gathering more details tact man who police arrested. we'll have an update on our midday newscast. also more information in our twitter feed. and investigators in san francisco trying to piece together what led up to a deadly shooting early this morning in the mission district. it happened near a busy b.a.r.t. station just a couple steps away on our home page, more details on that. talk about lady luck times two. an arizona woman driving through california recently scratching off two winning lottery tickets, one in monterey, the other one she bought in pasa robles. kea, e your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. so she can afford to feel at home even when she's miles away. and you can help her feel bright,
8:58 am
without breaking your budget. and... who's there? hey. a boy? you never told your dad and i about any... oh, on the bed? absolutely not! okay... studying together is fine... and at ikea, we believe that letting go can be hard, but not pricey. what's going on now? move the flag.
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and get up to $4,500 in allowances. in morning on "today's take," megamansion with their own water parks. and medical monday. health headlines you need to know. and supermarket shocker, what your grocery store could be checking out while you check out. hmm? coming up. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. it is "today," monday morning, july 10th. you are listening to "good morning." >> it is "today." >> i like it. what's hoda doing? >> she's hanging out. >> taking a selfie.
9:01 am
taking a selfie. hmm-mm. good morning. how was vacation, al? >> both of you guys. >> except for the two days i had to come, on july 3rd and july 4th. >> it wasn't really vacation. >> don't listen to him. he wasn't really here. >> we taped the show early. >> most of times you do a playback. you recognize, you know, it's taped. this guy, guess what? i'm not here. hi, self on the couch. >> we both had vacation. when you have two young kids, it's a vacation. it's more of time with the family. >> we had five days the we dropped nick off at camp. and leilasummer job. she's a camp counselor. we went to see james taylor at
9:02 am
tanglewood, july 4th. and special guest, bonnie raitt. went to some museums. found a museum in north adams, massachusetts. mass mocha. >> it's almost like date night, but every day. >> does that bring the romance back? tell us about it. >> it's nice to be able to just breathe. i love my children and i miss them. but able to just sit in the backyard and chill out. >> is that your backyard? >> that is my backyard. >> can we come over? >> sure. come on over. it looks bigger than it actually is. >> that's nice to get away and make eye contact. >> we've been talking about eye contact. >> we don't do it a lot. you sit across from somebody and have a conversation, about whatever. >> and assume that for the next 18 years you won't. >> sheinelle and i are in
9:03 am
similar stages with little kids. we've been talking about how we both need to make this effort, with our spouses because it's so -- with kids, there's no choice. poppy has to have her diaper changed. henry and i said, we're going to go away and reconnect. and i said, say this to your mom. the first night, want to take a walk? and the kids were asleep. and they went to bed at 7:30. and the sun was going down. we took a walk. i don't have pictures. we took a walk. >> that's good you don't have pictures. >> imagine this. and we took a walk. and we had fun with our kids. it was good for us, too. there were moments of stress. >> i know your folks. i don't know henry's. but i know your folks. there's going to be a point when you can drop them and leave them. that's gold. >> yes. >> i miss my parents every day, for any number of reasons. but to be able to drop your kids
9:04 am
with your parents. no one will watch your children like your parents. >> that's true. >> and did you hang out? tell everybody. you played tennis. you did stuff. what did you do? >> i played tennis. i played tennis. and i have a scar to prove it. i don't know if we can see this. >> there were long -- >> that's a bruise. >> i don't know if you can see that bruise. but that's a tennis ball. >> oh. >> that's a ball. >> oh. >> gavin, it hit my arm. >> good shot. >> yeah. i'm competitive. and -- >> just playing with a buddy. and you were going in. that's serious, right? >> i'm not that good. but i get really competitive. people want to slam it at me. i always tell henry, these teeth, if you break them, you have to pay for them. >> took that to another level.
9:05 am
>> you must be good. >> i am not. >> i believe you are competitive. that i do know. from our game shows at 9:00 a.m. >> it's better to be competitive when you're really athletic. you know? i'm not that great at sports. >> but you make up for it. >> yes. >> there were a couple accidents. but i survived. >> and you knew a birthday party. chuck e. cheese? >> i a lot of people have second homes. mine happens to be chuck e. cheese. my twins turned 5. this is the highlight. the ticket blaster when you go in the machine. >> put them in his shirt. >> we strategies before he went in. you don't have pockets. we're going to put them down our shirt. i put mine -- i had to do it twice. >> that's like a beyonce thing. this is the only video i have. i got disqualified. they made me go in. they made me go in and release
9:06 am
all of my tickets. i put them inside of my chishir. and it looks like i'm holding a baby. >> why is that not allowed. >> if you go back to the video, i was picking them up from the floor. they weren't blowing effectively. but you can only catch the ones in the air. >> you could have held your dress out. >> you could, maybe. >> or -- the place i always believe that the best place to put anything you want to hold on to is in the bra. >> absolutely. i did that. we don't have that on video. i do but -- >> i believe the same thing. i have any mansiere. >> i said, what if i want to stop for a coffee. you know, the $5 bill. >> oh. >> do you have the one you can put in your bra. >> a bra wallet? >> my grandmother gave me one.
9:07 am
ladies, maybe you have one. they're old-school. they have little snaps on them. and it has pocket. >> can you give me that for my next birthday? >> do they make them? >> mine is like a sweaty dollar bill. i'll have that coffee. oh, no thank you. you know what i mean? after a run. >> well, glad i decided to come in on monday. could have taken an extra day. >> at least you didn't have balls thrown at your face. gavin did throw a tennis ball at me. you did, gavin. don't do it gep. >> you guys. >> can i tell you about this new idea for the supermarket? >> yes. we want to hear it. >> you grocery shop a lot. are you focussed? >> i'm focused. trying to think -- i'm focused. >> let me tell you. and you can tell us what you think about this.
9:08 am
british health experts, they have an interesting proposal when you go to the grocery store. they would give you a health grade on the bottom of your receipt when you go shopping. it will tell you how healthy your food list is. for example, it's like a traffic light system. green for healthy. yellow for okay. and red if you got a bunch of -- >> chips. do you feel like, what do you think you would be? >> i think i would do pretty well. i'm conscious when people -- i'm putting stuff on the conveyor belt. i feel judged on both sides. >> don't what me. >> you care what the checkout person thinks? >> not that i care. but i feel like, don't you look at people's stuff when they load? >> no. >> i don't at grocery stores because -- >> i would look. >> i don't even look. >> people look, al. >> are we on to this? >> nothing that it matters.
9:09 am
it's good if you get a green light at the bottom of your chick. ye thing. >> i think it would remind us to buy healthy things. >> it depends on what you're shopping for. if it's a friday, and you're going to have a party. >> there's going to be cheeses. >> and honey buns. >> let's not judge anymore. no judgment. no judgment zone. >> no judgment zone. >> no more balls, either, please. >> she got that in there. up next, the hot hollywood star celebrating a birthday this weekend. then, from their own private oceans to backyard water parks, the most incredible mansions you will ever see, inside the lives will ever see, inside the lives of the ♪ i love you, basement guest bathroom. your privacy makes you my number 1 place... go number 2. i love you, but sometimes you stink. ♪ new febreze air effects with odorclear technology cleans...
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9:12 am
liz assumed all dressingsrust were made equal. assume nothing. just like the leading brands, these kraft dressings are made with high quality ingredients, at a price you can feel good about. no wonder kraft is so good. so, while you were away, jenna lean over to sheinelle. that's a beautiful dress. do you sweat through that dress?
9:13 am
and she says, no. i have a breakthrough. >> we didn't know this would be discussed. >> we talked about this with natalie azar, who is here today. i have a breakthrough in deodorant, finally. my mom says, as you get older, you have to change up your deodorant. i've always used the same deodorant. i changed and it made a difference. the spray. it doesn't matter the brand. one day, i was coming to the show. and i forgot the deorddoranteod. i smelled like a man. >> you looked like a woman. >> maybe i should try the female version. and there's new things you can buy. not new. but you put them on your dresses. >> do you have one right now? >> i didn't need one for this one because i used the spray. >> it's like a pad? >> it's like a -- yeah. and it's got a cute girl dress on the front. i'll bring them tomorrow.
9:14 am
>> little show and tell. >> hook a woman up. it's a special birthday for one surprising celebrity. i don't know why. we were supposed to guess who it was. >> sofia vergara. >> happy birthday. >> she turns 45. >> really? >> she is beautiful. >> 45 is not that ole. >> 45 is not that old. >> especially when your 63. >> i didn't know how old she is. older, younger. >> we decided to use the birthday to quiz ourselves. celebrities and whether they were older or younger than 45. sofia's husband. >> i'm going to say -- i'm scared now. >> younger. >> i'm going to say younger than 45. >> i will go older. >> he's 40. >> really? wow. >> this could be a dangerous game. >> over. >> just under. 44. >> oh. >> i remember her talking to oprah about it.
9:15 am
i wasn't there. trust me. >> matthew mcconaughey. 47. all right, all right, all right. >> they keep staying younger. they keep staying younger. i keep getting older and they keep staying the same age. you know the movie? >> no. >> know the movie, anybody? "dazed and confused." thank you. >> taraji p. henson. >> under. >> over. >> 46. go, taraji. >> jenna bush hager. >> that's so mean. >> that's under. >> i'm going to say over. >> please, don't put that -- >> that was a egood -- can we g back to that picture? >> please. >> look at yourself and say, i am beautiful. look at yourself and say -- look at it. >> did you sweat through that dress? jenna, that is a beautiful
9:16 am
picture. >> you are. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> can we go to weather, please? can we go to weather? >> you need some of my little things. i'm 35. i'm ten years younger than 35. it will fly by. >> i think she has the vapors. let's show you what is going on for today. strong storms, for a while, a grouped st ground stop at hachicago. afternoon highs, 100s stretching from the southwest. 90s in the southwest, texas and into the mid plains. nice and mild in the east. the strong storms will be around the great lakes. looking at a nice day in the northeast. wet weather in the southeast. and sunshine along the west coast. there is a high fire danger in interior sections of the west. that's what's going on around the country. here's w
9:17 am
good morning, i'm kari hall, today temperatures in san francisco will reach the mid 60s, well see that throughout the week with morning fog and drizzle. as we go into the weekend, it will start to heat up especially inland. we will take a little break from the high heat and wednesday will be the coolest day reaching 86 degrees and up to 98 this saturday with mostly sunny skies and not much better on sunday. >> by the way, savannah guthrie, if you're listening, i think mi mila's -- >> mila and vale have been separated at summer camp. up
9:18 am
9:19 am
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9:22 am
be allergic to meat? >> everybody hears about tick and we talk about lyme disease. this is not a tick transmitting disease. it's a tick that transmits an allergy. >> wow. >> the problem is, there's no way to necessarily test who is susceptible to developing this allergy when to eat meat. if you've been bitten by this tick, it's called the lone star tick. that person eats a piece of meat and will develop an allergy to the meat. the thing that makes it different from a typical allergic reaction, is that the symptoms don't happen immediately after ingestion but four to six hours later. there's no treatment for it the but you have to avoid eating meat. this is on theize. this is very uncommon in this country. typically in the southeast. but moving north and west. we're compiling information.
9:23 am
>> if you're an adult, you have it throughout the days? >> at the moment, the short answer is yes. i didn't realize there was a penicillin allergy. >> this was a study that was tone in a pediatric population. but it's piggybacked from a study that was done earlier this year. 10% of patients report they have a penicillin allergy. greater than 90% of them didn't have the penicillin allergy. here's a group of young kids who had low risk for penicillin allergy. they had an itch or a rash. they didn't have a allergy. saying you have a penicillin allergy eliminates this class of drugs that's been around forever. is considered so reasonably safe and inexpensive. and what you're ending up doing is getting antibiotics that are
9:24 am
more expensive and dangerous. >> just retest?llergists perfor time. >> let's talk about the link between exercise and painkillers. >> you heard of nsaids. two studies that were reported about the issue of muscle injury and taking these anti-inflammatories. in the one group, they had humans, ultramarathoners, who take ib pibuprofen. they had kidney problems. in the mice study, they were treated with anti-inflammatories that their muscles didn't grow strong. the take home here is if you're an ultramarathoner or you regularly medicate with anti-inflammatories, you may want to think about that.
9:25 am
take acetaminophen. the anti-inflammatory may cause an issue with your kidneys. >> learned a lot. i will never wash my hair again. i will never never wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene. the first shampoo with active pro-v nutrient blends that puts in what others just strip out. fueling 100% stronger hair. don't just wash your hair fuel it because strong is beautiful. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. so dentures are cleaner, fresher, and brighter. polident. ♪ ♪
9:26 am
♪ ==topvo== police in san francisco are investigating a deadly early morning shooting in theit good morning, a look at what is happening in the bay area. police are investigating an early morning shooting that happened in the mission. police received reports that shots were fired about 2:30 this morning outside of after tacoria there. police say a man died at the scene, investigators have not released any information about a suspect or whether they made any arrests. happening today in oakland, federal investigators are expected to arrive at the construction sight destroyed in the massive fire last week while they try to figure out what caused it. it started last thursday
9:27 am
morning, some 700 people in the area were forced to evacuate. most of them have since been able to return home. firefighters say fireworks were likely the cause of a fire outside of this san jose home last night. it started on mount hamilton road. they were able to prevent the fire from spreading any further, but the landscaping was damaged. some of the clouds that greeted us this morning are starting to clear, we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this break.
9:28 am
>> good monday morning, i'm kari hall, we're seeing sunshine across san francisco. we'll see that for most of today and looking live at san jose, bright and sunny, temperatures this afternoon will reach 81 degrees. 91 in santa rosa.
9:29 am
we'll see low 90s for the interior valleys and it will be another hot day inland. >> the south bay is recovering from an earlier sig alert that was issued at 8:37. it was blocking multiple lanes. unfortunately it looks like there are major delays in that area. traffic it working to recover. right now we're still seeing those delays from highway 85 to highway 87. from highway 85 to highway 101 about 18 minutes. thank you, that will do it for us right now, back in 30 minutes.
9:30 am
now, to some homes you have to see to believe. and when we say homes, we mean jaw-dropping private estates that will blow you away. it's time to take you inside cnbc's lives of the superrich with robert frank. good to see you. >> good morning, guys. >> let's start off, you're going to showcase celine dion's former home in jupiter, florida. >> we thought it was summertime. let's do a wet a and wild edition. celine needed more water. she built three beaches and a giant water park in the backyard. this water park had 150,000
9:31 am
gallons of water in it. >> that's big. >> and the main house is 20,000 square feet? is that right? >> 20,000 square feet. lots of entertainment space. two kitchens. a closet like you've never seen before. >> you were inside this thing. what was it like when you walk in? >> it's like heaven. everything in that house is white. and gorgeous. >> is that the closet? >> is that the closet? >> that's the closet. all automated. the claoset, you put in your ipad, i want blue dresses. >> that's like "clueless." >> this is a house like we've never seen. a water park? >> this house is incredible. >> my gosh. >> come on. >> over 750,000 gallons of water. >> that's volcano bay. >> it's volcano bay. but volcano bay meets disney
9:32 am
because you get in the lazy river and you go into the haunted tunnel. check that out. >> i'm not sure what to think. >> you have mummies and bats and giant skeletons. this water park and the land cost nearly $10 million. it's disney meets volcano bay in your and backyard. party in the back. do business in the front. a normandy style french castle. $32 million for that. >> my gosh. >> it's in preston hollow, the neighborhood in dallas. >> you could take your kids down the street to six flags. >> two-lane bowling alley. a basketball cart. it has a d.j. booth there. and the second-most expensive home in dallas. >> jerry weintraub, the late film producer. a legend.
9:33 am
"ocean's 11," "the karate kid." >> it's in palm desert. he wanted to chill out and he built his own waterfall to improve the view. he liked to have his morning swim. but he didn't like to walk too far from his bed. he built a giant infinity pool that goes up to his bed. there's the bed and there's the infinity pool. you drop into the pool. you swim out. >> what if you have a nightmare and you fall into that? >> you don't want to sleep walk in that house. he has the ocean's club. brad pitt and george clooney, all the stars have stayed in that home. >> now, boca raton, tell us about this house. >> this owner went to the bah a
9:34 am
baham bahamas. and he said, i want that. he has the inca style stone structures. a giant water slide. that's like a three-story water slide. a lazy river. a coy pond surrounding the jacuzzi with a live coy in there. the 11,000-square-foot house. this whole property just sold for $5.5 million. you're basically getting that whole mansion for $3 million. that was a bargain. >> that's crazy. we head south to the miami area. lenny kravitz. my cousin. >> your cousin. >> we have to drop that in there. >> the rocker and the roker. this had been lenny kravitz's house. it's now on the market for $25 million. he wasn't on the beach. so, he brought the beach to him. he had truck loads of sand imported to put around his salt water pool. this is in sunset island, off of
9:35 am
miami. you have a beautiful yacht dock there. and the inside of the house has lenny touches. lots of the white beaded curtains. this is a theater with the back satin and a bed in the theater. that's where you let love rule in there. >> he's a noted interior designer. >> is he? have you been to this house? are you not that close of cousins? >> not that close. >> i think you need to borrow it. >> i'm sure lenny will answer. >> right now, it's $25 million. >> thank you, cousin. robert, thank you so much. new season of "secret lives of the super rich" in september. coming up next, a me let's see, there are the wildcats 'til we die weekenders. the watch me let if fly. this i gotta try weekenders. then we've got the bendy... ... spendy weekenders. the tranquility awaits.
9:36 am
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nature's bounty knows healthy cholesterol starts in your gut. so we made cardio-health, an innovative way to support healthy cholesterol, containing lrc, a probiotic strain that helps you metabolize dietary cholesterol. because we all want to be healthy for whatever comes next. nature's bounty cardio-health. this morning on "today food," farm fresh riskys r reci. ure has a healthy immediamedite grilled chicken. good to see you. >> hi, al. how are you doing? >> it's so great at the farm markets right now. this is a perfect example of it. >> this is a great time to shop and create dishes. everything marinades together really well. today, we're doing something simple. taking beautiful chicken breasts. going to season them with salt
9:40 am
and pepper. little pepper there, al. there we go. i like to cut my chicken breasts a little on the thinner side so you don't get too much of a crust and dry out the chicken a little bit. >> okay. that goes on an oiled griddle. >> an oiled griddle. >> these are going to cook quickly. >> they're sliced thin so they cook through fast. and you make a little bit of an incision. and yu cut your chicken. nothing too hard. okay. and now, we compose the salad we're serving you with. this is a cup of water. cup of red wine vinegar. a cup of sugar the one of each. if you don't like your pickle juice to be sweet, you go light on the sugar. let this come to a boil, basically. once it comes to a boil, yu turn
9:41 am
o off the heat. you have onions sliced up. and let it cool in the fridge, overnight, preferably. you have pickled onions and it pops. >> that's nice. >> we're going to start composing together our owe fwyo. lemon juice, olive oil. little bit of honey. there we go. and some fresh oregano, which is prominent in mediterranean cuisine. and you make this base yogurt sauce for a salad. >> the best breakfast i've ever had. >> and we have vine-ripened tomatoes. going to quarter and put into here. >> you can use heirloom. >> now, we have chicken breasts and the yogurt sauce.
9:42 am
take some tomatoes, put them on top. french green vebeans. >> have you blanched those? >> i blanched them and then, i shocked them. you have mediterranean olives. >> i can eat this every day. >> a good sous chef. you have my back. and you have the finished yogurt. drizzle it over the top. and some feta. now, i use bulgarian feta. i find it creamier. >> i have never seen bulgarian feta. >> i find it more tasty than regular, greek feta. >> that's fantastic and so easy to make. >> it comes together, nice and easy. light cooking for the summer. not lacking in flavor.
9:43 am
>> thank you so much. >> for this recipe and more head to let's look at your week ahead, see what we've got for you weather-wise. we're looking at sunshine here in the northeast for today. wet weather down through the southeast. severe storms through the frax great lak great lakes and the western plains. it will be hot and humid in the mid-atlantic states and into new england. severe storms in the great lakes. western third of the country looking good. as we move towards the end of the week, scattered storms in the mississippi and river valleys. cooling off, and shine in the planes. good morning, i'm kari hall, we're going to get a loot of sunshine throughout today. temperatures today and the next several days reaching the mid 60s. into the weekend it will heat up especially for the inland valleys reaching to the upper 90s. the next few days will be above
9:44 am
average but cooler than what we have been dealing with. inland we will top out at 98 degrees. >> and that is your latest weather. coming up next, how one couple became a party of five and found happiness and love in the most unexpected way, after the most unexpected way, after these messages. ♪ the most unexpected way, after these messages. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey katy, i'm going to go ahead and invade your personal space to run some things by you. it's going to look like i'm listening but i'm actually just paying attention to nugget. cool. i'll pretend you're answering the questions i have.
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9:48 am
ask any parent and they'll probably tell you parenthood is one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. >> but the journey is different for everybody. >> we want to share the story of how the avis family found happiness in a less traditional way. there is a soundtrack to parenthood. the familiar rhythms of diapers, lunches, play time. but for heather and josh avis, their soundtrack is anything but ordinary. heather calls them her wild flowers. mason, hope, truly star and august ryker. this is the family she never knew she wanted. >> we found ourselves following this path we didn't plan for. and hitting the next stride.
9:49 am
we want to start a family and we couldn't. it really rocked our world. i couldn't have children, actually. i was desperate. i felt like i was in a pit of despair doing everything possibly to have a kid. adoption was the way to go. >> into their lives fell mason hope. >> we were there catapulted into this world of down syndrome. we never planned to adopt a child with special needs. >> josh and heather have history with special need children. josh's mother taught them and heather has a special education credential. and they felt a spark. stwl we' >> at the end of the day, she has down syndrome and there's other issues. at the end of the day, she's a baby and we can be her parents. >> reporter: soon after came truly, healthy and sassy. >> truly is a force to be
9:50 am
reckoned with. >> reporter: and august. and these three children, two with down syndrome, opened up their lives. >> it put us in circles we wouldn't have been in otherwise. we ended up in a wilderness that was at times terrifying. but there was so much beauty and so much we would have missed. we would have missed it. >> reporter: it wasn't the picture they had planned but it's a boundless, beautiful mosaic, nonetheless. >> a different journey. we didn't expect to see a different view of what normal life looks like. normal families look like. i think that's been one of the biggest gifts. >> reporter: heather and josh continually talk about milestone magic. and ability to find beauty and appreciation, among the challenges and the mundane. >> i got this. >> i got this. >> you do you. >> you do you. >> i'm a good dancer. >> i'm a good dancer.
9:51 am
>> hip-hop is my jam. >> hip-hop is my jam. >> reporter: they share daily on social media. created the #theluckyfew. and a book. nothing more than her heart in words. >> motherhood is a beautiful hot mess. it is all of the highest highs and all of the lowest lows, intermingling at any moment. totally unpredictable and the best journey i've ever been on. >> reporter: it's a family different in tone. not just in race and abilities, but in perspective. >> i have at least a moment a day, multiple moments, that i can't believe this is how it ended. >> reporter: embracing all of life's limits. >> who is going to get the biggest lemon? who is going to get the sourest lemon? >> reporter: and discovering a
9:52 am
kaleidoscope of love, making her and her husband, josh, one of the lucky few. >> so beautiful. >> if i allowed myself, i could just cry right now. >> i am. lucky parents and lucky kids. >> we talk about the power of adoption. i think not that it's -- more people or talking about it now. but it goes to show you special it is. >> sure is. >> back in a moment. but first this, is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
what's so funny, kathie lee? >> we wish we could tell you. oh, my god. you are naughty. >> okay. >> he can be. >> we have big stuff like the best time to book a vacation. >> we have a great country singer. russell dickerson is here. he has a great song called "your." >> i like it.
9:55 am
>> and a whole lot going on. >> and al roker's back. >> that's right. >> did you have a good time? >> it was great. it was wonderful. didn't have the kids. >> yay. >> i miss mine. >> what else do you have? >> that's all. >> why do they leave us so much time for
9:56 am
9:57 am
==traffic maps full== firefighters say a brush fire burning in rodeo in contra costa county-- is now (fully contained. cal fire just tweeted this morning that the so-called )willow fire ) is 100-percent contained at 370 acres. ==rvl== plus... the united nations says there is no end in sight to the humanitarian crisis in iraq. that sobering assesment despite )major ) progress
9:58 am
driving isis out of mosul. officials say thousands of people living in that city-- will likely remain displaced even when the fight is done-- because of the extensive damage caused during the conflict. i love you so much, that's why i bought six of you for when you stretch out. i want you to stay this bright blue forever, that's why you'll stay in this drawer forever. i can't live without you,
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i love this life. this is not like every other monday. it's january. >> our girl joe 18, shall we remain names back after a short stint. zwro anna's been ng


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