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tv   Today  NBC  July 11, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> did force evacuations yesterday. this is a live look from nbc bay area sky ranger off metcalf road. our next update at 7:25. military plane crashes in mississippi, killing all 16 people onboard. the plane, breaking up in midair. its wreckage engulfed in flames. fbi investigators now on the scene. what did he know? and when did he know it? a stunning new report that donald trump jr. was told the russian government was trying to help his campaign. the soon pushing back, as the attorney at the center of it all speaks exclusively for nbc news. >> have you ever worked to the russian government? do you have connections to the russian government? >> translator: no.
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where are they? four young men disappear without a trace in pennsylvania. officials launch an all-hands-on-deck search. all that plus drink coffee, live longer. are the olympics heading back to the u.s.? and all rise. >> there it is. ladies and gentlemen. >> the yankees' aaron judge holds court at the home run derby today, tuesday, july 11th, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to today. it's a tuesday morning. good to have you with us. >> let's begin with this breaking news overnight. 16 people have been killed after a u.s. military plane crashed into a field. it happened just north of jackson, mississippi. >> witnesses say that plane appeared to disintegrate on its
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way down. flames and thick smoke from the wreckage visible for miles, as you see there. let's go to hans nichols at the pentagon for us. hans, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. officials this morning are saying this is a workhorse, the c-130. there are few clues on why this one went down in that field in mississippi. officials also warning residents to stay away from the crash site because there's so much jet fuel on bard. this morning, officials are on the scene of the deadly military plane crash in mississippi, trying to determine how the c-130 transport airport crashed monday afternoon, 85 miles north of jackson, killing all 16 people on board. witnesses say the plane slammed into a soybean field, bursting into flames. thick plumes of smoke, visible for miles. emergency personnel responding to 911 calls. >> there's a plane crash on county road 286 near the county line. >> reporter: overnight, authorities asking residents to
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stay clear of the area. >> we have fuel everywhere. so we don't want anybody without responders in the area. >> reporter: the plane, a c-130 is a four-engine turboprop tactical tanker. the latest version of a vietnam-era aircraft, long considered a workhorse in the military. used to refuel an aircraft in midair, or equipment on the ground. overnight mississippi governor phil bryant posted a statement on facebook. please don't deborah and me praying for those in this tragedy. our men and women in uniform risk themselves every day to secure our freedom. that flight originated in cherry point, north carolina. and this morning the president tweeting marine plane crash in mississippi is heartbreaking. melania and i send our deepest condolences to all. >> hmm. all right. hans nichols, thank you. there's another story we're covering. a potentially damaging new allegation tied to donald trump jr.'s meeting during the presidential campaign with a russian attorney. a report claims he was told
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prior to that face-to-face meeting to get alleged dirt on hillary clinton, that the information was part of an effort by the russian government to help the trump campaign. in a moment, we'll hear from that attorney exclusively. but first, nbc national correspondent, peter alexander, is at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the latest headline, the president's son, receiving an e-mail that the russians were hoping to boost his father's campaign. by far the biggest revolution yet. this morning fuelling new questions about the trump campaign's possible ties to moscow, as donald trump jr.'s explanation keeps evolving. this morning, new revelations about what donald trump jr. knew and when he knew it. "the new york times" reports that before taking a meeting that the russian lawyer tied to the kremlin, who he believed would offer damaging information about hillary clinton, donald trump jr. was informed in an e-mail that the material was part of a russian government effort to help his father's
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candidacy. that e-mail was sent by this man, rob goldstone, a publicist who helped set up that june 2016 meeting. a meeting was also attended by the president's son-in-law jared curb her and then-campaign chairman paul manafort. late monday, trump jr. let his newly-hired attorney do the talking. in a statement to nbc news the lawyer wrote, in my view this is much ado about nothing. don jr. had no knowledge as to what specific information, if any, would be discussed. adding, the bottom line is that don jr. did nothing wrong. but the top democrat on the house intelligence committee disagrees. >> if the report about the e-mail is accurate and the e-mail said the russian government is trying to help your father, then there's no mystery about what this lawyer is up to, and who she's representing. >> reporter: now, senate investigators want to bring trump jr. in for questioning. the president's son on twitter saying he's happy to work with the intelligence committee. earlier, trump jr. dismissed accusations that his story keeps changing.
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tweeting, no inconsistency in statements. meeting ended up being primarily about adoptions. in response to further questions, i simply provided more details. the white house says the president only learned about the meeting in the last several days. insisting there was no collusion between the president's campaign and russian operatives. >> don jr. did not collude with anybody to influence the election. no one within the trump campaign colluded in order to influence the election. >> reporter: more than a month after the meeting, trump jr. attacked the clinton campaign for suggesting a russian plot to help trump and hurt clinton. >> it's disgusting. it's so phony. i can't think of bigger lies. that goes to show you what the dnc and what the clinton camp will do. they will lie and do anything to win. >> reporter: the president's son this morning back on twitter lashing out, writing media and democrats are extremely invested in the russia story. if this nonsense meeting is all they have after a year i understand the desperation.
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as for that e-mail he received, it's raising all sorts of new questions. did he reply? did anyone else from the campaign? and if the trump campaign was willing to take this meeting, what other meetings might they have taken that we don't know about. savannah? >> all right, peter alexander at the white house. thanks. now, to the key figure in all of this. for the first time, we're hearing directly from that russian lawyer who met with donald trump jr. she spoke with nbc news exclusively today. nbc's keir simmons is in moscow with what she's saying about all of it. keir, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. we just wrapped up that interview with natalia veselnitskaya. she tells a fascinating story about getting a phone call from a man she didn't know and being told to come to trump tower to meet with the trump campaign. she says they wanted information on the clinton campaign. information she says, she didn't have. this is the woman, natalia veselnitskaya, in a storm over a meeting with donald trump's son.
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in june 2016. >> translator: you wake up and you find you are the focus of all the high-ranking media. >> reporter: on june 9th, two weeks after donald trump secured the nomination, his son, donald trump jr. along with jared curb her and former campaign chair paul manafort, met with the russian attorney. in june, you met with donald trump jr., with jared kushner, with paul manafort. what was the purpose of that meeting? >> translator: i never knew who else would be attending the meeting. all i knew was that mr. donald trump jr. was willing to meet with me. i could recognize the young gentleman who was only present in the meeting for only the first seven to ten minutes. and then, he stood up and left the room. it was mr. jared kushner. and he never came back, by the way. and the other individual at the same meeting, was always looking at his phone. he was reading something. he never took any active part in the conversation. that was mr. manafort.
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>> reporter: they had the impression, it appears, they were going to be told some information that you had about the dnc. how did they get that impression? >> translator: it's possible that maybe they were looking for such information. they wanted it so badly. >> reporter: and this morning, she denies claims she is connected to a russian government effort to aid donald trump's presidency. have you ever worked for the russian government? do you have connections to the russian government? >> translator: no. >> reporter: what she was doing, she says, is lobbying against u.s. legislation that imposes sanctions on russian individuals. guys this is a long interview. we're still picking through it. we'll have more through the day. >> all right, keir, thank you so much. in fact a lot more of this exclusive interview tonight on nbc "nightly news" with lester hold. let's bring in jeremy bash. jeremy, good morning to you. >> good morning, guys.
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>> now this woman we just heard from the russian lawyer tells a very different story than the one that's being reported in "the new york times" this morning. according to "the new york times," donald trump jr. went to this meeting or took this meeting because he was told there was damaging information that he could have been hillary clinton and the "times" goes on to say that prior to the meeting he was sent an e-mail that the information he would receive was part of a russian government effort to help the trump campaign. how many alarms go off in your head if that story is true? >> many, matt. this is the first direct link between the trump campaign and the russian government. on the effort to influence the 2016 election. prior, we had a lot of, i would say, circumstantial evidence. but this, potentially, is the first direct evidence, that someone very senior in the trump campaign knew and knowingly accepted support from the russian government. >> and this woman said she had no contact or connection to the russian government.
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but if you receive, if you're donald trump junior and receive that e-mail about this effort by the russian government is that a meeting you simply don't take? >> actually it's more than that, matt. not only should he not have taken the meeting. he should have alerted the fbi. i was involved in the 2000 presidential election, working for vice president gore. we received some damaging information about the opposing candidate, bush. we immediately alerted the fbi. that's what you need to do. >> you get a differing opinion, if every fact, if that amounts to something criminal, something illegal. >> well, savannah, under the law, a foreign government is not allowed to donate anything of value to a u.s. federal election. and if you have a kremlin-backed operative offering to support the presidential election, i would say that comes darn near close if not right over the line. >> all right. jeremy bash, thank you very much. appreciate it.
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>> thank you, guys. now, to the ongoing battle over health care, raging on capitol hill. police arrested 80 people monday outside the offices of senate republicans. they were protesting a plan to repeal and replace obamacare. with just three weeks before the congressional august recess, the stalled republican bill is facing an uphill climb. opposition by some senate republicans has grown in recent days. now senate democrats are calling on republicans to work with them on a bipartisan fix to obamacare. a u.s. army sergeant behind bars in hawaii accused of trying to support isis. sergeant kang made his first appearance in honolulu on monday. the 34-year-old was arrested saturday after months of meetings with undercover fbi informants he thought were isis members or supporters. court documents said he told the informants that he wanted to go overseas to train in hand-to-hand combat. his attorney told nbc news that
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his client may suffer from service-related mental health issues, of which the government was aware, but neglected to treat. we have more to get to this morning, including the faa investigating a very close call at san francisco international airport. an air canada flight nearly landed on a taxiway loaded with other passenger jets. officials say the quick actions of an air traffic controller helped avoid a potential disaster. nbc's tom costello covers aviation for us. tom, good morning. what more do we know about this? >> savannah, this happened friday night. it was, in fact, a very close call. four other passenger jets, loaded with passengers, and fuel, lined up on that taxiway waiting to depart. had controllers not waved him off, the air canada plane could have plowed right into a line of planes carrying hundreds of people. air canada flight 759 was an airbus a-320, told runway 28 right but the pilot confused taxiway charlie for the runway.
7:14 am
he even radioed controllers that he saw the lights on the runway, thankfully, at the very last minute, other pilots saw him headed straight for the taxiway and controllers ordered the air canada pilot to pull up and go around. >> tower, just want to confirm, this is air canada 759. we see some nights on the runway there. >> confirm, there's no one on 28 right but you. >> okay. >> where is this guy going? he's on the taxiway. >> air canada, go around. >> in a go around. >> united one, air canada flew directly over us. >> yeah, i saw that, guys. >> in a statement, the faa tells nbc news on friday just before midnight an airbus a320 was cleared to land on run way 28 right at san francisco. however the pilot inadvertently lined up for taxiway c which runs parallel to the runway.
7:15 am
an air traffic controller sent the air canada jet around the plane, made another approach and landed without incident. the faa is investigating how close that pilot came to the other planes on the taxiway. air canada says it, too, is investigating. guys, this could have been disastrous. >> absolutely. >> too close for comfort. tom, thank you very much. big news on the olympics to tell you about this morning. looks like the summer games are headed back to los angeles. the international olympic committee is meeting in switzerland right now, and according to reuters, the ioc is expected to ratify a recommendation to award both the 2024, and 2028 summer games at the same time. so what does that all mean? well, it means both los angeles, and paris, will be awarded the games. this is an unusual move. the ioc would need to decide which city would go first. an official announcement is expected in september. los angeles, as we know, hosted the olympics in 1984. >> it would be good if they let those cities know. >> for planning purposes. >> before it's too late. >> yeah, exactly.
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let's go back to the home run derby, aaron judge, did he put on a show last night in miami. the rookie outfielder hit 47 home runs, including four blasts that went more than 500 feet. he beat out minnesota's miguel sano in the final round to take the crown. he is the first rookie to win it. judge stands 6'7" tall, 280 pounds. afterward, he said i enjoyed every minute of that. >> yeah. >> the all-star game itself, that's tonight at 8:00. >> way to hit it out of the park. as they say. let's get a first check of the weather with mr. roker. good morning. >> good morning, guys. we've had some severe weather in the last few hours. and in fact, it's going to continue today. this is carroll county, indiana, central indiana, and a lot of reports of tornadoes, funnel clouds, and flash flooding. luckily, nobody injured. off the carolina coast, the outer banks, take a look at this water spout. again, didn't come on land, but boy, that is pretty impressive. and we're going to be looking at more severe weather today.
7:17 am
we've got a risk of severe weather, especially in the upper mississippi river valley, strong storms late in the afternoon. damaging winds. hail and potential problems. tomorrow much wired area. 28 million people at risk, stretching from chicago, grand rapids, detroit, fort wayne on into cleveland. just to the west of buffalo. we'll have this system coming out of the planes today. late-day storms with hail and strong winds. continues into tomorrow, and for today, we're looking into the northeast, some scattered showers and thunderstorms making their way through the great lakes today. risk of some heavy winds, strong, strong wind gusts and rain coming down. anywhere from one to two inches of rain, especially in the ohio river valley. we're going to get to your forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good tuesday morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. sunshine for the inland areas. temperatures in the low 60s as you get ready to head out the door. 54 in san francisco. all cloudy there. a few clouds over the east bay. we are seeing patchy fog in the north bay. low 50s with high temperatures today up to 84 in santa rosa. 90 in concord. livermore, 89 degrees. san jose a high of 87. 65 in san francisco. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. coming up, an arrest made in the midst of a desperate search to find four men in pennsylvania.
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and a police officer responding to a call, shoots and injures a family's two dogs. we're going to hear from both sides on this. first, this is "today" on nbc. who are these people?
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be a powerful force. nature valley i )m - -.. youe a very good morning to you. 7:26 right now. i am laura garcia-cannon. firefighters say a grass fire burning since yesterday afternoon in the foothills of east san jose is 80% contained. the size of the fire has grown to about 70 acres. this video from nbc bay area's sky ranger was shot 30 minutes ago. the fire is about eight miles northeast of morgan hill. firefighters did order some precautionary evacuations yesterday but residents were allowed to return home overnight. the fire started when flames spread from a car fire. let's check the forecast with kari. a nice start to our tuesday morning. >> yes. we still keep the low clouds along the coast. looking at the golden gate
7:27 am
bridge. we are at least getting clear visibility there. all bright sunshine, looking live in san jose, with high temperatures that are going to come down a few degrees for some of the inland valleys. we'll be up to 87 degrees in san jose. 90 in morgan hill. livermore, 89 degrees. for the north bay mid 80s. oakland, 73. sfroer san francisco in the mid 60s today. we'll see more mid 60s over the sex several cays fdays for the . the inland valleys will heat up. now the roads from mike. a nice drive. gentle commute for most of the bay. wanted to mention south 880 at a street. in hayward, a crash on the shoulder. minor volume. slow across the san mateo bridge. slowing north 887. a little easier over the last half hour. building at 280 at 17 and 101
7:28 am
past the international airport. we'll be back with another local news update in half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great morning.
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7:30, now, on this tuesday morning. it's the 11th of july, 2017. we welcome you back. thank you for joining us. >> we're going to start this half hour with what's making headlines this morning. sadly, 16 people were killed when the marine corps plane they were on broke apart and crashed. this happened 86 miles north of jackson, mississippi. the plane experienced what they're calling a mishap. an investigation is under way now. we're hearing exclusively this morning from the russian attorney at the center of the controversial meeting with donald trump jr. and other campaign officials. she sat down with nbc's keir simmons a little earlier.
7:31 am
>> they had the impression, it appears, they were going to be told some information that you had about the dnc. how did they get that impression? >> translator: it's quite possibly that maybe they were looking for that information, they wanted it so badly. >> we'll hear from her in our next half hour. according to a "new york times," trump jr. was told before that meeting that the russian government was trying to help his father's campaign. the fbi is investigating an overnight explosion in bixby, oklahoma. witnesses say someone on a motorcycle threw a backpack at a building that blew up. it may have been a pipe bomb. the fortunate is intense fi intensifying for four young men who disappeared in pennsylvania. stephanie gosk has overnight developments. stephanie, good morning to you.
7:32 am
>> reporter: good morning, matt. four, young men, ages from 18 to 22, all gone. all live in this area of pennsylvania, which is really known much more for its beautiful farms and antiques than criminal activity. the policeextensively, saying they hoped it would be fruitful. and they all but promise that later on today, they will be able to announce new developments in the case. >> all hands on deck. >> reporter: police and the fbi are working around the clock, to find four men who disappeared within just days of each other. in a normally quiet area of bucks county, pennsylvania, residents are shaken. >> it's disturbing. >> reporter: the district attorney believes foul play may have been involved. >> the leads are incredibly hot. they're very fruitful. they're making great progress. >> reporter: on monday, police took 20-year-old cosby denardo into custody and searched two
7:33 am
properties owned by his parents. police were seen using a du bulldozer to remove rocks. investigators are not calling denardo a suspect in the case. but are holding him on an unrelated firearms possession charge from february. 19-year-old jimmy tar patrick was the first man reported missing. mark stur jess was going to see his friend, tom meo, who is also missing. dean fenoccharo was last seen getting his home on friday night. all of them now gone. an agonizing wait for friends and family. >> i've known dean since middle school. he couldn't go missing for no reason. >> reporter: on monday, police found two cars belonging to the men. >> like trying to find needles in a haystack. it will take a lot of time.
7:34 am
>> reporter: police believe the men knew one another and are trying to find them alive and safe. >> we need to try to find them if we can. >> reporter: police were fortunating until about 10:00 at night. as for the 20-year-old who that was arrested on an unrelated charge, he's being held on a $1 million bail. back to you. >> stephanie, thank you very much. i was watching the press conference. and the district attorney said they were fortunasearching the they can't share with the public. >> perhaps we'll find out. let's shift gears. al is here. check of the weather. >> that's right. hot out west and we're dealing with a fire danger. we have 53 large wildfires spread over 11 states. it's not getting better. we have warm, dry air. that leads to the wildfires spreading. and thunderstorms with very little rain will probably cause more problems. we have heat advisories, stretching from the dakotas all the way into missouri.
7:35 am
heat index is going to be over 100 degrees today. the jet stream way up to the north. we have the building warmth. damage city, 101. philadelphia, a high of 91 degrees. tomorrow, look at this. chicago, you're going to be seven degrees above average at 93. st. louis, second day in a row getting up to 100 degrees. as we get toward the end of the week, temperatures in the 90s for raleigh, memphis, st. louis, wichita and pierre, south dakota, will hit the century good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have some relatively nice weather in the forecast today. and coming down just a few degrees for some of the inland valleys. in palo alto a high of 80. oakland, 73 with upper 80s to low 90s from concord, livermore to morgan hill. in the north bay expect highs in the mid 80s. the temperatures heat up through the rest of the week so enjoy the break from the excessive
7:36 am
heat. it really ramps up on saturday and this sunday. >> don't forget. get that weather anytime you need it on the weather channel on cable. to the story that's outraging animal lovers. a police officer shooting two dogs after responding to a burglar alarm. >> the dogs survived but the video you're about to see is graphic. >> reporter: growing outrage over this home surveillance video. a minneapolis police officer responds two dogs in a backyard. he backs up, weapon drawn, as the first dog approaches with his tail wagging. the officer shoots the dog, claiming the animal was charging him. next, you see the officer shoot the second dog multiple times. >> you guys just shot two dogs. unprovokedly shot two dogs. >> reporter: rocco and siroc are
7:37 am
seriously injured. jennifer may said her daughters tripped the security alarm over the weekend and they were hope when the shots were fired. >> it hurts. >> he didn't do anything. >> reporter: the video has sparked anger online, where it's been viewed more than 400,000 time. the dog had turned away and was wagging its tail. you can see the dogs were zero threat to that cop. the minneapolis police chief issued a statement, as soon who has had dogs in my life, i can see that was unwarranted. she says her department will help pay the dogs' medical bills. the public has raised $20,000 on social media. and mandatory police train willing be implemented for dog encounters, to make sure what happened to rocco and siroc, doesn't happen again. >> we're blessed the dogs are alive. >> reporter: for "today", blake mccoy, nbc news.
7:38 am
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benefits. most people add flavorings. as long as you do it in moderations. >> i'm going to live to 600. >> coffee lowers your risk of dying. basically your risk of dying is 100%. >> eventually. you bring up a good point, matt. >> doesn't change that. >> it prolongs it a little bit. >> dr. torres, cheers to you. >> put that in your pot and brew it. dwayne johnson for president? the new committee that's getting a lot of attention. first, carson. good morning to you. >> coming up in the orange room, what happens when a good business idea backfires in a major way? we'll have that story for
7:45 am
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[ cheers and applause ] welcome back, everybody. carson's in the orange room with, sadly, a major fail on the business front. >> yeah. ride sharing services like uber and lyft have become popular and
7:49 am
a norm for a lot of people. it makes sense when young entrepreneurs want to cash in on that sharing ecosystem. this is e-umbrella. it's a sharing company. you pay a certain amount to receive an unlock code for the umbrella and return it when you're gone. people just ended up keeping the umbrellas. nearly all 300,000 of them are gone. apparently the start-up did not provide information on how to return the umbrellas. now, they just live in people's apartments. twitter is having a field day. here's ben, writing if you borrow an umbrella, it becomes your personal property and will end up in the back of a closet. there's already an umbrella bar sharing economy. tim says this doesn't bode well for my wallet sharing business. back in 2015, a different umbrella rental company appeared on the show "shark tank."
7:50 am
one of the sharks calling it, the worst idea he's ever seen. >> oh. >> guys? >> you could see that one coming. >> he could. all right, carson, thank you. just ahead, mr. daly's not going anywhere. he's going to explore the hottest trend in music. i can't believe we're saying this. cassettes, making a comeback, people. excited? >> bryant gumbel would say why. >> check it out, after your local news and local forecast. ♪ mawhen it comes to helping. her daughter, shopping for groceries, unclogging the sink, setting up dentist appointments and planning birthday parties, nobody does it better. she's also in a rock band. look at her shred. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for maria, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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it is 7:56 on this tuesday morning. we wake up with some sunshine inland. it's going to be a very warm day. in the south bay expect a high of 85 degrees. and 76 for the peninsula, tri-valley into the mid to upper 80s. we will see mid 60s for san francisco, mid 80s for the north bay and east bay with sunshine and a high of 73. san francisco stays in the mid 60s over the next three days. over the weekend it will warm up into the mid 70s. the inland valleys will be getting really hot. some dangerous heat moving in for saturday and sunday. we can see some triple-digit temperatures. in the mean time, upper 80s, low 90s for the rest of the week. now let's head to make for an update on the roads. the slow build kicking in for the south bay. northbound routes building.
7:57 am
85 just shy of 87. north 101 past cap capital ex expressway. walnut creek, the south 680 slowing westbound 24 also coming toward lafayette. watch for the build there. a smooth flow of traffic for the upper east shore freeway. typical richmond. the bay bridge toll plaza has the backup isolated to the right side. thank you very much, kari and mike. happening now, a man rescued overnight on treasure lined is safe. he was plucked from the cliffside. details from the fire department on our home page. an alert sfo air traffic controller helped to avoid what might have been one of the worst disasters in aviation history. a plane from canada almost plowed into four departing planes taxiing near a runway. another local news update in
7:58 am
half an hour. see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, cloud of controversy. a bombshell new reports as donald trump jr. was told the russian government was behind an effort to help his father's presidential bid before he had a meeting with a russian lawyer. this morning, that lawyer is speaking out exclusively. >> translator: all i knew was mr. donald trump jr. was willing to meet with me. >> as the president's son fights back. plus, up, up and away. >> have cyou found that people are excited and fascinated with space? >> absolutely. and in particular, humans in space. >> jenna bush hager spends the
8:01 am
day at nas to and finds out what's next for space exploration. and cassettes come back. >> we had planned on a resurgence. but it's come back quicker an stronger than expected. >> what's old is new and cool again. the 1980s tape, the hottest trend in music. carson rewinds time, today, july 11th, 2017. >> i found some folks from iowa. >> go, hawkeyes. >> we have a milestone on the plaza. it's not a 50th anniversary. but how many? 51. >> 51 years of bliss? >> 51. mostly happy. [ cheers and applause ] >> we got hey -- >> y'all. >> and we got howdy -- >> y'all. >> y'all getting married today? >> the new york city marriage bureau. we need a witness.
8:02 am
would you like to come? >> this is your last day in new york. but the best day ever. how come? >> because we're on the "today" show. >> good morning. or hoda would say hey, y'all. >> tuesday morning. so good you're with us. we'll step outside and say hello in a few. let's get to your news at 8:00 on this tuesday morning. the u.s. marine corps confirms that 16 service members were killed overnight when their cargo plane crashed in mississippi. the refueling tanker burst into flames after it went down in a soybean field 85 miles north of jackson. officials say the flight originated in cherry point, north carolina and disappeared from radar. the fbi has joined the investigation into the cause of that tragedy. donald trump jr. is brushing aside the latest information about a meeting with a russian lawyer. kristen is at the white house.
8:03 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the white house is in damage control mode again this morning, with "the new york times" reporting the president's eldest son was told in an e-mail, the russian government wanted to help his dad win. and despite that explosive information, donald trump jr. allegedly accepted a meeting that's now raising very difficult questions for this administration, already mired in controversy. this morning, donald trump jr. under mounting scrutiny, with "the new york times" revealing, new details about his june 2016 meeting, at trump tower, with a kremlin-linked russian lawyer, offering damaging information about hillary clinton. according to "the new york times," before the meeting, trump jr. was informed in an e-mail, that the term was part of a russian government effort to aid his father's candidacy. the e-mail was sent by rob goldstone, a publicist who helped set up the meeting, which included paul manafort and jared kushner, citing three people familiar with the e-mail, "the
8:04 am
times" says it does not elaborate on the wider effort by moscow to help the trump campaign. trump jr.'s lawyer says, in my view, this is much ado about nothing. adding, don jr. had no knowledge as to what specific information, if any, would be discussed. the bottom line is that don jr. did nothing wrong. overnight, the top democrat on the house intelligence committee, demanding answers. >> you can't claim ignorance, if you're told in advance this person is acting as an agent of the russian government. >> reporter: trump jr. said the meeting was to discuss adoptions. but a day later, he was seeking damaging information about his father's rival. back in july of last year, trump jr. had these stark comments when pressed about russian >> i can't think of bigger lies. that shows you what the dnc and the clinton camp will do. they will lie and do anything to win. >> reporter: now, there are growing bipartisan calls for him to testify on capitol hill.
8:05 am
>> the intelligence committee should interview donald trump jr., as well as all the individuals who attended that meeting. >> reporter: trump jr. responded on twitter he would be happy to work with lawmakers to pass on what he knows. the senate intelligence committee will begin its first interviews with trump campaign officials as early as this week. >> kristen welker at the white house. thank you. we heard from the russian attorney at the center of this story. she told keir simmons about her meeting with donald trump jr. and other members of the trump inner circle. >> they had the impression, it appears, that they were going to be told some information that you had, about the dnc. how did they get that impression? >> translator: it's quite possible maybe they were looking for such information, they wanted it so badly. >> the attorney told keir she has never worked for the russian government and has no connections to it. she claims she was looking to
8:06 am
speak to influential americans about russian adoption issues and was invited to meet with trump jr. you can see more of that tonight. cases of alleged hazing of a student's death at penn state. prosecutors presented text messages that they say show fraternity members in a panic when they found timothy piazza unconscious. nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us from the courthouse. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. prosecutors say the fraternity brothers were trying to cover up a hazing ritual. it's been a marathon court hearing. today we're expecting a slew of defense attorneys to try to tear the prosecution's case apart. >> any comments this morning? >> reporter: this morning, one by one, defense teams will try to convince a judge that former penn state fraternity brothers should not go to trial in a case of alleged hazing. 18 of them are facing various
8:07 am
charges, that include evidence tampers and manslaughter in the death of piazza. >> these are really good kids. they didn't intend to hurt or harm anybody. >> reporter: but prosecutors monday revealed new potentially incriminating texts from some of the young men. one wrote, i think we are blanked, like, beyond blanked. i don't want to go to jail. hazing is a huge thing. and make sure the pledges keep quiet about this situation. >> we have a friend who is unconscious. >> reporter: no one in the beta theta pi house called 911 for nearly 12 hours after piazza fell down the stairs. his devastated parents listened in court. how hard was it for the piazza family to see the text messages? >> this was a brutally horrible day for the piazzas. they find it extraordinarily difficult to hear that and see it. >> reporter: at times, court devolved into a shouting match between the prosecutor and the defense attorneys, who arguing two private security employees
8:08 am
from the security council visited the party just minutes before piazza first fell down the stairs. >> that security company didn't notice problems, how would our clients, young kids, supposed to notice any issues? >> reporter: penn state tells us, it's investigating all aspects of the incident and has announced new safety reforms. this hearing was supposed to end today. but these attorneys have a lot of questions. savannah? >> gabe gutierrez. thank you. there's no relief in sight for crews battling wildfires out west. in northern california, flames have destroyed 37 structures, a lot of them homes. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency on monday. the flames are feeding on fresh grass after a winter of heavy rain. about 4,000 people had to be evacuated from the area. in all, nearly 70,000 acres have fallen victim to wildfires across california.
8:09 am
we have a lot more ahead on a tuesday morning including a special moment for a coldplay superfan. and a new program helping police officers cope with extreme stress. and jenna bush hager finds out what it's like to be a nasa astronaut. and why cassettes are suddenly cool again. move over, vinyl. first, these messages. what it' astronaut. and why cassettes are suddenly cool agai agai ♪ uhhh... feeling good... feels like... pssh... um... haha...being surrounded by friends and loved ones. i'm able to sort of move through the world on a bit of a cloud. loud music. fantastic! you know when little kids just smile at you and you don't know them and it's like you see their goodness. good feels like... waking up to another sunrise. walking on the beach with your sweetheart. love, love...oh haha. i feel like i can take on the world. helping others. living for the moment. trumpets. love. passion. joy. sweet. flowers. beautiful! woo. confidence.
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gifted. good. woo! that's what it feels like... ♪ it's beautiful. ♪ whoa... you guys got more? ♪ ♪
8:11 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ sun to the farm ♪ ♪ to the seeds that you sow ♪ ♪ seed to the oat ♪ to get made to an o ♪ put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪ ♪ good goes around and around... ♪ hi. oh, hi! welcome to the neighborhood. i brought you this pie to see if you're weird. wow, that smells intrusive. it is. did you want to come in, maybe snoop around a bit?
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that's why i'm here. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? ooh, i smell onions! the citi® double cash card does. only citi lets you earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. welcome back, everyone. good time to trend. here's the deal. close your eyes. i want the take you back to school. okay? a yolonger time for some of us than others. raise your hand if there was a year that you had perfect attendance. come on. i thought you wiould be on that. >> i ditched so much, i got suspended. >> what were you doing? >> i can't say. >> smoking in the alley and stuff. >> man. that is surprising.
8:13 am
i thought you would have the attendance with the smiley face on it. >> bit of a slacker. >> here's a question for you. should students receive awards for perfect attendance? >> i think that's good. >> one mom says no. this is trending. one mom said she will not allow her 10-year-old son to accept his perfect attendance award. why? she says it comes down to luck. he's lucky he didn't get sick. and their family simply does not accept awards for being lucky. >> hmm. >> she doesn't, also, want to shame other students who weren't lucky enough to stay healthy. >> had a cold or something. >> that's thoughtful. >> are they giving awards for perfect attendance? >> it's not a money award. >> you can make this concept and stretch it. you're lucky if you're born with intelligence and get straight-as. does that mean you should never get an honor roll and accolade like that? >> i don't think there's a
8:14 am
problem with getting a 100% attendance award. >> i like her point. that's thoughtful. >> she, by the way, has a footnote to the story, knows she will take that young man out of school for the final five days or was, for a family trip. so, that was going to blow the whole thing. that's just a footnote. her philosophical reason for being against it was she doesn't accept it. >> what do you think? >> i think you get it. you take an award. a recognition for going every day. by the way, one of the other things she says is, if you do that, kids will start to go to school when they're sick. and they will spread germs. >> we actually delayed a vacation. i would change a vacation around because nick -- we were going to pull him out of school because he and leila's vacations didn't coinci coincide. >> there we have it. >> i take vale out of preschool all the time. >> it's a novelty if you go every day. >> exactly.
8:15 am
we're going to start with jay-z, the rop apping, opening about the struggles he and beyonce face. he put out a bonus feature for his new album. and he gets pretty candid. take a look. >> i ran into this place. and we built this big, beautiful mansion of a relationship. you know what i mean? that wasn't totally built on 100% truth. and it's going to start cracking and things start happening that the public can see. then, we had to go to a point. tear this down. and let's start from the beginning. >> that's a deep analogy. he said it has to be built on honesty and truth. he said fighting for his relationship is the hardest thing he's ever done. dwayne johnson. can you smell what the rock is cooking? it's apparently a presidential
8:16 am
run. the campaign's name, run the rock, 2020. the campaign was filed by west virginia writer named kenten tillford. it did go viral. and johnson announced he was going to run when he hosted "snl questio "snl" season fainale. >> would you vote for him? >> i would have to learn more. would you? >> if he was standing in front of me, i would. "curb your enthusiasm." after six years of hiatus, hbo announcing the hit show is returning for a ninth season. larry david made the announcement in style. of course, dressed like julius caesar. why not? ♪ ♪
8:17 am
>> that was good. let's go around again. that was fun. >> "curb your enthusiasm" premieres october 1st on hbo. finally this, was cool. cold play was doing a concert in dublin. one fan got the adventure of a lifetime. his name was rob, he's 29 and was crowd surfing is his wheelchair. he was lifted by concertgoers who wanted him to get a better view. and chris martin spots him invites him up on stage in front of 83,000 people roaring. rob whips out a harmonica for an impromptu performance. we have video. take a look. ♪ >> awesome. so amazing. >> they have that on their facebook page. a really special moment.
8:18 am
that's how we're ending "pop start" today. >> best video. how about "the daly click." >> it's called "the daly click." >> have you seen anything? genderville party. >> cup takes. balloons. >> i don't know if anyone has seen something crazy. this is joey logano. this is how they did a gender reveal. the mustang was blowing some smoke. and the white smoke would give way and turn blue. >> how did they do that? >> they make the tires that start off with white smoke and you start burning them down. you know. >> oh, there we go. >> there's the background. >> you can buy those tires. i don't know if we can. you can -- if you're a nascar driver, you, too, can do this. if you're having a baby and you have a v8, you can have a cool
8:19 am
gender reveal party. >> if i did that, there would be an accident. >> the baby burnout. that's "the daly click." >> thank you, carson. mr. roker? >> okey-dokey. let's go over to the weather maps. monsoonal rain coming up. and showers in new england. look at the temperatures it will be comfortable in the northeast. 90s throughout much of the country. hundreds in the central plains and on into the southwest. for today, we are looking at a flood threat, in the mid mississippi and ohio river valleys. severe storms and the northern plains. and the monsoonal moisture could cause flash flooding in the west coast. pacific northwest is going to be the best spot in the country with plenty of sunshine, low humidity. temperatur that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are going to have a lot of
8:20 am
sunshine, but it will be very warm in the south bay, reaching 85 degrees. for the peninsula. mid-70s there, upper 80s for the trivalley and mid-80s for the north bay, getting some clearing now. you still see the clouds over san francisco with a high temperature of 65 degrees. and over the next several days our temperatures will be warming up, especially this weekend, and for the inland valleys, we'll see temperatures as hot as 101 degrees. >> and if you're heading out, listen out for "today" show radio on sirius-xm 108. now, more of our special series "brainpower today." inside the minds of police officers and a new initiative that can stop excessive force. >> maria shriver joins us with more on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. it is no secret that police officers face extreme stress and trauma off and on a daily basis. and no more was that more
8:21 am
evident last summer in dallas, when a gunman opened fire during a protest, killing five officers. in response to that tragedy, the dallas p.d. has launched a groundbreaking new program, designed to heal and protect the brains of our men and women in blue. july 7th, 2016. chaos and carnage in dallas. >> shots fired. assist officer. >> reporter: in the middle of a peaceful protest, military vet micah johnson opened fire on police. the single deadliest incident on police law enforcement since september 11th. >> i remember him firing his weapon. >> reporter: paul younger was there. his fellow officers were gunned town and killed. >> after that day, the emotions i experienced was everything from anger to rage to guilt. it makes you think that could
8:22 am
have been me. >> reporter: today, experts say the stress of policing has reached crisis levels. cops are now at much higher risk for cardiovascular disease, sleep disorders, ptsd, depression and suicide. >> welcome to smart training. >> reporter: now, dallas police are doing something about it, with the smart program. one of the first in the country. this pilot program leads officers through weeks of cognitive training. the goal, to make their minds sharper and more balanced. >> we're really improving the overall function of their brain. and they're better able to be attentive, to block out things that aren't important. >> reporter: the programs had success in the military, boosting cognitive performance and retusing fatigue. >> professionally and personally, it's helped me be resilie
8:23 am
resilient. >> reporter: across the country in oregon, police are learning resilien resilience. >> another deep breath. >> reporter: through mindful meditation. >> mindfulness is about shifting our mindset to how do i respond to the world around me, as opposed to how do i react to things that happen to me. >> reporter: hillsborough police officers have trained officers in mindful techniques. it can improve physical and mental health and compassion in the field. explain to somebody who has no empathy out there for a police officers, who say, look, they should do better, act better. >> i understand that. you have young police officers who begin their profession, who want to do good. but because of what trauma and occupational stress does to us over time, it's not possible to maintain compassion in this profession, unless we teach
8:24 am
skills in how to do i. >> reporter: but bringing mindfulness into this tough guy profession isn't easy. >> there was a little bit of the macho cop stigma. i don't need to meditate. >> reporter: how does it change you? >> the breathing allows you to do away with tunnel vision. allows yu to focus on your surroundings. >> notice the sensation of your breath. >> reporter: mindfulness is also part of the dallas program, trying to change the culture of policing one breath at a time. >> we train for active shooters. but what we don't train for is mental well-being. we can't go help anybody else until we're balanced. >> reporter: the center for brain health in dallas hopes to spread this program to police departments across the country and make cognitive exercise a standard part of police training. >> sounds really smart. and the idea they can arrive on the scene of an incident in a
8:25 am
better frame of mind than they would otherwise arrive. >> the frame of mind dictates so much about how they react to the scenarios. maria, another fascinating story. >> thank you. nice to see you all. >> you, too. just ahead, two things making a surprising comeback. cassette tapes and, wait for it, caluliflowe cauliflower. we will dive into both crazes. >> two things much maligned.
8:26 am
good morning, it )s 8-26... i )m ... ==topvo== east bay mud board members are meeting today to vote on a 19-percent water rate hike .. for the utility )s nearly one ad a half million customers. average monthly household bills would go up about 4 dollars over two year good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a rate hike, the average household monthly bill will go up about $4 over two years. the hike is necessary to keep up with infrastructure improvements. critics have said they're not transparent enough how they're spending the money. if agency will hold a public hearing before the vote. if it's approved, rate could take affect starting tomorrow. mike has the morning commute. >> we have your slowest spots but of course it's no good if you're in one of the areas we're showing red like here, northbound 101 from sjc to the
8:27 am
north expressway, really dragging down because of a crash, which is out of the lanes but it involves a motorcycle, a lot of spectators slowing where the bulk of the commute hits 101 itself. recovery for 101 here, a crash there, 85 completely clear. about a half an hour ago. still slow through hayward and the bay bridge. your travel time through the maze. 34 minutes here. from richmond into berkeley but the bay bridge toll plaza, stay to the left. another local news update in half an hour. have a great day.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ we're back, now, 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 1 we're back, now, 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 11th day of july, 2017. and it's kind of a -- how would we describe this day? >> close. >> close, muggy, thick. the hair is humid. it's okay. >> you know what? >> what? >> every day, we like to find someone on the plaza and hang with them. come with me for a second. right over here. come with me. wait a minute. is this -- what is this? this is a first trip? >> yes. >> what's your name? >> melissa. >> you're with your family. we're going to check off your boxes. kids bop concert. >> check.
8:31 am
visiting new york city. >> check. >> being on the "today" show. >> check. >> getting a hug from a "today" show host. what do you want a hug from? savannah's available. get on in. >> let's hug some more. anybody else want a hug? >> hugs from savannah guthrie. savannah, you have to check it off. check off the box right here. check-a-roonie. >> savannah, that's not something you should say if you're in times square. everybody else want a kiss and a hug? not good. coming up, jenna is going to get up close and personal. she's going to get a look at being an astronaut. what it takes to train as nasa sets its sights on bigger missions than ever before. coming up, if you saved your old walkmans, cassettes are making a comeback. some of the biggest names in
8:32 am
music are embracing that trend. i'll tell you about that. we know kale had its moment in the sun. but there's a vegetable stealing the spotlight. from rice to pizza, get ready for cauliflower. >> cauliflower fried rice. pretty cool. first, how about a check of the weather? >> where did that lady go? right here. so, we took a picture earlier. and you texted it to your husband? >> i texted my husband because i had a chance to meet you. and he got pulled over for texting and driving. i'm going to pay for that one. >> cautionary tale. don't take a picture with me. tell him, sorry. we'll be more careful. let's check your weather, see what we've got for today. monsoonal moisture in the southwest. a flood threat in the mississippi river valley and ohio river valleys. on the gulf coast, showery side.
8:33 am
tomorrow, typical storms in the middle east. monsooin west coast looks pretty spectacular. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. we've got some bright sunshine, looking live from mt. hamilton over the south bay. and we're also seeing some mostly clear conditions, looking from emeryville and the temperature is 62 degrees. as we head through the day in the south bay, our highs up to 90 degrees in morgan hill. for the east bay, 92 degrees. oakland will be at 73. mid-70s for the peninsula. stay nice and cool along the coast. san francisco, 66 degrees. port santa rosa, expect a high of 84. >> don't forget, get that weather anytime you need it. check out our friends at the weather channel on cable. heidi klum is here. nbc's hit show "america's got talent." heidi, welcome back. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> 12 seasons of the show and this is your fifth as a judge. >> it's so much fun. >> unless simon cowell is driving the banana car. i'm sitting in the back of the
8:34 am
car. i had to get out. i'm leaving this car. i'm out of here. we were followed by police. i jumped in the police car. he was going so fast around the corner. i'm not doing this. >> yeah. i like to go slower in my banana car. >> amazing people on the show. >> don't you have a confession to make? i walked out. and i said, your dress is so cute. i love the outfit. and you made a confession. >> i made it a little shorter. >> she said it wasn't the right length for her. >> i like everything a little shorter. >> you must love me. >> not at all. >> you are a pretty tough judge. you have not yet pressed the golden buzzer. for those who don't know, sends a contestant straight to the live show. why are you being stingy with the golden buzz center. >> it's tuesday. "america's got talent" is here. i might hit it tonight. >> how much do you know about the contestants before they come
8:35 am
out on stage? >> nothing at all. we see 60 or 70 people a day. the next, the next. i could have pushed the golden buzzer so many times because there's amazing people. but today, i'm pushing it. >> oh. you can feel it. >> i like this person so much. >> it's gone from a tease to a promise. you are pushing it today. >> we don't know who. >> that's fine. >> hoda and i are different. we make our dresses longer. >> to the floor. >> add fabric. >> heidi, thank you very much. great to have you here. you can see her on "america's got talent," tonight, 8:00, 7:00 central time here on nbc. up next, jenna learns firsthand what it takes to become an astronaut. first this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
♪ all right. we're back, 8:37. a new series called "into the air, land & sea today." >> how humans are pushing the limits in fantastic frontiers. and who is testing it out? jenna bush hager, of course. >> we're going to start in the air, space. since 1958, nasa has been reaching for the moon and beyond. and i got a small experience of what it's like to train to be an astronaut. >> still looking really good. >> one small step for man. >> the eagle has landed. >> one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: from the parts of the international space station, to our solar system, it's nasa's mission to reach new heights in space exploration. have you found people still fascinates with space? >> absolutely. and i think in particular, humans in space. the quest to explore and toti
8:39 am
discover. >> reporter: this year, nasa has 18,000 applicants to be astronauts, a record number. in june, 12 candidates were announced as the class of 2017. they will train to be the next generation of space explorers. currently, there are 44 active astronauts at nasa. and i spent time with one of them, tracy caldwell dyson. what's the training like? >> one day, you can be putting on a space suit or learning how to do a spacewalk. and the other day, you put on a flight suit and fly a t-38. >> it never gets boring? >> no. >> reporter: for years, astronauts train in houston, developing their knowledge and skills required for missions. part of the training, active response gravity system, known as a.r.g.o.s. nasa's technology that simulates
8:40 am
what it's like to be in space. this is a.r.g.o.s.? i got my chance to train on a.r.g.o.s. a.r.g.o.s. looks kind of scary. >> let's go it. >> reporter: we're ready if you are. >> are you ready to fly through space? >> reporter: yes. let's fly through space. wow. uh-oh. >> that's why we tether. >> what should i do? >> everything that looks like you can grab it, except for the hoses. you want to make sure you're holding on to something before you let go of something else. >> reporter: oh, no. i will try to go over here. >> try to grab ahold of the handrails. >> reporter: i'm going to fly for a second. >> a.r.g.o.s. is responding to your input. >> reporter: i'm going all the way down. >> in space, that's how your body would react. >> reporter: and you never got off a structure? >> no. never. >> reporter: now, i'm over here. >> this is a connector. >> reporter: not as easy as it looks. >> good pins, no fog.
8:41 am
>> reporter: good pins, no fog. >> good emi band. >> reporter: good eim band. >> now, connect. >> reporter: so fun. really fun. >> at least she's tethered. >> reporter: i don't think you can really move. i came down so fast. whoa. did i pass training? >> she's doing really good. makes me a little nervous with all of the flying and coming off structure. we can train that right out of here. >> reporter: we're a go for launch. oh. fun. next up, the mock-up space station. this is the real equipment. >> this is the real equipment. and it takes help to get it on your head. >> reporter: okay. should i try this on? >> let's see if we can do this. watch your nose. >> reporter: my gosh. >> how does that feel? >> reporter: kind of cool. this is what it feels like to be an astronaut. >> it is. >> reporter: sounds good. now, i'm ready to go. is there anything surprising
8:42 am
that people wouldn't know about the life of an studeastronaut? >> we don't all look like sandra bullock coming out of a space suit. >> reporter: and the awe of space. >> i was in awe of looking at our beautiful planet and the stars and seeing that. and i remember thinking, nobody told me i would see this. >> reporter: the next leap for nasa, to send astronauts deeper into the solar system. do you feel like possibly one of these stauastronauts of the new class will go to mars? >> all of the 12 hope it would be them. and all of nasa, as well. that's where we want to go. >> it was really cool. the one thing she said, which i didn't understand knountil i tr a.r.g.o.s., is astronauts use their hands like we use feet. you have to hold on to everything. and using the restroom is very, very interesting. >> hey, now. >> they didn't practice that with me. >> you have to hold on because
8:43 am
george clooney is not going to chase after you in real life. >> exactly. they're all fascinating. and the current class is superdiverse. and there's people from all over. >> i loved her reaction when she saw space and wept. >> she dreamed of this as a little girl. but the likelihood of becoming an astronaut is so slim, to live it really is a dream. >> one of the new classes went to my high school. johnny kim. shoutout, johnny. >> "air, land & sea." >> tomorrow, we go underground for an exclusive tour of an abandon concert hall only a few have seen. just ahead this morning, forget downloading new music. all right? cassettes are back. they're hot. carson will tell us all about it. first this, is "today" on nbc. m got to findy mix tape. m got to findy mix tape.
8:44 am
♪ mom. ♪ ♪ where all the walls echo with laughter ♪ ♪ and every room has its own chapter ♪ you've carried on your family's tradition. let us help you prepare for your family's future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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all right. we're back at 8:45. all right. we're back at 8:45. we told you about the comeback of vinyl records. but as carson's about to show us, there's a newer trend in music. >> here they are, guys. people are going wild for cassettes. and there's sales numbers to prove it. a whole generation discovering another way to enjoy music that comes with distinctive perks. >> we'll go with "bohemian rhapsody." >> reporter: remember, the cassette? they reached their height in the 1980s and paired perfectly with the walkman and boom box. what's old is new again. >> cassette tapes, we thought these were done. and now, making a comeback. >> reporter: steve step has been in the tape business since 1969, and was steadfast in the plastic players when others last interest. >> we planned on a resurgence. it's come quicker and stronger than expected. >> reporter: a plan that's paid off for the national audio company, who makes more in a week than any of the competitors
8:47 am
do in a year. >> the last five years, an average of 20% to 25% a year. the last two years, it's picked up beyond that. >> reporter: with pop artists, justin bieber, halsey and the weeknd, rewinding time. >> we're looking at millennials who are latching on to a way to enjoy music in a physical format. we're talking about people who never thought music came in a physical shape. >> reporter: last year, sales rose 74%. inexpensive and easy to produce, many are sold right to consumer and include a code for digital download. at the country's largest independent record store, they sell hundreds of used and new cassettes. >> people like digital stuff. >> reporter: the tapes are part of more than a million items on the retailer shelves. but like vinyl, music fans agree, there's something special about the way they sound. >> they're natural analog sound.
8:48 am
>> it does all the things that music is supposed to do for kids. your parents are confused, a little freaked out. you get to come home and say, i got something i want to play loud that you won't like. mission accomplished. >> also, people like about cassettes, the artwork. a chance for the artists to showcase stuff they were into. you can't touch and feel and look at music today when it comes out digitally. remember rewinding cassettes. >> when the battery started to run down. >> when a cute boy would make you a mix tape. and you could listen to it over and over. it was cool. >> i remember wishing a cute boy would make me a mix tape. that's awesome. remember the lyrics are so small. >> never got that mix tape? >> i made the mix tapes. >> you showed up at school, maybe. >> if i had been at school, maybe that mix tape would be there for me. >> cassettes get a bad name? >> yeah.
8:49 am
>> how about cauliflower? really bad names. coming up, it is making a comeback. carson's got that story when we come back.
8:50 am
all right. we are back, now, this morning on "today's food."
8:51 am
move over, kale. there's a hot veggie in town. we're talking about the cauliflower craze. it's popping up on menus across the country. elizabeth mayhew has great recipes using cauliflower. this vegetable gets no respect. one of the bad things, though, the smell when you're cooking cauliflower. >> that is true. when you're boiling it or steaming it. i promise you, the smell goes away immediately because one of the great things about cauliflower is it absorbs any flavor you add to it. >> it's really healthy. the first thing you're making is cauliflower fried rice. easy in. >> it's super easy. you want to get the flourettes. this part gets thrown away. >> i like raw cauliflower. >> yu make the flooret etfluore.
8:52 am
you just pulse it. do not let it run. you get a rice that looks like that. >> great. what do we add to it? >> to make the fried race, you start with some carrots and scalli scallion. i like to add peas. if you want to add snow peas or anything. lots of garlic and ginger. that's where a lot of the flavor is going to come from. >> i notice you're cooking the vegetables first. is that because this gets soggy the longer you cook it? >> exactly. cauliflower does not release water. you're not going to add it to the last bit. you add some soy sauce. i would rather you season it with the salt. you don't want to add more liquid. and then, you add some sesame oil. you're going to saute all of that. okay? >> roker, look what we have here. >> yeah. >> what is that? >> that's it. go to the chinese restaurant, get some barbecue park. if you're going to keep this
8:53 am
vegetarian, you're not going to add it. then, you add your race. you're going to saute all of that. and you have this. >> look what happened. how is this? >> really good. >> it does not taste like cauliflower. i like to plate that. put it on a plate. and you can serve a fried egg on top. >> that's a great idea. >> that's okay. we get the idea. recipe number two. you're making cauliflower tacos. >> you start with the rice again. the cauliflower rice the exact same way. and some mushrooms. you're going to pulse it again, until it resembles about the same size. you're going to add those mushrooms to your -- >> it looks like ground beef. >> that's the whole point. that's what it looks like. then, you add a packet of taco seasoning. i like to buy the low sodium. and then, just some -- not a lot, but some salsa, that's
8:54 am
going to blind ind it together. you're going to mix that all up. and put it on a cookie sheet. in a flat -- where are you, matt? >> i'm beside you. >> put it in the oven at 350. let's cook for about 30 minutes. then, toss it around. >> i'm going to try it. >> please do. toss it around. and then, it tastes like taco meat, right? >> it does. >> you make it as you would a taco. you put that into your shell and put your toppings on. you're good to go. the reason you're baking it that long, you want to dry it out. that will give it the meat consistency. >> that's a great idea. and the last one is cauliflower hummus. you use chick peas, though. >> you do. but you don't have to. you can use black beans. you're going to roast the cauliflower. this is cauliflower that has been seasoned with curry, salt, olive oil. roast that into a 400-degree
8:55 am
oven. and you put your ingredients -- when you're using a mix, put your wet ingredients in first. and you're going to add your peas, your garlic and all of your cauliflower to that. >> elizabeth, this is delicious. >> the hummus. >> this is really good. >> better than hummus. okay. i'm glad to hear that. and then, what you're going to do is put this on. and you're going to start by pulsing it just -- >> don't worry about it. you already sold it. done. you got four believers over here. what are the other dishes? >> i made a salad. a sicilian salad, that has raisins and sun dried tomatoes and garlic. the thing about raw cauliflower, you want to let the dressing on and sit. the acidity cooks the cauliflower a little bit. i put the cauliflower mac and cheese. there's no mac in there. >> everything you can make with cauliflower.
8:56 am
>> it's like chicken. it takes on whatever flavors. and it's a vegetable i think you can get your kids to buy into. >> i was prepared to go eh on two of these. every one is great. fantastic. elizabeth, thank you. want the recipes, go to i )m ... k, right after these ==topvo== firefighters now say a grass fire burning since yesterday in the foothills of east san jose - is 80-percent contained. 8:56 on your tuesday. good morning. i'm sam brock. a grass fire burning since yesterday in the foothills of ier this jose is up to 80% containment. the size of that fire is growing in tout 70 acres. this is video you're looking at from nbc bay area sky ranger shot earlier this morning. s at fire is burning in the area .f san felipe and metcalf roads about eight miles northeast of morgan hill. nighfighters did order a
8:57 am
cautionary evacuation yesterday. ningdents were allowed to return king wir homes overnight. that fire started when flames spread from a nearby car. ea lhappening right now, our bob redell is talking with linkfighters about what's being urne and what is still being done to try to keep that fire contained. ter th report for our midday newscast. efuelio more information and video in our twitter feed. 16 u.s. military members are dead after the crash of an sses des used for refueling. .hat plane went down in a field in the mississippi delta. on our facebook page, the latest information, including what witnesses describe as a dwrim recovery effort. >> on our home page, a look at an hon prime day. why they can ship so many packages and parcels so quickly. they will be tested today. more news coming up in 30 minutes. back to the "today" show.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ this morning on "today's take," stars with style. kristen bell, and rosario dawson and more. we help you steal that celebrity look. and look what happens when i deliver a prime surprise to some lucky people. and animal house party that's going to be wild. and you're invited, right now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's a tuesday morning, july 11th. you're listening to all the pretty girls by kenny chesney. would i get in trouble if i said i have all of the pretty girls here? >> no. >> you never know. i get to work with beautiful women. >> speaking of beautiful people. today, i was getting dressed and
9:01 am
i looked up at the monitor. did you have on the purple hat with the purple tie? >> yes. >> that might be the best look, my friend. where is your hat? we'll show everybody. we'll have somebody get that. >> we want to see your hat. do you plan that? >> yeah. >> does he plan that? excuse me. polka dot pocket square. >> today is purple day. >> more importantly, when we last left you yesterday, mila, jenna's girl, was not at the right camp. so, what happened? >> it was -- and by the way, this is riveting. riveting television. >> people have this. >> i found out that mila got to camp. and in her 4-year-old way, manipulated her way into a spanish camp. she was supposed to be in sports camp with vale feldman, savannah's daughter. they're next door neighbors and
9:02 am
little buddies. >> that means you're next door neighbors, too. >> and little buddies. big buddies. >> did she go to camp. >> she probably said, hola, spanish camp please. this is mila's look. she wears air jordans and cat ears. she's like a basketball cat. >> she's spunky, right? >> she's got a little. >> i wonder where she gets that from. >> hmm. >> is it me? she's really cute. >> as my mother used to say, i hope yours do to you like you did to me. >> don't wish that upon me. the spunk is good at age 4. not so good at age 16. we might both have it in. >> all is right with the world. >> this is what all moms got to do. >> she was texting during the show. like air traffic control. >> let it go. is it going to work out? was mila safe?
9:03 am
>> you want to know. >> sheinelle, you feel me because you are doing a lot. >> i'm kind of losing my mind. i don't know why i tweeted this last night. it just happened and it was random. >> my husband found my license and my debit card in a cvs bag with the fruit in the fridge. i said i need to slow down. >> i like your little sunshine emoji. >> when i don't know, i do a -- >> is that a sunshine? >> it's a roll my eyes. >> people can relate. you're doing so many things at once. we had a story about -- >> multitasking? >> you're doing a lot of things not really well. >> you know what? i kind of -- here's the thing. >> here's the thing. >> in my house, when we buy fruit, it doesn't last. it's annoying. we buy all this fruit. but fruit is a good thing to consume. when it's time to make the lunches in the morning, before i come to work, i make the
9:04 am
lunches. we're always out of fruit for the lunches. so, i went to the grocery store the other day and i bought some strawberries. i hid them in a bag. and i put them in the fridge, never thinking that anybody else would open the bag. he did and he ate the strawberries. but he also found my debit card. and then, i felt bad. >> how many times have you said, where is the phone? and you open up your underwear drawer or your bathroom cabinet. >> how many times have you opened up your underwear drawer and there's your phone? >> here's what's happening to me. i'm talking to somebody, i say, i have to call you back. i can't find my phone. and invariably the person says, what are you talking about? never mind. i found it. >> so true. >> how many times? henry, my husband, could be frustrated with me. i have my sunglasses on my head.
9:05 am
and i can't leave until i find my sun glasses. and he looks up and he says, they are on your head. >> does that mean we need to slow down or just normal? >> i think it's everybody. and last night, i got a chance to slow down and go -- an icon in new york city. the first african-american mayor, david n. dinkins, yesterday, celebrated his 90th birthday. >> look how dapper he is. it was at gracie mansion, the official residence of the mayor. >> and there were 900 people there wishing him happy birthday. >> how is he doing? >> he's doing great. he is sharp as a tack. a pleasure seeing him and his wife. >> he looks so dapper. >> speaking of being sharp, here it is. look at this. >> nicole, thank you. >> let's bring it out. >> see that? that's good. >> wow. >> that's good. i looked up in the monitor. i did a double-take.
9:06 am
>> my grandfather always wore a fedora. i think about him when i wear my hat. >> i like it. >> thank you. >> you're doing it well. july 11th, or 7/11. 7-eleven stores are giving out iconic slurpees for free. >> is this one coke? >> wow. >> it doesn't matter. >> not going to drink it. not going to ask you to share. you go ahead. >> you're being healthy, do you want to take the large coke one? >> i figure the soda one. >> between 11:00 a.m., and 7:00 p.m., you're going to get a small slurpee for free. >> did you frequent 7-eleven when you were a little? >> oh, my gosh. >> i would rollerblade there. and my little boyfriend would buy me a slurpee.
9:07 am
john henderson. >> growing up in queens, we didn't have 7-elevens at the time. they weren't in new york city. >> you didn't have the slurpee. >> i didn't have a slurpee until i was in college and got that first brain freeze. whoa. >> it is a lot of sugar. >> a rite of passage. they don't make them anymore. the lime green ones. do they make the lime green slurpees. >> and you know it's natural color. slurpee week. if you purchase 7 slurpees, you get 11 free. >> guess what else today is. >> ooh. >> cow appreciation day. [ mooing ] >> chick-fil-a, famous for their
9:08 am
cow mascots will give away a free entree to anybody that comes up in a cow outfit. our producer, gavin, is the man who loves dressing up as a cow. gavin, i think we have a cow suit for you. >> do we? >> would you go to 7-eleven -- >> no, to chick-fil-a. >> and stop by 7-eleven on the way. but go to chick-fil-a and get us -- >> i'm not sure if that makeshift costume you're going to get anything. >> i think it's a good shot. >> are we about to send him to chick-fil-a? >> yes. it's on 6th avenue and 44th. >> bye, gavin. >> you can do this. nice haircut. >> that's right. >> if you don't have it, don't come back. >> get the little chicken nuggets.
9:09 am
right? and the waffle fries. thank you. >> the breakfast ones. >> chicken nuggets, waffle fries. >> oh, and the barbecue sauce. >> and the chicken biscuit. >> and if they have lemonade. >> and if they have lemonade. >> while gavin goes out on the guest, it's like going for the holy grail. like king arthur. >> sure is. do you hide from your kids? >> yes. >> there's a netflix survey that 70% of moms admit to sneaking in tv me time while multitasking or hiding from their children, at least one to three times a day. i don't do this. >> wow. >> i can't do this. >> you don't do this? >> i don't hide from my kids. >> i just tell them to get out. >> it doesn't work. >> that's what my dad used to do. >> you know, people will spend a little extra time in the -- >> the bathroom. >> the bathroom? >> that's where i go. and this is what you do.
9:10 am
my kid sees a closed door, they try to open it. >> that can be dangerous. >> if i close it and i lock it, i get this when i take a shower. i don't lock it, right? and i keep my bedroom door open. my bathroom is in the bedroom. i keep the door open, they don't come in. if i close my bedroom door and close the bathroom door, boom, boom, boom, they come. does that make sense? >> no. >> and when i finish in my shower, i stay in there. i can check twitter. sometimes i sit. >> i have this problem. my husband likes to spend a lot of time there, too. >> really? >> and it's just hiding from us. i know it is. you know, honey? is daddy in there again. >> wow. >> just bring a desk in and do extra work. that would be bad. >> too much. up next, another perk for coffee drinkers. pour
9:11 am
pampers. unlike ordinary diapers with two layers, pampers have three absorbent layers to stay up to three times drier, so babies can sleep soundly all night. wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers.
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you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. take." that is a big cup of coffee. that makes the slurpee look small. if you're sipping your morning coffee, you should keep doing it. it may help you live longer. >> moderate coffee drinking, two to three cups a day, is
9:14 am
associated with a less risk of death. they're not sure what's in the coffee. but you can drink caffeinated or decaf and get the same health effects. >> really? >> you know, it's been irritating me this week. >> what's this? >> you're off coffee. >> i'm off coffee. >> i didn't know that's why you're making. >> you can tell i'm irritated. >> al makes the best cold brew coffee. is there any in here? >> what i will do, i will bring you -- >> a little leftover. >> i will bring it in tomorrow. >> how long have you detoxing? >> i don't know. a couple weeks. >> a couple weeks? >> what does that mean? >> that means 14 days. >> detoxing meaning what? >> i'm on vacation, i ate very badly. i want to kind of -- >> you want to eat clean in
9:15 am
2017. >> that's a slag ogan. that's a slogan sheinelle created. there was an instagram account that created it. >> we didn't see that, did we, jenna? >> yeah. >> just to put a button on this, a lot of the tstudies, this one followed people for an average of 16 years. >> do you drink coffee? >> i do. and my dad brings my mom a cup of coffee every morning before she wakes up. he did it to us. i remember, when i married henry, the one thing is, you have to bring me coffee every morning. i get up at the crack and he's still asleep. that's a sign of romance. >> there's one story that i remember your grandma telling the it was like two days after they left the white house. and your grandfather went to ring the bell, next to the bed. she's like, no, dear. the coffee's down the hall. >> you have to two get it.
9:16 am
>> it's your turn. they've adjusted. >> that's a good story. >> i love that. let's show you what's happening as far as your weather is concerned. we're looking at storms in the mid plains. chicago, looking at strong storms later today. also, wet weather making its way through the northeast and new england. the big story is going to be the temperatures. look at this. all the way to the northern plains. 90s. pierre, south dakota, tomorrow, may get up to 100 degrees. st. louis will reach 100 for the second day in a row. as we look at what's going on, sky condition-wise, out west, spectacular. pacific northwest, can't ask for better weather. scattered showers good morning, i'm carrie hall. we'll see highs in the mid-60s. san francisco, more sunshine, and by the weekend, we'll see highs in the mid-70s, a little warmer while the inland areas will be much hotter, reaching into the triple digits for both
9:17 am
saturday and sunday. before the next couple days, the hottest temperatures will be in the low 90s and upper 80s tomorrow. the rest of the week still above average, but it really ramps up this weekend. >> that's your latest weather. coming up next, how bad is it to drink from a public water fountain? >> not bad. not bad at all. >> how about putting sandy towels in the washington machine? >> not bad. >> answers to
9:18 am
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9:21 am
try biotène®. ever come back from the beach and throw sandy towels straight into the washington machine? >> guilty. >> or do you dig straight into a container of ice cream? >> we're seeing if our naughty behavior is really okay when we play -- how bad is it? >> and here with the pop quiz is editor in chief, sara peterson. >> i got six questions here. the paddles, bad or not bad are your answers. how bad is it to put sandy towels in the washingtoning machine? >> i would say bad. >> you're all wrong. washing machines were tested for this thing. >> where does the sand go? >> it drains right out. >> what about rocks? >> i don't know about rocks. dryers are different. do not put sandy towels in the dryer. if you come from the beach and
9:22 am
they're a little wet. how bad is it to drink from a public water mountawn fountain. >> it's bad. why? >> let your common sense prevail. >> they are covered in gurmerms. >> best tip, let it run for 30 seconds and take a drink. >> kids are fascinating with water fountains. >> let it run and take a drink. how bad is it to suck helium out of a balloon. >> not bad. >> i say bad. >> it's super bad. breathing helium is bad. >> don't you have some? >> i do. >> come on. >> it's super bad. >> get it. >> concentrated amounts, it's not toxic, but it can cause dizziness. >> they were doing it at my house.
9:23 am
not the kids, but the adults. >> it is a bad thing to do. >> should i not do it? >> i don't think you should do it. >> hi, how are you? it's so fun. it's so fun. >> we shouldn't be laughing at this. >> it's really bad but fun. >> as fun as it is. >> well, okay. that's fantastic. what's the next thing? >> how about -- >> that's right. >> sheinelle can't do it because she doesn't want to share baloons. >> how about eating ice cream straight from the container? >> not bad. >> you're all wrong. it's bad. spreading germs. >> what if you eat all of the ice cream. >> you're spreading germs among your family members. you're going to make them kick by kissing them. >> you're not eating as fast as your ice cream is melting. you're going to put it back -- >> if it's bad to double-dip, wouldn't it be as bad to have
9:24 am
something with straws and everybody share a drink. >> you shouldn't share straws. >> she said straws. >> oh. >> you have two different straws. >> another one. how bad is it to use body wash on your ice? >> not that bad. >> you're right. it's bad if you have sensitive skin. it's not bad if you don't. >> do you? >> well, i tried to warn you. at your own risk. how bad is it to let your dog swim in a pool. >> not bad. >> not bad. you should rinse him off and get the chlorine off with a hose. dry his ears out. never let a dog swim unattended. >> did any of us win? >> al and sheinelle tied. i lost. >> sara, that was fun. >> wear not winning balloons. winning something else. >> what do we get? >> ice cream woubowls. >> individual bowls. coming up, dress like your
9:25 am
favorite celebs for less. how to steal the look of some of hollywood' mmm, you know what that needs? hey, l'eggo my eggo. uh uh. not c-c-c - cause i have the and i - i. that's a lot. raisins. really? what just happened here? you know the rules. i make the rules. know the rules. keep your eggo. l'eggo my eggo. i'm doing this for you, dad. thanks son. watching this breath savers protect mint neutralize the plaque acids in my mouth. i can't see anything! that's because it's working so hard. hey, what are you guys doing? karen. we're neutralizing. maybe i want to neutralize. you ever think of that? when a fire destroyedwith us everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no.
9:26 am
you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ==topvo== firefighters now say a grass fire burning since yesterd good tuesday morning, it's 9:26 right now. an update for you, firefighters now say that a grass fire burning since yesterday in the foothills is 80% contained. the size of that fire ended up growing to about 70 acres. this is video from nbc bay area sky ranger that was shot earlier this morning. the fire is burning in the area of san felipe and metcalf road. about 8 miles northeast of morgan hill. firefighters ordered precautionary evacuations yesterday. residents were allowed to return to their homes overnight. that fire started from a nearby car fire. east bay mud board members are voting on a 19% water rate hike for the utilities nearly 1 1/2
9:27 am
million customers is that would be permanent. average monthly bills would go up $4 a month over two years. the agency calls that rate hike necessary to keep up with infrastructure improvement. critic critics hold fault with the company not being transparent enough for the way it spends its money. new rates would take effect starting tomorrow. >> coming up after the break, we'll have a look at your weather and traffic. be back in one minute.
9:28 am
good tuesday morning, i'm kari hall, a lot of sunshine, and nice warm temperatures today. in the south bay, expect a high of 85 degrees. and for the trivalley 89. eastbound bay will be reaching into the low 70s, you can already see the sunshine there, while there are clouds over the golden gate bridge. the high temperature will be at 65 degrees. we'll keep those mid-60s in san francisco, warming up a bit as
9:29 am
we go into the weekend while the inland valleys will go from the 90s to 101 degrees today on saturday. we're heading over to mike for an update on the roadways. looking toward san jose, northbound 101 over the last five minutes has improved. let me show you what happened here. we were jammed up on 101 because of this crash at the middle of your screen that has cleared. we have some recovery north still slow past the airport, the other crash north of there is on the shoulder, the arrow shows you north 280, that's the last ten minutes improving. a positive progress report, thank you. we'll be back with more news in 30 minutes.
9:30 am
you see them on magazine covers and on the red carpet. a-list actresses wearing one-of-a-kind luxury labels. >> but they cost a fortune. we'll teach you how to steal their style with brittany burke. she's deputy editor of "style watch" magazine. where is this from? >> this is from go jane. this is a great off-the-shoulder maxie dress. off-the-shoulder is still going strong. it's a great way to show a little bit of skin, without feeling overexposed. >> this is lisa. >> yes. it's got the floral pattern. rosario dawson uped it with the accesso
9:31 am
accessory. really expensive shoes and s earri earrings. these earrings are just $48. >> it's pretty. i love it. day-to-night situation. >> such a win. >> thank you, lisa. next up, kristen bell, who is wearing a cropped jumpsuit, right? >> kristen bell is wearing this -- a take on the sun dress. this is from gap. it's $80. like i said, this is a great take on the sun dress. a way to wear something like that for where you would wear something. it cinches at your waist. it ties and cinches you at the middle part. it's super flattering. and we have these great shoes, which are from steve madden. and so, these are just $80. the jumpsuit itself is $80. kristen bell shoes alone were $700. and then, this bag is great.
9:32 am
this is l.c., lauren conrad for kohls. you can get a great look into this style. >> are those cue lats? >> that's so great. >> are they called c kulats. >> it's a beautiful. that wide leg. >> you look gorgeous. >> let's talk about the next look. these are good. sometimes they tell us you can look like a celebrity. >> this is vanessa hutchins, right? the look we are stealing. >> vanessa hutchins has an $800 zimmerman dress on. this is $88. we love a wrap dress. it's flattering. every body type looks great in it. vanessa tried a straw hat. we had the neutral color pallet.
9:33 am
the neutral color keeps it looking polished. you can have fun with the straw hat from lack of color and the ruffle. and we have great shoes from lulu's. >> i need to ask you about the places you're naming. >> lulu's. >> you have these great resources, online resources, where you get great stuff. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> carly klaus. >> the look of the season. the piece of the season. the wide-leg pants. hers are $500. this qvc pair is $72. they're $72. >> i have these and i don't know how to wear them. >> you have those? can you wear them tomorrow? >> i'm so short. you know what i mean? >> actually, it skims over your curves. you wear a chunky heel underneath. the heel is from forever 21. you wear a chunky heel and it
9:34 am
skims your curves and makes you look long legged when you add the heel. >> we'll try it. >> all you have to do is add a white shirt. this one is eddie bauer. it's $50. >> thank you, brittany. i like it. >> it's amazon prime day. and guess who showed up at people's doorsteps with a special delivery? mr. roker. >> and wait until you see what happens, after this. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even a swing set standoff. and we covered it, july first, twenty-fifteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
9:35 am
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is created with our sponsor, amazon. july 11th is prime day. epic deals for everything you're into. >> the only thing better than getting a package at your doorstep, is a delivery by your favorite weatherman. >> we sent al out to make a few special deliveries. >> i got got to ride alongside with an amazon prime driver, surprising neighbors in one new jersey town. it's amazon prime day. in honor of amazon prime day, i'm going to do some routes, deliver some stuff, with my man, gf g. hit it, g. let's run some red lights. only kidding. hello. >> hello. >> i'm looking for megan
9:39 am
lovelace. you addressed something from amazon. amazon prime. you know you can order whatever you need. >> we order every over day. >> every other day. >> we get so many boxes. i don't know specifically what's in this one. >> they're going in for it the. >> it's pool toys. >> yay. >> we have the pool toys. >> next package. hit it. >> a tlidelivery of myself, fro amazon, some coffee i used. i mix it with a little chicory and some clove, some scinnamon and vanilla. >> a vanilla chi? >> sort of. ? you want me to open it? i think this is the vitamin my wife asked me to order. >> vitamins? >> yes. >> i have a $500 amazon gift
9:40 am
card. >> wow. >> you can tell the wife or you tonight have to. >> come here. >> he's telling her. hi. how are you? >> thank you. nice to meet you. your husband said, this is a $500 amazon gift card. he wants you to have it. >> thank you so much. that's very nice. he had 500 bucks to himself. >> got it? >> yeah. i had it. mr. mayor, how are you? >> i didn't expect this to happen. i expected a drone to come out of the sky. >> that's next. you take care, my friend. good to see you. >> next daughter, will you be coming for that one, too? >> you never know. i'll see i can get matt to make a delivery. >> hello. how are you? >> mr. roker. >> lully, this is for you. you ordered something from amazon prime?
9:41 am
>> yes. >> three rohr brothers. you have plenty of people to order for prime in here. >> we to. we use amazon prime a lot. >> to held you out, we have a $500 amazon gift card for amazon prime day. happy amazon prime day. >> summer reading. >> very excited of doing all these deliveries. one more delivery. t's an amazon prime gift card to order more summer reading books. >> a score. >> thank you. ♪ >> i know you have more deliveries to make, g. i'm going the let you get on your way. >> nice meeting you. >> nice meeting you. >> see you on the road. >> okay. take care. >> wait a minute. how am i going to get home? i guess i could be delivered by prime. >> that's good. >> how did you get home? you walked? >> exactly. a an amazon drone picked me up.
9:42 am
flew me home. >> you and g. had a special relationship. >> he's a nice, young man. >> see if all those amazon delivery guys have nice weather for the day. out west, spectacular weather. monsoonal moisture in the southwest. could be flash flooding there. flood threat in the upper ohio river valley. look at showers in the gulf. continue tomorrow. and monsoonal moisturer in the west coast. and specific northwest is going to be spectacular. tomorrows in the great lakes and wet weather m we're going to see mostly sunny skies in san francisco today, highs in the mid-60s, more of this nice cool weather over the next couple days. it warms up through the weekend. in the meantime for the inland valleys, highs reaching low 90s through the week and this weekend will be really hot, reaching the triple digits, up to 101 degrees for saturday, and
9:43 am
100 on sunday. unfortunately, just a little bit cooler for early next week. and that is your latest weather. >> they travelled all the way from alaska to hang out in our studio. get ready for the amazing owls with wild and crazy eyes. our pals after these messages. ms raid the fridge whenever they want. i'm dancing with the devil, she says. give them a taste of freedom at this age, test. test. test. test. test. ♪
9:44 am
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9:47 am
how's a guy supposed to move on?! the long lasting scent of gain. now available in matching scents across your entire laundry routine. they are animal and nature enthusiasts, who your kids, my kids, certainly know very well. the crap brothers. they are heading to alaska for a three-part series. >> it's a yuns once-in-a-lifeti journey to see all kinds of animals. they're putting together a new special for their animated series, wild kratz. >> they have brought some of the
9:48 am
native american animals. >> good to see you. >> tell us about the specials. >> it's wild alaska live. it's a primetime series. it's for family viewing. we're going to the rugged parts of alaska to see background bears and wolves. >> in the summer, there's a summer feast in alaska. the salmon start running and all of the animals come. >> can we come with you? >> yes. >> it's a live broadcast. >> oh. >> we're using all kinds of technology, to get to people all over alaska. >> it sounds like we're interested. >> you have brought some friends from alaska. >> paorcupine there. and they're pretty mellow, as you can see. >> they're big rodents. >> they're not always mellow, right? can't that quill hurt? >> only when attacked. when something threatens them, they raise the quills. >> like right now? >> he's still mellow. >> some think they can shoot their quills. but they can't. they can't. >> do they keep them --
9:49 am
>> they stick them up. na they're loosely attached to the skin, so, if a fox puts its nose close. >> what about a human? >> and a human. >> i'll keep my nose back. >> there's the quills. >> big quills. >> you probably just notice the fox. >> whoa. >> yeah. maybe we should -- >> yeah. >> he did, didn't he? >> they will whack their tails around. but they love -- they're great tree climbers and love to eat bark. >> wow. >> they eat a bunch of bark. >> i love this guy. is it a guy? >> oh, yeah. this is a little wolf. >> but not for long. >> not for long. only 11 weeks old. >> he's so huge. >> how big will he get? >> over 100 pounds. you probably heard about bears eating salmon in the salmon run.
9:50 am
but the wolves come, too, to partake in the wiefeast. hopefully we'll see some wolves. >> how sharp are the senses? >> very sharp. all of the senses. >> oh, he likes al roker. >> sense of taste. >> he's good. >> he likes what he smells. >> you have to be careful or no? >> no. >> jenna is way over there. >> these will be featured in both our series. "wild alaska live" and "kratz alaska." >> he's eating the script. >> there goes the script. >> we do the same thing to the script. >> nice. >> i read the script, i'm leaving. >> martin and chris. can we bring the -- >> bring the eagle. >> oh. >> now, this animal comes from all over alaska, when the salmon are running. >> jenna.
9:51 am
>> bring this bald eagle. everybody knows a bald eagle. >> beautiful. >> so beautiful. >> so regal, right? >> they build huge nests. >> really? >> they build a nest that's ten feet across, 13 feet deep. >> they don't go from -- >> it will sometimes fall out of the tree. >> and they mate for life. >> yeah. they're a fish hunter. they will be hunting the salmon and picking at the salmon that wash up on the beach. it will be a spectacle in alaska. >> we're excited to come along. >> that will be great. >> what's the takeaway? so many people know little about alaska. >> you need to know where to go and know about the animals. that's interesting about this broadcast is it's going to be live. one of the greatest things about animal expeditions is you don't
9:52 am
know what you're going to find. you go to the right places. but it's a surprise. >> what if you don't find anything? >> we will. >> we know where to go. >> we have creature visited all over the world. and alaska is one of the best places. >> there's one more. >> the falcon. >> yeah. >> related to the peregrine falcon but only in the arctic. >> he's so cute. >> beautiful. martin, chris, thank you so much. "wild alaska" premieres july 23rd. and "wild kratts alaska" july 24th. we're back in a moment. but this is "today"
9:53 am
9:54 am
all tried -- jenna, i tried helium. you had never done it before. take a look at what happened in our break. >> oh, great. >> i'm really afraid, i can't do
9:55 am
anymore. why did you make me do that? what if it doesn't go back to normal? >> it's already coming back to normal. >> it's not normal yet. >> third grade. third grade is so fun. otherwise known as this job. >> that's right. that's why we love it. >> it's really fun. >> we sent our producer, gavin, it's chick-fil-a day. if you show up dressed as a cow, you get free chick-fil-a. >> look at that. >> entree free. got some other stuff. but that's tree. >> i like just the nugget. just the nugget, with the honey bread. >> wow. look at that. >> you had a hat on? >> no. that's his hair. >> were you the only person? >> there was a girl in a cow dress and me. >> really? >> they were very friendly. it was like they expected people like me. >>
9:56 am
we have a lot of sunshine in this forecast today. for the inland valleys it will be a nice and warm day, up to 87 degrees in san jose. santa cruz 73.
9:57 am
pail low alto, mid-80s. not much change today with increasing sunshine and a high of 65 degrees. and it stays a little bit cooler until this weekend. when it heats up. let's head over to mike for an update on the roadways. >> if you're headed out to tahoe, i-80 is closed. there are wildfires in the sierra. i-80 closer to home, we have that backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, that goes on through the morning. we have recovery for the south bay, 280 right there. that crash cleared. good recovery there as well. still, 101 past the airport, back to you. let's pick right back up on that as he mentioned a second ago. we are just learning that both directions of i-80 are closed in truckee because of that wildfire. we're getting our first images in from the scene.
9:58 am
mike will continue to follow the traffic impacts from that. we'll have a live report for you at 11:00. a man rescued overnight on treasure island is safe fp firefighters had to pluck him from the cliffside. you can link to details on our home page.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today. with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live, from studio 1a, in rockefeller plaza. >> okay. it's booze day tuesday, july 11th. and sometimes i don't know how we get on the air. >> we always just make it. >> in some circles, it's known as spanky tuesday. >> you know what kind of tuesdays those are. >> that's "selfish" by spencer sutherland. he's opened for artists like ariana grande. no owonder, he's chosen as the artist of t


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