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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 12, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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very good morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> really pleasant here to start today. this is, so far. >> it will be hot as go into the weekend, we will take in the cooler weather that we will have today and especially for the valleys. here is a look at the high temperatures today and some of the live cameras shows you the conditions where you live. and 65 in san francisco, the east bay 74, and 84 in the north bay. you can see a spread in temperatures, we'll talk about what is ahead for the weekend in a few minutes. >> good news, as we talked about a few minutes ago, had not seen a update from the earlier delay. no delays reported for bart. a smooth drive on the roads as
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well. a lot of slows here through this stretch in both directions. our crew is going out there, but it looks like everything has cleared up, and i showed you that stalled vehicle that cleared completely. thank you. >> thank you, mike. 6:01 and we continue to follow crews as firefighters try to figure out what sparked a fire overnight in newark. we are looking at some of the extensive damage that has been left behind. good morning, chrikris. >> now that it's daylight, you see how close they were to a lumberyard next door, and that would have been a lot of fuel for that fire.
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we also saw a firefighter suit up in a hard hat and mask to go in to try to poke around for clues. you see how it ended, it was fast but destructive, half a dozen cars were destroyed or damaged. a fire chief told us that the fire appeared to start out in front of the building and spread to the roof in the 15 minutes or so it was roaring, it only damaged the outside and didn't make the to the inside of this kitchen and bath store. there was no one inside at the time and he is calling investigators. >> it looked to us that initially the vehicles were on fire. we have a fire investigator coming out to take a better look at the cause of the fire. >> now always we're not too far from the freeway, the feire her should not affect your morning commute. oregon, nothing to see here,
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folks. today in the bay. >> staying on the scene, tracking any other developments for us throughout the newscast. when he is not on air, she is constantly tweeting updates. we go to the east san jose foothills right now where firefighters are monitoring a fire. it looks much clearer this morning. the fire broke out yesterday and quickly grew to about 100 acres. for the last update we received, it is 40% contained. there is a good look at the home that was destroyed. we are speaking with crews on the ground and he will bring us a update on the progress that firefighters are making. a near disaster at sfo. an air canada jet almost landed
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own other passenger jets. the air canada jet just missed crashing into those grounded plays -- planes by as little at 37 feet. the crews of the planes on the ground watched in horror as the jet approached them. they knew better than anyone else that the pilot was not in the correct spot. the tower told them to go around and they did and avoided a real catastrophe. >> there was two air traffic controllers on duty at the time but one was on a break. the alarming thing is we're learning one person on duty at that time of night is not unusual. our investigative unit investigated how more on air
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traffic controllers. new warning signs posted in the wake of a kayaker's way too close encounter with what he believes is a great white shark. >> it unfolded yesterday about a quarter mile from steamer lane near santa cruz. the kayaker says a 12 foot white shark knocked him into the water. for the next 10:00, he feared the sharked going to bite him. >> a nearby fisherman saw the whole thing and radioed to shore. he says he will be out today in
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a different kayak. a batch of e-mails is giving us new insight into a meeting between president trump's son and a russian lawyer. we spoke to foxx news late last night. >> now this morning the president is reacting. he is tweeting twice in the last two hours saying my son donald did a good job last night. he was open, transparent, and innocent. this is the greatest witch hunt in political history, sad. remember when you hear the words "sources say" from the fake media, often times those sources are made up and do not exist. trump jr. tweeted out his e-mail correspondence with a russian lawyer. >> tracie potts is joining us to break it down. >> reporter: good morning, donald trump junior provided
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these e-mails. he tweeted out a link to them himself. he says to be transparent and to show he did nothing wrong here. critics say it is anything but. the "new york times" that broke the story said they informed him they had the e-mails and they were about to publish them. >> six days before she flew over from russia to meet with donald trump jr., he received an e-mail promising high level and sensitive information part of russia and it's government support for mr. trump. his reply "if it's what you say, i love it." he explained to fox's sean hannity. >> this was research, they had something, maybe concrete evidence. >> he said my son is being transparent among the greatest witch hunt in presidential history.
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>> a meeting under the circumstances described yesterday is not a violation of the law. >> in an interview, the lawyer denied any connection to the kremlin. >> the russian government attorney. >> no. >> they asked why trump did not alert authorities about a foreign government promising dirt on the government. >> remembers are skeptical. >> it is kind of an od way to suggest the russian government had involve at all. >>. >> and the white house is not getting involvemed either, referring all questions to donald trump junior's new attorney. >> another twist in this investigation, thank you very much.
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happening today, the confirmation hearing begins for today's fbi director. the president announced the domination last month after abruptly firing former fbi director james comey back in may. a top lawyer in the bush had min stra -- interrogation. >> we'll take a live look outside, in concord right now. 61 degrees at ocean beach with the low clouds and drizzle. we're seeing the low clouds with our views and 50 degrees there. upper 80s for concord and san jose at 86 degrees. i'll have a look at the determine tren
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temperature trends. >> we have a light view as you look. the south bay not really a problem. a little build on the 101 just north of 068. here is the southbound side approaching 242 around willow pass road. reports of a crash here. it was reported about 5:00 ago. maybe we'll get more information. we're looking at a nice drive. a little slowing there. the bottom of your screen, both of those routes with traffic going to the san mateo bridge as well. and it is a good westbound drive. not a lot of traffic in the peninsula. will. >> coming up, danger on the water. scientists are concerned after a massive iceberg splits from antarctica. >> a new destination from san
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jose international airport, directly starting today.
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wednesday morning, we're having a nice, cool start. we have a live look outside over san jose. later this morning we'll be in the low 70s. high temperatures bringing us to the upper 80s in the afternoon. a warm day above average.
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into the weekend it will get really hot. we'll talk about that at 6:19. >> a look at the tri-valley. a do have a concern from highway 84. we will talk about a crash and some updates that we have, we have someone on the scene. >> thank you, mike. all new this morning, one of the largest iceburgs ever reported, it was part of a larger ice self on the coast of the continent. they were expecting it to break off and they were watching it closely. it can be dangerous for shifts in the area. new morning, joe scarborough says he is leaving the republican party. he announced it overnight on the "the late show." he says he is upset with the way
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the gop has acted under this administration. new this morning, an east oakland elementary school is asking for help after they were vandalized and securitied were destroyed. they raised more than $4,000. the school was vandalized over the weekend, two classrooms and a hall way were spray painted with graffiti. happening today, a new aero mexicole flight nonstop service to guadalajara. hay are set to depart for the first flight at 10:30 after a ceremony at the airport. we did some digging, checked online overnight, tickets for this flight cost a little over
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$600. >> put in for time off to get away. >> get a margarita. amazon says this year's prime day could be the biggest event in their history. >> good morning, landon. >> reporter: high there, good morning to you, wall street poised to start the day higher after a wild ride yesterday. it did recover to end off session lows. watching capitol hill today, janet yellin is testifying about the economy saying it will likely raise interest rates again this year, closing up half a point to 409, nasdaq rising 61. >> amazon says this year's prime
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day will like i will be the biggest shopping event in it's history. customers bought more than three times as many echo speakers as last year and third party sellers told more than 50% more items. they could generate up to $1 billion in sales. trump hotels has confirmed several hotels have been hacked including trump central park, chicago, las vegas, and dc. much of the activity happened in february and march. this is the third incident involving trump hotels since 2015. back over to you. >> thanks, landon. news now with local impact. g gymboree is planning to shut down about 350 stores as part of their restructuring.
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closing sales will begin on july 18th. there are several stores that are closing in the bay area as well. one of them is at the stand ford shopping center, laurel village, strawberry village. you were bemoaning this. >> they make sturdy little clothes. >> isn't that funny? >> a lot of clothing selections we'll need to week but we hope for something lighter as we move forward. >> yes, very hot in the next few days. we're taking in slightly cooler temperatures and you can enjoy the whole day outside if will be bright and sunny as we get a start this morning. live in pleasanton. 57 in the east bay looking live at oakland and san francisco we
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see the clouds now and it's 53 degrees. the seven-day forecast now at the bottom of the screen. a hot weekend, today not so bad. still very warm for morgan hill up to 88 degrees. the east bay will have low 90s in some spots and oakland will be at 74. and 78 degrees in belmont. temperatures in some spots will feel very nice. ingleside at 62, and 77 at mil valley. if you're lucky enough to go to some of the beaches and enjoy some time outdoors, you want to check out a nice, cool spot, go to a santa cruz beach today. we'll start at noon and start to see some clearing temperatures in the 60s. a little warmer weather in sonoma wine country today. temperatures at 76 and 82 by
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later today. golfing in the tri-valley it will really start to heat up by this afternoon. it is best to go out there early. san francisco will keep some cool weather, as we go into the weekend, mid 70s not bad compared to this, up to 101 degrees on saturday for some of the inland valleys. we may have some heat advisories issues. i'll keep you upto date on that. >> it was a mystery until just a few minutes ago. our customers crew got on scene there. they can't get a shot of exactly what is going on, because they a few feet too far away to get a shot over here. look, you saw this all over the bay looking really good. here between bucanan, they are close in the next ten minutes. so the alternate areas between stanley and vinyard. just a note for locals that knew the area, they would have known
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that by reflectix anyway. so we have a crew there, they will let me know when it is over here. an easy choice, you can choose the bay bridge or the san may day owe bridge. join our wagers, folks. >> 6:21 right now, coming up next, the opioid crisis. what doctors are calling an epidemic of overdoses. >> how a group of strangers came together to form a human chain and help people caught in the rip current.
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chase. so you can.
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handle on addressing the nation )s "ope-i-oid" crisis. =take v happening later today, congress right now trying to get a handle on the opioid crisis. they're hearing from health officials at the state level to see how they're responding to the problem. 91 americans die every day from a overdose. for many, the addiction starts with a prescription from their doctor. sadly, a major victim of the opioid epidemic, babies. countless children are born with withdraw from the drug. now a hospital in ohio is calling on volunteers to help
6:25 am
ease that suffering. a hospital in miami started an instant cuddler program. they are held and rocked when they're suffering from the painful effects of opioid withdraw. >> irritability, troubles sleeping, eating, vomiting, loose stools, tremors. >> doctors say simply by cuddling with a baby experiencing withdrawal it can speed their recovery. >> happening today, palo alto taking on a mobile home park that was saved from demolition this year. the city is planning and transportation commission will begin that process tonight. they have 400 residents. last may they reached a deal with park owners to keep it
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open. >> on a florida beach, an amazing rescue. strangers forming a human chain to rescue about ten people caught in a rip current. this is video shot saturday in panama city. a mother noticed her two sons way out in the water screaming for help. two family members went in after them, but they were stuck as well. about 80 strangers formed a human chain. the boys mother says she is thankful for the selflessness and the quick thinking. >> i want to do everything i can to protect them, and i couldn't do it that day, i needed help that day. >> what a team effort. the boys grandmother suffered a heart attack in the chaos and she is still in the hospital. >> talk about lending a hand there. a skateboard scuffle.
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police officers and skateboarders are injured after a confrontation at the famed delores park. a wild fire here in the south bay destroys one home and damages a second. the progress being made by firefighters. you're watching "today in the bay. >> watch the bay area news and investigation, plus your favorite tv shows everywhere you go. down load the app, tap the tv icon and watch instandly. ♪ ♪
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welcome to wednesday morning. right now at 6:30, we're getting
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ready for a pleasant and sunny day across the bay area. good morning, thank you for joining us, i'm laura garcia-canyogarcia-ka garcia-cann garcia-cannon. >> will it stay nice? that is the question. let's go to kari hall. >> the best day of the week. we are going to continue on with some comfortable weather. in the 60s today and tomorrow, low to mid 70s for the week. here we go, looking at the seven-day forecast for the inland areas. upper 80s today and then that unbearable heat comes back for the weekend. i'll have a closer look at the weekend forecast and some events going on to help you cool off. that is coming up in about 6:00 minutes. >> we see it is looking very pleasant right now.
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the pattern is pretty typical around most of the bay. we have two crashes. another at you canyon road. both of them clearing to the shoulder quickly. very close to this scene, it is closed between bucanan and vinewavin vineyard. both of those police departments were involved, took a little time, but they got us that information, we'll let owe know when that closure is open. >> 6:31 right now, a story that we're developing. firefighters trying to get full control of a brush fire burning in the east san jose foothills. >> the second fire to break out in that area alone. bob redell is explaining what firefighters are trying to do to prevent more homes from being
6:32 am
destroyed. >> good morning, i just spoke with the fire department, you see the members of the fire department up here on clariet way. they now have 50% containment. they have fire lines around 50% of the burn area. they're still out here to finish containing this burn area, make sure nothing else flares up. the fire itself is out but still a lot of heat in there. you see the sky ranger, the burn area, the 100 acres. one home destroyed. they updated us on the other damage. there are two other structures that had minor damage and fencing. one home destroyed and two other areas that had minor damage. and the fire extended into allenrock park. it is in the eastern foothills.
6:33 am
they called in for assistance. cal fire came in with three helicopters and six airplanes. they dropped flame retardant on the fire. one woman spoke to her neighbor whose home burned down. >> she ceis sad, she lost everything. >> i feel fortunate for our neighbors that were able to get out. >> those 11 homes have been, the people evacuated, have been allowed to come back. one firefighter offered a minor injury. the fire department does not know what caused this fire to happen. there will be a briefing with the fire department at 7:00 this morning. also an opportunity for us to get information as you can see san jose fire department also
6:34 am
holding a quick news conference right now, so i'm going to go over and talk to them again. bob redell, today in the bay. breaking news from nigeria, a series of suicide bombings have killed 19 people. there was four attacks in a city considered to be the birthplace of the boko haram terror unit. developing this morning, a san francisco police officer and several skaters were injured after a confrontation. you were able to turn up information about what the rally was all about? >> reporter: good morning, the video looked like a fairly large cloud here for this rally last night. i was able to up some
6:35 am
information, it took place the same time last year. i'm not sure if it is the same event, i'm working on a confirmation for that. this video was shared and according to san francisco police, they're saying dozens skateboarders were taking place in this event, they got a call that one person needed medical attention. at one point a large fight broke out involving multiple officers. two patrol cars were vandalized, and one officer sent to a hospital for injuries. a skateboarder talked to us and said police overreacted, but police say it was a very hostile environment. >> the first fall initiated the calvary. >> we have taken bottles and
6:36 am
skateboards from the kroicrowd. >> you see an officer appearing to try to block a skateboarder from riding into the car, but in the process, he sends him flying into the car. i placed call to san francisco police to get a update on any injuries and as well if any charges will be filed. if we get that new information,ly put that information on my social media account. >> thank you, pete. developing still right now this morning, we're tracking into whoa what mig what might have caused this massive blaze. firefighters remain on the scene overnight trying to douse whatever was left. the thick black smoke will be
6:37 am
seen for miles. visibility is almost nonexistence. several neighborhoods in the area had to shelter in place. one man say it was pretty scary for a moment. >> you're still breathing the air from the outside. we heard the warning about staying in your house. >> we at the air quality management district about the impact it had on the air that you breathe. they say it will take several days before the results are complete. >> they will get a report from shpd on how they are doing on handling evidence from sexual assault cases. sfpd is required to show results to the sexual assault survivor. >> the plan is to create a new
6:38 am
under ground wastewater storage facility. two sightes are being considere for that location. then on july 17th, city council members will be briefed on the plan and vote on improving one of the two sights. >> the water quality control members will discuss what neighbors consider to be a noisy cement plant. it is located just outside of coopertino. in the past it has been the subject of many complaints. today they are supposed to discuss an amendment to cease and desist the noise. >> we have not seen the slowing just yet. but i will look at your map, and they have a little bit of lag, we're seeing slowing on the
6:39 am
incline now. . you want to use the dunbarton brink if you can. open to the trivalley, southbound 680. valley road and crow canyon road. it is still blocked by activity. no recovery yet for this. we are still looking at moboou bucanan and vineyard. we're moving right through the week now, it is wednesday. the weekend is around the corner. >> it is within grasp.
6:40 am
>> yes, today is a little break from the excessive heat. it is up to 101 degrees and take a look at that background picture, maybe you will want to hang out somewhere like that. for the bay on hundred dollar, highs reaching to the 80s. so hot all weekend long and one cool spot you can go hang out is the summer fest. that happens on both saturday and sunday as we look at sunday's forecast. it will be in the upper 50s in the morning, low 70s by the afternoon. maybe monitoring it for you, it will be at 65 for the high on saturday and sunday. mostly sun any skies. if you plan on making your road
6:41 am
trip to the mid and upper 90s all weekend long. the temperature trend for fremont will be coming up in a little bit. >> 6:41 right now. coming up, we continue to monitor breaking news out of the east bay where firefighters are learning up after several cars and a business were damaged overnight. wild fires wreaking havoc across california. new video showing a fire nado not far from the bay area. >> the markets shooting straight up this morning. the dow industrial average showing a lot of green, up 130 points so far. investors are sifting through prepared remarks from fed chair janet yellin. more fed news coming up. ==
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happy wednesday, we are waking up to so sunshine. we look at fremont already busy. later on we'll be in the mid 50s by 10:00, to the upper 70s by 10:00. warming up very fast throughout the afternoon. i will look at another heat up for the weekend coming up at
6:45 am
6:49. >> westbound traffic is still moving well, we still have that report saying there is a crash on the high rez. we'll track that coming up. >> live now to breaking news we have been following all morning long. this live picture is from newark. a row of scars caught fire. that is along central avid. fire officials say it only took about 15 minutes to put out the flames. in that time there was extensive damage. >> it looked to us like initially the vehicles were on fire. we have an investigator coming out to look at the cause and origin of the fire. fire crews say the investigation will not impact travel. >> at quarter to seven, the fight continues across
6:46 am
california westbound the fire fight, that is. flames are growing this morning. cal fire is battling several fires right now, it has been extensive. one of the most constructive is a wall fire in buke county. it started just 14 hours before this video was taken. this morning it stands at 5800 acres. it is considered 55% contained. it is a tough one. it destroyed 41 homes. flames are growing near lake tahoe this morning. it stands at 670 acres after that shut down for most of the day yesterday. the fire is 20% contained. further to the south, the alamo
6:47 am
fire continues to burn and it is 60% contained. >> it is now official. more than a million people in the east bay will end up with a higher water bill. east bay voted unanimously to raise rates by 20% in the next few years. they need the money to mix ageing infrastructure, and for the profit losses when people did what they were supposed to do, con vev water. also happening today, looking at a water billing policy that many say is unfair and burdensome. they say tough luck if customers get charged higher because of a leak. the city adopted that rule in 2006. sometimes the leaks take too long to discover and water bills
6:48 am
should be creadited. news from our nation's capital where the debate over the health care bill is reaching a tipping spoint. they say the revised health care will be will unveiled tomorrow. they are also allowing two years to factor everything. and trump is trying to get the sanctuary city policy dropped. . you may recall a u.s. district judge ruled that the federal government can be sued from withholding funds. they are offering safe harbor to undocumented immigrants. critics are slamming what they're calling a watered down version of a measure that would
6:49 am
put police shootering under a micro scope. it would have allowed them ask the state attorney general's office to investigate those shootings. right now that role falls to the department of justice. they asked for a two-year study on police shootings. >> we're demonstrating that we're doing everything possible to provide people with the safety they expect. the transparency in how we do business, and the trust we need to have. >> an assembly committee did approve the amended measure, but those that supported the orlando bill thought the investigation would lead to greater accountability. it is officially summer vacation. but soon enough, school will be back in session. >> kids will be going back, mom and dad. we want to invite you to help
6:50 am
people who can't afford the flies they need. we want to begin supporting our schools, you can donate backpacks, supplies, and even cash, it will all go to good use. there is nothing like going back to school with new supplies, right? >> very special, makes you ready to learn and engage. >> you walk prouder with a new backpack. >> just don't chew on them. >> i'm just saying in my childhood, maybe one too many. >> a cool start today, the backpacks are loaded up with supplies, and it will be bright and sunny again. looking at the temperatures heading up quickly. 56 is the temperatures that you're feeling right now. for the east bay, 57 degrees.
6:51 am
look at the north bay, it is 49 degrees, nice and cool there. we look at the seven-day forecast on the bottom of the screen. not a bad day in gilroy. as we go to the east bay, 90 in danville. oakland will see a high temperature of 74. san francisco reaching 67 degrees in the mission district. so as you're looking out the window, you're getting ready for yourself or maybe getting the kids ready for day camp, it will be a day for sunglasses and sandals and make sure you have something lightweight and light colored. that is what we will have especially into the weekend. as we break down the day, we're at 62 degrees. 77 degrees and it warms up quite a bit by 4:00.
6:52 am
temperatures will come right back down with the nice little breeze later on this evening. going out to some of the hiking trails, light, patchy fog. we'll be up to 76 degrees by 10:00, and a warm and breezy day reaching into the low 80s there. mississippi 70s for the weekend, and temperatures coming back down next week. this is what we'll all be talking about. another round of really hot weather hitting the triple digits for the inland valley. >> i can't do anything about those temperatures, but i can tell you that traffic is flowing again. we're also going to talk about the pay bridge. as i told you, we had a crew on scene, it quickly recovered. still connected between stanley and vineyard, but you don't need
6:53 am
that alternate any more. first we'll look at the san may day owe westbound. that is a reported disabled vehicle. i still see the traffic flowing a bit for the volume. continuing to track that. i continue to track that and no one on right now has reported any problems for that bridge, getting over there there, the road from 580 is faster than 680. make your choice with bay area wagers, everybody. coming up, "today in the bay" more on a destructive brush fire. the progress that firefighters are making battling this fire in the east san jose foothills. a drug emergency in nevada, they are running out of marijuana. instead of farm to table,
6:54 am
how about ocean to plate? san francisco fishermen are hoping to sell straight from their boats. we'll be back with more nude in just a few.
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welcome back, it is 6:56 right now on your wednesday. before you go out the door, here are your top stories on your
6:57 am
"today in the bay." a update coming for a fire that destroyed one home and badly damaged another in san jose. people from 11 homes had to evacuate. the fire burned 100 acres. in the past 30 minutes, firefighters announced that that the fire is about 50% contained. bob redell is getting new details as we speak. we'll have more details coming up. >> delores park is quiet right now, but what a scene last night, chaos on those same streets. a large fight broke out between skateboa skateboarders having a rally, and police. >> we are looking to find out what charging might step from that fight. two police cars were vandalized. and a near disaster at sfo.
6:58 am
we're getting information about an air canada jet that almost landed on other passenger jets. it just missed crashing into grounded planes by 37 feet. only one air traffic control enwas on duty which is apparently normal. and a kayakers way too close encounter with what he says was a 12 foot great white shark. it bit his boat and knocked him into the water. a nearby fisherman saw the attack, radios harbor patrol, and they rescued the kayaker and his boat. president trump is praising his oldest son for his interview on a fox news program saying my son, donald, did a good job last night. he was open, transparent, and
6:59 am
innocent. this is the greatest witch hunt in political history, sad. more on that interview where he opens up with his controversial meeting with a russian attorney. that is coming up at 7:00. >> let's have a look at your weather right now. it is going to get hot this week. >> would you tweet about it? >> why not. try to tweet about everything i guess. we'll have nice cool weather in san francisco and the inland areas. 101 on saturday. how are the roadways looking? >> we're talking about free mon -- fremont. we may have a quick traffic break. we'll show you overall that the drive is not so bad.
7:00 am
>> fire hose would be like a big speed bump there. >> we'll be back with a local update. >> "the today show" starts right now. good morning. rookie mistake? >> in retrospect, i probably would have done things a little differently. >> donald trump jr. speaks out in his first interview about that controversial meeting with a russian attorney. he probably met with other russians, too. >> this is moving into perjury and false statements and possibly treason. >> what the president is saying about his role in the controversy. what went wrong? investigators search miles of debris for clues in that military plane crash in mississippi, as we learn more about the 16 people who were killed, including members of the
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