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tv   Today  NBC  July 13, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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there. we'll keep monitoring that as well as the rest of your news and update new half an hour. >> you can also join us for nbc bay area news news at 11:00. the today show starts right now. good morning. breaking news. a grim discovery in the search for four missing men in pennsylvania. human remains, including the body of at least one of them, found buried on a multi-million dollar estate. a person of interest now in custody. >> this is a homicide. make no mistake about it. >> we're live at the scene. bon jour. president trump attends a welcome ceremony with the french president after arriving in paris overnight. a highly anticipated news conference set for later today where the president will face tough questions about his son's meeting with that russian attorney. the big reveal. senate republicans set to reveal their newly revised health care bill today.
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what's in it this time, and can it pass? plus, a dangerous heat wave blarn kets the blankets the east coast. nevada declares a marijuana emergency. and an american surprise at wimbledon. >> as venus williams tries to extend her own historic run "today," thursday, july 13th, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." it's 7:00 on the west coast on a thursday morning. nice to have you with us. >> nice to have you with us on a very busy news morning. a lot of breaking news overnight. starting with major developments in that search for four young men who vanished near philadelphia. >> police have now found the body of one of those men along with human remains buried in a farm in what's described as a
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"common grave" 12 feet deep. nbc's stephanie gosk is live at the scene. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning. this is really news these family members were dreading. this is now officially a murder case. at the center of it, according to police, a man that they have in cussty that they are describing a is a person of interest. this morning, a major break in the case in the disappearance of four young men. >> we have found human remains. an approximately 12 1/2-foot deep common grave. >> one of the bodies identified as 19-year-old dean finocchiaro. police are not identifying the other remains in the grave. >> this is a homicide. make no mistake. >> police say cadaver dogs led them to the site. >> those dogs could smell these four boys 12 1/2 feet below the ground. >> the grandfather of another
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one of the missing men told a producer the bodies were found under a propane tank. >> they lifted a propane tank out and they were sifting through it and they found a blue tarp. >> a what? >> blue tarp. >> 20-year-old cosmo dinardo was arrested wednesday. police calling him a person of interest in the case. they say he tried to sell a car to a friend for $500. according to the criminal complaint, meo's car was found on property belonging to the dinardo family. remains were found in a different location, on the grounds of dinardo's 90-acre home. in court documents police describe dinardo as suffering from mental illness. >> we heard a series of blasts. >> a neighbor of the dinardos said she heard shots saturday afternoon. >> very disturbing gunshot fires and then i heard some commotion.
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jimmy kirkpatrick, mark sturgis, tom meo and dean finocchiaro all went missing last week. police have one message for the families. >> we'll bring each and everyone of these lost boys home to their families one way or another. we will not rest until we do that. >> reporter: police are still working this morning to remove and identify those bodies. as for 20-year-old cosmo dinardo, he is being held on $5 million cash bail. >> stephanie gosk, thank you. also breaking right now, president trump's arrival in paris. the formal welcoming ceremony just wrapped up. he and the first lady were greeted by french president emmanuel macron and his wife. we've got complete coverage starting in paris with nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hi, matt, good morning to you. this morning the president is basically putting an ocean between himself and those
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controversies surrounding russia back home. he is here in france to celebrate bastille day and to honor the 100 years since the first u.s. troops arrived in france during world war i. it is also now the first anniversary of that horrific terror attack in nice. when a truck plowed through crowds of people celebrating the french national day. and that fight against isis, how to handle counterterrorism and the situation in syria is expected to be the top topic for these two leaders here. there are deep disagreements on trade and climate change will likely take more of a back seat. stylistically these are two very different leaders, not just in age. president macron a little more aloof, a little more distant. president trump more visceral. and president trump is not particularly popular here in france. a recent survey shows just 14% of french citizens have confidence in his policies. we do expect to see some protests. but the highlight of the day will be that short news conference between president
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trump and president macron when president trump will almost certainly be asked about his son's meeting with that russian lawyer during the campaign, that shadow of russia still hanging over him here. >> hallie jackson traveling with the president in paris, thank you very much. as just mentioned, donald trump jr.'s conversation with a russian attorney has followed president trump to france. this video shows the president years earlier with some of the same people in that controversy. nbc correspondent peter alexander has more on that part of the story. peter, good morning. >> good morning. that exclusive video pulling back the curtain really on the relationship between donald trump and some of the key players in this latest russian twist. in a new interview, the president says there is nothing wrong with his son's controversial campaign meeting with a russian lawyer, claiming many political pros said everybody would do that. this video shot exclusively by nbc showing donald trump in
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moscow ahead of the miss universe pageant four years ago. here attending to birthday party for his former business partner, aras agalarov. >> 39 years old. come here. >> also there, his son and pop star emin who e-mails showed he asked a trusted associate during the campaign to set up that meeting between donald trump jr. and a russian attorney. >> i like russians. >> reporter: the president telling reuters he first found out about the meeting a couple of days ago and defending his son's decision to take the meeting where he was promised incriminating information about hillary clinton from russia. "i think many people would have held that meeting." on twitter, declaring don junior innocent with some allies suggesting his presidency is now paralyzed. mr. trump is trying to turn the page, praising america's improving relationship with putin in the wake of last week's
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lengthy face to face. >> i think we got along really well and i think that's a good thing. that's not a bad thing. >> despite meddling to help trump win, the question is hillary clinton would be preferred in office. >> if hillary had won, our military would be decimated. our energy would be much more expensive. that's what putin doesn't like me. that's why i say, why would he want me? >> reporter: meanwhile, the president's pick to replace james comey at the fbi, christopher wray, appears a shoo-in for confirmation. >> if the president asked you to do something unlawful or unethical, what do you say? >> first, i would try to talk him out of it. and if that failed, i would resign. >> reporter: hours after the president again called the special counsel's russia investigation a witch hunt. >> i'm asking you, as the future fbi director, you consider this endeavor a witch hunt? >> i do not consider director muller to be on a witch hunt. >> reporter: christopher wray
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says no one, including president trump, asked him to pledge loyalty. he also says he has no reason to doubt that russia was cyber harksigncyber hacking the election. many senate democrats say they will vote to confirm him. looks like he will be confirmed with bipartisan support. we're joined by michael mcfaul, he served as u.s. ambassador to russia from 2012 to 2014 and is now an nbc news russian affairs analyst. michael, good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> you know as much about vladimir putin and russia as anyone in this country but i want to take you back to 2008 when you worked on barack obama's presidential campaign. if you had received as a member of that campaign the kind of offer that donald trump jr. received, an offer to meet with a russian lawyer who had damaging information again, then john mccain, that could help barack obama's candidacy, what would your course of action have been? >> well, first of all, i would
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consider that highly unethical to take that information. second, i'd be highly suspicious of that information thinking that it might be a russian intelligence operation designed to compromise our campaign. and so, third, i think i would have been in touch with the fbi. to make sure that they know who these people are and what they're trying to do to compromise our electoral process. >> but in fairness by that time you were pretty well versed on russia and all things the subject of russia. when you hear this being explained away by some as a rookie mistake, is that a suitable explanation to you? explanation to you? >> well no. first of all, you're running a presidential campaign for united states of america. no excuses for rookie mistakes. second you brought paul manafort to the meeting. he has years and decades of experience in that part of the world. he's a grown up he's dealt with russians and ukrainians.
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he should have known. third, they should have had somebody like me on the staff, somebody vetting foreign contacts. we had no foreign contacts by the way. they should have had somebody to look into this thing and say, hey, maybe this is a bad idea. maybe this is not what you think it is. >> michael, to hear donald trump jr. tell it there wasn't much to this meeting. they didn't actually get the damaging information that apparently were hoping to get. what would russia have been up to in that circumstance. send someone over there not armed with the goods but to meet with these folks. some people in the intelligence circles call that a dangle. is that what you think it is? >> it very well could be. that happens often in these kind of cases. let's just be clear. they thought they were going to get something major, right? we've all read the call he was doing for his friend why did he bring two of the mostoi senior people in the campaign toam that meeting so they
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thought they were going to get something. and from the russian side they could have thought, let's see if they want to play let's see if they want to engage. and i want to underscore one last thing, we've only heard one person's interpretation of what happened. we don't know what they discussed. i hope somebody will get to the bottom of that someday. >> former russian ambassador michael mcfaul great to see you, thank you very much. >> sure thanks for having me. to capitol hill now where there are new developments in the battle over health care. senateg republicans set to roll out their revised bill today and nbc's kasie hunt is on the hill for with us the latest hi kasie, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. republican senators going to be huddling one lastka time over that obamacare repeal bill which as you say they plan to release later today but there are still so many questions. what exactly are the new details in the plan? can they pass the bill? and what impact will it have on americans? after weeks ofac secret
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negotiations senate republicans plan to unveil their revised bill to repeal obamacare. as t leadership scrambles to find the 50 republican votes they need tod pass it. >> they've been promising it for years. >> reporter: in an interview with televangelist pat robertson, president trump issuing an ominous warning if the bill fails. >> i will be very angry about it and air lot of people will be very upset but i'm sitting waiting for the bill to come to my desks. i hope they do it. >> reporter: but they can only lose two votes and there's still a sharp divide between moderates and conservatives. >> there are many issues of disagreement. if you were up to me i'd like to repeal every single word of obamacare, that's what i've been pressing for. >> reporter: at the heart of the dispute, the origin unanimous plan's deep cuts to medicaid. congressional sources tell nbc news the new measure will still likely slash more than $700 billion from the program. fiscal conservatives say that will make the program sustainable over the long term but moderate like maine's susan collins argue it will devastate the hundreds of thousands of people in her state who rely on it. >> i don't think that we can fix
7:14 am
this bill by doing a tweak here and a trim there. it needs a complete overhaul in order to garner my support. >> reporter: hoping to win over skeptics leadership added $45 billion to fight the opioid epidemic and $70 billion for-to-a stabilization fund for the individual market but conservatives like kentucky senator rand paul says the bill doesn't go far enough. >> this bill doesn't go close to repeal. >> reporter: for majority leader mitch mcconnell, the stakes are incredibly high. postponing the august recess earlier this week keeping senators in washingtonnt we'll keep monitoring that as facing pressure from his party, the public and his president. >> mitch has to pull it off. he's working very hard. he's got to pull it off. >> reporter: today religious leaders will be leading a protest on capitol hill against those cuts to medicaid which they say are a lifeline for seniors, kids and people with disabilities. it's just the latest protest in a string off weeks of protest in
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opposition to this bill across the country. we have an oupdate on the condition of louisiana congressman steve scalise.e. the house majority whip has been moved out of the intensive care unit at med star washington hospital center but he remains inee serious condition. scalise was hospitalized nearly a month ago after being shot in the hipos at a congressional baseball practice and suffering numerous internal injuries. theti 51-year-old has undergone several surgeries and is still being treated for an infection. we move to sports now and a major upset at wimbledon. american sam querrey stunning the defending champ to become the first u.s. man to reach the semifinal in nearly a decade. then over on the women's side venus williams is f looking to clinch herer spot in the final. nbc'sr joe fryer is at the all england club where the americans are doinge pretty well. joe, good morning to you. >> reporter:r: savannah good morning. venus williams will play today in the semifinals hoping to get a shot at her sixth wimbledon title.
7:16 am
meanwhile, on the men's side, an american has advanced to the semifinals stunning the tennis world with a major upset. for americanupset. >> for american sam querrey it took five sets. >> didn't do my best kept swinging away and found a groove in the fourth and fifth. >> querrey, 24th seed at wimbledon dethroned andy murray who had the advantage of home court and disadvantaged of injured hip now fans are jumping on querrey bandwagon. americans -- >> i'm rooting for sam. >> and beyond. >> a good shot this year. >> not his first upset. last year at wimbledon he beat number one seed novak djokovic. >> he's been around a while. he's 29 not a young player. he's gotten -- later in his career he really found his form. >> at 6'6" the lanky california
7:17 am
native is known as a big server. he's the first american to reach semifims since semifinals since 2009 if he goes all the way he'll be the first to win since roddick did in 2003. >> it feels great. it's a dream come true. to be in the semifinals at wimbledon makes it special. >> men might have a dry spell but venus williams is doing well after her car crash. venus williams and sam querrey hopes to stun the tennis world two more time. querrey plays the seventh said marin cilic. this tournament marks 27 years
7:18 am
since her debut. the oldest woman to reach semifinals since 1994. >> joe, i love it love it love it. thank you. >> querrey gets to semifinals. he gets to the finals and could face your guy, roger federer, if he can make it through the finals. in that circumstance who do you root for, the american or roger federer. >> this is very very difficult. i'm going to think about it and call a life line. al. >> i go with querrey. >> i go with i think it's time for the weather. >> wow. >> querrey. i don't need those phone calls. >> exactly. root for the american but you love the rog in your heart. >> yes. yes. >> yes. >> let's take a look at what's doing on weather wise. hey, a lot of flooding. if that's your basement you're not too happy right now. burlington vermont -- i should say wisconsin, burlington,
7:19 am
wisconsin. we're looking at a lot of flooding there. we've got more flooding possible today stretching from missouri all the way into central and western new york. strong storms will be firing up today as we watch this system push across. we do have a severe risk for strong storms today from decatur, evansville all the way to pittsburgh. 19 million people at risk as this slow moving low pressure along the warm front brings rounds of storms throughout the day. scattered severe storm threat into tomorrow and east coast as well with heavy rain and flash flooding. some areas looking at anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain before it's all over. tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass, you get time for more life. this family wanted to keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care!
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family: bye! kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace. good thursday morning i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're seeing the drizzle and fok right now in san francisco and that will last for a little while longer and you'll get some sunshine today. high temperatures reaching in the mid-60s, upper 60s tomorrow with the lack of morning fog our highs will reach into the mid-70s for saturday and sunday. in the inland areas they're going to be really hot, up to 101 degrees on saturday and then it slowly cools down as we go into the middle of next week. >> that's your latest weather. that's your latest weather. >> still ahead, more on that story you told us about yesterday. new concerns this morning about that one trillion ton iceberg the size of delaware that just broke off from antarctica. we'll have a live report. then the need for weed. one state's marijuana shortage.
7:21 am
yes. prompting an unexpected emergency. apparently it is. a pot emergency. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> which leads to the doritos emergency.
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is right for your teen. moms, we can't wait. a have good thursday morning tour. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we continue to following breaking news in lafayette in a story that broke before the start of today in the bay. the massive early morning fire that destroyed the town's chamber of commerce along with businesses including a restaurant. this it started a little before midnight in the lafayette circle near the retail area where restaurants like chow, located. the they had numerous evac wagz. no one was injured but the chamber of commerce and the restaurant are both a total losses. so for there's no idea on what caused that fire. the forecast with kari. >> it's starting out with some drizzle across the golden gate bridge and along the coast as we get a live look outside at the
7:27 am
camera maybe a couple swipes of the windshield wiper. we're also seeing the fog clearing from the south bay as we get a look outsides at anderson reservoir. it's fieft 5 degrees with the highs up to ate eight degrees 92 in concord, 84 for much the north bay oakland 73 and san francisco we'll see a high today of 65 degrees. the big story will be the ramp up in temperatures in time for the weekend reaching the triple digits for many of the inland valleys. and we'll have more updates on that for an update on what's happening on the roads, let's head back over to mike. american canyon northbound highway 29 is caused and cali road up to tour and overturned rig still getting righted an the power issues we have power lines downed in the area. so watch for local reroutes and delays. the rest of your day moves very well. the backup still at the bay bridge toll plaza because the metering lights are on. san mateo bridge westbound looks like it's very slow. earlier tow truck was in the center divide there.
7:28 am
that has cleared and started moving west as well to the peninsula. back to you. thank you very much. another local news updmat half an hour. see you then. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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. it's 7:30 now on thursday morning. our control room on july 13th 2017 a lot doing on in there and a lot going on around the world, so we want to get right to your headlines. authorities in pennsylvania have found the body of one of four missing men and other human remains buried on a multi-million dollar estate in philadelphia. work is under way to identify those other remains. a 20-year-old whose parents own the property has been taken into custody. police are calling him a person of interest in that case. president trump touched down in paris overnight. he's there to meet with the french president, and they will hold a joint news conference later today. the president will also attend bastille day celebrations
7:31 am
tomorrow and then return home. corpus christi, texas a contractor doing routine maintenance on a bank atm machine got trapped inside. unfortunately for him he left his cell phone in his truck. guess what he was passing notes through the receipt slot of the machine. people thought it was a joke. but after two hours he eventually called police. >> sent it through where the money would come out. >> i would be like can i get a 20? >> and a huge duffel bag and an hour to get out of here. >> exactly. now to a story we told you about on wednesday, it's got the world's attention. a massive iceberg seven times the size of new york city has broken off antarctica. national correspondent miguel almaguer has more on that. what can you tell us? >> reporter: they have been tracking this and it's expanding
7:32 am
for years. they knew the break was coming. while these events do happen. what makes this one so unique is its sheer size. it may be the most remote coldest continent on our planet. this morning in this barron tundra seismic change is under way in the arctic. a massive chunk of ice separating into the ocean. the ice perfecting one of the largest in recorded history, has broken away from the tail of antarctica in an area known as larson sea. the crack is 120 miles long. the electricitying block of ice weighs 1 trillion tons. said to be the size of delaware. >> over the last few years a crack has been growing in larson. that crack has finally gone through all the way and formed an iceberg. that iceberg is now free to move off into the ocean and to melt. >> a crumbling ice shelf is not
7:33 am
uncommon uncommon. nasa has been tracking this rift or crack for years, mapping its movement. what does it mean? scientists say climate change has left this region in crisis. but if it's unclear if this earth changing event is a result of that phenomenon. >> we cannot tell yet whether this is related to climate change or not. it could be business as usual or it could be the beginning of something big. >> a wall of water coming towards new york city. >> this isn't the kind of global warming disaster only hollywood could dream of. but this morning there's no question our planet is changing. by how much and why remain questions that still need to be answered. >> scientists are in agreement that there won't be an immediate impact on our lives. the long-term questions over ocean levels rising are a big source of interest for a research team. there is concern this iceberg
7:34 am
could break apart and be a danger for cargo and cruise ships. all of that remains issues that are still unclear this morning. back to you guys. >> all right. miguel almaguer on this story. fascinating. >> we withreally have been captivated by that one. days after recreational marijuana become legal in nevada the state is facing a shortage. it has retailers what they consider an emergency. gabe gutierrez in vegas for us. hi gabe good morning. >> hi savannah good morning. the issue is not supply it's distribution. here at las vegas relief all these bins are supposed to be completely full. not anymore. if you walk with me to the pot vault, can you see this dispensary started stocking up on weed before recreational sales began, but now the supply has dwindled to about 30%. why? this dispensary has a production facility about a mile away but can't transport the stuff here because of what it calls
7:35 am
government beaurocracy. this morning at pot dispense rice in nevada -- dispensaries in nevada. >> it's there, just no license to transport it from one location to another. >> after nevada started legal recreational marijuana sales pot shops can keep up with demand. growing it isn't the problem, plenty of wholesale we'ded the problem is removing it. unlike other states they require alcohol distributors to transport the drug but none were properly licensed when sales started. >> because we passed the law so fast implemented it so fast we didn't have a distributor up and running. it's a long story. >> or a cannabis conundrum. declared an emergency warning the industry could grind to a halt putting an expected $60 million in tax revenue over the
7:36 am
next two years in jeopardy. the entire pot rollout in nevada was rushed. >> i can't imagine anybody in nevada to be prepared for it. yes, we're prepared to get the taxes. yes, we're prepared to offer this as another tourist incentive to come to las vegas, but the problem is the little pieces in between. >> off the glitzy vegas strip with its 45 million visitors a year. >> this is it. >> relief dispenseary didn't want to gal bell. it stocked up before sales started but the high demand exceeded expectations. pop edibles, popular among tourists are gone. >> we have nothing. >> in essence you're running out of pot. what does it say about las vegas. >> vegas is what we call a grown person's playground. >> we knew cannabis was going to come to town and be a huge thing. it has been a little bit more than we thought it was going to be. >> there's still a little product left as you can see.
7:37 am
but most of it has flown off the shelves. nevada dispensary association estimates between $3 and $5 million worth of pot was sold here in nevada in just the first four days of regularerational sales. guys as for the distribution issues state officials are holding an emergency meeting today to try and hash out a solution. >> gabe you made it all the way to the end. >> yes, you did. >> there you go. >> hi al. >> what are you munching on? >> sorry. >> a check of the weather. >> this is a serious story. >> yeah. >> it's an emergency. >> right. they have got those little boxes that say, in case of emergency, break glass. can you see we've got 39 million people at risk for heat advisory or heat warning from the midwest all the way to the northeast and mid-atlantic states. gulf moisture streaming up. it's so humid out there. look at the heat indexes.
7:38 am
feels like almost 100 in oklahoma city springfield 96 102 little rock st. louis 104. today here in the northeast, 99 in new york city atlantic city 102, good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we do beginning with some low clouds an fog in san francisco, even some drizzle and that will last for a little while longer. but there are be sunshine later today. and highs will worm up in the low to mid-70. the linda valleys the get as hot as 100 degrees on saturday sunday also very hot and our temperatures will be back in the mid-80s by the middle of next week. get your full forecast 24/7 with our friends on the weather channel. >> thanks al. >> we've taken to you space,
7:39 am
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program that some passengers are going to be very interested in. >> goes to oversold flights by reaching out to customers days in advance, offering compensation if they re-book. tom costello this is the exact issue that earned united so much bad press over the last year right? >> that's exactly right. we're thinking about dr. david dao dragged off the plane in april. this program is meant to address the overbooking problem before passengers ever arrive at the airport. july 13th and the midsummer travel rush is in high season. 2 1/2 million people a day. very often too many passengers not enough seats. now, reeling from a series of pr disasters, united airlines is experimenting with a new computer problem to solve the overbooking problem. instead of last-minute offers at the gate five days before departure, the computer identifies oversold flights and then e-mails frequent flyers traveling on simple itineraries
7:45 am
to see if their plans are flexible. if they are willing to re-book, united will offer them compensation right then. >> this could be a win-win for both the passengers and the airlines. we haven't seen something like that happen in a long time. it's going to help keep down any interruptions on the day of the flight and make everybody happy if it works. >> the new approach comes just three months after united passenger dr. david dao was dragged off a plane after refusing to give up his seat. united apologized settled with dr. dao and promised it would never happen again. ceo oscar muniz told lester holt in april overbooking is a reality in the business and customers usually do respond to financial offers to give up their seats. >> over 95% of folks do it voluntarily, we pay them to leave. it's a process the entire industry looks at. i think everyone does it fairly well. >> united said it already reduced overbookings by 90%.
7:46 am
just last week united had to apologize to a mother for giving away a toddler seat for which she paid $1,000 forcing him to sit on her lap. offer them cash days before the flight and they could be convinced to re-book? >> sure of course i would. much nicer than having somebody tell you after you've gotten all packed and gotten to the airport. >> so this program is only going to go for a month for now. it's a trial program, extended to mileage plus customers. but if it works well of course they could extend this out. by the way, most appealing to leisure customers. if you're a business traveler and got to get there on time this may not work for you. >> such a common sense solution. >> five days to alter your plans, that seems to make sense. tom, thank you. let us see what dylan is working on in the orange ram. >> hey, guys. kid rock -- yes, kid rock just kick off a run for u.s. senate
7:47 am
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7:51 am
welcome back. in the orange room for carson there's a reason we're playing this song. >> i'm going to talk politics guys. it's the latest piece of news you wouldn't have believed two years ago. kid rock is apparently running for senate or at least that's what his new website would have you think. the website, kid rock for senate is pretty empty, with only, "are you scared? a link to buy merchandise. if people ask if the website is real he tweeted yes and he'll have a major announcement soon. people on twitter are having a field day. make america rock again has a nice ring. ripping on lyrics i like it that kid rock isn't ard isn'tard oafraid.
7:52 am
>> robert james richie hasn't filed any paperwork with fec yet. so it's not official yet. guys hate to break it to you. kid rock fans kid rock 2018 likely just a marketing ploy for his new album supposed by coming out later this year. >> seems to have work. thanks dylan. >> mission accomplished. just ahead oh, look... another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works in just one week. with the fastest retinol formula
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7:56 am
we're kupg up on 7:cyst 56 on this thursday morning and we're stoorgt out with temperatures right now in the upper 50s to lower 60s. we are 52 degrees for san francisco, 53 in the north bay with some cloudy skies along the coast. as we go through the day in san jose it will be nice and cool to start and still very pleasant ant noon 79 degrees with some lower 80s today and a breezy wind layer later on this evening. san francisco will see those highs at 65 degrees and 69 degrees tomorrow. for the weekend we will be warming up in the mid-70s and for the inland areas it's going to be really hot, some excessive heat returning to the bay area, especially for saturday with some of the inland valleys up to 101 degrees. by sunday more of the same, still really hot. we'll bring those temperatures back down into the mid-80s by tuesday and then it starts to rise once again. let's head over to mike for an
7:57 am
update on the road ways. the traffic alert we can follow it with break news this morning. northbound fwhooint still blkd because they're trying to right this postal truck there which is blocking the roadway and took out some power lines and local traffic control you see it on a live shot. and on our sensors for the map, north 20 mooin say problem so is west bund 12 getting into the area. the rest the bay moves well ate eight at carlton it moves done shoulder. there's the bay. back to you. thank you very much. 7:57 we're twauk firefighters in la yet about this morning's massive fire that destroyed the chamber of commerce and businesses including a popular restaurant. get the latest on the twitter feed including video of that fire building at its peak. as mike mentioned traffic on highway 29 in napa a stand still after that postal truck crash. we posted mower chl majs on our home page. senate republicans rolling out their new healthcare bill on the twitter feed include a new
7:58 am
response from president trump. i'll be back with another local news update in half an hour. see you then. ♪ ♪ what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy!
7:59 am
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♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, breaking overnight, a major discovery in the case of those four missing men in pennsylvania. the remains of one man identified and a person of interest now in custody. we're live at the scene. then look out below. >> shark ahead. >> jenna hits the high seas in search of great whites as she joins an expedition to tag and track one of the world's most fascinating predators. >> wow. that's kind of crazy, but awesome. and ever consider a little nip and tuck for your dog? the surprising new trend that has some pet owners shelling out big bucks.
8:01 am
today is thursday, july 13th, 2017. ♪ >> we have some people from wisconsin here. population -- >> 113, but two of us are here. >> instead of photo shopping do you guys want to come inside and do it for real? >> yeah. >> come on, let's go. come on, brimser family. ♪ good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." so nice to have you along with us on a hot thursday morning. >> that family gets an a for effort, the t-shirts, the whole deal. >> amazing. >> they are from arizona by the way. >> arizona, great state. got a busy morning, a lot to get to. we want to get right to your news at 8:00. police from made a gruesome discovery in the search for those four missing young men in pennsylvania. stephanie gosk is in new hope covering this investigation and
8:02 am
what we've learned. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah savannah. today police are out excavating what they describe as a burial site, removing bodies for identification. all of this after a dramatic light night press conference where they identified the body of 19-year-old dean finocchiaro. this is officially a murder case. police have in custody a person of interest. cosmo dinardo who they say tried to sell one of the young men's cars earlier in the week. police have been searching the dinardo's estate and the grandfather of one of these young men tell us that they discovered the bodies under a tarp and propane tank. all four men their ages ranging from 19 to 22. this crime has rattled this otherwise pretty quiet corner of pennsylvania and this morning it looks like authorities are right
8:03 am
on the cusp of solving the mystery. >> stephanie gosk, thank you. president trump is now in france where he will hold a joint news conference today with french president emanuel macron. he is likely to face questions about the russia investigation here at home. nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker is in paris. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. president trump is here in paris to mark a major french event, bastille day. he's also marking the 100th anniversary of the united states entering world war i, but he's looking for some more positive headlines with the white house practically paralyzed over the russia matter back in washington. president trump touching down on french soil just hours ago, but it's russia that's overshadowing his every move. and this morning these images are under a microscope, videos shot by nbc sports showing donald trump dining with a group of russians in 2013. >> you like russians. >> i like russians. i like him.
8:04 am
>> reporter: at the dinner the same people now at the center of the latest firestorm over russia, mr. trump's former business partner aris agalarov and his son eman. a russian pop star who asked rob goldstone who set up donald trump junior with a kremlin linked attorney. >> the president defending his son before taking off for paris telling reuters he doesn't blame trump junior saying, i think many people would have held that meeting and he only learned about the encounter a couple days ago. in another interview the president touting warmer relations with russia and its president vladimir putin. >> i think we got along very, very well. we are a tremendously powerful nuclear power and so are they. >> that's right. >> it doesn't make sense not to have some kind of a relationship. >> reporter: and as the russia investigation deepens, the
8:05 am
president's pick for a new fbi corrector christopher wray on capitol hill wednesday for his confirmation hearing trying to convince lawmakers he will be independent from his boss who fired former fbi director james comey. >> i will never allow the fbi's work to be driven by anything other than the facts, the law and the impartial pursuit of justice. >> wray saying the president never asked him to pledge loyalty, something ousted comey said the president asked of him. >> no one asked me for a loyalty oath at any point during this process and i sure as heck didn't ask for one. >> if the president asked you to do something unlawful what would you say. >> i would try to talk to him out of it and if that failed i would resign. >> reporter: when asked if he believes president due pin's denial about meddling in the election president trump said something happened and we have to find out what it is.
8:06 am
in that joint news conference later today he will face tough questions about all of this. >> thank you very much. drivers and passengers somehow escaped with their lives after a massive mud slide that was caught on camera. traffic was moving pretty slowly wednesday on this two-lane road in china. suddenly tons of mud and debris roared down the hillside, knocked cars and trucks on to each other and on to their sides, one driver had a become a and leg injury, had to be rescued from his car, the others somehow escaped out of windows. that mud slide is being blamed on heavy rain in the area. >> scary images there. >> we have a lot more to get to this morning including the five small diet changes that could help you live longer. plus, jenna goes in search of great white sharks off the u.s. coast. and then, how about this, puppy plastic surgery, the debate over a popular new trend for pet owners. speaking of trends, we are all about the ruffles on today's style, but first these messages. forsz
8:07 am
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8:11 am
welcome back today. what if there were five simple things you could do right now to improve your health? a new harvard study outlining diet changes that could help you live longer. medical correspondent john torres is here and he'll walk us through them literally. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> we're talking about little changes. these don't require an enormous commitment. >> subtle changes. your family isn't going to notice you make these changes, little things to do. you need to sustain them throughout the year. that's the most important part. >> this deals with the amount of meat in your diet. >> cutting one serving of meat a day and adding legumes, moving one meat out, adding legumes. beans, chickpeas, cut the risk of dying by 8% to 17%, a simple step. >> get rid of a serving of meat and get nuts into your diet. >> nuts are great. fiber, good fat, they help reduce cholesterol, help the
8:12 am
lining of arteries which is important to prevent heart attacks or strokes. the main thing is to watch the calories. the trick here is to substitute something. instead of bowl of potato chips, a handful of nuts. >> we're not talking honey roasted nuts. >> tree nuts. >> raw nuts. >> raw nuts the best to do. lowers your cholesterol, helps your arteries. >> you want people or the study says people should get more protein in their diet especially at the gipg of the day. >> people that ate 35 grams of protein in the morning. >> give me an example. >> six eggs. add add greek yogurt milk not that much. they burn 400 less during the day, burn body fat and end up losing weight. >> a guy my age i eat three eggs, can i go to six eggs. >> i wouldn't add six eggs but greek yogurt has tons of protein. >> savannah just discovered
8:13 am
chobani. >> that's true. i love it. it's so good. >> this an interesting one. take one meal you would eat out, a lot of times that means at a fast-food restaurant substitute it with a meal we eat at home. >> we love to eat out. taking that one meal and doing it at home instead you're going to save 2 had not calories and cut out 400 milligrams of sodium. we eat too much salt. 200 mate not sound like much but over a week we're talking about half a pound of weight loss. >> what's happening in the kitchen. >> did a study took pictures of them. people with cereal or soda on the counter weighed 20% more than people who had fruit on the counter. if you serve from the stove instead of the counter people ate 19% less especially guys because you can't reach over and get it. cast iron cook from cast iron and you get more iron in your diet. >> small adjustments. >> john always good to see you. thank you very much. for more daily changes to help
8:14 am
you live longer go to let's get a check of the weather from al. >> "today's" weather brought to you by massmutual recognizing the importance of relying on others. i never knew that about the cast iron. that's amazing. so if you get wet, do you have to worry about rust. anyway we're looking at severe lightning last night in southern florida and heavy rain as well. why? we've got the remnants of this tropical depression. tropical depression number four. it is making its way across florida and into the gulf. so it's going to be causing more problems. a lot of heavy rain throughout parts of southern florida. the risk of urban flooding and then it's going to make its way into the gulf through sunday causing more heavy rain all the way into florida. some areas could be some areas could pick up to 4 inches or more. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. san francisco will see some clearing today still in with the clouds right now. high temperatures will reach into the mid-60s and upper 60s
8:15 am
tomorrow. this weekend will be a nice one but a little bit warmer reaching into the mid-70s while the inland valleys go from the lower 90s to 101 degrees on saturday. that will be the peak of the heat and then our temperatures coming back down early next week. we'll be in the mid-80s by tuesday and 88 degrees by next wednesday. >> that's your latest weather. guys. >> let's go to trending shall we. i like my trending with a little club music. do we have some? >> you guys like to go clubbing? >> yes. >> check out this story "the new york post." this is the exact age when clubbing becomes tragic. there was an actual study about this. a were you a british survey
8:16 am
showed it was 31 years old. 31. it's tragic. what do we think, stop clubbing at 31? >> oh, yeah. >> don't you love a place you can dance. >> that's called home. >> it's the today show christmas party. >> we've all seen someone at a club too old to be there. >> at that point it's hard to stay awake to 2 okay. >> this company thinking what are other ages you should nt do other things. anyone you shouldn't wear a mini skirt. >> halloween. >> exactly. >> we just happen to have that. >> what about you? >> i think great legs you can wear at any time you want. >> look at heidi clum. >> what about the slogan t-shirts. >> why not? >> i love them.
8:17 am
>> you made a slogan. >> i did. >> i'm all about that. >> what time should you not have long hair anymore? >> sometimes it's taken out of your hands. >> maria shriver. >> how about calling your parents mommy and daddy? >> six. >> i sometimes do. >> mommy? >> mom. >> sometimes mommy. >> sometimes call their dads daddy. >> no guys i know. >> real quick what about guys wearing sports jerseys with a player's name on the back. >> i think it's cute. >> jeter. >> adorable. >> just as a fashion statement. >> around the office. >> what about orderering tater tauts and chicken fingers. >> never too old. >> how about pop start.
8:18 am
>> the espy awards. they gathered for the 2th annual show. the audience was by peyton manning. >> unfortunately my brother couldn't be here tonight. i can rip on my brort. these espy folks wanted me to say stuff to mock athletes. i said absolutely not. here are a few of the jokes i hated the most. >> a few harmless joeks. a lot of big honors. >> he was great. he's a funny guy. >> that's hard to do. there were a lot of big awards. simone biles won best athlete. russell westbrook was the male star. best game super bowl showdown
8:19 am
and best moment the cubs world series. >> the biggest round of applause went to michelle obama. the former first lady honored you nis sliefr. her daughter is our good friend who attended with her family. >> jessica biel opens up about her family on her marriage to justin timberlake and what makes it work. jessica said we have similar value. we believe in loyalty. also in the business we're all very career oriented. you have to be a little selfish. the couple had their first child in 2015. jessica told the magazine it becomes clear your life revolves around him. we'll catch up with jessica later. >> by the way manning can get away with that because he has pure credibility. >> absolutely.
8:20 am
>> into the air land and sea exploring new frontiers in space underground and the ocean. here's jenna. she travelled to cape kod massachusetts. you're so courage ous. >> cap kod has a newly emerging population of great whites. it's a unique opportunity and nat geo photographers. for decades the powerful great white shark has both fascinated and frightened us. even if statistically we're far more likely to die from a spider bite. movies like "jaws" did not help great white's reputation. but not so for award winning nat geo photographer. >> these are predators. there's no question we have to respect them. but they aren't anywhere near as bad as they have been portrayed. i have over time been able to routinely get in the water and within a couple of feet of many
8:21 am
species of sharks. that's something i wouldn't do with a grizzly bear or wolf or tiger. >> for an underwater photographer he says they are a perfect subject. >> they perfectly blend grace and power. they move exquisitely through the water yet exude this great confidence. it's sort of been an intoxicating subject. >> so intoxicating he's just published a new book called "shark." filled with amazing images he captured under water. >> i love the storytelling part to be able to see things, make photographs and share that. >> he hopes he'll have a lot plor to share from today's trip off the coast of cape cod. >> what's been happening since 2009 we have a newly emerging population of white sharks and that is unique in the world. this would be analogous to a new tried of lions occurring in africa some place. the reason it's happening here is because the seals they feed on have started to come back. >> it's a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the great white. >> the truth is we know very
8:22 am
little about these animals. what a tag will yield is migrations what depth its diving at and that's information downloaded by the scientist. we can begin to put together the puzzle where these animals go how they interact with beaches an people and other animals in the ocean. >> ready? this receiver tells us which of our tag sharks are around and when they were here. >> really valuable information that shark researcher hopes will dispel the myth these giant ocean creatures are simply people eaters. >> that's not the case. they evolve on all kinds of creatures in the ocean. >> he has been studying sharks 30 years. he's now the senior biologist to tag sharks off cape cod. the program is funded by atlantic white shark conservancy. >> doing tagging studies most recently. really quite fascinating. they are really seasonal visitors here. as the waters warm up exploit seal resources here feed on the seals, and leave at the end of the season. they are almost like tourists.
8:23 am
>> reporter: the process of tagging these giant fish is amazing. we're on the lookout for the shark. what would you do if you found them. >> we're going to get really close to it so it's right underneath me. i'm going to use the gopro familiar ra and video the shark. get a sense of male female a shark we previously know. if the shark sticks around we're going to go ahead and place a tag in the dorsal fin. >> are you the one that places it? >> yeah. we'll place it right from here and keep our fingers crossed. >> okay. keep our fingers crossed. >> now, we wait. >> the shark is close but it's deep. >> it's right under me right under me. >> he's right under you. >> isn't that him? >> it's not moving. >> why? >> i don't think it's a shark. it's not reacting to us at all. >> it might be a rock. >> we had almost given up hope. >> nice. >> yes. >> he's a good distance away. i'm pointing right at him.
8:24 am
>> oh, my gosh. i see it. i saw its dorsal. it's beautiful. let's tag that baby. let's tag him. wow. that's kind of scary but awesome. >> down a little. now he's getting spooky. >> really hard to see him. >> there he is. >> tail moving. >> don't do that. >> oh, my gosh. i see him. oh gosh. oh, gosh. oh wow. let's tag him. >> we can do a tag. he's got a good pace going. >> i see him. i see him. >> oh, we tagged him! we tagged him! we tagged him! >> it was really cool. we found out from the video greg took that the shark was a female so the crew decided to name her jenna. i have a great white -- is that a compliment by the way? i have a great white named after me somewhere on the coast of cape cod.
8:25 am
can you say that about your selves. >> and they follow those signals. >> yes. they follow those signals. one of the things that's really important, they make sure beachgoers when they get close to the beach, the beachgoers know there's a great white close to them. >> they say jenna is lurking in the water. >> jenna is too close. >> the rock by the way, has not moved. >> that was a really embarrassing moment. by the way, you two can try tagging. the white shark conservancy takes tourists out to do that same thing, which was, by the way, really fun. all the profits go to shark research. >> love it. can you tag me for free. >> just ahead, the booming business of puppy plastic surgery. that's right. puppy plastic surgery. right after your local news and weather.
8:26 am
a very good thursday morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we continue to follow breaking news in lafayette and a story that broke before the start of today in the bay. the massive early morning fire that destroyed the town's chamber of commerce along with businesses started a little before midnight on lafayette circle near the retail area where restaurants are located. the fire triggered numerous evac evacuation evacuations. the good news, no one was injured. but the chamber of commerce and the restaurant are both a total loss. so far there's no idea what caused that fire. let's check the roadways right now with mike inouye. >> we have a pretty smooth drive for most of the bay, but you know what's causing the big issue for the north bay, here at silicon valley, a smoother drive
8:27 am
as we're recovering from a number of crashes. southbound 880 from the auto mall and the here westbound 80 around carlton, told you about that a half hour ago and that's cleared up. highway 29 still blocked northbound because of this overturned postal truck that's been there all morning. both lanes are still blocked and power lines down. folks are trying to get around that area so that's what's causing the slowing off the interstate 880. no idea when it will open but it is a problem for local traffic. >> we'll update you. another update in half an hour. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ ♪ we're back now, 8:30 on this thursday morning. it's the 13th day of july 2017. mr. roker, give me some adjectives for the day we're experiencing here? >> it's a little close, stecky humid. >> soupy. >> it's called summer. >> not bad. >> did you say close or gross. >> close. >> what's that? >> that's hailee steinfeld.
8:31 am
24 hours from now she's going to be right here on the plaza for a live concert. if you're in the area get down i think early for that one. >> this the time where we like to single out somebody from the crowd. this entire crowd we looked around and we find the penn family. hi guys. >> hi. >> these guys by the way, are moving from miami to connecticut. you're on the road? >> yes. >> how do you feel like your new home coming up. >> excited, very excited. >> they decided to do a pit stop on the "today" show to say hi. we wanted to give you a present. is that okay? where is charlie? come here charlie. charlie has something for you in the little bag. we actually have one for everybody, just "today" show mugs. we're not doing to give just one. we're not that stingy. thank you for sharing your road trip with us. thank you for coming to see us.
8:32 am
>> almost dropped it. thank you. >> you got it? all right. thanks. thank you, charlie. >> welcome. >> how sweet is charlie. >> it's like "let's make a deal" deal." >> we have a reason to welcome adorable puppies to our studio. we've been loving these guys all morning. here is the story. some are actually getting plastic surgery for their puppies. >> fashion forward, how to pull off frills and ruffles trend at the office pool basically anywhere. >> speaking of trends how about this. how about a vertical garden. you don't need a backyard. you can grow herbs right there and recipes to go with. >> if you're like us you're having olympics withdrawal. counting down to this winter. we have got your fix for the moment. this saturday the launch day for the first olympic channel, home of team usa, tells what to expect from new channel is nbc's prime time olympic host mike
8:33 am
torico. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> i'm wonderful, thank you. what is this? >> this is a home for the games between the games. it's not like there is a door that opens that the olympians walk through, they compete and do away for four years. they are competing throughout. so the olympic channel will be the home of team usa. it will be a place to watch the olympic sports between the games. >> also i read you were saying sometimes the athletes themselves future athletes get inspired watching past olympic moments, so maybe it's kind of a recruiting tool as well. >> it can be. think about the four major sports basketball baseball football hockey. if you want to be the next pete sampras, watch tennis. what if you want to be the next katie ledecky, michael phelps not much swimming. >> 2:00 in the morning, you can't sleep, flip on the tv
8:34 am
there it is. >> just an anecdote. shaun white said he got inspired to get into the olympics when he saw kerry strug do that incredible landing in 1996. >> that's right. he's snowboarding and halfpipe and everything else. >> so mike. while we have you here. >> yes. >> multiple choice question. los angeles will host the olympics in either 2024 or 2028 which will it be? >> i hope i'm there. can i do the same thing you did with sam querrey in the 7:00 hour? >> what do you think? >> i would think '28 in paris and '24. but they are talking -- the good news is one way or the other for fans in the u.s. looks like olympics will be back in the u.s. it's good for the summer games. >> that sound means you got the right answer. >> we'll see you in pyongyang. i have six months to work on it.
8:35 am
>> south korea. >> see you there. >> again, the olympic channel, home of team usa launches this saturday. to find out the exact channel in your area go to got it. >> it's been a while since i've been next to torico. >> you didn't tell me it was seersucker day today. >> for that you're going to have to do the weather? >> again? >> again with the weather. >> haven't i done this enough? >> never enough. >> can i just say it's blazing hot virtually everywhere. >> yes. >> and it's going to rain like crazy in all likelihood here in new york. >> yes. >> can i get back to michigan. i have a 4:00 flight. thunderstorms at laguardia. probably not. >> take a look at the rest of the weekend. saturday. >> saturday severe storms obviously up in the great lakes. but the heat out dakotas, montana, the plains very hot out there. >> and say it with me. sunday -- sunday! -- >> rain obviously down in the south, texas, florida but still placesing hot in the midwest and
8:36 am
out west. >> there that's my nemesis. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> in your neck of the woods. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it is going to be a nice and warm day for the south bay, making it up to 89 degrees in east san jose. while the east bay will be seeing some low 90s this afternoon, up to 92 in concord. 73 degrees there. 74 in san mateo and san francisco. we'll see those highs up to 6 degrees in the mission district. for the north bay, look for those highs in the mid-80s today and these temperatures nice and mild today, but really heating up this weekend. here is the part where we walk and show the crowd. that's what's going on around the country. don't forget get your weather any time you need it go to the weather channel on cable. >> i'm walking, i'm talking. >> thank you very much. a surprising trend in cosmetic surgery that seems to be on the rise.
8:37 am
>> not talking about humans but these little guys dogs. jolene here to explain. thanks for bringing us puppies. >> it's a great assignment. might sound ridiculous getting cosmetic surgeries. it's becoming increasingly common to keep your dogs healthy and alive. it comes with a pretty healthy price tag. sometimes even the cutest poochers need a little work. that's right, more dogs across the country now going under the knife for plastic surgery. but it's not about face lifts or the perfect wet nose. veterinarians say more pets need cosmetic procedures to relieve pain and suffering often found in popular breeds like french bulldogs sharpeis and pugs. >> when it comes to animals, plastic surgery we do isn't for cosmetic but function. these are animals coming in for persistent infections inability to breathe, eye problems.
8:38 am
>> of the $69 billion americans will spend on their pets this year 62 million shelled out for pet plastic surgery. among most popular procedures eye lifts to prevent corneas, tummy tucks and laser nostril procedures so wrinkled noses breathe easier. >> how much does cosmetic surgery cost. >> something simple like a single eyelid $150 to $200 all the way up to several thousand. >> some animal advocates criticizes breeders for prioritizing physical attributes over health. >> it's our fault. the more we breed in french terriers bulldogs the more problems we'll have with the ♪ ♪ elongated paletteletettepalette. >> this one-year-old french ball dog suffered from respiratory blockage. >> every time we would feed him, he would regurgitate. he was in pain he had no
8:39 am
energy. >> we were freaked out. we didn't know what to do. >> they tried medication and multiple vets. nothing worked until cosmetic surgery. >> how much did you spend for a solution to make him feel better. >> 15 to $20,000 to help him. medical bills, hospitalizations. >> how much did you end up spending for the surgery itself. >> all in was about $1500, if that. >> pet insurance can cover the cost of plastic surgery but often does not leaving owners to pay up. >> there are people out there like come on it's a dog. what's your response to that? >> it's not just a dog. >> it's our family. >> guys we have some really cute puppies here with us. frenchie pug. oftentimes with these wrinkly dogs vets tell us they might require procedures to breathe and eat properly. you should know once popular trend of clipping ears and tails, that's no longer acceptable. >> we're not talking cosmetic
8:40 am
surgery because you're perfect. >> this isn't a puppy, he's 85 years old but he's had a lot of work done. >> thank you, jo. coming up next from fur to ruffles. the summer style trend taking over runways and retail stores but first, this istoday" on "nb
8:41 am
8:42 am
we're ready to ruffle it up ruffle up your summer wardrobe. here to explain good housekeeping director. hey. >> hey. >> everywhere i'm seeing ruffles. there is a school of thought it's old-fashioned and frumpy. >> let's be honest. it is not a new hot trend, let's say. it's has been around since 16th century. let's be honest with that.
8:43 am
the best trends evolve. designers know how to make them fresh and new. we're going to show you the ruffles of 2017 and why they are different. >> let's bring out our first lovely model and take a peek. >> ruffles get the bad rap of being too precious to prim. this is the way to dress it up. wearing a top. >> roughly down the center. >> a bustier, does feel a little edgier. we paired it with a ballet skirt, which is popular. we love it. feels a little street styley, not to overly done. >> let's bring out our next and take a peek here. >> here we have mattie. oftentimes people don't think you can wear ruffles to work almost reads to girly, not powerful. this is a skirt from layne bryant. a lot of women above a certain
8:44 am
size do i not wear ruffles because i don't want volume. mattie looks so gorgeous getting compliments all the way up. the ruffles cascade down that's what you're looking for and on an angle. you want them on a bias. >> let's look at your top, it's not part of the segment, it's awesome. >> it is part of the segment. this is from lulu's under $35. >> talk about the mannequin. >> you can use ruffles, strategically place them to flatter your figure. this this can increase a flat bust f you're worried about your style and you're not a super girly girl. can you get this at target. it's like a bomber jacket. isn't that cool? also if you add them to the poem of the skirt it can help create curves.
8:45 am
this here is a little ruffle on the cuff at the beach. >> of stop itstop it. are people wearing that? >> yes. >> add it to a discreet length. >> that's adorable. >> this is adding ruffles here and volume on the sleeves, it can minimize. >> go to a summer party with flip flops. speaking of shoes. you've got shoes covered. >> we have it all. everything we love about this all in $100. you're looking at places like topshop, nine west. what's key here hoda is if you have an otherwise neutral outfit ruffles and frills are a great way to add depth and texture. minimal effort maximum impact. >> it's cool. on the bag, tre cool. >> roughly, clutch chokers even. >> ruffled chokers.
8:46 am
>> depending the way they are rendered. >> on socks. >> this jewelry, look at the ripple jewelry. >> gorgeous. >> really fun. you're excited to get to this. >> we've saved the best for last can we point out? abe abbey has her daughter. >> how adorable. >> aubrey in this adorable and super affordable ruffle. this is from the gap. when it comes to kids this is from kate spade. >> look at it. >> the more ruffles and frills for baby the more adorable. >> awesome. >> bye, guys. for these trends go to next the rise of vertical gardens and what you can cook up with fresh herbs right after this.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
we're back with "today's" food something taking root in restaurants and kitchens across the country, vertical gardens. they can help enhance your dishes. we decided to get in on the trend. greens are growing, taking root in and on buildings around the world. part of the explosion of farm to table cooking in every day kitchens where fresh herbs are becoming a staple of year-round recipes. from the largest display in sydney to the streets of paris and singapore, these lush and lavish vertical gardens can soar up to hundreds of feet tall and dozens of feet wide. in the last three years, close to a million square feet of green walls have been installed in this country across 44 states using hydrouponic systems for cleaner air, reduce noise and grow healthier fruits
8:50 am
vegetables and herbs. miami's otium and colony in new york city all incorporate greens in their restaurant decor. in naples ritz-carlton grill more than a dozen varieties of let us grown in-house and served to the guests. idot your self kits are sold allowing anyone to reap and sow. "today" food built our own custom affordable garden. >> we came up with the idea of using hydroponics, soilless, " "led lighting. everything we grow outside in the garden we'll be able to grow inside on the set. easy to use, easy to grow. >> just look how good our "today" food indoor garden is growing. to give us basics of cooking and using foods is a certified national chef. >> thanks savannah.
8:51 am
>> this looks amazing. >> is this gorgeous or what. >> some nasturtiums, thyme, laughed der, basil, monster basil. >> it is huge. >> it's huge to grow indoors. it's a trend. it's happening. >> you're going to inspire with three herbs off the beaten path. >> you told me herbs intimidate you. what's up with that? >> i'm not the greatest chef. this is lemon thyme, how do we use it? >> so citrusy. one little hack we've got string here. can you tie up your thyme like this. >> why? >> hang it and dry your own herbs. question for you, fresh herbs and dry herbs are they interchangeable? >> no. but i don't know why. >> drier herbs are way stronger in flavor. should be used during cooking. fresh fresh, used at the end. >> seafood.
8:52 am
>> really good with seafood. >> the next one i've never heard of. >> crervil. it tastes like black licorice. we did it with mango salsa. how do you store herbs? you've got some here. roll it in a paper towel. >> wet paper towel. >> you should do this right when you come from the grocery store. a little baggy. >> roll it up. >> that's a tight roll. >> i made a lot of burritos. >> punch a couple holes, allows it to breathe. normally if you threw it in the refrigerator it would last five days. with this three weeks. >> watch out with the knife. >> a freddy krueger situation there. >> made salsa. >> isn't that gorgeous. chervil should be on the menu. >> this has that piney, gorgeous earthy flavor, in the
8:53 am
organization oregano family. strip this. >> dry or wet, how do you decide what goes better with what. does that make sense? >> totally makes sense. if you're cooking a longer period of time it's something dry. a salad something fresh, it's going to be something more fresh. >> this is so fun, get to watch our garden grow. thank you so much. find out more with
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> wasn't that pretty? >> very nice. >> back with a quick reminder. we want your best photos, give you a chance to visit us at one of our summer concerts on the plaza. >> you've been sending in photos that capture the essence of summer. keep them coming. i like that. a few of them each week. by the end of the summer we are going to pick one favorite. >> yikes. >> we're going to bring in the amateur photographer to one of our blow out concerts. find out more about "today's" summer moment at share them using "today" summer moment. >> every single one you showed is a winner. >> really nice. >> what's coming up next hour dylan. >> even though it's wednesday,
8:56 am
it's fry-day. >> it isn't wednesday. >> today is thursday but whatever. yeah. >> i'm eating french fries basically is the moral of that story. >> i saw sweet potato fries. >> ketchup, ketchup and mayonnaise good morning. it is 8:56 right now on your thursday. i'm sam brock. we continue to follow breaking news out of lafayette this morning. a story that broke before the start of "today in the bay"," a massive early morning fire that destroyed the town's chamber of commerce and several businesses there. all this started a little before midnight on lafayette circle the retail area where restaurants including ciao are
8:57 am
located, just one block away from diya go boulevard. that fire triggered numerous evacuations. nobody was injured but as you saw a second ago, the chamber of commerce and that restaurant are both at a total loss. happening right now, our bob redell is speaking with firefighters about why they're taking a defensive posture on that fire and we're waiting for an update on the cause. a live report in our midday newscast. get the latest information on our twitter feed including more video of the fire burning at its peak. traffic on highway 29 in napa still at a standstill after a postal truck flipped over. the chp issuing a sigalert. more back story and images on our home page. senate republicans are ruling out their new health care bill. in our twitter feed, an update on that plan.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's" particular a sneak peek of the new movie getting a lot of buzz. naomi watts, kylie jenner and big stars you'll be watching real soon. it's fry-day on thursday the secret to making the best french fries at home coming u right now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" love from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, it's thursday morning, july 13th. you're listening to "you've got a not." >> you've gotta not do something. >> it's thursday makes it a
9:01 am
throw-back thursday. we start with you. >> i was digging through pictures hey, it's baseball season. look what i found, my softball professional photo. >> keeps getting better. >> there's so many things we can talk about. the bangs, the teeth, the size of the teeth that have not yet grown into my face. the size of the glasses. >> but it's really cute though. >> you know i remember picture day when they would give you a magazine. were those cards. >> they were like little baseball cards but it was actually for my baseball team. >> a sports journal. >> yes. >> it was fancy, like my own little baseball card. >> that's cute. >> that's me in 1992. >> what is this something about mail? >> i very rarely check my mail maybe two weeks. i have a little mailbox downstairs in the lobby. i never do it because then i have to go through it. >> your mail at hem? >> yes. >> i'm the same way, drives
9:02 am
michael nuts. >> mostly nothing good. so i finally get my mail carry the whole thing up upstairs sort into magazines, junk mail and go to mail. i saw a beautiful invitation. >> the r.s.v.p. was two days ago. >> i'm going to throw everything in the trash. i'm doing lungs down the hall to the trash chute. i'm feeling in a good place. went back to my apartment i threw out everything. i don't know what i threw out. >> the trash chute. >> yes. i can't get it back. here i'm trying to be organized and in my brain somehow i picked up everything and threw it all out. >> you only check your mail once every two weeks. >> that's normal. >> what? that is not normal. >> that's normal for us. >> if you get it every day you have to attend to it. >> that's the point of mail. >> it drives him nuts.
9:03 am
>> all my bills are paid online. most of my bills are paid online. here is what i'm most worried about. >> i mailed you a letter. >> i have. >> two weeks later. >> we all get things late. >> so nice four weeks later. >> how was this i was wondering. >> sam's wedding invitation. >> i know. it was really nice. >> a beautiful invitation. >> it was really nice. >> a waste of money right down the chute. >> i texted her immediately and told her. >> orange room, hashtag mail every day or mail once a week. >> in your defense -- >> whether or not you live in an apartment. >> i agree with dylan. our mailbox is away from the door. >> you walk through the door every day. >> you have to get a different key. >> how is this possible. >> it's very possible. >> drives my family nuts. >> in the studio once a day or once a week.
9:04 am
>> every day. >> every day. >> might get something important. >> what can possibly come in the mail. >> i don't know. a notice from the irs. >> i agree. >> because i finally paid all my medical bills from having calvin and i think i overpaid i'm hoping i didn't throw out a reimbursement check. >> i've thrown out checks. >> that's the way of telling you you make too much money. >> no. >> any envelope this looks like a check i open. >> the envelope looks like a check. you're like the health insurance finally -- >> i had a macy's card and put $10 on it. later i found it and it was past 90 days because i didn't check mail for a mint. >> i've probably gone a month without checking mail. now it's all in the trash. that's the moral of that story. >> can i tell you upside down with our producer who was
9:05 am
getting married, really nice invitation. she put a lot of thought into it. >> i did open it. i saved it to show brian. >> threw it away. >> it's all in the trash. >> all gone. >> how about you, what did you do yesterday? >> i'm just going hand it to you. my throw-back thursday didn't quite go back as far as yours. debra, laeleila two years ago, 2015 the opening of "hamilton." >> actual opening night. >> yeah. >> before all the buzz. >> no there was buzz. but then it went nuts after the opening. >> that's pretty lucky. so you were there like it was already big. >> yes. >> you were there -- >> for the thing. >> how big is that. >> i still haven't seen it. >> i mailed you guys tickets. >> down the trash. >> here is my thing. normally if you mail something important, you tell the person
9:06 am
hey, expect this in the mail. sam knows, our producer knows i never check my mail. hey, i'm mailing invitations, so look out for it. >> how long ago did she mail them? >> a while ago. >> i missed the r.s.v.p. >> it was two days ago. >> she got married two days ago. it was beautiful, so beautiful. >> i'll show you a picture of mailing it mailing r.s.v.p. three days late. >> i texted her and said we'll be there. >> we're the worst. >> two beautiful brides. anyway so united airlines got a new overbooking plan. >> this is good. >> they better do something. three months after that infamous video of united airlines passenger dr. dao getting drug off the flight. they are back with a pilot program -- get it pilot -- for overbooking. instead of at the gate five days before departure you'll get an e-mail that identifies
9:07 am
oversold flights. >> i think it's a good idea. >> you do? >> five days in advance -- they give you a voucher for $250. you still have time to book at flight. >> the only thing, when you're there, they get desperate, so they give you more money. >> they do. i was flying the other day, $1500. >> did you take it? >> i was thinking about it. then i was on the phone with debra and she said you know there's somebody who probably could use that $1500 and you're going to look like this money grubber if you dogo up. >> so i was thinking of giving somebody $50 to go up for me. i didn't do that. >> the thing in new york airports though it takes so long to get to the airport. i just sit there and i'm going to take the flight no matter what. >> i just -- >> you'd stay. >> you've got ready availability to snacks. you've got reading material you've got your ipad. i'm good. i can get caught up on "veep," which this season is good.
9:08 am
>> i haven't watched. >> speaking of money, tearing up money and ripping up checks. there's a crazy story outside of cristie, texas pref you mean corpus christi. >> what did i say? >> christi. >> i applied there, when i was sending tapes. i sent my tapes 75 different places. no one called. >> well who's laughing now. >> 44 jobs om one, west virginia. corpus christi, texas replacing a lock in a room behind an atm machine and then he accidentally got locked inside. the guy left his cell phone in his truck, so he was stuck behind the atm for hours, two hours. can i tell you what he did? he took the receipt, because he was on the other side. he wrote, please help me. when a person went to get cash he slipped it through. that came through instead of a receipt. >> people probably not -- >> i would.
9:09 am
>> what do you need help in there? >> have you ever gotten stuck? >> when i was a little girl i got stuck in airplane bathroom. >> it can be hard to open those. you know those flimsy doors? i remember the flight attendant was going, sweetie, going to get you out. it's going to be okay. anybody have a hanger? they used a hanger. it stuck. >> i was telling the story with producers. matt lauer was walking by. he topped me with this story. is he around? can we get matt? >> mat lawyer. >> you're discussing your lock in story. >> your airplane story was better than mine. >> mine is gross though. >> perfect. >> so i'm on a plane one time and it gets to be that part of the flight where the pilot says we're starting our descent, if you need to use the rest room this is a good time. you know how many people get up to head to the bathroom. i'm first in line and waiting for lavatory door to open but there are people behind me. the lavatory door opens, a guy
9:10 am
walks out, hi how are you? i go in lock the door i turn around. there is urine everywhere all over the seat all over the seat. i'm a bit of a germaphobic, what do you do? here is the dilemma, if i turn around and walk out, everyone thinks i'm the one that did that. >> you didn't clean it up? would you. >> anthony, who has never cleaned anything in his life you have to clean that up. you were the guy in front of me? i had to clean it up. >> did you wait until after you went and clean it all up together. >> i don't mess up the seat. in 59 years i've learned how to hit the water part. >> aim for the hole. >> so i cleaned it up and walked out so the next person had a good experience because my reputation is more important to
9:11 am
me than my germ phobia. >> when did you stop grimacing. >> well after landing. >> did you use your foot get your foot up there and wipe it off. >> this is what i deal with every day. >> i wrap my foot in toilet paper. how are you supposed to get the toilet paper off your foot. >> the other food. he's got shoes on. good-bye guys. see you later. i'm done. >> aren't you glad you came in? >> yes, thank you. >> why couldn't you use your foot. >> not to clean up a mess. >> i do it. you keep your shoe on. dylan, we're horrible. >> crazy. >> wow. >> that was a good story. >> that was a good one. i got stuck on an escalator for an hour. it was horrible. up next grab a pen and paper. up next we have a drawing i love you so much that's why i bought six of you for when you stretch out. i want you to stay this bright blue forever,
9:12 am
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find your neighborhood store at i'll take that. hey, l'eggo my eggo. i don't see your name on it. really? ba bam! know the rules. keep your eggo. l'eggo my eggo. okay. oh, look... another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works in just one week. with the fastest retinol formula to visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ are you ready... for color this bold and hair this nourished? garnier nutrisse ultra color with avocado, olive and shea oils.
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it nourishes hair to boost color. from dull brown to our bluest black. nutrisse ultra color. nourished hair. bolder color. ♪ if you have bad breath and your mouth lacks moisture when you speak or swallow you may suffer from dry mouth. try biotène®, the #1 dentist recommended dry mouth brand. biotène® provides immediate relief from dry mouth symptoms that last for up to four hours. in fact, biotène® is the only leading brand clinically proven to soothe, moisturize, and freshen breath. don't just manage dry mouth symptoms with water, soothe, moisturize and freshen your breath, with biotène®. this has been medifacts for biotène®. >> i wish you could hear these stories. they are the best. >> oh, my gosh. they are unbelievable. >> a marker board and marker. >> challenged readers
9:15 am
to see how well they could draw each of the individual states. >> individually or in the united states. >> that would be the states individually. >> so each individual state. >> t? >> after 2 million submissions. >> i'm doomed. >> they determined which three states were the hardest to draw. so we'll try here and you try at home. >> which three states are we drawing. >> we're going to tell you in just a second. >> okay. maryland. >> come on. >> wow. >> backwards. >> what is that? >> kind of weird. >> no. >> mine is kind of right. >> yours looks like florida. >> i'm backwards. okay. that's fair. >> meteorologists of this they stair at
9:16 am
stare at maps all day long. >> next michigan. >> that's not fair. >> let me think. illinois. there's a lake. >> that's almost rude. >> that's the lake. >> illinois. >> oh, wow. i think we're doing okay. okay. the last one. hawaii. >> this is good. >> wait. i'm in trouble. >> what is that. >> that's a tooth on its side. >> you can tell she's only ever watched the weather report. >> down there. >> how many islands are there? >> there's four big ones. >> you misinterpreted my picture. it's there. the circles. >> have you circles, too.
9:17 am
>> no. first of all, you're holding it the wrong way. anyway easy to draw. colorado. >> there's colorado. >> i got kansas. >> there you go. that's where i'm from kansas. >> let's take a look at your weather. you can check your states right there. >> see, look on the bottom left it's going to pop up. hawaii. >> don't we usually pop up hawaii. >> on the "today" map. how long have you been here? >> exactly. >> we're in the northeast, showers and thunderstorms. >> wait for it. there it is. >> hundreds in the southwest. we're looking at the 90s. all right. then as far as your sky conditions are concerned we are looking at more wet weather through the gulf. look for heavy thunderstorms making their way through the ohio river valley into the northeast. hot and dry through the plains. sunshine along west coast. that's what going on around the country, here is w
9:18 am
good morning i'm kari hall san francisco we'll see those highs up to 65 degrees with clearing today and warmer tomorrow. this weekend is looking very nice with highs in the low to mid 70s and cooling down next week. the inland valleys are really in for hot temperatures. tomorrow reaching into the low 90s. temperatures jumping up 90 degrees up to 101 this saturday. >> by the way, i mailed you an atlas. you should have gotten it. >> i do have one of those fancy globes from t.j.maxx. >> wait a minute. fancy and t.j.maxx. >> next up french friday with a french guy. he's one of new york city's top chefs. he's got a tutorial about when i first started working with capital one my dad called them up and asked for "the jennifer garner
9:19 am
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you know, makes it easy for us to get the right home insurance. [ snoring ] progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents but we can protect your home and auto. [ chuckles ] all right. so the calendar may say thursday but today is really fry-day. national french fry. >> we called over famous french man, the chef and owner of -- i'm messing up everything. >> you got his name. >> i'm under so much pressure. say your name. >> you got the name right. >> you say your name much more beautiful. >> he's the chef and owner across the street. >> you're going to show us how to make perfect fry this morning. >> is it fry or freedom fry. >> french fry. best potato to make a fry with. >> idaho. there is several of them but idaho is one of them.
9:23 am
at the time the right peeler. so we peel them. >> that's old school. >> this is complicated. >> you can get that. so once you do that. different way of cutting them by hand so you have to make sure you actually square it off a little bit first. >> so it doesn't roll. >> then. >> are you good at making them even because you're good or method to your madness. >> no you know. >> if you wanted to risk it you could try a mandolin. >> try the mandolin. >> once you get them sliced put them in cold water. >> very important, let them run cold water until the starch on the bottom. overpass soak them. >> overnight. >> for 12 hours. >> have you ever soaked your fries overnight. >> i've never made my own fries.
9:24 am
>> then you want to let it dry. >> look how perfect they are. >> dry five ten minutes, until dry. >> how hot do you want to get your oil. >> 275. you blanche them. >> not yet. >> you've got to cook them a second time. >> have you seen a french fry. >> you know what it is i assume see how perfect. >> the second? >> 375, 380. leave them so they dry and form -- >> we've got to hurry. >> besides ketchup, so many different ways to serve them. >> these are ridiculous. >> it parmesan truffle oil. >> how do you feel about sweet potato fries? >> i love them. very american. >> thanks so much for these recipes. head to don't mind if i do.
9:25 am
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methods, not miracles.™ good thursday morning. firefighters right now at the scene of a massive early morning fire in lafayette, it destroyed their chamber of commerce. that is the building on fire there. this started a little before midnight on lafayette circle near the retail area where restaurants are located. that fire triggered numerous evacuations evacuations. thankfully no one was injured but the chamber of commerce and the restaurants are a total loss. and south bay kers will be paying higher water rates very
9:27 am
soon. state regulators have proposed a state water rate hike for water. a hike of about 4%. the utility is passing along increases in water rates. happening today, transit leaders are debating a sponsorship for the transit center. it may be called the salesforce center. the future high speed rail depot would be built adjacent to the salesforce building. weather and traffic after this break.
9:28 am
good morning, i'm kari hall going up to 65 for the high today, 69 tomorrow the weekend mid 70s and cooler next week
9:29 am
for the inland areas it is really heating up from the 90s today to 100 on saturday. >> northbound 90 has reopened but the power is still out. somebody 880, i wrote my friend joyce at the office here a note so she can be late for the morning meeting. the rest of the bay area looking lighter especially throughout the south bay. >> i'm sure joyce is very appreciative of that mike. we'll have more news in 30 minutes.
9:30 am
so many tv shows and movies and so little time. the summer is racing by. we wanted to give you the scoop on the entertainment you shouldn't miss. >> fandango chris weatherspoon is here with a list of what's going to be trending real soon chris. >> good morning. >> summer are usually blockbusters. a lot of interesting films. i've been seeing billboards for "detroit." >> this one i'm so excited for. kathryn bigelow is directing. it takes place during 1967 detroit riot. it's an important moment in history, happened 50 years ago. we're kind of transplanted back to that moment. it's one of the most important
9:31 am
and necessary films of the summer. really beautifully shot and incredible acting from a young cast. >> kind of the summer of naomi watts. >> yeah. >> tv and movies. let's start with the movies she's in. "the glass castle" is the name of the film. it's one of the most emotional packed films. heartwarming heartbreaking. an emotional roller coaster. she's joined by woody harrelson and brie larson. i think she might need to make room for more awards. you will definitely cry when you watch it. >> tearjerker. >> gypsy on netflix. >> pat cakes, popular at sundance. a female rapper. >> it's kind of my favorite film this summer starring a newcomer australian actress. kind of like "eight mile" meets "hustle and flow." she's an aspiring rapper and
9:32 am
does not fit the mold at all of what you think a rapper would be. she breaks out, has a big moment jersey girl with big dreams. i think you'll leave and want to tell a friend about this movie. that's good. >> switching to tv. first is a comedy. >> i think she's a brilliant actress. she's never had a leading role, "clause "claws." it's about a manicure salon in florida. everything goes crazy in the tv show. they end up getting into money laundering scheme f it's already been renewed on tnt. >> we mentioned gypsy with naomi watts. >> a dark drama. naomi watts we're seeing her use her tv muscle. she plays a psychiatrist that needs some help herself, therapy as well. she's basically obsessed with her patient's lives. she befriends her patients
9:33 am
friends. it's kind of this down low, dark drama. it's a different look for naomi watts. it's getting a lot of buzz. folks are loving it and hoping for season two on netflix. >> for folks that want more reality, kardashians are back. >> i watched it last night. kylie is so interesting, the youngest kardashian. we watched her grow up on tv. she's coming into her own. she wants folks to know she's not just reality star and not vision of perfection on snapchat and instagram, she's so much more than that she's a vulnerable person. you see it in this show. you get to meet all of her friends. all of kylie's court. it's done really well. >> on our sister network e! >> kesha, out with a new song. >> you think of uptempo tracks, this is a ballad. it's her first song in the past four years. she took a break for four years, a lot of personal drama. this is about redemption
9:34 am
healing. i think she does an incredible job. her vocals are amazing. she sings along in the car if you want to ride with me. >> i will. it's so good. >> i can't stop playing it. i think it's the ballad of the summer. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up next a big surprise for one student who gets the ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that smells just like our countertops. smell it. clorox scentiva disinfecting wipes. kills 99.9% of germs.
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even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. introducing mocktails from ocean spray. non-alcoholic juice drinks inspired by your favorite cocktails. [ plays chord ] like sangria. the taste will take you away. [ plays melody ] [ plays castanets ] [ melody stops ] got carried away. >> announcer: "on trend" is created with our sponsor, jcpenney. heading off to college is always exciting. it's a dream come true for one high achieving teenager. >> she's the first person in her family to head to college. she's about to find out her hard work has earned her a surprise dorm room makeover thanks to jcpenney. ♪ >> right now we are at my future college. starting at the end of august this is the university of albany. >> reporter: for this 18-year-old, heading to college
9:39 am
is the opportunity of a lifetime. >> i'm excited for everything. the whole independent feeling. the fact that i will be going to school. >> reporter: education was something her parents dreamt for her. >> my father unfortunately, wasn't able to attend college. he emigrated from colombia. when my father came here, he decided he wanted to have and build a better future for me, provide opportunities he didn't have when he was younger. >> reporter: she's been raced almost her entire life by her dad. >> at the age of 5 my mom passed away from cancer. not a lot of single fathers can sit there and, you know, raise a daughter and a son. he's like my hero. he inspires me so much. >> reporter: but to her bad, she is the hero. an active member at the ymca, she's been a youth leader, a member of their youth government and a wise scholar. >> she's that kid that never gives up. most people would be like, okay, this is where i am. here she is on this campus striving for her education.
9:40 am
>> i know the little me is sitting there clapping, you did it, you did it. now, college is next. >> reporter: patty elliott's part of her school's early opportunity program which provides access academic support, and aid to students who show promise for succeeding in college. she will spend the summer getting a leg up so she's prepared for school come the fall. one of the thing patty elliott's most excited about -- her very own dorm room. >> i shared a room with my brother and my cousin. i always thought i can't wait for the day i will finally get my own room and i will get to throw on whatever colors i want on the wall. decorate my room this sort of way. >> reporter: what she doesn't know is the folks at jcpenney have a surprise in store for her. she thinks she's heading there to get input on what college kids are looking for. but today parenting expert on behalf of jcpenney meredith sinclair is always checking out their college section to
9:41 am
decorate patsy elliott's entiredorm room for her. >> heading off for fall are there things you feel like you really want or need? >> i want to feel like i'm at home. >> check these out? >> oh my god. >> check these out! give those a feel! you can throw that on the floor and people can sit on that. nice and cozy. >> here you go. give that one a feel. i mean how about cozying up to that while you're studying? here are a few things you absolutely have to have. you got to have what? an alarm clock. >> oh wow. >> isn't that cute? is it's really fun and colorful. now the fun begins. let's go decorate patsy elliott's new dorm room ♪ >> i just put finishing touches on patsy elliott's new dorm room. she's on her way back from study group. i cannot wait for her to see it. >> no!
9:42 am
i'm gonna cry. no way! >> what do you think? >> it's so fl about. >> welcome home. after our conversation this afternoon, we wanted to make sure you started your freshman year in the dorm room of your dreams. so you can see, we picked out your favorite bedding. it's all the cozy pillows you can imagine. and, of course you can't start your new home without foe kezphotos of your family. this is a really fun hanging wall with your photos. you can change this out. over here we've got storage. and then some fun things. more pictures! your desk is all set up. you've got stuff for your shower. and you wanted curtains so we made sure that you had nice curtains so it would feel like you're at home. just want to make you feel like you're at home. so good luck this year. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> by the way, that dorm room is identical to the one patsy elliott will be in this fall after her summer program so we
9:43 am
are going to pack it up and it will be waiting for her when she returns to start the new semester. isn't good day we're coming on the air to bring you live coverage of president trump in paris, where in a few minutes he'll hold a joint press conference with emmanuel macron. france getting ready to celebrate bastille day. the presidents and their wives met earlier at the landmark tomb of napoleon. president trump expected to be questioned about his eldest son's meeting with a russian lawyer. >> translator: i was pleased to be able to welcome president trump today. he accepted the invitation i
9:44 am
extended a couple weeks ago, in order to invite him to join the ceremonies of the 14th of july. i think it is both a symbol and very important that the president of the united states could be with us tomorrow on the occasion of a national day. and attend a military parade to which the american trip will take part. we will be also commemorating the 100th anniversary of the american troops joining world war i with the allies in france. i think it is important because beyond daily news we live in countries with roots which are deeper and go further and beyond who we are. so the preference of president trump was in my eyes not only
9:45 am
natural, and i think also -- earlier today we started by sharing part of our joint history of the museum. then we had a working session. i shall say i am extremely pleased about it. we have been able to talk about a number of topics of joint interest. and we underlined a number of shared convictions and a joint road map to work together in the coming months. we agreed to implement free and fair trade in the field, and this is what the g-20 in hamburg also expressed. we want to work together in order to implement some efficient measures to tackle dumping anywhere it is taking
9:46 am
place in all the fields by sharing all the information that we have, and making sure the european unions and united states can take the necessary measures nords to protect within the context of free trade, that we can protect all of our sectors of activities where we are active. we then had a long discussion which enabled us to cover all the topics of international policies and the challenges for the security challenges for people as well. when it comes to fighting terrorism from day one, i can say we are strongly determined to take any necessary measures in order to root out terrorism and air rad indicate it no matter where, in particularly on the internet we agreed to strengthen our action in our cooperation in fighting against propaganda. we want to get all the major
9:47 am
operators to tackle this issue. and i hope we can strengthen the cooperation between both our countries. it is with a lot of satisfaction that i heard from president trump, the same approach and services will be working together in the coming weeks and months. to have a solid action map. regarding the situation in iraq and syria. we agreed to continue to work together in order to launch together some diplomatic initiatives, to put in place a road map for what will come after the war. we talked about our role a post conflict role but initially we want to put in place a contact group in order to be more efficient. in order to support what is beak done by the united nations in
9:48 am
order to support a political road map in particular for syria after the war. it's important to put in place some political solutions. for that period of time, we know where this comes from the road map will take care of that will cover it and ask our diplomats and staff to work along those lines, so in the coming weeks, some initiatives can be taken. and are supported by the p5. we share the same intentions regarding libya like i told president trump. i very much want to take diplomatic initiatives given the situation that we know. and which requires more stability and better control over the region. with libya, i think i can say that we have the same vision. very coherent understanding of
9:49 am
the situation in the region and the same willingness to act against any form of terrorism. next climate, here we know what our disagreements are. we have expressed them on a number of occasions. i think it is important that we can continue to talk about it i very much respect the decision taken by president trump. he will work upon implementing his campaign promises and as far as i'm concerned, i remain attached to the paris accord and we'll make sure that step by step we can do everything which is in the accord. in summary, what we've been talking about, we will continue to enter with a friendly tone and informal one this evening. regarding trade and security for both our countries, the fight
9:50 am
against terrorism, stability in the near middle east and libya, i can say that we have a shared determination. the united states is extremely involved in the iraq war, and i would like to thank president trump for everything that's been done against the american troops. i would like him to know that i am fully determined to act together with him in this respect. fully determined. i very much want both our countries in these matters to increase their cooperation in the coming month. the threat we are facing is a global one. the enemies, our enemies are trying to destabilize us by anyway. and i believe this is very much at the heart of the historic alliance of our two countries and which fully justifies the
9:51 am
present of today in paris. thank you. >> thank you very much president macron. melania and i are celebration. we look very much forward to it. it will be spectacular, tomorrow bastille day. we're honored to be here in your beautiful country, and it certainly is a beautiful country. with its proud history and its magnificent people and thank you for the tour of some of the most incredible buildings anywhere in the world. i was very very -- a very beautiful thing to see. thank you. whenned french people rose up and stormed the bastille it changed the course of human history. our two nations are forever joined together by the spirit of
9:52 am
refrn revolution and the fight for freedom. france is america's first and oldest ally, a lot of people don't know that. ever since general lafayette joined the american fight for independence our fates and fortunes have been tied unequivocally together. it was a long time ago, but we are together. and i think together perhaps more so than ever the relationship is very good. this visit also commemorates another milestone. one century ago, the united states entered world war i. and when the president called me he had mentioned that fact 100 years ago, and i said mr. president, i will be there. that's a big important day, 100 years. we remember the tens of thousands of americans who gave their lives in that valiant and very difficult struggle.
9:53 am
we also pay tribute to the heroic deeds of the french troops whose courage at the battle of marn and countless other battles will never be forgotten by us. more than 1 million french soldiers laid down their lives in defense of liberty. their sacrifices and eternal tribute to france and to freedom. french and american patriots have fought together bled together and died together in the fight for our countries and our civilizations. today we face new threats from rogue regimes like north korea, iran and syria, and the governments that finance and support them. we also face grave threats from terrorist organizations that wage war on innocent lives. tomorrow will mark one year since a joyous bastille day celebration in nice. turned into a massacre.
9:54 am
we all remember that, how horrible that was. we mourn the 86 lives that were stolen and we pray for their loved ones. we also renew our resolve to stand united against these enemies of humangh humanity, and to strip them of their ideological support. today president macron and myself discussed how we can strengthen our vital security partnerships. we just had a meeting with our generals and our representatives and it went very well. france has excellent counter terrorism capabilities. the french troops are serving in places like mali to defeat these forces of murder and destruction. the united states and our allies strengthen our commitments to defeat terrorism. we're also making tremendous progress. earlier this week with the
9:55 am
strong support of the united states and the global coalition, iraq forces liberated the city of mosul from isis control. now we must work with the government of iraq and our partners and allies in the region to consolidate the gains and ensure that the victory stays a victory. unlike the last time. last week the g-20 leaders reaffirmed the right to sovereign nations to control their borders. we must be strong from within to defend ourselves from threats from the outside. the nations of the west also face domestic challenges of our own creation including vast government bureaucracy that saps the strength from our economies and societies. for this reason i applaud president macron on his courageous call for that less bureaucracy, it's a good chant.
9:56 am
less bureaucracy, we can use it too. and a europe that protects its citizens. we did not become great through regulation. and in in the united states mr. president, we also have cut regulations at a level that we've never seen before. so we're very proud of that over the last six months. but by allowing our people to follow their dreams. that's what it's all about. to achieve these dreams however, we must also confront unfair trade practices that hurt our workers and pursue trade deals that are resipciprocal and fair. both president macron and i understand our responsibility to prioritize the interests of our countries and at the same time to be respectful of the world in which we live. we live in a very complex world. we have to respect it. the united states remains committed to being a leader in environmental protection.
9:57 am
while we advance energy security and economic growth. the friendship between our two nations and ourselves, i might add, is unbreakable. our occasional disagreements are nothing compared to the immortal bonds of culture, destiny and liberty that unite us so strongly unite us also. as long as we have pride in who we are, where we've come from how we got here and what we've achieved as free and democratic nations, then there is nothing we cannot accomplish together. france helped us secure our independence. a lot of people forget. in the american revolution thousands of french soldiers fought alongside american troops so that as lafayette said liberty would have a
9:58 am
country. ever since then courageous heroes from both nations have fought for the same noble values and the same righteous cause. tomorrow the french tricolor will once again waive proudly alongside the american stars and stripes. our brave soldiers will march side by side and we will all be inspired to protect and cherish the birth right of freedom that our ancestors won for us with their sweat and with their blood. president macron thank you for inviting melania and myself to this historic celebration. and to you and your spectacular country, may god bless france. and may god bless america. thank you very much. thank you. >> thank you, mr. president.
9:59 am
>> translator: very well we will be taking full questions. neither president trump nor myself have a microphone. >> he's getting first question? president. >> translator: the question first of all, president macron regarding what you said in the press conference with chancellor merkel do you hope that president trump or do you still hope president trump could change his mind regarding the paris accord. and now president trump is it possible for you to come back to the paris accord and change your mind? next regarding your relation how would you describe it today, what about the dinner tonight.
10:00 am
is it going to be a dinner between friends? >> translator: well regarding climate. we have a number of disagreements, which are in particular due to the commitments of -- taken by president trump vis-a-vis -- so did i. i'm aware of how important that is but we talked about our disagreement. we discussed the matter even before president trump reached a decision. next should that have an impact on the discussions we're having on all other topics? no absolutely not. this is the reason why we share the same views and some major common goals on many other topics or all other topics which we've been discussing today, and we shall move forward together. next and,


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