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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 19, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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breaking news right now at 4:30. condos up in flames in the east bay. the rush to get everyone out safely. we're live with a closer look at the aftermath. thanks for joining us on this wednesday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we have a lot of news to get to specifically out of the east bay. first, let's get a check of your first weather with kari hall. things are looking better. it is looking better. we are starting out with low clouds start iing to roll into e coast. we'll see more of the fog and drizzle in san francisco and inland areas will stay nice and clear. you can see that layer roll over the golden gate bridge now and a clear view of the city. as we go in through the day we'll see cooler temperatures
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inland but very warm in spots like gilroy up to 88. 90, antioch. 74 in san mateo with san francisco reaching into the mid-60s and some mid-80s for parts of the north bay. we'll take a closer look at these numbers and what's ahead as temperatures heat up this weekend in a few minutes. mike, you have a report of a wrongway driver? >> i do and a fire dynamic. i'll take you where the traffic break is right now eastbound 580. the sensors turned back to green going eastbound. there was a report of a car going westbound, the wrong direction. there was a traffic break from greenville. one last sweep through this that report but it looks like their sweep may have cleared without incident. also a roadside fire eastbound at 164. no slowing at the scene. back to you. all right, mike, thank you very much. breaking news to get to this morning that we are following in walnut creek. that's where this camera shot comes from. a look at a charred condominium
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building that was stunned by a big fire rendering two of the units uninhabitable. that fire broke out near san carlos drive. contra costa fire department says it started a little after midnight and they are not sure what started it. everyone inside did manage to get out safely. pete suratos is there on scene talking with fire crews right now. he will join us for a live report at 5:00. and we are also tracking a large, fast-moving wildfire burning near yosemite national park. this is new video from just about three hours ago. those flames are moving closer to the town of mayor poe is a which is 7 0 miles north of fresno. nearly 5,000 people have been force d to leave their homes. that fire already has destroyed eight structures and so far 25,000 acres have burned and it's only 5% contained. yosemite national park is open and is not discouraging iing visitors. but as of midnight the power was out for yosemite valley and cell
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service is spotty. back in the bay area new this morning another construction accident at facebook's new campus in menlo park. >> a worker fell more than a story. "today in the bay's" bob redell. bob? >> reporter: well, good morning to you, sam and kris. the most recent construction accident here at facebook's menlo park campus involved a construction worker. as you can see in these photos released you can see that he was working on the fourth floor, the roof of facebook's 21 building when, according to firefighters, a piece of steel or decking became dislodged. the worker lost his footing and fell about 10 to 15 feet. fortunately he was wearing safety rigging which prevented him are from hitting the floor below but was still hurt by the quick stop and had to be taken to the hospital. the fire department tells us this worker's name is menlo
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quint who lives in menlo park. in late april two other workers fell are from the facebook building 21 construction site. in that accident they were harnessed to a beam that was 42 feet up in the air that failed and fell about 20 feet. again, while both work eers wer injured, their safety equipment stopped them from actually hitting the ground. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." bob, thank you very much for that. 4:34. new this morning, more fires to tell you about in antioch. firefighters say a string of small brushfires popped up minutes apart from each other and we have confirmed that all of those fires were deliberately set. the first one was reported 8: 50 last night at the contra county fair grounds and another in a one-mile radius. you see the layout on your map. firefighters tell us there's no mistake an arsonist is behind these fires. >> we've eliminated all natural
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causes, so it's definitely considered arson at this point. right now we're actively searching for anyone involved with our arson investigator and antioch pd. >> you hear the call for help for information there. if you believe you might have seen something suspicious, please call antioch police. police in san francisco are looking for a group of people who may have violently attacked someone, robbed them monday night around 7:00 in the evening. the bus was near market and mcallister street near city hall. they say the man got into an altercation with ten teenagers, perhaps more, but when he got off the bunch they jumped him and took his phone. muni crime is trending downward, though. official numbers from the city show an overall decline in the crime rate over the last few years. a follow-up now, b.a.r.t. will start testing new train cars on its main track this week. you might spot them. that's the word from the "east
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bay times." the agency is replacing hundreds of old cars in a $2.6 billion effort to make service more reliable. b.a.r.t. officials say this is the start of the final phase of testing and they tweeted about that yesterday so if you see it, take a picture and send it to us. >> efforts to revamp the health care system in washington fail epcally. now the party in power has some big questions to answer like what's next. in three minutes live to d.c. where republicans are grapple with a blueprint moving forward. looking for balance in your digestive system?
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it's 4:39 right now on your wednesday morning and there is a live look from our nation's capital. republicans right now scrambling to figure out a new health care plan hours after their latest replacement for the affordable care act dies and the repeal attempt also appears all but over. president trump says congress should simply let obamacare fail. chris pollone has more. >> reporter: president donald trump has another idea. >> let obamacare feel. it will be a lot easier and we're probably in that position to let obamacare fail. >> reporter: a disconcerting idea for the 12 million persons who buy their health insurance on those individual markets. experts say if the administration cuts off subsidies it would drive up prices and cause the exchanges
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to drop. >> you can't force insurers to be more generous. you have to give them money, more customers. that's what the affordable care act does. >> reporter: five democrats, five republicans and an independent are ratcheting up the pressure demanding lawmakers launch a bipartisan effort to drive down costs and stabilize the market. >> we will now try a different way to bring the american people relief from obamacare. >> reporter: it comes after the senate majority leader said he would just try to repeal oba obamacare without replacing it. a vote could come next week. at least three republicans have said they he oppose it. >> an indefinite hold on this just creates more chaos and confusion. >> reporter: chaos and confusion in health care with millions of americans paying the price. chris pollone, nbc news, washington. it turns out president trump met with russian president vladimir putin a second time during the g20 summit but news
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is only surfacing now. a white house spokesperson sean spicer confirms they talked at a dinner for world leaders and their spouses. they didn't say what the conversation was about. president trump tweeted last night, quote, fake news story of secret dinner with putin is, quote, sick. all g20 lead eers and spouses we invited by the chancellor of germany. press knew. exclamation point. coming up much more including your forecast as we look forward to the weekend, kari. we are making it closer as temperatures will be warming up. we should enjoy the cooler temperatures now. here is a look at today's temperature trend. willow glen in the low 60s. later today will be really nice. let's talk about what's ahead for the weekend up next. and o.j. simpson is facing a parole board. we're going to show you why that is mobilizing tens of thousands of people into action this porng.
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week. it's been really nice weather the last few days. yes, it has. it was nice to turn off the air conditioning unit and save a little cash, kari. >> that's great news as you get ready to head out the door this morning. it feels nice and cool. all clear skies. on the left side of the screen looking at the east bay, 58 degrees. lower 50s for the north bay. some low clouds and patchy fog in spots. high temperatures this afternoon continue to come down. we'll be at 83 degrees had in santa rosa and 81 degrees in palo alto. 87 in concord and livermore. and san jose 81 degrees while san francisco will be in the mid-60s. as you're getting ready let's start out in the closet as it will be another day for the sunglasses and maybe a hat to give you some shade, also some cute little sandals to keep you nice and cool. maybe a beach day for you if you have the day off. we are also going to enjoy the
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day looking at the forecast before napa valley. nice and cool to start but then at noon we'll be at 74 degrees. also a very nice afternoon with some lower 80s there. a little bit cool er if you pla on going to the coliseum and watching the a's game. first pitch will be at 12. . 35. temperatures in the mid-60s and low 70s for the afternoon right on the other side of the bay at pretty much the same time. temperatures in the lower 60s is trending into the mid-60s throughout the day. as we look at the seven-day forecast, not many changes here. the fog rolling by and clearing, reaching into the 60s in the inland areas. we will be warm but this is our little break. our temperature ramping up several degrees by this weekend into next week. and as we head over to mike, you found some flashing lights? >> i did. i was scanning our cameras and looking to the san mateo bridge.
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those flashing lights were right here and now they're there moving. there was some overnight striping going on in this direction westbound and that may be what's going on. the slow lane is temporarily blocked as you walk by those scenes to the high rise. we show you on the map we don't see a lot of problems and that was not in the chp report. it's reported for santa clara county so, again, that should be the westbound side clearing up as well. the sensors are not a problem there. we're looking down to the south bay. northbound 101 at capital expressway there is a crash. no injuries reported. it sounds like everything is moving out of lanes quickly but we'll still track that for the south bay drivers and one more report of a crash comes in from our waze app. i want to take you out to 580 westbound coming out of the altamont. reports of a crash. according to this report it said a major crash at one point is reported about 16 minutes ago. crash instead of major crash. thank you.
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we hope you will join our team so we can thank you as well. nbc bay area wazers is a team. check that on your profile. talk about a high-tech crime, a verizon store robbed from above. the sheriff's office says a 40-year-old and 38-year-old disabled the security system then cut a hole in the roof and lowered themselves into the cupertino verizon for there climbing out with more that 100 cell phones on monday. deputies were already on the lookout when had they pulled over the suspects' car nearby. they noticed a slew of devices. both men are in custody. tomorrow is an important day legally for o.j. simpson. it is his parole hearing. the backlash is growing over a possible release from prison. simpson is behind bars for robbing two different sports memorabilia stores. people have signed a petition to keep simpson in prison. his lawyer says simpson wasn't
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sentenced for robbery but rather the death of his ex-wife, nicole brown simpson, and her friend ron goldman. >> no matter what you think with his circumstance in 1995 it is clear that if you are a fair-minded american, you know the utter abomination of the sentence he received and the fact that he has been in jail for nine years is not because of the crime in las vegas but it is a consequence of what happened in los angeles. >> simpson was acquitted in that brutal double murder case in 1995. stay with nbc news on air and online as we track tomorrow's parole hearing. continuing coverage now. the family of an australian woman shot and killed by minneapolis police is still waiting for answers. they're demanding them. but it's a story slowly unfolding all week, and we're starting to learn about what led up to all of this.
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justine damond called 911 to report an assault she thought was happening. now a county attorney says she approached the police car when it arrived. a minnesota affiliate reports the officer in the passenger seat fired his weapon through the driver's side window killing damond after hearing a loud sound near the car. here's a former member of the police review board. >> most times you can even at least imagine what the police department might say to excuse it. here it's i can't even imagine what they would say. >> the officers' body cameras were not turned on. for the first time we're hearing from justine damond's father back in australia. he will appear on the "today" show at 7:00. back right now to some d.c. happenings. house republicans trying to tie funding for president trump's proposed border wall to a key defense spending measure that would finance construction of 74 miles of fencing and a levee wall in texas near san diego.
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that bill includes huge increases for the pentagon. a house vote could come on the budget as soon as next week. the trump administration says it supports the plan to roll back regulations, rules that basically keep the internet from operating like cable tv are where you might have to pay more to access certain websites. the white house deputy press secretary told reporters yesterday that the best way to get fair rules is for congress it to take action. >> law mmakers in sacramento ha extended california's cap and trade program but with that come relief for californians. eliminating those fees was part of the bill. nearly 800,000 property owners pay $117 a year mostly in rural areas people have sued cal fire over those fees. cap and trade program aims to require polluters to buy permits. breakfast will be good for
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the environment today, sam, at least in oakland. what doughnuts and coffee have to help with a clean commute. happening right now a bumpy ride for harley-davidson. the company says sales are down almost 10% and is planning to cut an undetermined number of jobs. also, a new game of thrones controversy. this one involving pop star ed sheeran. he made a cameo on the recent season premiere which has led to backlash on social media to the point sheeran delete d his twitter account. kind of sad, isn't it? who are these people?
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happening today car-pooling advocates are going to be using breakfast and gift cards as incentives to persuade people to ride to work together. they are giving out doughnuts and starbucks gift cards. that runs from 7:00 this morning to 8:30 in the morning at the oakland avenue. >> stay here until at least 7:00, sam. >> i have to get out of here quickly. a new report says about half of bay area companies are required to encourage cleaner commutes. they're complying. according to the bay area news group companies with 50 or more full-time workers have to help cover costs for people who want to car-pool, bike, bus, or take a train to work. that rule became permanent last
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year. regulators are threatening to fine those companies had who aren't complying. if your company isn't offering that sort of benefit, here is what you can do. companies can register at a controversial chop shop bill is going back to the drawing board. that would allow police to seize bicycles from people who are dismantling them. it targets homeless people and will not cut down on bicycle theft. supervisor jeff shehee plans to rewrite the measure. a popular school bus route is being elimb fated. officials voted to terminate the el toyonal bus route this fall. the company says the route is not safe although it has not reported any serious accidents in more than two decades. students, dozens of them, will have to find another way to get to school. we are hearing free tuition
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is attracting more students to the city college of san francisco according to "the examiner." enrollment tejada college this fall up 17% compared to the same time last year. enrollment for san francisco residents has grown more than 25%. coming up, we want to get you ready for your day. we know it's going to be cooler out there, kari. it's going to be nice if you're up early and planning to go golfing in the tri-valley. it will be in the upper 50s starting out later this morning. in the mid-70s and then heading up to 85 degrees, very nice summer day. we'll talk about some higher heat ahead in the forecast up next. a live look for the san mateo bridge having trouble with the auto focus and auto slowing as well. you see the flashing lights in the distance. a quick change and another quick change here at the san mateo bridge. i'll talk you through that coming up.
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>> reporter: you can see and hear firefighters evacuating residents during an early morning fire. i'll have the latest from the scene and where things stand this hour. ♪harry's meeting clients... ♪...from far away. but they only see his wrinkles.♪
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♪he's gotta play it cool to seal the deal.♪ ♪better find a way to smooth things over.♪ ♪if only harry used some... ♪...bounce, to dry. ♪yeah! ♪he would be a less wrinkly, and winning at life.♪ two breaking stories this morning. first, condos charred in the east bay. massive flames light up yoet might. the progress firefighters are making this morning.
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thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we'll get to all of that in just a moment. first you have to know what to wear when you leave your house. >> a nice cool start to the morning with mostly clear skies. we'll start to see the fog returning to the coast as we go through later this morning but visibility is all clear as you head through san rafael and heading to san francisco looking good there. as we get a look at our high temperatures today it will be really nice. temperatures on par with where we should be for this time in july in oakland. 74 degrees. san jose up to 81 degrees. we'll talk about this and what's ahead as those temperatures ramp up for the weekend in a few minutes. mike starts us out with the san ma mateo bridge. i've been watching this camera intently. we've had a cal trans crew. you see it there and then a disabled box truck there and flares and cleared. the flares burnt out so a lot of change


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