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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 20, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it )s thursday morning.. and we )re one step closer to getting to the weekend. a live look outside at san francisco and the it is thursday morning and that means we are one step closer to the weekend. a live look at san francisco and the transamerica building, although you can't see the top of it. a layer of cloud and fog snuggled in tightly in the background. "today in the bay" starts now. >> a pyramid there. >> we've seen it before. we know it's there. >> i like the snuggled because that's what most people are probably doing in bed right now. don't want to get up. >> not that it's cold but it's comfortable. >> and it's going to be nice again today. we had beautiful weather yesterday, and today will be a repeat of that. so as we get closer to the weekend, a live look outside in san jose, all clear. high temperatures in the south
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bay. reach into the low to mid-80s, upper 80s for morgan hill and for antioch, 91 degrees. oakland, 74. 78 in belmont. san francisco, upper 60s there. for the north bay mid to upper 80s. we'll talk about a hotter weekend ahead. mike says there's a fire reported on the peninsula. a small brush fire from what i understand. one fire truck for now. a smooth flow on the screen sensors. i will tell you we're watching northbound 280. a few minutes ago i saw the speed sensors change just below the speed limit, back up. no waze reporting blocks. we will track that on the peninsula side. an easy approach. travel times getting to the bay bridge. a new report i'll check on. 4:31. this morning people around the world will be watching as we await a much-anticipate d parol hearing. >> for the first time in years
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san francisco native o.j. simpson has a chance of freedom. "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd with a look at what we can expect later today. >> reporter: he has spent almost nine years behind these gates in the nevada desert. >> if ever there was a candidate that deserved to be released it's o.j. simpson. >> my intent was not to rob from anybody. >> reporter: this is the second time simpson will face the parole board. a successful appearance in 2013 left him with four years to reach his minimum required time behind bars. for his part in the 2008 armed robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers at the palace station hotel and casino in las vegas. simpson has reportedly been a model inmate. >> he may very well get parole based upon the merits of his conduct in it this case. >> extend them -- >> reporter: this is part of simpson's controversial acquittal after the 1994 murder of his ex-wife nicole brown and
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friend ron goldman. a civil court found him liable for the murders. o.j. simpson will not face the parole board here. he'll do it via camera. media outlets are here from all over the country and parts of the world. in carson city, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. we will continue to follow. the mariposa fire burning near yosemite continues to grow. 48,000 acres have burned and the fire is only 7% contained. at least 29 structures have been destroyed. another 1,500 homes are in the fire's path. nearly 5,000 people are evacuated. governor brown declared a state of emergency for mariposa county because the fire damaged power and water and communication infrastructures. it's 4:33. a developing story on this thursday. the search for answers continues after a father was gunned down
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while he was pushing his child in a stroller. this happened about 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday in unincorporated hayward on willow avenue. police say the victim was pushing that stroller when someone just opened fire. now the baby was not struck by the gunfire. police right now trying to figure out if this was a targeted shooting. it might be gang related. people in the area tell us violence like this has become routi routine. >> a bunch of shots going on. >> fireworks? >> you never know. it's normal, yeah. >> all gangs around here. >> it is. a lot of gangs. if i come out one of my family r members comes out with me. >> we wanted to get you some perspective on the comments you just heard from a resident there. overnight we found numbers on hayward's website show crimes reported to the police department in the last seven days. the department has received reports of 19 vehicle thefts, nine robberies and burglaries and eight assaults. more information online at
4:35 am and you can hear directly from the victim's friends. in the south bay it is still not clear when or if the san jose police dog will return to duty with the force after biting a toddler during a call. here's the 22-month-old baby that was bitten. it happened friday as police officers were serving an arrest warrant for a wanted felon at a home on bird avenue. officers say the suspect tried to run so they brought in the k- units. police admit the dog jumped up and bit the toddler while sitting on a couch. we talked with the child's mother. >> the dog came inside. the first thing the dog did, he bit my daughter, and i was just screaming, telling him, oh, my god, the dog just bit my daughter. >> the family is considering suing the san jose police department. police say it was unusual behavior for the dog. over in d.c. right now, washington grapple with fallout from health care but there's
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another crisis coming, this from the oval office. it appears to be self-induced. up next, we'll dive into the comments president trump made in an interview with "the new york times" that throws one of his most loyal supporters under the bus. >> we're learning more about john mccain's cancer crisis and what the strong-willed senator is up against in the fight of his life. my daughter is... ...studying to be a dentist and she gave me advice. she said... go pro with crest pro-health. 4 out of 5 dentists confirm... ...these crest pro-health... ...products help maintain a... ...professional clean.
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the backburner--- as lawmakers are trying to think good thoughts for arizona senator john mccain .. who announced he )s been diagnosed
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with a brain t politics right being put on the back burner as lawmakers trying to think positive thoughts for arizona senator john mccain who announced he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. doctors say the 80-year-old mccain has one of the most common but also one of most aggressive forms of brain tumor. doctors discovered it after mccain had surgery recently for a blood clot at the mayo clinic. we asked dr. susan chang about this fast moving cancer. >> there's no therapy. we know the tumors are aggressive that we're looking at months of survival. with treatment we can extend that. the average is probably about a year to 15 months. >> mccain's overall good health works in his favor but he's also 80 years old. she says that works against him. mccain's family is asking the public for prayers.
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headlines for bold statements made during an interview with "the new york times." >> the president suggesting that there's some sort of red line special counsel special mueller should not cross in probinging his special finances and offered sharp criticism for one of his first supporters attorney general jeff sessions. more from our nation's capital. >> reporter: in president donald trump's interview with "the new york times," sharp criticism from one of his earliest backers in washington. trump saying he never would have appointed attorney general jeff sessions. >> sessions should have never recused himself. and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else. >> reporter: more criticism for special counsel special mueller conducting the russia inquiry. trump warning him about looking into family finances. >> i don't make money from russia. in fact, i put out a letter saying i don't make, from one of the most highly respected law firms, accounting firms.
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>> reporter: the interview comes amid the revelation president trump had a second previously undisclosed encounter with russian president vladimir putin at the g20 summit in germany. one the white house has down played saying trump met with leaders from many nations and the former campaign manager manafort and donald trump jr. will testify next week. >> i think we're head iing for massive clash. it's clear donald trump is not going to respect this investigation. i don't think it's a coincidence he launched this attack after the investigation got close to his son. >> reporter: senior trump adviser and son-in-law jared kushner will be interviewed by staff in a closed session on monday. all right. tensions continue. 4:41. waki wakinging up to a nice morning across the bay area. kari has a look at our forecast. and it's nice and clear as we look outside in san jose. i want to show you the
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temperature trend forever green. in the 60s and rising into the low 80s. we'll take a look ahead to hotter temperatures for the weekend coming up next. and a live look at fremont shows you the easy traffic flow as you would expect. quite a few cars on the roadway. i'll have an update for a fire on the peninsula and i think i have a new one in the east bay. a lot going on this morning. uc berkeley cancel yet another conservative speaker. who is it this time and why he says he's going to appear anyway. who are these people?
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bridge a live look at golden gate bridge. >> getting are ready. >> making sure those lanes are in place, everything ready for this thursday morning for smooth sailing hopefully on your morning commute if you're heading out the door. >> before you leave, check the temperature. >> check that, too? >> that's up to you. >> personal preference. all right. should you don the sweater this morning or is it just pleasant? >> i think it's going to be really nice. as you step out it's a little bit cool in a few spots. a live look in belvedere you can see the low visibility in some spots but not too bad here as we look across the bay. upper 50s and lower 60s starting out this morning. here is a look at today's high temperatures and a live camera across three of our micro climates right now and we are
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going to reach up to 88 degrees. very warm temperatures there. 76 degrees will be the high today in the peninsula and the east bay will see those highs reaching up to 77. san francisco, 66 degrees. and you can see that also at the bottom of the screen. starting out in the closet, it's another nice day for some short sleeves and some shorts and then we'll see those temperatures going up over the weekend so it's going to be even hotter and probably will be wearing even less layers. we're going to have a nice day, also, for going hiking. getting up the hiking trails in the south bay or just hang iing out at the park. it will be a cool morning to start. we'll be at 50 degrees. 53 degrees at 7:00. some mid-60s and this will be probably the best time to hike because those temperatures heat up very fast by early afternoon with all of that sunshine and then the winds pick up and our temperatures go into the low ate. we'll continue to drop throughout the evening. we're going golfing in the half
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moon bay today, hitting links today will be in the mid-50s. the low clouds and the fog for quite a while and highs reaching into the low 60s. san francisco looking at mid-60s for the next couple of days and then some upper 60s for the weekend getting ready for that marathon on sunday and for the inland valleys it is going to be hot. check out the high temperatures. we'll be up to 98 degrees on sunday, even more of a boost from the previous forecast over the past several days. and, mike, now you're tracking two roadside fires? >> the first one on the peninsula. i want to make sure there's no major issue with regard to either of these fires but the first one we told you about first reported fire crews arrived on scene southbound 280. the off ramp there is currently blocked by the fire crew that has arrived. we don't see slowing there right around san andres lake and the off ramp and there's sfo as a
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reference. that's south of 380 on southbound 280. over here westbound 980 over to 880. a lot of numbers here. a small roadside fire there and having some sort of small issue there. no major problem and we do see southbound 880, that slowing to 23rd because two lanes are still blocked by overnight road work. the good news, though, the full closure has cleared. we're going to take you up to the north bay, a quick check. southbound 101, a light, easy drive. no problems here all the way down. europe at speeds across the golden gate bridge. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. more than just a small issue here. it is another flare-up over free speech at uc berkeley regarding a planned visit by a conservative speaker. if this sounds familiar the same i issue has played out multiple times now. the republican party wants to host author and talk show host shapiro in september. the university says it doesn't have a venue available for the day requested. the university is offering other dates and other venues. some of those options do require
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be rental fees. they call the lack of an ava available venue, quote, laughable. the berkeley administrators canceled appearances by former breitbart editor and ann coulter. in both cases the university cited security reasons for that decision. more details now, uc berkeley did adopt a new interim event policy. officials say the policy supports the right and ability of organizations to host speakers of their choosing without regard for those speakers' perspectives or political positions. we could know more about the future of mass transit in the north bay. reports rail officials are close to getting federal approval to start regular commute service. the smart sheet tells the paper that the talk with the federal railroad administration on wednesday raised no red flags. also smart, board members are now fully funded a bike and pedestrian path intend ed to go
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beside railroad tracks. the press democrat reports the board approves final funding for a 1.2-mile path in petaluma. construction of the path is set to be finished in 2021 though officials tell the paper it hopes to get it done sooner. 4:50 on your thursday. a mixed use project now on hold. that is according to the mercury news. transportation authority needs to wait for the results of a traffic study to move forward. the plan was to develop a pa parking lot by highway 87. the paper is reporting this morning the neighbors have voiced concerns about traffic and parking problems over previous development. oakland is cracking down on tobacco. especially those marketed to kids. they voted unanimously this week to prohibit the sale. the american heart association has been kritcal of flavored tobacco. companies are trying to use the sweet taste as a way to bait
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young people into addiction. san francisco approved a similar ban last month. it is what the people wanted, tree maintenance paid for by san francisco. that program is called street tree sf and voters overwhelmingly supported the initiative back in november. it's officially rolling out this this week. it places all tree maintenance in the hands of public works department there. property owners were responsible for their own upkeep of nearly 125,000 trees in san francisco. >> i think it's great. it's a huge help. it's really expensive. it's start iing to buckle up -- buckle the sidewalks. >> also to fix sidewalk damage. 4:51. a bride-to-be is shot and killed by a police officer and her family is outraged. coming up, new information with
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about the 911 calls the victim made moments before officers arrived. but first, happening right now, medical examiners are trying to figure out if human remains found yesterday belonged to those of a father believed to have washed away in a flash flood in arizona last weekend. the bodies of nine other people recovered sunday. on a much lighter note, it is looking like a beloved giant may soon be coming back home. hopefully you still have your panda hat somewhere, maybe your panda bobble head doll. after being released from a mega contract by the boston red sox. get ready for the panda to come home. worrying about your big... about the client dinner. you gonna wear? hannah.
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welcome back. 4:55. a live look outside from our emeryville camera looking at the eastern span of the bay bridge and you see the camera shaking a little bit right now. things are windy as you head out for your commute. at 4:55 more details about the shooting of a minneapolis bride-to-be by a police officer. we now know justine damond called 911 twice to report a possible rape. that's according to transcript released by police. both calls were made minutes apart. first she called it to report what she was hearing then to ask where officers were. the officer noor fired his weapon over his partner out of the driver's side door at damond. the officer did not turn on their body cameras. here is the local county
4:56 am
attorney mike freeman who says the cameras should have been on. >> they were driving up an alley. the victim approached the car. that's not necessarily the time you must but a time you should. >> the other officer in the car said he was startled by a loud sound close to the vehicle and immediately afterwards damo nd approached the driver's side window and noor shot her through the open window. a monsoon drenched arizona yesterday. that combined with recent wildfires made the floodwater situation there worse. this is near phoenix. water pouring through a burn scar left by a wildfire that had already evacuated the town last month. are also going on in tucson storms flooded streets and knocked out power for at least 3,000 people there. coming up another nice day here in the forecast but a warm-up is on the way. yes, enjoy the sunshine and slight areally cooler temperature.
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we'll have a wide range across the bay area from half moon bay to 91 degrees in antioch. 92 in concord this afternoon. so it still hot in spots, even hotter this weekend. we'll take a look ahead coming up next. and a live look shows you 580 westbound in your commute direction through dublin. nice, easy flow of traffic. we're tracking a fire also in the east bay. >> reporter: i'm at stanford university where a rape was reported. i'll show what you we know about the suspect and how often it happens on campus.
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morning.. a live look outside at san jose.. 5:00 a.m. on your thursday morning. a live look outside from the south bay. waiting for the lights to come on. they are in many spots. folks up and about. a nice start to our thursday morning. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. glad you are with us. when i was driving had in had to work today i saw a sliver of a moon in the sky. it was cool and clear. i don't think i would have been able to do that in san francisco. >> probably not. it's still going to be foggy. that's what kept it nice and cool. mostly clear skies looking over the south bay.
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a live look outside and the temperatures now at 60 degrees. we're heading up to 8 degrees this afternoon and here are the temperature trends as we start out with nice cool weather. heats up fairly quickly as we go through the day, and we'll talk about what's ahead as we go into the next several days. some hotter weather for the weekend. that's in about seven minutes. mike now has a closure in the east bay. in fact, we're watching a couple things. one of them over here slowing out of the altamont pass. an earlier crash. that's not the closure. 580 is open but two big rigs on the shoulder causing the slowing out here. moving to the closure for the overnight road work planned southbound 880 to 238 getting out of san leandro and over to the castro valley. that connector is closed. very light traffic and locals know you cut a corner there but that is overnight still going on, should


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