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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 20, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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thursday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. did you see the sun rise by the golden gate bridge? absolutely amazing and then you see behind me and our bay bridge camera. >> that's the way going to be this morning. some patchy fog, low clouds, and then where else it's all mostly clear as you head inland. we are going to see some of the varied weather around the bay area as we normally see this time of year look live right now in san jose all clear. ocean beach also just seeing a few clouds rolling by but visibility is not too bad there and temperature 61 and all clear in santa rosa. a beautiful shot there as well. high temperatures will reach into the upper 80s. low 90s for concord and antioch and some upper ate for livermore. san jose heading up to 83 degrees. we'll talk about some very hot temperatures for the coming up in about six minutes. mike has a report of a motorcycle fire. >> kari, we usually say car fire but this involves a motorcycle
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so it's appropriately titled, i guess, for this portion of the south bay. a look at light traffic all over the bay. we're concerned about this on the shoulder just at the 87 merge where a lot of focus of the traffic is right now. at the airport you see that slowing right at the scene starting to build. this motorcycle is over on the and the saddlebag which was on fire that is out now. no injuries reported but definitely a distraction as the motorcycle driver is on the shoulder. that light build for 101 and the rest of silicon valley. your travel times, a quick check approaching the bay bridge, no problem. getting to the maze, a few slowing of traffic. >> for the first time in almost nine years o.j. simpson is waking up inside a nevada prison with a chance at being released. in just a few hours had will meet with members of the state parole board to ask his freedom. >> "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd joins us live from outside the courthouse in carson city,
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nevada, to explain how soon a decision could come down and tell us what the atmosphere there is like right now. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. o.j. simpson may know his fate by noon today, but he's not here. he's in nevada and will be doing this hearing via teleconference. the media is here in big numbers, as you can see. a lot of media here and a lot in the back of the building. you see the barriers here. police are expecting crowds in big numbers. now the hearing is expected to take an hour or less with simpson making his case, responding to questions and then waiting for the board's decision. this is the second time simpson will face the panel. it comes after his conviction in 2008 for armed robbery, kidnapping, and other charges after he and a group of friends took sports memorabilia from two dealers at the palace station hotel and casino in las vegas. simpson has reportedly been a model inmate with no
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disciplinary issues. >> and if ever there's a candidate that deto be released it's o.j. simpson. >> he may very well get parole just based upon the merits of his conduct in this case. >> reporter: a case that is not supposed to have any impact on today's hearing is simpson's controversial acquittal after the murder in 1994 of his ex-wife, nicole brown, and friend ron goldman. if paroled simpson's earliest release date would be in october. if denied simpson will have to wait at least a year for his next hearing. now we are told that o.j. simpson's sister and his oldest daughter will speak at the hearing in lovelock, never. also one of the victims in the lass vegas case is expected to speak. now this is a big deal for folks who o.j. simpson in his heyday.
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people like myself. reporting live in car, nevada, i'm cheryl hurd , nbc bay area news. stay with us for continuing coverage of o.j. simpson parole hearing. nbc news will air a special report on the hearing and the board's decision. live coverage starts at 10:00 right here on nbc bay area. new this morning big news from stanford. we are learning about a rape that was reported at a student housing complex on the stanford campus. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live from the university this morning to explain what happened. kris? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and sam. it seems stanford police know who the suspected rapist is because the victim knows him and it happened yesterday evening. it happened about 1:30 in the morning, though, on tuesday
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morning. police say the victim and the suspect are acquaintances but didn't say why they were together nor why the 53-year-old man is under arrest at this point, only that they are investigating. if you know anything about that situation stanford police want to hear from you. according to the latest stanford university statistics available there were 39 reported sexual offenses reported on campus. 25 of which happened in student residences. only one of those reports was considered unfounded. the latest numbers available are from 2015. now you can find a link to those statistics and my twitter feed along with the victim resources by the university and stanford police. you can find those in my twitter feed and put them up on my facebook page as well. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> kris doing some digging for us. thank you very much for that live report. 6:05. new details on a story we first broke on "today in the bay" yesterday morning. we are learning neighbors of a walnut condo complex that went
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up in flames think that fire was no accident. flames sparked just after midnight on ygnacio valley road. contra costa county says tenants were home at the time because they were in the process of moving out. neighbors believe they were evict ed after a history of police visits and fear the fire could have been payback. the fix for a popular business owner in marin will continue this morning. he's missing in tomales bay. crews believe tod friend went overboard while boating. he's 70 years old and owns the tomales bay oyster company. he was last seen monday on the water. searchers found his boat circling but no sign of friend. he was not wearing a life jacket. the oyster company was established more than 100 years ago. it's a popular spot for locals and tourists. watch your pets closely. that's the message right now as we are learning about more coyote sightings here in the bay area.
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you see that picture, a photo of a coyote spotted near blossom hill park. that is one of at least two sightings just this week. we investigated why there have been so many sightings recently. wildlife experts told us sightings are common this time of year especially after a wet winter. the animals are trying to feed their young and meals are easy to find populated areas. so here is a tip. secure your trash cans and make sure you keep your pets inside at dusk and dawn. it is 6:07. as you take the dog for a walk this morning keep them close by. let's check out the day for oakland as we start out with some nice, cool weather but there will be some sunshine, a breeze, and temperatures at noon at 66 degrees. 73 degrees at 4:00. and then cooling down once again by 8:00. if it's a beach day, we're going to have some nice weather along the santa cruz beaches. in the mid-50s, low clouds to start but then the sun coming out around noon. 64 degrees and 73 degrees at
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4:00 this afternoon. if you are going to go golfing today in the tri-valley, not a bad day but you want to head out there early. it will be bright and sunny and quickly warming temperatures by early afternoon. i'll have a look at today's temperature trend for the evergreen area coming up. mike takes us out to a few spots it may be down. one of them is mid span on the bridge. reports of a disabled vehicle. it's a motorcycle. more details came in saying the motorcycle rider reportedly was down on the ground and didn't know how he or she got there. so that person sounds like they're okay now. there will be a distraction as you pass by the exit there. it may slow the metering lights down. we're watching to see how that affects the rest of the approach. right now oakland moves smoothly and so does the maze. look how great the speed sensors are. lots of green. better news as well here in san jose. the fire on the back of a
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motorcycle has cheered all activity off the roadway. look at silicon valley. no major issues here. that's a great ride. back to you. thank you very much, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay," raging wildfires, thousands on the front lines of a massive and destructive fire burning near yosemite national park. the desperate attempt to get that fire under control and stop it from destroying more homes. and in the bay area things mucher this morning as we take a live look outside from our emeryville camera and plenty of haze out there as you start off your thursday morning.
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the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. it's 6:12 as you get up and about to head out the door. it's all clear as we get a live look outside in san jose, and the temperatures are going to be nice checking out the trend for evergreen in the low 70s at 10:00 and upper 70s by early afternoon. today our high temperatures will be right at about average for this time in july but then it heats up as we head into the weekend. we have some hot weather ahead. before you make some plans, check it in with me. i'll have a look at the complete forecast coming up in about five minutes. and always clear at treasure island on westbound 80.
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that's good news for the motorcycle riders but we still have backup at the bay bridge. i'll show you what else i'm tracking further east. mike, kari, thank you very much. a developing story out of mariposa county this morning and the massive detwiler fire is still raging out of control this is just outside of yosemite national park. we've been monitoring the cal fire incident website looking for updates on containment or evacuations. as far as where things stand right now with respect to this fire the latest information 48,000 acres have burned so far which is roughly the size of the city of fremont. that fire is still at 7% containment. 1,500 tours structures are threatened. five more damaged. evacuations have been ordered in surrounding areas. we are going to continue to watch the progress that firefighters make battling the detwiler fire this morning. our coverage never stops. you can always head to for an update. people in the east bay may see a sign in support of
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firefighters called easty voters for equal protection. on facebook leaders write they want to educate the public about money struggles within the eastern contra costa fire d district. the group says it's planning to build a sign between livermore and brentwood. they say they've already raised over $1,000 which is over half the cost of the sign. the group says firefighters need more stations to reduce response time. to business and it tech news this morning at 6:14. facebook working for news organizations to charge readers for articles readers share. >> for the rest of our news before the bell let's check in with landon dowdy. good morning, landon. >> reporter: sam and laura, good thursday morning to you both. wall street could be set for more gapes today. all closing at new record highs yesterday. the markets boosted by strong earnings from the likes of morgan stanley. data on unemployment, manufacturing, earnings from
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travelers, union pacific, ebay, microsoft and visa. 66 points to 21,640. the nasdaq up 40 to 6385. facebook is working on a new subscription feature to let publishers charge for articles posted on the site. the feature will be available this fall through facebook's instant articles and wouldly kick in after a user reads ten articles within a month. intel has shut down the division working on fitness trackers and other health related wearable devices. cnbc has learned the company laid 80% of the smart watch in november. intel has been playing down its wearable business since making a big push back in 2014. sam and laura, back to you. >> thanks for the update, landon. negative publicity cannot only hurt a company's brand but also its ability to recruit new talent. career builder found 71% of
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american workers said they would not even apply to a company that is experiencingi inbad press. women say they wouldn't seek a job at one of those companies. the bad publicity rarely deters people from leaving their jobs. fewer than 10% responded quit due to bad press. 6:16 right now. a look at the forecast for today. a nice start to our thursday morning. >> it is a nice start and we'll have a nice afternoon as well. if you made plans you might want to have lunch outside and enjoy some extra time outdoors this evening. you not be doing that this weekend as those temperatures get hotter. but we have a nice cool start as you step out the door right now in the tri-valley. it's 56 degrees he and it's 59. a few clouds rolling by in the east bay. partly cloudy in san francisco and 54 degrees. the seven very warm in concord today reaching 92 degrees.
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83 degrees in san jose. oakland 74. and 66 in san francisco. napa very warm there. 88 degrees for this afternoon. let me show you how the temperatures shake up for today in san francisco. you'll see some clouds rolling by by 8:00 and even fog and d z drizzle in some spots. by noon that clears out. we'll be at 62 degrees and some mid-60s as we go through the day. and if you want to check it out, welcome back to the bay area. joey chestnut, we will have a victory party for the hot dog eating champion today at casino matrix and some nice weather for that. a little bit warm, though, to start. if you want cooler weather head to at&t park. the padres are in town today. first pitch at 7:15 and the temperatures will be in the lower 60s today. and if you're about to hit the road heading to the sierra a live look at squaw valley. a little bit of road left and our temperatures will be
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reaching into the mid-70s today and the mid-80s by the weekend. checking out san francisco's forecast for the next several days, no major changes here. we have the marathon happening on sunday. be in the upper 60s and for the inland areas it is going to be really hot. get ready to crank up the air conditioning once again. coming up in less than 20 minutes a closer look at more events going on this weekend. but now as we head over to mike another roadside fire reported. >> this is about the third or fourth over the course of the morning but it is a repeat location or it seems that is the case. overall the traffic flow is really good right now. those sensors are mostly green. take you back to 980 south of the maze. 980 at 880. a number of smaller roadside fires reported along the freeway. yet another one as you come up past broadway and approaching 980 at 880. we track that and we're looking at the speed sensors and they
6:19 am
move better on the approach to the bay bridge as that disabled vehicle, the motorcycle down across the bay bridge completely cleared very quickly. over here we do have a crash west 92 at el camino is causing slowing. a ladder reported in lanes between third and 92 for 101. just watch for activity there. and we'll show you the waze system as well. you can avoid that, take the dumbarton bridge over to palo alto and, in fact, the dumbarton bridge is the quicker route right now. we track it with nbc bay area wazers. that's the team to join the profile. >> way to save us some time. it's 6:19. up next a tech giant expanding even more in the south bay. adobe's new plans to take over more space in downtown san jose. she has hamilton ticket but has to sell them and pays a penalty of $2,400. i'm consumer investigator chris
6:20 am
chmura. nbc bay area responds next. and on twitter right now we are covering a lighter story. you can say there's a face-off right now. we have mike and laura tweeting about the same thing, joey chestnut. kari was just talking about this during the weather forecast. there's a victory party today for the competitive eating champ. follow @laura garcia-cannon and mike. you are watching "today in the bay." you can weigh in on your thoughts. >> please respond. i'm online now. (man) hmm. what do you think?
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to a san francisco man who sold "hamilton" ticks- welcome back at 6:23. a san francisco man sold his hamilton tickets. >> it actually cost him money and he didn't understand what went wrong. he turned to our respond team for help. consumer investigator chris chmura is here with the story. good morning. this man was the hook for more than $2,000 and he learned a lesson that anyone who sells tickets should know. nick williams sold six hamilton 60s valued at $500 each on stub stubhub but it wasn't quite a done deal. nick hadn't yet received the fiphysical tickets from the theater. now they say it's okay for
6:24 am
consumeers to sell ticket before they have them but sellers must provide the date that they'll have the tickets in hand. and nick says he did. he says he based that date on when the theater told him it would mail the tickets but those tickets from the theater never arrived. >> i was trying to remain calm and hopefully i could still rectify the situation but every day that passed it didn't look good. i was getting extremely nervous. >> because nick couldn't deliver the ticket on the date promised it canceled the sale and penalized him $2,400. according to the policy it's allowed to charge nick the additional cost to get the buyer s similar seats to the same show. nick was frustrated. he felt it wasn't his fault since he never received the tickets from the theater. we contacted them and they reimbursed him the $3,000 for the tickets he never received. we tried to find out why they never sent nick the tickets.
6:25 am
the theater wouldn't comment. we contacted stub hub. it refunded nick the $2,400 penalty. in a statement, stub hub says it was unfortunate the venue was unable to fulfill the customer's order so as a one-time courtesy stub hub stepped in to pay for the lost tickets. in his policy stub hub advises sellers who don't have tickets in hand to consider selecting a ticket delivery date as far out as possible. if you immediate to change the delivery date it stub hub can charge you fees. if you have a consumer complaint call us or online at thank you, chris. 6:25 right now. adobe systems, which already has a large presence in san jose, now reportedly is expanding. the software giant just leased an office building downtown. not far from there adobe bought on san fernandez street. both locations are a short distance from the company headquarters. we're still awaiting details on plans but we do know 3,000
6:26 am
employees will move into the new tower that the company is leasing. a horrifying story now out of the east bay. up next on "today in the bay," the search for a killer as an east bay father is shot and killed while pushing his baby in a stroller. the possible motives investigators are looking into. >> reporter: a conservative voice may be silence once again at uc berkeley. i'll explain who and the details on the latter that campus officials sent to organizers. and taking a live look outside, i think it's pretty safe to say the metering lights are on. this is the bay bridge toll mr. za approach. mike has a look at the morning commute. kari has a look at our forecast. it's all coming up in just two and a half minutes watching "today in the bay."
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we )re off to a cool start acros the bay area this a very good thursday morning to you at 6:30 right now. we are off to a cool start across the bay area this morning. and then it should be a very comfortable day ahead. who wants to go out to lunch today? a live look outside. quite inviting, don't you think? >> a lot of good options. check that out. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock on this this thursday. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get a look at that forecast right now with kari. it's a nice start. >> yeah, and it will be a good day to have lunch outside, too, as our temperatures will continue on with some comfortable feel to the air.
6:30 am
we'll start out with some mid to upper 50s as you get ready to head out the door grabbing the hot coffee. it'll be 54 degrees now this san francisco stepping out at 52 degrees in the north bay. if you're going to at that ti&td the giants game this evening in the low 60s but you'll definitely need some long sleeves and something nice and warm to wear. let's check out the day planner for san jose. we start out with some 60s rising to the mid-70s at noon. that's great outdoor lunch weather and then rising to the low 80s. a beautiful day but it will get hot this weekend so i'll have a look at that forecast coming up in a few minute. that's in about 6:37, i believe, my weekend forecast coming up. but mike takes us back now to san mateo. >> now overall a great light, easy drive. look at the speed sensors. will take you back over to the san mateo area westbound 92 right around el camino. the slowing we saw from the earlier crash activity looks like it's calmed down. an ambulance has been involved.
6:31 am
many more motorcycles on the roadways which are tougher to see, so be careful. keep that extra second before you make the lane change. it looks like that slowing as a result of the ladder being cleared as well across the san mateo bridge. no delays. i do want to take you for a live look for the san mateo bridge itself. we see this slowing. it just showed up. no incidents reported. i did want to give the backup a few seconds to develop. the flashing lights i saw earlier cleared from the shot but i'm not sure where along this the incident is. i will track this. the dumbarton bridge might be a better alternate right now westbound. in the oakland area a nice, easy drive north. the rest of your commute an easy flow and now track iing the san mateo bridge span. thank you very much, mike. we are tracking the latest developments at beshg. uc berkeley at the center of another controversy involving a conservative speaker who was supposed to be making an appearance on campus. >> university officials say they
6:32 am
don't think they can accommodate him. b"today in the bay's" pete suratos joibs us live with a learn the university sent to people who are organizing the speech. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and sam. and this conservative speaker is ben shapiro, the latest conservative voice running no issues speaking on the campus of uc berkeley. the campus did send a letter to the organizers explaining why they would have a hard time accommodating the audience size they're expecting. i had a chance to read through the letter and here are the basics. the letter is to the berkeley college republicans saying they're unable to accommodate the venue for the proposed date which would be on september 14th because organizers are saying they need enough space to accommodate 500 people. now the campus is offering other venues on campus but that would require rental fees and would have to be booked a long time in advance so there's no guarantee they would be able to work that out. now also the organizers would have to do a security assessment with uc berkeley police prior to
6:33 am
the venue change and they're offering to do that with them as early as next week. of course the campus is no stranger to controversy surrounding conservative speakers. as we saw the protests the night of a scheduled back in february and then subsequent rallies around all of berkeley when they were in support of ann coulter who canceled her speech in response to security concerns. now i did get a chance to go to ben shapiro's twitter. he says he plans to come to berkeley one way or another and still no word fromly officials this morning as far as what the other proposed venues would be. we're live from uc berkeley, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, pete. 6:33. also in the east bay this morning a father shot and killed in a haywood neighborhood while pushing his baby in a stroller. >> truly a gut-wrenching story. bob redell in san leandro. bob, do deputies have any sense, any lead on a possible suspect?
6:34 am
>> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's office, sam and laura, tells us so far, no, they have not i.d.'d a suspect nor made any arrests but are looking into whether yesterday's murder shooting was gang related. it happened in an unincorporated part of award. this father was pushing his 3-month-old son in a stroller along willow avenue in unincorporated hayward when someone shot him a number of times. he was pronounced dead on the scene. his baby, fortunately, was not hurt. investigators are looking into whether or not this might have been a drive-by shooting. now a man who says he knew the victim tells us his friend was happy spending time with his new child. >> oh, man, he was happy. he called him little man. >> we believe there's an associated vehicle, there are suspect related to a vehicle. whether they got out on foot or
6:35 am
shots from the vehicle, those are all things we're working through right now. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's office tells us the baby is safe. they did take custody of him and they have been looking for his mother. the victim's name has not been released but a sergeant tells us that the father was 30 years old. reporting live here outside the sheriff's substation in san leandro, bob redell, "today in the bay". >> and now a baby without a father. >> incredibly tragic story. bob redell will it continue following it closely all morning long. this tweet you're looking at here, put out just six minutes ago. follow for instant updates on the search for suspect. 6:35 right now. politics right now being put on the back burner as lawmakers are trying to think and pray good thoughts for arizona senator john mccain who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. one of the most common but also one of the most aggressive brain tumors there is.
6:36 am
doctors discovered the tumor after mccain had surgery for a blood clot last week at the mayo clinic hospital in phoenix. we asked direct or of neuroon college dr. susan chang about this kind of fast-moving cancer. >> if no therapy subsequent to the surgery is performed we know that these tumors are so aggressive we are looking at months of survival. with treatment we can extend that. the average is probably about a year to 15 months. >> dr. chang says mccain's overall good health works in his favor but he is 80 years old and that works against him. the mccain family is asking the public for prayers. >> everybody pulling for senator mccain this morning. now back to the politics on capitol hill this morning where president trump made some bold headlines yesterday for statements that he made in an interview with "the new york times." live in washington this morning, sarah, one of those statements had to do with a warning to
6:37 am
special counsel robert mueller about not probing into his personal finances. he also had some very critical remarks about attorney general jeff sessions, one of earliest supporters. >> reporter: well, sam, good morning. this wide-ranging interview comes trump marks six months in office today and continues to deal with heavy scrutiny concerning the russia investigation. in president donald trump's interview with "the new york times" sharp criticism for one of his earliest backers in washington. trump saying he never would have appointed attorney general jeff sessions. >> sessions should have never recused himself. and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else. >> reporter: there was more criticism for special counsel robert mueller conducting the russia inquiry, trump warning him about looking into family finances.
6:38 am
>> you would not say he would fire mueller but called it a violation and said it was a red line. >> i don't make money from s russia. in fact, i put out a letter saying that i don't make -- from one of the most highly respect the firms. >> reporter: the interview comes amid the revelation president trump had a second, previously undisclosed encounter with russian president vladimir putin at the g20 summit in germany. the white house down played saying trump met with leaders from many nations. and the new former campaign manager paul manafo are rt and donald trump jr. will testify before the senate judiciary committee next week. the president still defending his son's meeting with the russian lawyer at trump tower in june. >> did not know about the meeting but if he had known he probably would have said go ahead and do it. >> reporter: senior trump adviser and son-in-law jared kushner will be interviewed by staff in a closed session on monday. and more developments this morning. "the new york times" reporting that banking regulators are
6:39 am
probing hundreds of millions of dlafrs dollars in loans to trump from deutsche bank. the bank is considered to be key in understanding trump's finances, laura. back to you. >> sarah dallof from washington, thank you for the update. 6:39. san francisco making more parking spaces available for car sharing companies like zip car. "the examiner" is reporting san francisco transportation officials have provide add full permit for car sharing companies making 1,000 parking spots available. up until now the city was running a pilot program that grants certain parking spots to those companies. >> my wife and i share cars with each other -- >> you want a guaranteed parking spot. >> exactly. no guarantees across the san mateo bridge but changes. better flowing traffic westbound, whatever was going on, whatever flashing lights and brake lights have cleared from the span i can see moving across the highway. back to your maps you see that slowing off the hayward side. the dumbarton bridge picks up
6:40 am
slowing. a at this poitypical pattern th around the bay very light traffic flow. as we look at your travel times still looking at under hatch an hour just under at the top of your screen highway 4. traffic is flowing well right now. i didn't jinx it. i just report it. >> traffic flowing well, okay. we with flowing into the weekend. it is already thursday. you like to call it friday. >> it is friday. >> putting the finishing touches on the weekend. >> we will have all kind of weather around the bay area and if you want the warmer temperature head to the valley. if you want something nice and cool you'll go to the coast and quite a few events going on all around. we'll keep the clouds and fog. hot beach weekend but it will be hot in the valleys. up to 97 degrees. we'll have more of same on sunday. the bay, nice and comfortable at 86 degrees. a little bit warm, too.
6:41 am
one event you can check out and enjoy comfortable weather. we'll be at redwood city. you have the blues, arts festival and it doesn't get any better than this. mid-70s and nothing but sunshine with a nice little breeze and then on sunday the san francisco marathon throughout the morning. it starts at 5:30. if you're going to be participating you'll have some nice, cool temperatures and maybe even a little mist to help keep you cool if you'll just be on the sidelines watching, also a nice weather for that, bring some long sleeves. on sunday after the marathon you'll want to relax and that happening at 2:00 in the afternoon. temperatures reaching into the mid-60s. making it a beach weekend in santa cruz. it will be this in the mid-70s tomorrow but a little bit cooler for the rest of the weekend with highs in the mid-60s on sunday with a few more clouds rolling by heading south to santa barbara it will be in the upper 70s for the weekend and 75
6:42 am
degrees on sunday. we'll take a look at today's temperature trend for fremont. that's coming up in three minutes. >> sounds just with perfect. thank you very much, kari. 6:42. up next on "today in the bay," decision day. we're just hours away from the start of a parole hearing for o.j. simpson. how soon a decision could come down and what it could possibly mean for simpson's release. and we are watching your markets this morning. the nasdaq and s&p open up a all-time highs. as for the dow jones industrial average it has dipped by 15 points to 21,624. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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it's 6:45 with mostly clear temperatures as we get a look outside and a breeze, too. a look at the flag. the temperature trend throughout the day starts out in the mid-60s and then into the upper 70s and low 80s by early afternoon. and as we go into the next several days temperatures are going way up. we'll talk about that as you make weekend plans coming up at 6: 6:50. if you plan on waiting a lot in the tri-city, sorry, but it's a smooth flow of traffic. no surprises. we'll show you what else is going on and some alternate choices you can make. >> mike, kari, thank you very much. check out this vantage point right now. this is a live look from our camera in carson city, nevada, and the courthouse there where o.j. simpson's freedom may be de
6:46 am
decided. you see the national and international news coverage this is getting. all of those live trucks and satellites. simpson is still in prison and will be speaking today by teleconference. the nevada board of parole is going to rule whether or not simpson should continue serving a 9 to 33 year sentence for robbery stemming from a 2007 sting operation in which simpson tried to recover sports memorabilia from two different collectors in las vegas. he has served nine years and his former attorney says simpson has paid his dues. >> and if ever there was a candidate that deserves to be released it's o.j. simpson. >> he may very well get parole just based upon the merits of his conduct in this case. >> a case that is not supposed to have any impact on today's hearing is simpson's controversial acquittal after the 1994 double murder of his ex-wife nicole brown and her friend ronald goldman. if paroled simpson's earliest e
6:47 am
release date would be october 1st. if parole is denied simpson would have to wait at least a year for his next hearing. 6:46. one of four inmates who overdosed in the santa clara jail is still in the hospital. three others are back in their cells this morning. sources tell nbc bay area news the men overdosed on heroin. correctional deputies found them early wednesday afternoon. now the leader of a panel that tried to help improve jail operations is calling for reforms. >> there has to be new leadership to change the culture in the jail. >> that is a judge who chaired a commission on reform which made 101 recommendations last year. we investigated this morning and found a report from the california department of corrections and rehabilitation about drug use in prison. the study publish ed in april says drug use has dropped by nearly a quarter since lawmakers approved over $10 million to stop contraband drugs from coming into prisons. 6:47 right now on your
6:48 am
thursday. developing in the south bay still not clear when or even if san jose police dog will return to the force after it bit a toddler during a call. the 22-month-old baby that was bitten by the dog. this happened as police officers were serving an arrest warrant for a wanted felon at a house in san jose on bird avenue. officers say the suspect tried to run so they brought in the k-9 unit. police admit the dog jumped up and bit the toddler while she was sitting on a couch. the child's family is considering suing the san jose police department. police say it was an unusual behavior for the dog. we're learning more details about the shooting of a minneapolis bride-to-be by a police officer. we now know justine damond called 911 twice to report a possible rape. that's according to transcripts of the call released by police. both calls were made minutes apart. first, she called to report what she was hearing. then she called to ask where the officers were. we also know that office noor was seated in the passenger side
6:49 am
of the cruiser and fired his weapon over his partner. the driver's side door. officers did not turn on their body cameras. here is a local county attorney mike freeman who says the cameras should have been on. >> they were driving up an alley. the victim approached the car. that's not necessarily a time must but, trangly, i think it's a time you should. >> the other officer said that he was startled by a loud sound near the vehicle and immediate areally after damond approached the driver's side window and noor shot her through the open window. woe could know more about the future of mass transit in the north bay. reports the area rail transit officials are close to getting federal approval to start regular commute service. the smart chief tells the paper he talk with the railroad administration on wednesday and they raised no red flags. >> all right, laura. grab your cape, get ready for movie trailers. san diego comic con is here.
6:50 am
130,000 people show up for that yearly event including big names from pop larp tv shows and movies. conan o'brien will be there, stan lee. happening at the san diego convention center and that will up on sunday. everybody can be a superhero here. we are spearheading a special program at nbc bay area. we want to invite you to join our campaign to help local students in need. >> every little bit goes a long way. we tepd up with telemundo 48 and several nonprofits in the area to begin this campaign supporting our schools. you can donate backpacks, school supplies, donate money which we will then use to buy more school supplies. the full list of where you can donate on the front page of our website >> i ask my kids, want to get school supplies? no, not yet, mom. >> they're not feeling the enthusiasm just yet. they'll get there. >> maybe they want to go shoe shopping, though. that's always fun. >> already got that done. >> well, books and all that stuff is not as exciting. >> kari's closet, what do you
6:51 am
have in there? >> maybe a day for short sleeves. we'll get to that and the sunglasses bright and sunny. as you get ready this morning make sure you grab something nice and warm. we are now at 56 degrees as we take a live look in the tri-valley and right in the middle of the screen looking at pay llo alto 58 degrees and 59 degrees in the east bay. you can see from our emeryville camera that it is mostly cloudy and now the seven-day forecast it's going to be a hot weekend as we get a look at these temperatures today it's going to be warm but not too bad. we're up to 88 degrees in morgan hill. over to the east bay. 92 in cord. hayward, 75 degrees. the peninsula also will have a wide range in temperatures from 60 in half moon bay. i can see the fog on the camera there and then palo alto is 81 degrees. in san francisco it's going to be up to 87 in the mission district and 79 in mill valley looking at some upper 80s for napa today and as we get a live look outside we talk about the
6:52 am
closet. well, as you get started in the dream closet it's going to be a day for short sleeves and shorts, something nice that will help keep you cool, something lightweight as well. so as we go into the weekend we're going to have some warm weather, even hotter than this. enjoy the time outside in napa and sonoma valleys starting out with the low 70s and low 80s. you see how those temperatures warm up. we'll be in the upper 80s early afternoon and if you plan on hitting the hiking trails in the south bay or enjoying time at the park, it will be a cool morning, the best time to get out there will be by late morning and early afternoon because it will be toasty if you're climbing up some of the steep hills and then you'll want to relax at music in the park in san jose. this evening our temperatures are dropping back into the low 70s and then low 60s later tonight and if you have plans to hit the road to the sierra a live look at heavenly. a warm weekend there as well. we're not going to such warm weather in san francisco but the
6:53 am
inland valleys are going to really feel the heat by the end of the weekend. to the upper 90s and then some low 90s early next week. and mike says so far there's a nice commute going on. >> right now very nice. a smooth flow of traffic and lighter volume. a number of earlier roadside. brushfires along the freeway. watching for any more to pop up specifically over at 980 and 880 through oakland. all lanes are open and have remained open for much of the morning. we have a smoother drive but starting -- just starting the slowing. 101 and 87 both flowing right around capital expressway and that trend will continue to push north in toward sunnyvale and cupertino areas as the morning continues. a smooth drive. slowing for hayward pushing across the san mateo and dumbarton. we'll take a look at the tri-valley as you get your way around the air qua looking at traffic on our system. we want to show folks what it means to get out of there from livermore and dublin and heading to the fremont area. look at that.
6:54 am
the purple and the green routes corresponding to these. stanley a better choice than isabel. i know stanley and isabel are both good kids. nbc bay area wazers, that's a good team for you to be on. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. >> a traffic family going, mike. up next a quick look at the top stories on "today in the bay" that includes safety concerns right now on stanford's campus. the rape report we're just learning about and where on campus the assault allegedly happened. at 6:54 we've been reporting all morning all eyes on the upcoming hearing this morning for o.j. simpson who is hoping to be released from prison. our cheryl hurd is in carson city. she'll be reporting from interest all day long our upcoming newscast. and just ahead on the "today" show former prosecutor chris darden did appear. he helped try simpson in the so-called trial of the century. you can head to our twitter page anytime. we have updates posted there throughout the morning. follow us. ♪
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what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. before you head out the door - here are the top stories on welcome back on your thursday morning before you head out the door. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." we begin with live pictures from stanford university where this morning we're learning about a rape reported in a student housing complex on campus. students received that alert yesterday indicating the attack happened tuesday at about 1:30 in the morning. police say the suspect and
6:58 am
victim are acquaintances and that the suspect is a man in his 50s. investigators have not said if the suspect is in custody, only that they are investigating. live pictures right now from uc berkeley's campus and there has been another flare-up there over free speech. it's around the planned visit by a conservative speaker. if that sounds familiar, cal republicans want to host author and talk show host ben shapiro in september but the university says it does not have a venue available for the day requested. the university is offing other dates and venues. earlier this year berkeley did cancel appearances by former breitbart editor and then later after that conservative pundit ann coulter citing security reasons for both. a live look at the substation in san leandro this morning where the search for answers continues after a father was gunned down while pushing his baby in a stroller. it happened about 3:00 yesterday afternoon in hayward on willow.
6:59 am
police say a man was pushing a stroller when someone opened fire. the baby was not hit by the gunfire but police are trying to figure out whether it was a targeted shooting. a live look outside right now from downtown and we are getting ready for a pleasant day across the bay area after a cool start. the trend, kari, is going in the upward direction. >> that's what we'll be talk in with about. a hot weekend ahead so enjoy today. temperatures in san francisco hold steady in the mid-60s for the inland area. some upper 80s today and tomorrow and then upper 90s for saturday and sunday. >> and it looks like we're getting the all clear here? >> that's right. a smooth drive. a summertime drive. traffic just kicking in as we look at our maps. westbound across the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. we're going to be back with a local news update and every half hour after that. >> also join us for nbc news at 11:00. these are live pictures from carson city, nevada. our cheryl hurd is there as we
7:00 am
are waiting for that patrol hearing for o.j. simpson. we'll be covering the story throughout the morning. cheryl will bring us live reports. you can find those on our airwaves and also on . good morning. breaking overnight. senator john mccain diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer related to that blood clot revealed last week. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle uniting behind him. >> this disease has never had any more worthy opponent. >> this morning the tough fight ahead for the man known as the maverick. >> nooefz out. trump blasts his own attorney general for stepping away from the russia investigation. the bombshell new interview as trump's son and son-in-law are summoned to capitol hill to testify. decision day. o.j. simpson's parole hearing set to be one of the most watched in history, and now just hours away.


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