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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 21, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it )s finally friday.. a live look outside at oakland this morning.. 4:30 on a friday, live look outside right now. this is 8:80 in oakland as those roads look plenty light for the time being. maybe we'll get life in there. mike is going to let nus on that. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia, let's get to that forecast right nought. vianey is in for carry. >> i am. it looks like we're off to a great start, a lot of people are planning and the weather aries going to be perfect. a little bit hot but sunny. right now we skbri good start in the south bay, 58 degrees. 54 for the peninsula, tri-valley at 57 degrees and san francisco a nice 54 degrees. 50s all across the board but we
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can expect do warm up and it's all thanks to a ridge of high pressure. over the next couple of hours we're quickly see the temperatures rise. san francisco's going to be one of the cooler spots today, climbing into the 60s by about 10:00 a.m. and then in san jose we can expect to see mid to upper 80s yet again in the forecast. by your lunch hour you should be at about 82 degrees. wee definitely see some warmer spots throughout the bay area. i'll have a closer look at that in just a bit but let's check in with mike. i have a crash, in addition to the flashing lights the construction crew that sam showed new oakland that's on the side of the road we have this blocking or slowing westbound 80, el pore tal, somewhere in that facility and no exits are closed from what i understand but that little bit of slowing will be an issue coming down past highway 4. then the rest of the maize and the approach to the bay bridge move well. we have another overturned vehicle on highway 4 near mir rinda. back to you. >> we are following some breaking news out of san jose
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this morning. >> police surround a neighborhood in willow glen. we just got on scene and what can you tell us? >> reporter: hi there. this is a neighborhood just about on the other side of alma din expressway from willow glen but a nice quiet neighborhood where the crime scene tape is still up and we did see one officer grab a camera from his patrol car and head back into the scene to gather evidence. what we know at this point is there was one man who was stabbed, perhaps as many as 13 times, he's at the hospital now but is expected to survive. i asked the officer here on the scene who was able to talk with us whether there's a suspect in custody. she said, no. i asked if there is any danger to the public and she said at this point, it's very early on in the investigation but it appears that the suspect and the victim knew each other and so perhaps it was a targeted incident that happened between two people that knew each other. we are trying to get more information four this morning.
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we've be we've been e-mailing, text, calling them. they're likely not happy about that but we know it's been a busy night on the pd and the swing shift which ends at around midnight time. one person is in the hospital, it's a man and he has been stabbed several times and it apeerds is he going to make it. >> we'll get more from you very soon. 4:33 right now and a live look outside at the golden gate bridge this morning. and a reminder for everybody, runners or not that all northbound lanes of the bridge are going to be closed this sunday morning. that's to make way for thousands of runners who are taking part in this year's san francisco marathon. northbound lanes are going to be closed from 6:00 in the morning to 9:00 a.m. on sunday. that's the first time that all lapz in one direction are being closed off entirely for runners. that action was taken after recent terror attacks in europe where vehicles were used as weapons. southbound lanes will remain open as well as sidewalks there. well, san francisco
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travelers are about to be hit with double closures this weekend. underground muni service is not available from west portal all the way down to montgomery. >> the subway will be closed on weekends for next month and weeknights starting at 9:30. sergio contanna has more on the impact this will have on people trying to maneuver through the city. >> reporter: most of the riders we talked with were surprised about the shut down over the next month. >> i have a stwirt field and we're talking about all these changes, so it was sort of -- it was -- >> reporter: we saw people starring at signs trying to fdic figure out how they're going to get around with the subway sesks muni sht down. >> i may have to take an uber or something like to. it's going to suck. >> reporter: there will be no muni service in the subway it up nel from west portal station all the way down to montgomery station beginning this weekend and continuing through august 20th. and monday through friday muni service in the tunnel will stop at 9:30 p.m.
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muni will be using the subway over the past non test out the new light rail vehicles. >> we need to take the new lrvs and test the compatible of the new train software with our train control system. >> five new cars are expected to start service in the fall. in the meantime, muni will use bus bridges to shuttle passengers across the closed section. not the most popular option. >> it takes quite a bit longer because it's all aboveground so you're just going add a lot more to the overall actual commute and everything. well happening now, the fight to contain flames burning in mira possessa county near yosemite continues. so far 50 homes have been destroyed and 1500 other structures are in danger in the detwiler fire. more than 70,000 acres are charred and right now it is only 10% contained. san jose state's weather research lab is helping in the efforts in mariposa county. >> this is cool leveraging some
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of our academic resources here the university team is collecting data and feeding it to firefighters in realtime. they say they can create their own weather patterns. in one case researchers found flames and smoke that started swirl around like a tornado. >> when collins rotate today becomes a dangerous situation forfirefighters. and one thing is with the dopplar radar that we have we can scan across the fire and detect that circulation before it's visible. >> team members say that tool they use is the only one of its kind in the country and the data it collects can help fight future fires. and a lot of resources being poured on to this, about half of california's firefighters have now been called to help bat this will fire. hundreds of them are from the bay area. lots of local strike teams here. san francisco fire department, for example, has more than two dozen firefighters battling the wildfire. for many departments it's a very delicate balancing act. they want to do all they can for mariposa county they don't want to leave their home bases
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uncovered. sanctuary cities are safe for now. president trump's order targeting sanctuary cities, many here in the bay area, will not go into effect. a u.s. district judge in san francisco yesterday refused to reinstate it and that means for now the administration cannot withhold federal funds from local governments that refuse to cooperate with immigration agents. president issued that order back in january shortly avenue was gnawinged. u.s. district judge william or rack the third said the order is not binding and the attorney general can revoke it at any time. it's 4:37 up next in the bay a growing memorial this morning for an east bay father who was gunned down while pushing his baby in a stroerl. what his wife is telling us this morning that could provide some clues about who killed him. plus cyber scam warning, how i h hijackers are getting away with your information by sending one test. meta appetite control...
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continues for a hayward father shot and killed in front ofis welcome back on your friday morning, it's 4:40. this morning the search continues for a hayward father shot and killed in front of his baby. as a memorial honoring his life grows. we've been covering this story since it happened wednesday. since then, we have learned the victim's name is 29-year-old daniel delltor row. police say someone shot and killed him on willow avenue near share land as he was pushing his baby's stroller. the baby was not hurt. his wife tells us her husband was trying to leave a gang. >> all he wanted to do was provide for his family.
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we had big plans to get out of this stupid bay area and now it's not going to happen. >> the victim's wife says she does not know who would want to kill her husband. you can hear more from that emotional interview we've posted online at nbc bay all new this morning, france police right now investigate a deadly stabbing that happened last night about 7:00. it was in hayes valley between oak and page streets. police say that the man who was stabbed there did die at the scene and we don't have any word of an arrest at this point. in light of this stabbing we look back at the homicide rate for the last seven years according from a report at 2017, it is a couple years old, there have been between 45 and 70 homicides in the city each year since 2010. up next we have a nis cool start here to our friday morning but do not be fooled, the warm-up is coming inland this weekend. >> it is coming and we're
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talking upper 90s in the forecast. i'll give you an exact run down of what you can expect as you head into your weekend. coming up just after the break. >> and a live look at oakland once again the flashing lights that sam showed you a few minutes ago they've cleared from that off-ramp at high street. we'll show you what else is cleared and what is not so clear. >> this morning marine biologists are looking into what sickens nearly two dozen sea lions. who are these people?
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to you. what a gorgeous live look outside san francisco this morning, all lit up, ready for a friday. weekend in the city, that sounds nice. 4:45 right now. i want to see if you think this sounds nice because you have an appetite for some. >> adventure. >> shark week on discovery channel begins on sunday. this year's premier has quite the bite to it. the guy in the pool michael phelps is going to be race a white shark. that's right. maybe he'll finally lose something in his life. we hear that the shark has been practicing dieting getting ready for the 23-time olympic gold winner. that's the most gold medals of any athlete ever. not a lot of other details at this point other than that this trailer is being offered here. this is the trailer that you're watching. you've got to check it out an sunday at 8:00 to see who is the king of the water. >> i have to tell if you there's a shark behind me i'd be motivated a little fachter. >> you might be walking on water. >> true. >> you're not even an olim
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limpian. >> at that point i might be. >> you're a comedy olimp teeian. >> they see the adrenalin kicks in. >> they say ease going to be in a cage but we'll see. i'll probably watch it. >> seriously. >> well, the water temps right now, still cool, chilly they'll probably still be cool when michael phelps jumps in wherever he is but i think that these 50s will be warming up nebraska very nicely actually i know they will be warming up very nicely throughout the afternoon and it's going to make way set being us up for a very lovery weekend ahead. san francisco right now at 54 degrees, the east bay already at 59 degrees, and for the north bay at about 53 degrees. now the reason we are expecting to see a very nice warm-up this weekend is because of this high pressure. and this high pressure will start building in right over the bay area and that's what's going to bring this hot, hot weather and of course these dry conditions. now, we rrnt expecting triple digit heat with this pressure but we're expecting 90s in the forecast and we'll see a bit of
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that warm-up over the next couple hours. 8:00 a.m. we'll be in the 60s amd by 11:00 a.m. we'll be in the upper 60s at about 66, 67 which is our expected high for today. in san jose right now we're at about 58 degrees and the next couple of hours we're also start to see a nice warm-up, 76 degrees by 12:00 and 82 by 2:00. right around the lunch hour you're going to be feeling a little bit sweaty so you want to head indoors because livermore, high of 88, antioch in concord have been some of the hotter spots throughout the bay area. 92 expected for today in concord and santa rosa 87, and then the cooler spots will remain along the coast, great beach weather this weekend as well. now, over the next seven days asfried this ridge of high pressure we'll start seeing that kind of break apart as we head into monday. but we do see a warm-up in the san francisco area as well and i land areas as you notice 89
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maybe for today but by saturday and sunday 97, 98 and then as we head into monday we kind of start dropping in terms of those temperatures as. as we head into tuesday, wednesdaynd, and thursday we start seeing an increase in some of those low temps but the high temps they start to go down. but for now it looks like we've got a great weekend ahead. how are the roads. it's friday. as you're talking about the weekend tomorrow we have a lighter flow of traffic expected all day but right now better because the crash has el portal has cleared up and the debris on l 4 also cleared right in through orinda. we had a full closure but it looks like we may have lanes april road work southbound 680 so that's a smeerj driver, over in the next few minutes. for now get on the surface streets. ignatiusio valley road will take you along 680 down toward that interchange once again. the rest of the mops we're showing a smooth flow of traffic. there's no need for any alternates right now because
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traffic is moving so smoothly but i want to show how you can join our team. make sure when you've got your waze app, make sure you kpekt select teams and nbc teams would be the twoun join because that's the one in bold print. >> that's one of the best things you can put on your phone. that's something a little more nefarious. a growing cyber scam and it's happening in the palm of your hand. it's called smishing. people have lost thousands of dollars from one text message. they allege that your bank account has been comp promieds but they're bogus messages which include a link or phone number on it urging you to alcoholic where to call the number. if you could hackers can then steal your personal data and that's not all. they also can infect your smartphone with malware. >> you as a consumer are looking at the website on a very tiny screen as well as the notification. that makes it harder to notice the cues that we usually use to
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tell apart a fraudulent site from a real one. >> there is no foolproof way to block these smishing merz messages but security specialists recommend the following: don't reply or call back, don't click on that link return said it do look up your bank and call a verified number from the bank to investigate the claim. about 20 sea lions are recovering after being rescued along the central coast. our affiliate station talked with a ma'am medical center. it stez it has made the rescues over the past three days just south of the ties mow pier north of santa barbara. they say they think the sea lions are vic from eating toxic algae. work begins on the peninsula to make caltrain services more environmental friendly. they're going to start converting from the diesel equipment to electric trains. several high-profile people 8 be on hand to mark that launch including governor jerry brown and nancy pelosi. bob redell will be there as
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well. he's going to join us at 5:30 this morning. elon musk moving forward with his plan ton revolutionize the way people get from point "a" to point about the in the say test run for a high speed train called the hyper loob loop. elon musk announcing yesterday that he had a verbal approving from the government to build a hyper loop on the east coast. that would go underground from new york city to washington, d.c. in under 30 minutes gnat trip currently takes about three hours by amtrak and don't even talk to me about how long it takes to drive in traffic. musk didn't say when he expects construction to actually start. well more crime concerns near bart this morning after a string of car break-ins. bart says thieves wednesday night broke into ten cars and stole two of them if the happened at four stations, rock ridge, fruitvale, coliseum and bay fair. the crime on bart has sky rocketed in the past few months. continuing coverage, o.j. simpson could leave prison as early as october 1st. they granted his parole
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yesterday. this morning they're looking into what happens when that happens. he will spend about five years living under the terms of his release. he will not be allowed to drink alcohol and cannot use drugs and obviously he cannot commit another crime. today "the today show" his football star says he will have no trouble staying out of trouble. >> does anybody worry about o.j. that he could end up back behind bars as he reenters society? >> no. o.j. -- o.j. does nothing wrong. >> if simpson violates parole, he'll have to go back to prison in nevada no matter where he lives. simpson says he wants to much back to florida. the state of florida, however, has to approve. well, the morning continues over the death of a popular singer who was actually set to come to the bay area soon. but first happening right now, more tragedy in the music work an apparent accident at a summer concert in europe has killed a singer on stage.
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that is barbara weld don. she apparently collapsed mid-concert and authorities believe she was somehow electrocuted. also a coffee base company is having it recalled. the blend of the company includes an ingredient from malaysia but it turns out that ingredient is similar to what's found in viagra. nearly all of that coffee sold over two years is being pulled from store shelves. we'll be back with more news in a minute. there's a new essence
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let life in. mourn the loss of linn at fou:50 phi on your friday morning the music world continues to mourn the loss of lincoln park's lead singer chester benning ton. he was found dead inside his southern california home after an apparent suicide. the singer has talked openly
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about his strug well drugs and alcohol. a california band lincoln park was in the midst of a tour and was scheduled to play in san jose in october. he leaves behind a wife and six children. he was 41 years old. well, learning more information about a drug overdose at the santa clara county jail in san jose. it may have been fentanyl. they made that determination based on observations and witness statements but it is not confirmed. fentanyl is that same drug that killed prince last year. all four inmates are back in jail, out of the hospital this morning. happening today, there are not many left, but president trump is going to be welcoming the few pearl harbor survivors to the white house today. the president and vice president are meeting with three of the remaining five survivors who are aboard the "uss arizona." the men will also be honored at the world war ii memorial there in d.c. with a pearl harbor coin, the coin that was minted to honor the set of 5th
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anniversary on pearl harbor. 4:56 right now. vee b vianey is in for carr rhode island this morning. we're talking plebtty of sunshine but some spots may be a little warmer than others. i'll have the full run down in just a bit. and pretty cool drive through fremont a smooth drive looking at south bound 880 with those headlights. we're talk willing about the north bay i've got a krark and some slowing up there. our vent investigation uncovered the flight. governor brown recently granted clemency from three deported veterans.
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nbc bay area, we investigate. good friday morning..
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a live look outside from our emeryville camera// ad lib good friday morning to you, live look outside from emeryville camera this morning. look at the glow of the lights there. a little moisture in the air, perhaps. it's a nice cool start i think to our friday morning. not bad, friday us you can't complain, right. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i think it's probably cause some of high pressure that's rolling into the bay area and we're seeing a nice warm-up. if you're stepping outside you're not going to need a heavy jacket or coat because the temperatures are pleasant right now. pretty mild in the south bay at 59 degrees, the peninsula 54, tri-valley 56. we mart start seeing a little fog roll in later on but right now we're seeing pretty clear skies overall.
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59 in the east bay and we are expecting warmer temps today. we will be getting into the 70s and 80s but i'll have a look at when you can see closer digits. mike, how's are the roads. pretty much green all over the bay but i'm watching over here out of the north bay and fairfield westbound 80 approaching that split with 680 a crash overnight, a tanker truck went off the roadway and there's a little spill but apparently it had some soap in the back it's cargo that's what's leaking out into the roadway. a distraction that's why there's a little slowing in that area. southbound 68 toward 24 should pick up any second toward walnut creek. back to you. thank you very much, mike. back to breaking news recovering in the south bay this morning. this is a live look as police investigate a stabbing in the willow glen area of san jose. a large police presence there. kris sanchez is there as well talking with investigators. she reports that the victim is a man


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