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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. right now at 11:00, several crimes in a neighborhood caught on camera. plenty of clues plenty of evidence so where is the police response? tonight officers give us their side of the story. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for tuning in raj mathai. jessica aguirre is off tonight. we start with those neighbors who aren't happy with the vandals or the cops. here is why. multiple homes targeted by teenagers you can see the video here. eggs abm 80s and other project
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i'lls. nbc bay area cheryl hurd in brentwood with the details. cheryl. >> reporter: well the folks living here in brentwood are really tired of this. they're angry and in some cases scared. the video you are about to see goes far beyond childhood pranges. >> this surveillance video taken from one victim's home show what is appears to be a larnl group of teenagers throwing raw eggs at a brentwood house. another video taken july 3rd shows someone tossing what appears to be an m 80 toward a home. >> over the past three weeks we've had about 16 incidents. >> brentwood police want it stopped. >> their actions are unacceptable. they need to held accountable for actions. >> one homeowner is feeling harassed his home targeted three times this month. eggs thrown on the house and cars. >> we have an investigator responding to look into all of the incidents to see if they are in fact related.
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>> we talked to two of the victims who are shaken and didn't want to appear on camera. one homeowner is concerned about the safety of his children and is fed up and can't wait for the vandals to get caught. >> i think they're being punctuation to be hasn't. you don't go kicking doors in and egging cars it's not cool. something should happen soon. >> surveillance video taken from several different sources is giving police some valuable leads. >> we have a license plate that we developed from some surveillance footage. >> reporter: one homeowner tells me that someone tried to kick in her door. police say if the vandals are caught and they're jufs jufgs juveniles. the parents could be held responsible. cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the fight against isis reached the bay area. a young man from oakland indicted on terrorism related charges. we broke the story online
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earlier today. and the feds moved in while the man's family is speaking out. investigative reporter liz wagner joins with us the inside story. liz. >> reporter: the fisher says that 22 oakland resident attempted to provide support to the terrorist group. now in this federal indictment we obtained prosecutors say he opened social media accounts to aid and promote isis for four months starting last july. he was arrested last november. now according to this detention order from december, officials stay he spent significant lengths of time in yemen. and that he had met with undercover agents on multiple occasions to plan a potential terrorist attack. prosecutors argued he posed a flight risk appear that he made plans to flee to mexico afterwards. his attorney says his client does not support isis or any other terrorist organization in a statement issued to us he says amir is a young and naive man
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that appears he allowed himself to be drawn into conversations but he should have been far more suspicious of. now our cameras also went by the home in this west oakland neighborhood family members say they're shocked and say their son has never been radicalized at any time. the specific charge could result in 20 years in prison. according to court records he is facing three other charges. the fbi originally arrested him on suspicions of identity theft last year. they say he stole someone's identity and bought $5,000 worth of clothes and back packs. he is scheduled to appear in federal court next month. back to you. >> okay liz thank you. he'll be out of a on. sean spicer, the butt of many jokes might have the last laugh expected to cash in on new opportunities now he is stepping down as white house press secretary. spicer explained his split with president trump. >> and i said sir i've had the opportunity to think about this. i think it is in the best
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interests of this administration and your presidency that i give these two individuals the opportunity to operate without me in the way. >> so here is the new order. spicer stepped down effective next month. insiders say he quit after strongly opposing anthony scaramucci at communication attention director. you see scaramucci right here a wall street million air and will sarah huckabee will assume spicer he is position and report to scaramucci. the. >> the active wildfire burning priet if you can't see the flames you can see the smoke. 75,000 acres scorched near yosemite. near mariposa county. at this hour only 25% contained. evacuation orders for the town of mariposa have been lifted other communities are still advised to stay away. some people are spraying homes before leaving. >> hoping you know if something goes wrong and comes this way that with the metal roof and
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everything else is kind of you know wetted down that we're safe. >> that woman lives in mountain view but that's her family home dating back several decades there in the mariposa area. the river is between the fire and yosemite. and could stop the flames. however, you know how this works if one ember belows to the other side it could ignite another fire. more than 4,000 fire personnel on the seen in march passow county. many working 24 hour shifts. one firefighters has been hurt after a fire engine crashed this morning. he was air lifted to a hospital in fresno with non-life threatening injuries process. this is affecting vacations plans for more on the fire path and damage done head to the website it's there for you at a newspaper reporter attacked in a quiet enabled of san jose. font investigators looking for the woman who stabbed him 13
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times. the mercury news is confirming the victim is one of their employees. the stabbing before 3:00 a.m. in the upscale willow glen neighborhood. the reporter may have met the attacker earlier that night. he is expected to make a full recovery. how about this? thousands of female a and a well-known local band are ticked off tonight at the shoreline amp i theater you see see the sky rarng overhead they pulled the plug upon a concert because the loading dock collapsed and nobody could figure out how to work around it. ian cull joins from us the quiet amp i theet ner mountain view. >> reporter: concert organizers say they tried everything to get the band's equipment in the venue but ultimately had to postpone the show. fans found out and they showed up here. tonight no 3:00 a.m. or mr. jones. match box 20 and counting crows
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postponed at shoreline amphitheater. >> we were like did we get the time right. >> cheryl jiminez when they arrived they were told. >> i've been waiting for in concert. >> the show stopper seen here high pressure live nation says part of the ramp from the road to the loading dock collapsed about 15 feet wide, five feet deep. meaning the bands' equipment trucks couldn't make it in and a temporary fix like a bridge wouldn't work they had to call it off. >> you want to give people as much notice as possible. you also don't want to call the show too early if there was a chance the show could happen. so we had work with all parties involved. >> the concert postponed until tuesday within the counting crows can't reschedule the band tweeting their displeasure this afternoon. >> this is our night out. to have some fun. >> these two from modesto hoped they'd received a email wishing someone realized how far they'd
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come. >> the tickets weren't cheap and to be told that it's tuesday we can't come back out. >> most confused there weren't alternative to pull it off. >> it seems like they shouldn't should be able to do something be alk to i don't know if they can bring stuff in easier angle tickets will be refunded in and there are no shows here this we could. organizers say they'll have enough time to make repairs before the rescheduled concert on tuesday. in mountain view ian cull, nbc bay area. om people out of luck. riders using the muni subway tunnel will need to find other ways. beginning early tomorrow morning weekend service suspended the next five weeks. on weekdays some stations close at 9:30 p.m. muni will be testing the light rail vehicles. but business owners along the market street corridor will concerned how it impacts customers on the weekend. >> it's hard to know. i suppose there will be inconveniences for people.
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also people working here as well. >> future muni light rail train also run on surface tracks .muni says they will run bus bridges. a big move today as caltrain charges ahead. transportation and political leaders broke ground on a $2 billion project to electrify the fraction from san francisco to san jose. you see the governor there. caltrain says once the project is complete it will operate nearly twice as fast. the electric electric trains expected to start running in 2021. up next here at 11:00 check out the wild fight a at a cal california starbucks wait until i sigh what happened moments before that provoked one customer to spring into action. >> south bay residents are fighting an unusual foe. the fire department. mime consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. meteorology kari hall we
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have nice comfortable weather today but it's about to heat up tomorrow. inland areas could hit triple digits. a closer look at this and the forecast for where you live coming up next.
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take a look at this how about a vent y ice lata and robber. a customers springs no action a the fresno craig jerry working on his ipad a man wearing a transformer mask comes in threaten the clerk with a fake gun and real knife demands cash. jerry the customer picks up the chair right there and boom smashes the robber over the head. jerry manages to wrestle the knife away but he got stabbed during the scuffle. >> there is not very many people in america that would do what craig jerry did last night. that was incredibly heroic. and it is the way that i would think most people would think that they would respond.
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but may not have the courage to respond. >> he had the courage and the strength. the suspect ran out of the store but police quickly tracked him down. jerry needed six staples in the neck but he will being okay. tonight bay area responds to some south san jose residents who are fired up mad. they're at odds with the fire department and on the hook for hundreds of bucks thp they say they were fined for something they didn't do. all about the fourth of july fireworks. consumer investigator chris chmura joins with us details. >> the allegation is fireworks joust. san jose outlaws fireworks and the city has gotten aggressive with enforcement. but the city automated it's the system for taking care of the complaints in that left people on the hook for hundreds of dollars each. >> our neighbors we know each other. >> on tiny garrison circle an airplane overhead occasionally makes noise but usually.
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>> pretty quiet the most part. >> but the yellow letters from the circle suggest they've been noisy of late. >> as the 500 citations accusing three residents of illegally shooting off fireworks in june and july. >> apparently on fourth of july i was lighting off fireworks. >> were you. >> absolutely not. >> when is the last time you bought fireworks. >> i haven't touched fireworks in 30 years skbl the letters were a shock especially singles everyone here says the $500 citation arrived without any contact from anyone in law enforcement. >> how many police officers visited you? >> none. >> firefighters. >> no. >> code enforcement officers. >> not a one. >> the group got no where challenging the fire department they asked to us figure out how the citations came about. the answer online. san jose recently rolled out the internet form that allows anyone to report illegal fireworks use. nbc bay area learned when an address is here reported here more than once a $500 citation
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is automatically issued with zero investigation. >> wouldn't you want to come out and investigate yourself instead of taking somebody's word for it. >> residents can appeal and possibly phase the aanonymous accuseder. but they're required to pay as the 500 fine up front with no guarantee they'll get it back. >> the person who accused me doesn't have to have photo or video proof that i did anything. >> how fair is that. >> that's ridiculous. >> the city council approved this enforcement system last year. today the fire marshal signs the citation he declined our request. by phone he says he doesn't have enough personnel to every complaint and that's why the city added a web form that automatically sends $500 citations. we wanted to know how many citations went out without investigation. he said he didn't know. he was asked if the garrison residents fines will be reconsidered. he said they'll have to appeal. after first paying the $500 fine. >> yeah it's not fair.
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>> the clock is ticking if fines aren't paid within 30 days the city will then add a late fee. and interest. the frustrated people of garrison circle call this system flawed. >> foam i could get another citation because somebody decided to put my address in the reporting form. and then i could spend a lot of time doing in over and over and over again. >> because in started with the city council we called all ten members and the mayor. we heard back from one who said the automatic fines were not part of the council's intent. he says they'll look it into it next week and so will we. if you have a skplanlt call us or online at okay now i'm a little ticked off. >> what does the city do with all the of the fines what do they do with the money. >> that seems on the surface very unfair that's a report by chris. kari hall what do you got it's friday night. >> friday and it's going to be a hot weekend. that's what we'll be talking
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about. and for some ramping up temperatures across the inland parts of the bay area on the coast stays nice and cool of course. as we get a look now at some of the temperatures you're feeling as you get ready to take the dog out one last time at 60 to 61 degrees across three of the microclimates looking at the peninsula and the south by and the seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen as the fans clear out of the at&t park it's 5 a degrees and 62 degrees nice and clear in the north bay. i want to show you where we're headed tomorrow because we have been talking about how hot it is going to be. it is going to top out at 98 degrees in gilroy. 96 in east san jose. moving towards the east bay some interior valleys could reach over 100 degrees. and danville expect a high of 97. oakland up to 81. peninsula, 66 in half moon bay. a little bit warmer than today.
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up to 81 degrees in san mateo. san francisco trends into the low 70s. as you head into the embarcadero and the mission district and 66 degrees in the outer sunset. while it will be 86 degree in mill valley. novato up to 100 droegs. hot but one cool place will be of course at&t park tomorrow as the fans clean clear out once again tonight taking a live look at the camera. the temperature trend for tomorrow, the game starts at 1:05. first pitch. and oh our temperatures will be in the lower 60s. bright and sunny highs reechlg researching the mid-six nice day there. while nice and cool at the park it will be in upper 60s along the coast. bay at 84 degrees and inland valleys hot reaching up to 97 degrees. more of that same heat on sunday with mostly sunny skies and if you are planning to go to napa or sonoma we will start with
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temperatures in the 60s and 70s but up to 76 degrees as at as you have a early lunch out in the sunshine. it will reach very quickly to the mid-90s the early afternoon hours. it is really going to be day where you have to take it easy. and as we get a look at another event going on on sunday in san francisco, the stern grove fess i feel starting out in mid-50s but highs in the mid-60s in the afternoon. looking at saturday's forecast, if you are planning to hit the road it is going to be really hot in redding up to 111 degrees. tahoe looking good but smoke may be drifting by from the mariposa wildfire. the yosemite park with low visibility and bad air kwult as high temperatures reach the 70s. san diego at 76 degrees and l.a. looking at a high of 77 degrees. in san francisco, our temperatures will be in the low 70s for the next couple of days
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and then next week bring back the 60s. but the deeper marine layer and also fog and drizzle during the morning hours. inland areas still really hot after a-sizeling weekend highs reaching into the upper 90s. not much of a break there through next we can. we'll see the high temperature down to 90 degrees on wednesday and it still looks pretty hot towards the end of next week. >> that paigenen e bill will be nice and hefty. >> i think i'm going to have to take out a second mortgage to pay that. >> thanks kari. okay another california kayaker goes nose to knows with a shark we'll show you how the kayaker survived. plus we have jimmy. guys kevin bacon is my guest plus jennifer and it is a great show do not change the channel. and happening now on our twitter feed london police say they're cancelling a $195 fine issued to a 5-year-old girl for
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selling lemon aid outside her home. the story got international attention after her father said the two officers left here in tiers. the police say the officers could have shone better judgment. back in a moment.
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well tonight we want to show you some video from a police dash cam that helped exonerate officers in a deadly shooting. the shooting happened on 101 in san mateo in april. tlie chp officers pulled over an armed car jacking suspect for several minutes they ordered the man to drop his gun. he refused and eventually pointed it directly at officers. that's when they opened fire. once again this is that dash cam
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video. the district attorney cleared the officers of criminal wrong doing in that case. the second time in two weeks the kayakers come nose to nose with a great white. this time on the central coast. bret jackson says he was kayaking near santa barbra when the shark chomped union on the kayak the bite mark more than ha foot wide. he managed to paddle the sinking boat to safety. shark warning signs post-ed across santa barbara county beaches a similar scene last week in santa cruz. here is the warning all northbound lanes of the golden gate bridge closed this sunday morning. the shutdown is a security precaution following recently terrorist attacks in the europe where vehicles used at as weapons northbound golden gate on that's the brinl all lanes close four-door 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. for the san francisco marathon. food you can ee the athlete attention checking in at ft.
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mason pmt the marathon kicks off monday morning 5:30. it staurts at the embarked of mission street heads north over the golden gate bridge and wraps up again along the embarcadero 26 miles great athletes. back in a moment with the drama unfolding with the giants on and off the field. stay with us.
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all right plenty of buzz about the giants signing poobl sand value released which the red sox. will it actually happen and when? we could find out by tomorrow. as for tonight, orange friday, at china basin. you know what happens on orange friday. it gets a little crazy. a lot of drama went down tonight. bottom of the ninth inning. conhe were gilespie the two-run homer to jien the connor gilespie toois the game go to extra innings that's where we are right now getting close to midnight giants and padres tide 9-9 in the bottom of the tenth. remember the brawl on memorial day giants and the nationals u-michael morris come on the right side of the screen slams into jeff snarja but we haven't
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seen morris ever since. he is on the concussion list. back with his family in florida. the word is his career might be over. according to nbc sports bay area, the giants don't expect morris back any time soon. speaking of head injures we had had one tonight the a's in new york bottom of the sixth. a's facing ryon healy right to his temple watch it in slow motion. right here strange hop into his head leaving the game on his own that's the good news. expected to be okay. we'll know more tomorrow rest of the game bottom of the seventh michael with the second home run of the night the mets beat the a's 7-5. two popular football teams in town this weekend but it's not the raiders or 49ers. we'll show you next. whoa!
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okay have you heard a big football game at levi stadium this sunday. our sky ranger was overhead earlier this evening. no 49ers, no raiders instead two of the most famous soccer clubs in the world. see the pitch there.
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manafort united and real madrid in an exhibition match 2:00 p.m. kick-off. . sunday in santa clara i'm getting a couple shades darker we need sun screen. >> we're going to be there, go. it will nba the low 90s. look at the temperatures. it is really going to be hot. take it easy out there. drink lots of water. >> that should be a good match. sunday 2:00 p.m. bring sun screen drink a lot of water. have a great weekend. we made it. have a great weekend thanks for tuning in here at 11:00. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin bacon, jenna dewan-tatum,


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