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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 31, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we will start with weather this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. and it will be a nice day, but we are going to be talking about some temperatures heating up all around the bay area heading into the next couple of days. today not so bad. let's get a look at what it looks like right now as you head out the door in san jose. all clear skies and looking good early this morning. our high temperatures are heading up to 88 degrees there. palo alto 84, oakland 76 and in napa today 88 degrees. san francisco up to 70 degrees. we will talk about how hot it gets for some parts of the bay area coming up in a few minutes, but mike says the nimitz freeway was closed overnight. >> crews have 30 seconds to clear southbound 880 before they are considered late for their morning clearing. this is causing a backup from jackson down to 23rd. eastbound 580 is a great alternate. over the last couple of weeks of construction they have cleared by 4:30. not the case today. over in san francisco we do
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have a shelter in place at 15th and beaver. pete will talk about that in just a second but i want to show the rest of the bay that you do have a smooth commute, the big slowing in oakland. we will send it back to you in san francisco. we will go back to the breaking news, it's a shooting that led to standoff, near the castro district in san francisco. it's been going on for about five hours. >> "today in the bay's" pete is a rat toes has arrived. he is live with more on what's going on. pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, guys. we're here on the scene at castro street between 15th and beaver. i spoke with police on the ground and they didn't indicate exactly which house we're talking about where this police standoff is taking place but we know they have 15 street and beaver streets blocked off as they try to figure things off. we got a chance to touch base with san francisco place. they're telling us they have been on the scene since roughly
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midnight and they located a male in this area who they believe may have been connected to that shooting. now, when they tried to make contact with them they're saying that he locked himself inside of his home and that's where we are at at this point, guys. they're saying they're trying to negotiate with this suspect to get him out of the house. right now it's unknown if anyone is injured. you're seeing fire on the scene as well as sfpd. as i mentioned at the top of the report we're trying to figure out exactly where that standoff is taking place. we are here on castro street. if you live on 15@and beaver streets they are saying there is going to be a shelter in place. we will continue to monitor the scene and give you more updates as they come in. >> thanks for monitoring the latest, pete. happening today president trump swears in his chief of staff. homeland security secretary jon kelley takes over for reince priebus. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts has a look at the issues the administration is facing including russia, north korea and healthcare. good morning, tracie.
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>> hi. good morning, guys. and those are all issues that jon kelley is going to have to manage as he tries to essentially turn the ship around inside the west wing. there are staff and cabinet meetings set for today to introduce this new man in charge. law and order behind the scenes at the white house this morning. first on the president's agenda today swearing in his new chief of staff, former homeland security secretary general jon kelley. >> i think he will bring some order and discipline to the west wing. >> ensuring that everybody who works in the white house is on the president's agenda. >> that agenda includes healthcare after failing to repeal the affordable care act three times last week the senate's top republican says he is ready to move on, but the president is not. tweeting, don't give up, republican senators, the world is watching. >> the president will not accept those who said it's, quote, time to move on.
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he wants to help the millions of americans who have suffered. >> president trump is ready to move on from russia investigations and will reportedly sign new sanctions. plus the threat from north korea is more urgent now after reports of another miss i will test. >> to have a trajectory which as of the latest analysis would enable it to go about 6,000 miles and maybe even hit as far east as chicago, we can't have that. >> how to stop it now under new management. >> tracie, thank you. happening today we're expect to go hear details about a report that found oakland city council member violated city ethics rules nchs the oakland public ethics commission find lynnette gibson mcelheney broke ethics rules when she interfered to stop the construction of a housing development proposed next to her home. the commission is scheduled to
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present that report during a special meeting tonight at city hall starting at 6:30. the faa is reportedly getting closer to a plan to reduce airplane noise over some bay area cities. the agency recently released a report on noise reduction recommendations for planes flying into the bay area. the report focused primarily on flights arriving at sfo and palo alto is among those cities feeling the most impact. one solution involves a new flight path for incoming planes. faa leaders have to decide which recommendations to enact. there is no set timetable on when that might happen. a new airport security crackdown under way in australia after authorities foiled the suspected terror plot there. they are ramping up security screenings all all airports following weekend raids across the is it i that netted four men in connection with a plot to bring down an airplane. the prime minister today praised that investigation and the tighter security that's testing travelers' patience. >> each precaution should be taken but this is in excess.
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honestly this is just too much. >> we are unrelenting in our efforts to keep australians safe and as you know, as you've heard over the last 24 hours or so, we have succeeded in disrupting a major terrorist plot to bring down an airplane. very serious terrorist plot. >> authorities say the added security measures will remain in place probably indefinitely. so far the four suspects have not actually been charged. also this morning more violence in vepz. sunday's moegt was marred by a deadly explosion in crack can you say targeting police. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is calling this a sham election. turnout was low. many of the opponents of the unpopular president stayed home, but the president is declaring victory this morning. google is accused of giving out your information. the tech giant could be heading to court after a watchdog group says it's violating your privacy
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and storing your bank information. >> good morning, rick. >> reporter: yeah, if you shop online you might need to know this information. this claim is coming from the watchdog group electronic privacy information center. this morning they're calling for full investigation of how google actually operates its online shopping, any shopping through google and through their operations. according to the claim which we got from the "washington post" the group epic is set to file a legal claim in court this morning. that claim google is gathering credit and debit card purchase records from u.s. customers. now, this is without revealing how they got your information or giving consumers ways to opt out. now, google says the program helps provide effectiveness of online ads, but critics worry that if the information is out there it could fall into the wrong hands. google with that statement also today coming out and saying that
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there is no way that they are allowing anyone to get your personal information. in fact, they insist that you can, in fact, opt out in the settings and activity settings on the google website on the google and internet site and that's how you can stop that information from getting into any curiosity of getting into the wrong hands. so that's the very latest this morning here at google. may be going to court and defending themselves in this newest claim. rick boone for "today in the bay." it's 5:08 right now. follow-up now on a story we broke right here on nbc bay area over the weekend. many questions remain unanswered this morning in connection with the death of a 54-year-old milpitas man. his body was found saturday morning on windsor street at milpitas. all police tell us is that they canner this a homicide case but they are not saying why. the man's identity is not being released, either. there is no one is custody. a follow-up now on a story we've been reporting on for
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really a few years now, a lawsuit has been filed against a union city school district after a third grade teacher was convicted of molesting students. >> you may recall the case, it was michael howie sent to prison in 2013 for molesting nine students. the east bay times says one of the students is suing the new haven unified school district which employed that teacher. the suit argues the district knew about the teacher's behavior but did nothing about it. authorities are vying to figure out if a smash and grab jewelry rob si is connected to other crimes. three thieves targeted the novato costco as it opened. they grabbed thousands of dollars in jewelry before taking off in a waiting car. this is the fourth time in two months. the bay area costco jewelry departments have been hit the same way each time by three masked thieves. >> we're going to do what we can to identify the suspects. we will work with outside
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agencies that have experienced the same incident and see if we can't collaborate. >> in all cases those three masked thieves carried out nearly identical crimes, never showed any weapons, though. the future of public television stations across the nation are in limbo and may be in jeopardy of being cut if federal funding is not approved. congress is still weighing a white house proposal to eliminate $450 million in funding for public broadcasting. for months supporters have rallied to preserve that money, most of it goes to radio and pbs television stations in less populated areas. yesterday the pbs chief executive warned stations they are losing money and may have to shut down. it is 5:10. we are in for mild weather today but the temperatures will get a lot hotter for the valleys and the hills. for tomorrow into wednesday air quality will also worsen and we will have a higher fire danger. by thursday there will also be a
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chance of thunder. this is not only some heat that many impact the bay area but the whole region and really intense heat expected for the pacific northwest, so you will be hearing that in the headlines as well, looking at those high temperatures that may be setting some new records. we will be talking more about this, but mike says there is a little relief for oakland commuters. >> one side was for those high temperatures, the relatively high temperatures and also one sigh was because a sigh of relief for oakland. sent certificates are showing a smooth drive for most of the bay. we have recovering starting south 880, lanes open. first two and then four in the next couple of minutes. southbound 880 at 23rd that overnight road crew cleared from that bridge project we know has been going on for weeks over there. in the north bay it's northbound 101, a crash blocks from what we understand your three left lanes. heading north up toward 580 and the rich nond to winter bridge. that is typically
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countercommute. your commute through these areas travel times looking great. we are still watching the crash at tam because it may be a distraction. coming up be careful where you walk if you're texting at the same time. there is a punishment users in hawaii may still face. a shooting leads to a standoff and now a snab hood has been ordered to shelter in place. we will break in with updates as soon as we get them.
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it's 5:15. with he wake up to clear skies and mild temperatures as we get a live look outside in san jose right now. and the temperature trend for santa clara will be up to 78 degrees at noon, temperatures into the upper 80s by this afternoon. this will be a warm one but nothing compared to what's ahead. we will talk about the high heat that's moving into the bay area for the rest of the week that's coming up at about 5:20. going on right now we have this traffic break north 101. we had a lot of slowing that has cleared the sensors. we will bring you the rest of your commute. good morning, i'm landon dowdy live at cnbc world head quarters. wall street is poised to start the week off on a positive note.
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the markets were mixed last week amid several big earnings reports and the feds decision to leave interest rates unchanged. investors will get several pieces of economic data this week including the key jobs report on friday. look for more earnings including apple which reports tomorrow. on friday the dow rose 33 points to 21,830 the nasdaq slipped sprint is looking for a merger partner but charter communications says it's not interested in buying the wireless provider. sprint's parent company japan's soft bank is reportingly exploring whether it will make a takeover offer for charter or renew talks for t-mobile. they want compete with verizon and at&t. if you're planning a hawaiian vacation, put down that phone. starting in october you could get a fine in honolulu for looking at your phone or electronic device when you cross the street. the city's mayor says the
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measure is a reminder for people to use common sense so that they don't become a statistic. the fine is $15 to $35 for the first offense. lauren, scott, back over to you. >> thank you very much. it is 5:17. thanks, landon. how about salmon for dinner? today commercial salmon fishing season officially opens in san francisco. several bay area lawmakers will be on hand for a kickoff at 1:00 happening at pier 45 in the city. fishermen are urged to check for salmon fishing restrictions. high surf supposed to pound the bay area coastline at least through tonight due to two tropical storms causing stronger currents and less predictable waves. heavy surf is supposed to impact most south facing beaches. in southern california beaches are already closed due to massive waves. >> it's 5:17 right now. you might want to head to the beach sometime really soon because those temperatures are going to creep up this week from
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what i understand. a little birdie over here told me. >> today not so bad, then the next couple of days is when we will really be complaining about the heat in the valleys and then having to crank up the air conditioning. then you may have to head to the beach to find some cooler temperatures. right now as we get a live look outside at the golden gate bridge looks like things are rolling very well across the pitch with not too bad visibility starting out this morning as we get a look look also at the seven-day forecast, showing us starting out in the south bay what our temperatures are looking like as we go through the week. not too bad as we get a look at our current temperatures in san jose, it's 63 degrees, okay, i don't know what's going on at napa, it says 37, i know that's not the temperature. that's a guess what the sensor is sending in, but it's probably in the low 50s. we will go with that. as we get a look at our temperatures and the highs in the south bay, morgan hill expect a high of 95 degrees, milpitas up to 87 degrees.
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we will have temperatures pretty much on par with where we were yesterday for those highs reaches into the mid 90s antioch, hayward 82 degrees, peninsula 67 and half-moon bay, san mateo up to 62 degrees and 72 degrees in the mission district, the outer sunset up to 65 and 71 point breeze, sonoma looking at a high of 90 degrees. as we go through the day planner for oakland it will start out with a few clouds but we will get clearing and temperatures in the low 60s, rising to the 70s by 10:00 and the temperature trend for sonoma will be hot, especially for this afternoon at 4:00 into the upper 80s. we are keeping an eye on what's happening with tropical storm emily. this is expected over the next couple of days to affect the tampa area. we have that live video of what it looks like there now as the sunrises and they're dealing with those rain bands moving inland to parts of florida
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today. some of the heavy rain expected, could be several inches of rain before this moves out into the atlantic and that may weaken over the next few days. we will be in for hotter temperatures, hotter weather ahead. as this area of low pressure moves up there will be a chance of dry lightning and maybe some thunder for wednesday. and then we are looking at temperatures that will stay in the 70s for san francisco and inland areas will see those temperatures peaking tomorrow. dangerous heat. i will have more on that. in one key spot, especially, we're watching the nimitz freeway which was completely closed overnight, we're looking at the rest of the bay moving very well right now. the nimitz it's not unusual to have the overnight construction but it extended almost -- well, until just past 5:00, 5:01 then they reopened lanes. we have completely cleared, it's a great flow of traffic. down in toward the hayward, castro valley. dublin interchange one disabled
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vehicle reported, no slowing shows up but we will track that as well. we have information for your transit systems, we have the muni system, subway service is restored back after the weekend work. no delays for these systems. we will look at waze and show the south bay right now. the easy report hellyer up towards sunniville, that's a quick route, five minutes more jog over to 87 or check out 680, 880 and 237. you can explore the paris if you want to but make sure you explore this on your waze an. click on the magnifying glass next to your apps. when you do that you can select the team nbc bay area wazers that's the name of the team. >> i can see you have the bigger phone, mike. coming up call 911, the work around that has some t-mobile customers very upset this morning. >> and we're always covering big stories on social media, you can follow me @scott mcgrew for the latest look at what russia has
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at 5:24 on your monday morning, new lights are back on across thousands of homes and businesses in san francisco's richmond district. 4600 pg&e customers were without power all day yesterday and hundreds of homes power didn't even become restored until midnight. the outage started 9:30 yesterday morning when a power
5:25 am
pole at california and 16th failed. also new this morning in a time when most of us use our cell phones for emergency calls, there are concerns this morning out of parts of texas, some t-mobile users have been unable to contact 911 which is concerning for about 12 hours. >> problem reportedly impacting users in and around plain know, texas. callers are using a nonemergency line to contact dispatchers. t-mobile says it's identified a problem, working on a fix. approximately 70% of all 911 calls are placed by cell phones. new this morning, new research says doctors need to do a better job of keeping their stethoscopes clean. infection specialists found healthcare workers rarely disinfect those instruments in between patients which increases the risk of infection. a couple dallas police officers thought they were responding to a party that was out of control. >> instead they came upon a bunch of people having a great time at a wedding reception. here is what happened next, they got into the action, started a new tradition called the bridge
5:26 am
and cop dance, the officers took part in traditional latin dances. good news, nobody arrested, just dancing along. everybody had a good time. >> a little indecent exposure there? i don't know. still ahead, a story that had us talking today, state lawmakers considering a plan to give students more time to sleep. a reason some parents are pushing back. we're gathering information at this scene in san francisco as folks are being told to shelter in place as police negotiate with a shooting suspect. i will tell you where officers say things stand with this standoff next. d
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breaking news on your monday morning, people in a san francisco neighborhood told to stay inside, shelter in place. police have surrounded an armed suspect, you are looking at live pictures right now and we will have a live report in just a few minutes. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. want to check the forecast right now with kari hall. looking good today. >> looks good today. you will want to take it in and enjoy it because our temperatures will be heating up over the next few days, even getting warmer in san francisco. we will see those high temperatures reaching into the upper 70s for the inland areas look at how hot it's going to be tomorrow up to 102 degrees. we will have a chance of lightning later on this week. we will talk more about that and the weekend forecast in seven minutes. heading over to mike you are checking in on a crash in the
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north bay. >> there was activity there for 101. south bay all the way into san francisco that's a great drive. in fact, despite smaller incidents we have no real slowing for your freeway sensors. north 101 did have a crash blocking the three right lanes, with he saw slowing as the traffic break happened. chp has not given it the all clear but the sensors have recovered. getting down southbound would be your commute direction into san francisco, that's fine, but in the city we do have police activity around 15th and beaver street. for more details i will hand it right back to you guys. >> that's right. it's the breaking news that we're covering on this monday morning. a shooting led to that standoff mike was mentioning near the castro district in san francisco. first told you about it right when we came on air at 4:30. >> "today in the bay" pete suratos has been live on the scene and he has the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a couple things before we give you an update on this. i spoke to a neighbor in the a area who says she didn't hear any gunshots when this took place.
5:31 am
according to san francisco police at around 11:45 p.m. moments before our hit i know that san francisco police will be arriving on scene to give us more information. let's show you the activity behind us. we're standing on castro street. right up that hill is 15th street. to the west is beaver street. both of these streets are closed off as this standoff continues. now, according to san francisco police the information we're getting this morning they're telling us the shots were fired in this area roughly at around 11:45 p.m. now, where you're looking at right now they're saying they located a man who who believe may have fired off these rounds and when they tried to make contact with him he locked himself inside of his home. police are currently trying to negotiate with this suspect and it's unknown at this time if anyone is injured, but on this street and to the west of us on beaver street there is a shelter in place as that standoff continues. i did get a chance to look up crime stats in this area, this isn't what would be considered a high crime area but they have
5:32 am
quite the situation right here. they're saying a person with the san francisco police will be here momentarily to give us more information. we will continue to monitor the scene and give you guys another update in the next hour. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, pete. we will keep checking back. 5:32. in less than two hours bicyclists and pedestrians will no longer be allowed to cross the willow road overpass in menlo park. the overpass above highway 101 is under construction. starting at 7:00 this morning a shuttle service will help pedestrians and bicyclists get across. caltrans is replacing the overpass with a wider one. new this morning the north bay's smart train isn't operating yet but there's already talk of building future stations. the san francisco chronicle says the trans i can system has approved an extension to lars per, that's scheduled to open in 2018. no date has been set for the only ma/marin commuter train system to open.
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vice president mike pence is in estonia assuring the president that she has america's support. we have new video to show you of the vice president shaking hands with estonia's president this morning. they are concerned over russia's aggressiveness in the region. pence plans to visit three nato allies during his trip. he's actually tweeting this morning as well, quote, we stand with the people of the nations of estonia, latvia and lithuania and we always will. the u.s. state department is responding to russia after vladimir putin ordered american diplomats out of the country. >> the state department calling the move a, quote, regrettable and uncalled for act. put tin retaliating after our congress passed sanctions against russia last week. putin says more than 700 diplomats must leave russia by september 1st. it's not clear america actually has that many diplomats. here is what a former u.s. ambassador to russia michael mcfall was saying about putin's action this morning. >> one, because i think it's
5:34 am
unjustified, we didn't meddle in their elections so why are our diplomats being punished. number two, it's not symmetric to what we did. the obama administration kicked out 35 diplomats, allegedly those that were actually working as intelligence officers. this reduction is over 700. >> you can hear more about that interview coming up on the "today" show at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." coming you up at 6:00 president trump's new chief of staff general jon kelley sworn in today. tracie potts has a first look ahead at his first official day. back at home some senior and disabled property owners are paying their full school parcel taxes even though they don't have to. santa clara county civil grand jury found property owners are ex jibl for exemptions but don't know that. the mercury news says the grand jury didn't find intentional wrongdoing but said school districts can make the process easier by providing more
5:35 am
information. california middle and high schoolers can get more time to sleep in. >> doesn't that sound nice? that's the idea behind a bill making its way through the legislature. if approved middle and high schools would be banned from starting earlier than 8:30 in the morning. later start times have been linked to better performance, but critics say the rule would disrupt families and cause problems. let's check in with mike with breaking news. you got a new crash. >> this is a crash with new details, scott. we want to clarify this is the one we were tracking and i did actually say i thought the lanes were going to be cleared in the last couple seconds, but this actually is not the case. the traffic break ran, there was slowing northbound 101 heading up from the blies dale up toward tammel pious drive. your right lanes three reported, a sig alert which means they think it will take at least a half hour. com will watch as more traffic heads north from san francisco. here is the rest of your bay, you see green sensors all over,
5:36 am
the travel times coming down through the east shore freeway and down towards the maze are no problem, either. a live look assures you the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on, but only the fast track lanes have the big backup, cash lanes just starting to slow down. people are getting up and at'em. coming off a nice weekend as well across the bay area. now we're looking forward to the next one. why not? >> we're going to struggle through this week with some high heat, so by the time the weekend comes you will be like, oh, hallelujah. the inland areas on sunday will be up to 92 degrees and that will be cooler than what we are about to deal with so that will be nice. the bay will be at 73 and 67 by the coast. on sunday expect more of those high temperatures that will be coming down just a few degrees up to 65 for the coast, the bay will be at 70 and for sunday up to 88 degrees as we start to make some plans on this monday morning. looking ahead to napa valley this weekend it will still be
5:37 am
hot on friday but by saturday we're feeling those temperatures in the upper 80s, 86 degrees on sunday and if you are planning to head to santa cruz this weekend it will be in the mitt 70s, friday may be the best day to get out there and lay around on the beach, it will be into the upper 60s by sunday, cooler temperatures, more clouds and some stronger winds. coming up in three minutes i will have a look at fremont's temperature trend for today coming up. it's 5:37 right now. new and next this morning a look at the best places to rent. find out which city ranks worst in the bay area. in business news twitter may test out a new system -- in fact, err this testing it out, new features users will get for $99 a month.
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it's 5:40 on this monday morning. let's get a live look outside right now in fremont before the sun rises we have clear skies and it's looking already busy on the route wads. it's 64 degrees, that's where we will be at 9:00 this morning. mideóyk 70s as we go into the e afternoon, but quickly rising into the mid 80s today. it will be a warm day for some parts of the bay area, but then we are in for some hot temperatures for the next couple of days. i will talk about that coming up at about 5:46. and right now i'm watching that bottom number, southbound 880 go from 14 to 16 minutes and building. we have a crash blocking a
5:41 am
number of lanes in hayward. we will talk about that coming up. new this morning video just in, a rocket launch in japan many hope will go down in history went down in the ocean inste instead. hundreds turned out for the launch yesterday. the rocket which was unmanned sustained damage right after liftoff and they couldn't communicate with it. the unmanned rocket if it were successful would have been the first designed by a private japanese firm to reach outer space. we will presume that one is a model. new this morning a new report out overnight says russian hackers may have targeted san francisco state university students. the sf examiner says an ethical hacker says she was able to access sensitive information like social security numbers and home addresses. in a deposition the paper says the hacker told the school who found malware traced back to russian ip address. the school says no student info was compromised. 5:41. to our continuing coverage of an expensive train that was stolen in the east bay. that train was used at carnivals
5:42 am
for children. the $60,000 electric train was packed inside this trailer in pleasant hill. thieves made off with the trailer early yesterday morning, this is used at festivals and parades and picnics throughout the bay area. we have a crew on scene talking to the owner of the train right now. we will hear more from him in the next hour at 6:45. new this morning twitter testing out a way of making money by charging a fee to promote your tweets. tech crunch reports all a user has to do a pay a $99 flat fee and twitter exemplifies their tweets and profiles for 30 days. the ad model is being bet day tested and users can only participate if they're invited. twitter struggling to make a profit and gain new users. here is a closer look at the san francisco company's performance, just last week we told you twitter shares plunged more than 14% after the company announced little user growth in the second quarter. in the united states twitter's
5:43 am
average monthly users fell to 68 million from 70. worldwide user base has been stagnant, 328 million active monthly users. at 5:43 we won't know the official results for several days but looks like west coast dock workers are approving a three-year contract extension. that deal covered all 29 ports. union workers say it's being approved by a two-thirds margin. the current deal expires in july of 2019 so a new contract would keep labor peace at least through the middle of 2022. also new this morning might not shock you to learn that the bay area is one of the worst places to rent for renters. a new report shows just where we rank in the country compared to 150 other cities. wallet hub's report finds oakland came in at the bottom of the list at number 148, san jose was number 73, san francisco came in at 70th. the best place to rent,
5:44 am
scottsdale, arizona. the worst place, cleveland, ohio. the study looked at 21 factors including affordability, cost of living and safety. a southern california community that's hoping to draw in more tourists is getting a jump in the number of homeness people as well. people in dana point say there has been a spike in the number of homeless calls. residents are calling on people to take action. according to the dana point times a local task force recently counted 60 homeless people in the city. 5:44. uc irvine college hopefuls believe they are being squeezed out of a spot in the fall semester but the school is arguing it is a tough lesson. >> according to the l.a. times more students than expected accepted offers at the college so it's like airlines bumping people out of seats. 499 incoming freshmen who had already been accepted to the school and planned to go now
5:45 am
can't. now, the school says it's cutting students who were not as good with the acceptance conditions, poor senior grades or not meeting deadlines. the school admits it had to draw a hard line. new this morning vineyards in sonoma may be facing a labor shortage for this year's harvest. that's according to a new report from the press democrat. the overall workforce has not grown in the past 15 years even though the vineyards are growing. a trade group says local vineyards could probably use 2,000 additional workers. more growers are returning to automation. a live look at the oakland coliseum. you can flow out the records definitely for the bay bridge terees, the giants taking on the a's and both teams are struggli struggling. there's still plenty of pride on the line. tonight and tomorrow night the teams will play in oakland, wednesday and thursday night at the play on the other side of the bridge in san francisco at
5:46 am
at&t. >> it's quarter to 6:00 right now on your monday morning. let's get through this workweek together, shall we? >> that's right. >> we have to plan a cool place, too. >> it's going to be heating up over the next couple days. today we will keep the temperatures like where they were yesterday during the afternoon reaching into the mid to upper 90s for some of the inland areas. let's take a live look in san rafael, all clear, the sun is rising, we have quite a few people already up and already out the door. so make sure you are ready for that as you get ready to head out on this monday, our high temperatures today are at the bottom of the screen for the next seven days starting out in the south bay right now. so let's head to the south bay looking at what to expect. we will be up to 87 degrees in milpitas and for gilroy expect a high of 94 degrees coming off of a nice weekend after the garlic festival. over toward danville it will be up to 82 degrees, oakland looking at a high of 76, in daly
5:47 am
city today a high of 64 degrees, palo alto will be at 84 and the mission district at 72, marina district today up to 68 degrees, santa rosa a high of 88 and napa today we will see the highs up to 88 degrees there, santa rosa up to 91. making it a beach day if you can, it will be a great day for that and also the next couple of days and don't forget the sunglasses if it's a workday for you, it's going to be bright and sunny later on this afternoon. coming out of the office building with all that sunshine you will want to make sure you have those shades. if you are going to the beach, heads up, we will have the potential of higher rip currents and sneaker waves, waves right now at about 3 to 4 feet but the statement in effect for simpson and santa cruz beaches today. santa cruz will have really nice weather, starting out nice and cool in the upper 50s, at noontime 67 degrees with a breezy wind and high
5:48 am
temperatures today reaching 70. for your bay bridge series forecast, it will be in the upper 60s today with some sunshine and all clear skies. now, this is what we will be talking about over the next couple of days, high heat as this large area of high pressure builds and it will really cause some problems, but we will also have a chance of some thunder on wednesday into thursday. so we will be watching out for that. and meantime we are going to have hot weather over the next several days. mike, now you have a new crash. >> i'm tracking a new crash in hayward. we have that sig alert that chp has called up in the north bay. it will take a while to clear those loans in larkspur northbound 101. we have up to three lanes blocked by the initial crash report. we are looking at that counter commute, a big deal as far as chp is concerned. if you're heading down forwards the golden gate bridge southbound your commute moves well. southbound is continuing to build in hayward, this is the crash i'm tracking for the east
5:49 am
bay, a tough time as things get more crowded in the area just past the san mateo bridge. ten son southbound has i think at least one lane closed. your drive times still slow as you're coming over toward the area. they have all gone green, that is wrong. these drive times are wrong. let's take you to the waze system. you see because of that slowing you saw right here you have 42 and 46 minutes depending on if you take the nimitz or 680. if you take that has pairian jog that purple route saves you ten minutes. that's helping you out for waze. make sure you check your app and make sure you are a member of our team. this animation shows you how to join the team called nbc bay area wazers. that's your waze team on your phone. back to you. at 5:49, only on nbc we're getting an exclusive look at new technology designed to stop
5:50 am
train derailments, jeff rosen is taking cameras to a giant research and training facility. you can watch that story later this morning on "today" or you can even catch it online. a popular south bay restaurant hopes to reopen after a driver caused damage to the front entrance. >> this was early yesterday morning at the los gatos café. authorities believe a brake malfunction caused a woman to crash their suv into the front door and patio. they haven't provided any information on the injuries, but the car did not sustain much damage. we spoke to neighbors who came by to view the scene. >> we thought, oh, they're remodeling. didn't know they needed to. and then when we came into the winery and we said, what are this he doing next door? he said, well, somebody decided to use it as a drive through last night and here it is. and so we came out to see. >> the owners seem to have a sense of humor about the crash. the note on the restaurant suggested somebody did indeed take it for a 24-hour drive
5:51 am
through. >> that's a tough day to be closed. sunday morning is popular there. the former uc davis chancellor who resigned heading back to campus, the new title she's going to have after all those controversies got her out of school. happening now, breaking news, we're recovering out of afghanistan. a suicide bomber has targeted the iraqi embassy this morning. afghanistan officials say the bomber blew himself up at the gate and three attackers stormed the campground. security forces were able to rescue all the embassy diplomats and employees and took them into safety. isis is claiming responsibility. how about using your face to unlock your iphone. a new report says the latest iphone will have a feature along with a screen that wraps around the phone. is that with makeup or without is this we will be back with more news ahead.
5:52 am
5:53 am
you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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a good monday morning to you. taking a live look outside, this is our dublin camera this morning. we have cameras across the bay area that keep tabs on what's going on out there. get ready for a hot week it's actually for inland areas. kari will have a full look at that forecast coming up in just moments. it's 5:54. happening today a popular parkway along the feather river is closing because of concerns about the levees. the levees need critical repairs
5:55 am
after the strong winter storms we had as well as increased water flow from the orville dam. it could take several months to complete but needs to be done before the next rainy season starts. the levees protect thousands of people who new in sutter county. new this morning the family of a girl who was killed in a suspected dui crash in the east bay is filing a wrongful death lawsuit. 15-year-old ratial mcgal ban was working with their friend in oakley last week when they were hit by a car. rochelle died at the scene. >> rochelle's family filed a lawsuit against the driver as well as an off duty chp officer who was following the driver and the city of oakley as well. the family says the city knew the road was dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. happening today jury deliberations with expected to begin in martin shkreli's trial. he is accused of dee flaugd
5:56 am
healthcare hedge fund managers. he made national headlines in 2015 when he raised the price of a lifesaving drug for aids patients by 5,000 percent. he faces if found guilty 20 years in prison. the corporaler uk davis chancellor who resigned amid controversies last year is returning to campus this fall, but she will have a different title. university says linda katie will return as a tenured member of the faculty in the college of engineering. we will be paid about the same amount as when she was chancellor of the university. she resigned after allegations of nepotism, conflicts of interest and misusing students fees. happening now a manhunt is under way in alabama after 12 inmates escaped from a jail. 11 were recaptured overnight, one still on the loose. the walker county sheriff's office says the 12 inmates escaped from the county jail yesterday, it's unclear how they got out. happening today, president trump will present his first medal of honor to a vietnam
5:57 am
combat veteran. 71-year-old army medic james mclaugh listen saved the lives of ten of his fellow soldiers in an intense battle in 1969. even though mclaughlin was hurt by shrapnel and small arms fire he repeatedly risked his life and entered the kill zone to rescue his wounded comrades. new this morning the country's leading pediatricians are asking dentists to screen children for signs of abuse for flee glekt. cities have known injuries and infections around the mouth could mean a child is being mistreated. symptoms can include bruises on the lips, gums, burns from hot liquids, even jaw or facial fractures and injuries to the back of the throat. spinning a compelling story, throwing in some scares is the task for the new thriller "midnight texas." the second episode air tonight.
5:58 am
francois en know place a psychic who communicates with ghosts by letting them take over his body but showing that on screen presents challenges for the show's technical crews. >> we have a great makeup and special effects team and a lot of things, a lot of special effects are created not only can cgi but with pros at the ti-- prosthetics. i think it helps us being genuinely scared in scenes. you can catch "midnight texas" on nbc bay area at 10:00 right after american ninja warrior. >> i know a girl is that rg in that show, she's beautiful but plays this gul lish character. new this morning joey chestnut has a new title. >> he is also the tack toe eating champion as of now. the bay area native scarfed down
5:59 am
92 tacos in fresno in weekend. crest nud said he planned to eat 100 but the seasoning made it tough. he holds 43 world records for eating more than 40 different types of food. >> we continue to monitor breaking news that's happening out of san francisco this morning. police have surrounded a neighborhood. we will take you live to a news conference that is about to get under way. >> plus google goals under fire for grabbing debit card information from people shopping. now the tech giant could be headed to court. the steps you can take to make sure your baking information doesn't get into the wrong hands. >> a new week brings new faces to the white house. the major issues the president is trying to tackle as his new chief of staff gets ready for his first day on the job. "today in the bay" continues right now. we continue because we've been on since 4:30. thanks for joining us now or earlier. i recall laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we do want to take you live to a
6:00 am
news conference in san francisco. this is that standoff near castro. let's here what they have to say. >> i don't have the relationship. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> okay. stand by here. >> sure. >> one minute out. >> we have the live -- >> are you hearing anything? >> okay. all right. it looks like the news conference just wrapped up right now, but what we can tell you because we were monitoring it as it was going on, there was a woman who was shot, this happened at 15th and beaver in that area there, it has been cordoned off. pete is standing by ready to go live for us as well, he just heard that. we know that a woman has been shot, there was an armed man inside one of the apartments in that area and that's why they've told people to stay inside. >> pete is preparing a report, we will have it for you in just a moment. let's get your monday star


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