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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 31, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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scaramucci who was in the white house for ten-days and whose profanity laden tirade last week -- >> the president felt anthony's comments were inappropriate. >> general kelly has a long history of making tough decisions. the white house needs that discipline. >> reporter: and will that discipline extend to twitter. lashing out on republicans on health care and china for not helping with north korea. his message today -- >> we will handle north korea. it will be handled. we handle everything. >> reporter: another challenge to handle russia. new responsibility for the new
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chief of staff. and another responsibility for the president. he will now take on the task of finding and naming his third communication director in just over six months. when spoerkz person sarah huckabee sanders was asked who in the white house will be reporting to general john kelly, she said everyone in the white house. scaramucci's departure. the first major departure was former national security adviser michael flynn forced to resign in february. and former fbi director james
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comey. now by the way, we tweeted out scaramucci's departure as soon as the update of the news. you can get breaking and developing news as it happens by following us on twitter. >> a sex tape scandal in fremont. a roommate is accused of video taping a husband and wife and threatening to release the sex tape if they didn't pay him. we have the exclusive interview with the roommate. >> reporter: he told me he didn't do it. fremont police arrested 33-year-old at his apartment in pennsylvania avenue.
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investigators saying a couple sharing the apartment received an alarming video. >> the person threatened them if you don't pay first it was 2,000, then it was 5,000. >> reporter: the couple track tracked -- >> specifically said if you don't have the money in exchange for a night will you will suffice to get the video back. >> reporter: we talked to him before he left the courthouse. did you video tape your roommate? >> actually, there was a reason
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for the camera. >> reporter: what is that reason? >> i will talk to my attorney. >> reporter: mr. adama lived in the pardon apartment and the ot couple. they are looking into the possibility there could be more victims. reporting live in fremont. >> thanks. roadside fire kept firefighters busy in sonoma today. flames burned 13 acres. fire danger extremely high right now and a live look from our cameras in san jose and dublin. tomorrow could be even hotter. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri
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tracking this heat advisory. >> you can see how the temperatures pan out so far. 97 degrees in walnut creek, 96 in danville. and again the heat tomorrow builds stronger and with that said, there is a newly issued heat advisory. i think it is right here in the east bay where the temperatures will be the hottest. remember to drink plenty of water and do not for any reason at all leave anyone inside a parked car. it is way too dangerous. you can see in the east bay not too bad at 6:00 a.m. but 80 by 10:00 a.m. and 100 degrees by 3:00 p.m. next update in 15 minutes. a man is accused of shooting and killing a woman which then
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led to a stand off with the sfpd. the man shot the woman near 15th and beaver into castro late last night and then rushed inside his home and stayed there for 15 hours. the man shot himself in the chest before he surrendered 90 minutes ago. >> a shootout in los banos. police say it came in as a call to report a man breaking into an apartment shortly after 6:00 this morning. the other officer fired back. both officers and the suspect ended up with gun shot wounds. the officers are in stable condition and the suspect's condition is unknown at this time. >> city leaders in san jose released a report about the
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devastating flood in february. the report was done by firm. the report also offers 100 recommendations on how the city can improve the emergency response. all board, a stolen carnival train will soon be back in operation thanks to social media and a good samaritan. nbc jodi hernandez is there live with how the train was found. >> reporter: i will tell you, it has been anything about fun and games over the past 36 hours for the fun and game expert here in pleasant hill. but fortunately, their choo choo train has been recovered. >> i sell fun and smiles.
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>> reporter: he is back in the business of selling smiles again. over the weekend thieves stole the centerpiece of his amusement company. this morning things got back on track. >> something happened that i didn't know could happen. >> reporter: after his daughter posted something on facebook, the search started a life on its own. >> i was showing up for yoga and i had remembered the post. >> reporter: laura mccullom is among those who saw the post. she immediately recognized the stolen rig parked in the lot.
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>> i was just the one who happened to see it and find it. >> it made me and my whole family so incredibly happy. we don't have to disappoint thousands of kids. >> reporter: tonight the train is tuned up and ready to hit the party circuit again. we are back here live. you can bet this four-car train will be heavily under lock and key from now on. while the train has been recovered, the thieves are not. they have leads and they are working on. reporting live from pleasant hills i am jodi hernandez. >> thank you. it is official the olympics are coming back to california, l.a. l.a. mayor will be joined by a
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number of dignitaries. the summer games will be in l.a. in 2028. the city reached an agreement with the ioc today. paris will hold the 2024 ol l p impics and then l.a. in 2028. two men are taken in during an i.c.e. raid but not the intended target. >> if you of graffiti in your neighborhood there, is a new app for that. >> i am meteorologist jeff ranieri, tracking the possibility of lightning in the
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forecast this week. details on that in about ten minutes. man... but ended up arresting
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two others. just weeks after hayward formally declares if they are looking for man but ended up arresting two others. just weeks after hayward formally declared itself a sanctuary city. laura malpert joins us from
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hayward. >> reporter: the mayor tells me despite someone's background everyone deserves do yue proces. lourdes takes care of her two grandchildren while the mother is away trying to keep their dad in the united states. valenzuela was on his way when he and his friend were detained by immigration enforcement. she says valenzuela called and said take care of the children because immigration just got me. i.c.e. tells bay area news
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neither men had been lawfully -- and he previously served time for dui. the second man has a previous felony charge for lewd acts with a minor. >> i just want to make sure that whatever the reasons that they were taken away from their families, their rights are protected. >> but juan hernandez a log cabin republican says the men lost their rights when they came boo the country illegally. >> they are breaking the laws. they keep reoffending. >> reporter: i.c.e. tells me both men will remain in their custody while their case is
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reviewed. >> often been called one of the most influential writers of his generation. actor tom shepard died. -- sam shepard. he died in his home in kentucky last week. >> actors kill to play these roles. they kill to play sam. and for me, you know, there is no doubt that he changed the face of american theater forever. >> a lot of bay area connections. he introduced several of his
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plays at the magic theater also taught at uc davis. >> the city of san jose just unveiled a smartphone appear th scott budman is live with more. >> reporter: it is the city hall that admits it doesn't have the personnel to get in touch with everybody, so now there is a way to reach out and get a direct connection to those who get the job done. graffiti pops up all over san jose. now the city is getting tech support. >> to be able to see where the problems are. >> reporter: it is called my san jose a free download which let's you tell the city.
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>> we know that residents on the street can see it and can report it a lot more effectively than city employees can. >> reporter: and when city crews pull up, they too pull out a smartphone to show that the job has been done. >> so it really helps pinpoint the location. >> reporter: it is helping san jose clean up. and city officials tell us they will gradually add features and services to the app in the months ahead. >> the capital of the silicon valley should have an app for that. >> it makes perfect sense. >> a lot of changes coming our
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way. hot temperatures right now and even hotter for tomorrow and also tracking monsoonal moisture ahead. let's look right now. top weather story is this area of high pressure. going to bring dangerous heat to the pacific northwest as well. you can get a preview of that on the scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. tomorrow morning, i don't see huge issues. fog near the peninsula at 61. and tri-valley a cool start. san francisco early fog for the morning commute. and temperatures going to heat up again for tomorrow. not going to be 90s at the host and 110 inland. a wide mix here across the map.
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you can see it is going to warm up in morgan hills 99. and gilroy 100. hottest weather no doubt across the east bay. 103 in antioch and 101 in walnut creek. and this is where you have to watch out and drink lots of water. the other thing we are going to be tracking is the pollution getting worse. hot temperatures begins to cook the pollutants in the atmosphere. allergies, respiratory sufferers, again you may need to stay inside a little longer tomorrow. belmont 88. san francisco some 70s. and for the north bay 85 in mill
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valley. 94 in santa rosa. hot for, at least, the next two days. i want you to be prepared for the weather forecast in the next few weeks. there is a stray chance we may get lightning from this. but the models are not picking up big rainfall totals. extended forecast you can see in san francisco, low 70 through fridays and 60s in the inland valleys. certainly could get a little wild wednesday night and thursday with lightning strikes close by. >> a lot happening. >> thanks jeff. how many more people are doing
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internet searches on suicide. =rail=
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there )s a fire in napa. it )s on atlas peak road about 5 miles north of the silverado resort. so far -- its burned about 4 >> happening now. there is a fire in napa. so far this fire has burned about four acres. on our facebook page, vector control is fogging. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits
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popular "netflix series." ===nat sot=== "maybe i )ll never know why you did what you did" runs :03 ===vo continues=== unsettling finding about a popular netflix series. 13 reasons why is about a teenager who commits suicide and what it does to her around her. netflix released all 13 episodes in march. google searches which included the word suicide increased 13%. researchers say it is not known whether the searches increased suicide attempts.
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>> airbnb battling san francisco. the key weapon here is in a tv ad. no voices in the ad sponsored by the new york city. the implication is that home sharing could be linked to terrorism. >> it didn't happen. multiple news outlets have correctsed the record and instead we are seeing this scare tactics. >> we don't say it has anything to do with manchester. new york city has been at the center of crack down. air bnb has worked out the
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agreement to share listing agreements. bart wants to hear from you about a potential new route. back for ♪ what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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tonight at 6:00, the exodus might be over. officers are now returning to the force. swears in a new officer. the reason sjpd is seeing more officers coming up. coming up on our 6:00 news cast. the five-mile leg would run along interstate 580. >> a lot of new changes for bart. before we go jeff ranieri with a final word. >> contra costa alameda counties hitting the century mark. take note on wednesday we get humid monsoonal moisture coming
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up. >> hot and humid? >> welcome to miami. lester hold is next with "nightly news." tonight, taking command. another major shake-up at the white house as general kelly grabs control and anthony scaramucci is gone after just days on the job. a dramatic turn of events. opioid nation. a staggering new look at the epidemic touching so many family, perhaps even yours. how so many are getting their hands on the drugs, a finding that surprised even the researchers. hbo hacked. cyber thieves strike and reports they may have hit "game of thrones." how bad is the breach? fatal treasure hunt. fears of a third death tonight as fortune hunters set out into wilderness in search of hidden gold and jewels. and courage under fire. an emotional scene as a genuine american hero is honored for risking his life to save wounded comrades. "nightly news" begins right now.


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