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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 31, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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today. >> reporter: coming up from the palo alto police department. one of several veterans who are now saying they want to be a part of the force. he walked sinto a crowded conference room at the police headquarters. surrounded by family and friends, kyle burrshfield made the jump to the san jose police department from a series of years chief eddie garcia spent much of his time reading resignation letter out of resignation letter. now, he says they are starting to come back. >> we are not a desperate police
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department anymore. >> reporter: the two current academy classes which are the largest in years. 17 police officers who applied to return or transfer to the police department. >> the officers that sacrificed and stayed here did not allow this police department to crumble. >> reporter: in his eyes he says the san jose police department still did not lose its shine. >> it is a great department. >> reporter: san jose police officers got a 10% pay raise in july and a bonus at the beginning of the year. still a lot of work to do to get this department back where it needs to be. live in police headquarters in
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san jose. >> damian tweeted about this this afternoon and you can follow him at newsdamian. the stand off over in san francisco. the man accused of killing a woman barricaded in his house. this is in the castro late last night. he rushed into his home for nearly 15 hours. people in the area were asked to shelter in place. this all ended about 3:00 p.m. just a short while ago. we are still learning details about the final moments of the standoff. no word of his condition in the hospital tonight. a direct threat, pay or he will hit play.
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marianne favro joins us. >> reporter: he says he is innocent and investigators tell us this suspect set up his laptop in the bedroom and turned the screen off but left the camera running for three hours. he was arrested in his apartment. a couple sharing the apartment for a few month received alarming e-mail. he said you don't pay, i will put this on facebook, tag you.
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>> reporter: police say adama didn't just want money, they claim he had an indecent proposal for his female roommate. >> if you spent one night with me, i will return the one copy of the recording i have with you. >> reporter: we talked to him as he left the courthouse. mr. adama, did you videotape your roommates in jail? >> no. i didn't. actually, there is a reason to put the camera. >> reporter: what is that reason? >> i will talk with my attorney. >> reporter: he is expected to return to court tomorrow to formally face extortion charges. he lived with his wife and the other couple in that apartment. investigators tell me he has moved into three different apartments all with different roommates in the last eight months so now investigating the possibility there may be more
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victims. reporting live in fremont, marianne favro nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the organized chaos continue at the white house. president trump marches forward. he ousted anthony scaramucci just after ten-days on the job. his short tenure was rocked just last week by an interview in which he unleashed a profanity laced tirade. he said he was giving the president's a new -- john kelly who was sworn in today. you can see him there. our coverage continues in 25 minutes. it has been a dizzying six
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months. is it enough to impeach. tonight we sit down with a lawyer who worked on the watergate prosecution. this unique perspective. >> reporter: george frampton was in his late 20s. he told me what it was like to be in the middle of that and the comparisons he sees in the trump campaign. he says the pressure was intense. >> we felt like we couldn't make a single mistake. if we made a single mistake, we would be dead. >> no mistakes, no leaks and no chance that the incriminating evidence would come out without the special prosecutor. >> the congress was not going to
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get those tapes wec only got th tape because the criminal -- >> reporter: without robert mueller's investigation, the truth may never come out in the meetings. >> they certainly had an interest in collusion. >> reporter: is that collusion? >> that is why we have a special prosecutor and somebody who is trained and responsible about making those kinds of not too easy decisions. >> reporter: frampton adds assumes for a moment there was no collusion. >> nonetheless, he and his family have almost been able to create criminal conduct out of nothing. by lying, and possible covering
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up. but that is of course the lesson of watergate that it is the covering up and the lying that ended up entangling people in potential criminal conduct and certainly in political peril. >> reporter: and frampton believes mueller cannot be fired without devastating consequences. >> i doubt he could survive that. >> reporter: i asked george frampton if he thought mueller would be able to get ahold of the tax records he said almost certainly if it comes to that. reporting from san francisco mark matthews. >> a new look tonight at the floods that broke out. the internationally renowned consulting firm prepared the
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report. report also offers 100 recommendations on how the city ask improve its emergency responses procedures. the report will now be presented to the city council. tagging the taggers, a new smartphone app allows you to report graffiti or illegal dumping near or where you work. how does the app work? >> reporter: well, it works because it has geo tagging built in. with the spray over and a smartphone picture, san jose just got a little bit cleaner.
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and an app made the process a lot faster and smoother than usual. >> so we know what side of the building it is on. if it is on the street or on the fence. and it really helps pinpoint the location. >> reporter: san jose is getting tech support for problems like graffiti and illegal dumping. you can log into a new app called my san jose and let a cleanup crew know exactly what and where the problem is. the mayor admits san jose doesn't have all the staff to get the job done. >> being able to use an app. this saves us a lot of time. >> reporter: the city hopes the
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city will use the app a way to clean things up one smartphone at a time. city officials tell us they will add fieeatures to the app. >> we go to san francisco leaning and sinking. can it withstand a major earthquake, the new revelation about san francisco's troubled millennium tower. this little train is back home and back on track after a wild weekend ride at the hands of thieves. i am meteorologist jeff ranieri, plenty of upper 90s today but even hotter for toefrm tracking a heat advisory tell you who could be the hottest. coming up at 6:20 tonight. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you.
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don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. soon be back in operation. this model train that was stolen over facebook to the rescue. a stolen carnival train can soon be back in operation. this model train that was stolen over the weekend from pleasant hill is back to its rightful owner. you got a good seat, jodi. >> reporter: a very good seat. all aboard.
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once again, the fun and games express is back in action as you can see, thanks to social media and a good samaritan. after recovering their electric carnival train stolen from the rental car parking lot over the weekend. >> what kind of idiot would steal a train that puts you at the balm of the list of bad guys. >> reporter: fortunately this morning things got back on track. >> something happened that i didn't know could have happened. >> reporter: after his daughter posted it on facebook. ed leads started barrelling in. >> there was a hash tag about bringing the train back. >> i was showing up for yoga and i had remember the post. laura mccullom is one of those
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who saw the post on facebook. she immediately saw the stolen train parked in the lot. >> i was the one who happened to see it. >> reporter: it suited up and was ready to hit the party circuit. >> this weekend we don't have to disappoint thousands of kids. >> and we are back here live. no disappointed children this weekend. no disappointed reporters. though the train has been recovered, the thieves have not. they are going through surveillance video and hope to make arrests in this case soon. reporting live in pleasant hills, i am jodi hernandez. >> jodi is enjoying her train
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ride. dally citake a look, a roade if sonoma county. broke out at 11:00 a.m. and burned along 101 in geyserville. no structures were damaged but you can see the traffic there. no word on the cause. >> no doubt it is sinking, but they say it is safe in an earthquake. reports released today the findings based on computer modelling, saying it could withstand an 8.0 quake without collapsing. independent experts have told us
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that while the building may not collapse, it could end up being red tagged and uninhabitable. >> not surprisingly, for the six straight month, rent has gone up for the san jose. in mountain view, rent up almost 5% higher. nearby in santa clara, 2150 a month for rent. and palo alto 2500 a month. >> have to do with timing. some lights will get longer. others will become shorter by a half a second. it will make the yellow time more consistent across the city. these are meant to ensure the driver can expect the similar experience in each light.
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there are 175 intersections in the city of fremont. >> get ready to cast your line in less than six hours. salmon season. despite a bleak spring forecast, recent data shows this year could show a turn around. so far we have had a great crab season. >> and a very good hot season as well. >> for a long time. >> not a bad time to go fishing. anywhere cool close to the water you are going to get relief. let's get a look at our micro climate weather forecast. i want to highlight some common sense, but things to remember. remember to stay hydrated a cool towel on the back of your neck can help you quite a bit. take frequent breaks if you work outside, hot car danger.
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do not leave anyone inside of a parked car. as far as tomorrow's forecast goes, the hottest temperatures right here across the east bay. watch out again for this dangerous heat in concord, antioch 103. livermore 102. 99 in downtown san jose, as you get farther away from the bay, notice how temperatures jump. heading to the coastline you want cooler weather. every single bit of this heat is being produced by this area of hot pressure. luckily we have the fog. right up in the pacific north west. thing also get the hottest this week, check this out. in seattle up to 98.
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108 portland. nonetheless hot as we mention especially for the next two days for the bay area. keep your eyes here on wednesday's forecast. we will talk more about that and a chance of lightning coming our way in 25 minutes. the olympics coming back to l.a. tell you the details just released in the last hour. on our twitter feed as jeff
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ranieri just told us - the heat is on -- tomorrow. we )re tracking the temperaturs
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on all of our digital pl happening now, the heat is on beginning tomorrow. tracking the temperature on all of our digital platforms. and on our facebook passengepage, the harvard law school is apologizing to anthony scaramucci. accidentally listing him as dead. best 17 day party ever.
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the olympics are coming back to california. = l.a.'s mayor says it will be the best 17-day party ever. the olympics coming back to california. it will take place in los angeles. l.a. reached the agreement with the international committee.
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l.a. and paris the last two days remaining. in 2028, we are bringing the games back to l.a., a city that has always been a games changer and will be again in 2028. >> this will be the third time that l.a. hosted the olympics. back here at home the raiders kicked off training camp in napa. the prize rookie has been cleared of rape allegations stems from an incident with a woman in a hotel room. the raiders drafted the team
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alum. again, he has been cleared. google's ability to track what you buy online is facing a legal challenge. google says the new program allows it to see what customers and consumers buy with the use of algorithm. google says it does not have credit card numbers just information from some companies without saying which ones. in recent years google has paid tens of millions of dollars to settle ftc allegations on privacy issues. >> going after one man but detaining two others. the fallout why an i.c.e. raid. larry gursston explains
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more changes in the white house. president trump officially has a new chief of staff, and is now right now at 6:30, more changes in the white house. president trump officially has a new chief of staff and is now looking for a new communications director. anthony scaramucci is out after ten-days on the job. perhaps the shortest run for any communications director. >> this comes as general john
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kelly was sworn in today. insiders suggest he was the one who pushed scaramucci out the door. >> scaramucci thought it was best to give general john kelly a new slate. moments later on the job attending his first cabinet meeting in his new role. >> i predict general kelly will go down in terms of his position of chief of staff one of the great ever. >> reporter: already making his mark with pushing out anthony scaramucci. >> the president felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in
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that position. and he didn't want to burden general kelly. >> general kelly, i think has a long history of helping people make tough decisions and president trump needs that advice and counsel. >> reporter: over the weekend the president fired off a series of tweets. lashing out on republicans for health care and china for not helping with north korea. >> we will handle north korea. it will be handled. we handle everything. >> reporter: another challenge to handle russia. as republican efforts on capitol hill are falling flat, new responsibilities for the new chief of staff. scaramucci is the third communication director to leave in the past six months. no word of replacement. >> nothing really surprising
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anymore. let's bring in our political analyst larry gursston. we have been asking this for six months will anything get to him. >> this is textbook stuff. he has ranted at his own members of congress. he has lied to the public 69% of the time. that is quite a combination. >> so we seen this revolving door. what point does this get old not only with the american people but also in d.c. he still continues to have a strong set of supporters. when does it get old. >> not yet. and i will tell you why. two factors have been helpful. one is the economy. boom in economy. 2.6% economic growth. he is taking credit for it. the fact that he is president, he gets to take credit for t he
6:33 pm
is appealing to the base again and again. that base, conservatives, evangelicals and to him, he is a winner. now he has 37% of the vote. my goodness, 37% not a lot. and predictably locked in with the republicans. only 8% of democrats. so it is skewed. it is very much skewed and as long as he has got that base, he has got himself something to work with. >> what is the old phrase, it is the economy stupid, and the stock market is flying high. >> that is always an indicator, but there are things going on out there. gallup polling company traces trump support from january 20th until now and we have seen loss
6:34 pm
in republicans, 3%, democrats 5%. 11% of independents. a quarter of his support that he did have and now he doesn't have. there in lies the tale of what we might expect. the 37 alone is not enough if you just look at republicans. and he is losing those independent votes. if this continues, he could be in trouble. when, it is hard to tell. >> and what are the chances of the knew sheriff in town, new chief of staff can reign the president in. >> we can all learn. but you have a 71-year-old man who is used to doing things his own way and from what we can tell successfully, why should he change. he likes people coming to him and of course john kelly wants to keep people from coming from
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him. >> he are goiwe are going to co track. click on the trump administration link to find more information. just weeks after hayward formally declared itself a sanctuary city, the neighborhood is crying foul. i.c.e. telling us that neither man has ever been lawfully admitted to the united states. they say their database shows antonio valenzuela has been sent to his native three times. the second man delgado has previous charges with lewd acts with a minor. >> whatever the reasons they were taken away from their
6:36 pm
families, their rights are protected. >> they are breaking the law, they should already be sent back especially if they are criminals. they keep reoffending. >> i.c.e. says both men will remain in their custody while their cases are reviewed. >> during a deposition a hacker claims confidential information about students at sf state were compromised. he discovered social security numbers, home addresses. >> first told you about a string of fires on friday. and they caught the fire bug. terry hill jr. was arrested. he started four separate fires
6:37 pm
early friday morning. this surveillance photos helped officers. >> the owners of los gatos cafe continue to sift through. the woman was taken to the hospital with a broken nose. drugs or alcohol do not appear to be a factor. the woman told police that her brakes suddenly went out. the owner of the cafe hopes to open by next thursday. sam shepard has died at the age of 73. this was his classic movie role as pilot chuck yager in the right stuff. his latest prospect was working
6:38 pm
on the netflix series called blood line. he died in his home last week from complications related to als. >> actors kill to play these roles. they kill to play sam. and for me, you know, there is no doubt that he changed the face of american theater forever. >> he introduced several of his early plays. he also taught for a little while at uc davis. >> benefitting from uber's pr problems, tell you what lyft did tonight in terms of a new hire. san frabcisco based lyft is
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capitalizing on the missteps of its competition. the company carried more passengers through june this year than it did in all of san francisco base lyft is
6:41 pm
co capitalizing on its competition. more than 162 million rides. success coming at a time when many have boycotted uber over allegations of sexual harassment. also from lyft a new board member has been announced. valer valerie jarrid. >> engineers attempted to make robots who could negotiate. over time and completely on their own the robots started to speak to each other in a new
6:42 pm
language. engineers couldn't understand it so they shut it down. facebook said it was exciting but a little bit scarey. pushing the limits of space travel, musk saying the -- expected to take off in florida. the massive falcon heavy stands 250 feet tall. also designed to be reusable. >> phenomenal. >> beginning of the week, what do we have in store for us? >> more hot weather. you can see mt. diablo. >> i am chris chmura nbc bay area responds, next. a fires is burning at an
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6:44 pm
elementary school in san rafael.
6:45 pm
breaking news that is happening in marin right now. this is the dixie element school on al byian way. there is a fire at this school. school this portion of it is under construction. there is an elementary school there. firefighters believe fire is on the roof. again, this is the dixie school? san rafael. battling this fire in san rafael. tonight nbc bay area responds to a man in san francisco who is wondering if he was over charged sales tax. >> he bought some eye drops for
6:46 pm
walgreen's for $11.99. he was charged sales tax on $11.99 instead of the $7.99. we called the state board that collects sales tax and it explains that with manufacturers coupons, the sales tax is based on the full price. if it is a store coupon it is based on the store price. here it is, the important information is right here at the bottom of it. you can see it says vendor funded and customer pays any sales tax. so he did pay the correct sales tax. i had no idea. if you have a consumer complaint or question, call us
6:47 pm
888-996-tips. >> this is great cocktail party conversation. i am going to bring that up next time. >> good to know. >> there is a new bridge in switzerland it is the longest pedestrian bridge in the world. connects popular hiking trails between two towns. look how long that is. the new bridge is the length of five football fields and it is high, reaches 300 feet from the ground at its highest point and you cannot have fear of heights to go on that. >> and the other bridge you said was unsafe. >> this is the safe version. >> unreal. something to get your monday going. exercise, adrenaline. wild card in the forecast that
6:48 pm
could include thunderstorms nearby. this hot area of high pressure. it is not only for california, we are seeing this unusual push of high pressure in the pacific northwest. you are going to see temperatures in portland and seattle beclose to 100. as a head into tomorrow mornings forecast we recollect aare used. south bay a sunny start and 62. find some low clouds near the bay and for san francisco to start. again, temperatures will be on the rise tomorrow for a few select cities. the good news, it is not a hot dry offshore wind. so not looking at extremely warm
6:49 pm
beach weather in the forecast. right here in the south bay you have 91 in san jose tomorrow and take your eyes down to gilroy, the hottest at 100. warmest weather tomorrow. record setting heat coming across the bay. 101 in walnut creek. check out the difference, once you head over the east bay hills, seventies to 80s. you have to watch out for air qualities. the worst level of pollution. if you have respiratory problems or allergies. and talk about the fog and no nineties, no one hundreds here. 66 in half moon bay. belmont 88. and san mateo at 75.
6:50 pm
big heat for us the next two days for some of the inland valleys. the next thing i want to prepare you for is we are tracking two small disturbances wednesday night and thursday. push the monsoonal moisture close to us. could bring lightning nearby. wednesday night into thursday. nothing is showing big time totals but what we r keeping our eyes on. you can see in san francisco low seventies through friday. and then a drop back down on this up coming weekends. low 100s next few days. hydrate tomorrow, remember the pets and don't leave anyone in the car. >> he likes sneaking in those triple digits. next, new look 49ers, a lot
6:51 pm
of changes in santa clara.
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♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ strummed guitar travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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a live look at the coliseum... the a )s hosting the giants...first pitch in just a few minutes.. sonny gray was supposed to guess what tonight is, the
6:54 pm
bay bridge series. first pitch in just a minute. sunny gray was supposed to pitch tonight, but the a's traded him today to the new york yankees. this time it might be different. the a's are gearing up for a new stadium in four or five years. they want a good list of prospects now. no trades by the giants. training camp is in full swing for the in our -- 49ers and the raiders. >> reporter: if there is one theme that rises above others it is competition. ten-year veteran ten-year zuta was a pro bowl center last year.
6:55 pm
>> i never came into a camp and assumed they you are going to be a starter. there is somebody breathing down your back trying to take your job and that is how it goes. >> two teammates last season in chicago. >> in my mind there is always the competition regardless of your standing is on the roster. so competing against myself, against cj, nick, bryan, the whole room. >> reporter: defensive side of the ball, all eyes on foster and thomas. foster snagged his third
6:56 pm
interception. five time pro bowler and sack master elvis. >> solomon is going to get as good as he can. >> football season is almost here. >> at the coliseum tonight a lot of fans. >> going to be comfortable. temps in the 70s. in the 60s in the next couple of hours. 100 on tuesday. 101. >> that is by my house, the 101. thanks for joining us. have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
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internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. . o.j.'s children scooping up more than a dozen houses in florida. where did they get the cash? and can ron and nicole's families go after them? sean spicer's next move. why he's taking meetings with the big tv networks. >> and the mooch's wife filed for divorce. why? sam shepherd, new dlalsz on his illness and what his


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