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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  August 2, 2017 12:37am-1:38am PDT

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♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- idris elba, from "the handmaid's tale," actress alexis bledel. cooking with chef michael voltaggio. featuring the 8g band with fred armisen. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers, this is "late night," how is everyone doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] wonderful to hear. in that case, let's get to the news. after president trump removed white house communications director anthony scaramucci yesterday, he tweeted, quote, "a great day at the white house." [ light laughter ] coincidentally, a great day at
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the white house is the average length of employment there. [ laughter and applause ] former white house communications director anthony scaramucci was reportedly seen yesterday, eating dinner at the trump hotel after being removed from his position. and apparently he was very rude to the waiter. [ laughter and applause ] white house officials yesterday say they hope to have a bill on the tax reform sent to president trump before december. december? do you know how much time could happen between now and december? that's 12 scaramuccis from now. [ laughter and applause ] according to nbc, ivanka and first lady melania trump were disgusted by scaramucci's crude comments to "the new yorker." they say they absolutely will not tolerate that kind of language from someone who's will they are not in. [ laughter and applause ]
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that's where they draw the line. [ cheers and applause ] white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said yesterday, that everybody in the administration will report to the new chief of staff, john kelly. and by the looks of him, i'm guessing casual friday is a no go. [ light laughter ] general john f. kelly yesterday began his tenure as white house chief of staff, but after serving as secretary of homeland security for only six months, we still don't know much about him. which brings us to a segment called "getting to know general john f. kelly." ♪ >> seth: he's a retired marine corps general. he's twice won the legion of merit. his wife's name is kelly f. john. [ laughter ] he doesn't trust jared kushner as far as he can throw him, which is 100 yards. [ light laughter ] you're goddamned right he ordered the code red. [ light laughter ] his full name is john francis kelly, but his friends call him, infrequently. [ light laughter ]
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they call him the general, 'cause he loves to get tanked. [ light laughter ] instead of making love, he calls it civilian engagement. [ light laughter ] his dream is to move to the footloose town where no one can dance. [ light laughter ] if a kid says "knock knock," he'll say "go away." [ light laughter ] he had to explain to don junior that semper fi isn't his fraternity. [ light laughter ] and finally, he's not bald, he just thinks hair is for pussies. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] this has been "getting to know general john f. kelly." according to "foreign policy" magazine, president trump's son-in-law and adviser jared kushner told a group of congressional interns that trump's campaign was too disorganized to collude with russia. said the interns, "we're a tour group." [ light laughter ] "are you sure you're supposed to be telling us that?" a couple recently -- i feel very confident about this joke, it hasn't worked all day. [ light laughter ] >> let's hear it. >> seth: i feel confident that
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you guys are the first ones that are going to go for it. [ light laughter ] a couple recently got married on a roller coaster at a massachusetts amusement park, while their wedding guests were on the ride with them. and this is cool, the reception was open barf. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] all right. yeah, good old sympathy applause. [ light laughter ] according to new research, analyzing tweets for information about social events can help predict where crimes are likely to occur. like this one. [ laughter ] at the very least, a crime against music. [ light laughter ] singer sia has announced that she will be releasing a christmas album this year, where she will debut her new song, "i did not see mommy kissing santa claus." [ light laughter ] a new article has been published ranking new york city's best public restrooms. so congratulations yet again
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to -- the subway. [ light laughter ] [ audience ews ] and finally, con ed utility workers in new york city yesterday, recovered a woman's lost wedding ring from the bottom of a city sewer. said the woman, "eh, keep it." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight. he's one of our favorites, and he's starring in a very cool new movie, "the dark tower." idris elba is back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] she is one of the stars of hulu's "the handmaid's tale." she was absolutely fantastic in it, alexis bledel joins us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and very excited about this. we're going to be cooking up scotch eggs, some amazing dessert, maybe some scotch, with chef michael voltaggio. so you're here on a great night, you guys. [ cheers and applause ] before we get to that, while the white house is engulfed in scandal and chaos, it may seem like president trump is getting nothing done. but that's not necessarily the case. for example, he's already signed an executive order on religious liberties. so we decided to take a break from the breaking news of the
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day and look at trump's evolving views on religion, faith, and the separation of church and state. it's time for "the check-in." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: now that he's president, trump is realizing just how difficult the job is. and he doesn't have much to show for it. his health care bill failed, there's constant in fighting and staff changes in the white house. and of course, the russia investigation continues to loom over him. and it's often in dark times like this, that a man will turn to god. >> take care of the people god put into your life. we want our children to know the blessings of god. have a great life, and love your country. and love your god, okay? [ light laughter ] in america, we don't worship government, we worship god. >> seth: oh, don't worry, nobody is worshipping government. [ laughter ] i didn't take three hours at the dmv, because i had to push through throngs of worshippers. [ light laughter ] in fact, i heard the lord's name taken in vain a lot.
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[ light laughter ] now admittedly, trump did talk about god a lot during the campaign, but what he had to say about god was a real mixed bag. >> i don't bring god into that picture. i don't. why do i have to -- you know, repent, why do i have to ask for forgiveness, if you're not making mistakes? [ light laughter ] i say god is the ultimate. you know, you look at this -- you look at this incredible -- here we are in the pacific ocean. how did i ever own this? i bought it 15 years ago, i made one of the greatest deals, they say, ever. we love the bible, it's the best. [ cheers and applause ] [ light laughter ] we love "the art of the deal," but the bible is far, far, far superior, right? yes. >> seth: not only is the bible better than "the art of the deal," it's also the opposite. [ light laughter ] the only thing they have in common is that trump has never read either of them. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] now one moment -- one moment that best illustrated trump's unfamiliarity with the bible is when he referred to second corinthians, during a speech at liberty university, but called it something else.
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>> i hear this is a major theme right here, but 2 corinthians, right? 2 corinthians, 3:17, that's the whole ball game. [ light laughter ] >> seth: 2 corinthians, like it's a sequel to an action movie. [ light laughter ] "who can forget the famous line from 'too fast 2 corinthians' -- [ light laughter ] when vin diesel said to jesus, hey, long hair, pop the clutch and let's ride." [ cheers and applause ] and then, there's the question of trump's church attendance. based on where he spends his sundays, it's likely his most common prayer is "god, please don't let me hit it in the water." [ light laughter ] and according to a politico article from april, aside from trump attending church services on inauguration day, making an appearance at the national prayer breakfast, and going to service on easter, there's no public knowledge of any other church services trump has attended. and that makes sense, because trump would hate church. it's an hour of people talking about someone other than him. [ laughter ] is this whole thing -- [ cheers and applause ]
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"is this whole thing going to be about jesus? [ light laughter ] did you know he had zero hotels? [ light laughter ] true story. on the day he was born, he could not get a hotel reservation. [ laughter ] it's sad." [ cheers and applause ] but still -- still, trump is trying to take steps to please his evangelical base. in may, on the national day of prayer, trump signed an executive order on what he called "the promotion of free speech and religious liberty," which would allow churches and other religious organizations to become more politically active. and it provides regulatory relief for organizations that object to provisions in the affordable health care act. like including contraception coverage in workers' health plans. in fact, during trump's speech about the executive order, he invited a group of a nuns who refused to abide by this original rule and had taken their case all the way to the supreme court up to the podium. >> come on up here, sister. come on up. right? come on. [ applause ]
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congratulations, they sort of just won a lawsuit. that was pretty good. that's a good way of doing it, huh? where are your lawyers? stand up, come on, stand up. [ applause ] good job. do you mind if i use your lawyers for various things? [ light laughter ] i could use some good lawyers, too. >> seth: only trump would compliment nuns on their record in court. [ light laughter ] "god would be very proud of how litigious you are." such a weird sequencing, too. like, "give it up for the nuns, but also, the real heroes, their legal team." [ light laughter ] and the woman you see behind trump during that speech is his spiritual advisor, friend and pastor, paula white. now, paula white is a televangelist who has known trump for 15 years. he even invited her to deliver the invocation on inauguration day. now on the surface, it may not seem like she and trump have that much in common, but like trump, she's been divorced twice and married three times. she's been under investigation, and her former church has filed for bankruptcy protection. the difference between these two is like night and later that
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night. [ light laughter ] now white has often been criticized by telling followers that if they donate money to her ministry, they will be made wealthy by god. in fact, reports say that not surprisingly, donald trump is drawn to those preachers who say that one's wealth is a sign of god's approval. and reports say that white has benefited handsomely from preaching that kind of gospel. >> they live like rock stars with huge mansions, private jets and fancy cars. their lifestyles are so lavish, six of them have been investigated by the u.s. senate. like paula white. >> i've laid out the gospel very clearly, and i know that donald is saved. >> critics say, she preaches the prosperity gospel, emphasizing material riches over spiritual ones. >> to click on that donation button by minimizing the screen. >> do you tell them that if they give to you, they will get financial riches from god? >> am i going to say i have probably said that? okay, here's when i go -- my 50-year-old self wouldn't do
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what my 20 or 30 or 40-year-old self did. >> seth: to be fair, my 50-year-old self doesn't have to, because my 40-year-old self made a killing. [ laughter ] now currently, white leads the new destiny christian center in florida. reports say that while she has no college or seminary degrees, what she does have is a a natural gift for energetic pentecostal preaching and a convincing mastery of african american idioms. and that kind of preaching was on full display during this sermon she gave in 2012 to a predominantly african-american audience on learning to appreciate their significant others. and it's a little hard to watch. >> she don't have to do anything. so every time she does, baby there ain't nobody that can do like what you do. that's the best kraft macaroni and cheese out of a box i have ever tasted. you gonna wonder why somebody else in five years, has your husband. you didn't appreciate him. you let his secretary bring him food at lunchtime. you let her bring him coffee in the morning. you let all the other women tell
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him how good he smells. and they do. they tell him how good he smells. they bring him his lunch on time. and you don't even notice him when he comes in, and you still got your funky curlers in your hair and spinach coming outta your teeth, and your bunny slippers on and wonder what's going on? are you serious? >> seth: oh. [ light laughter ] it's hard to tell what's more offensive, the insinuation that it's your fault your husband left you, or the appropriation of black idiomatic speech. amber? >> it's the black stuff. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: are you sure? >> yeah. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that was going to be my guess. again, this is a woman who's referred to -- [ cheers and applause ] who's referred to as donald trump's pastor and spiritual adviser. as one member of her religious watchdog organization put it,
12:51 am
paula represents everything that's wrong with american religion. many evangelicals are actually uncomfortable with paula white's presence and her gospel. but that's not stopping evangelicals from basking in their access to the president. who could forget this photo of religious leaders with their hands on trump's back praying for him. at least i think they're praying for him, it could just as easily be an exorcism. [ light laughter ] "i am the best demon. i have the highest ratings, everyone says so." [ cheers and applause ] and remember -- remember trump's meandering answer about god, and his real estate deals, and the pacific ocean? well, that interview was conducted by this guy, the christian broadcasting network's chief political correspondent david brody, who's co-authoring a new book on the spiritual life of president trump. the title of that book is "the faith of donald j. trump, a spiritual biography." it will be the first book printed entirely on a chiclet. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] so trump's surrounding himself -- trump's surrounding himself with
12:52 am
people who seem to prioritize wealth over faith, while using his friends to convince others that he himself, is a man of deep faith. in the words of paula white -- >> are you serious? [ light laughter ] >> seth: this has been "the check-in." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ we'll be right back with idris elba, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause ] also, so happy tonight -- fred armisen is back with us this week. give it up for fred, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] and fred, i always like to take this opportunity to talk to you about the stuff that you have going on in your life. we haven't seen each other much this summer. but you know, a lot of things -- one of the things people talk about in the summer is getting like, summer reading, like a good beach book. so i've been dying to ask, like, what has -- do you have a book you'd recommend this summer? >> fred: absolutely. [ light laughter ] there's a book i really love about the history of fingerprints. >> seth: okay. >> fred: and, you know, back in the caveman days, that's the first paintings for fingerprints. >> seth: okay. >> fred: so, they would put their thumbs in mud, and, you know, put it up on the wall and the other cavemen would be like, "oh, i know who this is." >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> fred: it's really wild,
12:57 am
because it's the first way that, you know, they knew each other's names. [ light laughter ] and so throughout history, they kept doing it, trying to reenact what the cavemen did. but they're like, "guys, this is -- you know, this is the middle ages, this is the renaissance, let's step it up." [ laughter ] and so -- crazy, right? and its -- [ light laughter ] >> seth: so in the middle ages, they were calling it the middle ages? >> fred: yes. [ laughter ] they're like -- ladies and gentlemen, you know, here's the church and everyone. and in italy and britain -- these are the middle ages. >> seth: okay. [ light laughter ] >> fred: you know that, we know that. let's celebrate what we are. we're not the future. [ laughter ] we're not way in the past, you know? they owned it, which is so nice. >> seth: yeah. >> fred: and the book ends there. >> seth: where? >> fred: the book ends right there. >> seth: after the speech they give -- the middle ages gave? >> fred: yes. yes. so i imagine they're going to do some kind of a sequel or something, but the book ends there. and it's really beautiful. it ends with, "the end." >> seth: i think a lot of -- >> fred: it just killed me. >> seth: i think a lot of books end that way. >> fred: it kills me every time, just like -- >> seth: i don't think that's unique to that book.
12:58 am
>> fred: the way they did it was like -- don't do this to me. [ laughter ] beautiful. >> seth: so it's a book about the history of fingerprints. what's it called, for those of us who want to buy it? >> fred: "the history of fingerprinting." "ing." [ laughter ] >> seth: okay. that's very helpful. give it up for fred armisen, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] our first guest tonight is an emmy-nominated and golden globe-winning actor you know from his work on the tv series "luther" and "the wire" as well as films such as "thor" and "beasts of no nation." his new movie, "the dark tower," will be in theaters this friday. let's take a look. [ growling ] >> jake! >> what are you doing? >> quiet. [ gunshot ] >> seth: please welcome back to
12:59 am
the show idris elba, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: this makes me so happy. >> good. you know, i -- i'm english. i bring cup of teas everywhere. >> seth: i think that's great. i'm happy to see you with a drink in your hand. >> thank you very much. >> seth: i also -- this was lovely. last night i went out to dinner, you were also at the restaurant. it was lovely to see you beforehand. >> it was good to see you. except, you know, i was wearing a lovely outfit. i had a blue blazer, a white shirt and khaki pants, and so were the waiters. exactly the same. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> so when i went to the toilet, someone asked me for their oysters. i was like, "dude." [ laughter ] >> seth: i was -- 'cause when i saw you -- you looked great in clothes. i saw your outfit, i go, "man, idris has got it figured out." and then i walked in the restaurant and realized, "oh, idris has a problem." [ laughter ]
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yeah. he's about to find out he has a problem. you were very nice, as well. you asked about my mother, and -- >> hillary! >> seth: yeah, my mom hillary. >> how is she? >> seth: she's great. we met -- you met her a few years ago at a party in l.a. >> yep. >> seth: she was a huge fan of yours. you were very kind to her. >> she told you about that? >> seth: she did tell me about that, yeah. [ light laughter ] she told my dad, too. she pretty much brings you up to my dad every day. [ laughter ] his name is larry. since she met you, she calls him "not idris." >> oh. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> oh! larry, larry. that's not nice. sorry, larry. >> seth: but here, i want you to know something, because she's a huge fan of yours. but there's an opening right now for you, because -- the top -- you're not the top. the top is always, for my mom, daniel day-lewis. >> who? >> seth: daniel day-lewis. >> i'm just joking. >> seth: wonderful actor. >> yeah, no, very good. >> seth: you should definitely look at his work. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: but you know, now he's saying he might get out of the game. >> really? >> seth: yeah. >> yes! no! >> seth: exactly. [ laughter ] >> that's -- >> seth: but i'm just saying, if you keep up your high quality of work, i feel like you could hit that new pinnacle for my mom. >> oh, really? >> seth: yeah. >> again? just joking. [ cheers and applause ] no, no, no. this is awkward.
1:01 am
>> seth: it's great now, but like six hours from now, when this airs -- [ laughter ] -- the roof of our home, my childhood home, is gonna blow off. [ laughter ] >> larry's like, "who?" >> seth: why? congratulations on this film. this is -- this is a series of eight books, the "dark tower" books. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: this is the first one. are you a fan of this sort of fantasy/horror genre? >> you know what, i'm a fan of stephen king. >> seth: sure. >> i think he's an incredible author -- right? he's great. [ cheers ] he's a -- he's a little dark. >> seth: yeah, he's a little dark. [ light laughter ] this one's particularly dark. >> he's pretty dark. but "the shining" -- i was a fan of "the shining." and also jack nicholson. but you know, i wanted to be in a blockbuster, i wanted be -- play a big hero in a film. and you know, who better than stephen king to be the author of that? so -- >> seth: yeah. and it was interesting. i read an article where ron howard, as a producer said, that when they were casting it, the character -- stephen king wrote the character to be sort of the biggest badass in the world. >> yeah. >> seth: and when they said "who currently is the biggest badass?" they said you came up right
1:02 am
away. that's high praise. >> really? >> seth: yeah. >> you know, actually, they -- they wanted -- [ cheers and applause ] thank you. thanks. but no, they cast me because stephen king actually wanted, uh -- clint eastwood. >> seth: yeah. >> and said, who looks like clint eastwood? >> seth: right, yeah. [ light laughter ] >> you know. blatantly me, so that's how that worked out. >> seth: yeah. that worked out great, and i should point out -- it wasn't in the clip, but the villain in this film, the wonderful matthew mcconaughey. >> yes! >> seth: that's -- i feel like that's a good -- [ cheers ] you guys are a good yin and yang. >> no, matthew's great. and he's really good in the film. he's very different, he's very, you know, stoic, evil guy. >> seth: yeah. >> in real life. and then -- no. [ laughter ] just joking, matt. but no, in the film, he's really good. he's great. >> seth: that's great. and did you -- is this one of those action films where you have to do a lot of training, and a lot of figuring out how to play the part? >> yeah, 'cause you know, like, we wanted -- the films quite grounded, you know. "the dark tower" is quite grounded -- [ light laughter ] >> seth: oh, it looked like a normal, everyday thing, yeah. >> absolutely. but no, the director nik arcel wanted us to -- at least the gunslinging, all the shooting
1:03 am
and stuff -- six shooting is a sport, you know. reloading and shooting on target, so that's where i started my training. we wanted to make that look as real as possible. >> seth: well, great. did you get to be okay at it? >> i'm great at it. >> seth: oh, okay. [ laughter ] you didn't have to jump all the way to great. [ cheers and applause ] >> no, but -- i had an amazing time making that film. we shot in south africa, which has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, in the eastern cape. and then we shot in l.a. as well. >> seth: and this is very exciting -- we were talking last night. you directed your first film? >> yeah! >> seth: and so this is based on a book called "yardie" from the '80s? >> "yardie." >> seth: is that when it was written? >> yeah, so it's a novel from the '80s which follows a young jamaican boy that ends up in london, and you know, becomes a gangster. and he's not really a gangster. and i chose that film because, you know, england has a big jamaican community. i'm west african, but the jamaican community sort of is the overriding influential black community. so, i felt very connected to the story, and i wanted to see it happen. and i loved it.
1:04 am
it was really -- it was probably the best experience as a filmmaker, as an actor, to direct a film. because you know, you're talking to every single department about so many different levels, it was wicked. it was great. >> seth: did you -- as a director, did you then look back and say, "oh, idris the actor had been unfair to directors?" >> oh, completely. >> seth: really? >> yeah. [ light laughter ] no, seriously. you know, and the worst people i hated on my set was actors. >> seth: yeah. >> divas. >> seth: divas. >> what? get here on time. what, you don't know your lines? get out of here. [ laughter ] no, but i had a great time being able to speak the language of acting, but not be on camera. >> seth: that's really exciting. and now, we've also talked about this. you're also a deejay. >> yep. >> seth: because you have to be good at everything and make the rest of us feel bad. [ laughter ] oh, you're a six shooter and a deejay, and my mom's favorite person. no, it's great. [ light laughter ] but you -- >> kind of like your step-dad. >> seth: yeah, i guess. [ laughter ] [ cheers ] i'm sorry, dad. he brought it up. [ laughter ] that would be awesome, though. [ laughter ]
1:05 am
i would love, just like -- i mean, it wouldn't be a lot, just like one weekend a month? [ laughter ] >> okay. >> seth: but you -- and you've done some soundtracks of films before? >> yeah, i did -- so, for "luther," my tv show, i made a soundtrack for that. and basically what i do is take, you know, the themes of the show and, you know, work with musicians and make original songs. i did one for "luther," did one for "mandela." and i'm going to do one for "yardie" as well. >> seth: that's really exciting. well, i really can't -- congratulations on this film. i can't wait to see "yardie." it's so exciting you directed it. and always such a pleasure to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> seth: i'll see you one weekend a month. just one weekend a month. [ cheers and applause ] idris elba, everybody. "the dark tower" is in theaters everywhere on august 4th. we'll be right back with alexis bledel. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ at best foods,
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is a very talented actress you know from "gilmore girls." she is emmy-nominated for her guest-starring role on hulu's critically acclaimed series, "the handmaid's tale." let's take a look. >> there's a way to help them.
1:10 am
you can join us. >> what do you mean us? >> there's a network. >> i don't know. i'm not that kind of person. >> no one is until they have to be. waterford is important. he's very high up. you should find out and tell us. >> seth: please welcome to the show, alexis bledel, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: how are you? >> good. how are you? >> seth: i'm so happy to have you here. >> thank you so much. >> seth: it's very lovely to see you here, to see you looking so lovely. because the show is very -- it's a very dark show. >> it's very dark. it's very intense. yeah. >> seth: and for those who don't know, it's sort of set in the dystopian future. sort of the near future, which makes it even a little bit harder.
1:11 am
[ light laughter ] and this is sort of, a male dominated society. is it -- like, did it take so much out of you to do it? >> oddly, no. it was like a great working experience. i mean, it didn't feel the way it feels to watch it. i have a really hard time watching it. i feel really tortured at the end of an episode. i have to, like, watch something else, like take a break. but filming it was an incredible creative experience. i mean, it was just so satisfying and lovely. >> seth: that's great. and it's a fantastic cast, obviously? >> yes. >> seth: you did have a -- i feel like you had a limitation on your character that no one else did, because your character is a gender traitor. and for those who don't know, gender traitors then have to wear these masks over their mouth. which, i would imagine as an actor, is a bit -- little limiting. >> yeah, you have the -- lower half of your face there. [ light laughter ] it was an incredible challenge, actually. i was so excited about it, oddly. and i don't know, it was really
1:12 am
freeing in a way, just to have, you know, movement and just your, you know, eyes and looks to work with. >> seth: yeah. it looked like the top half of your face had been waiting your whole life for that, because -- [ laughter ] >> i think it was the fear of being the weakest link, on such an amazing show. >> seth: oh, that's interesting. i never thought about that, but when you're watching everybody else crush it, you must -- >> yeah, you're kind of charged with that like, don't mess this up. >> seth: yeah, 'cause someone -- look, on any cast, someone's going to be the worst one. >> i don't know, i mean, yeah, i think everyone on the show is amazing, luckily. but, yeah. it's definitely a very real fear. >> seth: the other thing which, i think helped your face acting, which was so exceptional. [ light laughter ] for real, there are extreme close-ups on this show. >> the camera gets so close, it's not even a foot away from your face sometimes. i think i was looking at my lines once, kind of just getting the lines just right, and i look up and the camera's right there. i'm like, woah! but he was like, "this -- yeah, this is what we're going to do." i was like, "all right, all right, i love the look of the show. whatever you need to do, i'm going to be fine."
1:13 am
>> seth: and on that -- you know, obviously, the show is hard to watch because of the subject matter. when you watch it, is an extreme close-up as an actor, even harder to watch of yourself? >> i mean, yeah, it's an intense show to watch anyway, so then, yeah, i think i'm glad i'm not in every scene, because my scenes kind of come and go. and i can watch the rest of the narrative, and i can enjoy everyone else's story line. especially, you know, toward the end of the first season, i wasn't in a lot of it. and i was just dying to know what happened, 'cause i didn't have those scripts. >> seth: of course. >> so, i really enjoy those episodes. >> seth: and this is really exciting, we were talking backstage. you are going to be a season regular for season two, which is great. [ cheers and applause ] >> yes, i'm so excited. >> seth: and -- it's especially great. not only because i was so invested in your character, but a lot of characters on this show don't -- well, they're not going to make it to season two. >> i know, it's so rough. i can't believe i get to come back, because my character does not make it in the book. so it's -- it's yeah -- it's incredibly exciting. unexpected. so i'm -- yeah. i can't wait to get back to
1:14 am
work. >> seth: when elisabeth moss was here, she was saying that sort of the hat -- what do you call 'em? >> bonnets. >> seth: yeah, the bonnets. that's a normal word that i should've known. [ laughter ] >> totally everyday thing, yes. >> seth: now, what is the future call those? bonnets. [ laughter ] interesting. but you said -- it was actually difficult to find the other actors, because it does -- unless you're straight on -- was that true? >> it's completely true, we had a -- we had a scene where we had to kind of merge with a bunch of other handmaids going to the salvaging. this really brutal scene. and i had to find lizzie -- as she walked up. and you can't, yeah, you can't kind of sneak around that thing. it's like a full covered -- [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> so i had to make a very deliberate head movement to find her. i had to time it out just right. i was like, it was almost like a song. i was just counting it off in my head. i was like lizzie -- and i messed it up like one time. i was like, "no!" [ laughter ] i had to go back. >> seth: yeah, 'cause they're so -- they're less like bonnets, and more like the things dogs wear after a surgery. [ laughter ] >> they really are. >> seth: like they really are, like, limiting. >> yeah, they're very extreme. just like a cone, actually. yeah. >> seth: so this show, obviously, is very different
1:15 am
from "gilmore girls." thankfully, because, i think. [ cheers ] it would have been -- it would have been such a bummer if, when "gilmore girls" finally came back, it was like this. [ laughter ] it would have been like, "oh, no." >> like what happened? >> seth: what happened? so much went wrong for these "gilmore girls." but when you auditioned for this show, which obviously was such a fantastic part. such an important part of your career. was it true that you had the flu when you auditioned for "gilmore girls"? >> for "gilmore girls"? yeah, i was very sick. i was a student at nyu, and they kept calling me back up to audition. i think i went like six times. and oddly, i wasn't, you know, a very seasoned actor at all. i didn't know the process. but this was actually unusual anyway. and they -- i grew a tad bit impatient. i was like -- i got a little -- i had a little attitude. and our boss really liked that a lot. [ laughter ] she's like, that's our girl. i was like, "our you guys going to hire -- are you going to bring me back again or --" and she was like, "i like that, that's perfect." i was like, "okay." >> seth: that's great. i do think that's probably not a lesson to teach other actors.
1:16 am
[ laughter ] like, you've got to go in there and be like, "tick tock everybody, i've got places to be." [ laughter ] >> my career is highly unusual. the funny thing i've learned -- it's very, very strange. >> seth: all right. well, i'm glad it's worked out for you, both on that show and this. it really is such a fantastic performance. congratulations for the well-earned nomination. and thank you so much for being here. >> thank you so much. [ cheers and a[ applause ] lause ] >> seth: alexis bledel, everybody. the first season of "handmaid's tale" is available on hulu. we'll be right back with michael voltaggio. ♪ crohn's disease. you're more than just a bathroom disease. you're a life of unpredictable symptoms. crohn's, you've tried to own us. but now it's our turn to take control with stelara® stelara® works differently for adults with moderately to severely active crohn's disease. studies showed relief and remission, with dosing every 8 weeks. stelara® may lower the ability of your immune system to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. we're here with michael voltaggio. thank you for being here, michael. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> seth: chef and owner of the popular "ink" restaurant in l.a. and we're going to be making some desserts and eating some scotch eggs, is that correct? >> all that. all that. >> seth: okay, great. >> so, you said ink restaurant. ink actually closed last week. >> seth: i'm so sorry to bring that up. >> out of -- out of business. >> seth: but you're moving. >> well that leads to, like, other vices. so my vice became scotch. >> seth: okay. >> so, i partnered with dewar's, and we're going on like a little whisky emporium. so we're going around the country. do you guys like scotch? anyone like scotch? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: okay.
1:22 am
>> and we're making scotch eggs, and i heard you went to a little small school called northwestern university? >> seth: northwestern university. evanston, illinois. >> did you graduate? >> seth: i did graduate. >> good job. >> seth: thank you. >> you graduated college. [ cheers and applause ] okay. >> seth: in the middle of my class. >> wow! [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. all right so -- >> i work in the food service industry, so -- >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> the first scotch egg is basically green relish. which, i cheated, because you don't eat ketchup on a hot dog in chicago. >> seth: no, you don't. that would be the wrong thing to do. >> so i made the relish out of tomatoes. >> seth: fantastic. we'll take it. >> and sugar, so it tastes like ketchup. don't tell anyone. >> seth: i won't. >> no one can know about this. >> seth: all right. >> and then next to it is a little bit of pickles, some mustard. then if you would, pour us, maybe, a dram of scotch. >> seth: is there one that you want? is there a -- >> i prefer this one. >> seth: okay, great. i do like that color a lot. >> and while you're doing that, i will work on dessert. >> seth: okay, great. >> scotch inspired dessert. >> seth: great. so, what are we having? >> this dessert is basically the flavors of scotch. when you smell scotch, i smell smoke sometimes. i smell berries, i smell age, i smell wood. so, i wanted to get all of that into a dessert. >> seth: great.
1:23 am
>> everyone likes wood and age and stuff, in their dessert. >> seth: especially in their dessert, yeah, exactly. [ light laughter ] >> so, we can just -- we'll knock this part out of the way first. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: that's excellent. >> not bad, right? >> seth: it's excellent. >> okay. >> seth: so, can i eat a scotch egg while you're doing this? >> you can eat a scotch egg -- >> seth: okay, great. >> -- while pouring this cream over that smoked chocolate right there, and stir that up. and while you're doing that, i'll get onto the dessert part. you're doing fantastic. >> seth: i'm pouring that on that? >> this is -- cooking is so easy. i just pour that on that. >> seth: okay. >> not on that. no, on that. you're doing the right thing. >> seth: all right, that went great. [ laughter ] what are you doing now? >> this is caramelized white chocolate. so, basically, you just cook white chocolate like dulce de leche, until it turns brown. >> seth: that's how i do it. [ laughter ] >> no, you're not going to do this. you can stir that. while you're stirring that, i'll use the one that i made earlier, just in case that one gets messed up. it could happen. [ light laughter ] >> seth: this scotch egg is really good. >> the other one is made out of pepperoni pizza. >> seth: which one?
1:24 am
this one? >> yeah. i heard -- we're in new york now, so i heard they like pizza in new york. somebody told me that. >> seth: that's great. and we like our pizza in eggs. >> in eggs. [ cheers and applause ] eggs and pizza. >> seth: i feel like -- i want to make sure people see how beautiful these scotch eggs are. [ audience oohs ] that is not the noise you're supposed to make when you see a scotch egg. [ laughter ] >> this thing that actually looks like scotch, is the caramel that i made out of scotch. >> seth: wow. >> so i just caramelized the scotch itself. >> seth: okay. >> which brings the flavors of like, the aging, the barrel, that whole situation. and i'm adding more scotch to the dessert just in case that wasn't enough for you there. and then, basically the smokey part, the part like where you taste the burnt wood and stuff, this is chocolate that's been smoked and then there's cream poured over top of it, which you did here. >> seth: why's it in a fire extinguisher? [ light laughter ] >> because we're gonna -- we're basically going to serve this -- you know how scotch is served on the rocks? >> seth: yes. >> have you ever had a dessert served in the rocks? >> seth: no. >> so, we're going to make smoked chocolate rocks that the dessert's going to be served in. so you've scotch in the rocks instead of on the rocks. >> seth: i think -- >> stay with me for a second.
1:25 am
>> seth: even a little bit of scotch, i completely lost you. [ laughter ] >> so -- >> seth: and what's this? >> you go in your freezer and grab the liquid nitrogen. which i'm sure you have. >> seth: yep, exactly. and everybody's -- oh. >> everyone, yeah, you got a ooh, yeah that works. [ cheers and applause ] and this is good for like -- you want to try it? >> seth: oh, my god. no, no, no, no, no. >> okay, you know what? [ light laughter ] here, we should -- >> seth: your skin is obviously a lot tougher than mine. >> put these on just in case. >> seth: great. thank you. >> that, this. >> seth: uh-huh. my scotch drinking gloves. [ light laughter ] >> that's completely unnecessary by the way. [ laughter ] and then -- safety first, i mean. >> seth: okay, so that's liquid nitrogen and now this is chocolate? >> this is choco -- you made it right there. >> seth: oh, thank you. >> good job. [ light laughter ] and then when you weren't looking, you put it inside here. >> seth: this is very exciting. this is really cool. >> are you ready? >> seth: yeah. >> i think we need like -- can you guys do something with the -- there we go. [ drumroll ] this is my moment, right? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: uh-huh.
1:26 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> see that? >> seth: oh, my god. >> now, this dessert -- >> seth: that is not what i expected it to look like. >> this is going to be, in the rocks. >> seth: wow! >> and this stuff is -- i mean, if you -- watch this. you guys paying attention? this is called dragon's breath. >> seth: uh-huh. >> or smoked chocolate on the rocks, that you make it -- and just put in your -- >> seth: wow! [ cheers and applause ] >> you want to try? don't bite too hard. here. >> seth: why is there rules? >> there's no rules. do whatever you want. you do you. chew and bite at the same time. now chew, chew, chew. [ cheers and applause ] he's a natural. he's a natural. >> seth: now wait a minute, so you're moving -- you have a new restaurant. well, you're moving -- >> oh, yeah. i forgot about that part. what led me to the scotch problem. blessing. basically "ink" shut down last week. we're moving to a bigger space. we're going to call it "ink well."
1:27 am
we're going to have a bar. we're going to have scotch. we're going to have dessert. we're going to have food. we're going to have eggs -- and we're going to have all that. >> seth: are you excited -- is it exciting as a chef, to have a bigger space? >> it's more work. more work. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, well, i'm sorry i brought it up. >> just like at home. if you build a bigger kitchen, it's a bigger mess. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, exactly. you were the one who obviously, got too big for your britches, and had to move to a bigger place. >> wow! you know, i'm just gonna -- and they wonder why i drink scotch. you wonder. >> seth: yeah. this is fantastic. 'cause -- can i have a spoon over there? >> you could probably take your glove off now. unless you wanna wear it, okay. >> seth: i'm pretty happy with it. [ laughter ] >> i would dig down into -- like bottom of it. >> seth: uh-huh. >> does anyone else want some? can we feed other people? >> seth: yeah, go for it. [ cheers and applause ] >> is that allowed? >> seth: go. >> how do we get -- how do we get it over there? >> seth: you can a -- you can pick a person that you really like, during the commercial break. michael voltaggio, everybody. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> seth: my thanks to idris elba, alexis bledel, michael voltaggio, everybody! fred armisen, 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
1:37 am
♪ >> carson: what's happening, folks? my name's carson daly. this fine program here is "last call." you've tuned in. thank you very much. the rundown for tonight is "superstore" star, lauren ash,


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