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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430AM  NBC  August 20, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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the driver. the actions of a good samaritian -- that helped save a passengers life. ===vicky vo=== plus: remembering a comedic legend. a look back on the life and career of jerry lewis. ===terry vo=== but first: a frenzy... over the eclipse. the excitment across the bay area and the country growing -- for tomorrow )s historic event. ==vicky/2-shot== the news starts now. good evening, and thanks for joining us. i )m vicky nguyen. ==terry/2-shot== and i )m terry mcsweeney. the countdown to tomorrow )s solar eclipse is well underway. ==terry/live pic== a live look outside right now -- where come tomorrow -- many eyes will be on the sky... hopefully with some proper glasses. ==terry rail== tomorrow )s total solar eclipse is the first for the u-s since 1979. --many people traveling to areas along the path of totality... . tomorrow's total solar eclipse is the first for the u.s. since 1979.
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many traveling to areas along the path of totality where the sun will be completely covered by the moon. mark matthews reports from casper, wyoming, one of the prime viewing spots. >> reporter: we've come to casper, wyoming. and the reason we're here is casper, wyoming, is right on the center line of monday's total eclipse. >> this is the media center. you can see that they are putting up telescopes rather than television cameras. >> reporter: and this is the parking lot of the event center where i'm told tens of thousands of people will show up monday morning. this is second street in downtown casper. there are 59,000 people that live in casper, but these folks, they're not any of them. >> wisconsin. >> wisconsin? >> wisconsin. >> washington state. >> phoenix, arizona. >> phoenix? ♪ >> reporter: they pretty well
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have second street blocked off with about three blocks of tents selling mostly t-shirts and eclipse glasses. >> how are you? >> how much are your eclipse glasses? >> $3. >> reporter: rooms here in casper go for a whole lot more. >> well, airbnb told me, they suggested $35 a night. >> and tell me again what their rates are? >> for the room, $385 a night for your room with a private bed, bath and she's paying $350 and the downstairs is $390 a night. >> reporter: $400 a night is what they're getting at the local motels. the difference is most of these places sold out six months ago. reporting from casper, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. back here in the bay area, some people spent the day learning about the science behind the eclipse. kristi smith joins us live from san francisco with what she's
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uncovered. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. it's rare and it's drawn so much interest in the bay area that at places across the bay like in berkeley, they had an eve of totality celebration event this afternoon. it drew big crowds with adults and children to learn what happens during an eclipse. hands-on demonstrations about how to view the event safely. there's been a big run on those eclipse viewing glasses that people do need to protect their eyes. here we'll have a partial eclipse where about three-quarters of the sun will be covered by the moon. >> still, a partial eclipse is rare and fun. there are lots of safe ways to observe it. one of my favorite is just looking at the shadows. i see my shadow on the ground. it has a crisp outline. tomorrow at about 10:15 it will have kind of a lopsided outline. because the source of light that makes the shadow will be lopsided. >> reporter: there are a number
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of eclipse events happening tomorrow morning across the bay area. of course, schools have been preparing, too, trying to help children get their hands on those safety glasses. the hall of science, they'll have activities at their plaza tomorrow. live feeds from the path of totality. we're told, of course, in our viewing area the eclipse starts around 9:00 a.m. with the maximum viewing reached at about 10:15 in the morning. reporting live in san francisco, kristi smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks a lot. of course, an important factor for the eclipse for everybody, the weather. meteorologist rob may edda tracking the solar eclipse. some will be able to see it and some are not. >> similar to this morning. we'll see another round of low clouds filling in tomorrow morning and the key time frame to watch, 9:00 when the eclipse gets started to when it peaks between 10:00 and 10:30 in the morning. the low clouds filling the bay. santa clara valley to the tri-valley look clear. into the north bay, you may have
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patchy low clouds through 9:00 a.m. as we approach 10:00, we begin to clear a little in the north bay valleys. all valleys looking good. but look at the central bay here as the sun begins to lose its intensity. typically in a time of morning where we'd see the low clouds break up, may not be happening tomorrow. the low clouds may linger from oakland into moffett field through 10:00 in the morning. the further inland you go from the tri-valley into the south bay and north valley, should be relatively clear. still some patches of low clouds around the inner bay and mostly cloudy near the coast. if you want to catch this eclipse, the further inland you go and staying above 2,000 feet above the marine air will be your best options to see the eclipse as the fog will have big impact around san francisco and the coast tomorrow. >> all right, rob. stay with us for continuing coverage of the eclipse on aurand online at nbc bay
4:36 pm you can learn more about how to safely watch the big show. the investigation continues today into that deadly small plane crash in oregon. the plane took off from the san carlos airport. investigators are now confirming what we first reported last night that there was only one person on board. the pilot. that plane crashed yesterday about a mile from the madras airport southeast of portland. a family member scheduled to join the trip decided not go. madras is one of the prized viewing places to see the eclipse. it's still unclear if that was the reason for the flight. the name of the pilot has not been released. a driver was killed when his car went over an embankment this morning about 1:00 a.m. in los gatos near the lexington reservoir. the car went on the road falling 100 feet down an embankment. chp says the man and women were ejected from the car. the driver, a man, died at the scene.
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police say a good samaritan saw the crash and flagged down other drivers to call for help. >> you have a phone? my phone is dead. >> i'm just going to go up there and try to get some help. i started to flag some cars down. >> they pulled the woman to safety. she is in the hospital. alcohol is suspected as a factor in that crash. a pittsburg man is behind bars after ramming a car into a control car. the contra costa county sheriff's department says joey carroll was driving a stolen vehicle last night in unincorporated martinez. carroll pulled into a gas station after deputies tried pulling him over n that's when carroll allegedly crashed into a patrol car and took off toward 680. deputies shot twice at carroll. no one was hit. carroll then drove the wrong way on 680 before hitting another vehicle. he was arrested while the driver of the other car was taken to
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the hospital with what are described as minor injuries. it's been five days since the bayuary mother and baby were last seen. they're asking for the public's help in finding 26-year-old keleny scott and 9-month-old wesley, her son. police are also alerting other agencies around the state about this. the two haven't been seen since scott picked up wesley from day care on tuesday. they could be in a blue toyota rav4. investigators say it is possible they traveled to atascadero. as the memorial to the victims in barcelona's terror attack continues to grow, we're learning that one of the people killed was just 7 years old. julian cadman from australia is being remembered as an energetic and funny boy. he'd been missing since thursday but is now confirmed as one of the victims. 14 people in all were killed in two separate attacks in spain last week. 13 in barcelona and one in
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cambrils. a terror cell was responsible. four suspected terrorists are in custody. another five were shot and killed by police after that second attack south of barcelona. still at large, a 22-year-old moroccan man who may have driven the van that plowed into the crowd on las ramblas. >> translator: we are considering at this point, without discarding other possibilities, that it's one person who perpetrated the attack over 200 meters that killed the number of people we already know. >> the final two suspected terrorists may have died inside the house that exploded the night before the barcelona attack. investigators say the men were using the house to make bombs intended for a much larger attack. they believe after that house was destroyed the suspects switched to a vehicle attack. some sad news from hollywood. a true comedy legend has died. comedian jerry lewis passed away today at 91. he rose to stardom during the golden age of television in the
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'50ss and '60s and one of the most influential comics of the century. he also helped raise millions for jerry's kids, children with muscular dystrophy. here's a look at his life. >> reporter: in his hey day, no bigger hit than jerry lewis. the rubber faced funny man was a true entertainer. the slapstick star of stage, cinema and television. >> confused, unbalanced young man with only one thought in mind. self-destruction. >> reporter: lewis first found fame at 20 when he teamed up with dean martin in 1946. >> and now the dean martin and jerry lewis show. >> reporter: martin and lewis enjoyed a ten-year run making hit movies in between engagements at nightclubs on television and radio. but it was after the act broke up that jerry lewis became a hollywood force. >> i get paid for doing what children get punished for. >> reporter: in 1959, he signed the largest contract in film
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history with paramount studios, writing, directing or starring in 14 films in seven years including his masterpiece "the nutty professor." while many americans considered lewis' humor low brow, his work was revered by the french who inducted him into the french legion of honor. perhaps jerry lewis' greatest achievement was the annual telethon that bore his name. he served as host when it first aired in 1966. by the time he stepped down in 2010, it raised hundreds of millions of dollars to benefit the muscular dystrophy association. despite failing health, jerry lewis maintained a busy work schedule, including fulfilling a lifelong dream of appearing on broadway. >> i just love this job. >> reporter: dan schenman, nbc news. for continuing coverage of the life and career of jerry lewis, head to our website, we've also posted a photo slide
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show of the xheedic legend. coming up next, development out of washington, d.c. the surprise announcement out of the white house about a presidential address tomorrow night. the topics to be discussed. and a new number is out on the president's approval rating. plus coming up at 5:00, a bay area mayor getting behind the paddle. a healthy dose of competition for a good cause. ♪
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out of washington, where the white house just announced a major address b we're following developing news out of washington where the white house just announced a major address by the president. president trump expected to address the nation tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. pacific time regarding the, quote, path forward for america's engagement in afghanistan and south asia. the address comes as the new nbc news/marist poll shows the president's approval rating is below 40% in three states critical to his election. republican lawmakers are calling on trump to calm race relations after the violence in
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charlottesville. >> he says what's in his heart, what he believes, and sometimes that gets him in trouble. but he does not have a racist bone in his body. we all must reject hatred, racism and bigotry and do it in such a clear and unambiguous way that there leave no doubt, period. >> others are putting pressure on the president to get a hold of the inner workings of the white house after weeks of firings. the florida community of kissimmee came together today to honor two police officers killed friday night. matthew died shortly after the shooting. his backup died yesterday. the shooting happened during a scuffle in an area known for drug activity. the accused gunman appeared in court this morning. alberts miller has been denied bail and is expected to be charged with two counts of first-degree murder. so far he's only charged in the first officer's death. coming up -- helping pets in need find forever homes. an update on our clear the
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shelter campaign. how many have been adopted in the bay area and across the country. we've enjoyed a pretty mild weekend around the bay area. 79 degrees in san jose. the big headline is what's going on with the clouds tomorrow morning. low clouds near the coast. what it means for eclipse viewing and could thunderstorms drift back toward the bay area this week? we'll look at that in the forecast when we come right back. it )s one of our favorite
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events... and this year... it was another success. ==vicky 2 shot== nbc bay area and telemundo it's one of our favorite events, and this area it was another success. >> we teamed up to clear the shelters. more than 60 bay area shelters took part which is still going on. at last update more than 1,500 pets were adopted across those 60 shelters this weekend alone. >> for complete clear the shelters coverage go to nbcbayarea. it's really cool. you get pictures like that. and really cool adoption stories
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and find a shelter near you if you're looking for a forever friend. >> and they've been named in our honor. a couple of terry mcsweeneys out there. rob, you had three named after you. >> a rabbit, cat and dog. >> were you adopted? >> i'm not sure. i'm still waiting on my status. i was a kitten and a cat. i hope so. >> great turnout yesterday. and weather was great all weekend long. it's been mild. not so worried about the temperatures. what's the low cloud cover going to be like tomorrow with the eclipse. may not be so good tomorrow morning. we'll have likely low clouds into about midmorning. right now 62 degrees. low clouds begin to fill back in. livermore, 83 degrees. comfortable weekend. that's going to be one of the better spots to see the eclipse in our inland tri-valley locations. san jose, about 79 degrees. sea breeze picking up at times. look what's happening to the east. another afternoon of big thunderstorms in some of the computer models.
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don't bring rain our way but high clouds over the bay area from about 10:00 to 2:30. no sprinkles expected out of this. we think it's going to clear out in terms of high clouds in time for tomorrow morning. the attention for tomorrow morning is all the low cloud cover. eclipse gets started. the low clouds are almost past the dublin gray. almost the entire inner east bay at 9:00 a.m. could have patchy low clouds. by 10:00 to 10:30 when we get the peak of the eclipse, begin to get a clearing around the hills but mainly inland valleys clear. central bay, though, begins to lose some of the sunlight and the warming which typically mixes drier air down into the low clouds may be on hold for a bit as we see 75% of the sun blocked out during the eclipse. the central bay may be stuck with patchy low clouds. san jose, north bay, inland valleys look good. and eventually by 10:00 and 11:00, low clouds begin to start to break up around the bay. high temperatures tomorrow,
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continuing this trend of upper 70s to low 80s around san jose. numbers around livermore, 83 degrees. concord, peninsula, temperatures in low 70s. cool start to the week. breezy at times. san francisco, high in the mid-60s. the system that's bringing those high clouds our way and the sierra thundershowers will track inland to the north tuesday into wednesday. high pressure building in second half of the week. we'll bring our temperatures back up to more august-like levels as we head towards next weekend. a bit of a warm-up second half of the week. not much change for san francisco. maybe eventually closer to 70 by next weekend. for the valleys, these temperatures rise from the lower 80s, maybe closer to 90 by friday and saturday. no real signs of any strong heat waves on the way over the next seven days. >> rob, thanks very much. still to come, eclipse excitement but also danger. >> one man is sharing his story after he says the rare phenomenon blinded him 50 years ago.
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right protection. we've been talking about how exciting the eclipse is going to be tomorrow but it can also be dangerous to look at if you don't have the right gear. >> one wyoming man said he was nearly blinded after viewing an eclipse nearly 50 years ago. >> reporter: children may not have heard the warnings. an adult may not believe. you risk permanent eye damage if you look at the sun during the eclipse. emt and ambulance volunteer ferguson is concerned. he may have to help someone else monday who made the same mistake he did as a child. >> i can't see the middle of your face because it's not there. >> reporter: ferguson suffered
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permanent partial blindness when he glanced at an, i clips in the early '60s. >> and i remember my older brother saying let's go take a look. and we went out and looked up. >> reporter: ferguson says he didn't stare into the sun, but -- >> the damage was done. >> this little light spot there is actually permanent damage that will never come back. >> reporter: ferguson's optometrist was able to see into the damaged eye with his new equipment. >> solar mackulopathy. it's a very severe thing because it causes permanent damage. >> reporter: dr. carl katrel says it's similar to macular degeneration. the sun's rays are strong. >> which will burn the retina and they never come back. >> reporter: they have to have proper eye protection or look away that day. >> people can think just wearing sunglasses is good enough. no. you have to have the proper eye protection.
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do not look at it. don't look at it. it's not worth the permanent damage of loss of vision. your eyes, it's the only ones you have. >> it's exciting but it's an important reminder. people are scrambling to get their hands on those safety glasses. in kansas city, missouri, people started lining up four hours before a small toy store opened today. the store owner says in the 50 years he's been open, this is one of the most sought after products he's ever sold. the store got a shipment of 10,000 pairs of safety glasses on saturday and the word got out quickly. everybody is looking forward to it. the big eclipse, total eclipse of the sun starts tomorrow morning. we're here at the space and science center. we'll show you how people can see that for free. >> of course, we're closely watching the weather forecast. 78 in san jose. low 60s in san francisco. we'll show you the best areas
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around the bay area to see the eclipse out of those low clouds when we come right back. and a coming together for peace. the sign of solidarity in the south bay in the wake of recent violence across the country. ♪
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to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california. right now at 5:00 -- daylight will turn to darkness tomorrow when the sun and moon align perfectly. the first complete solar eclipse since 1979, less than 24 hours away. the news at 5:00 starts now. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> a live look outside right now where come tomorrow, many eyes will be on the sky. don't just look up. make sure you have the proper glasses. tomorrow's total solar eclipse the first for the u.s. since 1979. a lot of people traveling to areas along the path of totality where the sun will be completely covered by the moon. mark matthews reports from casper, wyoming, one of the prime viewing spots.
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>> reporter: we've come to casper, wyoming. that's casper right over there. and the reason we're here is that casper, wyoming is right on the center line of monday's total eclipse. >> this is the media center. they're putting up telescopes rather than television cameras. >> reporter: tens of thousands of people will show up monday morning. this is second street in downtown casper. there are 59,000 people that live in casper, but these folks, they aren't any of them. >> wisconsin. >> wisconsin? >> wisconsin. >> washington state. >> phoenix, arizona. >> phoenix? >> reporter: they pretty well have second street blocked off with about three blocks of tents selling mostly t-shirts and eclipse glasses. >> howdy. >> hi. how are you?


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