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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 31, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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to be a hot one. >> especially if you don't have air-conditioning we talked about some of the tips that you need try to stay cool and healthy over these next few days as we will have some temperatures ramping up today and reaching the peak of the heat tomorrow. and today we're still going to see some 90s and up to 102 degrees in the south county today. and for the tri-valley up to 106 in danville, vallejo reaching 102 degrees today and san mateo up to 87. those spots along the coast and in san francisco where it's normally in the 60s will be in the upper 70s today. and upper 90s in parts of the north bay. we'll talk about the excessive heat warning coming up. mike has an update on a crash in san leandro. we were talk about the area just by 238, i removed the icon because that crash has been cleared from the chp report, that's good news gnat van had hit the wall and spun out. look at these green sensors all over your bay. we'll take up to an area we're still tracking they should have cleared that crew with the closer overnight on the laurel
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street bridge just before you get over to i-80. but we'll track that but it is all clear for i-80 across that bridge down the upper east shore freeway. here are your travel times at the minimum, markus, send it right back to you. thank you. back to our microclimate weather alert coverage. get ready because today is going to be dangerously hot temperatures. as kari mentioned 106 degrees in some places which means a lot of people need to be prepared and careful. bob red dpel is live in livermore run of the many expected hot spots in is more than weather, we're talking about health as well, bob. >> reporter: we are. good morning. as we expect that bank sign behind me in downtown livermore to read 105, 106, over whun 10 tomorrow. so we did speak with brian kaminsky, he's an emergency room physician at valley care just down the road in pleasanton. he's worried that a lot of people who are end up in his emergency room as these temps soar past 100 degrees here.
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the biggest concern is for children and adults over 65. heat exhaustion can start suddenly with fatigue. sweating, headaches, and push that and at worst heatstroke can bring on seizures and a complete shut down of the body. now the best advice is to follow these very simple steps, a lot of this is common sense. stay hype drieted r drink lots of water. stay out of heat, stay in the shade, get into ac if possible. and avoid drugs and' alcohol, especially as these temps get really high up there. >> please stay away from the drugs and alcohol. at the first signs of cramp feeling overheated get yourself out of the heat and drink fluids and electrolytes. stay out of heat completely. once again, it can be very serious illness but can be completely preventable. >> reporter: we did reach out to larpd, livermore's park and
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wrecrecs department. they are opening up a cooling station that's quad group will 4 east avenue. coming up in 30 minutes we'll tell you how schools are going to be keeping kids safe today and tomorrow during this heat wave. meanwhile, reporting live here in livermore, bob redell. thank you, our team coverage continues right now. kari hall brings us a closer look at these records that are going to happen. big heat swief tomorrow, will we break records today? >> i don't think we'll break records today but it will be hot this afternoon especially compared to yesterday where we had a little bit of a break. these areas you're seeing shaded in purple, that includes the excessive heat warning that's all inland areas and the areas in orange are the heat advise fliz effect for today. and this continues through labor day as we will see those temperatures, as we talked about, up to 106 degrees today in concord. and we'll talk about those records and what's ahead coming up a little bit later.
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>> and if you're seeking relief from the heat, cooling centers will be open around the bay area. our count includes locations in more than a dozen cities. among them, robert livermore community center, las flores community center in napa, morgan mills centennial community center. they offer several option dollars and we have a more complete lift of that story on the top of our home page. that's if you want to keep track of the heat in your neighborhood by downloading our nbc bay area app, you can get that personalized forecast just four. we have breaking developments in the devastating floods in texas this morning. as if things couldn't get any worse for the people there were two explosions have been reported at a flooded chemical plant in crosby. about 25 miles from houston. officials say there may be more explosions. we'll get an update around 7:00 our time. in the meantime we're learning there have been 28 storm-related
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deaths. this is water rescues and evacuations continue in houston. fwlu seems to be an end insight for people there. this morning harvey is moving out of texas and bringing threats of flooding as far north as now nashville, tennessee. the storm may be leaving, but the damage certainly remains. tens of thousands of homes are believed to be destroyed because of all this water. and, because of all this water, people are still flocking to shelters in texas. today in the bay sara dull legs is in houston as recovery efforts kin. >> reporter: the remnants of hurricane harvey finally moving on, but not before leaving behind more flooded communities. families lifted to safety in east texas where 26 inches of rain fell in 24 hours. >> we were like so happy like god had to answer our prayers. >> 14,000 national guard stroopz are now on the ground, more than 30,000 people in shelters. >> i got my life and the baby, my family.
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>> makeshift medical centers up and running. >> we can treat initially pretty much anything. >> reporter: sick and premature baenz e babies flown from corpus christi to fort worth. >> joo and the deaths of six members of the same family who's van was swept swept away confirmed dead. >> our worst fears have been realized. >> reporter: communities just beginning to breathe, the full extent of their loss still not known. in houston, sara dull lov, nbc news. >> and we have complete coverage both on air and on line. damien will continue to provide updates from the ground, even from the water in texas. this is video of him from our 6:00 newscast last night. you can also follow him on twitter at news damien. 5:06. developing news on two massive fires in northern california, one near lake oroville, the other in novato city. the ponderosa fire burning in
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butte county is only 10% contained. more than 3,000 acres have now burned destroying ten homes and ten other structures. the firefighters from san jose and san mateo are helping in that fire. investigators say that they've got a man who started that fire. john ballenger of oroville who has been arrested. they say that he started that campfire that led to the wildfire. and we're also tracking a wildfire in novato county that is forcing mandatory evacuations. more than 200 acres have burned so far. that fire is only 10% contained. and this dangerous heat is not going anywhere and it's not going to help ffsz across california today. >> here's a live look at dublin this morning where fire danger is going to be at an all-time high today. >> meteorologist kari hall kinz continues our microclimate coverage this morning. we will be keeping an eye on spots of the tri-valley where those temperatures will be very hot. looking at pleasanton right now it's 54 degrees but we're going
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to see those high temperatures up to 104 degrees today and looking at the temperature trend as you make plans, the early morning hours will be the best time to get out there. and it warms up very quickly, up to 100 degrees by 2:00. and gets even hotter from there. so as we start out in san jose, going to the neighborhood of evergreen, we will be nut upper 60s at 9:00 and upper 80s by 1:00 today. eventually reaching into the low 90s with some kbreez winds. we will talk about what's ahead as we go into the next four minutes i'll have another update. as we head over to mikan update on the roadways. >> we're going to talk about more green sensors around most of the bay. i'm going to zoom into an issue because chp just seconds ago got aichb an alert about the westbound direction and one more might be affected by a stahl in the slow lane. that would be this direction out of orinda into the oakland area put see a little slowing now eastbound 24, that's unrelated to this call, i think, because we typically see that as a couple of crews drive through
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that area about this time. we'll track it but so far no firm issues for the cal de cut tunnel. also the approach towards the bay bridge you're at a minimum of 14 to 15 minutes off the highway 4 over to the bay bridge toll plaza. and the just builds for 580 coming off the merge and out of altamont corridor. back to you. coming up, our coverage of the damage of hurricane harvey continues including the impact it's having right here in the bay area. and you may be loading up the car for the labor day holiday already but you'll have to worry about harvey even if you're not headed anywhere near texas. new this morning what we learned overnight about the impact on gas prices here in the bay area. and some millionaire basketball players get into an awkward argument over shoes. we'll tell you all about it when today in the bay continues.
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it's 5:12 on this nurse morning. we wake up to all clear skies as we take a live look outside in fremont and our temperature trend today starts off nice and cool but our temperatures warm up quickly as we go into early afternoon. we'll be hitting the low 90s here in fremont with some highs over 100 degrees in the interior valleys today. more on that coming up in five minutes. and an easy drive right now for the north bay, no major problems. highway 37 looks great out of vallejo. we'll watch as the build happens around the bay. thank you very much, kari and mike. it's 5:12 on your thursday
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morning. continuing coverage on the historic flooding in texas. harvey is starting to move but the devastation and danger remains. and this morning we're learning the impact the storm is having on gas prices here in the bay area. >> today in the bay kris sanchez is live in san jose with what we need to know before heading out of town this labor day weekend. >> reporter: hi there, markus and laura. the sign here behind me reads $2.58 and that's about the cheapest gas you'll find in the city of san jose but it won't be that low leading into the holiday weekend. now, hurricane harvey put the squeeze on production on the east coast and in the gulf states and now supply is about a million barrels short of the demand. new this morning, we talked with the petroleum analyst for gas which tracks gas prices and he told us that harvey will continue to have an impact on supply nationwide. >> the storm came out of left field and now all the sudden we is 25 % of the nation's refining capacity offline, which say
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significant number. >> reporter: a side note this morning, gas buddy usually tracks cheap gas only but now it's helping folks in texas and louisiana find any gas at all, a lot of stations don't have any. no matter what the gas pricing prices, 80% of folks tell us they won't change their travel plans. i'm reaching out to triple a to see what their forecast is for this weekend. eye hoping to have that at 6:15. in the meantime i'll link to you gas buddy through my facebook and twitter pages. there i also want to know if you're planning on heading out and where you find the cheapest gas where you live. let's all be neighborly. >> and then get in line, right. >> thanks, kris. california refineries likely won't be sending gas to the gulf coast or anywhere else. >> scott mcgrew continues on coverage. there's no way of getting the gas there. >> that's right. there's no infrastructure in place. you'd have to ship it by truck or maybe rail, fwlu just isn't the means do that. i talked with california refineries. they say there's no good reason
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states don't want our gas, it's too expensive compared to theirs. behave that special california blend that costs more to make. we switch to the winter fwlend november which is less expensive, but new gas taxes take effect at the same time in november so this november no price drop for you. a mid western manufacturer has beaten tesla to the punch with an electric truck. cummins says it will be used for local delivers, short haul, that kind of thing. tesla is expected to unveil its electric truck this fall. teslas will be a big long haul truck that you would see on interstates. the new ceo of uber setz company might offer stock to the public as soon as 18 months from now, we told you about that good news yesterday. wall street liked that. dow gained 27, nasdaq up sir. 6. kevin durant does not like under armor on a sports podcast the golden state warriors star who is paid hundreds of millions of
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dollars to wear nike said shoes made by under armor are so undesirable kids who are offered scholarships to colleges won't even go there. i would like to point out a much better player steph curry seems like his under armor shoes just fine, of course he's prayed by under armor. >> did nike pay him conspiracy extrato say these things? >> remember they got into a betting war over durant. nike clearly on. >> right. >> i for one am a flor shiem guy. >> i could attest to that. it's 5:16 right now. back to our microclimate weather coverage this morning, you all may be grabbing your flip-flops later today and heading for the beach. temperatures are on the rise. taking a live look outside, down ton san jose on the left, san francisco might feel pretty pleasant today. city by the bay hoping for a
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breeze anywhere we can get it. >> 17 is going to be packed today, if not today think about tomorrow evening or on saturday morning just trying goat santa cruz or some of the area beaches about the we will all be trying to stay cool over these next few days as we get some of the hottest weather we've had all summer long. now we are starting out with some nice cool weather. check this out, it won't be like this tomorrow morning. it's 54 degrees now in the tri-valley, clear skies, a little bit of some fog for the coastal peninsula, san francisco also starting out with just a few clouds this morning but overall, wow, this is so nice compared to what's ahead. look at these temperatures, inland valleys up to 106 degrees. oakland 84, 93 in san jose, 97 in napa. the seven-day forecast is now up at the bottom of the screen showing that we will have some very hot temperatures over the next several days. now as we go through the day in oakland, it will be a mostly clear start. temperatures right at about 60
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degrees, 74 degrees at noontime, great weather to take the lunch outside and some lower 80s at 4:00. and then as you're enjoying the day heading to school, it will be comfortable this morning at 7:00 but at recess those temperatures will start to heat up quickly and by the time the kids get out of school, you'll be blasting that ac in the pickup line. it will be in the 90s and 70s by the coast. if you are not having to deal with school at all and heading to sonoma and napa valleys, it is going to be very nice and you want to get in all of those towers early in the morning because after that, you'll be heading back to some air-conditioning as our temperatures ramp up into the upper 90s there. and we talked about 17 being packed, as you head over the summit this morning, it will be in the 50s and low 60s. at noontime perfect for temperatures in the 70s and enjoying some time out there on the boardwalk. we are going to have a slight chance of some thunderstorms heading into labor day. it will be close by, and that
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may be our only chance of breaking this heat. if that does not happen we'll continue on with some more triple digit temperatures, but we're in for some very hot, possibly record-breaking weather for tomorrow especially. and mike is now tracking a bart delay. that's right. we're talking about it it just came in from the plains side. 20-minute delays reported right out of gate between millbrae and san brun necessary to. some equipment problem. there is a delay so prepare for that. the freeways move smoothly through that area and all around the bay so you can jump in the car, maybe carpool with a friend because strask light as we often see that preholiday weekend. it's the holiday weekend we talking about that. high kwa 17 going to be very crowded getting over toward the coast and even pacifica going to get a lot of traffic but also a lot of heat so that won't be complete relief as kari's been talk about the 24 coming through the tunnel i hear that stalled vehicle is over in one of your westbound bores, it's the center
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bore as you're heading over into the oakland side, no real slowing shows up so we'll continue to track that. the issue is for the speed, the travel times are look great i around the approach to the bay bridge in the maze. waze shows us no problems for the south bay either. comparing the routes right over towards 237 that's an option if you want to ache an extra ten, that's fine if you don't. make sure you take your phone, and make sure it's charged had the click on waze and then select the team, big print nbc bay area wazers, that's the big team, guys. back to you. >> that's my team. coming up, saiflg while live, the step scientists are take to keep an endangered frog from going ex-tint. >> and markus is is going to saturdays a giants game and he's going to sing the national anthem. isn't that great in the follow him at markus nbc to even watch a past performance.
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it's amazing. you'll also get to hear him a little bit later this morning. you're watching today in the bay. comes to college
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graduates ) earnings ten 5:23. new this morning when it comes to college graduates earnings potential, four bay area schools are among the nation's top colleges. pay looked at graduates early and mid-career
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pay rates. stanford ranked number ten, sutter health samuel merit university ranked 15, assistant abclara college came in 21st and cal ranked number 30. harvey mudd college in southern california was tops over all just ahead of princeton and mit. >> scientists say they're working to give a frog a fighting chance of avoiding extension. the mountain yellow legged frog can be found in the e-sara. disease and other animals have nearly wiped them out but they're giving vac zeenz to tad poles currently living in zooz and in oakland. they've been returned to the wild and a team is studying them. we checked online and california is home to several times of endangered a.m. fib ians. they list three endangered frogs including the one we just mention and there are two endangered towed species and ninan dangered species of sal mannedders.
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5:24, new this morning a brand of soap commonly used to clean baby boltles and other dishes is being recalled. this is dr. brown's natural bottle and dish soaps may contain harm fl bacteria. about 23,000 bottles are impacted. if you use this soap you must boil or sanitize the boltles and the dishes you clean. forward's f-150 remains america's top best selling vehicle according to kelley blue book. it's based on new car registration in 50. the f series remains the most popular overall but not in every state. they're the top picks in california, ohio, washington, d.c., and puerto rico. the bay area is bracing for record-setting temperatures. meet roll gift kari hall as a look hat we can expect today. >> now is the time to set therm mom ter before you head out and make sure that you're able to cool down as temperatures ramp up quickly this afternoon. we will have a nice and cool
5:26 am
start as we go through the neighborhood of santa teresa and san jose and temperatures up to 90 degrees by 3:00. but this won't be where we'll have the hottest temperatures. i'll have a look at that coming up next. bart police says they are crack down on crime but exactly how are they doing it? this morning today in the bay is getting answers on those tough questions. i'll explain what riders need to know this morning, next. grocery outlet is the home
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a very good now thursday morning to you. getting up early, well this one you're going to find the cool before the heat up today. this is the live look at livermore this morning. yes, it's 5:29. let's see what the temperature at least says there. what's that say? 45? 46 degrees? kind of blurry in that shot. that's the coolest it's going to be there because the temperature is going to rise to 106 in that area. >> it's a hot one. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marcus washington. and kari we nied to brace ourselves it's going to be a hot one. >> you can see that we're going to have a wide range in temperatures from the morning into the afternoon, especially for those inland areas. and an excessive heat warning has been issued in spots like concord where we will still have a nice spot to the morning but then our temperatures heat up
5:30 am
very quickly by this afternoon up to 105 degrees by 3:00 today. we are all going to feel much hotter temperatures by this afternoon. up to 105 in livermore, morgan hill 101 and san jose 93, palo alto 92, oakland up to 84, while san francisco will be up to 78 degrees. i will have a look just at that weekend forecast as you make labor day plans coming up in seven minutes. mike now has a major delay for bart. that's right. and major is in quotes because bart specifies anything that is 20 minutes or more as a major delay. we just talked about 20 minutes and now we have up to half an hour likely but we're getting more detail from bart as the moments bo on. we're trying to get more detail on the equipment problem they're having between the millbrae and san bruno staigs station. that's an issue for the peninsula right now it will likely ripple out toward the rest of the system. expect delays on bart. but not on the roadways. maybe carpool with someone over there that's an option for you.
5:31 am
a smooth drive around much of the bay. we'll take you to the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights were just -- i mean thursday, we still are a backup here because friday traffic is expected to be weekend light as that weekend traffic and holiday traffic continues. and back to our microclimate weather alert coverage. we have been saying and you heard it in kari's forecast, it is going to be a score cher in many areas today. >> taking a live look outside san francisco and dublin everywhere really going to feel the heat in the next couple of days. bob redell with how schools are preparing for this wave of dangerous temperatures. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning. our stop here at today in the bay has spent a lot of time e-mailing and calling school districts here in the tri-valley and throughout the rest of the bay area to find out how they plan to keep their students safe during this heat wave that's going to start a little bit later today. for example here at livermore at tri-valley christian academy, the track coach has called off
5:32 am
practices for today and tomorrow as temperatures are expected to hit 105 out here in livermore. it's even going to be higher tomorrow. for saturday coaches are asking their athletes to run before 70:00 a.m. in the morning before the heat really turns on. in the south bay the alum rock union school district will be providing ice and bottled water for all of its schools. staff is scrambling to find portable ac units for ryan elementary. another elementary schools like luca in san jose they'll be keeping cool with their ac units that, just installed over the past few weeks. those air couple of examples that we've heard from other schools in the bay area. other schools will be using their common sense limiteding their outdoor activities for their students. we spoke with a physician out here in the tri-valley and the common sense is stay hydrated. if you're feeling anything along the lines of cramping or fatigue, that means you're going to start having some
5:33 am
heat-related problems and you're going to want to get inside as soon as possible. we'll hear more from that doctor coming up within the next 30 minutes. reporting live in livermore, bob redell, today in the bay. >> good advice there, thank you very much. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of this heat wave on air and online at on our home page we posted a list of cooling centers around the bay area. i also just tweeted that out. well, breaking coverage this morning of one of the most devastating storms in u.s. history. two closes were reported at a flooded chemical plant in crosby, texas, earlier this morning. but just within the last three minutes this is now being called a small chemical reaction, not an explosion. also new, there have been at least 28 storm-related deaths, but many people are still missing and the city of beaumont texas has lost its water splierp. main pump station is out because of flooding. later today vice president pence and other cabinet secretaries are set to survey that damage. and then houston more
5:34 am
evacuations and rescues under way this morning but finally there's some hope in store. today in the bay is in houston. here's the report from overnight. >> reporter: well this is what downtown houston has been waiting to see, some -- a few of these gas stations are now open and some restaurants are also beginning to open their doors here in this metropolis. we found only one gas station that was open in the 40-mile radius yesterday. this morning more are turning on the pumps. that's good news for many, about other parts of houston are still faced with a lot of uncertainty. two nearby communities that thought they were spared the wrath of hurricane harvey found themselves seeking higher ground. there were many more evacuations yesterday and the fear is more are expected today. the forced re-release of water from dams and reservoirs is sending that water into unsuspecting neighborhoods. one family who volunteered helping flood victims the day before ironically found themselves in the same need.
5:35 am
>> we woke up to two feet of water on the first floor and they all had some tears. >> reporter: in that true texas spirit the locals tell me they will fight through this. a community that is sticking together during one of the nation's worst disasters. again, gas stations are beginning to open up again as this community begins to heal from this devastation. we're in downtown houston, i'm damien tra hee hoe, today in the bay. 5:36 right now. now to developments in the deadly shoot out out side a sacramento hotel that killed a sheriff's deputy yesterday. authorities say the gunman is from the bay area. we also learned more about the deputy who died. he's identified as robert french, a 21-year veteran of the force. yesterday's arrest ended in a drama that played out over several hours in the cell phone video shows authorities arresting the suspect who authorities tell success a 31-year-old bay area man. it start when'd deputies detained two women they say were driving a stolen car.
5:36 am
they obtained a search warrant for the ramada inn and that's where they went and the suspect opened fire. also injurying 2 chp officers in the process. deputies say the suspect initially got away. he was later arrested after his car crashed a few miles from the hotel. 5:36 and new this morning, attacks, burglaries and fair evasions just some of the problems bart still faces this morning as they work to deter those crimes. but this morning we're getting a better idea of what bart is doing to curve some of those problems. pete suratos is live in walnut creek with some of the answers to our questions. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, markus. and today in the bay has reached out to bart regarding a number of these issues specific whether i it comes to cracking down on crime. here's information we're getting from barlt. first off, we're going to start with how they're preventing the number of salts and robberies reported on extensively over the past few months. they tell us that officers are being deployed to current hot
5:37 am
spots where they're seeing a lot of these incidents that they're occurring in and what they're referring to as their robbery suppression detail. they're aggressively looking to hire more officers. nearly 40 positions they're looking to fill in the next year and a half many an aggressive effort by bart. another big issue for bart is fare evision and they gave us the numbers. what we're learning from those numbers is that those fare evasion numbers, those tolls were fairly high the months of february and march but took a dip in may through june. i want to point out that's when bart police ramped up its focus on this specific issue spot in those specific months from may through june the overall incidents are down 20%. the citations down nearly 30% and field interviews rartding fare evasion incidents down nearly 20%. and bart tells us the number of fare evasion incidents in august unfortunately nearly doubled those june numbers. and when it comes to fare evasion, it costs the bart system overall more than $25 million annually every year.
5:38 am
we're live in walnut creek, pete suratos for "today in the bay ". and pete's talking about one part of bart where we're trying to make improvements and evaluation. right now we're following bigger delays because of bart, equipment problem. unspecified. the friend of our desk is checking with bart to get more detail to give us a better idea about how long it might take but it's developed in over 20 minutes delay on the peninsula and likely will ripple throughout the system if it doesn't clear up soon. meanwhile look at the roadways and a good option for you to carpool pr that bart station and maybe get on the roadway there and take the train, caltrain desperate from there as well. we have slowing south 880 toward industrial, it looks like the crash may have moved to the shoulder but it was in lanes for a few. well. >> everyone's looking ahead to the weekend, of course we want to know that forecast. we know it's going to be a hot one. >> we're all planning around this weather with extreme temperatures expect and it will still be dangerously hot on
5:39 am
saturday. we'll be up to 109 degrees for the inland valleys, the bay at 95, and 89 degrees at the coast. how about that. well, also on sunday just slightly lower for the coast, up to 84 degrees, 94 for the bay, and 103 degrees inland. let's check out all of these events going on, this is just a few of them. there are so many going on and in millbrae we'll have the art and wine festival happening on saturday on broadway. it will be in the low 90s there so a lot of people, a lot of crowds, and trying to find some cooler places under some of the shade. you'll want to make sure do you that. also sausalito toe art festival happening and as this goes on all weekend long temperatures there up to 87 degrees with mostly sunny skies. if you're going to napa valley this weekend, check this out, tomorrow 109 degrees, still very hot on saturday, 107, and on sunday 99 degrees. here's a live look outside one of the resorts in squaw valley
5:40 am
and if you're going to the sierra, temperatures there reaching into the mid-80s. so most likely you'll be taking a dip in one of the pools or maybe in lake tahoe. on saturday at half moon bay this is going to be the one of the very busy spots and temperatures there reaching into the mid-80s, the first time this summer we've had temperatures that warm. and then on sunday as well we have the bah gonya festival in cap tolla, we'll be cooling down just a little bit there and that will be the trend heading into next week. we'll bring it back today to our temperature trend in three minutes. 5:40 right now. a crime spree that spans six months in several bay area cities bhot police have in custody related to a violent crime ring. some questions this morning about the timing of the president's tax cut plan. what does it mean for you? we'll tell you when today in the bay continues.
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you got next? chase. make more of what's yours. it's 5:43 as we start to see a little bit of light in the sky as we head closer to sunrise looking live in san jose. >> i want to take to you willow glen and show you the temperature trend that starts out nice with some mid-60s at 9:00 this morning and this will be the time to get outside, any time before noon it will be heating up into the upper 80s by 2:00 and mid-90s as we go into the rest of the afternoon. we will have some extreme heat in parts of the bay area, excessive heat warnings in effect. i'll have a look at that and what who to expect for the labor day weekend coming up at about
5:44 am
5:49. and rather than being clear, it's still blocking lanes, an overturned vehicle southbound 880. they're calling for a sig alert as you travel through hayward. we'll talk about how that affects your commute as well as we're tracking the rails. it's 5:44. new details overnight including dramatic new video connected to one of the billest bay area busts in years involving a gang. authorities say terrorized several east bay communities. this video just posted overnight showing a violent shooting in a richmond convenience store last august. a 15-year-old girl was shot and injured just outside that store. and this morning, richmond police are revealing new details about the suspect now in custody and some of the many crimes they're connected to. the crimes covered a six-month span and happened in a dozen east bay cities, including orinda, danville, and stretching from livermore out to brentwood. there are new images of the seven suspects now in custody. an eighth suspect identified as
5:45 am
car dell waters is still on the loose. investigators say all the members of the swuv team are a north richmond gang. the men are being tied to three murders, 14 attempted murders, car jackings, robberies, and home invasion robbery in free noont actually helped lead to the arrest. security video inside a home provided the major break they needed. also new this morning, police released this shot audio linked to deadly shooting last november 6 an ain't teen-year-old richmond man in which 68 shots were fired. [ gunshots ]. >> it's almost hard to believe. police say another shooting of an orinda school board member. this newly released video show some of the arsenal the gang members actually used in their crimes. a quarter to 6:00 now, switching gears, president trump will meet with his treasury
5:46 am
secretary today, talk about tax cuts. >> scott mcgrew here and we're still waiting for those details about who benefits and how. >> they say there's a plan but we use that plan -- word plan loosely because we haven't seen much beyond bullet points. the president spoke about it in missouri on wednesday. >> and i am fully committed to working with congress to get this job done. and i don't want to be disappointed by congress, you understand me? >> now, there are two big questions. one, if you're going cut revenue you have to cut spending unless you want to be throw gasoline on the deficit. but there's no clear plan to cut spending to match the proposed cuts in taxes. and we in california are waiting to hear if we're still going to be able to deduct what we pay in state taxes from our federal taxes. we can now, but under the new plan we might not. some critics are wondering if the president should have been talking about tax cuts after he left texas. this is maybe not the right time to talk about reducing federal
5:47 am
coffers, they say, when the nation is facing such a big bill from the storm. meanwhile, on twitter some people are criticizing president obama for playing golf during hurricane katrina wondering where was obama when ka treene april hit? on vacation and didn't answer for three days. now i know you're probable li ahead of me on this one. barack obama was not president when katrina hit louisiana, george bush was. and you would think people know that simply because they remember it. back up enough people have questioned it. snopes has created a new page explaining the reason president obama did not fly air force twoun louisiana after hurricane ka treene april hit was because he wasn't the president, wouldn't be for several years. snopes also says it suspects many 69 twitter users that claim obama was president at the time are actually russian bots. hey, you know who's not a russian bot? me. you can reach me on twitter.
5:48 am
i'm @scott mcgrew. 5:57 right now. we have a special treat for our viewers, our newest team member marcus washington will be singing the national anthem not one but two upcoming baseball games right here in the bay area. not his first rodeo, he sang the national anthem, the baltimore the orioles game just back in may. but let's take a listen. ♪ over the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave >> look at you. >> hit the note. that was the worst part. >> oh my gosh, you did. you played that moment everybody waits for. and markus and i were talking off camera on the commercial break, not sing, just talking, about how important 2 is to start at the right -- at the right note, right. >> it is.
5:49 am
if you go too high, the high note. >> you mess yourself up. >> just kidding. >> home of the brave. you can catch markus singing the national anthem in person. he's going to perform on saturday afternoon and if you can't make that gym he'll be singing across the bay before the a's angels game on monday afternoon. >> got to get to you san jose and you'll have the sage bay covered too. >> absolutely. >> we'll take care of that right now. very excited four. >> thank you so much. can't wait do it. >> we'll make sure you have cooler temperatures where you are because that will be the key. and it's going to be really hot, that's what we'll all be talking about over the next several days whether you're going to a baseball game, going to the beach, or going to some of the vineyards around the bay area. there will sob much do this labor day weekend and we start out this morning with a mostly clear start in san francisco. marine layers dip down to about 1,000 feet so we will see if we have any fog as we head into the next hour or two and we have this excessive heat warning that
5:50 am
has been issued for today as a seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen you'll see why we have this now in effect that continues through labor day. and all of these areas shaded in purple, that's basically away from the coastline, we will have some very extreme temperatures. and then a heat advisory in effect for the coast as well. so if you don't have air-conditioning, here's a few things you can could to try to stay cool. the beaches will have temperatures from the 70s to the 80s. and if you can't make it there, maybe just go to the movies or this is an excuse for your husband that you have to go shop, go to the mall or go to some of the cooling centers. and also you can call a friend with some air-conditioning, i'm sure it won't hurt to bring a botd will of wine as you come over. now we are going to have temperatures reaching into the triple digits today. this is as our temperatures ramp up we reach the peak of the heat tomorrow, san jose 93 degrees, oakland 84 degrees with 70s along the coast. as you're starting out getting
5:51 am
ready this morning wear something that keeps you nice and cool like short sleeves and shorts or if you can, go to the pool, go for a swim and make sure you bring something that covers your head like a hat that also helps cool you down as well, may give you a little bit of shade. over the next few days we're going to be dealing with some more of this high heat. we will have a slight shans of isolated thunderstorms on labor day. in the meantime also it going to be all about the heat, up to 110 tomorrow. and mike is now tracking what it looks like on that bart delay. we've got road an rails, major bart delayed still specified by bart but i'm going to say it might ripple out to the rest of the system because of the peninsula issue but so far nothing specific for those lines over in the east bay. the roadways move well on the peninsula as an alternate to the delay. caltrain also moves well but we're looking toward the east bay where we have this big problem. i thought the crash had cleared because the sensors shifted but now there's a big back up and we have two of your four lanes
5:52 am
south bund blocked at ten son. that's a big problem. we're looking for that major delay at one station. you've got to get through that mess, look, waze maps had an alternate route along major roadways. you can drive like you're a local just join our waze team. brian, where did that go? brian had reported this crash here. brine 55123 reported that a while back and we can get information back and forth between you and your roadway. your passenger can be your copilot where are join that team we're all your co350i8 lots. nbc bay area wazers, guys. back to you. coming up, we investigate. >> she was my world. >> the mother speaks out for the first time about a mysterious death of her daughter. we investigate the cold case of eden lynch and the new reaction by local prosecutors following our questions. and at 5:52, happening now,
5:53 am
breaking news out of india. alt least 12 people are dead after a five-story building collapsed in mumbai. torrential rains are being blamed. and in lighter news, los angeles beloved little railroad seen in the film "la la land" is scheduled to reopen this morning. the world's shortest public railroad will be fer rig people up and down the city's bunker hill. we'll be back with more news in a few. stick around. we )re in a microclimate weather
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
alert this morning -- as welcome back to you on this thursday morning. we are in a microclimate weather alert this morning as we get ready for the start of an intense heat waive in the bay area. on your left is that live look at dublin this morning which is actually expected to be one of the hottest spots in the bay area. on your right, the expected highs across the bay area for today. today isn't even the peak of the heat. meteorologist kari hall will have a look at the full forecast in just five minutes. the mysterious death of a little girl nearly six years sag now the subject of a renewed investigation following questions from the nbc bay area investigative unit. >> cps records show eden lynch was in the care of two people in the final days of her life, her father and his girlfriend. senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen joins with us what
5:57 am
she uncovered. >> eden lynch's family says she was the light of their lives, a funny kind girl who loved to play pretend. for years they wanted answers from the last two people who were alone with eden. her father jimmy barlow and his girlfriend now wife holly beaba. they cared for her for four months before she died from blunt force trauma to the head. they said she had fallen down several concrete steps and that she collapsed nine days later from her injuries. an accident. but the coroner ruled it a homicide. the lynch family waited five years and finally the coast guard filed four counts of child endangerment gep against jimmy. he'd daenz family thought the alameda county district attorney would take action too. it reached out to us for help. the d.a. wouldn't talk to us but one day after we tracked down holly to ask questions the d.a. filed a felony child abuse charge against with you a special allegation for willful harm resulting in death. they say she was in the sole care of eden and filed get medical help as her condition
5:58 am
got worse. jimmy's attorney said neither her nor jimmy did anything harmful to cause her death. go to investigate for a full report if the if you have something you want us to investigate, send me an e-mail toe vicky at >> if you have a story idea you can call us at 888-996-tips krour send an e-mail to the unit at 6:58. happening right now, police in the east bay looking for a woman who's been withdrawing cash from banks using a fake driver's license. this is surveillance video of the woman. investigators say she went to the west america bank in livermore back in june and used a fake license to pretend she was a bank customer and withdrew cash. two hours later she went to the west america bank in walnut creek and made a large withdrawal from the same victim's account. shedd she's drooid described as a height wane in her early to mid-60s.
5:59 am
she sometimes wears twoigz change her appearance. a south bay hospital is helping former gang members and human trafficking vikz victims move forward by giving them a clear slate. santa clara medical center has a new high tech laser that removes tattoos. the equipment will be unveiled later this month. several city officials inincluding the mayor will be in attendance. we're track willing the intense triple digit temperatures in the bay area as we head into an extended weekend. reason local doctors are word about the extreme heat. >> and that heat is also a big concern for firefighters who are on the front lines of several wildfires burning across the state. we're monitoring the progress crews are making. and the sky is finally starting to clear over texas as harvey moves away from the lone star state. but the zanl left behind. today in the bay continues right now. your heart goes out to those people, my good pngts good morning to you, thanks for joining us i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marcus washington as we start this thursday morning
6:00 am
with a smile because it's cooler right now. >> i know. bring your fan. >> smile and get it out now. >> it's going to be really hot so you're making preparations now for a really hot day. you may have to set thermometer or make sure that everyone's going to be taken care of as we will have some very extreme heat. now those temperatures ramping up today, the peak of the heat will be tomorrow. we're still going to see widespread triple digits from concord, antioch, to livermore down to morgan hill, upper 90s for the north bay. san jose 93 degrees. oakland 84. san francisco will be up to 78 degrees. excessive heat warnings begin today at 11:00. heat advisories for the coast, i'll have a close are look at this and what you can expect as we do reach some really hot weather coming up. and mike is still reporting those bart delays. that's right. bart reports major delays. now, it isn't specifying on its twitter account anything other than major delays because of an equipment problem. we've been tracking this and calling all the emergency lines but again no


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