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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 31, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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right now. >> i know. bring your fan. >> smile and get it out now. >> it's going to be really hot so you're making preparations now for a really hot day. you may have to set thermometer or make sure that everyone's going to be taken care of as we will have some very extreme heat. now those temperatures ramping up today, the peak of the heat will be tomorrow. we're still going to see widespread triple digits from concord, antioch, to livermore down to morgan hill, upper 90s for the north bay. san jose 93 degrees. oakland 84. san francisco will be up to 78 degrees. excessive heat warnings begin today at 11:00. heat advisories for the coast, i'll have a close are look at this and what you can expect as we do reach some really hot weather coming up. and mike is still reporting those bart delays. that's right. bart reports major delays. now, it isn't specifying on its twitter account anything other than major delays because of an equipment problem. we've been tracking this and calling all the emergency lines but again no detail. also nothing more than the delay
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on the peninsula side between millbrae and san bruno. it's reportedly not affecting the other east bay lines and the other transit agencies are moving well. the roadways are also moving very well. we're talk about the preholiday lighter week's flow but we do have this big problem southbound 880 getting a little better as this crash did clear that sig alert lasted just under a half an hour and they cleared lanes south 880 at tenia son. it's develop slow out of san leandro and into hayward clearing up just south of that san mateo bridge. but the early backup here may cause an issue over for the entire area so we'll track the bigger view coming up. back to you. thank you very much. 6:01 right now. back to microclimate weather alert this morning as we track the heat waive hitting the bay area. an excessive heat warning will go into effect this morning for much of the bay area as we get ready for those triple digit temperatures. >> records could be broke as temperatures soar. today in the bay will be brun
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one of the hot stots spots and have you doctors telling us how to stay safe out there today. >> reporter: yes, correct. good morning, jim, plark cuss and laura. we expect this bank sign behind me in downtown livermore to read 105 today, that's the forecast. over 110 tomorrow. we're speaking with dr. brian comincesy, he's an emergency room physician in pliz ant ton. he's dhernd heat will send a lot of people into his emergency room there into the tri-valley as these temps soar past 100 degrees in the tri-valley. his biggest concern is for children under 4 years ever age and adults over 65. heat-related health problems can start subtly with cramps and fatigue, progress to heat exhaustion with copious amounts of sweat, headaches, and nausea and then the worst heatstroke which can bring on seizures and a complete shut down of the body. sflz simple advice to stay healthy this this hot weather and it's common sense. you want to stay hydrated, drink lots of water, stay out of heat, get in the shade, stay in the
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air-conditioning, and according to doctor you will want to avoid drugs and alcohol. >> please stay away from the drugs and alcohol. at the first siechbz cramps, feeling overheat heated get yourself out of the heat and drink fluids and electrolytes. stay out of the heat completely. once again, it's it can be very serious illness but can be completely preventable. >> reporter: livermore's parks and rec department has already announced they'll be opening up a cooling station tomorrow from 8:00 to 9:00 tomorrow being one of the hotter days it's going to be at the robert livermore community center at 4444 east avenue here. we're going to tell what you school districts are doing to keep students safe during this heat wave coming up that's expected to kim kick off in the next few hours here. thank you very much, bob. we have team coverage of this expected heat waive this
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morning. meteorologist kari hall has been following it for quite some time. >> that would will be tomorrow with the record-breaking temperatures. heat is the number one -- number one-related weather-related killer for the united states. as we go into this excessive heat you want to make sure you're taking care of anyone who doesn't have air-conditioning, homeless people. also your pets and animals, temperatures in antioch today up to 102 at 4:00 and we're expecting to go just slightly above that. for san jose we start out this morning with nice cool weather heading up to 903 degrees by this afternoon. i'll have a look at some more micro climates and what you can expect coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. if you're seeking relief from the heat, cooling centers will be open around the bay area. our county includes locations in more than a dozen cities. among them the robert livermore community center, the las flores community center in napa, morgan hills ten yell rec center. we posted a more complete list
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in the story at the top of our home page and you can keep track of that heat in your neighborhood by downloading our nbc bay area app. you there can get a personalized forecast. we are following breaking news out of texas this morning. not other people dealing with the devastating flooding from harvey, now at least ten deputies have been hospitalized after a small chemical reaction at a chemical plant in crosby. there were initial reports it was an explosion about but investigators announced just within the last 30 minutes it was in fact a chemical reaction. investigators say deputies have inhaled some fumes that could cause irritation but the fumes are not considered toxic. meantime, flood waters have started to recede in houston, good news there, but there's still the threat of more flooding near the texas/louisiana line. the confirmed death toll climbed to at least 28. tens of thousands of homes are believed to be destroyed and shelters are getting overwhelmed with evacuees. we now want to go live to today
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in the bay sara dull lov. we have been checking in with her all week and as she moved from houston this morning to track on that ongoing recovery effort that so many people are trying to move forward. >> reporter: well, good morning there. as these flood waters continue to recede in many houston neighborhoods, officials are concerned that they will uncover more victims. >> the remnants of hurricane harvey finally moving on but not before leaving behind more flooded communities. families lifted to safety in east texas where 26 inches of rain fell in 24 hours. >> we would like so happy, like god had to answer our prayers. >> 14,000 national guard troops are now on the ground and more than 30,000 people in shelters. >> i got my life and my baby, my family. >> makeshift medical centers up and running. >> we can treat initially pretty
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much anything. >> sick and premature babies flown from corpus christi to fort worth. and the deaths of six members of the same family whose van was swept away confirmed dead. >> our worst fears have been realized. >> communities just beginning to breathe. the full extent of their loss still not known. >> reporter: and houston's mayor has imposed an overnight curfew to allow emergency workers to get around easier but also amid reports of looting and armed robbers disguised as law enforcement. markus. >> thanks so much for that update. stick with us for complete coverage of harvey both online and over the air. our damien trujillo son the ground in houston as we speak. this is video of him last night reporting from a boat. he has updates on twitter as he covers this situation. you can follow him ate news damien. 6:07 right now.
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developing news on two massive fires burning in northern california, one near-like lake oroville, the other in novato city. the one in butte fire is only 10% contained. 3,000 acres have burned destroying ten homes and ten other structures. firefighters from san jose and san mateo are helping in that firefight. investigators say they've got the man who started it. john ballenger of oroville has been arrested. cal fire says he started a campfire that led to the wildfire. we're also trach track a wildfire in novato county near grass valley. it's forcing mandatory evacuations. more than 200 acres have burned so far include something structures. that fire is only 10% contained. taking a live look outside from our san jose camera this morning and we're getting ready for a very hot day out there in the bay area as a lot of people head into the weekend. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the triple digit temperatures that we can expect today. kari.
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>> and we'll be watching concourt where our temperatures will be climbing quickly for today. for the morning it feels nice but late morning, early afternoon you can see how these temperatures trend reaching 106 degrees in concord by 4:00 this afternoon. and if you are able to head to a place like assistant an cruise u cruz it's going to be sob nice today, temperatures reaching into the upper 70s there, sunshine, and nice breezes. and that's what you'll want to do as these temperatures inland will be heating up trying to stay cool. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes, but mike has more info on the bart problem. we just heard back from the bart spokesperson and she did tell us that the track equipment problem slam switching problem and that's why they're single tracking in the area. that's creating the delay there but then they're back at speed able to restore and get over to the east bay without any other delay and it's better than a half an hour, it's now just down 20-minute delays and that will hold until they can clear that switching problem. we'll track that.
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make sure you're aware of that. the roadways are a great option right now the peninsula no delays and the delay over in the east bay starting to move around and shift. we're seeing more traffic bill upped in san leandro and the early crash at teniason has cleared. as you're coming off of 238 in the castro valley has no problem right now. we have a 30 foir minute drive from 238 to the dumbarton bridge. that's a delay you might not be expecting. back to you. 6:10. up next, pain at the pump. what we've learned overnight about the impact harvey is having on gas prices here in the bay area. just as people are getting ready to take off for the labor day holiday weekend. millionaires get into a fight over shoes and they have some fun video to show you. stick around, be a little late to work, today in the bay continues.
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. good thurgs morning, it is 6:13. a clear start as we take a live look outside in palo alto this morning already a lot of people up and out there. and you want to make sure whatever you have to do it's early in the day before temperatures get hot. as we start out with some mid-60s reaching into the low 90s today. excessive heat warnings in effect for inland areas. heat advisories for the coast. i'll have more on this coming up in five minutes. and over here we're looking at the bottom number, it's actually improving quite a bit southbound 880 still very slow through hayward down toward the dumbarton bridge because of the
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earlier crash. but the approach toward the bay bridge, that is great. and we love great. thank you very much, mike. well, gas prices not so great right now. in fact, a lot of people in the bay area and across the nation are getting ready to hit the road for the labor day holiday weekend but you might notice you're going pay a little bit more at the pump. >> the historic flooding in texas is impacting gas prices all over the country. today in the bay chris san schez live in san jose this morning to explain how this might impact your travel this weekend. >> reporter: morning to you. the gas price here where we are at this arco station in san jose near bran numb high school is about $2.58 per gallon of unload leaded gas but that could go up by 10% by the end. holiday weekend because of hurricane harvey, though we don't get our gas from there. gas production is about a million gallons short of demand because fortunate hurricane. and new this morning we talked with the petroleum analyst for gas which tracks gas prices and he said californians
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are getting squeezed from several different angles, expect and unexpected, though we don't get our gas from the gulf. >> part of it because of intense demand from the pacific northwest due to the eclipse, and part of it because refineries have been knocked out on top of this with har i have, everyone is stretched thin in the is is going to affect california as well. >> reporter: now a side note this morning, they usually track cheap gas but now it's helping folks in texas and louisiana find any gas at all. now, no matter what the gas prices, 80% of folks say they're not going to change their travel plans, they're going to go where they goont. triple "a" stopped doing their travel forecast so woe don't know what the volume is expected to be there weekend but it seems like a lot of folks are looking forward to getting out of town. in the meantime, if i can link to you gas buddy through my twitter feet and my facebook page. i also want to hear where you find the cheapest gas where you live.
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maybe you can help your neighbors out. in san jose, kris sanchez, today in the bay. thanks so much. and california refineries likely will be sending gas to the gulf coast or really anywhere else. >> we continue our coverage this morning, there's no waive getting that gas there. >> that's right. there's no infrastructure. i mean, you'd have to ship it either by truck or by rail, but there's just not means do that. >> i talked to california refineries. they say there's another good reason the states don't want our gas, it's too expensive expired to theirs. we have that special california summer blend and temperature costs a lot more to make. a bit of trivia. most of the petroleum refined into gasoline comes from california. the rest of it comes from overseas put see the big tankers coming in around the point richmond. will goer state warriors kevin dur splangting news out of shoes on a sports podcast. durant who is paid hundreds of millions of dollars to wear nicki said shoes made by under armor are so undesirable kids who are offered scholarships at
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colleges who have under armor scholarships won't go to those schools. this could cause some awkwardness. steph curry is paid to wear under armor. watch shares of wells fargo this morning, the bank now says the estimate of how many customers it hurt with bank akets is much higher than first thought, maybe twice as bad. questions about how long its ceo can say ceo this morning. there's a bit of video one of our viewers caught yesterday speak of wall street. we showed you the bell yesterday, let's go back to yesterday. i want to you see this. this fellow on the right, ding, ding, ding, that, that are guy is happy, happy, happy. >> yeah. >> now, did he just make a million or something? >> i have no idea. >> back to serious. back to silly. >> good for him. he's having fun. that's okay. >> we appreciate the viewer for that one. >> that was good. >> gotta get going in the
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morning, right. okay. so foxx sports is hoping to capitalize on american's short attention span? what? what? it's planning to debut six-second commercial during nfl games this season along with more traditional 15 and 30-second spots. they'll also air during the world series which is pretty cool. in? cases the six-second spots will be shown in split screens. the goal is for a move in the action such as during a time-out or replay view. >> that's interesting if the is our attention span getting that short or is it the possibility that they can sell more and make more money? >> they blame it on attention span. >> people watch that six-second commercial you can watch this. >> glou. >> okay. in case you're attention span is really short this morning, it's going to be really hot today, okay now you can get out the door. if you have a little bit of time, hang out. it's going to start out with nice and cool weather. we're at 55 degrees now in the
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tri-valley. very nice and i garnlt you tomorrow morning it will not be this cool. take it in as we are opening up the windows, letting the house cool down before a very hot day. it's 554 degrees in the east bay and san francisco, let's start at 51, notice no clouds and fog this morning and it is going to be hot as we look at the south bay. much hotter than yesterday. and the south county up to 102 degrees. for the east bay we're looking at 106 in concord, fremont 93 degrees, and the seven-day forecast is now coming up at the bottom of the screen showing some more intoens heat over the next several days. in redwood city expect a high of 90 while half moon bay that will be nice, 71 degrees. and san francisco up to 78 degrees and in the mission district. and for the north bay looking at mid to upper 90s with a few spots hitting over 100 degrees today. as you're getting ready to head out for school this morning, throw an extra bottle of water in the kid's backpack today. it will be nice and comfortable going to school but at recess it
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will be heating up quicklily and then for 1:00 as you're in the pickup line it will be in the 90s inland and 70s for the coast. we've about keeping you up to date on what's happening with harvey, now a tropical depression, still bringing a lot of rain over louisiana. we can see is that rain has spread out and now tapping into some gulf moisture. so it will continue to bring in the possibility of more flooding for parts of the south over the next several days and we'll keep an eye on that. let me know what you're doing this weekend and what you need to know about. be sure you're following me on facebook, meteorologist kari hall, and i'll give you a forecast for where you're going this weekend. looking at san francisco, it will be in the upper 80s for tomorrow and saturday. and thunderstorms will be near but it looks like we will have a slight chance or labor day. that may be our only chance of breaking this heat for early next week. otherwise, it's going to be in the triple digits from now until at least next tuesday. more updates on this. mike is continuing with eight bart alert for bart righters.
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that's right. over on the plins peninsula side we've been tracking issues they had with a switcher between millbrae and san bruno that's why you have a 20 money minute delay. they're holding steady right there. meanwhile as we look at the roadways, the roads through the area air great option put can take to the roads. over in the east bay we have a slowing and the south bay is not a problem. the east bay is the issue. the earlier crash in hayward has cleared up. general slowing but not so bad over all. look what the our waze system says about your drive times as you come out of castro valley, there's the blue line castro valley wide but let me save you 15 minutes by take awe a lil by the longer route down 680. you avoid that backup. waze will help you out, join our team and community online. we're talking about facebook but also on waze we have a community called nbc bay area wazers as you click click on your profile and click on our team. coming up next, avoiding extension, the step scientists are taking to save an endangered
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species of frog right here in california. a shipment is insured so getting reimburse when'd it arrives damaged is easy, right? wrong. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. our ice cream truck is making another appearance this and if the heat's gout down and you're going to the giants game, make sure join us at skip will scoop truck. our ice cream truck will be making another appearance this afternoon. watch nbc bay area kochl and get a link to the details. three different flavors and it's free. hope to see you there. nbc bay area responds--
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to a campbell man who says u- p-s damaged a family heirloom welcome back on this thursday morning. it's 6:25 right now. nbc bay area responds to a campbell man who says ups damaged a family heirloom but it wouldn't own up to it. >> he turned to us for help. consumer investigator chris chmura says we delivered. >> michael nixon shipped his parents's grandfather clock from their nebraska home to his home in campbell. he paid ups $220 to pack it and ship it and he insured it for $1,000. well, unfortunately the clock arrived damaged. he tells us that the glass face and wooden frame were broken. michael then filed a claim with ups but says he got the runaround. and the company wouldn't pay up. so, he reached out to us. we contacted ups and it reimbursed michael $1,200. the amount the clock was insured for plus shipping costs. in a statement ups said, we
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apologize for the damage and inconvenience. if you have a consumer complaint, call us, 888-996 money tips or log on to >> thank you very much, chris. it's 6:26 right now if the new this morning scientists say they're working to give an endangered california frog a fiegtd chance avoiding kpg kpings. the mountain leg yellow frog can be found in the e-sara. disease and other animals have nearly wiped them out but they're giving back tad poles currently living in zoos in california and oakland. they're being returned to the wild and a team is studying them nout now. california is home to several times of endangered an millions. they list 3 endangered frogs include lgt ones we just mentioned. there are two endangered towed species and nine endangers species of salamanders. >> we have a full team coverage
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of bay area heat waives. kari. it's been a long time since we had a break from fogust as we take a live look outside from san bruno mountain over san francisco it's going to be a much hotter day due to the lack of that ocean breeze. i'll have a look at what you can expect where you live coming up next. s that heated waive gets ready to rip through the bay area, the precaution schools are taking to keep your students cool. you're watching today in the bay. >> thanks for stopping by nbc bay area give the scoop truck at bay area in burke. >> i today join us before the giants game. >> get free ice cream. >> get the scoop with nbc bay area today.
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we )re in a microclimate weather alert.
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extincti right now, at 6:30 on this thursday morning we're in a microclimate weather alert. the heat warning takes evekt e infect in just a few hours for many parts of the bay area while we get ready for an intense heat waive. >> we've got tooem coverage this morning to make sure you're prepared as you get ready to head out the door. good morning to you and thanks so much for joings. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marcus washington and we want to get right to that weather because a lot of people are going to expect the heat. >> it ramps up quickly today even though swra nice and cool start, the heat warning begins at 11:00 this morning and after of that all bets are off. it's going to be dangerous out there for all these areas shaded in purple. that's where we have the excessive heat warning. for the coast, heat advisories in effect as it will be very warm there as well. we're going to be watching spots like pleasanton. as we get a live look outside this morning as the sunrises all clear and it is feeling very nice. it's 55 degrees but then look at
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how hot it's going to be today. those temperatures are going to go from one extreme to the other. and as you plan out your day it will be best to get out there anytime before noon because after that the air conditioner will be up on full blast and you'll be struggling to stay cool. as we gate look at all of our high temperatures around the bay area, 106 in concord, north bay into the upper 90s, oakland 84, palo alto 82, san jose will see a high of 93 degrees. we'll talk more about your weekend forecast as you make plans for labor day in seven minutes. mike is tracking something on the peninsula. a couple of things. the first one i saw on our palo alto camera we have them all around the bay but we have this on the side of the road. it looks like it's just a couple of signs left over from a krooi crew and there's a sign talking about work, they're continue doing that at willow getting off the freeway. smooth right here. and we'll look at your maps, no major problems on our sensors through this portion and nice easy drive fromfá dumbarton. there's the south bay just starting commute, recovery on the east bay as far as that
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earlier crash cleared from hayward but this is still going on for the peninsula. bart tracks a fwent 20-minute delay. there's a signal issue between millbrae and san bruno but the spokesperson got word to us saying that that track that's a sickle problem they're just addressing it so that's why they have the single track. no crash. back to you. back to our microclimate weather alert this morning, one of the biggest concerns for parents during this incoming heat waive is how the kids are going to keep cool at school. >> bob redell is live this morning with the steps several bay area school districts are taking to make sure the kids stay safe. >> reporter: good morning to you, mark kaunsd laura. our staff here at the today in the bay spent a lot of time e-mailing and calling school districts in the tri-valley and throughout the bay area to find out what they're doing to keep kids safe during this heat waive. for example, here in livermore tri-valley christian academy, the track coach tells us that she is calling off practice for today and tomorrow as temperatures are expected to hit
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105 later this afternoon. higher tomorrow. expected to be over110. and for saturday coach is asking her athletes to run before 7:00 in the morning before the heat really turns back on. in the south bay, the alum rock un overwhelm school district will be providing ice and bottled water fufrl its schools. staff is also scrambling to find portable ac units for ryan elementary which does not have a permanent cooling system in place. a number of the other elementary schools in the district like luca elementary in san hoe sale be kooeping cool with ac units that were just installed over the past few weeks. number of schools throughout the bay area tell us they'll be using their common sense limiting the outdoor activities for their students. now, if you're going to be outside today were r if you have a child under 4 or someone over the age of 65 they're the most vulnerable to heat-rerated problems. we get this from the doctor at the emergency room in valley care emergency room spot remember you want to say hydrated, stay indoors and maybe
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something that might not be as obvious. if you're out in the heat you do want to avoid drugs and alcohol. sometimes heat-related problems start off subtly with cramping and if teague. if you start getting those symptoms that means it's time to get back inside and drink some water. reporting lye in livermore, bob redell. stay with us for continuing coverage of this heat waive on air and online at our home page we posted a list of cooling centers around the bay area. we also have tips for people who work outdoors and those tips to keep your pets safe. we're seeing some pretty incredible video tlt look at the flood waters they're still having there in houston. this is from a drone shot from above. this morning harvey has become a tropical depression as the flood threat moves as far north as tennessee. breaking this morning a late night chemual reaction at a flooded plant in crosby, texas, injured 10 deputies that's about 25 miles from houston. more than a million people
6:35 am
around that area could be impacted. and the city of beaumont, texas, has lost its water supply. the main pump station souft service because of flooding. right now vice president mike pence and other cabinet secretaries are headed to texas set to survey the damage. their flight took off less than an hour ago. also new this morning the number of storm-related deaths has hit at least 28 but many people are still mission. in houston, more evacuations and rescues are under way. >> we woke up to two feast water on the first floor and they all had some tears. >> our damien trujillo remains in houston and is tweeting there's some signs of hope. a few gags stations are back open and some restaurants are opening their doors. he will continue reporting on harvey's aftermath throughout the day for nbc bay area. now, many people have been asking how they can help. the red cross taking donations right now. we've made it toes help out. head to for a
6:36 am
tloink doe flat. it can be as simple as sending a text with your cell phone. 6:35 and now to developments in that deadly shootout out side a sacramento hotel that killed a sheriff's deputy yesterday. the gunman is from the bay area. the deputy who died is identified as robert french, a 21 year het e veteran of the force. yesterday ended after the drama played out and authorities tell us this it is a 31-year-old bay area man it start when'd deputies detained two women they saw were driving a stolen car. they obtained the search warrant at the ramada inn and that's where that suspect opened fire also injuring two chp officers in the process. deputies say that the suspect initially got away. he was later arrested after his car crashed a few miles from the hotel. 6:36. keeping you safe on bart. bart police promised to crack down on crime after several recent issues at stations and on
6:37 am
trains including attack and burglaries and we are holding them accountable. we asked them what they're doing to prevent crime and we got some answers four. pete suratos live at the walnut creek station to explain what officers are doing to keep you safe as you head into work. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. back in the newsroom and we did reach out to bart for the past few days to try to get some answers on exactly how they're cracking down on crime. something was reported extensively on today in the bay as far as issues at bart stations. here are the answers that they're giving us. when it comes to assaults and robberies we've seen a number of them at some of their east bay stations. they're saying they're going to deploy more officers to some of these hot spots. i know some of those hot spots i can remember are the san leandro and bay fare stations spot you're going to see more of an officer presence in that area. and they're looking to hire nor officers. they can't do so aggressively trying to fill 39 vacant pogsz.
6:38 am
they want to do that over the next 18 months and some n some cases offering $10,000 hiring bonuses. another issue is fare evasion. in the latest numbers, the highest numbers that i'm seeing happened in february and march as far as overall incidents go. but the nibz numbers dip in may and jand want to point out that bart tells us that's about the time when bart police ramped up its voke e focus on the issue. so some of the numbers from may to june when it comes to overall fare evasion incidents is that it's down 20% compared to previous months and in that number have you kielttations which are down nearly 30%. bart says fare evasion incidents in august unfortunately doubled those june numbers and as far as the problem of fare evasion at bart, it cause the bart system overall $25 million annually. we're live at the walnut creek bart station, pete suratos for today in the bay. thank you very much. 6:38 right now. speaking of bart, got some delays through the this morning. >> yes. you guys have been talking about that switching problem they have on the peninsula side.
6:39 am
specified between the millbrae and the san bruno station. they're single tracking through the area because, again, they're having an issue with the switcher and it's causing a delay there. but the rest of the system rrtd east bay coming out of the water through the tube that's reported just fine and sore the other transit agencies. in fact, so is most of the roadway as approximately. peninsula city no problem, south bay just starting to build. talking over here in fremont i got word of a dump truck with a trailer full of a load of dirt, there we go, that spilled across the freeway blocking one lane. that's a problem south 680 over at washington as folks are coming down through the irvington district. not a lot of slowing shows up just yet. it sounds like it could be a problem there. very dry. >> yeah, dry indeed, something we're facing with as people go into the weekend. it's going to be a hot one. >> yes. and it's friday eve. >> i know you've had plans for
6:40 am
labor day weekend long before we knew it was going to be this hot. but you may be canceling or making plans based on this weather. dangerous heat for the inland areas on saturday. look at that the, 109 degrees and 95 for the bay. the coast will be at 89 degrees, it's the first time we've had weather that warm at bay area beaches. it will be 84 degrees for the coast, 94 for the bay, and just a little bit lower but still dangerously hot on sunday. so a lot of events going on including the millbrae art and wine festival. on saturday their high temperatures reaching up to 91, 92 degrees. bring the bottles of water, make sure you're wearing a hat to try to stay cool and don't forget that sun screen. the art festival this weekend in sausalito along the coastline where we'll top out at 87 degrees this afternoon. this event also happening all labor day weekend long. going to napa valley this weekend? look at that high temperature for tomorrow.
6:41 am
109 degrees, really not much better as goe through the rest of the weekend. if you're going on towers, or make sure they're early in the morning. if you're going to the sierra here's a look outside at squaw valley creek resorts and you'll probably be taking a dip in the pool or maybe make plans to quickly dip into lake tahoe. temperatures there will reach into the mid-80s, a lot of sunshine, nice weather but how about half moon bay? this is going to be so packed this weekend with high temperatures on saturday reaching 83 degrees and then you may wrap up the weekend in capitola, another place where it will feel a little bit better with high temperatures reaching up to 74 degrees. now, follow me on facebook or twitter and get a personalized forecast. let me know what you're doing this holiday weekend. i can help you out with a forecast for that spot. vile a look at today's temperature trend for san jose coming up in three minutes. thanks so much. 6:41 right now. coming uppa i major gang bust in
6:42 am
east bay the arrest made with a series of violent crimes in a dozen east bay communities. the brand new video just into our newsroom next. the president is talk about dax cuts but some are questioning his timing. and right now we are following the stocks right now put can see the dow up 77, opened firmly right here on this thursday, the last day of the session. you're watching today in the bay.
6:43 am
6:44 am
we're coming up on 6:40 five
6:45 am
this morning as the sunrises all clear. we'll take a live look outside in san jose, let's go to the neighborhood of evergreen. we're going to show you how to plan your day, the best time to get out there and do anything will be before noon. we're heading up to 95 today. and parts of the bay area reaching over 100 degrees, up to 106 in concord. tooel we'll take a closer look at this and your weekend forecast once again coming up at 6:50. look at the top of your screen, doing well through president pleasanton, i'm tracking this crash and the spill just a little farther south in fremont and i just got updates from bart. we'll bring that to you coming up. at quarter to 7:00 right now, new details overnight including dramatic new video connected to one of the biggest bay area busts in years involving a gang authorities say terrorized several east bay communities. this video just posted overnight showing a violent shooting in a richard monday convenience store last august. a 15-year-old girl was shot and injured just outside that store.
6:46 am
and this morning, richmond police are revealing new details about the suspects now in custody and some of the many crimes they're connected to. the crimes covered a six-month span and happened in a dozen east bay cities including or rained, danville, and streching from livermore out to brentwood. these are new images of the seven suspects in custody. an eighth suspect identified as cardell waters is still on the loose. investigators say all the members are members of the swerve team, it's a noorj richmond gang. they're being tired to three murders, 13 attempted murders, car jackings, home invasions in fremont that helped lead to the arrest. security video inside that home provided a major break. also new this morning, police released shot spotter audio linked to the death last september of an 18-year-old richmond man in which 68 shots
6:47 am
were fired. [ gunfire. >> police say another sheeting injured a school member. this shows some of the arsenal place say those gang members used in their crimes. the california assembly will take a vote today to support the tax cut of trump. >> it's a largely symbolic move. >> it is. the censure it f it came would come from the u.s. congress and we don't think there's much chance of that happening. nonetheless the california assembly will take a vote today. a yes vote would make california the first state to formally support the censure of the president. the president will meet with his treasury secretary today to talk about tax cuts. mr. trump was in missouri yesterday talk about the plan. we still don't have any specific details on what the tax-cut plan is. here in california, we're waiting to hear if trump's plan will still allow us to deduct
6:48 am
what we pay in state taxes from our federal taxes. we can now under the new plan we might not. nationally it's this top question. if you're going cut revenue, you've got cut spending, unless you want to throw gasoline on the deficit. especially with the big bills coming off hurricane harvey. speaking of hurricanes, on twitter some people are criticizing president obama during the hurricane katrina. one reads where was obama when katrina hit? on vacation and didn't answer for three days. now, you're probable li ahead of me on this. barack obama wasn't president when katrina his louisiana, george bush was. you'd think people would know that simply because they'd remember it. but enough people have questioned it. snopes has create created a new page explaining the reason why president obama did not fly air force twoun louisiana for the hurricane katrina was because he wasn't president and wouldn't be for several years. snopes also says it suspects many of the twitter users claiming obama was president at the time are actually russian
6:49 am
bots. while we examine the president's tweets and executive orders and speeches each morning on today in the bay, we'd like to hear from you. you can share your thoughts with me. i'm @scott mcgrew. >> sounds good. we've got a special treat for our viewers, our newest member of team today in the bay marcus washington is going to be singing the national anthem at not one but two upcoming baseball games right here in the bay area. not your first rodeo as well. he's got the pipes for. at thing an the national anthem before the baltimore orioles game back in may and we have a clip. >> say what? >> let's take a listen ♪ ♪. ♪ the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave >> that's awesome. >> play ball. >> look at that, a big wave to the crowd. >> very cool, markus. we're proud uh. you can actually catch him singing the national anthem in
6:50 am
person. he's going to perform the giants/cardinal game on saturday afternoon. if you can't make it to that game he'll be singing before the a's/angels game on monday afternoon. >> wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to see it. >> that is the best singing that i have ever seen. >> it was. now you're telling my secret. >> we'll get you on the voice. >> yeah, no kid, right. we need him right here right now. >> too bad i can't sing the weather. the forecast isn't a good one. >> you don't want know do it. >> >> you'd be singing ha ha hot. >> i'd chase everybody out of here 'i would be sing. we are going to have hot weather and you'll be trying to stay cool whether you're going to the baseball game, the beach, or just trying to snit your air-conditioning at home. as we take a live look outside in san francisco it's been so long since we haven't-fogust to start out the morning, we have a clear sun advise as we take a live look outside from the san bruno mountain all across san francisco and across the bay looks clear this morning. nice and cool.
6:51 am
and with no air-conditioning this weekend, and high heat on the way, here's some things you can do to try stay cool and it will be very important. the beaches will be number one. it will be in the 70s and to the 80s, or maybe go see some movies oar go to the mall. some of the cooling centers will also be opening, especially for tomorrow. and call a friend with some air-conditioning and it wouldn't hurt to bring by a bottle of wine to help out with that too. we are going to have temperatures today starting to ramp up. this will not be the peak of the heat but it will be very hot. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. starting in the south bay, gilroy will be up to 102 degrees today. a lot of temperatures over 100 for the tri-valley, the delta, for some of the inland valleys. hayward we'll see a high of 88 degrees today, 87 in san mateo, redwood city at 90 degrees, san francisco reaching the upper 70s and the mission district. and for the north bay, 99 in novato, sonoma 95 degrees. as we take a live look outside
6:52 am
in san jose you're starting to get ready this morning, make sure you're wearing something that will keep you nice and cool like short sleeves or shorts. if you can gror swimming. make it a beach day or a pool day and make sure you have on a hat to help give you a little bit of shade that will also help keep you a little bit cooler. we will be struggling to stay cool even as the kids head off to school this morning, throw an extra bottle of water in the backpack. will be comfortable walking to school but then at recess temperatures heating up quickly. temperatures in the 90s for those inland areas and if you're going to santa cruz today it's going to be so nice the weekend will be great and but it will be really packed too. make sure you get there early. san francisco will be in the upper 80s for tomorrow and saturday, very slight chance of some isolated thunderstorms on labor day. we'll keep you up to date on that inland areas is nothing but temperatures over 100 degrees from now through at least tuesday. as we head over to mike now some better news nor bart riders. >> that's right and worse news for the tri-valley. we'll start with the better news. bart down to ten-minute delays
6:53 am
and officially in recovery mode. it sounds like trains are back for both directions on the peninsula. there was earlier issues with a switcher 0 therefore. overall the bay's commute looks great the south bay just kicking in for your northbound route through san jose right on thursday's schedule and the lighter volume for the preholiday tend to see that. southbound 680 jamming up now as the overturned tractor and dirt spilled across at least one lane. chp not there yet so that's an issue. there's the build all this traffic coming out of pleasanton. you're okay on 880 just general slowing through hayward. let's show you what advantage we can bring you through waze. sometimes you get more detailed information from folks who have driven through the information. this waze is called the green jet was actually in this orange and red arrow area so maybe you you'll kmang your name but we want to thank them for that information. and sque thank you as well. we can share information just make sure you join our team by going to your app and alcoholic
6:54 am
clicking on the profile. and you'll look for your team and select nbc bay area wazers. we'll work together. back to you. sounds good. thanks, mike. >> coming up a quick look at the top stories on today in the bay including continuing coverage of the heat waive here in the area. what schools are doing to keep your kids safe in the heat. at 6:54, breaking news out of india rts, at least 12 people are dead after a five-story building collapse in mumbai. torrential rains are being blamed. and in lighter news, los angeles 'beloved little raid railroad is sket scheduled to reopen this morning. the world's shortest public railroad will be fer rig people up and down the city's bunker hill. we'll be back with more news in just a few.
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to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. welcome back. 6:57 before you head out the door here are the top stories on today in the bay. a live look in san jose this morning at a gas station where the price for unleaded gas considered a relative bargain. $2.58, the lowest we could find anywhere in the city. but it turns out the effect of hurricane harvey are already starting to be felt in america's fuel supply. overnight analysts told today in the bay that u.s. production is already about 1 million barrels short of demand. most people say even if gas price dos go higher, it will not change their labor day holiday travel plans. and a live look at walnut creek bart station where the
6:58 am
effort continues to crack down on recent bart-related crimes. today in the bay as been talking about bart leaders over the past few days. they tell us officers are putting more focus on recent crime hot spots. department is seeking to hire more officers. bart acknowledges that recent surge in the number of fare jumpers. taking a live look outside from downtown livermore this morning. we are in that microclimate weather alert we've been fwaulk as we track an intense heat waive in the bay area. inland areas like livermore will get especially hot, expected high about 106 degrees there today. schools are working to keep students safe during the extreme heat weather we're having. we spent the past day connecting districts across the bay area. some coaches are asking ath tleetsz work out in the early morning hours to beat the heat. other districts are providing ice and bottled water and limit thags outdoor time. you can find more details and information about how the schools are reacting to all of this at probably want to give your appliances a break this afternoon as well or a lot of
6:59 am
air-condition pg you even have it in the bay area. it's going to be run. a lot of people don't, kari. >> a lot of people don't and those window units create that loud hum that gets annoying and makes it hard to sleep. so you goat work tomorrow and everybody's really tired because it it was so hot in the house. we're going 0 have temperatures in the upper 80s, even in san francisco some people have been waiting on this and san francisco's saying i want some warmer weather. you're going to get that the for tomorrow as well as saturday. inland areas are like we sore done. and we'll have 110 degrees, we could be setting new records tomorrow. we'll be watching those. >> that will be interesting to see. last look at what's going on with the traffic. we'll take you to the maps. overall a great commute but 680 jammed up just south of south mission. vee a problem of an overturned truck and dirt spilled all over. they're calling for a sweerp truck and they should be able to start to clear but it's a big jam coming out of pleasanton now. thank you very much and thank you for joining us this
7:00 am
morning. that's what's happening today in the bay. we're back at fen:25 for a live local news update. >> and join us for nbc local news at 11:00. beat the heat, stay cool. good morning, breaking news. ten officers being treated in the hospital. the surrounding area evacuated. the death toll from harvey rising to at least 28. much of southeast texas still under war. this morning new flooding, new evacuations, and new misery. >> it's just devastating. >> as the powerful storm moves north targeting millions more today, thursday, august 31st, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," the impact of hurricane harvey with matt lauer and


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