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tv   Today  NBC  September 1, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 for live, local news. >> join us at nbc bay area news at 11:00. good morning. . good morning. breaking over night. harvey in the heartland. torrential rains causing major flooding in tennessee. in texas, rescuers finding themselves in need of help. parts of houston still flooded. but the mayor declares the city open for business and now, a new threat. hurricane irma gaining strength in the trop ices. shut down, a major pipeline closed in the wake of the storm, gas prices soaring nationwide as millions hit the road this labor day weekend. excessive force? >> we're done. you're under arrest. >> a nurse dragged out of a
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hospital and into a police car. the after she refuses to let an officer draw blood from a patient. an investigation is now under way. that, plus a mom pulls a gun during a back to school shopping brawl. flight attendants learn to flight back against unruly passengers and hold the fireworks. the special delivery this pizza shop didn't want. today, friday september 1. >> >> announcer: this it "today." live from studio 1 a in rock a fella plaza. >> good morning everybody. we've got craig in for matt. tonight harvey was hitting texas. everything has changed in a week. >> and is going to remained changed for sometime. meanwhile all eyes on irma out in the atlanta.
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>> the storms are our top story. here's where things stand with harvey right now. as feared, that storm's death toll rising standing at 38 with six more deaths confirmed in harris county texas overnight. officials now estimate more than 100,000 homes have been either damaged or destroyed. >> there's a new crisis unfolding in beaumont this morni morning. the entire city without water. could be all for days. crews have to wait until the flood waters recede before they can even begin to inspect those damaged pumps. >> the president and first lady plan to return to the disaster zone tomorrow with possible stops in both texas and louisiana. >> and take a look at these stunning before and after satellite images from texas. to the left, what it looked like ten months ago, and on the right, the flooding there this week. >> it picture says it all. we've got this story covered.
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start with nbc ez miguel almaguer. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is wet. so many of waking up to flood waters pouring into the communities, death toll standing at nearly 48. a number that will likely rise, over night, a different state with a similar story. a week weakened harvey dumping rain flooding roads and a neighborhoods in nashville. tearing a part a barn and several homes. in east texas, new urgency. time may be running out to find those still stranded by the storm. at this swamp school in the city of vider, disparate people and pets whisked to safety by a navy chopper. nearby in beaumont rescuers ripped through a roof searching
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for a mother and four children believed to be inside. 100,000 homes now affected by harvey. 32,000 people in shelters. what's not known, how many people may be trapped and in need of help. so in hard-hit beaumont, surrounded by water, a cruel bit of irony. there is no clean drinking water. that forced this hospital to shut down. some patients hurried to helicopters. and from the flood waters, fire, forcing additional evacuations around a chemical plant in crosby, texas. that blaze is out now and so far authorities say the air is clear. in port arthur, firefighters set out by fan boat. this city employee along with his wife and daughter using a dump truck to rescue residents. >> there's nothing that can dpar to what's going on now.
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>> reporter: in many areas, the water won't peak for a few days. >> we are with you today. we will be with you tomorrow and every day. >>reporter: vice president mike pence touring the devastation in texas. announcing president trump is donating $1 million of his own money to disaster relief. and he called on other americans to help too. >> the city of houston is open for business and quite frankly, we open for business right now. >>reporter: with clear skies, today texas is cleaning up. many returning home, but what's left of their lives now is murky as the waist-deep water. where the flood and mud have receded, the misery is revealed, lawns littered with the water logged remains of people's lives. >> it's overwhelming to me and i'm so grateful here and all alive. >> reporter: like this woman, we were with her this week when air
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lifted to safety. >> please, some go get my mama. >>reporter: thursday, they did. >> i thought i was going to die. i really thought i was going to drown. >>reporter: harvey has taken so much but so many are grateful for what they still have. when the flood water es recede here first responders will begin going door to door. that's when they fear the number of dead could rise. all right. thank you. >> as we mentioned, what's left of harvey is now leading to some new flooding in other parts of the south. there's actually believe it not, a new threat in the trop ticks. what are we looking for? >> let's get to you will a of it. the heaviest of the rain now moving through kentucky. so starting to dry things out back through tennessee. we do have flash flood warnings in effect right in and around bowling green, kentucky, those last through tonight.
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nashville watches will expire this afternoon. we could see some isolated tornados and stronger storms through the carolinas, even through parts of eastern kentucky. additional 3 to 5 inches of rain on top of the rain already fallen. here is hurricane irma, category 3. it is still more than 3,000 miles off the coast of miami. we are looking at this storm into next week yenlds and do not know the effects it will have in any on the united states. it is forecast to eventually strengthen into a category 4. the if we have this weak ridge of high pressure, we could start to see this take a turn possibly affecting the mid atlantic. if this is a stronger hinge of high pressure, we could see it steered a little that are they are to the south. again there are so many question marks because this is not a forecast until next weekend.
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so a lot will change, but it's certainly worth watching. >> the last thing anyone wants to see on a map. of course harvey's impact is still being felt nationwide with many refineries off line and a major pipeline that supplies the east coast down. gas prices are on the rise and as we head into the holiday weekend. hi tom. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the national average is right about that, right about $2.52 a gallon up .16 cents in just a week. for the first time in five years the national government is releasing the strategic petroleum reserve. expefr ditting delivers across states. a quarter off line, gas prices are rising just in time for the holiday weekend. just in time for the labor day
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weekend higher prices could be coming to a gas station near you. after the colonial pipeline announced it has tem temporarily shut down. the situation is so bad right now that even once things do start moving, we're still talking about possible shortages for the next week or two. and a gas price impact that will probably last over a month. >>reporter: that 5500 mile pipeline normally carries more than 3 million barrels of gasoline and jet fuel every day from houston to the southeast, mid atlantic and new jersey. but harvey's massive flooding in texas and louisiana has knocked 13 major refineries in the gulf coast off line. half of the 26 are between hard hit houston and lake charles, louisiana. a quarter of the nation's refining capacity is now shut down. colonial pipeline says service should return on sunday.
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but for the gas to start flowing again, the port of houston needs to be open allowing ships to bring oil to those refineries. already people lining up for gas in dallas with some stations running out. >> pulled into the parking lot at 12:00 noon and every five feet maybe an hour and a half. now that i've got up here for the pumps they're saying they're out of gas. i went to six other spots before here and they're out. >>reporter: where are the pumps are open the prices have soared. in the northeast the price of the pipe could jump .15 to 35 cents a gallon. in the midwest 10 to 25 cents and the national average could spike another 15 to 25 cents. but as americans prepare for a labor day getaway, it's not just prices at the pump. >> the colonial pipeline supplies major airports like baltimore and atlanta. if we see jet fuel supplies
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interrupted, that could have an impact not just for travelers on the road but for travelers in the air as well. the. >> reporter: so that's going to be the thing to watch. will your ticket prices at some point be affected by in? one more note. gas has an app. critical if you're in the gulf and also where is the cheapest gas. all of that on the gas tracker. >> that's a good tip. thank you. much more to get to this morning including new outrage being aimed at one of the countries largest banks. wells fargo now saying its bogus at scandal even bigger. hard to ev ploo. >>reporter: hard to belief. the it has been almost a year since we learned thousands of employees created fake accounts in customer's names would ut the permission. a scandal now growing in both scope and size. another banking bombshell in a
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wells fargo fake account scandal. the bank's own internal review revealing a total of there and a half million unauthorized bank accounts open during an 8 year fer dwrud. neat nearly 70% more fake accounts than originally report the. senator e-elizabeth warren tweeting it's worse than we thought. >> this is a wake-up call. it's a reminder that not everything changes in just a day or a few years. >> piling on to the bank's problems new revelations that more than 500,000 customers were enrolled in wells fargo as on-line bill payment service without their knowledge. last year, the bank agreed to pay $185 million in refunds in lawsuits. the scandal costing former ceo his job and $41 million in company stock. the largest shareholder is
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standing by the bank but admits there are problems still being a i dressed. >> there's never just one cockroach in the kitchen. there were things done very wrong there, but they are being corrected. >> in a statement to nbc news, wells fargo's ceo apologized to customers who were defrauded and promised to rebuild trust and make things right for our customers. small comfort to customers like frank, a business owner who still has not received refunds for more than $10,000 in charges he says he unknowingly paid to unauthorized accounts that were opened in his name. >> i hope they really do what they say they will do this time because they've said this three or four times before. >> the latest at mission from wells fargo, a validation not only for customers, but the consumer financial protection bureau, whose budget is on the chopping block under president trump. >> people can argue over how much regulation there should be, whether more or less. no one should argue over the existing regulations being
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enforced. >> and that's why we need regulation on these banks. this is a big deal. your money, your bank. >> its ejust incredible. there would be people watching right now a don't even know there was a wells fargo account opened in their name. what do you do if you're worried about that? >> well, at this point if you listen to the ceo they will notify you. the issue is trust. and wlrp not $185 until is a lot of money to the bank or not, losing the trust of the american people, you need to trust your bank. >> it's bad head line. >> good to see you. thank you. also, this morning the tragic death of a fraternity pledge at penn state university back in the spot light with the judge set to rule today on whether the case against his fra fernity brothers can move forward. the 19-year-old died in february after a night of drinking and hazing at a fraternity. he became so intoxicated he fell down several times including a
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flight of stairs and though bruised and at times unresponsive, prosecutors say nobody called 911 until almost 12 hours later. the fraternity brothers face charges inle voluntary manslaughter. >> homeland security took a major step toward building a border wall long promised by president. they annoyance the accorded contracts to four companies that will build different prototypes, although funding for the wall remains in question, the prototypes are estimated to cost nearly $4 million and will be built in sand diego. final selection of design will take place after review. >> a fight over back to school supplies at a michigan walmart ended when one of the women pulled out a gun. they got into a shoving match over the last notebook on the shechl. witnesses say when two of the brawlers pulled a 20-year-old woman's hair, that woman's mother pulled a gun out of her purse and point today at the
7:16 am
group. turns out the woman does have a concealed pistol license. police are now looking agent that video and deciding whether anyone should face charges. meanwhile police in england searching for a man who set off a large box of fireworks in a pizza shop. the incident was caught on surveillance camera. you see the man throw at the fireworks in the restaurant closes the door and runs away. the box explodes sending those fireworks bouncing off the ceiling and walls. of surprisingly no one was hurt but there was damage to the shop. who does that? >>. why? i don't know. what's shaking in the weather? we have a lot going on with harvey still dealing with flooding range back through kentucky now. also looking at the chance of isolated severe storms through the carolinas on the eastern side. something to keep an eye out for as we go through the day. in the northeast it feels like september. temperatures in the 60s and 70
7:17 am
sz, on the west looking at a heat wave and high fire danger across oregon and montana. some of the fires could continue to spread. that's a look at the weather across the country. local forecast is coming up in the next 30 seconds. ♪ the all new 2018 camry. toyota. let's go places. good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. an excessive heat warning from the immediate coast. our temperatures will reach up
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to 113 degrees in antioch and livermore. 93 in san francisco. even the coastline will be hot this afternoon. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you. just ahead, a nurse dragged from a hospital and arrested for refusing to draw blood from a patient. this morning, the investigation . why she's claiming she did nothing wrong. and the new technology that is cruiusing to calculate harve damage. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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introducing unlimited for all. all the data you want on the network you want. now starting at $40 per line for four lines. ==vo== we are in a microclimate weather alert this morning-- as we track the heat wave in the bay area. good morning, i'm marcus washington. we are in a micro climate weather alert. officials at pg&e are concerned about the impact excessive heat will have on the power grid. the utility company is worried about transformers blowing out as people run their air conditioners longer into the evening. they say parts of the bay area may see outages around noon. crews are prepared to respond quickly if that happens. there's also concern people will overheat ahead of a busy weekend. heat exhaustion and heat stroke may set in. we have a list of symptoms on for a look at the weather, kari is here. air quality will be
7:27 am
unhealthy if you have to work outside. just make sure that you are paying attention to your body and with high amounts of ozone levels it will not be a good day to go out for a long walk or jog. temperatures reaching up to 103 degrees in the south bay. 115 in the tri-valley. dangerous hot weather not only for the tri-valley but also in san francisco with a high of 93 degrees. and over the next several days it stays just as hot but then we'll add in humidity and a slight chance of some thunderstorms starting on sunday into monday. let's get a check on the roads now from mike. kari, looking at video just a few minutes ago. that truck was on its side. then a tow truck arrived. they righted it back on its wheels. they've piled up some of the debris but still two lanes blocked. the jam approaching san pablo dam road where two lanes are blocked. a crash 880. that's the only other area with slowing down through hayward. the rest of the bay is showing
7:28 am
the appropriate friday light. back to you. another local news update in half an hour.
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7:30 am
good morning, everyone. it is friday morning. 7:30. i'm savannah guthrie, and craig melvin in for matt. >> we want to start with the he lines, beginning with the latest on harvey's devastation. >> the city of houston is open for business. >> rescue and recovery. the mayor of houston claims that the city is getting back on its feet, as crews scour neighborhoods for people stranded. >> 3,220 times. >> ceos across silicon valley take on president trump, as the white house considers ending the dreamer program, who asks
7:31 am
immigrants who came in this country as children to stay in the country. >> please keep this program open because it protects dreamers from the fear of deortation. south korea warning the north could conduct nuclear tests at any moment. >> these marines came from their posts in japan and familiarized with the very terrain where they fight have to fight north korea. tiger's tees. tiger on the course, sending fans into a frenzy, over a possible return to action. and explosive reporting. a blast caught on camera. >> an exploding transformer would catch anybody's attention. >> today, september 1st, 2017. we're taking you to that video of a nurse screaming as she is dragged to a police car
7:32 am
and placed in handcuffs. steve patterson has the story about what went on in that video. >> reporter: that video was released by the nurse who said she was detained by police at the hospital she works. the woman who is a former olympic athlete, says it was an unlawful arrest. and wants the public to see what happened so it doesn't happen again. screams and pleas inside a hospital burn unit. a nurse protesting her forceful arrest. the incident caught on camera, inside the hospital and on police body cameras. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: the video, which may have been edited, shows alex, a nurse at the university of utah hospital, being confronted by two salt lake city police officers. she says detective jeff payne demanded a blood sample from a truck driver involved in a fiery crash by another car fleeing police in late july. the truck driver was burned and
7:33 am
unconscious. >> this is something you agreed to with this hospital. >> reporter: she refused the request, citing that blood cannot be taken without consent from the patient, a warrant or if the patient is under arrest, which he was not. that's when detective payne takes action. >> you're making a huge mistake. >> no. we're done. we're done. you're under arrest and going. >> i cannot be under arrest. [ screams ] somebody help me. >> i said we're done. i said we're done. >> stop it. you're assaulting me. stop. stop. i have done nothing wrong. i have done nothing wrong. >> reporter: in a written report obtained by "the salt lake city tribune" the detective said he needed the blood sample to determine if the patient had illicit substances in his system at the time of the crash.
7:34 am
detective payne says he arrested her for obstructing an investigation. >> the only job i have as a nurse is to keep my patients safe. a blood draw gets thrown around like it's some simple thing. but blood is your blood. that's your property. >> it was alarming. immediately after seeing the video, they started an internal affairs investigation to look w into what happened. we looked at our policies and procedures to see if there's something that needed to be done. >> reporter: the strength she learned from competing is getting her through the ordeal. >> this was not peaceful. this was not even civil. so, at the very least, there needs to be some significant discussion about what their duties are to our society. >> nbc news reached out to
7:35 am
detective payne for comment but did not get a response. he remains on active duty while an internal investigation takes place. but police tell nbc station ksl he's been suspended from the department's blood drawing program. she may consider a lawsuit if improvements aren't made. savannah? >> an incredible piece of video to catch, steve. thank you. dylan dreyer is back. we're looking at the heat out west. >> it's been very hot out west. while the northeast is on the cooler side. we have excessive heat warnings and watches on the coast of oregon, stretching down across most of california. 40 million people are under some sort of heat advisories. this area of high pressure continues to keep the warm temperatures in place. and we are looking at a high-112 in reading, california p. that could break a record. portland, 91. boise, 92. salt lake city, a high of 90. on saturday, highs in the 90s
7:36 am
and 100s. on sunday, more of the same. portland's record of 94 could be broken with 96 degrees. and salem, oregon, 102. the old record is 100 degrees. it's also very dry in this area, too. we have a high fire danger with forest fires spreading across parts of montana and into oregon. and we're not going to see improvements for several days. we have flooding across kentucky as the recommend demands of harvey continue good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. very hot day even in san francisco. we're going to see that high up to 93 degrees and 90 for tomorrow and then as the temperatures come down a few degrees humidity goes up. a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. on sunday as well as labor day and then we'll return to warm weather but cooler than we're dealing with now. some high heat for today and excessive heat warnings in effect. we'll still have an isolated
7:37 am
chance of storms inland by labor day. >> and you can find your full forecast anytime on the weather channel on cable. >> dylan, thank you. up next, some dramatic new images of harvey before and after the storm. also, what we can all do to help the victims. hi, i'm mindy kearns. it's great to finally meet you. nice to meet you too. your parents have been talking about you for years. sorry about that. they're all about me saving for a house, or starting a college fund for my son. actually, i want to know what you're thinking. have a seat. knowing that the most important goals are yours. multiplied by 14,000 financial advisors, it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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7:42 am
some places was 3 1/2-feet deep. the cleanup has begun. and it's happening from house to house to house, throughout the hurricane zone. let me take you outside and you can see what was created here was about ten years worth of household garbage in just a matter of days. if a hurricane has stages, first, there is, of course, survival. then, there is the cleanup, which is under way right now. and then, there is the rebuilding process. insurance companies believe, for the first time, they have some high-tech that should be able to smooth what is a very trying process. this morning, for some victims, the enormity of harvey's long-term impact only just now coming into focus. >> about everything we own was destroyed. >> reporter: houston home owner, michael waddler had flood insurance and homeowners insurance. but still, his worried. >> you wonder whether or not they're going to pay you enough to get back what you lost. >> reporter: as some settle into
7:43 am
a new day-to-day survival in the hurricane zone, america's insurance industry is facing a big test. this could be one of the costliest natural disasters in u.s. history. insurance losses estimated as high as $37 billion. on a runway in corpus, christy, this small plane taking off with ultrahigh-definition cameras onboard. aerial photos taken last year of the entire nation, allow allstate to compare images from before and after harvey. insurance companies hope the new tool can help speed up the claims process. >> what it does is it pairs before and after photos with some learning from a computer to identify the damage and get that information in our hands, maybe even before a customer reports a claim. >> reporter: this is the first major natural disaster, where homeowners and insurance disasters are using drones to
7:44 am
see the devastation from above. >> in some cases, we don't need to get out to the property to start the repairs. >> reporter: insurance companies like allstate, state farm and travelers are flying drones. >> we use drones to get a visual of the damage. at&t and verizon are using drones to keep people connected, looking for damage to cell phone areas. >> reporter: it's a critical link for people like kelly dekker who have lost so much. >> i wasn't expecting this at all. >> reporter: those without insurance, like kelly, have to now rely on charity and the federal government. what do you expect the government and fema to do for you? >> i'm expecting them to help me. to help me try to find a house, to where i can survive with my
7:45 am
family. >> reporter: kelly dekker, who is unemployed like so many people, will rely on the government to get that help. that's what fema does. there is one critical deadline. 60 days to apply for help for housing. meantime here in this home, the family says they will rebuild. but then comes is next problem. contractors. because there is so much work and so few contractors, people have to be very careful to make sure who they decide will rebuild their house after this disaster. guys? >> that's incredible to see the aftermath and know that it's repeated hundreds of thousands of times around that whole area. >> god bless. it really is oop . it's hard to look at. >> a lot of people see that and wonder how they can help. dylan has jeff rossen with more on that. >> good morning. >> jeff is headed to the area to provide some hands-on help, which is so needed. there's plenty of ways for
7:46 am
people to help from home. if you are looking to help families, text harvey to 90999 to donate $10. or head to to support pets, houston spca is a good place to visit. and houston food bank is receiving volunteers. and charity is allowing you to search the charities in the area and provides ratings. all these resources and more at jeff, you have news on how you're going to help on the ground. >> we're calling a big series next week on "today," helping after harvey. we're going to be crisscrossing from the northeast, to the south, to the midwest, collecting donations for the victims of hurricane harvey. and we're kicking it off in
7:47 am
dallas on the "today" show. if you're in that area, live from united way in dallas, on tuesday morning. we'll be accepting donations between 5:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. central time. and i want to show you the items that the united way needs most. toiletry. new underwear and socks. toilet paper and paper towels and school plies. if you have any of those, one item can help. we want you to come down to dallas on tuesday. at the end of the week, we have great moving companies that are working with us, as well, donating their services. we're bringing it all to the people of houston. >> so awesome. they need it so much. we're excited to see you help hose in texas who really need it. >> looking forward to next week, really getting on the ground and helping some folks. coming up next, we're going to shift gears and spill the beans -- you see what i did there -- on consumer reports'
7:48 am
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happy friday. it is 7:56. as you start out we are already feeling warm weather in the south bay. it is 74 degrees. but napa is feeling the coolest temperatures at 58 right now. just changed to 65. we're already warming up quickly. as we go throughout the rest of the day our high temperatures will be some of the hottest weather we've had. over 110 degrees for the tri-valley and the delta. san jose 103 degrees and 93 in san francisco. oakland today up to 97 degrees. take it easy out there. let's see how the roads are moving with mike. >> continued problems. chp just gave us an update saying two more hours possibly after 10:00 a.m. so can clear these lanes. the two lanes blocked by debris after the truck hit the overpass and sheared the top off. jammed from highway 4 to san pablo dam road. that is the jam for the bay
7:57 am
area. the rest of the commute looking friday light. in the south bay northbound 85 there was a crash at 87. there's still activity on the shoulder. 87 itself closed. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now cleanup continues in houston. in other parts of texas rescues continue. president trump says he will go back to texas tomorrow. the storm has reached as far north as tennessee with flooding in nashville right now. russia's foreign ministers says moscow will prepare for a tough response to the u.s. closure of the consulate in san francisco. sergey lavrov says that the move was totally out of the blue. we have reaction to that decision online at and also on our website a look at new jobs numbers out this morning. the labor department reported august saw 156,000 new jobs. they expected the number to be 180,000. the unemployment rate remains steady at 4.4%. i'll have more news.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8: it's 8:00 on today. coming up, breaking overnight, harvey moves on bringing heavy rains and flash flooding to tennessee. search and rescue teams in east texas looking for anyone still stranded. 100,000 homes affected by harvey. residents now surveying the damage left behind. >> it's overwhelming to me. i'm grateful we're here. plus, defending the skies. with more unruly passengers and brawls on planes, flight attendants learning to fight back. >> you feel like you need this. >> i do need this. all flight attendants need this. on the move. one of the famous egyptian
8:01 am
relics moving to a brand new state of the art museum. >> it will give the visitor a chance to rediscover the tomb. >> we have an inside look at king tut's new home. today, september 1, friday. it's my 76th birthday. >> we have special veterans on the plaza. >> so what are you here to celebrate. >> 13th birthday. >> you wanted to give a shutout to vanderbilt university. >> we're from fargo, north dakota. >> you have to meet my new friend. >> good morning! >> adorable. welcome back everybody. doesn't friday feel good. what a great crowd. it's the first of september.
8:02 am
>> looking forward to getting out there in a couple of minutes. seven days ago we were talking about harvey's impending land fall. >> can you believe we're still talking about it and now it's looking to be one of the most dangerous and deadly storms in this country's history. new threats to public health and safety. surfacing as southeast texas struggles to recover from the hurricane. miguel is in port arthur for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is what many people are waking up to. floodwaters all around the neighborhood and seeping into homes. we now know at least 100,000 homes have been affected by the storm. death toll stands nearly at 40. officials fear that number will rise as they continue to go door to door looking for those who have been left behind. those search and rescue missions have been continuing for several days. we know they are going on today. both by air and by boat. it is a devastating scene across this region as many more seek shelter. some of those evacuees are actually being taken further out
8:03 am
to outlying communities where they have room. we know cities like houston, many are returning home for the very first time as the floodwaters recedes. revealing heart breaking damage. we know in the end, the damage not only to homes and infrastructures will be in the billions and as you mentioned, this storm is still moving on, but the damage here is still mounting, savannah? >> miguel, thank you. the storm's impact on oil refineries and gasoline supplies is now showing up at the pump. tom costello joins us with what holiday weekend travelers can expect. >> reporter: good morning. the national average right now, national average as luck would have it is exactly that where we are in red. $2.52 a gallon. up 16 cents in just a week or so. we have a big problem, a quarter of the nation's refineries, 25% right now offline. those are in the gulf of mexico. a massive pipeline that runs from the gulf of mexico up to new jersey carrying more than 3
8:04 am
million barrels of oil and jet fuel and diesel, that is going to be shutdown until at least sunday. as a result of that, the white house tapping the strategic petroleum reserve. million barrels of oil that will flow into the system. however, we've got an awful lot of gas stations along the coast that don't have any gas at the pumps. where there is gas, pump prices are jumping. national average expected to jump anywhere between 15-35 cents a gallon depending where you are in the country. we're going to see this play out over the next couple of days, maybe a week or more. the question is how long will it take for all of that oil refining capacity to get back online. this is the labor day weekend, we're going to see a lot of americans hitting the roads, pump prices are already on the increase. guys, back to you. >> tom costello for us this morning. thank you. the georgia police officer who was caught on dash cam video telling a passenger that, quote, we only kill black people is
8:05 am
apparently leaving the force. >> but you're not black. you remember, we only kill black people. yeah, we only kill black people. >> his attorney says he was only trying to deescalate a situation with an uncooperative passenger when he said that during a traffic stop last year. on thursday t county chief police said he was beginning the process to have the officer fired. last night the officer's attorney said his client filed a notice of retirement. county officials are now saying the department has accepted it. efforts to have harriet tubman replace andrew jackson on the $20 bill may have stalled. in an interview thursday, was asked if he supports the obama era initiative, he says it's something he will consider, but he has more important issues to focus on right now. said his primary concern at the moment is boosting the anti-counterfeiting measures on paper currency. now to important medical story. estimated 60,000 americans died
8:06 am
from drug overdoses last year. that number of course driven by the surge in opioid abuse. nbc medical contributor is here. there's news this morning about a new effort to actually ban some of those opioids. who is asking for that ban? is it likely to succeed. >> this is something called a citizen petition. almost anybody can file to the fda. this one specifically is made up of victim's families as well as doctors and public health organizations. they have petitioned the fda to reanalyze the availability of what we call high dose formulations of opioids. >> what drugs would those be. >> something like oxy cotton, oxycontin 30 milligram tablets. anything in a typical prescribing fashion would exceed 90 milligrams of morphine a day. the cap that the cdc has allowed sort of in routine practice. >> why these particular drugs.
8:07 am
>> well, okay, so let's do the statistics will talk for themselves. in 2015, almost half of all open owed ov opioid overdoses were from prescription drugs. they have more than quadrupled. >> they're not talking about banning all opiates. >> absolutely. there's two really important points here. opioids will be available and, certainly, appropriate for a subset of patients who have life limiting or terminal illness, palliative care such as cancer. another thing to think about too is what feeds addiction is not just the dose. a statement from the american academy of pain medicine says okay to reduce the dose, there are other things such as depression and anxiety and other things that feed into addiction. so just reducing the dose alone is not going to eliminate the
8:08 am
problem. >> do you get the sense this is going to be a successful effort. >> i think so. i'm going to be optimistic about this. i'm going to use this as an example. in july fda recommended all removal of a drug of an opioid, we assumed it was not tamperable, but people were able to andinjectable. i think the fda is on board with analyzing the risk of narcotic from a public health crisis point of view. i'm going to be optimistic. they have 180 days to respond to this petition. >> that's interesting. thank you for the information. history made on a high school football field in florida last night. check this out, a junior name. she threw for a touchdown on the very first pass of her high school football career. there it is right there. on air plays for hollywood hills high school. north of miami.
8:09 am
the 42 yard scoring play came late in the fourth quarter. she's the first to throw a touchdown pass. >> on the first pass too. good for her. much, much more ahead here on today. including a sneak peek at king tut's big and controversial move. >> new digs. how flight attendants are learning to fight back against unruly passengers. >> also ahead, the best coffee beans and the best coffee makers according to friends at consumer report. >> summerer's last hoo summer's we have your recipe.
8:10 am
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8:13 am
it's 8:12 on a friday morning. jbh is here. jenna bush. >> it's time to "trend." >> we want to say, sometimes people think that savannah and i are pregnant on pictures. and we're not. the friday fish bowl leads people to think it. >> they think it -- well. >> you ladies can speak for yourselves. can you speak for everyone at the table. >> i'm not pregnant. are you? >> who is pregnant? >> am i right? we're not. >> oh, my gosh. i thought you had a real surprise. >> no. usually -- i did. thank you. but we are in september. the #oneseptember, is trending on twitter. adults get the back-to-school feel. we called in something fit for the season. our fall friday fish bowl. back-to-school. >> is that because of the "x"? >> dylan and i both announced our pregnancies by a fish bowl. >> yes. >> and some of the comments on instagram. >> here's the first question.
8:14 am
did you have -- again, these are back-to-school theme. back-to-school themed. >> for everybody? >> we'll go around the table. did you have a fake i.d.? if yes -- i know you had a fake i.d. >> i didn't have a fake i.d. i'm a goody two-shoes. >> i had a fake i.d. >> everybody knows i had a fake i.d., which was really naive because my dad was president. >> that's true. >> did you? >> i did not. >> harder to fly under the radar. >> it was harder. but i tried. >> my name is betty jo. >> no, you're jenna bush. >> a girl at my school. nobody thought of me as any different. that was dumb. >> oh, well. >> did you ever have a crush on a teacher? my sixth grade teacher. i can't remember his name. but he had a beard. he was a manly man. i had a crush on him. >> wow. >> i did not, no. >> no. did you?
8:15 am
>> no. not that i can -- >> all right. >> i'm the only one. >> pass the bowl. >> you don't remember his name. mr. beard. >> did you go to detention? yes. why you were sent? savannah? >> yes. i did. for ditching school. yes. >> in the week that -- the days i've been here, i've leonaarned lot about you. >> she was a little rebellious. >> she was. >> i had to go a couple times. >> i spent a couple times in elementary school. i didn't see the value of raising my hand before i spoke in class. i would get sent to the office. >> in-school suspension, right? >> it was the principals office. but he taught me how to play chess. >> no. but in my defense, as far as cutting school, my aunt was the lady who ran the attendance office. so -- >> you couldn't -- >> i thought you were going to say he cut you a break. >> i did. yes, i did. i went to the principals office
8:16 am
weekly. >> did you ever cheat on a test? >> no. >> don't lie. don't lie to the people of america. >> i probably cheated on a test, yeah. i probably did. i can't remember it. not as, not as in college or law school. but, yes. as a kid, i'm sure i did. did you? >> that's the only way i could get through precal. yeah. i sat next to people that i knew were brighter than me, yes. >> did you? >> i was really good in math. i would put the fold er up. no. >> what about you, jenna? >> probably. i plead the fifth. i had a sister who made really good grades. so, she tutored me. >> this has been very revealing. >> yes. >> dylan is a very good person. >> such a goody two-shoes. >> we're trying to corrupt her. let's go to "pop start." a big morning for music. let's start with sam smith.
8:17 am
the singer announced some great news. new music is on the way. he tweeted a letter to fans, thanking them for his patience and letting him escape this past year and write music so freely. he says the wait is nearly over. i'm scared and excited at the same time. i pour mid soul and heart into this record. we're all excited for that. another music announcement from avril lavigne. she gave fans an update about her seventh album. it's been a long recovery. and i want to make sure this is perfect for you guys. you conditionaonly deserve my b. she was diagnosed with lyme disease in 2014. now, to fergie. the music theme continues. the official trailer for her sophomore album "double duchess" has been reseries leased. it's been one of the top trending videos on youtube this morning. we get a sneak peek of fergie's
8:18 am
new music. take a look. ♪ we're all just a little bit broken ♪ ♪ we're all just a little bit hurt ♪ ♪ we all can >> excited for that. fergie will be taking over our plaza for a concert on september 22nd. can't wait for that. and harry potter. listen up potter fans. september 1st, marks the first day of school at hogwarts. and for the first time ever, you can explore the school yourself. we're excited to announce, that potter more is announcing the website. you can navigate outside of the castle, the forest and more. there's another feature in the works. check out the "today" app early next week. i can't give you more details. >> that's a tease. >> we want them. should i do "daly click"?
8:19 am
i'm going to keep this going. this is a great one. a biker set out for a listening ride across pennsylvania. sounds like the start of a joke. a little time to enjoy the open road. but a persistent bird had other plans. the bird swooped down. becked at his helmet, not once but twice, over and over. the persistent critter didn't give up. the biker had a camera onboard and was able to capture the attack from a variety of angles. as he pedaled along, the attacks got more intense. >> don't put that peanut putter and birdseed on your helmet next time. >> the bird decided didn't relieve itself. >> there's looking at the silver lining. >> no camera of his back. >> he had a lot of different cameras. he was ready. >> was ready. >> maybe he did have peanut butter and birdseed. waiting for it. human bird feeder. since you did so well, can you do some weather?
8:20 am
>> yes. >> and the cooking segment, as well. >> let's look at the remnants of harvey. heavy rain in kentucky. bands of rain moving through louisville, where we picked up about four to six inches of rain. and another three to five inches of rain is possible. we have flash flood warnings in effect around bowling green. on the eastern side of this storm system, we have a possibility of severe storms. back through the carolinas. a possible tornado is something that could happen later this afternoon. but it looks more like we could see the heavier downpours and some of that hail, too. this area of low pressure will bring some rain, tonight and tomorrow morning into the pittsburgh area. saturday morning, some of that rain will move into the northeast. it will take until much later in the day. but up across, lots of pockets of rain. that's what's going on around the country. here's a peek out your window. good morning.
8:21 am
i'm meteorologist kari hall. we'll be talking tact potential of setting new record highs today and in san francisco, expect it to reach up to 93 degrees. 88 in half moon bay and palo alto expecting a high of 102, 103 in san jose and high es over 10 1 10 degrees from concord to livermore. in the north bay, expect a high of 105 in santa rosa and napa, and this heat continues into the labor day holiday weekend. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan. thank you.rossen reports this morning. the new fight to keep you safe in the skies. jeff rossen is here to explain. jeff, good morning again. >> reporter: good morning. i don't know if you've flown lately. but it is crazy up there. passengers fighting, shoving, pushing. and what happens when someone gets violent? or tries to storm the cockpit? we hope there's an air marshal on our flight. but who really knows? now, something new to protect
8:22 am
all of us. federal air marshals are teaching flight attendants how to fight back against out-of-control passengers. how to take down an attacker with a knife. the department of homeland security, giving us rare access inside. you never see them like this. yelling. punching. >> get back. >> reporter: flight attendants gearing up for a potential battle in the air. and these days, they need it. >> what is wrong with you? get off. >> reporter: so many cases of unruly passengers wreaking havoc onboard. this fight breaking out, as passengers were getting off a southwest airlines flight. in another case, one man assaulting another passenger, sparking a full-blown fistfight before takeoff. >> please. >> reporter: this flight attendant intervening two times, putting herself in danger. and last year -- a group of women brawling
8:23 am
onboard this spirit airlines flight, just after it landed. now, flight attendants are learning to fight back. today, this group from southwest airlines, getting a crash course in self-defense. and who is teaching them? real federal air marshals, running the class. in fact, we can't show you their faces because they still fly undercover on flights across the ku country. what is it like for you? >> it's safety for us. the secure of our passengers. this helps us feeling self-confident in a situation that comes our way. >> reporter: they spend four hours practicing. learning exactly how and where to strike an out-of-control passenger. what is it like up there right now? >> in this day and age, it's a little crazy. >> reporter: you feel like you need this? >> i do need this. all flight attendants need this. >> reporter: do you feel that if there was an unruly passenger trying to get to the cockpit, you can help?
8:24 am
>> absolutely. >> reporter: what to do if an attacker comes at them with a weapon from every angle. i'm going to play the unruly passenger. i have a fake knife here. show no mercy. i want you to really do this. okay. here we go. wow. you grabbed my wrist. i couldn't do anything with my hand. and you had this knife secured. what if i came at you this way? okay. by the way, i'm not faking it. you're really putting me down. how about this? you're strong. you're very strong. how helpful has this been for you? >> it's great. you have to be vigilant every day. >> reporter: do you feel confident now? >> i will be able to take on whatever happens. >> reporter: i'm six feet tall. you put me to the ground. nice job. no hard feelings. the air marshals telling us they are working with all the airlines to train flight attendants. that's not the only airline this morning. the federal government has lifted a five-year hiring freeze
8:25 am
for air marshals. now, they're training new recruits. no question about it, there's more protection up in the air for us. >> good to see the ladies and the men getting additional training. >> the flight attendants do keep us safe. >> jeff rossen, not so much. a "today" exclusive, a look inside king tut's tomb. why the famed pharaoh is getting new digs. are you ready for a better brew? consumer reports new list of the best coffee beans and the best coffee machines around.
8:26 am
i )m marcus washington. ==vo== we continue to follow breaking news out of napa county: a large fire at a landfill in calistoga. firefighters tell us most of the debris is organic and processed wood products. crews may have a tougher time .. because the fire is in a remote location. the battalion chief says "it )s going to be a long day" right now there )s no word on a cause. ==vo== we are in a microclimate weathe the chief says it is going to be a long day and right now there is no word of a cause. we are in a microclimate weather alert this morning as we track the heat wave in the bay area, officials with pg&e are concerned about the impact excessive heat will have on the power grid. there are concerns about transformers blowing out as people run their air conditioners longer into the evening. they say parts of the bay area may see outages around noon. one big crash you're looking at.
8:27 am
>> still going on, mark. we've been following this all morning. we've been tracking a lighter commute because it's preholiday friday and there is slowing through oakland right here, continues and will continue in an hour and a half westbound 80. still blocking the two right lanes. only they get by. that spot results in about an hour's drive from the berkeley curve and mild slowing through oakland. the bay bridge toll plaza expecting backup but you have to wait. >> i'll have another local news update nor you in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] good morning, everybody. it's friday, september 1st. 8:30 in the morning. what an adorable crowd. and everybody's kind of feeling a little bit of a chill, dylan. it's got to be -- september 1st. i guess fall is upon us. >> and september comes in and, bam. here we are. >> with our crowd, you might not be able to hear kelly clarkson. one week from today, my friends, kelly clarkson. you should come back. come on back. she will be singing next week. >> i get to do the crowd moment.
8:31 am
>> what have you got? >> this is my first time. i'm on the hunt for kendra. hi, beautiful. how are you? >> i'm fine. >> i hear you're from north carolina. >> north carolina. >> and you've been a fan of the "today" show for 35 years. >> 35 years. bryant gumbel, jane pauley. >> why did it take until now for the first time to be on the plaza. >> i'm a newlywed. i just turned 50. august 20th. al roker and i have the same birthday. >> nice. you're in good company. >> i'm in great company. >> we signed this mug for you because we're so happy you're finally here. >> thank you. >> now, you wican have coffee wh us every morning. >> thank you so much. >> nice to meet you. >> thank you. >> happy anniversary. thanks for coming. coming up on this friday morning, the best of what's brewing. we have consumer reports' new list of the best coffee beans
8:32 am
and the best coffeemakers on the market right now. and then, a look inside the storeroom that houses some of king tut's never-before-seen pressures. and why the famous pharaoh is being moved to a new home. and we're kicking off labor day weekend with one last recipe for a summertime favorite. lobster rolls, everybody. dylan has a check of the weather. >> it is cool in the northeast. it hasn't been a warm august. temperatures will be in the 60s and 70s. as we go into the weekend, we're going to see rain. the remnants of harvey make their way into the northeast. the mid-atlantic by saturday afternoon. the rest of the country on saturday looks pretty quiet. except for the extreme heat in the west and montana and the northern rockies. on sunday, we'll see heavy rain across new england. a washout for sunday. it should clear up for labor day, though. that's a good thing. down through parts of the southeast, it looks nice and warm. temperatures in the 80s. record-high temperatures are
8:33 am
likely out west. the middle of the country, highs in the low 90s. that's what's going on around the country. here's a peek out your window. i'm meteorologist kari hall. hottest day of the year so far. we are feeling temperatures in most of the bay area in the upper 60s to low 70s. as you look throughout the day, our temperatures ramp up quickly, reaching 103 degrees in san jose, 113 in livermore and antioch, in that pa, santa rosa, 105, and 93 in san francisco today. as the temperature gradual hi comes down, the humidity will be going up. it happens on sunday and monday with this isolated storm chance. >> now, this is an involved sign. it's on the back of a cardboard box. it's your birthday? >> i'm turning 16 soon. >> are you excited? that mean you get your permit? >> i have my permit, actually. >> congratulations. she's on the road. savannah, back to you. >> all right, dylan. thank you. what's in your coffee mug this morning? on the heels of a brabd new snd
8:34 am
study that says drinking up to four cups daily can help you live longer. consumer reports has the best coffee and the coffeemakers. elliot weiler, "consumer reports" digital editor. we're a coffee-obsessed nation. and now we're learning there are health benefits. >> this year, we have seen these studies. we're thinking three or four cups a day, for some people, sounds like a lot of coffee. actually has some health benefits. now, caffeine is one of those things. it is an individual kind of thing, right? if you get jittery, have some health issues, you might want to talk to your doctor. but the evidence is pointing to three to four cups a day, has health benefits. >> consumer reports looked at coffeemakers and ethiopian beans. we're doing drim. >> when my grandparents upgraded to the drip. they haven't changed all that much.
8:35 am
we're pouring hot water over grounds. the key here, savannah, is the water temperature. the brewing performance is what we're looking at. you want that be between 195 to 205 degrees. that is what you need for a good cup of coffee. >> this is number one, this squeez >> you want to look at a lot of things for the coffeemaker. how easy is the carafe to get in and out? how easy are the controls to push and to use in this one came number one with an 88 score. >> number two was -- >> this is a hamilton beach for only $30. the brewing performance is comparable to the cuisanart. but gets to the right temperature, what you're looking for. it has a few fewer features. >> okay. >> it doesn't tell you when to clean it. it doesn't have a burner temperature setting. if you're looking for a good
8:36 am
coffeemaker to get the job done, the hamilton beach should do it. >> don't need the bells and xwh whistle. >> slightly lower on brewing performance, but the easiest one to set up. >> let's do our coffee taste test. ethiopian beans, which are all the rage. >> these have grown in popularity. 30 new ones on the market. we tested 18. i'm going to play wine/coffee tester. all these should have a tangy fruity taste. >> in is number one. >> from philadelphia. it's $15 a package. our most vibrant. and we're told by our expert coffee testers, this should be enjoy eed black to saver the fu driv flavor. >> is it like wine tasting. >> if i tell you these things yin think about it, you may be able to taste it. >> this is number two.
8:37 am
green mountain coffee. >> this is green mountain organic. it's the only k-cup we tested. typically our testers aren't high on the k-cups. this one did very well. if you have one of the pod machines, could be a good option for you. >> what's -- we have four. let's do them fast. >> this is birch from new york. might get some lemon and some honey. >> i did get some lemon and honey, elliot. i did. >> that's $17 a package. last, we have stump town from portland. this is $16 a package. >> i'm highly caffeinated. >> see if you get grassy there. >> perhaps a moss, yes. i do taste it. okay. >> all these are available online for the most part. while the price might seem high, if you break it down per cup, 50 cents to 70 cents. maybe a nice weekend treat. >> i'm really caffeinated. for the complete rankings, visit
8:38 am
coming up, the painstaking way to take king tut to his new home. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ we're back. 8:40. king tut, one of egypt's most famous pharaohs is getting a new home. >> needless to say it's a painstaking process. and nbc news has been given special access to it. here's nbc's keir simmons. >> reporter: the pharaoh who was not even 20 years old when he died, as survived graverobbers, wars and clumsy restorations. now nbc news has been given special access as he faces a new challenge. he may not know it yet, but king tut is moving home. >> i think it's time that he got a new house. and a more secure house, i think. >> yes. >> reporter: it was here in the valley of the kings, almost 100 years ago, they found a tomb
8:41 am
that seemed entirely untouched. a tomb unlike any found before, stuffed full of treasures. a snapshot of life in the times of the pharaohs. we were taken inside hidden storerooms. christian, hi. this is this new home. where scientists are piecing objects back together, that hasn't been seen since the 1920s. gold-covered quivers, harnesses and bow casing s fit for a king. this is the first time some have been filmed. you unpacked this box. the last people to pack this box was carter's team. >> it was an excavation. it was a little tries with 500,000 fragments. gold, leather, textile. it was a challenging puzzle. these are the pieces we are working with.
8:42 am
you see, a quiver, a bow case here with appliques of gold. when it comes to royal things, then, it must be, of course, the most precious thing. gold, glass, gems. >> dateline equip. >> reporter: with the gold same the curse, when howard carter unlocked the tomb, some of his co-workers dying soon after. are you worried about the curse as you go through king tut's things? >> not at all. >> reporter: the thought didn't cross your mind as you picked through the box? >> no. >> reporter: here in the loading bay, i meet the man who is putting all this together. >> this is a statue of tutankhamun that was discovered. this boyish face. his sweetness in the face. you immediately know this is tutankhamun. >> reporter: what will his new home look like? >> it will remind a little of
8:43 am
the way the key pieces were stacked in the tomb itself. it will give the visitor a chance to rediscover the tomb of tutankhamun. >> reporter: tutankhamun will be safer than he's ever been. >> the museum will be the safe haven for not only egypt's most important treasures, but from the heritage of humankind. >> reporter: how do you feel as you see each new piece come in like this? >> each time, it's exciting. and only, again, at ease when the piece is safe, down on the ground. >> reporter: on the ground. we get a sneak peek at some of the over 5,000 objects from his tomb, never seen before. highlights among the 50,000 antiqueties to be displayed here. two miniature coffins, holding the embalmed remains of his
8:44 am
daughters. beautifully crafted bows. what were these for? >> hunting lions, mainly. >> reporter: all boats. >> yes. that's to go to another world. >> reporter: for another world. boxes for food? >> yes. >> reporter: this is a chicken-shaped box. >> yes. >> reporter: this is for the wine. important in the afterlife you have wine. this is a foot stool for king tut? >> yes. >> reporter: what are these? >> this is -- >> reporter: his underwear? >> yes. >> reporter: how were in a tomb? >> 145. >> reporter: 145. they believed in the afterlife. >> reporter: king tut's personal effects, 3 1/2 millennia old, safe for future generations to wonder at. but today, kieir simmons, nbc news, cairo. >> keir gets the best assignments. >> he does. it's good we're seeing such great lengths to protect the
8:45 am
world's most important artifacts. >> it would be cool to see it. the museum is soupposed to open early next year. up next, one last taste of summer before fall comes roaring in. the perfect recipe for your holiday weekends metiveties. first, this is "today" on nbc. coñ(
8:46 am
8:47 am
"today food" is brought to you by bush's beans. bush's beans, whatever your mood, we've got a bean for you. >> this morning on "today food," summer's last hoorah. we got a delicious recipe sure to kick off your weekend right. this is executive chef at the north fort table on long island. this is your first time on the show. thanks for stopping by. >> thanks for having me. >> this is a summertime crowd pleaser. a lobster roll. >> delicious and luxurious for summer on this labor day weekend. >> there are the ingredients.
8:48 am
what makes your different? >> it is very fresh. we use whole lobster, a little bit of lemon. and fresh tarragon is fantastic. >> the first business is to cut up the lobster. >> it is easy, with the claws. just whack it with a knife. and it comes right out. chap th chop this up. use the claws and the tails. you need half-inch chunks. it doesn't have to be very big. then, what we like to do, is a little bit of mayonnaise. >> that's the regular mayonnaise. that's not the low-fat stuff? >> regular mayonnaise. just enough to coat the lobster and a little bit of fat. lemon zest, lemon juice. be sure to season everything you're working with. >> always tarragon or can you swap it out? >> if you want. if you have an herb garden, parsley or basil. that's all you need. give it a good mix. make sure everything is coated.
8:49 am
and taste it. check for seasoning. >> i will do that for you. i'm a good taste tester. >> don't put the spoon back in, craig. don't double-dip. >> you can double-dip. this is delicious. >> not too mayonnaise-y. >> you don't have to use mayonnaise to baste cabbage and colesl coleslaw. slice your vegetables nice and thin. >> this is the cumin lime slaw. >> and a vinegar-based slaw. slice your vegetables. >> i'm okay. >> we're good. >> lobster for that. you cut, i'll eat. >> slice your vegetables nice and in, with a forward and downward motion. go nice and slow. careful. and one nice little trick is, if you mix all your vegetables together in the same bowl, it will all be orange. if you use separate bowls, salt your vegetables relatively
8:50 am
heavily, let it sit for about 20 minutes. >> pro tip. >> and what the salting process does, it pulls moisture out of the vegetables, later when you dress it, it soaks it up. for the dregsz todassing today,e honey, lime juice, cumin. >> mix that up. it's awesome. a little sweet. a little sour. >> what do we have there? >> fresh cilantro. mix that up. as t toss it over your vegetables. i like to put the cilantro in it. it can be whole. doesn't have to be cut. >> can i do that? >> the last thing you do, great way to incorporate butter, in cold applications with lobster, is brioche. if you spread butter on the outside and toast it in the pan. in the pan, a little butter. golden brown deliciousness. one minute, flip it over, do the other side. and finally, just slice it with
8:51 am
a knife, and then stuff it with as much lobster as you can fit in there. >> ta-da. and you can put the slaw on top of the roll, right? >> you could. i like using it as a condiment. >> in south carolina, we put the slaw on top of it. >> in new england, we just eat the lobster roll. >> really good. >> i love lobster rolls. especially when they're not too mayonnaisey. >> and the slaw, too. not too mayonnaisey. >> what do you think? finished product. >> that's good. >> the butter's roll is amazing. >> you have a future. >> thank you so much. thank you so much for coming by. again, you can -- i'm talking with my mouth full. my mother hates me when i do that. >> mrs. melvin is not happy. >> find the recipes at back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] we're back. lobster roll. it is good, right? >> very good. very good. i thought you were going to continue letting me eat. no, no. >> dylan is over in the orange room. has the latest on the search for today's summer moment. >> yes, we've been showing you pictures all summer long. viewers have been showing their photos that really capture the essence of the summer season. for a chance to join us on the plaza for a summer concert and after more than 12,000 submissions, here is a final look at the final six and then
8:54 am
voted on by our viewers. barbara who submitted this great shot of the flying lucas cousins is live with us via face time from illinois. barbara, good morning. did you ever think you would make to it the finals. >> no. i'm really excited. no. i had no idea. although it's a great picture. >> it's a beautiful picture. not just a finalist, but i want to say you are our viewer's choice so congratulations you are the winner. it's your daughter rachel who actually took the photo. is it true this might be her lucky day. >> yes, it is. >> yes. rachel will be coming to watch the concert on the "today" show plaza. >> well, we are so excited. we look forward to having them here on the plaza. for a live con sertd from kconc kelly clarkston. we're also going to send you
8:55 am
this basket of swag. congratulations. the picture is one of our favorites. >> thank you so much. >> and i see you've got our mug there too. there's more mugs to come. >> okay. thank you! >> thank you so much. we'll see you next week and thank you to all of our viewers for sharing their summer moments. >> love it. congratulations. we get to meet her daughter next week. awesome pick. you're working all weekend. tell me what's going on. >> one of us is. >> did you hear mtv is bringing back. tomorrow on saturday today we'll go behind the scenes. we'll take a look at the episode. willie geist is going to be sitting down with the great julia from snl. where did dylan go? ran off. >> what's coming up on 9 clonk. >> well, i was a ball girl at
8:56 am
the u.s. open. that was fun. we've got sunny anderson here. she's going be cooking. then all things 9:00 like the way we do in the beginning. all things 9:00. >> what time does the 9:00 show start. >> pretty sure it starts in a few minutes. >> have a great weekend, everybody. watch craig and dylan tomorrow. >> back after your local news. ==vo== we are in a microclimate weather alert this morning-- as we track the heat wave in the bay area. officials with pg-and-e are concerned about the impact excessive heat is going to have on the power grid. the utility is worried about transformers blowing out - as people run air conditioners longer into the evening. good morning. i'm kris sanchez. with the heat, the utility is worried about transformers blowing out as people run conditioners longer into the evening. parts of the area could see outages around noon. happening now, we're waiting
8:57 am
for a possible big announcement from the white house. the trump administration may announce the end of daca as soon as today. the deferred action for childhood arrival system was put into place by president obama. for the past five years the presidential act has sheltered undocumented people from deportation so they could continue to study and work in the u.s. on our facebook page, read about the long road to recovery texas faces after harvey. there are 38 storm-related deaths and more than 37,000 homes are damaged. 7,000 are completely destroyed. and law enforcement officers will be on the road this labor day weekend. chp is starting its maximum enforcement period tonight lasting through midnight on monday.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ this morning on "today's take," it's a friday fly-day. dean cain soars into the co-host chair. summer nights happen so fast. tips on how to throw one last bash this labor day. and love at first set? i'll try out as a ball girl at the u.s. open. find out if i aced it, coming up now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> didn't laugh -- >> on a friday morning, september 1st, all right, 2017. you're listening to "black magic" by little mix. al is off. and i'm joined by jenna and finishing off the week, dean cain. >> it's been a blast. i'm really happy.
9:01 am
it's september 1st. it cools down. it's football season. >> we said september 1st. and i go, no. >> it went too fast. >> this is the difference. there's an article. there's some fall lovers, which is you. >> me. >> and some summer chasers, which is me. >> yes. >> i said to henry, how can we make this go longer? what are you talking about? next weekend. should we go out on a boat. what? it still could be warm. >> raining and cold. try that boat thing. >> next weekend is going to be rainy? >> no. i thought you meant this weekend. >> this weekend, we will put on a sweater. thank you for that. >> it's football season, people. that's what matters. >> i am not a fan of early season football. i don't like september football because when i watch football, i want to be in a sweatshirt and jeans. >> and have a nacho. >> yes. several nachos. >> i don't care what the weather is like. it's football season. hot, warm, anything, perfect. >> one of my favorite fall things to do, and we can do this
9:02 am
together since we live in close proximity, is meet up. there's a great sports bar in our neighborhood. i like to get a babysitter on a sunday afternoon. you like to bring a baby into a bar. no judgment. >> i have been known to do that. >> baby in a bar. >> i will have calvin strapped to me in a bar. >> and by october, november, he might start crawling. >> that's true. he is close, right now. >> you don't want him. get a sitter. there's beer and popcorn and things on the floor. >> it's loud. >> you don't want him to be spilled on, for example. >> that's true. by me. >> i agree. my son didn't like going to loud places. he wouldn't like a loud sports bar. >> i never took my kids. >> i would have liked it. >> you were barn with a little budweiser in your hand. >> little football. next day, the budweiser, after the football game. >> can we talk about calvin's --
9:03 am
can vi calvin tried something new for the first time. >> calvin wants everything i'm having. i had seltzer water in the fridge. and when i'm drinking the seltzer water. can i give him the seltzer water? i don't know. i took this video. not my finest camerawork. i am cutting half of it off. he kind of hates it. >> there's bubbles in there. >> wait, no. >> do it again. i think i'll have some more. >> there's the excitement. >> there's the excitement, he wants some more. >> did you give him more? >> of course i gave him more. wait for it. and he doesn't like it. and -- then he kind of likes it again. yeah. >> i like his style. >> this is tickle water. have you heard of tickle water? >> no. >> it's designed for kids. >> this is an -- you bought steltzer for calvin? >> it's adorable because if it's called tickle water. >> no. you'll start buying things like,
9:04 am
you know -- you got to start small, i think. i think you have to start with the avocado and the apple. >> we've done avocado and apple sauce. >> next month you'll be buying him a pony. >> it is my first. he is going to be spoiled. >> he's going to get tested. i have full disclosure here, i used to try things with my son. i went to lemon very early. >> yes. >> we tried lemon. >> so much fun. >> the facial expressions are great. worth it. >> i think it's because i used to do that, too, for the video only. and i do think it's bad for their teeth. a nice person on twitter pointed out that it's not good for their teeth. >> he didn't have teeth when i tried the lemon. >> that's fair. >> i think the gums are objection. >> a great reaction. i enjoyed it. sorry, christopher. i have video of you. >> that's on vhs. >> i had it transferred. i transferred over. you can transfer that stuff. >> this --
9:05 am
>> it's like super8. that's how old i am. that's terrible. >> you had a date night. >> i had a date night. i don't know what to say about this. it is fun. they are rare when you have two kids. we went to brooklyn, which seems exotic. >> it does. >> leaving a five-block radius of your home is hard to do. >> we had a conversation and a margarita. where is your date? >> exactly. looks like a lovely date. >> i had it with that margarita. i had a date night with that margarita. and my husband was there, too. it was fun. >> you had a romantic walk across the brooklyn bridge. >> we walked home. >> that's a hike. >> we like to leave the neighborhood. if we don't -- >> you never will. >> you never will. and a lot of times henry's like, let's just stay home. and we watch netflix. >> netflix and chill. >> you know what that means? >> of course i do. >> i didn't know. >> let's stay home and watch
9:06 am
netflix. >> you watch netflix. >> just watch netflix and fall asleep. >> married with children, that is what it means. this show is hilarious. let's go to bed by 9:04. >> you for home at like 7:00 something, right? >> the babysitter was like, you are already home? i like the grandma special, at dinner before 6:00. we got there at 6:15. i was very disappointed. and i like to be home by 8:12. >> very specific. but i like it. >> i have always loved this. >> i like it, too. >> we're old. >> i hate to admit this. >> people go out to dinner at 9:00 at night. that's normal in most people's lives. i can't do it. >> me, too. >> we have dinner, 8:00. ooh, yeah. >> not tonight. >> that's not -- not going the make that. >> i won't be there. i feel the same way. starts at 5:00, or early 6:00, i'm there. >> you know john cena. >> he co-hosts here. i got to meet him here. >> is he bigger than you?
9:07 am
>> way more muscly. not too much taller. >> and his head is about the same size. >> we have large melons. good deal, john. thank you. there's somebody who is a lot bigger than him. >> you think shaq is bigger? >> shaq is so much bigger than john. no offense, john. look at the difference. >> i didn't know he was that much bigger. he doesn't even go to the shoulder. i think shaq looks like he's leaning. >> john cena looks small there. >> is that what we would look like? >> have you seen the picture of sheinelle? >> like i'm the big, tall wrestler. >> you have your heels on. you do look cute today. >> there is nothing that makes you feel worse about yourself. >> it's pretty similar. >> she comes right up to my -- >> your bosoms. i've always wanted to rest my head on your bosoms. >> you sound like my mom. i like that the word bosom is
9:08 am
still used. thank you, dylan. >> you may have makeup on your bosom. i apologize for that. >> there's people for that, right? >> i have to put my shoe back on. >> so, shaq and john cena, they teamed up for a special "car pool karaoke" on apple music. let's look at this. this will be interesting. >> we need a bigger car. >> we can make it work. ♪ whoa, here she comes, she's a man-eater ♪ ♪ i see your true color shining through ♪ ♪ like a virgin, hoo >> it is starting to come to me now. ♪ momma said knock you out i'm gonna knock you out ♪ ♪ momma said knock you out >> if i hi him in the knee, i hit him. ♪ do that tango
9:09 am
do that beat ♪ >> that's amazing. >> i want to be in that backseat. shaq is like all of us. he doesn't know the words to anything. >> people don't realize how much fun shaq is. that guy is hysterical. he's tremendously fun. he can't sing any of the words. >> this is on netflix? >> apple music. >> it has to be james cordon somehow. >> that's okay. >> the one that james cordon has on his show is hysterical. shaq still can't make a free throw. sorry, shaq. >> many people, they would recognize shaq. but they also might recognize nick jonas as a singer from his days in the jonas brothers. this dad did not. one passenger was seated on a flight and he didn't know why there was so much fuss. he questioned his daughter, o who is nick jonas? did he take a selfie of himself?
9:10 am
deanna wrote back. but when she finds out her dad is sitting next to him on the plane, she asked him to tell nick jonas that she loves him. her dad managed to take a picture with the pop star. cute. >> very cute. it is very cute. you don't want to hear your daughter loves the guy sitting next to you. >> your daughter doesn't love anyone. >> never, ever. especially a handsome, young nick jonas. >> you fly quite off. >> every time i get on an aircraft, if somebody recognizes me, i get the obligatory, why are you getting on a plane? huh? superman? i get that. thank you. it took everybody -- >> everybody thinks -- >> what's the deal? i get it all the time. >> by the way -- >> people think they're funny. >> i think we bring this up so we can show this picture. >> i bring it up for that reason. >> i never told you, but i loved
9:11 am
that show. >> you never told me. >> i think i was a third grader or a fourth grader. i loved that show the it was on friday nights, right? >> sunday nights. >> thursday. sunday. >> it's getting bad. getting bad. >> i was 1. >> i was thinking -- >> sunday nights, it came on after "murder she wrote." >> i don't know "murder she wrote" because that was on a different network. anyway -- >> i did watch it. >> i believe you. i do believe that the. >> maybe it was a different era. i'm getting my sunday nights -- >> you were in third grade. >> i was allowed to watch it. i wasn't allowed to watch "90210." >> i was on that one, too. >> he was brenda's boyfriend. >> yes, in paris. >> yes. >> we've been doing this all week. and now, she figured it out. >> i totally forgot that. >> what was your name? >> rick.
9:12 am
>> were you pa ricrisian? >> i was from wisconsin. had a wisconsin t-shirt on. and i met her and thought she was french. >> you dated for a while. >> on the show. >> we have to find a clip of that. what we were talking about was people recognizing you. i get this one -- i get hey, you -- where do i know you from? it could be anywhere. >> do you go to school in detroit? no. >> you're that -- somebody think you were? >> hulk hogan's daughter. >> that's it. >> a compliment. just ahead, dean, which co-host would you want to spend a night with in las vegas? >> one of us? >> i don't know. >> what? >> i haven't read this. >> i didn't know this was happening. i accept. >> which one of us would you like to have with a roommate or trust with a secret? >> we're playing this game? >> we are getting personal. right after this. surprise
9:13 am
andre is an air traffic controller. when it comes to planning the best routes, nobody does it better. he's also a championship-winning football coach. look at that formation. but when it comes to mortgages, he's less confident. fortunately for andre, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so he can understand the details and be sure he's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. ♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat you make together. ♪ ♪ is more than one thing. with floral fusion oil it's soft skin and fine fragrance. discover more than one thing with caress. soft skin, fine fragrance. caress.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all right. before we get back, we're still here with daean cain. >> yes. not going anywhere, thank you. >> i found something on my phone.
9:16 am
i remember you, now, from 90210. >> never superman. ♪ you shake my nerves and you rattle my brain ♪ >> remember when brenda's dad likes dean cain. and brenda broke up with dean because the dad liked him so much. >> there's nothing funny. >> was he playing the piano there? >> no. there was no piano playing on there. >> brenda is looking at her mom right there. >> james eckhart. >> i believe so. it was over. >> and she breaks up with her later in the episode. >> i reminded her of her dad. >> a lot of people marry people like their fathers. >> she didn't want to date me. >> she was brenda. >> she was brenda dubois. >> as long as she got backdylan. >> i liked dylan and kelly together. >> they were good. >> i liked kelly and brenda.
9:17 am
>> well. different show. >> kelly and brandon. >> yeah. yes. >> gosh. when we were going -- >> co-stars. co-hosts. >> when we were going to break, i asked which co-host did you want to go to vegas with. i meant co-star. i love vegas and i have a gambling thing. >> gambling problem? >> not a problem, a thing. >> the reason this came up, " "cosmo" asked kate hudson about her famous co-stars. the co-star she would trust the most with a secret is kurt russell. >> isn't that her stepdad? >> no. her dad dad. >> that would make sense. >> and he's awesome. he is phenomenal. >> he's been here before. >> lovely. >> amazing. >> which co-star would she like to spend a weekend with in vegas? none other than matthew mcconaughey. >> bongos.
9:18 am
>> she said she would pick liv tyler as a roommate. >> that's fantastic. >> they were in that aerosmith -- weren't they in that aerosmith video? that was alicia silverstone. >> it was a great video, though. >> we know nothing about the '90s. >> i do. you guys were children. and who would she pick to play her leading man again? this might come as a surprise, the very sexy larry david. he is. >> now, it's your turn to answer these questions, dean. >> me? wow. >> all right. who -- >> wait. former co-stars, dylan and jenna, members of this great team. i see. >> you're going to talk about former co-stars. we're going to talk about our "today" team. >> who would you trust with a major secret? >> you go first. i have to think. >> not they don't trust you. but you might give it up. without realizing it. >> that's so mean.
9:19 am
>> you say it quickly. >> i might trust -- as far as co-host, i might trust hoda. >> ooh. i can see hoda. >> i trust you, dylan. >> i was going to say you, too. >> who would you spend a weekend in vegas with -- >> i would go with you. let's go. >> can i tagalong? >> no. we don't have enough room for you. after you said i would tell a secret. >> who would you pick to play your what? >> pick as -- leading man? >> well, there's -- >> i want to pick myself to play the leading man. >> that's true. >> i pick al roker. we could be a tag-team weather duo. >> yes. >> you could control the weather. >> yes. >> carson daly because i want to have beers. i love carson. >> and he makes a great bloody good morning, i'm kari hall, dealing with already warm temperatures around the bay
9:20 am
area. going out the door it is 79 in san jose. 73 degrees now in san francisco with our highs today reaching 93 degrees, 97 in oakland, 103 in san jose. in the north bay expect a high of 105. coming up next -- i went to the u.s. open. >> yes, you did. and you were a ball girl. >> wait until you see what happens. >> look how cute you look in the uniform. >> the you know who likes to be in control? this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me. which makes me one smooth operator.
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9:23 am
september 1st. already? >> yes. this one. the one, it's perfect. >> don't get sad about it. instead, we're going to celebrate september 1st, with a game our producers completely made up, called famous firsts. >> editor in chief of showbiz is here to host and explain the important rules. >> jack? >> i have my pointer. i'm going to task you questions. this is a true or false question. julie andrews first on-screen film role was "mary poppins"? >> false. >> true. guess the celebrity based on his or her first instagram. >> john legend. >> well, who posted it, though? >> chrissy teigen. >> yes. you got it. >> number three. what prolific author's first novel was 1974's "carrie." >> stephen king. >> holy smokes. she's on a role, guys.
9:24 am
>> wow. >> who was the first person to sign the chedeclaration of independence? >> john hancock. >> you got it wrong first. >> he wrote the biggest thing. >> number five, what was the first animated film to earn an oscar nomination -- >> "beauty and the beast." >> my gosh. last one, guys. >> i can't beat her. >> only three movies have won the big five academy awards. which clark gable? >> "gone with the wind." >> it happened one night. >> i just said it. >> you got it. and the winner, ladies and gentlemen. >> i said it. >> that was it? >> i get to wear this? it's like from my first birthday. thank you so much. coming up, dylan gets courted when she steps into the shoes of a u.s. open ball girl,
9:25 am
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try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ i )m ... ==vo== crews continue to fight a large fire at a landfill in calistoga. officials say no air advisories or alerts have gone out - and there is i'm kris sanchez. crews are continuing to fight a large fire at a landfill in calistoga. firefighters say most of the debris is organic and processed would products. they say crews may have a tough time because the fire is in a r remote location. we're tracking a heat wave across the bay area. officials say they're concerned about the impact this excessive heat will have on the pourgrid. they're concerned about transformers possibly blowing out as people run air conditioners long into the evening. they say parts of the bay area
9:27 am
could see outages around noon. harvey moving out of texas. people in houston are having a difficult task of seeing what they can salvage from their homes. more than 500,000 people in one county alone lost their vehicles in the flooding. harris county is made up of houston and surrounding suburbs. >> we have a look at your micro climate forecast and your traffic after a quick break.
9:28 am
good friday morning, i'm kari hall, already 73 and very hazy. hazy conditions live in san jose. our high temperatures going up to 103 degrees. we'll see a lot of temperatures over 110 in the tri-valley and toward concord. san francisco will be up to 93 degrees and 97 today in oakland.
9:29 am
let's look at the morning commute this morning. >> coming up just around 66, the crash that caused this is over on the shoulder. this is one of the few slow spots around the bay. the other slow spots still jammed up. the shaved up truck with a top is knocked off and the overcrossing is still there. the rest of the bay is a nice easy drive. back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll have more local news for you in just a half hour.
9:30 am
♪ since 1978, top-ranked tennis players from all over the world have headed to the courts of new york to compete in the u.s. open. >> yes. but this isn't a profile on the big guys. nope. we wanted to focus on the little ones who keep the ball in play. so, we sent our very own little, height-wise. >> as we learned. >> dylan dreyer, to be a ball person. >> the age range for these ball people are from 14 to 65. in order to make the cut, i had to prove i had excellent running, throwing, catching skills and towelling off the players. >> towelling off the players. >> with the players on the court. federer, thnadal, sharapova. these tennis greats are known
9:31 am
for their stamina and show-stopping serves. but there's other powerhouses on the court you might not know about. the ball person. i am here at the u.s. open. and i am ready for ball person try-outs. how competitive is it to be a ball person? >> considering the fact that we have maybe 75 positions available, you have 500 individuals who come to get that job. >> reporter: francesca, nick and hudson are veterans on the court. >> i love being on the court with the best players in the world. it's amazing. >> do you bring back pointers for your own game? >> i do. especially watching federer. okay. >> i'm going to go through try-outs today. what can i expect? >> be ready to run. >> dylan dreyer, you're next. >> my drill sergeant for the day was kathy delaney, assistant director of u.s. open paul person ball persons. we started with speed. >> on your mark. get set -- >> oh, boy. >> go. ♪
9:32 am
oh, shoot. oh, shoot. >> no, no, no. nope. sprint. sprint. >> sprinting. >> are you feeling winded or tired yet? >> nope. >> okay. >> then, moved on to throwing. >> i heard you play softball? >> yes. >> you do? >> yes. >> anyway, that's nice. excellent. that's very good. uh-oh. uh-oh. uh-oh. that was kind of ugly. that was not a good one. >> that was bad. >> and lastly, my umbrella holding technique. >> excuse me. i need the sun. i can't see anything. >> how do you hold this thing? luckily, i made the cut and was ready for the court. i got my official u.s. open outfit on. and this is the tent full of my
9:33 am
people. i can't wait for my first assignment. i like this. yay. >> nick, wesley, lashaun and dylan. >> i guess this is happening. i don't know where we're going. i don't know where to go. i was plenty prized by my assignment, ball girl for the kid pros. so relieved. you don't even understand how relieved i am. >> are you going to go? >> was i supposed to get that one? >> make sure you don't hit the player. run quickly. quickly. >> on it. ♪ >> do i open it? i haven't practiced with -- >> wait. >> what do i do? >> is this mine? >> game, set, match.
9:34 am
>> line up. >> for my ball person career. >> turn and exit. leave the court. bye-bye. forever. >> i just realized i'm short everywhere i go. >> you were taller than some of the players. >> you want to be small as a ball person. >> low to the ground. you might have missed your opportunity to try out for a ball person. the tournament will run until september 10th at the usta billie jean king tennis center. >> you were excellent. coming up next, summer may be coming to an end. but it's sunny in our kitchen. sunny anderson is whipping up nacho the nacho the nacho cheese ba ♪ nacho the nacho cheese ba ♪ ♪
9:35 am
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♪ this morning on "today food," we're grilling up a light labor day lunch. nacho cheese bacon stuffed burgers. >> what better way to celebrate the end of summer than with a whole lot of sunshine. celebrity chef, sunny henderson, is here to show us the dish that will take your barbecue to the next level. >> there's levels. that was a big joke. >> you know what? i love a burger on labor day. hello. >> yeah. >> a burger for breakfast. >> burgers and dogs. what aim goii'm going to make f. it's nacho bacon burger.
9:40 am
very easy. we have to do some nacho cheese. bacon, red onions. usinger using sirloin insftead of chuck. >> you're saying it's healthy. >> i don't want all of the grease to happen. >> the first thing i want to show you how to do is to make the oozey center. a lot of people will make their cheese-filled burgers. and it doesn't melt the same. i take nacho cheese. and you put a little into a plastic-lined ice cube tray. you're going to freeze it. >> this is like a cheese popsicle. >> don't you eat that, jenna. >> no. >> it's so good. try it, dean. >> i can't. >> think about it. if you want spicy, you can get a different kind of nacho cheese. i'm going to show you what we're
9:41 am
going to do. >> here's the sirloin, we're going to put the bacon in the burger. those are green chiles. >> i love green chiles. and we have cumin and salt. >> and cumin is a little something something. >> a nonjuicy berger is an overmixed burger. >> am i overmixing this? >> it's not too bad. i like to use my less dominant hand and make a pitch fork moment happen. you can do it with the paddal, too. now, we have them formed. >> the cheese popsicle. >> you plunk it in. and form your patty around it. make it as flat as possible. >> there was a cheese bite in the burger and i didn't know where it came from. >> an unleavible surprise. >> if you've had a juicy lucy in minneapolis in matt's bar. >> a juicy lucy. >> it's spelled improperly.
9:42 am
>> i need to eat something. >> the burgers get on the grill. >> that sounds like a hot griddle. >> pull that off. >> you toasted the bun a little bit. >> as if >> as if there's not enough cheese. pepper jack. >> okay. there's a crew that likes to melt their cheese on the burger and then the crew that likes the cheese to be not completely melted. you can put the cheese on the grill or leave it like that. av sprit lime. this this is like a tack coand burger had a baby and i'm liking it. >> it's na. >> this is is a res pie that i made up on vacation. i was recently in the the bahamas. i ran out of sugar and how can i sweeten the lemonade. i had coconut cream in the fridge so i thought why not? is you grill up lemons and
9:43 am
squeeze out the juice. >> why do you grill it. >> i like the sugar gets intensified. get a little of the grilled flavor. let's just grill one more thing. >> thank you. >> it's fantastic. >> head to and now you're a little busy eating but give good morning, i'm kari hall, we're dealing with some excessive heat and possibly setting new records around the bay area. in san francisco up to 93 degrees and half moon bay very warm, 88. palo alto 102 and 103 in san jose. highs over 100 from livermore to antioch and concord. santa rosa a high of 105. in the weekend it will be just as hot. . >> hope we had our cheese fill
9:44 am
yet? i'm not sure. >> it's nacho. >> coming up, party time. tips on the best drinks and decor ideas. do it in style. coming up next. >> those kids don't have a burger. they don't get one. ♪ ♪ test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test.
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i love hanging out. with my friends. i have a great fit with my dentures. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. even well fitting dentures let in food particles just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. super poligrip free made even the kiwi an enjoyable experience try super poligrip free. ♪ we're back. and labor day weekend is fast approaching. if you're luckier than us, it's already started. >> elizabeth graves is here to give us everything we need to
9:49 am
know for hosting this weekend. >> let's to this. i'm ready. >> i feel like dylan and the drinks. >> when you're hosting a party, you can make it easy with a little bit of planning. you don't have to go to costco and buy every offing for every person. we got this aqua fresca. make it self-serve. and if adults want to punch it up, that's their prerogative. this is fresh watermelon, which is wonderful right now. a little water and lime juice. >> and you can spice it up for adults. >> have a great container when people are going to bring a bottle of wine, you can put it in there. >> nice and easy for them. love this appetizer. >> and people will come a little hungry. this is a great hostess helper because it helps you mingle and talk to every guest. it's the tomatoes which are amazing right now. put a little fresh mozzarella.
9:50 am
drizzle olive oil. you're done. >> genius. >> thank you. it's a pleasure. pass it right off to me. i'm at the burger -- the burger station. >> you have a wonderful burger station. you want to set the scene here. you can cut fresh flowers if you like. if you have them in your backyard, enjoy them. we like the idea of going to home depot and getting fresh herbs. they're easy to do. >> pull amy ththem off. >> and guests can take them off. >> or use them. >> put them on your winter sill. cut and cook with them. we love this succotash salad. take advantage of all of the great, you know, produce out there right now. it also doesn't have dairy. if it ends up being a hot day. >> you say for entertaining, set everything out and let everybody help themselves. >> this is a trick that martha taught us in one of her recent columns. the rim baking sheet. if you go between the kitchen p
9:51 am
a and the grill, put everything on there and assemble it. that's an easy scoop for guests. we like to elevate a classic. so, you know, we used havardi and fontina. and lots of stuff you can prep the day before. >> you're not running around on game day, hanging out. >> exactly. these are all things you can pull off this weekend. >> and lovely waffle desserts. >> this is what we call our no-felt ice cream in quotes. it's not ice cream. it's mascarpone cheese, with a store-bought waffle or extra points you can make the waffles if you want. the other fun thing is a s'more bar. everyone loves -- >> i didn't have breakfast. i'm going in. >> clearly. >> you can make those in five minutes. the s'more bar is great, too. have the classics and add ginger snaps. we put lemon curd in there, too.
9:52 am
try peanut buttercups. >> i'm stocking up. >> you know i like a reese's. i got moved to the kid's table. and i'm loving it. >> i agree with you. i'm right there. i hang out at the tables all the time because it's so much fun. >> the kids' table. >> i did make a polka-dot little bag. what's your name? >> christian. >> what's your name? >> ella. >> their mom is a good friend of mine. >> stella. >> i should know that. >> and we're making some bag. show us how it is. >> get it inexpensive. let the kids take it home. >> and they can take care of that plant. >> thank you, elizabeth. we'll be back. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
9:53 am
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9:55 am
i threw this on. >> yes. >> it turns out it's the 13th annual college color day. it turns out we are showing our colors. >> go, texas, go. >> go, tigers. >> please. >> elarly in the show, we were talking about shaq and how he towers over everyone. that's sheinelle. >> that's amazing. >> that's hilarious. >> that's sheinelle, real-size sheinelle. >> she comes up to his belly button. >> i thought that was baby sheinelle. that's real size. >> shaq was just walking by the show that day. >> he was? >> just walking by. >> he's shaq. >> we had so much fun with you. >> i love being here. thanks for having me. it's been a blast. go, tigers. >> go, texas. everybody has an awesome labor day weekend out there.
9:56 am
good friday. good friday morning, i'm kari hall. morgan hill 107. gilroy, 108 degrees. east bay and the tri-valley, the
9:57 am
delta up to 114 degrees. heyward up to 101 this afternoon. we're also going to have dangerous heat on the peninsula. 101 in palo alto and 90s in san francisco. let's get a update on the morning commute now from mike. >> we had a pretty light and dry -- all around the bay on friday, we were looking at the problems, but they are past tense, they cleared minutes ago and quick recovery from highway 4 to san pablo. we also abbreviate your drive times. we never saw the meters lights on easing through oakland. happening now, waiting on a possible announcement from the white house. they may announce the end of daca today. it sheltered undocumented youth
9:58 am
from deportation should they could study and work in the u.s. read about the long road to recovery for harvey victims. we'll have more to come in 30 minutes.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> ah! ♪ so soon >> is this not just the best for just kicking it up. feet up. drinking some blue hawaiians. enjoying try day friday. stay like this forever! >> this is the lamest party. ever! [ laughter ] >> i mean -- i know that summer's almost over but you know, kath, it's time, we have to get back to work. >> both: what? >> no! hodi, --


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