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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 2, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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weather alert probably through the entire weekend and into labor day itself. there's a spare the air alert and it's the third consecutive day of spare the air alert so please limit outdoor activities. i know i saw a couple people running on the golden gate bridge. this is probably going to be the best time to do it. 77 degrees right now on the peninsula, 75 in the south bay, 71 for the tri-valley, and it's still very hazy out there and that's because we are seeing the smoke in the sky. we've got wild fires to the north. we've got wild fires to the west so we're definitely seeing unhealthy air quality so it's not going to be a good day to be outside. if you can, head indoors because that excessive heat warning is expected to remain in effect until 9:00 p.m. monday which is of course one of the main reasons why we are expected to remain under a microclimate weather alert through that day. temperatures can expect to hit 90s as early as 11:00 a.m. so before noon and that's going to bring enhanced fire danger. if you notice, the entire bay area is highlighted. here's a quick check of what you
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can expect for today. 10 105 in cupertino, san jose expected to hit a high of 106 and we can expect near-record temperatures today. yesterday, san francisco made a new record at 106. today, not expecting to hit 106 but could climb into the triple-digit mark again so we'll have a breakdown of that and when we can expect to see the chance of some rain. it looks like right now possibly into labor day. >> gosh, that would be so nice. a little bit of relief. >> yes and no because then the humidity could kick in. >> that's a good point. >> we'll talk about that later. >> stay tuned for that. vianey, thanks. this extreme heat is affecting everything this weekend, even public transit, so be prepared for delays. b.a.r.t. is slowing down trains as a precaution. that h that's because the intense heat can cause problems on the tracks, causing them to expand and move. riders should expect about 10 to 20-minute delays. caltrain is slowing down all trains from san francisco to burlingame and could slow down
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trains into the south bay. it seems as if no bay area city can escape these record temperatures. even san francisco reached record-breaking 106 degrees. that had people escaping their hot homes and going to air-conditioned restaurants and businesses. others went to ocean beach to cool off. >> too hot. it's -- i love it, we're out at the beach, i'm taking a walk but tonight, oh my god, what are you going to do, take a cold shower, try to go to sleep. >> san francisco police hosted an event called chinatown night out. new recruits braved hot barbecues to feed the crowds. the red cross also was there handing out heat-related safety tips and urging people to drink water. while many were trying to escape the heat, we found others who were playi in it. manychools and teams still held games yesterday but they did take precautions to avoid heat-related injuries. in san jose, the varsity football game went off as planned, but coaches did make sure there were more water
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breaks than usual for the players. at stanford, the women's soccer team kicked off at 4:00 when it was around 106 degrees. there was a brief stop to rehydrate. >> as a parent you're concerned for not only your player but everyone else on the field but obviously, they took water breaks and they showed the appropriate level of concern for the players. >> the players have got to be dying out there. they're in the sun, running around the whole time. we're in the shade. we get a little bit of a breeze. >> not just the players, the fans were taken care of as well. stadium security scanned the crowd to make sure no one was overheating. several bay area schools cancelled games altogether because of the heat or shifted the start time. in san jose, flames broke out under highway 87 near willow avenue. our robert honda posted this video on twitter last night. he says the fire tore through a homeless encampment, one of the many in the area, according to neighbors. no word on what caused the fire. no one was hurt. triple-digit temperatures
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are a serious issue for people working in the heat for fire crews, it can be extremely dangerous. "today in t "today in the bay's" sergio kwint rode along with firefighters. >> reporter: this apartment fire quickly went to two alarms. extra crews were needed to knock down the flames. because of the heat today, one of the things that we do is we're going try to bring a lot of people to the fire, just because we need to rotate bodies. >> reporter: when the fire was under control, paramedics began distributing cooling packs and the fire crew got out of their heavy gear as soon as possible. >> if you can imagine on a day like today putting on your heaviest winter jacket and pants as if you were going to go skiing. >> reporter: as an additional precaution, the battalion chief called in a firefighter support unit run by the santa clara fire associates. even set up a mobile cooling station. >> we have mister fans.
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>> reporter: the heat wave is expected to last a few more days, so they're prepared for a busy weekend. so how are people coping with this heat wave? not everyone has air-conditioning. i'm one of them. many are finding clever ways to stay cool. some people waited until the sun went down to dine out in the east bay. washington hospital, for one, that's in fremont, is set up a cooling center and it will be open again today. yesterday, three people were taken to washington hospital for heat-related illness. >> they come in for weakness, fatigue, and if they're altered, they're confused. >> temperatures hit 109 in walnut creek yesterday. that still didn't stop this couple from tying the knot at a park in the center of town. just how did they stay cool? the bride tells us she stayed in an air conditioned consider right up until the ceremony. be sure to stay connected during this heat wave. we have a list of cooling centers as well as your updated
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forecast on our website, you can also sign up for weather alerts. very handy. now to what we still don't know what was burning at the russian consulate in san francisco yesterday just one day after officials ordered the consulate to close. well, what we do know is a lot of black smoke was billowing out of the consulate's chimney in pacific heights. the u.s. government shut down the consulate along with two other annexes in d.c. and new york. the russian foreign ministry claims the u.s. planned to search those buildings. neighbors think the black smoke seemed suspicious. >> it's certainly signaling that they're doing something unusual in there on the hottest day in the year in san francisco. and all of a sudden they need heat? give me a break. >> air quality officials went to see if the russians were breaking spare the air laws yesterday, but they found no evidence of the smoke at all when they arrived. consulate staff packed their things and left later in the
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day. the building officially closes today. it will be a tense holiday weekend for millions of immigrants across the country as they await word on president trump's decision on daca. that's expected to come on tuesday. daca stands for deferred action for childhood arrivals. it's the obama-era program that allows young undocumented immigrants brought here as children to remain in the u.s. students and activists held a rally at uc berkeley yesterday to defend the program. organizers say now is the time to make california a real sanctuary for immigrants and to defeat the president's attack on daca. more fallout from the controversial arrest of a nurse caught on camera. a second officer is now on leave as internal affairs investigates. >> no, we're done. we're done. you're under arrest. >> i can't be under arrest. help! >> so this happened back in july, but salt lake city police just recently released the body cam video.
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the officer handcuffed nurse alex wubbels as she's heard screaming that she did nothing wrong. she says she was following hospital protocol when police tried to get blood evidence from an unconscious patient without a warrant. >> a blood draw is not -- it just gets thrown around like it's some simple thing but blood is your blood. that's your property. >> wubbels, a former u.s. olympic skier, was not charged with a crime. two officers are now on leave and are the targeted of an internal investigation. the mayor of salt lake city has since apologized. it is 7:08 and we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, harvey's aftermath. damian gives us a look at the damage from high over houston. it's a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. also, an unlikel tspasser caught an camera. we have security footage of a mountain lion in one bay area neighborhood.
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welcome back. at 7:10 on your saturday morning, a hazy look at san francisco from san bruno mountain ahead of another sweltering day. upper 90s expected in the city, possible triple digits for the second day in a row. we are getting a new perspective on the damage done by harvey. our cameras were the only ones to fly with military rescue crews from the bay area. "today in the bay's" damian trujillo is outside hoouston. >> reporter: guardsmen escorted us to one of their helicopters. the 129th rescue wing out of moffett field has been flying over the flood zone for days. today was a recon mission, searching for anyone who needed to be rescued. >> the flooding is pretty epic. all over. from here down, all the way to the coast, flooded, basically. >> reporter: you get a different perspective from the sky.
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this is where the extent of the devastation truly comes into focus. entire homes are submerged. in some cases, so deep that all you see is water. >> that's pretty remarkable. >> reporter: the missions come with risk for these potential rescuers, not only the danger coming from the water, winld, ad weather but the risk of things like midair refuelling which we witnessed firsthand today. >> you're clear all the way to the ground. >> reporter: the helicopter also made an impromptu landing at a fire station to pick up emergency communications equipment. these airmen say all the risk is worth it to help fellow americans in need. they too are touched by the magnitude of what they're witnessing and note that in the face of overwhelming devastation, they can at least offer a helping hand. in beaumont, texas, damian, trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> we've made it easy to give to the red cross. head to to
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donate. just shy of 7:13. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, we'll tell you about a mountain lion warning in one bay area neighborhood. plus, olympians are in the bay area this weekend. we'll tell you about the event that's bringing them all together in our backyard. going to be another scorcher across the bay area. we remain under a microclimate weather alert, current temperatures climbing fast. still under that extreme heat warning. i'll break down exactly what you can expect heading into labor day coming up.
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welcome back at 7:15 on your saturday morning. we are under a microclimate weather alert. this is a live look at hazy skies over san jose where temperatures are expected to reach 106 once again today. a startling sight caught on surveillance video, a giant mountain lion seen in the front yard of a san jose home. we hava look at it. the sighting happened just after
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another sighting of her mountain lion and her cub in palo alto on thursday. "today in the bay's" scott budman spoke with the homeowner. >> reporter: typically, it's deer seen on mar lo's motion detecting cameras. >> my stomach got a little sick. i went, oh my god, right in my yard. >> reporter: the large mountain lion visited this allen rock neighborhood early this morning. >> i was a little freaked out, i think. >> reporter: walking the same path the deer did the day before. >> we saw a lot of movement in the trees. >> reporter: the sighting coming one day after a mountain lion came to this palo alto neighborhood, home to three schools. parents there told to not let their kids walk to school. >> yeah, he was on my lawn. big. >> reporter: since marlo's neighborhood is home to lots of animals. >> i have a koi pond. and i have five chickens. >> reporter: she spent part of her friday talking to neighbors,
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telling them about the unusual visitor. >> i see the raccoons and the possums and cats and deer, but this is the first time i've seen a mountain lion. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. some of the best figure skaters in the world, past, present, and future, are in the south bay right now and it's all for a good cause. gold medallist and bay area native kristi yamaguchi is hosting "golden moment." some tickets are still available. the skating exhibition benefits yamaguchi's always dream foundation which supports childhood literacy. among those performing, karen chen of fremont. the 18-year-old is the reigning u.s. national champion. >> i think what karen has, which is very special, is her ability to really perform and mesmerize an audience. she has incredible artistry and i think when you combine that with her power and speed that
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she has on the ice, it's captivating. >> the u.s. olympic team will be chosen after the national championships in january. that competition will be held in san jose. and sticking with sports for a second, the as aren't home until monday but the giants do play at home at at&t park today. our very own "today in the bay" morning anchor marcus washington is singing the national anthem at this afternoon's game. so, we know that the sun will be out there. marcus will be out there. and it will be another hot day. i hope marcus packs that baseball cap and drinks plenty of water for that voice. >> right. >> because it's going to be another scorcher even in san francisco along the coastline. marcus, if you're awake already, i don't know if you are, but if you are, don't forget to pack that sunscreen as well. right now, peninsula already at 77 degrees. mostly clear skies. the south bay at 75 and you can really see those hazy conditions, which is why that
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air quality is not expected to be very good at all, not even today or through tomorrow. san francisco at 76 degrees already, mostly clear for san francisco, east bay, 70, north bay 64, we've definitely haven't been seeing any of that fog. let's talk about the 24-hour temperature change. yesterday, we managed to create new records for san francisco. 106 was yesterday's high temperature, setting an all new record entirely. that 24-hour temperature change, we're seeing a not big of a difference for san jose, about 4 degrees warmer than it was yesterday so expect another scorcher for today. and half moon bay, we're about 5 degrees warmer at this hour than we were yesterday. same for san francisco and check out santa cruz. a 13 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. so typically, if that's your spot to get away from the heat, today we will be climbing into those 90s again for santa cruz. we actually did hit the triple-digit mark yesterday. now, microclimate forecasted highs for today, morgan hill expecting a high of 109, san
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jose 107, los gatos 107 and the hottest spots will be for the east bay. check out antioch. 113 degrees, livermore expect to hit 112, concord, 114, and we're inching toward the upper 90s but i bumped that to 100 degrees because i have a feeling there's a good chance we might see that triple-digit heat in oakland. peninsula expected to hit very high temperatures. and as i mentioned for san francisco, we're not expecting that high of 106 like yesterday, but we very well could see that triple-digit heat yet again for today, so please keep that in mind if you had any outdoor activities planned, i would say try to bring them indoors if possible but if you're heading to the giants game, just headacmake sure to stay hydrated. north bay, santa rosa, expecting a high of 108, novato, 110, if you're heading out to napa, 107, if you're going to the wine tasting, please pair that with some water. spare the air alert is in effect today as well.
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third consecutive day for spare the air alerts. across the area, unhealthy overall so try to refrain from being outside. let's talk about some of those record highs. these are actually for saturday, not friday. livermore for today, expecting to hit a high of 112. the record was 111, so livermore, very well could be hitting a new record for today. so let's talk about that temperature trend in livermore. right now, at the 8:00 a.m. hour, we're expecting to hit about 76 degrees and if we fast forward to about 11:00 a.m., actually at about 10:00 a.m., we'll already be in the 90-degree mark. livermore will be one of the hotter spots for today. looks like my picture gave out. it's going to be in the upper 90s, same for santa cruz. you may want to get in the water this time around. over the next seven days, though, we're talking about that tropical storm lydia. we're talking about thunderstorms are nearing and that does bring a 30% chance of rain on labor day for monday. now, yes, that's going to cool
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us down just a little bit with that on shore flow, but if you ♪, it notice, it's not going to cool us down by much and create a very humid sunday and very humid monday. tropical feeling throughout the bay area. >> what is going on in the bay area? vianey, thanks for the warning of the humidity to come. we have much more head on "today in the bay." coming up, a bay area girl scout truly makes a difference. her nearly $2 million project that will make you bay area proud. year-old girl in the south
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welcome back. this next story is about an 18-year-old girl in the south bay who's living proof that it never hurts to ask. she has nearly 2 million reasons why. "today in the bay's" garvin thomas has her story in this morning's "bay area proud." >> reporter: esther lucas recently graduated from homestead high school. she's off to college now, but is leaving behind quite a gift for her community.
7:25 am
like many other girl scouts, esther lucas has a lot of experience selling things to adults. >> this was for cookie sales. >> reporter: even with that track record, though, this 18-year-old is, herself, a bit surprised at the sale she recently closed. >> so, i came home after that and i was like, that's a lot of money. did i really do that? >> reporter: this all began when esther was looking for a project to earn her gold star, the crowning achievement to a career in girl scouts. >> i want to do something where i can help people who don't have the same things as other people. >> reporter: the people esther settled on were children with disabilities. she realized she never saw them at her local playground, even ones supposedly handicap accessible. esther's research on the topic led her to magical bridge, a fully accessible and wildly
7:26 am
successful playground in palo alto. esther was convinced it was just what her city needed. all she had to do was convince the city of it. >> next, we have some speaker cards. >> reporter: so in september of st year. >> and i'm going to start with esther lucas. >> reporter: availing herself of the public comments period during city counscil meetings, esther used her two minutes to make her pitch. >> why do i not see many kids with those disabilities at the park. they said they liked the idea, and that they just can't go forward on it. they have to think about it. >> i just have a few words i want to say. >> reporter: well, they did more than just think about it. this summer, the city, thanks to esther's lead, allocated $1.8 million to begin transformation of one of their playgrounds into magical bridge sunnyvale. >> again, esther, thank you very much. >> reporter: it is esther admits so much more than she had ever
7:27 am
hoped for when she walked up to the microphone last september, so much sweeter, we should add, than any box of cookies. >> it's really -- it's been really cool, and it's also been really eye-opening what one small thing can do. >> reporter: while esther got the ball rolling, the fund-raising isn't done just yet. they're still going to need another $2 million plus to finish the playground. well, we have much more on "today in the bay." coming up, a campaign to keep san francisco clubs open until 4:00 a.m. but now something is holding up we'll explain. plus, they answer the call when we need help but who's helping our heroes? up next, we investigate the promises one of the bay area's biggest cities is making to firefighters struggling with ptsd. grocery outlet is the home
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we're taking a live look outside at hazy skies over san jose and that sun has an eerie glow ahead of another scorcher of a day. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has the microclimate weather alert that we're in. not quite as hot for some cities today, but hotter for other cities. >> yeah, still dangerously hot. that high pressure still working hard to make us climb rather quickly, actually, into the 70s already and we're going to see some triple-digit heat again. we're talking possibly 114, 115 in some areas which is why, yes, we remain under that microclimate weather alert, and then of course we have that heat warning. look at heavenly lake tahoe. also going to be pretty hot, climbing to the upper 80s. but i wanted to show you this is probably going to be a good time to get away into that area, although we are tracking the chance to see some thunderstorms into tomorrow and monday but if you're heading up there for labor day weekend, it looks pretty good. south bay 75, tri-valley waking
7:31 am
up to 71 and san francisco looking very hazy, waking up to 76 degrees at this hour. now, we are expecting to keep that spare the air alert so keep that in mind. unhealthy air quality overall for the entire bay area. typically east bay and south bay are known for having spare the air alerts but for today, it's unhealthy across the board. try to refrain from outdoor activity. i think santa cruz has been seeing the most significant increase in terms of 24 hour temperature change. right now, we're 13 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this hour. for san jose, we're 4 degrees warmer. for san francisco, we're waking up to 5 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. and then we'll talk about some of the hotter spots for today. what you can expect heading into sunday and of course labor day if you get the day off, well, you may want to plan for some inside activities. no barbecues if you don't have to. >> yeah. wow. we will stay tuned for the rest of your forecast. vianey, thanks. this extreme heat is
7:32 am
expected to reach far and wide this weekend, even affecting how you get around the bay area. if you're taking public transit, be prepared for delays. b.a.r.t. is slowing down trains as a precaution. that's because the intense heat could create problems in the tracks like causing them to expand and move. riders should expect about 10 to 20-minute delays. caltrain also is slowing down all trains from san francisco to burli burli burlingame and possibly into the south bay. even the city can't escape these record-setting temperatures. the city reached a record-breaking 106 degrees yesterday. the hottest it's ever been in the city. that had people escaping their hot homes and going to air-conditioned restaurants and businesses. others went out to ocean beach to try to cool off. >> too hot. i love it, we're out at the beach, i'm taking a walk but tonight, oh my god, what are you going to do, take a cold shower and try and go to sleep. >> san francisco police hosted an event called chinatown night
7:33 am
out. new recruits braved hot barbecues to feed the crowds. the red cross was there handing out heat-related safety tips and urging people to drink lots of water this weekend. while many were trying to escape the heat, we actually found others who were playing sports. in san jose, the varsity football game between gunderson and pioneer went off as planned but coaches made sure there were more water breaks than usual for the players. and over at stanford, the women's soccer team kicked off at 4:00 when it was around 106 degrees outside. there was a brief stop to rehydrate. >> as a parent you're concerned for not only your player but everyone else on the field but obviously, they took water breaks and they showed the appropriate level of concern for the players. >> the players have got to be dying out there. they're in the sun running around the whole time. we're in the shade, we get a little bit of a breeze. >> not just the players, the fans were taken care of as well, stadium security scanned the crowd to make sure no one was overheating. several bay area schools shifted start times for the games
7:34 am
because of the extreme heat or they cancelled the game altogether. we have a list of cooling centers as well as your updated forecast on our website, you can sign up for very helpful weather alerts. now to the fallout from hurricane harvey. the numbers are slowly rolling in. nearly 800,000 people in texas were forced to evacuate, and as of this morning, 1 million people are out of their homes. we're also learning more about the number of people who need help. 32,000 people are right now jammed into 250 shelters across texas and louisiana. >> the shelter mission is the biggest battle that we have right now as well. obviously, we've ruled a tremendous number of assets to support the life sustaining mission and shelters. >> military transport planes have been air lifting people to facilities hundreds of miles away. it will be a tense holiday weekend for millions of
7:35 am
immigrants across the country as the white house announced president trump is postponing his decision on daca until tuesday. >> this president is a president that loves people, and we are working on the best decision possible, and we'll announce it on tuesday. >> daca, or deferred action for childhood arrivals, is the obama-era program that allows young undocumented immigrants brought here as children to remain in the u.s. there are some 800,000 in the u.s., a third are right here in california. a push to keep california bars and nightclubs open later has been put on hold, at least for now. state lawmakers say they want to study the issue just a bit more before they make a decision. it's the so-called last call bill. it would extend bar and club hours from 2:00 a.m. until 4:00 in the morning. many say it would be a boost for local economies like san francisco. state senator scott wiener has been a long-time supporter of this idea. >> all we're saying is the state
7:36 am
should not be dictating to local communities what time their bars and nightclubs close. and let's let these communities make their own decisions and they can have their own debates locally. >> well, lawmakers are organizing a task force to study the impacts of keeping bars open later than 2:00 a.m. an important holiday reminder, if your labor day weekend travels take you over the bay bridge, it will close briefly this morning so that a couple more of the remaining under water pieces of the old eastern span can be demolished. more than a dozen under water foundations are left over, so-called bubble curtains will be used to protect nearby marine life as they were in previous implosions, if you remember. so, around 10:00 this morning, caltrans will briefly close the span for about 20 minutes. if seals get too close, the blast could be delayed until sunday or monday. it is 7:36. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, johnny was back on the mound for the giants and the
7:37 am
as are in the pacific northwest. nbc sports bay area's kelly johnson is next with sports.
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i'm kelly johnson with sports. the diamond cardona taking on the giants, johnny cueto returning to the mound after a stint on the dl, one on, no outs, brandon crawford, a two-run homer to right center, no taking that one back. giants up 2-0. top eight, cardinals down a run, gr now tie the game up at 5. then to the top of the ninth, the runner on third here, singles to left. cardinals take a 6-5 lead, five more runs in the inning to take game two in the series 11-6, the final. how about the as. opening up a four-game set in seattle, third hinning we go, it's tied at 2 and kyle seager takes them for the sack fly to
7:40 am
right. mitch haniger will score. the mariners win, 3-2, final. and that will do it for sports. more news after the break.
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good morning. it is 7:42 and yes, we remain under a microclimate weather alert across the entire bay area because we're expecting another scorcher for today. take a look at temperatures already at this hour. we've been in the 70s since about 4:00 a.m. 77 degrees in the peninsula, 75 for the south bay. and in the tri-valley right now at 71 degrees, san francisco at 76, and you're going to notice yet again another day where we're seeing those hazy skies and of course a combination with that high pressure building in with some smoke from some nearing wild fires. that's going to make for a very bad air quality day, so please try to refrain from outdoor activities. we do have that excessive heat warning and that is expected to remain in effect until 9:00 p.m. for tomorrow. here's what you can expect. for the coast, highs between
7:43 am
100, possibly, but mainly inland, we'll reach 115. temperatures in the mid 90s before noon, and there is, of course, an enhanced fire danger for the entire bay area. so, please make sure to keep that in mind. now of course, yesterday, san francisco did hit that high of 106. we're not expecting it to get that hot, but we do get the chance of seeing possibly a triple-digit mark yet again for san francisco. now, spare the air alert is in effect for the third day in a row. everything across the board right now remains unhealthy, so i wouldn't say it's a good day to hang out outside, although if you are heading to the beach, maybe get in the water because typically the water's too cold. i think today it's going to be just right. your microclimate highs for today, check out these temperatures. morgan hill, a high of 109, east san jose, 107, and those east bay temperatures remain ridiculously hot, dangerously hot. concord, 114, antioch, 113, livermore, 112. so please remember to keep in
7:44 am
mind protect anything that you care about, check on your neighbors, especially those who don't have ac and try to remain in some cooler areas. there are cooling centers open throughout the bay area and you can find all that information on our website, typically the peninsula and the coast are areas we tell you to go to to get away from the heat but today, it's not going to be much cooler although it will in the 80s in some spots. for the most part, point reyes expecting another high of 86 today. check out those highs in the north bay, 107 for napa. now let's talk about possibly inching towards some record highs yet again for today. for the day today, 112 is forecasted in livermore and the record was 111 on this day set back in 1952. so, we could possibly near that record. in san jose, we are expecting actually to beat the record set for today on this day back in 1950. with 102. we're expecting to hit a high of 106. same for santa rosa. a high for 108 is forecasted for
7:45 am
today and for the day of 1955, back in the day, it was 107. so definitely expect to inch near some record highs. san francisco, as i mentioned, forecasting around 98, 99, but with that high pressure, there's a very good chance that we could get that triple digit. let's talk about your breakdown. by 10:00 a.m., already in the 90s, hazy and hot. remember to drink plenty of water. and then by 1:00, we're hitting a high of 107, fire danger, low humidity at about 15%. and then by 3:00 is when we start seeing those hotter temperatures reaching those highs of about 113, 114. let's talk about possible relief. as we head into sunday, a bit of an on shore flow and tropical moisture coming from tropical storm lydia so we're going to keep a close eye on that because that could set off thunderstorms mainly in monitor wrterrey. we're going to keep a close eye on that but expect a very humid day heading into sunday and
7:46 am
monday. >> oh, my gosh, it just gets worse. vianey, thanks. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, we investigate the promise one bay area city is making to firefighters struggling with ptsd. it's so hot outside, we'll start with a tropical feel, get your grass skirt and head to golden gate park for the 2017 aloha poly fest. you can check out the hawaiian tattoo demo they'll have and recognize family from not just hawaii but also samoa, tonga, fiji, new zealand and guam. so many pacific islands. or you head across the bay, and celebrate the scottish islands or the highlands at the longest continuous highland games in the united states in hayward. you can enjoy the 152nd scottish games. you compete in the kilted mile, perhaps. check out the livestock like cows, sheep, and dogs and sure, you see the more tartans displayed at 10:30 for
7:47 am
saturday's march of the clans and on sunday, then, you can trade in your tartan, your plaid, for something plain, traditional white. that's for the seventh annual sf brazilian day. this year's theme celebrates the iconic women of the samba along with the usual food, music, and dancing. and the drinks. and i know you can join me again for your weekday morning commute right here on "today in the bay." warehouse fire put a spotlight
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
on mental health issues within the oakland's ghost ship warehouse fire put a spotlight on mental health issues within the fire fighting community. some firefighters are still struggling with the horrors they saw in that warehouse last december. since that deadly fire, our investigation found a lot of firefighters are reluctant to ask for help. investigative reporter liz wagner has the new development. >> reporter: you may recall earlier this year we surveyed hundreds of california firefighters. we found overwhelmingly that the fear of looking weak adds to the stigma about seeking help. we investigated industry-wide efforts to change the culture in the fire service and why some say it's slow going in oakland. >> it's definitely been somewhat healing for me to talk about it more. >> reporter: as president of the oakland firefighters union, dan robertson is stepping up to do what many firefighters before him wouldn't dare try. he's talking about his feelings. >> to help, especially the
7:51 am
younger generation of firefighters become more comfortable talking about it. >> reporter: are people more willing to have those sorts of conversations around the kitchen table in the fire house? >> i think the it's kind of hard to tell. >> reporter: robertson admits getting the rank and file on board is a big challenge, but there's another critical component, making sure the city is providing the right support services. we sent surveys to fire departments across the state. of all the cities we heard from, oakland offers the fewest free counseling sessions, just six per year. after ghost ship, fire administrators bumped up the number to 12, but we found some departments give firefighters unlimited counseling. our survey also shows oakland is one of the only fire departments in the bay area that does not teach mental health awareness in its fire academy. is that true? >> that's a great point. to my knowledge, we have not offered it. >> reporter: darren white is acting fire chief.
7:52 am
>> i think it's very important that our entry level members coming into the organization understand what they may be confronted with, what they may experience as soon as the first day on the job. >> reporter: as interim fire chief, can you commit to making sure there is this sort of training in the fire academy? >> absolutely. that's easy. >> reporter: the labor side says administrators support the efforts to change the macho culture in the department, but knowing when to step in to help individual firefighters can be tricky. >> it's a fine line between intervening and/or approaching someone to discuss and/or rehash maybe some of the things they're trying to work through. >> reporter: the industry group california professional firefighters is trying to provide some guidance. cps new behavioral health task force is writing criticiurricult they hope can be applied to departments across the state. he also says the industry needs more therapists who know how to help firefighters struggling with ptsd from the tragedies
7:53 am
they respond to every day. >> we got to get the right people in the room. we've got to get health plans to understand that the only way you're going to deal with this problem is have folks who understand this part of behavioral health. >> they're confused, they're dazed, memory loss. >> reporter: for now, the oakland firefighters union is sending members to peer support training sessions like this one. >> you don't really need a ghost ship incident to have behavioral health issues. >> reporter: dan robertson says he wants administrators to know that firefighters' mental health is just as important as their physical health. when it comes to city leaders and fire administrators, do those folks have your back? >> that's a difficult question. i think they're understanding it but having said that, there's a lot of competition for resources. >> reporter: the union president can't discuss specifics but says he'll be entering into contract talks with the city very soon. when we spoke with chief white, he said he would commit to including mental health guidelines in the department's injury and illness prevention program. we're told the policy will be
7:54 am
revised by the end of the year. with the investigative unit, i'm liz wagner. back to you. it is 7:53. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, it's our "clear the shelters" segment featuring our friends from pets in need. we'll introduce you to a few little ones who are ready for their forever homes next. howl
7:55 am
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about apoquel today. apoquel. it's itch relief worth barking about. bark kira/2 welcome back this morning. some special guests from pets in need. it's the best part of the newscast. here with irene contreras. you have flea, who is the dog, the puppy, and you have frida. >> very squirmy frida. >> they are both teeny tiny and adorable. maybe we should start with flea. tell me about flea. he's a little puppy, right? >> she's approximately nine weeks old. >> she. pardon me. >> nine weeks old. and her ideal family was basically anyone who was interested in some energy.
7:57 am
>> she's chewing on your mike. she's a really cute puppy. how big do you think she'll get. >> about double or triple more size. >> someone with maybe a little bit of a yard, maybe someone with kids who could run around with her. >> right. lot of energy. >> lot of energy. she is adorable. and tell me about frida. >> frida's nine weeks old. she came in with a litter of four or five other kittens, and she's ready for a forever home herself. >> will she get much bigger than that. >> about twice this size. yeah. and she's got a lot of energy as well as a little one. >> and sometimes you have said in the past, sometimes it's helpful to adopt two kittens because they can kind of keep each other company, they're pretty self-sufficient. >> always smart to do that. they can burn off energy together. >> yeah. that's really good. so if people are interested in either flea or frida or all the other pets you have, you spay, you neuter, you microchip, do all the things. >> all the shots. >> all the shots.
7:58 am
they're basically ready to go out the door. >> right. >> and one special thing, this weekend, you're donating all the proceeds of adoption. >> right. all of our adoption fees, friday, saturday, and sunday will go to austin pets alive. we know what the folks in texas are having to deal with, and in addition to people being homeless, there are thousands of animals that are homeless and austin pets alive is doing a great job trying to take care of the animals they're finding on the street and that the police are bringing in. so we're going to donate all the adoption fees this weekend. >> that is wonderful so people can get a new family member and make a difference in the lives of those animals down in the houston and austin and surrounding areas because austin is getting all that fill over from hurricane harvey. well, as always, al and irene, thank you for coming and bringing these adorable animals. if you want to find out about flea and frida and all the other thel animals, you can go to their
7:59 am
website, thanks for making us a part of your morning. we'll have more local news for you tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00 and all day on for years, centurylink has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪
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