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tv   Today  NBC  September 4, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> that will be a doozy. stay safe out there on the roads, folks. have enough gas. you don't want to be that guy. >> enjoy the time. good morning. breaking news. south korea conducts a live fire drill simulating an attack on north korea in the wake of that regime's most powerful test yet. the trump administration with a dire warning to kim jong-un. >> any threat to the united states and its territories will be met with a massive military response. >> the crisis quickly escalating. we are live in south korea and at the white house. target u.s. hurricane irma, a powerful category 3 storm barreling toward the caribbean and expected to gain even more strength. the question, where is it headed as more flooding fears from harvey lead to new evacuations
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in houston. royal surprise. big news from the duke and duchess of cambridge overnight revealing they're expecting baby number three. all that plus the nurse violently arrested for doing her job. >> hey! >> speaks out in a live interview. >> the terrifying moment a driver smashes his suv through a laundromat and a toddler trapped in a well for ten hours finally rescued. the touching reunion with his mom today, monday, september 4, 2017. from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today." thanks for joining us on this labor day monday morning, i'm craig melvin.
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>> we'll begin withic braing news in the north korean crisis after the regime's sixth and largest nuclear test. >> south korea carried out a simulated attack on north korea's nuclear test site and its military says it believes the north is readying another ballistic missile launch. >> following an emergency meeting at the white house, defense secretary james mattis is warning north korea could face a massive military response if the u.s. and its allies are threatened. >> this morning the u.n. security council is holding an emergency meeting of its own to talk about the situation. we have complete coverage this morning starting with nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel. he is in seoul. richard, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we've seanez clagz after escalation with north korea carrying out missile tests and the u.s. responding with a show of force, flying aircraft over the korean peninsula. nuclear test from north korea and it does not seem like it is
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over yet. officials here in south korea are seeing indications that north korea is preparing for yet another missile test which could happen quite soon. >> the u.s. ally south korea today responded to the biggest-ever nuclear test with a show of force, firing missiles in a rehearsal of an attack on north korea's nuclear facility, but all eyes now are on president trump to see if he will respond with an american show of force or more. so far, giving no hints. >> mr. president, will you attack north korea? >> we'll see. >> reporter: president trump last month spelled out how far the u.s. would go. >> they will be met with fire and fury. >> reporter: defense secretary mattis now isn't going that far, but almost. >> we are not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely, north korea, but as i
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said, we have many options to do so. >> reporter: on sunday, north korea's state media announced kim jong-un successfully oversaw the detonation of a two-stage thermonuclear bomb, a peanut-shaped city buster, many times more powerful than the bombs the u.s. dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki during world war ii. in a series of tweets president trump condemned the test and said he's considering one possible response, cutting off trade to all nations with economic ties to north korea, but that would include china with devastating economic effects for both countries. mattis warned north korea, if it follows its latest test with threatening actions, the u.s. would not hesitate. >> any threat to the united states or its territories including guam or our allies will be met with a massive military response, and a response both effective and
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overwhelming. sunday's was the sixth nuclear test from north korea, but the u.s. is taking this one far more seriously for a simple reason. north korea claims its latest bomb is small enough to fit on an intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the united states. >> u.s. intelience is still analyzing the latest nuclear test, but initial indications are that the bomb was what north korea says it was and north korea's missile technology has been getting more sophisticated and more reliable and its ranges have been getting longer with each one of these tests. >> richard engel for us in seoul, south korea, thank you. let's bring in jeremy bash. jeremy, good morning. >> good morning, guys. 13th ballistic missile tests this year. this is the first nuclear test since last september, i believe, as someone who has been at the pentagon and someone who has been at the cia, how does this change the situation?
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>> that is significant because we were looking to see if north korea could do three things and one is the intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the united states. they did that twice in july and second, they would conduct the sixth underground nuclear test and third, whether they could claim that they have minh charrized the nuclear device and we have not verified that claim, but if they can do that, that is a significant escalation. >> i want to ask you about secretary of defense mattis. he said on sunday that any threat, not just an attack to the u.s. or its allies will be met with a massive military response and what constitutes a threat. if you're sitting in pyongyang, where is the red line? >> in effect, what the pentagon has done is remember the old line in the sand? they've now drawn a line in the ocean. they have said if any missile threatens our territory in guam, hawaii or the west coast of the united states we will act. there are two options and one is to watch the launch and shoot them down with the missile defenses. that's risky because it puts
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faith in the own missile defense systems and the other option would be to strike any icbm that we see being stacked on a launchpad. south korea said last night they believe a launch could happen on september 9th, five days from now. that could be a potential window for military action by the united states. >> jeremy, president trump has repeatedly urged china to do more to restrain north korea. we don't even know if president xi jinping has met kim jong-un. have we overstated china's ability or willingness to do more with regard to north korea? >> our operating thesis has been that china, and to the extent north korea would bow to the wishes of china. at this point i'm not sure we have many other options other than to ask the other countries for maximum pressure on north korea. >> thank you. >> another major story out of the white house. president trump reaching a decision on a controversial
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immigration issue. he's expected to end the so-called daca program that shields young undocumented immigrants from deportation, but it won't happen right away. nbc's white house correspondent krist kristin welker has more on that. >> reporter: good morning, the white house is bracing for a fierce fight with all signs pointing to the president likely ending daca unless congress can come up with an the nat solution in six months. the president will cast it as it a campaign promise kept to get tough or immigration. this morning president trump on the verge of a potential political firestorm over immigration with multiple reports saying mr. trump is expected to announce tomorrow he'll end the obama-era program known as daca unless congress can come up with a fix in the next six months. the program protects so-called dreamers, more than 780,000 young immigrants brought here illegally by their parents being brought here to attend school. nine states threatening to sue the administration unless mr.
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trump scraps daca by tomorrow. overnight the senate's top democrat blasting the president claiming potus ought to re-think before he does huge damage to them and the economy. asked about the dreamers' fate. >> should dreamers be worried? >> we love the dreamers. we love everybody. >> i will immediately terminate president obama's illegal executive order on immigration immediately. >> reporter: bringing the issue into fresh focus, hurricane harvey. texas is home to one of the largest daca populations in the country including houston paramedic jesus contreras brought here illegally by his mother when he was 6, now on the front lines of the harv recovery effort. >> we're literally on the ground helping people get back up and we're getting our butts handed to us by
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>> reporter: the move comes after members of the president's own party urged him not to scrap daca. house speaker paul ryan insisting the decision should be up to congress. >> i think the president, as well, as mentioned that he wants to have a humane solution to this problem. and that's something we in congress are working on and need to deliver upon. and while white house officials caution no decision is final until it's officially announced, last week, hundreds petitioned mr. trump to reconsider. writing, dreamers are vital to the future of our country and our economy. one advocacy group already calling the move child abuse under the guise of public policy. and the president's base is far from pacified. one top conservative saying mr. trump is trying to have it both ways and that could spark a fight of huge proportions. >> there's much more to get to this morning, including evacuations in houston. more than a week after hurricane harvey first roared ashore, that
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region dealing with more flooding problems, which are hampering the cleanup and recovery efforts now. nbc's gabe gutierrez is still on duty for us there in houston. gabe, good morning. >> craig, good morning. harvey's confirmed death toll now stands at least 43. yes, the water is receding in most places, but there is stoil so much of it left. this is beltway eight, a major freeway on the west side of houston. it is still shut down with at least 10 feet of standing water. there are now mandatory evacuations underway for thousands of families. and the west side of houston, this in the nation's fourth largest city. across southeast texas, this morning, the damage is extensive. we rode along with the texas army national guard, now shifting from rescues to recovery. ten days after harvey's landfall, rivers are still swollen throughout the region. though the floodwaters are receding, there is now a critical need for drinking water, tons of it now being
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delivered by air. >> the need is pretty critical right now. food, water, basic necessities. that's what they're needing. >> reporter: in cities like beaumont and port arthur, the lines for supplies stretched for blocks. >> there we go, sir. >> cold water! >> reporter: but in west houston, a new nightmare. the mayor ordering more mandatory evacuations over the weekend. 4,600 homes could now be underwater for another week. >> every day that we have water in there is another day that our house decays and our belong conclusion ings decay and we can't get in there and get them. >> reporter: virginia johnson thought the worst of harvey had passed, but then the army corps of engineers started releasing more water from overflowing rerz voirs. >> we don't know when we can get back in. >> reporter: northeast of houston, the owner of this flooded power plant ignited the rest of the containers filled with materials. across the region, recovery won't come quickly. more than 75 public schools are damaged. 22 of them in houston will be
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closed for months, meaning 12,000 students sent elsewhere this fall. as thousands of families scramble to protect their belongings from harvey's relentless aftermath. >> it broke my heart in half, because my wife is due in october. i'm fixing to have my first baby and i had just finished the baby's room. and then, you know, crushed my heart when i had to take everything back apart. >> reporter: although this major freeway remains shut down, houston's mayor insists the city is open for business. texas governor greg abbott says that recovery costs from harvey could top $180 billion. and that is more than hurricane katrina and superstorm sandy. craig and sheinelle? >> greg, thank you. we are also keeping a very close eye on some new trouble in the tropics. this is hurricane irma. she's gaining strength as she pushes west, posing a potential threat to the caribbean and the united states. dylan's in for al this morning. >> there is a lot to get to with irma. i just want to point out that it is still very far away from the u.s. so a lot of the forecast is going to change. but let's break down what we
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know right now. here is the storm with a very defined eye. it is a category 3 hurricane at this time. a major hurricane, with winds up to 115 miles per hour. it is already looking like we have hurricane watches in effect for angillis, st. kitts, parts of bermuda. we are looking at this continue to move to the west and past just north of puerto rico, strengthening to a category 4 hurricane with winds up to 140 miles per hour. this is the part of the forecast, though, where there's lot of consideration because whether it goes north or south all depends on this area of high pressure. this is going to be the steering current. you can see because of this huge high, the storm itself is being pushed farther to the south. now how far to the south it gets pushed side still the big question. i want to point out that parts of the southeastern united states, most of florida, even including the western side of florida, you want to make your plans now. hopefully you don't have to use them, but you want to make your plans just in case the storm
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continues on this trend because it's a very powerful storm. there are a lot of question marcos that part of the forecast, but if you have a plan in place you can enact it as soon as you need to and hopefully you don't have to. >> the national weather service said it would be more than the hurricane season. >> and we're in the peak of hurricane season which is obvious. now to the wildfires burning out west. a brief down pour and cooler temperatures provideded a much-needed relief for crews battling a record-setting fire. the la tuna fire has burned more than 7,000 acres and all mandatory evacuations have now been lifted. meantime, in montana the lolo peak fire have burned acres. firefighters are clearing the brush and beiknocking down treeo limit the fire. in oregon, the hikers forced to the spend the night between two wildfires are safe back at home this morning. officials had ordered them to stay put saturday night until firefighters could clear a safe
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path out. six people were hurt sunday when an suv plowed into a new york city laundromat, and it was all caught on camera. take a look here, the vehicle actually going in reverse and it breaks through the glass and going pretty fast and it traveled to the back of the laundromat. police say it looks like an accident and the 74-year-old driver likely hit the gas instead of the brake and he has not been charged. three people were seriously hurt and three others suffered minor injuries in the crash. now to the dramatic rescue of a toddler who was trapped in a well. the little boy was with his grandparents when he wandered off and fell into a well in northwest china. he was stuck 40 feet down. rescuers dropped into the hole, and after ten hours the boy was pulled to safety and he was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was reported to be in good condition. >> dylan is here with the national forecast. >> yes. we are going to see a chance of stronger storms today in and around the great lakes as the
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cold front moves eastward and we're also looking at the weather to finally improve in the northeast and temperatures look nice in the lower 80s and very hot out west. that's a look across the country and your local forecast is coming up in the next 30 seconds. plus, when you get a flu shot at walgreens, you help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need through the un foundation. it's that easy to get your flu shot and make a difference. so swing by your local walgreens today. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy. good morning. a mild start across the bay area. you'll notice an increase in the cloud cover but we can expect to see another hazy and smoky day with poor air quality across the entire bay area. your expected highs will be cooler. that 24-hour temperature change.
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san jose is cooler than it was yesterday. san francisco four degrees cooler. a quick check of what you can expect today. livermore a high of 94. san francisco, 76. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you. just ahead, the violent arrest of a utah nurse that's putting police conduct in the spotlight. this morning, she's sharing her side of the story in her first live interview. also ahead, breaking royal news. a new baby is on the way. live at kensington palace with that big announcement from william and kate. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, some big changes in school cafeterias in this country. the menu makeovers, teaching kids a valuable lesson as they go back to class. and the best of the end of summer sales.
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==topvo== firefighters this mornar good morning. it's 7:26. i'm marcus washington. firefighters this morning are trying to put out a grass fire in the south bay burning in gilroy near st. teresa boulevard a short distance from the eagle ridge golf course. right now no evacuations but we just spoke with firefighters who say it has now burned 75 acres with zero percent containment up from ten acres last night burning in the hilly area that's making it difficult to knock down. children were playing with fireworks in the area. so far firefighters have not yet determined a cause. for a look at your weather today let's head over to vianey. we have that unhealthy air quality. our temperatures will be much more pleasant for. current temperatures along the coast in the 60s and inspots warming up into the 70s.
7:27 am
we are going to notice a significant drop in those temperatures and also very humid weather. it's all thanks to some moisture trailing in. remnants of tropical storm lidia expecting to push up north that will start the chance of seeing the possibility of some thunderstorms later on for today in some areas, not going to bring wide rain, though. a quick check of what you can expect. some much nicer temperatures. if you can get outside just remember to take breaks and head inside. we're still expecting to keep the smoke and air from all those wildfires. mike? a trash can rolling around 280. just heard about this between saratoga and westchester bouleva boulevard. no lanes blocked and no lanes to the bay bridge toll plaza. north bay, east bay, a live look. no problem, no backups, and no metering lights. some sun light coming up. you can enjoy that from san francisco to the bay, back to you. another local news update for you in half an hour and you can always find your news,
7:28 am
weather, and traffic at
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we're back at 7:30 on this labor day monday morning. i'm chanel jones alongside craig melvin. matt and savannah are off for the day. >> you are off. >> now it's back to the grind. >> good to have you back. let's get right to a check of today's headlines. rattling sabers. overnight, south korea simulates an attack on north korea in the wake of that country's test of a nuclear bomb as the trump administration warns of a massive military response and total annihilation. >> any threat to the united states or its territories will be met with a massive military response. the dream could be over for 700,000 undocumented workers who came to the u.s. as children as president trump is expected to
7:31 am
end the controversial obama administration program allowing them to stay. >> the president will end the daca program with a six-month delay. that will give congress enough time to pass a law if they want to keep the program. >> all eyes are on hurricane irma. the powerful category 3 storm churning in the atlantic, pushing toward the nation's east coast. >> that path is not what you wanted to see as you wake up this morning. here in south florida, get to the shelves and get as much stuff as you can. >> astronaut peggy witson returns to earth after logging two years in space, longer than any other person in history. >> and hands-on reporting. >> because there was just such an overabundance. >> an unflappable reporter makes the catch of the game live on tv. >> i just caught the baseball. >> monday, september 4, 2017. not only does the guy catch it. he catches it in stride. >> watch this again. >> it's effortless. >> because there was such an
7:32 am
overabundance -- >> a joke! >> it doesn't get any better. he can't repeat that. >> well done, sir. >> we'll get to that, but let's start with the video we first brought you last week that's sparking outrage nationwide. it shows the violent arrest of a utah nurse who says she was just following rules when she refused to let officers draw blood from an unconscious crash victim. we will talk to that nurse live in just a moment, but first, the latest on the incident that brought her here. >> we're done. you are under arrest. >> it was a violent confrontation. >> somebody help me! >> hospital surveillance and police body camera videos which may have been edited, show a salt lake city police officer arresting a nurse in july. alex wubbels says detective jeff payne demanded a blood sample from her unconscious patient. a truck driver involved in a fiery crash with a car that was
7:33 am
fleeing police. >> this is something that you guys agreed to with this hospital. >> wubbels objects citing hospital policy that a patient's blood cannot be drawn unless he or she gives consent has a warrant out for her arrest. wubbels says she was detained for about 20 minutes and released uncharged. detective payne says he arrested wubbels for interfering with an investigation writing in a police report he needed the blood samples so that it could be determined if the patient had any chemical substances in his system at the time of the crash. >> i was alarmed by what i saw. >> the salt lake city police department has placed payne and another officer on paid administrative leave pending a criminal investigation. >> you're hurting me! >> then walk! >> telling nbc news it is so sad that we've had this rift in our relationship with the medical community and we're working hard to fix that. >> we should mention we reached
7:34 am
out to detective payne for comment, but he did not respond. al alex wubbels is here along with her attorney. let me start with you, alex. the detective and another officer are on paid administrative leave right now. is that enough for you? >> um, i can't say that. i'm not chief payne -- i'm not even chief brown, but i'm not here to police the police. the police need to do that if they're goinging to regain any kind of trust by me or, i think, the public. >> when we listen to it, sometimes it's hard to watch. there was one point when you were saying i've done nothing wrong. this is crazy. so many people frankly agree with you. thousands, there is a petition with hundreds of thousands of signatures and support. what is your reaction been to the outpouring of support that you received? >> at first it was maybe
7:35 am
overwhelming is an understatement and the gratitude i have for the support by my colleagues as nurses around the country and around the world and just health care providers in general has been amazing, and just society. i think this resonates with people all over and that's a really unfortunate problem that we have that we have to fix and i strongly believe that with effective communication and better dialogue between our two agencies that we can potentially make this better. >> if the video had not been made public, do you think that anyone would have been held accountable? >> that's hard to say. you know, i can't predict that, but i released it because i felt very strongly that there needed to be accountability. >> this happened back on july 26th. why just release the vid why last week? >> well, it took me a while to understand that i was in a traumatic experience, and i needed that time to sort of give my emotions a chance to rest, if you will, so that i could come out and be pragmatic and be
7:36 am
effective in my communication. i also feel pretty strongly that the conversations i've had with the salt lake city department initially actually were progressive. they -- they wanted to walk down a path of positive change, but i did not have that same response from the university police and the university security, and so it was a little bit of a trigger to say, all right, this is what you need to see. if you're not willing to see it i'll show it to you. >> the sound of the scream was just so genuine. how has this impacted you personally and your family? >> my husband and my son are the best. i come home to them and my world changes and everything sort of dissipates and goes away, but i feel a sense of urgency for this conversation. we need to make this better. this can't be happening. it should never have happened, and if i have anything to say about it it won't happen again. >> that detective seemed intent
7:37 am
to getting that sample no matter what. why do we think -- or do we know? >> i have no idea. i personally didn't think there was any sense of urgency. i would have liked for a chance for him to sort of talk with one of his superiors prior to doing what he did to me. i don't know what his problem was, if you will. >> cara, what do you hope that people learn from all of this? >> a couple of things. one of the reasons that alex released this video was because most people that this happens to don't have this kind of evidence and so i -- i'm hoping that this helps people out there understand that this kind of thing does happen and can happen to anyone. >> are we planning a civil lawsuit? >> you know, it's not off the table, but alex has been very clear that her first priority was to try to get change to
7:38 am
policies and procedures, and things like that. so that's what we have focused on at this stage. >> what about you, for you, what do you want to come out of all of this? >> nothing by any means has been off the table and i have never once said that it was off the table, but if we in this country, and if i'm going to have effective communication, i feel really strongly thatio you have to come to the table with a sense of openness and honesty, and i would hope the same from the other side. >> all right. alex wubbels, thanks to both of you. >> thank you. >> let's go over to dylan now for another check of the weather. >> good morning, guys. we are going to see the chance of stronger storms today especially back through the great lakes. there is a cold front moving through and fairly clear right now despite spotty showers and we do have a risk especially through northern indiana and into parts of northwestern ohio and central illinois. that's where we could see large hail, damaging winds and isolating tornado that's possible and it's more the
7:39 am
damaging wind gusts as the storm develops this afternoon and this cold front is moving eastward and it will bring rain to the east coast, as well and on tuesday we'll see the cold front set up along the eastern seaboard and that will bring heavy pockets of rain from new england and out west it is all about the heat and we sti and with all of the wildfires happening throughout the area we're still expecting to keep that air quality unhealthy for today. look at these hazy, smoky skies over mt. hamilton now. we're not exing that to get better today. we do have a nice cooldown on the way, already under way right now. temperatures in the 70s san jose. in the 60s and that temperature change of the last 24 hours a drop of about 12 degrees for san jose. you can find your full forecast any time on the weather
7:40 am
channel on cable. >> thank you. just ahead, a back to school controversy. should kids be fined if they're late for class? >> but first, we're live at kensington palace with overnight baby news that has fans of the royals smiling. that's right after this. nature valley granola delicious ingredients to fuel your day find us in the cereal aisle. all the power of protein in one delicious bar nature valley protein bars you don't let anything lkeep you sidelined.
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7:44 am
dut duchess. exciting news. >> reporter: yes, good morning. duchess of cambridge isn't in labor yet, but she's pregnant and here at the palace where she is in fact suffering from a morning sickness. there was no sign the baby was on the way except for a hint the duchess dropped not long ago. late summer surprise, baby number three is on the way. in a tweet saying they're very pleased to announce that the duchess of cambridge is expecting their third child. longer statement says she is suffering from severe morning sickness. and has canceled a visit to a london's children center this morning. that condition, more than anything, is why news of the pregnancy has broken so early. why it's not a surprise to some. >> it's not a surprise. i think all of us have just been
7:45 am
sitting waiting for this announcement. i think most people assume she would want to have three. she's wanted three. >> there was no obvious sign the duchess was pregnant, just an intriguing hint from her six weeks ago in poland when she was handed a toy for a newborn baby and laughed about having more. the duchess has suffered acute morning sickness during both pregnancies. so severe during her first with prince george, she had to be treated in the the hospital. the news of new life follows last week's somber commemoration of the death of princess diana 20 years ago. comes as the couple's first born george begins school. george turned four in july. this the official portrait. charlotte was two in may. this photograph taken by the duchess. the queen who was carrying out an official engagement in scotland this morning is said to
7:46 am
be delighted. the new baby means it's evenless likely prince harry will become king. he's not out of the top five. as to when the baby will be born, probably late april or early may. don't know if it's a boy or girl. hasn't stopped the crazy betting here on the gender or the name. alice is an early favorite, of course, only if it's a girl. >> chatter begins. >> coming up, angelina jolie opens up. what she's saying about life one year after her split from brad pi pitt. >> dylan made her way to the orange room. >> the question that comes up on this date every single year, should you or should you not wear white after labor day. diving into that debate right after this.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
talking fall fashion? >> we are. and i give this topic way too much thought. labor day marks the end of summer. and also the day to pack away your white clothing. the age-old no white after labor day rule goes back to the 1900s where wearing white was a status s symbol. many are resisting this faux pas that was set more than 100 years ago. let's take to twitter. erika tweets, i'll wear white pants when i want to wear white pants. >> i ware, 30 women, self-included, had on white pants. i wear white skirts saturday and sunday to get my last wear on. and, sheinelle, you have white on today. craig, you're wearing your summer suit. we asked on twitter, is it okay to wear white on labor day. the results are in. 79% say yes. 21% say no. if you're lucky like daryl, he
7:52 am
doesn't have to make this decision. i'm at a loss to remember when i owned white pants. >> i put on the navy blazer today because of the 20% of you. >> i think it's time to put this debate to bed. for the 20% of you, why? because it's a rule. >> let's wear white tomorrow. i'm wearing the same suit tomorrow. >> all-white suit tomorrow. coming up, be on time or pay. one high school's move to bring one high school's move to bring tardiness to an you'farewell, cookie betdough ice cream.e! what's that you're drinking? it's trop50. it's fine. it tastes delicious and has 50% fewer calories with this taste? no way. give me fifty squats. but... it can't taste this good ... read the label. ...and have 50% fewer calories? exactly, now you drop... ...and give me the 50. trop50. tastes so good you won't believe
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good morning. it is 7:55 and even though a lot of will be heading outside we are expecting a cooldown. please remember that as of right now we're still inspecting hazy and smoky conditions. 76 for san jose. san francisco at 69. and let's talk about the 24-hour temperature change. early in the day we were seeing a drop of nine to eight degrees compared to yesterday and we're still seeing that in the san jose area. also in the oakland area we're five degrees cooler and a lot more pleasant for the east bay, concord at 91. oakland will be climbing to 82. san jose climbing to a high of 87 and along the coastline temperatures in the 60s and tefts. we can expect to see more cloud cover. mike? a smooth drive all around the bay.
7:57 am
green sensors everywhere. a little slowing coming off mile canyon for eastbound 84. no problems in the tri-valley. an easy, light drive. drive through the maze and approach a great flow of traffic. looking at the rest of the bay. you do have maintenance going on and also in san jose watch vta closures at civic center and there is the freeway highway 101. happening now firefighters in gilroy are battling a grass fire that doubled in size overnight. it burned near the eagle ridge golf course not far from exclusive homes. there's zero containment so far. no word from president trump on the future of daca which protects hundreds of thousands of young people who are children of undocumented immigrants. on our home page link to the latest including a look at protests over the weekend and what may have to happen before daca would be fazed out.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, on high alert. south korea warning of yet another missile launch by north korea, following its test of a hi hydrogen bomb as the u.s. weighs its own military operation. >> we are not looking for the total annihilation of a country. we have many options to do so. plus, irma incoming. the category 3 hurricane gaining more strength as it barrels towards the caribbean, with the u.s. possibly in its path, as thousands in texas are still picking up the pieces from hurricane harvey.
8:01 am
and meal makeover, two companies on a mission to take school lunches from fried and fattening to healthy and appetizing. >> we know that healthy males drive health outcomes and student outcomes in the classroom. >> today, monday, september 4th, 2017. ♪ >> paul and mary, tell us why today's so special. >> our 25th anniversary. >> it's labor day and we have fans from all over. >> from australia. >> what are you celebrating today? >> my 12th birthday. ♪ >> who would you like to send some love to. maple valley washington. >> good luck watching our kids. >> good luck watching our kids. welcome back, today, on this labor day monday morning. thanks for joining us. matt and savannah will be back
8:02 am
tomorrow. we'll get outside in a bit. >> feels like fall outside this morning. summer's over. >> summer's over. we want to get right to your news at 8:00. the u.n. security council is holding an emergency meeting to talk about north korea's alarming nuclear test. at the same time, u.s. and its allies are gearing up for a possible response. chief correspondent richard engel is in seoul for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we've seen escalation after escalation in the last several weeks, with from north korea and american flyover of the peninsula and nuclear test by north korea. doesn't seem to be over yet. officials saying they're seeing indications that north korea is planning for yet another missile test. >> reporter: south korea showed kim jong-un what an attack on his regime would look like. president trump's national
8:03 am
security team is mulling options after north korea's latest and biggest nuclear test. >> mr. president, will you attack north korea. >> we'll see. >> president trump last month spelled out how far the u.s. would go. >> they will be met with fire and fury. >> and even the generally more cautious defense secretary mattis with this warning sunday. >> we are not looking to the total enighlation of a country, namely north korea, but as i said, we have many options to do so. >> reporter: north korea's state media announced kim jong-un successfully saw the detonation of a bomb. many times more powerful than the bombs the u.s. dropped on hiroshima in world war ii. >> any threat to the united states or its territories, including guam, or allies will be met with a massive military response, response both
8:04 am
effective and overwhelming. >> reporter: north korea claims its latest bomb was small enough to fit on an i went continballi that could reach the united states. north korea's missile range and reliability have been improving. a date to watch, september 9, a major national holiday in north korea. north korea in the past has used national holidays to carry out military activities. so between now and september 9, we could see more actions from north korea. >> five days from now. thank you. president trump is also preparing to announce whether he's dismantle the daca program which protects many undocumented immigrants who arrived here when they were children. kristen welker is at the white house. >> good morning to you. this morning president trump could be on the verge of a political fire storm over immigration. according to multiple reports,
8:05 am
the president is expected to announce tomorrow he'll end the obama era program known as daca unless congress can come up with a fix in less than six months. protects dreamers from being deported while they work on attend school. dreamers are 780,000 young immigrants brought here illeg illegally by participants. president will cast this as campaign premise kept to get tougher on immigration, but helping to force his hand, nine states threatening to sue the administration unless mr. trump scraps daca by tomorrow. o the president's base is also lashing out. saying he should end the program now and not punt it to congress. >> kristen, thank you. thousands of south texas residents final return to flood-damaged homes, others have just been oertd eordered to lea miguel all is in texas.
8:06 am
>> reporter: homes are under water. others are inundated with mud as thousands are being forced to evacuate once again. harvey's path still being felt. this as so many realize the disaster has just begun. >> reporter: this morning. many are picking up the pieces. harvey's catastrophic flooding is now taking on a new threatening toll. in west houston hand tory evacuations. reservoirs are overflowing. water releases are forcing thousands away from their homes. >> there's a lot of people here who lost everything. we just want to try to get our belongings. that's it. >> reporter: for the first time in port arthur. many returning to homes that were under water. now finding their lives flipped upside down. >> for me, i can handle it. i hurt for her. >> all kind of like decorations. >> harold and fiance diane are doing all they can just to stay
8:07 am
afloat. >> i've held up until now. i'll be okay. bill okay. >> the cost of recovery could top $190 billion. more than hurricane katrina and super storm sandy. harvey may be gone, but this region is in perils. >> have you been helped ma'am. >> no ma. >> what do you need. >> in beaumont, thousands are in need. here they wait for hours, desperate for the basics. >> here you go, ma'am. >> thank you. >> with thousands giving what they can, some can't take much more more, but there is hope in faith. a community coming together to make up for what's been taken aw away. >> reporter: harvey's death toll now tops 40. rescue missions have turned into
8:08 am
relief efforts. cleanup will no doubt take years. >> thoughts and prayers still with the people of texas this morning. thank you. police chief responding to the announcement by the officer's union they will not hold the american flag at cleveland opening game. friday said his members were offended when some members kneeled in protest. in a statement last night. chief williams praise ed the long-standing relationship between the team. both sides want to tal team. but they want to talk with input from players and fans. the browns play their opening game on sunday. a college football who lost his eyesight but not his dream is celebrating the biggest play of his career so far. usc trojan jake olson was sent into a game saturday for the first time. and check this out. he delivers a perfect long snap for the final extra point kick, as usc beats western michigan. a rare form of cancer left jake
8:09 am
blind when he was 12 years old. but that, that only made him more determine to work toward a spot on his favorite team. jake told "the l.a. times," quote, if you can't see how god works things out, i think blind one. amen to that. much, much more ahead on this labor day morning, including what angelina jolie is now saying about being single and her health. also move over pizza and fries. menu makeovers comes to schools all across the country. >> best labor day sales. what to buy and where to shop. kicking off world records with an attempt with the fittest woman on earth, but first, these messages. never stops. never stops. which is why the online financing application at is so convenient. get some of that finance stuff out of the way from wherever you are, at the doctor's office, karate practice or my favorite... back at the doctor's office. knowing before you go means more quality time
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8:13 am
♪ back at 8:13, with what's "trending" today. if you're a student late to class. sometimes you get a warning. maybe detention. but this year, some students really have to pay the price. at a high school in utah, administrators have decided to fine students for tardiness. the first offense is a warning. the second offense is 3 bucks. after that, $5. the policy is stirring reaction from some. some are prizing it. and others are calling it unfair. what say you guys? >> i think it's fair. if you have a valid excuse, that's fine. i remember in high school, the bell would ring sometimes. and there was a goody two-shoes,
8:14 am
like me, running to class. and others were not. >> i thought i was a nerd at school. >> gives to her school fun that benefits the kid s. >> that is a better reason. >> the money goes somewhere. >> i would be okay with that. >> if you agree one person is late, and the next is late. you need to get to class on time, if they've gone off the cliff of people showing up late, this could be the answer. >> and the school says it's working, by the way. the halls are a lot emptier than they used to be before the fines started. >> that means you're in favor of it, too. >> oh, yeah. >> $3 to $5 went a long way in high school. >> we were rule followers. >> i wasn't such a rule follower. i would get in class and still cut up from time to time. >> also parents are on time.
8:15 am
you're not late to anything. >> we have spoken. we say -- >> what say you? go to twitter and let us know. got some "pop start"? >> yes. angelina jolie. it's been a year since her and brad pitt filed for divorce. she said, i don't enjoy being single. there's nothing nice about it. sometimes, maybe it appears i'm pulling it all together. but really, i am just trying to get through my days. emotionally, it's been a very difficult year. the actress says she has other health issues she is monitoring. and it's been a good time to absorb, develop and grow. to george and amal clooney. they hit the film festival the first time as parents. the new dad talked about the baby names. he said, we didn't want to have dumb names.
8:16 am
>> what is he talking about? >> we figured these kids are going to be looked at a lot and watched and have their every move judged. we wanted them to have a break with the names. and their personalities, he joked this alexander is already a thug. he just sits and eat. and ella is very elegant. thank god, she looks like her mom. and chris evans. when shooting on location, he had to spend ten weeks from home. on twitter, he expressed how much he missed his furry friend, counting down the days until they were reunited. when they finally di, he got the biggest love ever. it looks like doblger missed chris just as much. the video went viral. >> that's so cute. >> that's your "pop start." >> and now, "the daly click." >> carson is not going to be happy when he comes back. >> he is back tomorrow. now, your "daly click."
8:17 am
look at charlie faye. she is a 5-year-old ready for her first year of school, styled by her mother. check out the back. every section is carefully parted, fastened by a braid that goes around her head. fast forward to the end, when charlie faye hopped into the car. one glance at the kindergartner, she knew she had a day. the good news is charlie faye's day wasn't as terrible as it appeared. her head started itching. she tried to remedy the situation. >> i'm trying to figure out what i'm going to do with my daughter's hair because i will be here. >> does your husband do her hair? >> it's a hot mess. i lay out all the products. just do this. we had a tutorial one sunday. doesn't work. >> he's doing the best he can. i hope he's watching this
8:18 am
morning. >> no time. he's doing her hair. put your weather hat on for us. >> let's break down the details of hurricane irma. it's a category 3 hurricane. winds are very strong, with the eye of the storm very defined right now. this is expected to develop into a category 4 hurricane, as it runs into warmer water and favorable conditions to develop. hurricane watches in effect already. and the track of the storm is going to change, i'd say, over the next several days. here you see it, just to the north of puerto rico, as a category 4 hurricane thursday morning. if this path goes farther to the south, once it moves over land, that will weaken it. it will stay strong if it stays to the north. it will weaken if it crosses over puerto rico and part of haiti and the dominican republic. of course, that's not what we want. but that's just the way it works scientifically. this area of high pressure, it's looking like it's going to hold this storm in place, meaning there's no reason for it to move on out to sea.
8:19 am
it all depends on what this high does. once we get to next weekend, that's when all eyes will be on the southeastern united states. it's early and a lot is going to change with this storm. it's a good idea if you're in the carolinas, in georgia, down through florida, to have a plan in place. if this forecast does pan out, you can go into that plan. just start thinking about it now because this storm is expected to continue in that direction. and it will certainly have some significant effects through the caribbean and possibly again into the southeast, next weekend that's what's going on around the country. here's a peek out your window. current temperatures remain mild across the bay area. 76 degrees for san jose, and along the coast, half moon bay at 68, san francisco at 70. we are expecting some slightly cooler temperatures, a bit more comfortable, especially along the coast. i do want to remind folks even though we're seeing a bit of a
8:20 am
cooldown, we are expected to keep that unhealthy air quality throughout the remainder of your day, a high of 94 in livermore, san jose 87, san francisco, a high of 76. >> and that's your latest forecast. i mentioned a few moments ago, people of texas and louisiana impacted by hurricane harvey are in our threoughts an prayers this holiday morning. >> today, jeff rossen is here to fill you in. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are kicking off our special series tomorrow morning, right here on "today." we are calling it "helping after harvey." that's exactly what we're doing. teaming up with the united way and traveling across the country the northeast, to the south, to the midwest, collecting donation to the victims of hurricane harvey. and we will bring it to houston for the people who need it. tomorrow morning, we will be live in dallas at the united way. the address is 1800 north lamar
8:21 am
street. accepting donations from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 central. here's what you can donate. toiletry. new underwear and socks. new bedding. cleaning supplies. toilet paper and paper towels and school supplies. if you live around there or have family around there, you will be in the area, we would love to see you guys. it kicks off tomorrow morning. >> all doable things. >> and all that information, we're going to put it on our website, you can help out. now, to our ongoing series "back to school today." this morning, the all-important lunches. >> forget fried and fattening. two companies are working to get lunches healthy coast-to-coast. >> america's schools have come a long way from corn dogs and canned peas. hoping to keep the students satisfied with healthy options.
8:22 am
meet the moms who are going gourmet. >> what we know is that healthy meals, we have the date that to prove it, drive not only health outcomes but also student outcomes in the classroom. every, single meal has a beautiful, whole grain. >> reporter: revolution foods in oakland stands by a simple mod toe, apply good nutrition to the cafeteria. your meals have meatless pepperoni, brown rice, fresh veggies. why is that important? >> we believe in real fresh food. no artificial anything in our meals. >> reporter: this isn't more expensive than what school districts are serving? >> we serve all of our meals in the reimbursement races. >> reporter: healthy foods are 2 million meals a week. each with a fruit, vegetable, lean protein and whole grain. logistically how do you make this work?
8:23 am
>> we are sourcing fresh ingredients. cooking and assembling the meals and sending them out to schools across the region. >> what does it say to these kids when you give them quality food? >> it sends a message of respect and empowerment. >> reporter: school breakfast is also getting a makeover. >> we approach cereal from a different perspective. >> reporter: the founders of back to the roots, say empowerment parts with the most important meal of the day. how does back to the roots cereal compare to a typical cereal? >> they're lower in sugar. and they're full of fiber, as well. >> reporter: a solution that caught the attention of new york city public schools. >> you can't like what you're exposed to. it's exciting to offer organic,
8:24 am
biodynamic cereals. >> reporter: is it important to eat healthy? >> if you don't eat healthy, you get fat. >> i need protein in the morning or i get grouchy. >> reporter: back to the roots has launched a variety of flavors at schools in half a dozen states. what is the best part of this all? >> the most fun piece of this is seeing the spark of curiosity about food. >> for us to be part of that solution is amazing. >> i'm all for it. might as well try it. >> if you eat healthy at that ij i age -- >> if you don't know any better. >> i think your pallet changes. if you taste something that's too sweet or salty. >> some of the cereal there. up next, break it today. the fittest woman in the world, attempting a guinness world
8:25 am
record live on the plaza. hope she's saving some. we'll get to that right after local news. ==topvo==
8:26 am
firefighters this morning are trying to put out a grass fire in the south bay. it )s bn good morning. it's 8:26. i'm i'm marcus washington. firefighters are trying to put out a xwrasz fire in the south bay burning in gilroy a short distance from the eagle rinl golf course. right now there are no evacuations but firefighters say that it's now burned 75 acres with zero containment. that's up 10 acres from last night. it's burning in a hilly area, which is making it difficult for firefighters to knock it down. we've also learned this morning that a firefighter was injured after falling about 40 feet in the darkness. there's no word on a possible injury, but that firefighter is now being evaluated. now let's look at what's going on with the traffic. a light one this morning, mike. >> yeah. light. understatement. very easy. right now a few more folks head across town. one note, marcus, we have this
8:27 am
crash at highway 1 at highway 35 near the split. there's been a crash but the car caught fire. fire crews are blocking one lane there. no lanes blocked, no problems, a stall at bay bridge toll plaza. that cleared. easy drive. travel times at a minimum. mass transit, b.a.r.t. as well as vta thu the south bay both have track work projects going on so there will be delays on bus bridges and modified service for muni, transit and cal trains because of labor day. we're always on at more local news in a half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
our story begins more than 60 years ago inside an abandoned chicken coop. where our founder discovered a retired teacher living. no home. no healthcare. so she said "no" to this injustice, and "yes" to transforming lives. it's this drive, this compassion, that inspired aarp. today, we empower people to choose how they live as they age. we advocate for health and financial security. we strengthen communities everywhere. we are aarp. creating real possibilities.
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♪ good morning. we're back at 8:30 now on a monday morning, september 4th, 2017, labor day. a lovely holiday crowd is on the plaza with us this morning. don't forget, we have a great concert for you at the end of the week. kelly clarkson will be here on friday. >> i hope she sings "since you've been gone." >> she's got a ton. >> what a great crowd. >> great crowd. >> they didn't sleep in. >> they didn't. they've been out here for a long time. it's a beautiful morning on the plaza. we have a beautiful woman we want to point out. on the plaza this morning. shirley is turning 85. you're shirley? and you're 85? >> i'm 85. >> happy birthday.
8:31 am
who do you have with you here? >> my children. and grandchildren. and two wonderful nieces. >> where are you from? >> seattle, cincinnati, louisville, florida, scottsdale and cincinnati and boston. >> they're all here for you? >> oh, yes. >> how special does that make you feel? >> so special. >> you are special. and thank you so much for celebrating here. happy birthday to shirley. how lovely is she? >> 85 years old. you look amazing. and the whole family is here from all over the country. >> good to see the tribe making the trip. coming up, want to get your hands on good deals this labor day? we have the inside scoop on today's holiday sales, including what and what not to buy. speaking of looking amazing, one of the fittest women on earth is here. wait until you see what she's about to attempt, as we begin a week's worth of guinness world
8:32 am
records, live on the plaza. >> i hope she is storing some of that energy. and we are bringing out the grill this labor day, for tasty recipes you can try at your barbecue today. before all of that, a lot of folks want to know what the cookout forecast is today. >> most of the country looks okay for the barbecues. in the northeast, the temperatures are warming up. scattered showers and storms across indiana and ohio. hot out west. but it is going to be sunny. we will see a couple of scattered showers and storms across florida. as we get to the middle of the week, the cold front comes to the great lakes will move to the east coast. it will be a soaking rain on wednesday. sunny and dry through the middle of the still hot out west. by the end of the week, we are going to see mostly nice weather, gorgeous through the midwest, temperatures in the 70s, late l breezy down through the southeast, and we will be at that point keeping a close eye on what irma is going to do and
8:33 am
where that path takes it, especially as we go into the weekend and into early next week. that's what's going on around the country. here's a peek out your window. it looks like labor day is going to be the day that we get a break from the triple-digit heat across the entire bay area. here's a live look right now in san francisco. we're still seeing those hazy skies, san jose as well, air quality remains poor, a lot of smoke out there. please limit your outdoor activity. take frequent breaks and head inside if you're at the beach. 94 for the high in livermore, san jose 87 along the coast in those upper sixty and lower 70s. >> you can find your full forecast on the weather channel on cable. it's the beginning of a lot of great sales today. with the scoop on where you can find the best sales is sara from
8:34 am
retail me not. if you don't get it in today, are we out of luck or do the sales extend a little bit? >> the sales extend a little bit. the retail holidays get longer and longer. that's what you're going to see with labeler day deals. >> give us the scoop. where can we find the biggest discounts? >> let's start with apparel. you're going to find clothing sales across the board. anything you didn't pick up for your back-to-school haul, now is the time to do it. retailers will discount items after they've been in stores for two months. you're going to find specials at old navy, 50% off jeans. and macy's right now, offering 20% off their labor day sale. >> what about grilling? a lot of people will be out and about today. >> if you do not pick up your grill today, labor day is a great time to pick up good grill deals, they will be extended into the rest of the month.
8:35 am
and that's great about grills is a lot of your favorite retailers are looking to push out summer inventory to make room for snowblowers and space heaters. if particular, if you go to home depot, you find 50% off. if you go weber, as well. >> what about patio pufurniture? >> a familiar rule of thumb. a lot of retailers need to pull in things for the winter. take advantage of the outdoor furniture sales. up to 70% off wayfair. and overstock offering 70% off patioen f patio furniture and rugs. >> every labor day, we talk about mattresses. >> three-day weekends allow consumers to look around.
8:36 am
it allows them to think about what they're buying. a lot of retailers know this they have the time to think about and buy. they discount. manufacturers for mattresses tend to release new models this time of year. the old models have to be cleared out. >> they're still fine. >> just because they're last year's model doesn't mean you're going to get quality. check out places like sears. offering up to 60% off. and kohl's, 20% off select mattre mattresses. >> i heard this was time to book your next trip. you should look ahead and you can save some money. >> september is known as shoulder season. you're going to find great deals. and labor day, after labor day, booking things like airfare and even hotels. you're going to get great deals. i recommend looking at tuesdays and thursdays to buy these airfare tickets and hotel deals. and set up fare alerts. you never know when your route is going to be discounted. and right now, we know if you go
8:37 am
to, you will get a deal on and expedia has really great, strong deals right now. >> you know what else grabbed my attention, food. it makes sense if you're buying furniture and mattresses, a lot of places are offering discounts today. >> we love labor day for all of the sales. but sneaky sale is a food deal. food stores realize they need to eat. and they're going to try to get new and repeat customers. by doing that they are offering freebies. you can take advantage of different freebies. at ante anne's, by one, get one free. chick-fil-a. if you download the app, you get a free breakfast entree. and mcdonald's, as well. >> is thering in we should not buy or wait. >> i recommend waiting on two
8:38 am
particular categories. diamonds, hold off. and electronics. it's true, you will get the best deals around black friday and cyber monday. >> that was impressive. happy shopping. up next, one of the fittest women on the planet attempts to become a guinness world record for the third time. first, this is "today" on nbc. coñ(
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ you're back. teaming up with your friends at guinness world records for a series called "break it today." >> they are celebrating the release of their new book. and we were fortunate enough to celebrate with our own record attempts. >> we've been setting records going back to roker-thon 2014. 26 attempts since then. on this morning, we're on a mission to do it again. >> today's challenger is reebok
8:41 am
athlete, annie. she has been called one of the fittest women on earth. she is here to attempt the record for most weight lifteded in a one-minute barbell thruster. and here to watch it all, michael empric. is buffer a word? in american. this is -- yes. >> my last name is toorisdottir. >> why did you want to break this one? >> thrusters hurt. >> you're in the guinness book twice. this would not be your first attempt. >> this is my third one. >> are you ready? i'm ready. >> are you guys ready?
8:42 am
>> michael, quickly, how does this work? >> what i'm looking for is the squat position, the bar thrust over the head. that's one count. the mark to beat is 1,212 pounds. that's about 15 thrusts. she seems confident. we're going to see where she ends up. >> that is heavy. >> we should get out of the way. are you going to give me the count, michael? >> i will. three, two, one, go. that will be the official start on go. annie, are you ready? here we go. for the record. get into position. three, two, one, go. [ cheers ] ♪ >> 50 seconds remaining.
8:43 am
40 seconds remaining. >> 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. >> 30 seconds remaining. >> 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. >> 20 seconds remaining. >> 29. 30. >> ten. nine. eight. seven. six. five. four. three. two. one. >> man. man. [ cheers and applause ] yes. so, michael has to do the official tallying there. >> my goodness. >> he's going to do the official tally. we'll get to michael in a moment. >> slow down. we'll give you a second to catch
8:44 am
your breath. >> i'm good. >> my gosh. >> how do you feel, annie? >> i feel okay. it doesn't really hit you until the last ten seconds. my shoulders are getting a little tired right now. >> just a little bit. >> just a little, yeah. >> you made it look easy. >> and everybody's counting. were we distracting you? >> that was awesome. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right, michael. what's the good word? >> annie, the mark to beat was 1,212 pounds. today, on the "today" show, you had 2,805, a new guinness world record. congratulations. >> that's how soawesome. >> now, you can rest. have some pizza or something. >> how do you celebrate? what do you do? >> i'm excited to be in new york. i'm going to hit some of my favorite places in here. some shops.
8:45 am
>> of course. >> annie, michael, thank you so much. we'll be going for even more records all this week. first, delicious recipes for the grill that you can try on any night of the week. but first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap to friends at more banks than ever before. you got next? chase. make more of what's yours.
8:47 am
♪ all right. we're back with "today food," celebrating labor day with delicious recipes on the grill. easy, no-fuss ideas that you can work up today, or any day. and a few suggestions for busy school nights, as well. anthony scotto is back. >> happy labor day. >> what are we making here? >> grilled pizza. grilled sausage. everything on the grill. everything self-complete. easy. >> let's start with the grilled pizza. the ingredients we need. >> cheese. cherry tomatoes.
8:48 am
ham and basil. this is store-bought pizza dough. you feel that? feel this. >> yeah. >> we use in our flour, in our mix, whole wheat pizza. whole pewheat pizza flour, molasses. we don't let it rise. we will make the balls. cover hem in olive oil and put them in the refrigerator, they lost thr last three days. everything by hand. always olive oil. >> never flour? >> you feel it sticking? >> yeah. >> you add a little more oil. we will push it out. are you feeling that? >> why no flour? >> it will burn on the grill.
8:49 am
we're grilling it. >> got it. >> you this is what it looks like when you pushed it out. >> yours looks better than mine. >> no worries. we'll take that. move it to the grill. can you hold the bottom for me? >> absolutely. >> take this. >> high heat. >> don't you burn yourself. >> no worries. i'm used to it. everybody has the idea there. >> and how long? >> let me show you how long. this is one side, which we cooked too long. this is another one here. this is what it's going to look like when it's cooked on one side. we're going to dress that now. let me show you that. >> more olive oil. >> you're going to add olive oil. this is the olive oil is what you need to cook with. >> can you use store-bought dough? >> you can use the store-bought dough. not a problem. it will be thicker to finish it. add the cheese. and add the thoomato for me.
8:50 am
>> you put me to work. i like that. >> it's good. you see where this is going, yes? >> yeah. not long at all. >> not long at all. four-minute pickup. we've got that, yes? this is what the pizzas will look like when it comes off the grill. you're going to make a special today, which is going to consist of the arugula. and a little olive oil. >> you love the olive oil. >> salt and pepper. >> just a pinch? >> please. you're going to add that to the pizza. >> right to the pizza. >> a little bit is good. i'm going to give you tomatoes, just for color. we're going to add ham. you have to figure you're going to have slices. you're going to cut it down the center. and then, you're going to cut it across. cool? and then, this way. >> wow. okay. all right. >> you have to figure on that. >> and now, we have sausage, as well? >> what we will do now, the
8:51 am
sausage, we made it homemade and fresco. >> that's good pizza. >> it's good. >> we're going to add that to the grill. >> what kind of sausage? >> it's cheese and parsley sausage. we stuff it fresco. at the same time on the grill, we're going to add a little garlic, olive oil. >> that's a regular cast iron skill skillet. >> while those are grilling, peppers, onions. >> ladies, what's the word down there? >> delicious. >> how did you get the pizza so thin? >> that's the rubbing it out. >> that's so good. >> how can you tell when the skr veggies are ready? >> you let them wilt down. you don't want to kill them. make them stay nice and plumpy and soft.
8:52 am
and they're good. this is going to have color. once you have color on this, you're easy enough. i have it down here for you. what i did -- thank you. what i did is i grilled off the sausage already. >> oh, wow. that's beautiful. >> i'm going to show you that. i'm going to sausage. we're going to do a lit official the peppers. >> this is so good. >> and this can be frozen? >> let me show you what happens here. you have the peppers on here. i'm going to add a broccoli rub to this. and a little bit of beans. >> what kind of beans? >> catalina bean. that's what it will look like. >> it's beautiful. >> this is leftover. this is leftover for tomorrow. tomorrow, we chop that up and add parsley to it. >> that's good. >> good. >> thumbs up? >> thumbs up. i have never been able to get my pizza that thin. >> all these recipes, and more
8:53 am
recipes, this is really good. >> thank you. back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
we are back. and, dylan, it is birthday time. >> and a pizza party for our birthdays today. let's spin around the smucker's jars and see the lovely people we're celebrating today. happy 102nd birthday to roselena
8:55 am
garcia. she lived in africa for 20 years. jerome is 100 years old. he received his law degree when he was 19 and worked as an attorney for 75 years. good for him. happy 100th birthday to mary of california. she is one of the rosie the riveters. thank you for that. mr. william schreck, a retired fireman from stonybrook, new york. he was named prom king of his veteran's home. and rose is a retired hairdresser from los angeles. she loves to style her own hair and nails. and happy 100th birthday to herbert of north testen, california. he worked as a safety engineer on the space shuttle.
8:56 am
if you know someone celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary, tell us about them at and don't photos. >> what a great day. >> this is fantastic to make at home. what's coming up? >> fun stuff. fall fashion forwards. >> have a great labor day. first, your local news and weather. today or - more likely - tomorrow .. president trump will reportedly announce plans to ter te )daca ). that )s the executive order president obama first signed good morning. it's 8:56. i'm kris sanchez. today or perhaps tomorrow president trump will announce plans to terminate daca, the executive order president obama signed over five years ago that protects 800,000 so-called dreerms. they are all children of undocumented imgrants brought with their parents to the united states. about one-faurter of all dreamers live in california, amounting to about 220,000.
8:57 am
the latest reports indicate the official termination of daca would not come for six months in order to give lawmakers time to pass legislation to replace it. happening now, following developments on the daca front including the protests that happened over the weekend. you can link to full details on our home page. also online, we're monitoring a grass fire burning near homes in fwil roy. it doubled in size overnight and how has burned 75 acres. right now, firefighters say there is no containment. and get updates of your forecast at the smoky conditions and brutal heat are providing a double whammy when it comes to bay area air quality. today is the fifth straight spare-the-air day as people are asked to limit driving and recirculate air in their homes.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," melons in a microwave. what the heck? food you've. eating all wrong. and call us crazy. we're playing never have i ever. and the five hot fashion trends you'll wear this fall, coming up right now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and happy labor day, monday morning, september 4th. i don't like it. i love it. by flo-rida. dylan is not here. she was on from 7:00 to 9:00. i'm not really here. >> we're all on vacation.
9:01 am
>> nbc's kieir simmons is gone. but he's here. >> i think i'm here. >> i'm here and i'm wearing the same dress. >> you're back from vacation. there you have it. >> happy holiday. what should we talk about? >> labor day here in this s country, marks the unofficial end of summer. keir, do you have an unofficial end of sumner england? >> we don't have a summer in england. it rains through the entire summertime. and then, it gets hot in september. it's a strange, strange country. >> you have time off from school. >> yeah. we have all that, yeah. >> back to the grind next week? >> everyone is heading back to school, yeah. my kids are heading to school, starting kindergarten for the first time. >> will this be the first time the kids are gone all day? five days a week? >> no. they have been at preschool. and they've had long days at
9:02 am
preschool. >> long days. 12-hour, 14-hour days. >> i didn't realize -- >> i work those kids hard. >> they're so cute. >> come on, kids. it's money time. i mean, there's no point in allowing -- >> daddy needs a new pair of shoes. >> there's no sense of relying on daddy. >> do they take naps in kindergarten? >> no. >> no nap? >> they don't do it anymore. >> i don't think so. preschool, they put their head down thing. but i think -- >> why? why not? >> there's work to do. as i said. you -- >> i remember miss owens' class in kindergarten. i couldn't wait to get my graham cracker. is nap and you lay on your -- it was a great time. >> what about your kids? >> kindergarten for the first time. my twins. this will be the first time we separated the twins.
9:03 am
the school where they go, they monday d mandate it. >> you and i both have twins. we talk about that for so long. >> together? >> exactly. >> breaking news, everyone. including to my wife. >> honey? >> i got some news. before you -- before you -- >> can't say it. >> sorry i took us down that road. happy labor day. that's a whole different kind of labor. >> oh, gosh. i'm really interested in what you have to say, keir. get it out. >> so am i. >> what were you saying? i'm curious. are you separating them? >> yes. i'm sorry. i think i made it even worse. >> can i hear you laugh? it's so charming. >> it's like having colin firth do the show with us. >> it really is. >> okay. let me catch a breath for a moment. we are separating our twin
9:04 am
girls. yeah, we are. there you go. >> now, will this be the first time all three of your kids are in full-time -- >> one place. but i live in new york city. so, we take the subway. so, there will be three children on the train every morning doing the trek. >> i look forward to -- it will be three different drop-offs. but the same place. >> that's a big difference. >> and you will have your morning -- or your early afternoon -- >> yes, to do that. >> to you. >> absolutely. >> do your kids go to the same school? >> no, they never did. separate schools. different schools. and leila's getting ready to go to college. >> can't believe that. >> we just dropped her off. nick is going to be a freshman -- a freshman -- >> you're really, really disappointed about. >> right. >> mixed emotions. it's the way things are supposed to go. courtney is working full-time. nick will be a freshman in high school. i will say, this is the way it's supposed to work. >> how does deborah feel about
9:05 am
it? >> deborah's a mess. she's a mess. and it's funny. i remember when my parents dropped me off. i was the first one to go to college in my family. and my father was blubbering like a baby. >> they must have been so proud. >> yes. no question. and i'm proud leila's going to school and nick's going to be a freshman. it's like, wow. you're in the throes of parenting and rearing these kids. but they get to that point where -- >> they have to go. i say to my wife two things. join it because it won't last because i know that. and the other thing, don't lose all of yourself and all of your life because the children will leave and then you have to rebuild. >> and you're looking at each other going -- >> who are you? >> as my dad -- >> i do that with my wife right now, actually. >> wow. >> especially with that news about me and sheinelle. >> i know. >> yeah. "sister wives." >> moving on. >> you brought up a point that it's been my mode for the
9:06 am
summer, to be in the moment, be in the moment when i'm with my kids, to the point where one of the highlights of my summer, hands-down, when we were in oer orlando and did the show. and i stayed a couple days later, and they had a ball. all the things we did and all of the rides and the theme parks, being in the hotel swimming pool, outside and having the kids -- all of them, and showing them how to float. and i remember putting my phone under a towel so it wouldn't get wet. and i was thinking, i don't have my phone. i was like, i don't have any phone. i was so happy. it was almost euphoric. it was like bliss. it felt so sweet. >> i will tell you, one of my high points of the summer was being with your kids. >> really? >> mine, now, are older. and i forgot what it is like to go to the airport -- >> oh. >> with delays.
9:07 am
>> can we shoutout erin. now, america gets to see. the two of you have the patience of a saint. with three of us, we were like man-on-man defense. and you were so patient. >> they're good kids. >> it's sweet. >> you talked about putting your phone away. we are all addicted to our phones. buzz feed put together a list of only a phone addict has done. we want to play a game of never have i ever. we have girard giving us never have i ever. >> i have never. i have. >> never have i ever texted while on the toilet. >> please. >> really? >> i can see where this is going. >> i'm surprised by you. >> why? >> because you're so perfect. >> i'm not perfect. >> you don't go to the bathroom in the shower. you're perfect. >> i'm sorry. i won't take a whiz in the shower. that doesn't make me perfect. it makes me sanitary. >> but you will text from the toilet. >> i'm not taking a whiz on my
9:08 am
phone. >> it's all inappropriate. >> okay. >> i'll be on the phone with my wife. and you'll hear a sound, okay? and -- wait a second. where are you right now? >> you never talk on the phone when you're in there? >> maybe. >> i remember in high school, when you're on the phone all day. i would turn on the faucet so they couldn't hear the flush. >> they could hear the faucet. >> that's okay. >> never i have ever pretended to be texting to look busy. >> i have. >> i don't think i have. >> and i've been by myself, which is the sad thing. just trying to make myself look better. what's the next one? >> never have i ever texted someone while standing next to them. >> why would you do that? >> unless you want to talk -- somebody has -- yes. if you want to talk about somebody, who is in the vicinity, and you text about somebody else. >> or you're in a place, and you're like, can you believe
9:09 am
where we are? >> i would never be that devious. >> you have to use your phone as a tool. >> welcome to america. yeah. never have i ever relied sloy i on my phone to get to a destination. >> yeah. 100%. that's what you do now. >> i freeze frame the directions, in case you lose the signal. especially upstate new york. my grandmother used trip sticks. >> trip ticks. >> i thought they were trip sticks. when we -- >> trip ticks. >> you had a map. >> you had the rand mcnalley map. >> and you would say to people, i will meet you in so and so place. and you had to stand on that corner. >> that's good. >> we just had that conversation. my kids the other day, if you had to meet somebody, how did you do it? i said, we would call before we
9:10 am
left and we made a plan. >> that's good. >> what if something changed? >> back then, nothing happened. our lives weren't that interesting. >> that's a good point. >> all right. >> just do. or a pay phone. >> a pay phone. up next, before you serve that food platter at your cookout today, you want to hear this. find out which fruit you've been eating wrong all these years, after these messages. >> incorrectly? >> yeah. ♪ be a powerful force. nature valley
9:11 am
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the risk is unknown in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure, glaucoma, prostate, bladder, or urinary problems. these may worsen with anoro. call your doctor if you have worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain while taking anoro. ask your doctor about anoro. ♪go your own way get your first prescription free at okay. you love it then? >> we are back, now, with more of "today's take." our guest co-host with keir simmons.
9:14 am
if you are going to a regular grocery store, as opposed to doing your shopping at cvs. >> they have a -- i am a consumer. i don't know why that's a problem. they have bread. >> yes. >> and raisins. and pasta. everything my kids eat. >> what else could you want? >> yeah. >> buzz feed has great fruit hacks. if you don't want your banana to ripen quickly, you put some plastic on the end and that slows down the ripening process. >> when you go to the grocery store and you have the tape around it, i thought that was to keep them together. >> all you have to do is put that on the end there? >> you're the science person. does it keep it from ripening because it goes through the banana? >> one of my nbc producers is calling. we'll have to call you back. >> if you're watching --
9:15 am
>> i remember my grandmother doing this. you take a little salt and sprinkle it on watermelon. it tastes sweeter. >> now that you touched that salt, there's no way -- >> no. i'm not ridiculous. forget everyone in this studio, okay? >> everybody started laughing. >> zach, especially you. >> sheinelle does not like to eat anything that has been near anybody else's body. >> you said take a bite. that's different. >> it's sweeter. >> it's a salty watermelon. >> that's pretty good. the other thing is, you're not supposed to eat too much salt. >> this one, a small cut on an orange. and it should roll out easier. >> just one? >> look at that.
9:16 am
you want to try doing the mango. >> i have trouble peeling my oranges. good to know. what do you want me to do with this mango? >> you cut the mango in half. and this is supposed to help you peel the mango. >> or impale your hand. >> there's too much work for a mango. >> i like this -- >> just go like that? >> and the last thing is, michael -- >> okay. microwave lemon, raw lemon. that works. microwave the lemon, you get more juice. >> hot juice is always better. local weather people, run to your boards quickly. run. run.
9:17 am
live right now in san francisco hazy skies. the humidity is really moving in. we're getting the push of moisture from the south. san jose right now also looking pretty muggy out there. the micro climate forecasted highs are definitely going to be a lot cooler in some areas. inland spots in the upper 80s and 90s with comfortable weather along the coast. >> you eat the peel of the mango? >> i like this part. >> i never tried that. >> that's not bad. >> why wouldn't you -- i don't understand you right now. >> i'm still chewing. >> it's not like it's couscous from cvs. >> that's what i don't understand. totally amazing animals from around the world. right after these messages. ♪ do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters.
9:18 am
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9:21 am
wow, that smells intrusive. it is. did you want to come in, maybe snoop around a bit? that's why i'm here. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? ooh, i smell onions! the citi® double cash card does. only citi lets you earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. for us to get up close and personal with some of the world's most curious critters, we are fortunate today. >> here to tell us about amazing animals from west orange, new jersey, is biology and
9:22 am
wildlife expert, corbin maxie. i'm going to led these guys ask the question until we get to this crucial point. >> what -- are -- we -- >> if we did the whole segment? >> -- looking -- at. >> this is a two-toed sloth. this is albert einstein. they live their lives upside down. >> do you think you can let him see the world the way we see the world? >> it's awkward. look at those claws. they have the sharp claws they use to hold on to branchs. they eat upside-down. they mate upside-down. >> and they go to the men's room or lady's room upside-down. >> that's the only time they'll come down. only once a week. and it's because they have a slow metabolism. he's looking for one.
9:23 am
they're adapted for living life in the trees. i'm going to pass this off over here. look at that. just how he's cuddling here. >> he's trying to pick your pocket. this, right here -- >> is that a hedgehog? >> no. this is a tinrick. this is more closely related to an elephant than a hedgehog. scientists believe this was the first mammal to ever inhabit madagascar 60 million years ago. and they have similar characteristics. they have the spines for protection. but not closely related to a head ho hedgeh hedgehog. >> 60 million years. and it's not as bad. a great defense mechanism. what i'm going to do now, is we're going to go over to an animal that's from africa. everyone come over here. i'm going to pass this off. this is aurora. and she is a 6 1/2-year-old african penguin.
9:24 am
so, what's so interesting is, first of all, you know, you think cold weather when you think penguin. warm weathered. and unfortunately, they are endangered. less than 70,000 due to pollution and habitat destruction. this one is great. this one is for sheinelle. open your hands. >> really? >> and it might go the bathroom. it's fine. this is a cane todaad. they are from central and south america. you might want to wash your mouth out. >> corbin, thank you so much. if you think that's wild, wait until you see what happens in our end of summer trivia showdown, after these messages. local news and weather. ♪
9:25 am
♪ introducing new kleenex go-anywhere pack with america's softest ultra tissue. ♪ johnson, get in there. because you can go anywhere. kleenex. take care. take it on. ready? ok! we got pencils, yes we do! wide-ruled notebooks, scissors, glue! we've got ice cream... ...sprinkles, too! everything you need to ready, set, go! back to school.
9:26 am
♪ i )m kris sanchez. ==topvo== firefighters this morning are trying to put out a grass fire in the south bay. good morning, it is 9:26. fire fighters are trying to put out a grass fire in the south bay that is burning near gilroy. right now there are no evacuations ordered, but firefighters say it burned 75 acres with zero containment. that is up from ten acres just last night. it is burning in a hilly area that is difficult for firefighters to knock it down. one firefighter was injured after falling about 40 feet in the darkness. no word on what the injuries are at this point, but we know the firefighter is being evacuated. we are expecting the
9:27 am
president to make a statement about daca today or tomorrow. it will involve so-called dreamers, children that were brought to the united states with their parents. about one-third live in california amounting to about 220,000. the official termination of daca would not come for six months so they can pass legislation to replace it. weather and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
>> we may be catching a break from the triple digit heat, but we're definitely seeing hazy skies. moisture pushing from the south to the north and that is making for very muggy conditions. here is a live look right now at the doppler radar. we're starting to see sprinkles near the santa cruz and gilroy area. it is looking like a chance of seeing moisture push through in the next couple hours. keep that in mind today.
9:29 am
temperatures in the 80s. along the coast it will remain in the 60s and the 70s for the majority of the day. >> the majority of the roads are looking great. we're looking at 880. there is some traffic about four minutes ago and now southbound is cleared and restored. your map will show you no disturbance in this area. that traffic will travel through the area, but no problems for that portion of the rest of the bay. that little blimp is fog. >> thank you very much, more local news in half an hour.
9:30 am
hey. it may be labor day. but don't put away the flip-flops and sunglasses just yet. >> we're squeezing out every ounce of fun of the season, with a game called end of summer showdown. >> here is jack rico. i fell like i ate that entire tone. >> are you ready for this summer game show? >> yes. >> here's the way it's going to work. eight questions and all of the topics will be about movies and tv shows that have taken place at the beach. in order for you to answer, you have to -- [ whistle ] >> perfect. are you ready? question number one, elvis presley starred as chad gates, alongside -- al, okay.
9:31 am
>> "blue hawaii. >> i didn't go through the answers. number two, the first person to recognize this tv theme song gets the point -- >> "gilligan's island." what is going on? come on, keir. >> my wife would know the answer. >> 14-year-old brooke shields starred in -- >> "blue lagoon." >> okay. is this going to be a game? >> i'm ready. "baywatch." >> the first person to recognize -- >> i don't know. i just wanted to blow the whistle. >> let me get to the question. the first person to recognize the theme song of this tv show gets the points. ♪ >> sheinelle? >> "baywatch." >> right. on the board. >> there he is.
9:32 am
hasselhoff. >> a young bette midler in this 1988 drama about two best friends whose friendship was the wind beneath their wings. sheinelle? >> "beaches." >> she's coming back. >> keir, what's going on, my man? >> i have the sunglasses on so no one will recognize me. >> andrew mccarthy and jonathan silverman enjoyed a getaway at mr. lomax's vacation home in this comedy -- >> "weekend at bernie's." >> two more questions. you can do this, keir. tom hanks found himself stranded on a desert island. >> "castaway." >> incredible. >> wilson. wilson. order. order. >> here we go. last one. this 1966 iconic summer film, keir, follows two california surfers in their quest to find the perfect wave. what's the answer?
9:33 am
>> i have no idea. i have no idea. >> look at the poster. anybody? >> "point break." >> nope. not yet. sheinelle? >> is this a movie? >> it's a movie. >> i don't know. >> it's "endless summer." "the endless summer." al's the winner. special prize, come on in. let's see what you get, al. >> ooh. these are props leftover from a segment we did a couple days ago. this is really cheesy. really? come on. >> very sweet at that. >> i'm so cooked. i can't believe -- >> be grateful. >> look what i lost out on. >> have a burger. some fries to go with that. if you're grilling today, grab a couple beers, one for yourself, and one for your chicken. a chicken cookout, after this.
9:34 am
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9:37 am
wherwhere we always welcome you, that's texas.exas. where we always find a way, that's texas. ♪ there's nothing that goes better with grilling in the summer than a nice, cold beer. we have a recipe you want to make today. sweet and spicy beer can chicken
9:38 am
from elizabeth. what on this planet is beer can chicken. >> you are laughing now. >> there's chicken with a beer can. >> beer in the rear chicken. >> we don't do that sort of thing. >> not beer in the butt chicken. it's life-changing. you're going to love this recipe. >> am i going to love it? >> you'll take it across the pond. it will be fantastic. >> i'm here to help you with the cooking, while al and sheinelle are over there eating. >> perfect. >> they are smart. first, we start with the dry rub. we have wonderful things. brown sugar, coriander, cumin, paprika, and some black pepper. >> that's going to blow your mind. >> buddy, i'm about to get started. i feel like i'm about to do an exam like this. we kind of are, aren't we? >> turn your head and cough, kier. >> this is a strange, strange
9:39 am
country, man. beer can chicken. >> it's labor day. labor day fun. >> i don't understand. i know i'm not going to feel the same by the end. >> what country is there where a good-looking woman makes me chicken and puts on rubber gloves. >> beer in the rear. here we go. watch what i'm doing here. you're going to love it so much. exactly. you're going to want to take this back with you. we have tons and tons. front, back, sides. if we're going to eat all sides of it, we're going to season all sides of it with that rub. here's the fun part. the recipe says to pour out two-thirds of this beer. that's just crazy town talk. we don't pour out beer. we drink beer here. we're going to drink two-thirds of this. exactly. then, i'm going to take a little gloves here. and we're going to set it down. set it down. look at that. come on. you know you love it. >> you see what she just did to that chicken?
9:40 am
>> she played hide the beer can. >> all for the recipe. all that steam -- once this gets hot, all that beer is going to create an incredible, incredible juicy chicken. >> the beer is in the can. and you're going -- >> it will go into the oven. 350 degrees. you can do it on the grill. that's a ton of fun. everybody outside. having the beers. >> is there a chance it might explode? >> if the weather's not good, bring it inside. >> is there a chance it might explode? >> no. the can is open. >> does it matter what kind of beer you use? >> i love beer. i'm going to use beer that i want to drink. >> i see what you're saying. >> would a stout work well? >> absolutely. if that's what you like to drink, bring it on. >> what do we do now? >> this is almost done. we pulled it out of the oven. it's hot. we're going the baste it with the barbecue sauce. that's going to go back in the oven. and that's going to caramelize it. and that's fantastic.
9:41 am
look at that. isn't it wonderful? >> unbelievable. and the flavor is underneath, too. >> this will go back in the oven for about ten minutes. look at that. >> i can come by here. as i'm going by here, i can take this. here we go. >> sheinelle -- >> we're going to go ahead -- >> here's another fork. >> thank you. >> we're going to carve a little bit of this up. so, you can see. once we put it out on a platter -- that's what i'm saying. the skin is so crisp and wonderful. and then, we'll top it with some cilantro, a few chilies, green onions. >> don't want to give short shrift to this fantastic salad. >> look. this is summer. summer is almost over. this is our nod. you're going to toast some bread crumbs and olive oil in a little built of salt. and everything amazing about summer is this salad. cucumbers, red pepper, red onion, avocado. but we start with the heart of
9:42 am
everything for summer to me, which is the beautiful thoomato. those are gorgeous heirloom tomatoes. i call this the summer trifecta of herbs. basil, mint, cilantro. and a beautiful vinaigrette. once the chunks are done and toasty, we add that in. this salad needs to sit. you want this one to sit. you want the juices from the tomatoes to get in there. >> i would never do that. i would never leave a salad just to stay there. >> and because the bread is so crunchy, it's going to soak up the vinvinaigrette. >> for these recipes and more, check out >> al? weather people, run to your boards. are you there? read i was ready, i have been ready. let's look at the temperatures
9:43 am
right now in san jose. temperatures are starting to climb into the 80s, but we're really starting to feel the humid. take a rolook at the doppler rar right now. showers are picking up in monterey county. sprinkles in gilroy that will help with the wildfire. as we begin to see the increase in moisture in the next few hours will bring a better chance for rain tonight. and that is your latest weather. up next, not seven. not four. the five fashion trends everyone will be wearing this fall, including the hottest color of the season. after these messages. crohn's disease. you're more than just a bathroom disease. you're a life of unpredictable symptoms. crohn's, you've tried to own us. but now it's our turn to take control with stelara® stelara® works differently for adults with moderately to severely active crohn's disease. studies showed relief and remission, with dosing every 8 weeks. stelara® may lower the ability of your immune
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it all starts with a healthy routine. begin the activia two week probiotic challenge by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics everyday. take the activia probiotic challenge! end of summer. and pretty soon, you want to restock the closet with the latest fall fashion. >> here is the host of "the fix." brittany levine. good morning. you're wearing our first trend, right? >> yes. dark florals. in the summertime, you look at a floral. you think bright, poppy colors. but the way to seize into the fall season is a darker floral. i think of my aunt sally's couch
9:48 am
and the flarls. that goes into these garments. and you can wear them in a coordinating suit. >> i thought if you did the pants and the jackets, island would be too much. >> i like coordinating suits. they're great for business meetings. if you want to wear something on top that has a bit of a floral, you just wear a mono chromatic top. >> i understand there's an it pant. >> yes. this, eileen is wearing, the peg pant. it's our new it pant of the season. these come in patterns and colors. black is the standard. i love the maroon from boo they're only $20. >> is that a dark floral on top? >> not necessarily a dark floral. but a victorian collar. you'll see a trend with the
9:49 am
flowers coming up. you see how the collar comes up to the neckline, that's what we call a victorian. $40 for the whole look. >> and it comes with a belt. >> that's part of the peg pant, cinching you in on the waist. it's gorgeous. and this comes in different sizes and shapes. i like that it cinches you in and different patterns, too. >> if it's a pirate, it would be a peg leg pant. >> the peg pant is what we're calling it. yes. that's the look. it goes straight down. >> they say romance is in the air with the next trend. >> definitely. embroide embroidery. that's something we're seeing everywhere. on your jeans. on your jean jacket, on katie, on her dress. >> she takes it off and puts it on the shoulder. >> you have to go out with a leather jacket. it's fall. as you see on her dress, it's $69.90. the different florals and comers that come out. this is a fun going out with
9:50 am
your girls look. >> and just dots on the ears. doesn't need them. >> doesn't need a lot. there's so much going on. be simple. put it into a bun on your hair. simple shoes on the bottom. >> this morning i was asking al, what's the color of the fall? >> i've been seeing in all of deborah's magazines, red. >> yes. power red. okay. we have janelle here. this is the color of the season. you're seeing them in suits. both in jackets and in pants. but i love that she has on the red power jumpsuit. that's what i'm making as the statement suit of the season. this is also from only $36. >> wow. >> i know. amazing. absolutely amazing. and the fact she has a belt line here already, that you can add a belt to it. we decided to add a great statement necklace that further brings out the red. this is something you could wear every day. this is the color of the season you want in your closet. >> are jumpsuits big now? >> jumpsuits are very cool.
9:51 am
but we're seeing it in sets. i particularly love a jumpsuit. >> can you wear it, like, casually? casual red? >> jumpsuits are fine. just the power red. the bold statement color. >> you should get a red suit. >> i should. i do that around christmastime. i wear a beard and i bring a sack with me. >> amazing. thanks, janelle, so much. she's beautiful. >> okay. >> hey, now. >> plaid. mad for plaid? >> '70s plaid. there's different block color of plaids. this is a peplin top. i love the fact this one cinches her in on the waist. and i love the plaid tones. really beautiful. brings out her hair. i love it. with a jean is all you need. >> what's peplin. >> it's where it goes out at the bottom. it cinches her at the waist. and a perfect top with a jean or
9:52 am
casual. she can wear this on the weekend. >> she did the model way of answering your question. she went like this, around her waist. that's the way she did it. >> thank you so much. >> how do you accessorize that. there's a lot going on? >> you have to play with the patterns. you want to go less on the jewelry. mocha's doing simple jewelry. you could put a little necklace on it. i like to go simple. >> can we have them all come out. >> all doable styles. not expensive. >> that's the thing. all of the locks, mocha is wearing a top that's $39.50. everything else is under $100. if you're trying the trends out. >> 100 bucks. >> exactly. we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
i want to thank our buddy, keir simmons, hanging out with us. back to vacation. >> time to pack the kids off to school. imsorry for trying to make you eat from my fork earlier. >> that wasn't nice. >> i feel bad. >> we hope you have a safe and happy labor day. the party continues with kathie lee and hoda. >> but we still have 20 seconds. >> do we really? >> we really do. >> here's the deal, we're -- >> it's almost over. in just about five -- >> are you really here? are you here? >> two, one. =wx sot!!=
9:56 am
oc: on the way mike trt: 33 we're finally going to catch a break from that heat wave this past weekend. expect to keep the hazy smokey skies throughout the weekend. we're still going to go into the 80s and 90s.
9:57 am
in the east bay, we'll climb into the 90s. finally folks along the peninsula and san francisco can expect to see more seasonable temperatures. in the next few days we have a cooling trend on the way. >> an easy trend around the bay. a little slowing for south 17. probably some folks coming toward the beach. highway one and getting over toward half moon bay. over here 680 northbound, some were walking on the shoulder. chp heading out. through the trivalley and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza it is clear, back to you. >> firefighters in gilroy are fighting a fire that was
9:58 am
overnight. so far no homes are in danger. and we're waiting to hear from president trump on the future of daca. we posted a link to the latest including more on our website.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. yeah. >> it is fun day monday, everybody. september 4th, and -- good news and bad news. >> what? >> happy labor day. sadly, it's labor day. >> what's the good news? >> that -- you were here. we have jobs. so we do labor. >> okay. >> but, it always has meant end of summer for us. right? >> it doesn't feel like the end of summer, does it? >> not at all. you're right, hoda. >> dang goneit, no. no such thing as a b


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