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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap to friends at more banks than ever before. you got next? chase. make more of what's yours. s. right now at 11:00 changing course. hurricane irma's aim is shifting. ir irma's path now putting on other people on high alert. miami a virtual ghost town this evening. the news at 11:00 starts right now. i am judging.
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raj h -- jessica aguirre raj has the night off. >> you are looking live at ft. myers florida. tampa also can be hit much harder than anticipated. warm atlantic waters helped irma strengthen to a category 5. lashing the island of cuba with fierce rain. we have meteorologist jeff ranieri with more on the shift. >> much more dire impact for key west and ft. myers and tampa right now. moving along northern cuba. it is still powerful by all
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standards. hurricane force winds go out 75 miles from the center. you are seeing the outer feeder bands. center of the storm where the eye is located. now in terms of the path in that more westerly shift, here is what we are looking at over key west category 4 storm. and now what looks like it may pass directly over ft. myers sunday at 8:00 p.m. 130 miles per hour and move over tampa, 110, 120 miles per hour sometime late sunday night early monday morning. daytona beach getting battered as well. coming up at 11:0020 i will have specifics. >> now at this hour, it is eerie
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in miami. restaurants deserted. nbc bay area vianey arana continues our coverage. >> reporter: in a place known for its night life and beautiful beaches, this is what it looks like tonight. a ghost town. no music, no tourist. boarded up walls and windows and sandbags lining the streets. we are still seeing a patrol out here. if officially closed off the beach. >> feels really bad. you know, we live around 20 minutes from miami beach and come here every time. and when we see it is almost empty, we feel like something happen. we miss the people, we miss the feeling of miami beach. >> caller: all we are hearing is the sound of the wind. the beaches are closed. the restaurants are closed. and still seeing a few cars
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patrolling the streets and a few folks walking out here told me that all they are hoping for is miami beach returning. >> now or never people being told to get out before it is too late. we are approaching that late moment. on your right, there is a live look at i-75. you can see the steady stream of traffic heading north. miami arirport shuts down. >> and more than five and a 1/2 million people have been told to evacuate. shelters almost completely full as florida braces for impact.
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as irma turns towards florida people know time is running out. filling up before evacuating the freeways are full. >> if you are in an evacuation zone you need to go now. >> reporter: the storm has proved deadly in the u.s. british islands. florida home improvement stores running out of splice. grocery stores run out too as preparation continues. >> the price you pay for living in florida. >> reporter: no where in the florida keys will be safe. flights stopped and will not be expected to resume until monday. this man is trying to get to san francisco to stay with his sister. his flight last night away
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delayed four hours and then canceled. today he caught one of the final flights out. >> i got an angel but for me it was sad to saw people that doesn't get it. and doesn't have any place to stay. they go to a shelter because irma is going to hit hard. >> reporter: officials are warning conditions will intensify in the morning. >> people of florida facing a tremendous amount of uncertainty. it is calm and the water looks beautiful but when the storm rolls in the water will be raging. look for vie for vianey arana report. >> more trouble for mexico.
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hurricane katia has made landfall on mexico's gulf coast. the category 4 storm is bringing wind of the 170 miles per hour. the death toll is rising from the powerful quake. buildings completely uprooted. 61 people have been killed in the quake of oaxaca. the hardest heat. mexico's president has declared three days of national mourning. a driver barrels through an oakland intersection striking a pregnant woman. the woman is alive and the unborn child did die. and the father of the baby is
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demanding the police catch that driver. cheryl hurd is live in oakland. >> there needs to be justice for this. >> reporter: timothy wilson is reliving the drama. >> i guess the car hit him so hard the emblem fell off. >> reporter: police are saying they are looking for a light colored silver hyundai. >> both of her legs are broken. pelvis is broken. her harm is broken.
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>> reporter: wilson's feeiance sai was put on live support. >> she was pregnant. we ended up losing our first born child. if you do something own up to it. >> reporter: the family has set up a go-fund-me page. >> demanding an end to urban shield. taking place at lokes across alameda county people against urban shield says it is promoting the urbanization of law enforcement. we came to san francisco with a message of unity. former president bill clinton paying tribute it a man who served his community for 20 years. the man they were celebrating
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and why it was a powerful message for the bay area. >> reporter: third baptist church in san francisco is overflowing tonight. honoring the reverend amos brown. former president bill clinton, governor jerry brown and the reverend jesse jackson. >> why are we doing this up and down deal when we ought to be all up and figuring out how we can work together. that is the legacy. >> reporter: mr. clinton praised the 76-year-old for lifting all people up and bringing all people together. a focus political leaders should share. >> what they did here for
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40 years embodies what america should be doing all day every day. >> reporter: a humble reverend brown said the guest list isn't impressive, the message is. >> we have common core values that we all embrace. >> reporter: tonight brown's community from all walks of life, embraced him. jean elle nbc bay area. >> temperatures heating up this weekend. we will let you know which days are the hottest and a few showers in the midst. and that dreaded trip to the dmv got easier. new way to take care of your business without the wait.
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hurricane irma continues to barrel through florida and late
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tonight regained category 5 status. it is mean and it is bad. the latest forecast from chief meteorologist jeff ranieri will have that in five minutes. back here cutting corners on cutting trees cost fire victims everything they own. the utility blamed for not cutting down the tree that sparked the fire is under the microscope again. >> i lost everything. >> reporter: at age 99 bobby rose is the oldest of the victims. all she was able to salvage from the home she built from scratch with her husband were three
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pores lynn dogs a wedding plate and some jewelry. >> i am heart broken. but other than that, i am fine. >> reporter: cal fire inspectors and state regulators blame the fire on pg&e failure to cut down a 44-foot pine that slumped onto the power line. it had roots in the way pg&e managed its resources designed to prevent such a disaster. this memo outlined pg&e march to 1 million project. the memo stresses safely cutting the right trees while discouraging unnecessary safety margins. normally a good thing, big
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market a veteran regulatory analyst fears there was a price to pay for that. >> that was, that is problem mat. >> reporter: it was a disaster. >> in terms of what actually happened, it was. >> reporter: pg&e took the money from rural areas and invested it. then in 2013, pg&e cut tree safety patrols 25%. managers quote weighed the options one insider recounted and figured the cut was worth the risk. the cut gave pg&e an extra $20 million to meet its reliability goals but they triggered layoffs. a relatively inexperienced new
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hire misjudged the risk of the pine. but this high-tech image was not processed in time. meanwhile pg&e managers started to earn bigger bonuses because finally realizing goals led to compensation. >> when it comes to bonuses, there are several millions of dollars that are related to this piece. >> butte fire is not the first time it got pg&e into trouble. >> it is something that pg&e has done in the past over the decades. >> reporter: in the 1994 rough and ready fire in nevada county, pg&e was caught shifting $77 million to boost profits. before the 2010 san bruno gas explosion, the company was at it
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again. >> they were paying bonuses if you didn't find gas leaks. >> that is a dangerous incentive. >> a retired public utilities lawyer said the company had to retire its entire pipeline system as a result. >> reporter: when you are talking about not cutting trees is that another case of dangerous incentives. >> yes it is. it has been known for many years that vegetation such as trees will come in contact with power lines particularly in the country. and those contacts came and do cause fires. >> rose doesn't want to dwell on pg&e's role in destroying her family legacy. >> reporter: are you mad at
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them. >> i don't think much of them. i won't say it. >> if you want to get in contact with jaxon or you have a tip for the investigative units give them a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail. jeff ranieri is here. >> close to 100 degrees and even a few showers back in the mix as well. let's take a look at our microclimate forecast and in terms of the shower possibility, it is going to be due to this low area pressure. cut off from the storm track. so it is like being in a car so to speak without a road map. sit here with no plan over the next six days and could help spiral in monsoonal moisture coming in from the south. more detail coming up in the seven-day forecast.
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>> mix here with sun and clouds. watch out for fog in the coastline. san francisco yes, will have the fog thick to start, possibility isolated drizzle. see things clear out. you will see for the temperatures tomorrow, things start to warm up. saturday will be a much more comfortable day to get things done than sunday. you can see in the south bay 84. downtown san jose gets warmer over to gilroy at 90. east bay over towards antioch 94 expected. over to oakland 76 degrees. redwood city 84. not too bad. san francisco 69 in the mission beautiful day if you are headed
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out to one of the caves. over towards the golden gate bridge 66. north bay wine country. i want to take you to hurricane irma. latest on it right now is winds at 160 miles per hour. it is over-cuba, the eye wall. it is pretty ragged right now. weakening slightly. but we think the warm waters just before key west will help it to ramp back up. we think winds will be over 150 miles per hour. likely put it over fort meyers and tampa. winds near 130 miles per hour. new change has it over ft. myers
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and tampa. remember the hurricane wind field stretches out 70 miles from the center. so a lot of florida will get the impact. notice the shower chances. nothing major but be alert. and for the inlapped valleys, 99 on sunday's forecast and then cool back down next week. we will track showers that get nearby. >> so you are going to see effects of rain and wind no matter where you are in the south florida. >> i think the state is going to get pretty hard. >> of course we will be here all weekend monitoring the weekend. up next, the action uc berkeley is taking at another conservative prepares to speak on campus.
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we also have jimmy. >> james franco and kendall jenner is here. >> happening now an 81-year-old man in the east bay bay was seen yesterday afternoon. back in a moment with more.
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thursday. everyone who attends will be required to show a photo id. he appeared at cal last year without an issue. the university is taking all precautions. imagine not having to wait hours at the dmv. the department is testing out a way to make that happen. expanding a pilot program for self-service terminals. people with use them to renew their registration. go to for a list of where they are located. what the panda was up to tonight in chicago. sports is up next.
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chase. the team taking on the white sox in chicago. matt moore was a force on the mound. while a historic slump ended up in historic fashion. matt moore a force on the mound. offense, the panda pablo sandoval led the way. a huge home run. okay. how is this for a highlight. a's shortstop simmiemiien.
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leads ast stros 9-8. san francisco 49ers defenseman expected to get plenty of time against the panthers. stanford head coach says he will be at levi stadium sunday to watch his former players. >> i know solomon has been excited he has never been able to tackle christian. i am sure christian is eeg tore break that tackle. >> they remain good friends and
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seeing each other on the field sunday is going to help ease some jitters. back in a moment with an update on hurricane irma. this is the new comfort food.
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your left and fort lauderdale >> before we go, we want to give you an update on hurricane irma. right now let's bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri and it looks like we are seeing it move towards the westerly way and let's see if it stays that way. >> that is going to spell worst for key west, fort meyers and tampa. >> of course we will be here throughout the weekend bringing you updates on irma. full coverage this weekend as well. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- james franco. kendall jenner.


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