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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 12, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a bay area lightning storm sparks multiple fires in the hills of san mateo county. right now, the rush is on to get one growing fires under control as we track more trouble that could be hitting our area as early as tonight. ==pause for show open== =breaking news open omni!!= =cover shot in= kris/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us. i )m kris sanchez. marcus/2shot and i )m marcus washington. marcus/map here )s a closer look of where the largest fire is burning right now in san mateo county. firefighters are in an area between highway 35 and interstate 280 in the hills above woodside - that )s not far from skyline boulevard and the meadow trail. kris/boxes let )s get right to nbc bay area )s bob redell who just made his way back from the scene. he just spoke with cal-fire. >> now let's get right to nbc bay area's rob riddle who just made his way from the scene. >> reporter: we just received
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word this fire right over my left shoulder has tripled in size and is now at 30 acres. cal fire believes this is one of several fires caused by last night's light nick. because it's a relatively clear day, you can see this fire visible up and down the peninsula. you cab see smoke that's billowing from the top of skaggs mountain. we drove up there a couple hours ago to get a better look. take a look at your tv screen. this is a view of the same fire from upper bear gulch road. there's about as i mentioned 30 acres bushing. it's a heavily forested area. because it's very remote, no homes are threatened. but access is extremely difficult. cal fire tells us that the nearest road is about a mile, a mile and a half away, which means their firefighters are having to hike in all of that diftance. there's about is00 m100 men and on the ground. plus two tankers and a spotter plane. cal fire estimates there were about 1,000 light nick strikes.
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that started seven fires. this one being the biggest one and of greatest concern. >> it was rocking and rolling up here last night. and for you to just see this now, one canyon away from your home. >> it's pretty scary. i've been up here all my life. that's the first actual real forest fire i've seen here. >> all that time? >> in all that time, yeah, 67 years. >> wow. >> now, if we can take a life look from nbc bay area sky ranger to give you a helicopter view of the skaggs mountain fire over san mateo county. so far, cal fire says they did not have any containment around this fire. four fires are contained. the other two are tiny spot fires. reporting live, bob riddel, nbc bay area news.
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>> ckari hall is looking at all the lightning. it was fun to watch but now we're learning the trouble it cautioned. >> it was the concern even before the thunderstorms fired up. we will continue to have a very high fire darker over the next 48 hours. now, we will have a chance of lightning and after that some gusty winds. we'll also have some rain moving through. that may help out just a bit. but only in some areas. so the risk of more brushfires very high as we will be tracking more lightning across the bay area. want to show you what happened. just about 18 hours ago, once those stormed started to move through the peninsula. we did have some storms that were producing a lot of lightning strikes throughout yesterday evening. you were seeing that as you were out there. so looking at the radar from the past 18 hours, we are more recently not seeing any activity there. but we did see all of those storms rolling through and you can just see how lit up it was,
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even with the rain. that lightning is moving through some very dry brush. so we'll continue to monitor the risk of more wildfires as the next round of storms moves through. that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> back to some of the lightning photos and video that continues to pour into our newsroom. this is what stran looked like. lightning streaking across the skies all around the bay area. this was sent to us by martha. you can send your photos and videos. you can also tag us on your twitter or facebook page. now to our other developing story. a shooting near san francisco's union square ending in a crash involving several vehicles. >> it happened just a few hours ago. nbc bay area has been there ever since. what can you tell us about what led to this series of events? >> you can see macy's union square right behind me.
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this is a very busy area. the shooting happened at about 6:30 this morning, then ended up with a crash here involving several cars on oferrel street. witnesses say this car being towed away had the shooting victim inside. >> i can see the car, the front end was smashed in. there was a shout, he shot, he shot. >> police say it happened on oferrel street. no description of any suspect yet. >> they pulled out a gentleman that seemed uncon shebs but they took him to the hospital. i couldn't tell what was going on. >> police cleared away the vehicles around 9 and reopened the busy street. >> thankfully i'm not hurt and nobody was walking the streets, otherwise they could have been worse. >> and since the shooter is still on the loose, police are hoping that anyone with any
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information on this shooting will call the san francisco police department. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sharon kasuda, nbc bay area news. >> certainly a busy area, good thing that no pedestrians were hurt. >> it could have been so much worse. >> happening now, a story the world is watching right now at this hour. it's happening right here in silicon valley. greating our first look at the new apple campus with the company's first ever public event. folks are flying. and down the stair well to the new theater. today's event is an invite only. >> at this hour of al is introducing its new line of phones and other devices. it's special for several reasons. along with the brand-new headquarters, this is the iphone's tenth anniversary. maybe we'll see number 17. >> yeah, today, number 17. i was there for i phone 1 in 2007. there's been a total by my count
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of 16 different models of i phone. we expect we'll hear about the iphone 10. ten years since the first. these events take a long time. only just now is tim cook talking about the iphone. they started at 10:00 this morning. apple did show off its new watch. apple showed that off. take a look. >> why don't we put so many video up and show everybody where you are. >> this has been a great sense of timing but you know me, i'm a team player. >> yeah, that's you, give, give, give. well, it looks beautiful out there. >> it is amazing but i'm just trying not to fall off this board. >> all that done live. she's transmitting from i
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presume that is lake tahoe with the apple watch and nothing else. the apple presenters took a minute and said you know what, this is really magic. to talk to somebody in the middle of a lake. it will have a built in cellular connection. the dig tracy sort of thing people expected from the apple watch. no phone, just the watch. they should be showing off the apple 10 phone any time now. they talked about the 8 and the 8 plus. >> we're going to follow you on twitter because, you know, we can't wait. >> thanks, scott. >> we will continue to monitor the apple event which is still going on. we'll bring you updates as we get them this hour. you can also track our social media pages for the very latest. our web team is all over this apple event. >> yeah, couldn't even take a lunch order over there if i tried. all the remnants of hurricane irma continues to move through the southeast. >> in florida, happening in the
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key, as many as 10,000 people who rode out the storm in the lower part of the keys near key west may need to be evacuated. the northwest part of the state. now in jacksonville, there's massive flooding from the storm surge. millions across the southeast remain without power. at least 11 people in the u.s. were killed. nbc's reporter is in south florida where extensive clean-up is under way. >> reporter: as remnants continue to sweep across the southeast, residents in florida are beginning to see the damage left behind. it looked like a nuclear bomb went off. >> reporter: almost a full day of category 4 straight winds. houses clogging waterways. those who didn't evacuate grateful to be a live. >> it's just going to be a big-time rebuild. >> reporter: for resident,
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officials say it may be a while before people can return. >> we're having to go down and make sure it's a safe place for people to rush. so that we don't have loss of life after irma. >> reporter: in jacksonville, the mayor is praising first responders for saving multiple lives and warned residents to evacuate when told. >> by the grace of groweod, we d lives. it's not worth the risk. so leave. >> reporter: across the state, resources are limited. millions remain without power. >> it may take multiple days. >> we'll be restoring power day and night. >> reporter: reinforcements are beginning to arrive as airports resume service today. the recovery could cost tens of billions of collars across several states and month, if not years, before things are back to normal. as part of the early phases,
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search and rescue teams are looking for unaccounted people. in addition to supplies being shipped in, medical responders are being flown into the keys today to help out as needed. reporting in miami, sara rosario, nbc news. >> stay with us for continuing coverage. we continue to check in with her as she posts pictures and videos of that devastation. here's one of pictures she's showing. an empty street in miami beach that is now covered with debris. you can follow her on facebook and twitter. parking in san francisco usually a nightmare but what the city is considering to free up parking spaces coming up. it's a trend that could reach other bay area cities as well. another 15 minutes of news or rather 40 minutes of news continues after this break.
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=nats of opening bell= =runs 4= =cont vo= ali that is the opening bell at the new york stock exchange this morning. things are looking pretty promising. the dow is up about 56 points. the nasdaq up about 16. and cnbc says the reason is because interest rates jumped and also steve ma nuven, the treasury secretary, is talking about tax reform. well, equifax is facing some tough scrutiny after the company disclosed a massive cybersecurity breach that could make the record books. >> the house financial services committee will hold a hearing on the issue and other lawmakers and consumers are also demanding answers. >> more on the tough questions that the company is facing. >> reporter: gabriel is worried. he owns a home, a car and uses credit cards. that makes him a likely victim of the equifax cyberattack.
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>> this is supposed to be a company that is supposed to help you when issues like that come about and if the people who are trying to help you are supposed to help you are the ones being hacked, then what do you do after that? >> reporter: equifax, one of the top three credit reporting companies in the country, says 143 million americans or nearly half the country might have been impacted. the information accessed includes names, social security numbers, birthday, addresses and in some cases driver's licenses. 209,000 credit card numbers were breached. >> that makes it one of the largest if not the largest breaches of pii or personally identifying information. >> reporter: adding to the outrage news that three of the company's executives sold nearly $2 million of equifax shares days after the cyberattack was
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discovered. the company claims those executives did not know about the breach when they sold the shares. equifax has set up a toll free number and website dedicated to customers who may have been impacted. but one class action suit has already been filed and the new york attorney general has launched a formal investigation. and the house financial services committee just announced it will hold a hearing on the issue. meantime, experts recommend consumers lock their credit so they'll be a lettered if anyone tries to open a credit card in their name. also, create an online profile with the irs so no one uses your social security to create a fake one. and change passwords for you online profiles. alreadiay agnalysts estimat the cost of that breach could reach $300 million. similar to the scale that the target or home depot breaches brought. happening today in maran county, smart riders can get
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discounted lyft rides. the launch of a pirate program. the goal is to encourage people to leave their cars at home and instead carpool to the train station. works like this. passengers enter the promo code get smart 17 to get 5 bucks off the road to and from smart train stations. a new report out overnight says pricing may be the future of parking meters in san francisco. the examiner says leaders received an update on a pilot program last week. transportation leaders can raise or lower those prices based on demand for space, time of day and things like that. the goal is to reduce the amount of time one person stays parked in a single space. so far no action has been taken. people in the bay area we know that it is a nightmare to park in san francisco. recently looked through some numbers according to a 2016 report by the san francisco county transportation authority. there were approximately 172,000
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off-street parking spaces. there are 280,000 on-street parking spaces. volkswagen is stepping up its shift to electric cars. the german automaker now says it plans to roll out 80 new electric cars across its multibrand group by 2025. that's up from their previous goal of just 30. the company still says it will offer electric versions of all models no later than 2030. vox wag season trying to recover from the scandal that the carmaker admitted it used software to cheat on regulator's tests for its diesel vehicles. and back to our weather coverage. it was a long night last night with the game ending after 2 in the morning. finally walked often the field more than seven hours after that scheduled -- it was all because
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of the rain and the lightning delays that started before the game began. it was a long night. so many fans didn't stick around. >> came from the east bay. wanted to check out the dodgers and the giants. started raining. the whole thing. never even got to my seat. >> you don't get your money back for that either. umpires initially delayed the game, then they stopped it again after five pitches. it really only got going just before 11:00 last night. the giants did win. the dodgers lost their 11th straight game. my kids were at their swim practice last night and my big one got pulled out of the water to safe location and then she got video. good girl. she was so happy she captured that lightning. it is really dangerous. especially if you have plans to be outside. if you hear any thunder, it's time to move indoors.
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as we take a live look outside, we see nothing but fair skies and a more peaceful scene than we saw last night. with all of those lightning strikes streaking across the bay area. right now in san jose, bright and sunny. you feel that humidity. that high humidity is still with us. a chance of a few more isolated storms firing up today. we don't have the area of low pressure sitting just off shore. that helps to bring in a lot more energy yesterday. and as you check out the seven-day forecast, you'll notice we will have some cooler temperatures after tomorrow. but we're already tracking a couple of isolated showers moving through parts of delta right now and this could continue to move off towards the north and east so right now raining in discovery bay. haven't seen any lightning strikes just yet. mostly looking at a mix of sun and clouds today. we'll start to see more
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scattered activity later on tonight. for tomorrow, during the morning commute, we'll see some of those showers rolling through. also a few thunderstorms in the mix. that's until the cold front sweeps through and brings us some drier and much cooler temperatures. but we do have the possibility of measuring some rain tomorrow. most of us, it looks like we'll get a hundredths of an inch. some spots could get a tenth of a rain. today, we'll have some very warm air. temperatures reaching into the mid-80s in the south bay. for east bay, up to 91 degrees in danville and concord. 81 in hayward. for the peninsula, mid-80s. palo alto, daily city, 71 degrees. lower 70s in san francisco. for the north bay, expect highs up to 86 degrees. i always appreciate those pictures you send me. i know we got so many pictures and videos yesterday. well, this is a look at the storm clouds yesterday evening from pacifica sent by aisha.
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thank you for everyone who sends in their lightning pictures. we want you to do that very safely. if you can do that from inside. we are going to have another chance of seeing those storms moving through especially tomorrow morning. after that, in san francisco, we will have some much lower humidity. you'll be happy to know it's going to be really nice over the next several days. and temperatures this weekend reaching into the low 70s. for the inland areas. it's still going to be humid today. a chance of storms at any point. want to make sure you have the app so you can keep tracking the radar on your phone. some rain may be moving into your direction. and then the weekend, it will be nice. lower humidity. but still going to be quite warm. into the upper 80s. cooling down early next week. we'll talk about some more things going on as we head into the next several day. an update on the tropics coming up a little bit later. coming up, is levi stadium
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too hot for fans? what are many saying and what the 49ers are doing about it. >> first, happening now, the warriors announcing new sponsorship deal with an international online e-commerce company. based in japan. recruiting patches on all of the warrior's team jerseys. the sponsorship is part of an agreement allowing corporate sponsors on the team gear. the los angeles lakers are reportedly ready to retire kobe bryant. bryant played all 206 his nba season at the lakers winning five championships there. a ceremony will take place at a home game against of course the golden state warriors. construction is booming, but
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enrollment is not - in santa clara county. kris sanchez investigates the reasons behind the trend. laura/banner plus: hillary clinton gives her first morning interview since the election. be among the first to hear from her. marcus/gfx full today in the bay ) starts at 4:30.
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it cost one-point-three billion dollars to build - but it doens )t come with much shade. the ongoing probelm at levis )s stadium -- seems to be angering more 49ers fans. it cost $1.3 billion to build. the problem seems to be angering more 49erss fans. the stadium is just too hot. >> the question is now will the 49ers do anything about it? nbc bay area. >> reporter: cassandra's family has been 49 season ticket holders for more than 20 years. this is her phone video of the season opener. just before kickoff, you can see many, many fans preferred beating the heat to seeing the
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49ers try to beat the panthers. >> it's very brutal. very unbearable. it makes it hard to really enjoy the game when you're sweating and you're cooking. it's very miserable. they absolutely need to do something to address the heat because if not, i can guarantee there's people not going to go to games. >> reporter: longtime fan agrees. once was enough. >> i'd been looking forward to it for a long time and then when i got there, i was sitting in the sun for most of the time and it got really hot really fast. >> reporter: how did it affect you? >> i actually got sun burn through my jeans. >> reporter: the 49ers in the statement told me team emphasized with fans and warned ticket holders to make appropriate preparations. the team provided free water, sunscreen, cooling towels and misters and said it is working with partners to investigate short and long-term feasible solutions. when i asked if a canopy, such as the one built at hard work stadium, was a possibility, the 49ers declined to speculate but acknowledged structural changes are possible. now, what if the team gets hot
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as in wins? >> i think it would help a little bit but unfortunately, you know, hopefully we'll see a time when they do get better. >> reporter: then you'll stay for the whole game? >> not in this heat, no. >> that's tough. so, drivers looking for faster ways to get around town but it drives the neighbors crazy. the impact they're having on one bay area city. apple is in the mist of
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unvieling a lot of new things today -- a new i-phone, new theater, "apple park" -that )s their >> apple is in the midst of unveiling a lot of new things today. apple park, their new headquarters. >> new phones. >> of course new phones. apple has introduced the apple iphone 8 and 8 plus with wireless charging. no more cables, no more kids stealing my iphone cable. the excitement is the iphone x, the iphone 10 really. ten years after the very first
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iphone. here's a clip of video where they showed off the iphone 10 for the first time. ♪ >> this is iphone 10. so there you go. this is iphone 5. the iphone 10 unlocks just by looking at it. iphone 8 will start around $699. added benefits, better speakers. we'll have a full wrap-up of the 8, the 8 plus and the 10. i know what you're about to ask me, no, there is no iphone --
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i-phone 8 is the logical progression. the i phone, i phone x. >> how uncool do we look if we call it iphone x? >> uncool. >> thanks, scott. we'll continue to follow the apple event. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. you can also tag us on social media and our homepage for the very latest on all of that. our web team all over the apple event. happening today, a proposal to bring meaningful civilian oversight to the santa clara county sheriff's office and department of corrections may go to a vote. we first told you about the plan last week. it goes before the full board today. the plan calls for the creation of a citizen panel to make sure there is public access. and that it is a transparent
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process. it's been nearly three years since two guards beat an emanate to death. those guarded were convicted of murder earlier this year. also happening today, the rules for using pepper spray in berkeley may change. tonight, council leaders will consider change the current policy. the police chief asked the counselor to overturn a 20-year ban to allow officers to use pepper spray during protests. tonight, the council will also consider decriminalizing the public use of -- or either the public display of -- also happening today, an east bay police force is set to hear public input on body cameras. the police department is hosting a community event tonight at city hall. wanting feedback from several groups as it writes an official policy. overnight, we looked through most recent scorecard. in 2016, the leadership conference found oakland,
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san francisco and san jose should update body camera policies. none guarantee access to video. the report says every police department has room to improve in one or several areas. also happening today, the contra costa board of supervisors have been meeting to interview the five finalists to become district attorney. the recent d.a. resigned after a corruption scandal. he was charged with using $66,000 in campaign funds for personal expenses. san francisco leaders are moving forward with the plan to rename justin herman plaza. for many years critics have been calling to rename that plaza because they don't support some of the decisions that justin herman made while leading the agency back in the 1960s. f a supervisor's community approved that plan yesterday and now it moves to the full board. >> afternoon commute is
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literally trapping people's in their homes in the east bay. it's a story we first brought you on today in the bay. >> navigation apps are diverting drivers off the freeways and into neighborhoods in freemont, making it almost impossible for the folks who live there to even get out of their driveway. >> nbc bay area is live with new steps the city is taking to fix the problem. >> reporter: the city of freemont has been trying for about a year to discourage drivers from short cutting on to the residential streets. for example, by lighting up these signs behind me here that encouraged drivers to ignore their navigation app. but it ended up pushing much of that traffic to other parts of town. >> literally, we were hostages in our own homes. >> reporter: residents and the city blame apps like ways and google maps for clogging their neighborhood streets during the afternoon commute. namely between 3 and 7. . case in point, you can look at your tv screen. the city shot this drone footage a few weeks ago. it showed a long line of cars
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snaking their way. that's just a small residential street. never meant for regional traffic flows. the city estimates this detour around the traffic on 680 only saved those commuters about four to five minutes while it trapped people inside their homes for hours. within the past few week, the city has enacted new countermeasures to keep drivers from ever leaving the freeway in the first place. traffic engineers have delayed the light timing at mission boulevard. that's the first major intersection for commuters t trying to get off and do a short cut. the city has enhaacted turn restrictions. where traffic sometimes comes to a standstill. >> so it would back up past here and people couldn't get out of the driveway. >> it's hard to leave the house because traffic can get so bad. >> the long-term solution is creating more housing where the jobs are.
11:37 am
places like sunnyvale. they really have to provide the housing so that their employees no longer have to travel an hour, hour and a half to their homes in the central valley. >> reporter: the city of freemont has alerted the driving app ways to the new countermeasures. the hope is that the ways algorithm will pick up on the changes and keep drives on 680. freemont is not alone in this problem. santa cruz, lafayette and cupertino have all reached out to them about similar problems open their streets. bob riddell, nbc bay area news. a new home for a deserved kitten. >> the calico cast rescued from a dumpster over the weekend. workers at the gas station heard her meowing and they suspected she was dumped there. now from trash to treasure. in her forever home with a new adoptive family. while you missed out on
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prudence, the humane society remind us they have dozens of adult cats and cute kittens who would love to go home with you. coming up, just what everyone was talking about this morn, last night's thunder and lightning. >> well, it still looks very humid and we have a chance of storms in the forecast. as we take a live look outside. in palo alto right now. all nice and quiet. it will be very warm. the chance of storms returns. i'll talk more about that, what's ahead as it cools down, coming up next. if you were outside at all last
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night .. no doubt you saw it: a lightning storm that de if you were outside at all last night, there's no doubt you saw it, the lightning storm that descended on much of the bay area. >> that included the south bay. as nbc bay area reports, one strike not only caught people off guard but also took out part of the tree in the process. >> another round of lightning from sausalito through san francisco eliminating the night sky in san jose and later the evening commute. >> it was different. >> reporter: tennis matches in santa clara. >> it is more midwest weather but we play through that, we don't mind. >> reporter: others wouldn't so lucky. >> it sounded like an explosion. >> reporter: he said one bolt struck his family's palm tree and caught fire which firefighters quickly extinct
11:42 am
qished. >> i quickly saw the when i came outside. >> reporter: fought at least four small fires. strikes like these near fso diverted 16 flights to san jose international. a spokesperson says it's extremely rare. >> certainly that was some beautiful footage. certainly a dangerous situation. >> we're not used to it. that's why so many people were compelled to get video. >> right, it's been so long since we've seen lightning. i think all of the activity we had yesterday made up for that long break that we had over 1,200 lightning strikes. kind of an estimate from the weather service. it was all clear as we look
11:43 am
outside at san jose. we see some beautiful weather. you can see the briay bridge. it's humid and very warm. our temperature at 82 degrees. it's 84 degrees in morgan hill. with highs reaching into the mid-80s today. it will feel much cooler than it did yesterday because it still is very muggy. we're up to 91 degrees in concord. also 87 in napa for this afternoon. notice the chances of rain today and tomorrow. after that, that's it. we'll have some cooler air moving in. we still have the next 18 hours to get through with more showers most likely moving through much of the bay area early tomorrow morning. so plan that. to have to deal with some of that rain during your morning commute. there may be a few thunderstorms in the mix along with some gusty winds. a lot to watch out for here.
11:44 am
yesterday, we talked about all of that lightning. we got so many pictures and videos of the lightning. this is my son, playing in the yard. he was looking at those storm clouds. he heard that thunder. i said, it's time to get out. definitely a safety tip as you deal with more thunder and lightning. when thunder roar, head indoors. that's always the best idea if you're outside and you're in the pool, wait at least 30 minutes before you go back out there. we know you shouldn't be in water especially when there's lightning strikes. this is the remnants of irma. it has spread out across the southeast. that system has pretty much fizzled out. now we turn our attention to hurricane jose.
11:45 am
just barely holding on to hurricane status. if it drops one more mile, it will be a tropical storm. it will remain out there in the atlantic and very unusual here too to see a hurricane, with no doctor over the next several days. the time line by sunday. still looking at the hurricane, sitting out there in the atlantic. we'll see what happens. east coast may have to keep an eye on this heading into next week. we'll have another chance of showers and thunderstorms mainly late tonight and into early tomorrow morning. then once the cooler air arrive, some dryer conditions as well. then it gradually starts to warm up for the weekend. a chance of thunderstorms today and early tomorrow. it looks really nice, the best day in the forecast. it starts to warm up for the weekend. be mindful we will be in the
11:46 am
upper 80s. starting to come back down into the lower 80s for the start of next week. a lot going on here and a lot to track and of course we always push to social media and for the latest, chris and marcus. happening today, a-list stars will raise money to help victims of harvey and irma. beyonce, houston is her hometown. that still is still recovering. >> here's how you can watch hand-in-hand. it will be simulcast at 8:00. it will be on tape delay for the west coast. it will stream live on facebook twitter and youtube at 5:00 p.m. our time so we can watch it before we go to bed. >> all right, may be on the way for the skyrocketing drug prices. how one could soon impact your bottom line.
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the days of feeling the painful prick of a needle .. may soon be over for diabetes patients .. forced to monitor t the days of feeling the needle may soon be over for diabetes patient forced to monitor glucose levels. >> explains one potential game changer and how soon it may be available. >> reporter: inside this lab at the university of texas at dallas. >> it looks like a small patch. >> reporter: could be the next big medical breakthrough. >> this is the first time area seeing a sensor work with ambient sweat. >> reporter: it can monitor blood sugar levels from sweat your body makes. an important factor for diabetes. >> for these kind of people, you want something that can sense from what their body can produce in an ambient environment. if they're sitting on the couch watching television. >> reporter: the sensor can go just about anywhere on your
11:50 am
body. >> it's like your friend or companion. >> reporter: and can be programmed to read blood glucose levels up to every hour and send those readings to your phone. the doctor says fueled by the die babetes rate in her own country. >> india. >> reporter: she sat out to create a sensor that could be manufactured as cheaply as possible. >> it's a frugal innovation which in india is a big deal. >> reporter: and made in bulk, these sensors would cost 7 cents each. >> it's very important that you give technology, which is highly accessible, enhance the reach of the technology. then it would work not just in the united states or the european union, it would work in africa, in asia, highly populated countries. >> reporter: for now, the next step is clinical trials.
11:51 am
>> so state assembly members late yesterday reportedly had a measure to rein in drug costs. >> to give at least 60 days notice before raising prices. it would then allow health insurance to negotiate for lower prices. big pharma companies are fighting the measure but the bill heads to the state senate. san diego is taking steps to fight a deadly hepatitis outbreak. >> crews there are getting drastic. pressure watching certain streets in order to kill that hepatitis a virus. a public health emergency was declared last week after 15 people died and hundreds of other people got sick. some say this outbreak really lies in the city's homeless community. estimating that 30% of those infected are not homeless, nor drug users. the spraying is happening in conjunction with a weekly clean- clean-up. >> they're following our crews along as they're doing clean-ups
11:52 am
and spraying this breeleach solution. it's to prevent hep-a virus from spreading. >> the county is also offering free vaccines. >> we'll be right back. my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on.
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it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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francisco =kris/vo= this is what sausalito looked like last night.. it )srt this is what it looked like in sausalito last night. we had a photo from pat, we're going to talk about that one.
11:55 am
but also new this morning, we have details on a police standoff that ended up with the suspect in custody. s.w.a.t. teams used flash bang grenades to enter a kfc restaurant on south main street a little before 2:00 this morning. that ended a standoff that started eight hours earlier when police got called about a possible gunshot in the restaurant bathroom. backups were called in. police not saying whether they actually found a weapon but we can tell you that no one was hurt. a violent a tack. an elderly woman was beaten. now police are reaching out for help. they're trying to track down the thieves who attacked the woman. you can see in the surveillance video, the woman fighting off the suspect. it happened two weeks ago on story road. police say one suspect ripped
11:56 am
the woman's purse from her shoulder. new this morning, authorities are investigating an accident that involved a bicyclist and a truck in the south bay. it happened some time after midnight in san jose at the end of brokaw off-ramp. police are not saying if the cyclist was injured. all right, so back to our weather coverage. san francisco looking like maybe fall is on the horizon. this photo is posted, lightning across the sky. >> you want to see those photos? we want to see yours. send them to us at bay >> there are a lot of people at work today, you know, showing everybody their pictures. even for me, i watched it and watched it and i'm still seeing
11:57 am
those flashes coming through the window, like enough already. there was a lot of light nick. >> it lasted so long. >> it did last a long time. it looks like we will still have the chance seeing a few isolated storms. our best chance will be tomorrow morning once the cold front moves through. it will be windy too. after that, some drier air moving in. and then gradually warming up for the weekend. after that, we'll get rid of the humidity and nicer weather ahead. >> thank goodness. i am tired of all this fluffy hair. i want it to be a little smooth. >> okay, get the car washed on thursday. that's -- >> yeah, we have your cove you covered. you want to flatten your hair or watch your car, we got you covered. thanks for joining us. >> you can also get the latest information at
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standby, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. directing traffic. indiana jones. >> get out! >> go! come on, come on, come on! >> i've seen everything in new york, but i have never seen that. harrison ford actually right there in the middle of traffic, to the rescue, directing traffic after a tunnel backup in manhattan. that is crazy. >> play the indiana jones music. there he goes right in there. he's not a movie star. he's a new yorker.


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