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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 13, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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seeing a lot of lightning there and we're also seeing some rain approaches, and no contra costa county, you are also hearing some of the those rumbles of thunder, now moving closer to walnut creek. that will be near richmond in the next 30 to 40 minutes. just to the east of there, we have another cell that popped up. some rain moved through discovery bay, and also off towards the north and west, so watching that one and some heavy rain moving into gilroy right now and moves after towards the north and west. so tracking a lot of individual cells. not everyone will see the rain, but we're talk about the chance you see the rain in a few minutes. >> also tracking that rain along with you.
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look at the top of your screen. that's brentwood discovery bay. and we're watching for folks coming down from the benicia bridge that may affect 24 and 124. we're tracking westbound 24, through orunna, the earlier crash, just shy of that tunnel right around gateway or fish ranch road. so at least one lane is blocked if there, that makes the maze a bit better. the bay bridge still has metering lights on. in the north bay look how quickly it is recovered. but be careful as you head south approaches spencer. the earlier crash is clear, but there's still oil in the roadway. sgloor 6:01 right now is this
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has been the home of the a's for the last half century, but today the team is expected to officially announce plans to build a new ballpark. thom jensen has the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marcus, as you said is, it looks like the a's are truly rooted in oakland. this newside is reportedly just four miles from here, near the downtown, likely could have a positive impact on the downtown and neighborhoods around that new park site. 13 acres, and it's near lany college and peralta community college, as well as lake merritt, just blocks from the downtown. the chronicle reporting that the team felt like this was the best side financially, since it is funded privately. it will cost an estimated $500 million. i did some checking this morning, and a survey of
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economic development reports cities with new buildings show significant positive, economic and economic renew all effects. just ask the businesses across the bay around at&t parks, near coors field in denver and petco park in san diego, just to make a few. it will be interesting to see if oakland will see the same results. some caution, some clastic reports have shown that the economic impact for the most part in those cities is minimal, though there are significant impacts in those neighborhoods around the downtowns and around those ballparks. the a's said after says considering they thought about the coal see croom site here, but it made more sense to build a park near lake merritt. they hoping to be playing in that stadium by the 2023. thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> and a lot of a's fans' homes
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are talking about it. hatching today, the suspects charged in the ghost ship fire are expected back in recall today. they face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one for every person killed in last december's fire. proarors say they allowed people to live in the building you illeg illegally. new video shows crews uprighting an overturned big rig. this happened at the whipple on-ramp to northbound 880. chp officers do not believe that drugs or alcohol played a role. ben shapiro's visit is sold out tomorrow. that's word. it comes ahead of free speech week later this month on campus. it was announced that steve
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bannon will be there. until contracts are a completed, they cannot confirm that news. a follow-up, berkeley police say they have the authority to use pepper spray. last night council members voted 6-3 to overturn a 20-year ban. the city's police chief has been pushing for this change. >> they understand that we are asking them for this tool so a very specific set of circumstances, where we're dealing with a specific threat to our police line, and the potential for folks willing to use violence to actually come up against and try to break through a police line. >> recently they have battled with protesters, all in the name of free speech. president trump has another meeting with democrats and republicans set for this afternoon. it's actually the third day in a row he's brought both sides together.
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tracie potts has a look at what both sides want. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. the president wants tax reform. democrats here want to focus first on health reform. they are talking, the group coming in to talk with the president today call themselves the problem solvers. president trump again today making a big push for tax reform. >> right now the momentum is with the president. >> reporter: he wants to lower tax rates for businesses. >> the president is prepared to push for as low a rate as we can get. >> reporter: democrats told the president they want incent ivs for companies who keep jobs in the time-outs. tax policies that support families, and a simpler tax code without adding to the nation's debt. >> the next time we'll be dealing with the debt is sometime? 2018. >> reporter: republicans are working on their own tax plan.
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>> it would be nice. >> reporter: paul ryan will unveil his ideas during a live chat later this morning. >> i know what direction we're going in, and there's some language we're not prepared to disclose that yet. >> reporter: what will the trump administration consider a win? >> passing tax reform in 21 years, that's a win. >> there's lots of things we can improve that he seems open to. >> reporter: two republicans will make another push to repeal the affordable care act. also today we expect to hear from senator bernie sanders. for year he's been pushing this the idea of a single payer health system. me calls it medicare for all, referring to the government paid insurance for seniors. however, it hasn't had that much
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support. now more democrats are prilg on to support this idea. he 'expected to have as in conference later today. >> tracie potts, live from washington, thank you. firefighters in san mateo county are still battles lightning spark fires. this is between highway 35 and interstate 280. we first brought you this story yesterday. there are several fires consuming about 50 ikes in the heavily veg dated area. right now the fire is 10% contained. >> 6. eve 08, as we wake up, we are feeling the humidity, but it will be dropping this average. the south bay, we'll be up to 79 in santa rosa. ant i don't today 86. tracking some of those individual lightning strikes and some storms pong up this morning, not everyone will see the rain, but when you do,
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you'll know, you'll hear a lot of lightning and thunder we're tracking this cell and then another one moving toward the basis that may not make it. we're seeing a lot of that rain fizzling out, gut there's a heavier downpour behind that. that storm just south the gilroy kind of blowing up there, so we'll continue to monitor that and a look at today 'closeser trend. mike as better news for orunna. >> there you go. we had roadways, now aid side from the nice pleasant drive, we're looking forward highway 24. that's where the big slowing continues. good news, recovery. they cleared all lanes, but this is heading towards the caldecott
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where it always jams up. allow just another five minutes. meanwhile, take that extra second and look at the rest of the bay. that crash clearly had a quick recovery southbound 101. and here's a look even 680, the tri-valley and castro valley, over towards hayward. back to you. thank you, mike. up next, back total golden state, the celebration taking place in los angeles, as the city prepares to be officially named of the host of the 2020 games. nearly ten years after the recessi recession, it seems like -- when "today in the bay" continues.
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looking live in san jose, it's cloudy, but still dry. as we check out the temperature trend for nearby evergreen, we will start out at 70, a mix of sun and clouds eventually reaching 80 degrees. now it's dry in san jose, but we have the showers and thunderstorms firing up. we could be tracking more lightning. i'll have more on that and what you can expect through the day coming up in five minutes. that rain on the road might
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affect your driving, but it seems to be recovering now at the bottom of user screen. we're learning work on the new raider stadium would begin without a formal agreement. s. now if that happens, the raiders may have to undertake site preparation at their own risk. >> so that does this new stadium mean for las vegas? we did some digging overnight, according to the nevada officials, the region will see a boost as 19,000 jobs will be added. the stadium is expected to host more than 60 events a year. that could add $650,000 to inium in the region. it's quickly approaching 6:15 this morning a community
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meeting today on regulating pot. people are invited to attend for the discussion. voters in the city overwhelmingly approved proposition 64 legalizing marijuana, as did the rest of the state, making it a law. tonight's meeting is happening at 6:30 at the community center. three astronauts are aboard the international space station. >> two americans, one russian, made that trip overnight. this marks the first voyage for mark vand high. all three are expected to stay on board the space station for more than five months, the crew they're replacing has been there since lateual. google is sending its people into sunnyvale. >> it's slow lly becoming a bigr giant. >> all over. a secondary headquarters about
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the size of valley fair. now we're learning that it's taking over net app's building. a filing has shown that it's bought the property. it gives nearly 400,000 new square feet. the latest nuism bers show americans have timely recovered from the recession nearly ten years later. the median income now $59,000 and change. the lowest poverty rate since the recession. black households still last. asian households make the most when you measure the median. apple showed off the new watch and new phones. there's no apple 9. the apple i known so will unlock when you look at it, or at least that's what's supposed to
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appear. >> unlocking is it as ey as looking at it and swiping up. you know, let's try it again. let's go to backup here. >> now, it worked in the end. it does such amazing things, but it shows you on that even apple, when they do a demo -- they had powered it back off and again, and then you have to do the numbers? somebody had done that for the one on stage. that's whether it went wrong. i showed it to you so even apple can have an oops. >> they're just like the rest of us. >> except they have trillions of dollars. >> that too. 6:17 right now. we have video of dozens of landmarks all lit up last night to celebrate the 2028 summer olympics today the international
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eel committee is expected to give the final announcement that los angeles will get to host the big games. celebrating a bit early. that would be greats. >> it just mike. it will be nice to have it back in the golden state. many moons ago. today's weather is looking -- >> yeah, i mean -- >> that's probably how you'll feel about it. it may by rainy where you are, or you may be feeling that humidity or seeing the flashes of lightning we individual storms popping up here and there, but it won't be as crazy as it was monday evening as we get a look at the storm moving over northern sonoma county. that may affect your commute from clover dale down to windsor, even some light showers
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moving into sandy rosa. i'm seeing this cluster of rain continuing to weaken, but moving closer to san pablo. we'll continue to monitor that. this one still going strong, producing some live lightning, you can tell by the little icons that show some live lightning from cloud to ground which of course is the most dangerous type of lightning. if you have the choice, if you can, maybe wait about 10, 15 minutes about of this moves on. then you'll be able to not have to deal with that heavy rain. also tracking some of that rain, still raining there, but some of the heaviest continuing to move off toward the south and west. le will start to see more toffee throughout the morning. not everyone will see this rain, but we'll even have a chance across san francisco, moving to the east bay and the north bay through 1:00, and then things quieting down as some drier and cooler air moves in. temperatures today will reach
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into the mid to upper 80s u up to 85 in could not cord. for the peninsula lower 80s. the north bay looking at upper 70s toward 80. if you are walking to scoot, heads up about the chance of rain. then at recess a mix of sun and clouds, not expecting a lot of activity, as you head home from school today. if if you'll be going to the giants versus the dodgers game. we'll have the get the scoop ice cream truck. nice weather for that, bus windy and school and really cool by the end of the game. >> at least it's a slowing, nothing clearing of a crash. let's show folks all around the bay, looking great as far as your travel times and speeds. over here the trivalley looks nice as well.
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it's just hayward and building in toward fremont. of course all these folks travels down the nimitz. over here, highway 24 will show you a bit heading toward the bay bridge, but again the lanes have cleared. slow out of lafayette, in towards orunna, and let's check with waze. if you're traveling from the concord area toward the bay bridge, you can use the walnut interchange and a jam there, or take a little longer route that takes about the same time. there's the build. join our waze team and you can check whenever, use the phone -- this is even bigger than the iphone 10. even androids, we have our app on there. make sure you join our team. back to you. thanks, mike. 6:21. the reason gas prices in california are at the highest they have been in two years.
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cleanup and recovery continue after irma. pg & e crews to help an audience of alligators. follow us on twitter. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪ ♪
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chase. if it seems like gas prices have been more expensive 6:24. new this morning, if it seems like gas prices have been more expensive lately, you are right. drivers in the golden state are paying the highest gas prices in the u.s. right now, in the aftermath of hersh harvey.
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the storm drove up the national price by nearly 35 cents. here in california prices have jumped by double digits, across the highest level since 2015. here's the latest prices according to aaa. francis is the most expensive. and in san jose it's 3.18. developing now in the east bay, people in one alameda neighborhood still cannot use their tap water because it is contaminated. the order for the alameda point area came down last night. they're still trying to figure out the source every the problem, bud most likely is due to a cross-connection between drinking water and irrigation lines. people we spoke to saying they noticed the difference. >> i noticed the water this whole week, and two days i told the family, there is something wrong with it. >> we will want a full battery
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of tests to make sure we have detected all the potential issues. that could take another two to three days. >> that was gen suffer ott. 3500 people and 60 businesses are affected, in the meantime the city is manding out fry bottled water. coming up next on "today in the bay," losing students. the reason the south bay's largest school district is shri shrinking. and taking a live look outside, oh, look at that. i think it's safe to say the metering lights are on at the toll plaza this morning. we have a full check of weather and traffic in 2 1/2 minutes. you're watching "today in the bay." more thunderstorms possible for
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t right now at of:30, we are keeping a close eye on the forecast this morning, with more thunderstorms possible for the morning commute, especially in the south bay. we're getting reports of lightning strikes in the gill rory area to wake you up this morning. thank you for joining us. right now we want to get to kari hall, who is looking at the weather we are starting to see more of these cells popping up this morning. it's right on could yue, we are to see pockets of heavy rain approaching guerneville and
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moving out of the clover dale. also around just south of still hennena, watching that. right behind that, there is another stronger downpour with some lightning. we are seeing some of the most dangerous lightning. it's moving closer to concord within the next 20 to 30 minutes. there's another cell that's been around the gilroy area producing rain, light showers moving into morgan hill, but the lightning is moving just south of you, closer to watsonville. a lot of activity this morning. over the next several days we'll start to see things drying out and cooling down. for the inland areas expect tomorrow to be the coolest day for the next several days. mike is talking about wet roads and some slowing. >> we go hand in hand. you talked about the wet roots
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these aren't quite so severe. we will zoom over here towards the east shore area, where kari showed light rain, that might be a bit of a distraction. and here's where the road -- talks about discovery bay, antioch, the crash, cleared over at the pass, and recovery for highway 24 off of the walnut creek entertaining, and then traveling toward the caldecott. the backup at the metering lights, they're on, and the san mateo bridge, this is moving slower, as more traffic hits the flat section, no surprises and no problems once you get to the peninsula. happening today, a peninsula school district will be graded on how well it handled allegations of sexual assault. >> bob redell joins us live with some of the details on the case
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and what will happen today. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and marcus. later today, it will be this afternoon, this independent investigator will present its result to the school board to let the district know how well or how poorly it handled an alleged sexual assault of a frebman girl here by a class mail who happened to be a junior at the time. this goes all according to the palo alto weekly. the school district first became aware of this alleged assault last year back in 2016, but as we reported back in may, barents became outraged. they were very upset when they learned the district had allowed the boy to remain at palo alto high, not only half having been accused of this sexual assault in a campus rest room, but also having been convicted of another assault off of campus. that boy, who was a minor eventually level palo alto high
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on his own the board will be meeting later today at the district offices, you the public can address the trustees at 4:00. this will be before they go into a closed session to read the investigative report to learn about the results. then that report would present it to the public at the board's next meeting, which would be a week from today, next wednesday. reporting live here outside palo alto high, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. it is 6:33, a police investigation is still under in san francisco's sunnydale neighborhood. we do know at least one person is dead at the scene. that's next to mclaren park. there is a lot of police activity in that area. we have calls to investigators. we'll update you throughout the morni morning. an drove duty deputy was
6:34 am
involved in a shooting sparked by road rage. it ended near lone tree way. someone collided with the deputy's car. a woman was also inside the car. the deputy reportedly fired his gun in response and struck the driver wednesday. the shooting victim is expected to survive. police believe it may be domestic in nature. new thorge, and only you can see this here on "today in the bay," the south bay's largest school district is shrinking today san jose unified will talk about the declining enrollment, but you don't have to way until tonight. kris sanchez has been poring over this 200-page report, and you would think fewer students might knee lower class sizes, but that's not how it work. >> reporter: that would be great if it meant fewer kids in each class, about you it doesn't work like that, because funding is tied to enrollment. the district can't afford to run
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schools that are not completely full. we're used empire gardens here. they have a capacity of 700 students. last year they have fewer than 400. and topped drop in the next ten years. in area in yellow or red is declining enrollment. san how hay 330,000, by 2023, they expect fewer than 27,000 a drop of nearly 12%. the district pins a was primary on the cost of living and housings shortage. while there were a lot of residential projects under construction, they are primarily apartments and condos best suited for smaller families. as you know, funding is tied to
6:36 am
enrollment, so the direct wants to find out what this means for schools, and the committee will get its first look at the report for the first time tonight. the most drastic option would be klieg schools and reworks environments, and of course fueler lateoffs. fewer extent that will gets a -- the committee will take their first look at their report tonight in san jose, kris sanchez for "today in the bay.." thanks so much. this is breaking news, we are just getting news of a very disturbing story out of south florida in the wake of hurricane
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irma. at least five people have been found dead inside a nursing home. according to the broward county office the emergency management, these are live pictures over the scene. it is being reported the nursing home in hollywood, florida, did not have power, which means it doesn't have air conditioning during hurricane incha. right now there's a rescue under way at that for a it is being reported that no one checked on the patients following the storm. police are calling this a critical situation, one we will continue to follow this morning. tragedy out of hollywood, florida, this morning. >> certainly a tragedy there. and more on the damage and devastation left behind by hurricane irma. this is what it looked like as the drone flew over the big pine key florida just a couple hours
6:38 am
ago. >> f president trump says he will be traveling to florida tomorrow, millions are people are still without housele. marcus and laura, here in miami, the flooding we saw during the height of the storm has since receded, but cleanup is under way. meantime we're seeing damage like this all across the city, this huge palm treat uprighted, just some of what we're seeing. meantime in the keys, it is much worse. people trying to return to their homes are realizing they don't have one at all.
6:39 am
today a clear look at the destruction of irma. >> then we come back and we're in shock. everything was devastating. >> reporter: the storm ripping through the chain of islands as a category 4 hurricanes causing widespread destruction. >> we need water, food, we need gas. >> reporter: the u.s. navy answering the call this morning by air and sea, shipping in much-needed supplies. brought to the island on the "uss abraham lincoln" now it's a mission of mercy. >> we can do a lot. >> reporter: this as a search-and-rescue team look for the stranded or anyone in need. the storm now leaves many homeless, and some without a job. >> not going to be any tourism down here for quite some time, which would make life tough. >> reporter: beaten but not battered. >> we're going to come back strong. everybody that lives here in
6:40 am
this community, we will survive. we will survive this. >> reporter: there's hope to rebuild. the effect of irma are still being felt. and historic floodwaters in jacksonville expected to recede within the next week. good news for floridians is that power could be restored to this area by this weekend. for those on the west coast of florida, we're told they may have to wait about ten days. reporting live, marcus and laura, back to you. >> good to hear some good news. >> especially out there where we're hearing five people died in a nursing home. late last night she was tweeting about a curfew still in place. you can follow her for pictures and stories. the archive of life, people
6:41 am
reports -- really cool, because she's been on the street and experienceling what a lot of folks are out there. what we're hearing, a little -- nothing dramatic here. as far as the build goes, we're not having any major problems coming up through san jose. there's that green in the map on the right side. and maybe the upper east shore free way. this is the approach towards san rafael, and realizier there were droplets on the end. there was something in the air. traffic flow is smoother. halfway through the wo workweek. >> how is the weather going to look? >> we are tracking some train this morning. we won't have any of that for the weekend. as we look at saturday's forecast going to be nice,
6:42 am
comfortable temperatures with low 70s for the coast appeared upper 80s. a bit cooler on sunday, especially for the valleys, up to 84, and 70 degrees for the coast on sunday. there are so many events going on, trying to pick out a cupping like bark in the park in san jose on saturday. the upper 70s to start at 10:00, then a lot of sunshine, highs reaching into the low 80s, so make sure you bring lots of water for your puppy and for yourself, too. on sunday it's comedy day in the park at golden gate park. from noon to 6:00, and highs there reaches into the low 70s. we'll be reaching, notice those morning temperatures bring a nice warm coat. if you're going to the beach in month ray, it will be breezy, but also very nice. highs in the upper 60s.
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let me know what you're doing this weekend. send me a message on facebook, and then check in with me at a 50678938, also at 6:38 most mornings. thanks so much, kari. it is 6:43. looking for a new home? the locke the observation listen a's are eyeing. >> it looks like there may be moved forward on daca and d.r.e.a.m.ers. all of what's coming out of weight in a bit. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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good wednesday morning, it is 6:46. we wake up and see the clouds overhead. so far no rain yet, but we do have showers nearby. let's check out the temperature for campbell, where we start out at 70 degrees. still cloudy throughout the morning, but clearing out later today. highs near 80. looking at the individual storms popping up, and a lot of lightning with this cell moving through eastern contra costa county. with we will track this storm in five minutes. >> a look at the traffic time. eastshore free way, that's not too bad, and the on which and provide approaches to oakland are holding up nightly. >> a like look this morning from the coliseum, the home of the oakland a's, but maybe not for long. we're expectic the team to officially announce the location of a new stayedium.
6:47 am
the a's have been considering several new sites. according to the chronicle, you new silt is near lany college and lake merritt. it will cost $500 million to build, the team plans to moving in by 2023. this is just walking distance from the lake merritt b.a.r.t. station. a lay that -- that is despite efforts from some residents trying to undo it. last night the still council voted to table the proposal, saying the city has more important issues to address. opponents were disappointed. >> it's important that we make that change, not to force women to be able to be topless wherever they want, but so that they have the choice to do that. >> at the end of the evening one woman tripped naked. backest say it's not about
6:48 am
nudity, but rather equality. we did research yore night. cities like northern, washington, d.c., honolulu, portland and austin, allow women to go topless. the state of california does as well, except cities with can ban it. a demonstration in support of daca in the east bay today. it's happening at the ignacio and civic today. from 4:00 to 6:30 tonight. top congressional leaders will be meeting today. >> they may get a deal. we are learning the president won't insist that money for his wall in order to get daca reform passed. the white house, of course, has announced it would wind down daca, protecting young people who came to this country illegally and challenged congress to come up with a law to protect them instead. paul ryan will meet with nancy pelosi at 2:00 our time to discuss a new ways forward.
6:49 am
president trump will head back to florida tomorrow. the white house hasn't said if he'll visit his resort in mar-a-lago. he tweeted in the context of tax reform this morning. with irma and harvey devastation, tax cuts and tax reforms is more than ever before. go, congress, go. it's not clear how tax cuts will help recovering. relief may add up to billions upon billions of government spending adding to the deficit. senator bernie sanders will show occupy his sing of hi payer health care plan today, a concept that has the potential to split the democratic party. en karim trysts are not in -- the concept of a fully government-run health care plan has never been popular. we examined the president's tweets and executive orders each
6:50 am
morning, we'd like to know what you think. contact me directly on twitter. we continue to follow breakses news out of the hollywood, florida. you see where they are brought out many of the elderly. this is because they found five dead elderly people inside that nursing home. reportedly no one checked in on them after hurricane irma. it is simply tragic. this nursing home is across the street from a hospital. it is very disturbing story out of the hollywood florida, this morning. at least five people once again have been found dead inside a nursing home there, and you see what they are trying to do. just go room to room and see the condition of these people. they have -- power was not in the area tote. they're saying there was no air conditioning there. it remains to be without power inful of the florida area this
6:51 am
weeke weekend. really such a sad story, and because of no power, and also carbon monoxide poisoning. >> because it slows up. >> it's really hot, people don't doctor air conditioning, no food. also watching what's happening here at home, as we are seeing some storms popping you up. some individual cells popping up, especially in parts of the north bay and east bay, watching this cell moving through guerneville, moving off towards the west with heavy rain and lightning. also some rain approaching santa rosa within the next ten minutes, you'll start to hear that rain picking up. you're probably already hearing the thunder. eel see the flashes of lightning as well. the seven-day forward is at the bottom of the screen. we will see this storm moving
6:52 am
toward the northwest across parts of contra costa county within the next 20 to 30 minutes so maybe wait it out and see the showers move out before you head out of the the door. some of the showers that were near morgan hill continue to move near the santa cruz mountains, then weakening. after this we'll see a chance of storms throughout the morning, and then lower lumity, and some upper 60s in san francisco. as you go ahead readsy to head occupy may sure you -- and then later today, a spot shower or two, but oats breezy and warm. keep the umbrella? the backseat and it will be a day for short sleeves. once that sun breaks out, we'll have some great weather for
6:53 am
sunglasses and nice shoes. inland areas will have some temperatures could this off, but then -- mike is tracking some slow traffic. >> we're looking at the south bay with the building for the northbound directions. you see that typical for silicon valley. over here same thing for the trivalley. actually it's pretty gentle the nimitz moving across the san mateo and the dumbarton bridge is your typically pattern heading west. that's when we see more slowing. earlier crashes just outside of caldecott battle still has a big backup. the rain that kari has been talking about creates slower driving conditions, so just be aware of that. as we look at waze, we're looking at your travel. we got this alore from a craig rossi, he said north 101 at 280
6:54 am
this is a crash reported. i got a bit of detail, but i do want to say thanks. there may be some additional slowing make sure you check waze, on android or apple. nice smooth flow of traffic, but check before you leave and make sure you're a member of our team. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up, we'll look at the top stories on "today in the bay," including the big day in court for the two men charged in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. >> but first happening now, romania's coast guard as rescued more than 150 migrants from a ship in dries, migrants have been anything by tremendous i to black from torte to reach romania. mortgage applications have nicked almost so are 10%. we'll have more news after this break.
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to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. . laura/vo happeniod . welcome back. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> happening today, the suspects charged in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire are expected back in court for a plea hearing. derek amena and max harris face 36 counts, one for every person killed in last december's fire. al mena was the master tenant and harris was his assistant.
6:58 am
prosecutors say they allowed people to stay illegally and failed to have fire prevention. you may recall from our reporting, last year a freshman girl claimed she was assaulted by another male class mile mate, a junior, the boy was also accused of another sexual assault. despite both allegations, the school district allowed him to remain in cool. we're also live at empire gardens. san hoe say unified school district is facing declining enrollment. last year there were more than 30,000 students. by to 23, it will lose 3500 students, about 12%. tonight district officials discuss the report and come up with an action plan. some thunder and lightning rolling through the bay area. kari has a look at our forecast. >> it's been moving through some of the same areas, so you're
6:59 am
hearing the rain coming down. the collapse of the thunder, and then it breaks for a while and moves right through again, so we've been watching, some rain in parts of sonoma county, and heavy rain approaches santa rosa the all those lightning strikes. we're also watching another cell, now moving closer to richmond in the next 30 minutes. and that may affect the morning commute. >> exactly where kari shareholder -- traffic is pretty nice around the bay area, but we're going to zoom over there, the green means damp lookedways at the very laos. and that may be an issue getting through the east bay toward the bay bridge. hopefully not for our treat truck, though. >> that's right. the giants take on the dodgers tonight. we're taking on the crowd as we pass out free ice cream today right outside of at&t park.
7:00 am
>> if you think we have a good time here, wait until you see us tonight. it will be a good time. have a great day. good morning. destruction and darkness. residents begin returning to the irma-ravaged florida keys. >> this is the worst storm that we've ever been through. >> an estimated 90% of the homes there damaged or destroyed. power still out. crews going door to door looking for victims. this morning, a ve look at the scene there from both the ground and the air. what happened? hillary clinton gets personal about her stunning loss to donald trump pointing fingers, taking names and taking some of the blame. this morning her first live interview since the election right here on "today." not me. senator ted cruz blaming a


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