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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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revitalized china basin. nothing comes easy with a project this size. they want to leave the out dated coliseum and build a new ballpark about four miles away off 880 ma 0 this walking dista from the bart station. christie this is day one in a long process. what's the feedback? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. the a's say this location makes perfect sense. it's walkable. there's public transportation nearby and they have plans that they believe would benefit the whole neighborhood. there's many steps that would have to take place first. this site includes buildings of the community college district. >> it's going to be intimate. it's going to be connected to the downtown core. >> reporter: the oakland a's have made their preferred sigte clear. a new home to 880 in oakland. >> i think when we looked at it, the walkability to downtown is really a key success factor for
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my ballpark in baseball. >> reporter: the stadium would be privately financed and close to bart. the team released a promotional video today. the mayor says she's pleased the a's are staying and paying and willing to work to prevent displacement but admits this wouldn't be her first choice location. >> while it does have tremendous opportunity, it has some threats. it was the one with the most existing neighborhood in place that could be disrupted. >> reporter: she adds there could be many benefits too but one city council member has more questions. >> concerns around displaitment. gentrification, land speculation. >> reporter: the location includes temporary building at the college district. they find they are the front runners. >> we need to go through the process of number one.
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>> parking is pretty bad around here. that will make it a lot worse. >> that's awesome. finally we're leaving something in oakland. something needs to stay in oakland. >> reporter: now, for up to the next year, the a's plan to have a community process to make sure this is a good fit for everyone involved and everything does go as planned we could see ground breaking as early as the year 2021. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. we have more details on this ro posed ballpark. it would seat 35,000 people. it will be built on a 13 acre site. you can see downtown and you can see lake merritt. no cost up tronts to tfront to taxpayers. the coliseum is the fifth oldest stadium in all of college
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baseball. the a's are the oldest team to share a ballpark. the raiders play here on sunday. at that point in team will call the coliseum site home. the warriors are returning to san francisco in 2019. the a's want to be in their new ball by 2023. new details on a deadly shooting in san francisco. police have arrested three men in connection to last month's shooting in the mission district. the murder involved a san francisco police officer's stolen gun. the 23-year-old victim was killed near 26th and south van ness avenue. the gun used in the crime was a personal firearm belonged to a veteran of the department. the department is now looking into how that weapon was stolen. between 2010 and 2015 a total of 412 guns were stolen in san francisco. our unit dug deep into the
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problem of lost and stolen guns. you can watch the full report on our website, new information tonight about a hoary i have crime on the peninsula. a mcdonald's employee accused of giving birth in the bathroom and trying to drown her newborn in the toilet. such a tragic story. >> reporter: it really is. you can only imagine people who are hearing this for the first time how they felt. they told me they were absolutely devastated. that crime reportedly happened behind me here at this mcdonald's on chestnut street. it happened on labor day. the woman claims she didn't know she was pregnant. in a nondescript corner of the city, an alleged crime that is anything but ordinary. >> i don't know how that happens in life.
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do nothing about it. >> reporter: carlos is a regular customer talking about the crime 25-year-old sarah is accused of committing this theback room of this mcdonald's. >> the woman had been in diskvrt for many hours. had been in and out of bathroom. when they went to check on her the first time the woman noticed there was blood on the floor. >> reporter: the chief deputy attorney said she gave birth. a second employee went back in and peered over the stall. >> that's the employee that saw the baby face down in the toilet with the woman's hand on the back of the baby. >> i'm speechless because ate affects so h people on so many levels. >> she looked fine. >> reporter: the court process comes into focus.
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she faces charges of attempted murder and inflicting bodily harm on an infantastic and will be assigned lawyer next week. are newborn wasn't breathing. they were able to bring back his pulse and transported him to the children's hospital. from that point we're told he was initially on life support for a period of time. he can now breathe and eat on his own. as far as his condition moving forward, we're going to need to get more information in the coming weeks and months. as soon as we have more, we'll bring it to you. back to you. >> very sad there on the peninsula. a bart worker was beaten and robbed yesterday. tonight the search continues for her attacker. it happened just before 1:00 a.m. at the rock ridge bart station. man became upset, battered the bart employee and ran away with her bag. no word if this was caught on any surveillance cameras. they are getting ready at
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cal. tickets are being distributed and barricades will soon be going up. tomorrow night conservative commenter ben shapiro will be on campus. protesters have vowed to disrupt his speech and other speakers coming this month. tonight we talked to the 33-year-old shapiro. jodi hernandez join us us. what's the university's plan? >> reporter: first of all, let me tell you that ben shapiro tells nbc bay area he is determined to speak here at cal tomorrow night. he is hoping to have a civil discussion that does not spark violence. meanwhile, the university police say they are prepared for whatever unfolds. >> i have no intention of backing out. >> reporter: conservative commentator says he will speak at cal tomorrow night no matter what. on the eve of his appearance he said he's a bit surprised by all the backlash his visits created.
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>> i have to admit i'm sort of confused what i have done to cause this. i know i've been working out but i don't really think i'm that threatening. >> reporter: the university is pledging to do all it can to keep things safe. they say they learned a lot from february's milo event that they cancelled when protest turned violent outside. >> we have changed our strategies and tactics. we're going to be having far more law enforcement officials on cam put. we're using different tools. establishing large perimeter. >> reporter: it's the a first in a line up of speakers set to come to cal in a few weeks. ashton is with the berkeley patriots. the student group organizing the next wave of speakers. this morning milo posted he's bringing 16 navy seals with him for protection. >> me mentihe mentioned navy se. he truly cares about free speech
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and wants this to be a movement. >> reporter: it's a movement many others are not happy about. they plan to speak out. >> with trump being our president everything feels numb. it's not shocking anymore. it's just gotten to the point where it's so shocking that you have to stand up there and do whatever you can. >> reporter: tonight, 76 faculty members are calling for a campus wide boycott when the next set of conservative speakers arrive here to cal be week after next. they are encouraging faculty to close buildings, cancel classes and encourage staff and students to stay home. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> he is coming for sure tomorrow. what does he think about the protest group antifa? we posted the entire interview on our website, we even a update to bay area
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investigation into a 6-year-old cold case involving the death of a toddler. she went at her first court appearance. she was charged with felony child abuse. this comes after weeks of questions from our investigative unit about the death of 3-year-old eden lynch. child protective services show eden was in the care of holly when she fell unconscious and later died. her death was ruled a homicide. >> holly, her family and her children are a unit that's dealing with the loss of eden and moving forward with their lives. this will now be an opportunity to put to rest some of the issues that are still resolving. >> hollie maintains her innocence? >> absolutely. >> eden's father faces child endangerment charges filed by the coast guard.
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you can get caught up on our report on our website, new at 6:00, puttingjua on . santa clara county has approved a moratorium on selling pot for anything other than medical purposes. the temporary ban will last for 45 days but could be extended for up to two years. the county says it made this move to address concerns surrounding potential recreational marijuana businesses. as of january 1st of next year, california law makes it legal to sell pot for recreational purposes. don't even touch the water. the reasons for the warning for bay area community and when tests may come back clean. it's sent back some of the most amazing pictures from space we have seen but the journey ends this week. why a local professor says he'll miss his creation. after thunderstorms this morning, doppler radar is
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starting to clear out. we'll show you some hail video from santa rosa in a few minutes. the pattern is changing. we'll talk about cool changes and our next possibility of rainfall at 6:20 tonight. that )s what the city of alameda
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is saying - as it hands-out water bottles to hundreds of people tonight. that )s because their tap water is contaminated. =boxes= nbc bay areas marianne favro is liv a hundreds of people tonight because their tap water is
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contaminated. nbc bay area is live in alameda with what went wrong. >> reporter: right now a lot of people have been coming up to this staging area to get their free bottled water. they have been told not to drink or bathe with the tap water. >> it's pretty bad. >> reporter: they tell hundreds not to drink the tap water or even wash with it. >> we think we don't have a hundred percent confidence that an irrigation line with a cross connection to our drinking water system might be the source of that water.
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>> reporter: in addition to the 268 households, 60 businesses were impacted including hangar 1. here at pacific fine food owner kelly had to buy more than 60 gallons of bottled water to keep her catering business running today. she had to throw out lettuce washed with tap water earlier an that's not all. >> i have a lot of people working overtime. it's expensive because i have to have a lot more staffing to do things because it takes longer to wash dishes by hand. >> reporter: head start will close today and tomorrow. you can come out here to ranger avenue. the volunteers will be out here until 10:00 tonight. your pets also need to drink
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bottled water. an amazing ride to space is coming toen end. the cassini will go into the atmosphere of saturn. scott budman sat down with the professor to talk space and a huge change in the technology involved. that's probably your favorite story in the whole last couple of years. >> this is a cool one. cassini launched 20 years ago next month. it was being worked on 27 years ago when technology was much different. why the end is bringing him mixed emotions. >> reporter: as it hurdles toward the end of its mission. the doctor is remembering his role. he was part of the radio science
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team starting 27 years ago. >> i keep telling myself it was no iphone at the time. even the flip phone was there. >> reporter: he remembers and feels pride in the discoveries. >> discovered to have more or less earth like conditions. >> it's just been almost flawless operations in both the instruments and the spacecraft engineering systems and the ground support itself. >> reporter: cassini is nearing the journey's finale. a ride he'll miss. >> it's a celebration of its
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achievement but also sad in the sense it will be no more. >> reporter: nasa is ending the cassini mission for fear it might crash into a moon and contaminate anything that might be living. the space agency says there are no plans for another trip to saturn. >> very interesting. thank you. our wild weather continues. this is santa rosa. the city's police department tweeting out photos of hail. in the past two weeks we have gone from record heat to lightning to hail. >> to thunder, monsoonal moisture. it's like weather whiplash. i like it though. >> it's been kind of exciting. a bit dangerous on monday night. we're going to set everybody on a straight track and get our weather close to where we should be. we want to take you to wear the storms that produced the hail in santa rosa. right now they are passing over
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reno. tough drive on interstate 80. currently some colder size hail droppings just outside of reno at this point. back to the bay area, doppler radar is dry. we'll keep a close eye on the storms across the sierra. there's a slim chance. i think we're on the drying side of things tonight. 81 in concord. 65, half-moon bay. no hail in the forecast with emerging sunshine. extended forecast does show we cool temperatures a few more degrees this weekend. now low 80s and more changes next monday, tuesday and wednesday. we see a cool front approach on monday's forecast down to 78. that could bring wet weather as we head into next wednesday. we'll have more on why this change is likely to happen next week. details on that at 6:48 tonight.
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thank you. see you soon. reflecting on the election in her first live tv interview since november. who hillary clinton is blaming for her loss to president trump. former pharma exec martin
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shkreli was out on bail when he posted on facebook that he )d py $5k to anyone who got him a lock of hillary clinton )s hair. so the judge sent him backo martin shkreli was out on bail when he said he'd pay 5,000 bucks to anyone who got him a
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lock of hillary clinton's hair. the jail sent him back to jail today. we're back in a moment. that )s the title of her new bok
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about her failed presidential bid. ===take vo=== hillary clinton is telling the world what happened. that's the title of her new book about her failed presidential bid. doing interviews to promote her memoir. she talks about the election on nbc today show. she admit a lot of things does wrong but says the single reason for her loss to donald trump was fbi director james comey letter. >> i thought what is he doing. the investigation was closed. i know there's no new information. i'd given anything of any relevance and it became clear this was not necessary. he could have called me up. he could have called others
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involved and said could we look at this new stuff. >> she says comey's intervention stopped her momentum days before the election. he she also feels he lost his job for the wrong listen. she adds he should have been disciplined for disrupting the presidential race. last week he sang the national anthem at the giant's game. tonight he is handing out free ice cream at the giant's game. the most popular person at the ballpark is our new morning anchor marcus washington. our get the scoop ice cream truck rolled toward the ballpark. marcus, i see you're smiling. take it away. >> reporter: exactly. why would you not smile? the ice cream is here. it's free. this is our chance to say hello
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to a lot of people and give them ice cream. it's a fun event out here today. raj, i know a lot of people were saying you all, when you just go out here, you gave away the most ice cream. i think we have you beat. we're out here. we're handing it out. i think we're going to run out. i'll save one for you and bring it back. it may melt but it's the thought that counts. >> i want two drumsticks. janelle wants a popsicle and jeff wants an ice cream sandwich. make that happen. >> reporter: we've got you covered. >> marcus washington out at the ballpark. for kids who identify as transgender. at what age should they be allowed to start physically transforming their bodies?
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i'm investigative reporter. we'll tell you about new medical guidelines out today that will dramatically change treatment for kids here in the bay area and around the world. plus the criminal investigation after hurricane irma. the latest on the deaths at a nursing home in florida. the long recovery continues
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across florida. at this hour -- millions of people remain without power as we learn of a heartbreaking new tragedy connected to
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hurricane irma. ra millions of people remain without power as we're getting details of a heartbreaking tragedy connected to hurricane irma. it happened at a nursing home near miami. rescuers discovered eight elderly people who were dead. >> jay gray joins us live in the florida keys where nearly a quarter of the homes were destroyed. >> reporter: it's still overwhelming to see the fury of irma on full display here. this place has been trashed. it's been wiped off the face of the earth here. no with so many survivors try to come back, we cover and begin the rebuilding process here. they are also getting another vicious strike from mother nature. unbearable heat here today. across the florida keys. >> it's just a mess. it's one big mess. >> reporter: a mess that stretches for mile. >> every door is gone. the roof is gone.
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>> reporter: most everything that was life before the storm here, gone. saws and front loaders are the weapons of choice for soldiers on the front lines of the recovery mission here. more than 8,000 national guard troops moving into the hardest hit areas. >> it's a devastation out here. there's a lot of people stranded without power, food, phone. they can't get in contact with their family. >> reporter: flooding continues to be an issue to the north. governor rick scott toured the area by boat and says help is needed across the state. >> trying to move assets to those affected as fast as possible. people are hurting. we got to get this done. >> reporter: one of the biggest problem, power. millions still don't have it. >> we got to get our power back. >> reporter: eight people died and more than 100 have been evacuated from a hollywood nursing home that lost electricity during the storm. >> most of the patients have been treated for respiratory distress, dehydration and heat related issues. >> reporter: the extreme heat,
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another shock for mother nature. the heat just like the storm can't break the spirit or determination of survivors here. >> this is what we do in the keys. we help other people. >> reporter: so they continue to push forward because they know what's buried under all of this rubble. >> we love it here. we're in paradise. we're going to rebuild. we're going to come back strong. >> reporter: you know when you see the damage though, you realize that's going to be a long trip back here. president trump visits the strike zone tomorrow. he'll be on the west coast touring the devastation in naples. back to you. >> thank you. it's a sober sight behind you for sure. jay gray reporting in florida. then there's another threat to all of this. you see that. alligators. one of them right there. so far workers are trying to restore power in the area and have seen several alligators. our bay area pg&e crews are
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getting special training how to deal with gators and snakes because it's something we don't deal with around here. if you'd like to help the victims of irma and harvey, just go to our website, we posted a link on our website making it very easy and safe to dona donate. more dinner diplomacy under way at the white house today. working dinner wrapping up right now as president trump host house members from both parties. earlier president trump was talking taxes and sounding the same note as democrats by promising the wealthy won't benefit from any overwhelm. tonight's political dinner is the second night in a row. last night he sat down with senate democrats and republicans. >> i commend him for doing it. i thought it was a very constructive meeting last night. th >> this new era of bipartisan is what the american public want. >> some in the gop wonder if it's all political posturing. they wonder if the president is getting too friendly with
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democrats. house speaker paul ryan was not another tonig at tonight's dinner. the charges aren't going away. the judge denied a motion to drop the charges against the two men accused in the deadly ghostship fire of oakland. derek's attorney filed the motion saying the charges against his client were specific enough. the warehouse master tenant on the left side and his former assistance max harris are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection with last year's fire. prosecutors say they allowed people to live in the building illegally and failed to proper fire. they are in the process of physically changing their bodies.
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>> imagine waking up one day and feeling like your besiody doesn match who you are. here in the bay area there are six clinics for transgender kids that see more than 550 children. for the first time in nearly a decade, medical guidelines for kids are changing. hormone therapy had been reserved for those 16 or older. the endocrine society that provides recommends dagss to doctors around the world are easing it. they can take testosterone or estrogen to physically transform their body at younger ages. changing their name and wardrobes to match the gender they choose at three. up until now the guidelines have never recommended social
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transitions for children. steve rosenshal is a pediatrician who is part of that international team of doctors who developed the guideline. >> this could impact children worldwide. i feel it would be malpractice to withhold that kind of treatment. >> can a young child though if he or she was born in the wrong body in. >> i think the proof is in the pudding. gender identity is known by three, four, five, six years of age. it's very logical for people to question somebody who doesn't sort of fit the norm but how often are we questioning kids who do fit the norm. >> there are some in the medical community who disagree strongly. pediatrician heads the center for genetic medicine research in d.c. >> children say a lot of things. this idea that if i behave like a girl, therefore i am a girl. well, that's not necessarily
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true. >> is telling a child to wait to transition sort of the modern day version of telling a gay person that it's just a phase? >> i don't think so. people are telling me that these boys who behave like girls are a girl inside. i'm saying where is the girl? is there a brain different? are their genes different? i still have not seen that. >> you can still caught up on all sides of the issue by long logging onto our website. you can meet two transchildren. they have a lot to say and you'll want to hear it. that's all at >> thank you. this is a growing issue within families and school administrators. if you have a story or anyone else in our investigative unit. give us a call or send us an
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e-mail. still to come, a problem with verizon. a man rising phone bills. was no suspense or surprise in
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today )s olympic announcement. l-a will host the 20-28 summer olympics. ===take vo=== it's break from tradition. there was no surprise in today's olympic announcement. l.a. will host the 2020 summer games. peru rolled out a deal made months ago declaring paris the host of 2024 olympics followed by l.a. in 2008. this will be the third time los angeles will be the host city. >> people of los angeles, we don't perceive the 2028 games as 11 years in the future. we know that the games, with your help, begins today. >> a lot of work and it will come fast. paris will be hosting the games for the first time since 1924. both cities have said they hope to use existing venues to convince future host cities that the games sdroendon't have to b
6:41 pm
multi-billion dollar proposition. work on the new raider stadium could begin without a formal agreement. the las vegas review journal reports the stadium authority is considering extending the time to agree on a development plan with the team. the raiders may have to undertake site preparation at their own risk. the stadium board will meet tomorrow to decide whether to extend the completion of that formal agreement. what does it mean with las vegas. the region is expected a big economic boost as 19,000 jobs will be added. the stadium is expected to host more than 60 events a year drawing an additional 450,000 new visitors. that's expected to add $650 million to the las vegas economy each year. >> i don't want to hear about the raiders moving to las vegas. >> i know. it's happening.
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>> i don't want to do any of those stories. check of our forecast. we want a cool down. >> so nice today. even better in the seven-day forecast. we're tracking more changes while the threat of thunderstorm s leaving us we have a lot of drizzle and fog lingering in san francisco. a chilly 62. i'm tracking the next possibility rainfall ahead in these fall like temperatures in about five minutes. a trip to the cell phone store with a question leads to a higher bill. nbc bay area responds. at at&t, we believe in access.
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the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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cellphone company sold him one thing, but billed him for something else. room nbc bay area responds to a veteran who says a cell phone company sold him one thing and billed him for something else. >> this all ended up with a debt collector. that's not good. >> this starts off in a situation that i think all of us are familiar with. he walked into a verizon store. he says he ended up walking out with a new phone and a new tablet. all he had were questions about
6:45 pm
his iphone 5 but he ends up with the new phone and new tablet. he insists the only reason he bought the devices is because the salesperson told him his monthly bill was not going to go up. robert said he relied on what he was told because he's visually impaired and couldn't read the paper work. as robert's bills came in they did go up. he says he reached out to verizon offering to turn in the new devices but was told no. you got to keep them. he refused to pay the higher bill and the balance escalated to $1200. verizon offered to reduce the $1200 down to 999. robert said that wasn't good enough. verizon turned him over to a debt collector. finally, robert called us for help. we contacted verizon and it cleared robert's balance. it calls off that debt collector and released him from his contract. in statement verizon apologized and said that its customers
6:46 pm
expect and deserve the best possible customer service experience. in this case we did not meet our customer's expectations. if you have a consumer complaint call us. 888-996-tips. be careful when you go into the stores. s >> for sure. we thank you so much. now we have two good words. free ice cream. our get the scoop ice cream truck is in action as we have been showing you throughout the newscast. >> it's time to check this with our own morning anchor. you're supposed to be up in like eight hours. getting ready for the morning show. are you going to sleep at all tonight? >> reporter: maybe three or four but that's about the norm for me. i love getting up in the middle of the night delivering the morning news. it's so fun to be up and out in the city of san francisco tonight.
6:47 pm
we're going be there bright and early. we've been out here giving away all this free ice cream. these are the last two drumsticks. we're about ready to give them away. that's how well we have done. it's been so much fun. we're also taking donations for the local food drives that are going on here supporting the bay area food banks. it's such a giving community out here and such great spirit. it's been really fun to be part of nbc bay area. pretty big hit as well. i got the last two. i could save them for you but they might melt. i'll probably just give them away. >> no, no. just give them away. oh, my goodness. the two guys want the drumsticks. put it in an ice chest and bring it back. >> reporter: i'll get you next time. >> handing out free ice cream. we did this a couple of weeks ago. it's so much fun. >> so much fun. >> they're waiting around the
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truck. we're like it's free. we want to meet you. they're like, oh, my god. i'm like get two, get three. >> it sold out even though the weather is so much cooler. >> that's the thing. the trend will be changing. i know everybody is loving that in the weather forecast. let eets ta let's take a look at the microclimate weather. the biggest thing has been the thunderstorms moving across the bay. our meteorologist is tracking those on today in the bay. gil gilroy, morgan hill. i want sthto show you a closer k at the system that did bring thunderstorm this morning. the lightning show on monday night is moving off towards the east. it's bringing lightning and thunder throughout this year. we're keeping a close eye with the doppler radar. very slim chance this could make it back into the central valley. we'll have this up and
6:49 pm
monitoring it tonight. i think our chances are on the way down to get anything else from this point on. now, in terms of our weather with all the wacky withins we have had lately, i wanted to put things on pause and take a look at where we should be for september. we typically do average a few systems in the month. for walnut creek we're at .28 of an inch. the low down to 58. going to get back to more of a trend like this in the extended forecast. tomorrow morning the fog and drizzle back at the coastline. 63 for the peninsula. the tri-valley starts with a few low clouds. across the east bay some early overcast and watch out for more fog and drizzle in san francisco. temperatures cool off a few more degrees as we head throughout thursday. probably some of the best weather in a long time here across the south bay. 76 cou 6 cupertino.
6:50 pm
we'll get a wind out of northwest. that will give us less humidity. you can see 81 in concord. over to oakland rk, 70 degrees. a cooler 67 in daily city as the ocean breeze is back. winds out of west at 18 miles an hour. that will put us at 66. north bay, 76. 77 in napa. i hear you guys. i know what you're going through. at least 13 of them 100 or hotter inland and you want more of this. we'll dallas/ft. worth for you as you look at the next seven days based on the current forecast. hot high pressure that's been pushing the storm track to the north. that brings us three upper low pressure systems. what does it mean for us? friday near average temperatures near low pressure. sunday keeps hot 90s away. by next tuesday we'll see showers just off to the north.
6:51 pm
on the extended fn eed forecast can see a nice weekend coming our way. by next wednesday get a look as we move out of the way a chance for scattered showers. for inland valleys i've cooled it off more this weekend. we're in the low 80s and 70s next monday. i'm so happy to see that. >> more like it. >> thank, jeff. a short while ago he was unemployed. now he's the special teams player of the week. we'll chat with the raiders new kicker. come out of the nfl in recent
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
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memory... georgio tavecchio, the f this is one of the best stories to come out of nfl in recent memory. the former cal kicker made history becoming the first player to make two 50 plus yard field goals in his nfl debut. >> today he was named special player of week. he was employed a few short weeks ago. >> all four years that i've been here, he's been around at camp. then we cut him. >> reporter: since leaving cal in 2011, she's been patiently waiting his turn in this the
6:55 pm
meantime. >> trying to be responsible with adult life. i've always kind of worked part-time, worked a little bit in real estate. was a tutor for a while. helped without a cal kicker. try not to shirk the real world responsibilities while you chase this dream. >> reporter: his wild and crazy dream came true the following day in tennessee. >> the kick down the middle again. >> reporter: four attempts, four conversions, two of which from 52 yards out. his regular season nfl debut, to four teams and six years this making. >> rejected so many times, takes a lot to put yourself back out there. in the end, if you look back on this, i won't have any regrets. >> reporter: he could have quit numerous times over the years but he didn't. to understand why, you have to understand how and where his
6:56 pm
kicking career began, here at campolido high school. >> he was a skinny little sophomo sophomore, curly moppy hair. i knew he played soccer. >> that started him p h. his teammates respected him. everywhere he goes people respect him and love to have him around. >> i'm grateful to have gotten taste an got a chance to continue. >> he fwgot the game ball. >> so cool. >> he was tutoring and now he's in the nfl. >> that's nice. before we go, are we seeing any rain? >> drying out. nice weekend our way. maybe showers by next wednesday. >> we can deal with that. >> i love it. thank you so much. >> have great evening.
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the selfie cam with jamie foxx. oprah's video sneak attack on the stars. >> stevie wonder backstage. >> the candid moments, the star collisions you didn't see on the a-list telethon now on "extra." ♪ extra extra >> sofia planting her face in oprah's hair. julia posing with gwen. renee behind the scenes as george, leo, cher, justin help rake in tens of millions for hurricane relief. >> it really was inspiring last night. plus why barbara streisand sending a stern message to the president. >> especially you guys in the white house. emotions boil over at "america's got talent." >> the show to me has gone to a different place. >> the two inspiring young women


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