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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 14, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> i think it's very important to retrosome ideological diversity to the campus. we've seen a lot of times basically the only voices given a platform or voice are liberal. >> we need to unite against ben shapiro but even more the regime, the trump regime. >> the university has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep the campus safe after the violence in february when mill of yiannopoulos visited they are using new tactics and tools, creating a secure perimeter around zellerbach and have a massive police presence ready to respond. >> we have a -- a joined commitment to keep the streets safe in the city of berkeley, keep the campus safe and let the event succeed. >> berkeley police will help maintain order. the first time in two decades they'll have big canisters of pepper spray on hand just in case. >> this is specifically for
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members of the crowd had who are violent. it's not to move a crowd in any particular direction. >> students and others say they're sad to see such extreme police measures needed on their campus. and at the birth place of free speech. >> i'm apprehensive right now walking through kafrmz. it's crazy. >> reporter: we are back here live you can see some folks are sitting right in the middle of the street. others are standing out listening to speakers. this is where the university has been closed down. this is where the barricades are up. nobody can get on to sproul plaszcza. two hours from starting and so far things are peaceful. recording live jodi hernandez nbc bay area. >> we'll keep eye close watch. a couple of hours ben shapiro retweeted jodi hernandez's tweets showing the boarding up and the business
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preparations for tweets. >> saying yes let's pretend this is all done in fear of conservatives. here is ben shapiro? born in l.a. to a partly russian jewish family. he graduated from ucla in political science. he the grat are graduated from harvard law school. he start add political podcast in 2015. it is now the second most popular itunes podcast in the country. behind only oprah. he has more than 2.5 million followers on facebook. >> this isn't just about politics and free speech. it's about business. local businesses are clamping down on security measures some closing up shop early while others taking more drastic measures. sam brock continues our coverage from berkeley along the avenue. >> reporter: for most of the afternoon it was business as usual on cal's campus except for the added security measures from police and from berkeley
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businesses. luis medina manages mobile banking services for several bankings. he is boarding up the atms on the avenue that cost $50,000 to $100,000 each to replace. >> if they break through the wood that means they hate the bank. but this is about free speech and we're just trying to protect property. >> property proved to be collateral damage when berkeley tried to host milo yiannopoulos in february. six of the atms were mashed. and student protesters sprayed graph it eu tanner michaelson with the student store locked up earlier at 3:00. >> what do you think it will look like. >> i'm hoping okay because i'd like to come to work tomorrow. but i hope no one decides to be violent and damage the campus because it doesn't benefit
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abouts anyone's cause and only hurts students. >> reporter: is that student you just heard from tanner michaelson is a member of the berkeley college republicans. of course that's the group hosting ben shapiro tonight. tanner told me he had a class scheduled from 5:00 to 6:30 tonight. the professor cancelled it out of concern for student safety on campus. think about that for a second. uc berkeley is offering free counseling services to students on campus who have issues they would like to talk about related to the event. we'll have you updated the rest of the night. back for you? the studio. we know the lineup of conservative speakers for free speech on cal beginning ten days from now on the campus. milo yiannopoulos will speak three different days beginning sunday september 24th. also slated to talk on the 26th and 27th. conservative street artist will speak on the 25th. he put up signs mocking the google ceo.
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well speaking of google james will speak that same day. he was fired in august after he wrote a controversial mo discussing women inequality in the tech industry. >> the two headliners set to talk with wednesday, formerer white house chief strategist giving a highly anticipated speech. also ann coulter. she was scheduled to speak on campus this past spring but after school officials offered her limited times and place the for the talk her appearance was cancelled. we'll continue to follow the ben shapiro speech throughout tonight on air online including post-s on both facebook and twitter and on the website as the evening unfolds. tonight exclusive details about a deadly shooting? san francisco. the gun that was used was stolen from an sf pd officer our investigative unit learned one of the suspects is an undocumented immigrant being tracked by federal officials. this man was shot and killed on august 15th in the city's
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mission district. the murder weapon was a revolver stole fibrin the carve a san francisco police officer. as the suspects appeared in court our investigative confirmed one of them was arrested days later on an unrelated charge and was wearing of a ankle bracelet issued by immigration agents. now we also learned that tracking device he was wearing pace him at the murder scene. jaxon vaneder beckon will have more and just new in the newsroom south korea has confirmed that north korea launched of an unidentified projectile about two hours ago. military officials say the projectile likely flew over japan. but there is no evidence of any missile fragments on japanese soil. if true, this would be the seventh nuclear test by north korea. confusion over the immigration protection of daca is overshadowing the president's trip to florida. the president and first lady
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landed in napeles to survey destruction from hurricane irma. but the president had to do some damage control of his own reassuring conservatives he is not going soft on immigration. this after democratic leaders proudly announced last night's dinner meeting with the president ended with a deal on daca. >> we agreed on a framework, pass daca protestings and additional border security measures. >> ultimately we have to have the wall if we don't have the wal we are doing nothing. >> house speaker paul ryan echoed the message that there is no agreement with democrats and he emphasized there will be no legislation unless he works with the gop. dozens of south bay high school students protesting the president for uncertainty among d.r.e.a.m.ers. it comes as the city moves heyde with the first lawsuit against in the country against the trump administration. the south bay's new legal fight
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for us from rick. >> reporter: this was a bold move by san jose mayor and he said the lawsuit is only just the beginning. >> reporter: the city of san jose must stand together to protect our dooemers. >> san jose mayor and city council announced their plan to sue the president over the decision to end taka. city leaders say they aren't ready to trust the president even after reports that he and congressional democrats are chose oh a deal. >> we have no reason to have confidence to have this president manage this congress. he they can't manage a two-car parade. >> the government of civic leaders insist they will continue protecting the drooechlers living in uncertainty. >> what do you say to people fighting against what you are doing. >> we believe you will people in the country and all over the world has rights.
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>> the city lawsuit comes hours before presentation high school students in san jose protest why daca should be upheld. >> they're afraid. but they -- i am showing my -- my support. and so they know that they have a support group. >> this after school protest of the president's decision to end the program is part of a nationwood outrage against trump. students saying many of their friend's future is in limb oh bow. >> i know many people in program are afraid and they should be use you know they are -- ner a lot of trouble. >> reporter: yeah an issue that firing up students all throughout the area. as for the mexican consulate they are offering free services to anyone who is a daca recipient or any family member or friend who needs information to those people who need that information the most. live in san jose, rick boone nabz bay area. >> thank you. well does google pay the female employees less for doing
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similar work as men? google is responding tonight to a lawsuit filed earlier today. the suit filed in san francisco by three former google employees, all women, claiming the company zrimts against women by paying less. the lawsuit seeks back pay and other compensation. in a statement sent to nbc bay area google disagrees saying it has systems no place to ensure equal pay for equal work. okay did you feel it? earthquakes in two hours. two earthquakes in two hours in east san jose. they weren't very big. but the first one measuring 3.3 delivered a sharp jolt about 10:30 this morning. the epicenter you can see in the east foothills of san jose north of alma rock park. this is how it looked on the size mow graph. the second quake in the same area with a 2.6 magnitude. that one struck in the noon hour. still to come, new video reveals there may have been an
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early sign something illegal was happening at the ghost ship warehouse in oakland more than a year before the deadly fire. trading up or selling out? customers have mixed reactions about the mu megadeal between blue bottle coffee appear nestle. meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're looking into fall and winter and a brand new change in the long-range forecast that could impact how much rainfall we get. we'll have that in the seven-day forecast at 5:20 tonight. lots of potesters..
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as we continue to follo back live at berkeley. you can see a heavy police presence. also in that area lots of protesters. we're continuing to following the ben shapiro event on the uc berkeley campus. where the conservative speaker is talk about 7:00. about 1,000 people have tickets. it's sold out. police say they are implementing new tools and tactics including the concrete perimeter barrier to make sure this event remains peaceful. we have multiple crews on seen and following it all night. an attack during of a earlier protest has berkeley police looking for this man. any say he was revolved in robbery and assault of another protester. he was live streaming during the rally back on april 15th when a group of people attacked and stole his cell phone. the victim identified that man as one of his attackers. well more than nine months
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after the deadly ghostship fire at the warehouse in oakland we're get ago firsthand look inside the building. the oakland police department releasing body camera video from an officer who busted up a party at the ghost ship in 2015. a full year before the deadly fire. i will talk to the city and we'll be dealing with this place. okay. >> understood. in this dark video you can hear oakland police officer hector chavez saying he will be talking to the city and dealing with this place. that's what we heard in march of 2015 chavez responded to a call about excessive noise and drugs being sold at an illegal party there at the ghost ship. there is no record of the officer following through with the promise to talk with the city. we reached out to the oakland police department for a response but have not heard back. a big deal for a small coffee company started here in the bay area. it's making some of the loyal
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customers very unhappy tonight. oakland based blue bottle coffee which has about a dozen coffee shops? california sold a majority stake in the company to food giant nestle for reported $500 million. blue blolgts says it will remain a stand alone company but some of the fans toll us they're not sure they like the deal. >> wow? why that's a terrible thing what a sellout move i'm so sorry. why are they doing that. >> it's what most other companies are doing here. a lot of people are trying to start up, cash in and sell out. grow down. >> blue bottle started back in oakland in 2002. it's grown steadily since. across the country recently we've soon seen a lot of people rush forward to help save lives. you don't have to be in the middle of a disaster to do wore part. >> one donation to the local blood bank can save up to three lives. and if that's the case thaen we're meeting one man who saved a whole bunch. garvin z thomas joins with us
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the bay area proud. >> randy hellman asking people if they donate blood isn't the first thing but talk to him long enough and he brings it up. he says it's not nearly as scarey as they think. if they do it with him it might be fun. >> i'm good right now, thanks. >> randy hellman wants you to know he used to be like you. or at least he used to be like the 97% of people in the bay area who are eligible to donate blood but don't. >> like i would say millions of other people it was a phobia. >> but about 10 years he joined the 3% and hasn't looked back. he has now moved on to regularly donating plate lets but still organizes his very own successful blood drive every year. his secret, he makes it fun. >> it's all about getting people to donate blood. we wanted to make it a little more fun. a little bit more competitive.
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>> i might have him on this flash drive. >> he says it started years ago when he tried to get his two sons to donate with him. being the competitive types he decided to make a game thp he they each guess how long it will take to donate a pint of blood and the one closest to actual times win. >> i get the most out of it because it's so much fun for us. it's not -- again it's not just experience of donating blood but to know people actually had a great time with the event. and that we're seeing them again next time. >> randy now runs his whole drive that way. the blood donation olympics he calls it. there is even a championship belt for the winner. it's an interesting approach to something many people think of obligation at best. but one that has worked for randy and certainly worked for the thousands of people who have been on the receiving end of these gifts of life. >> i'm going to fess up and be honest there was a reason today's story was about giving
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rebelled and the importance of it process. i'm excited to announce this saturday i'm going to hold my first blood drive. >> all right. >> i've been doing the bay area proud series six years now. i had to do something. i'm hosting my own blood drive this week in the bay area proud blood drive in conjunction with the stanford blood center. the information on your screen, saturday, 9:00 to 3:00. at the corner of kooser and meridian. if you go to bay area proud you can see the link and reserve a time. be in and out in under an hour. >> and your mom made treats. >> my mom made cookies there for people who donate. >> now you're talking garvin. >> i saw the pictures. yumy to my tummy. >> details on the website. >> area
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proud. >> over to jeff our chief meteorologist we are talking blood drive weather on saturday but overall the general weekend as well. >> really nice for noen out to the blood drive. that helps eminjured and cancer patients. we'll get you the forecast headed in the weekend. first off. i want to look at the long raining because we have some important changes to tell but. most immediately we are no el nino or la neenia phase. a kalk trend next week with 70s inland. fall and winter it looks like a 60% chan of la neenia developing and that could lead to above average rainfall in the mix. i know there's been fluctuations in whether it would develop or not but right now 60% chance that could impact fall and winter. keep you updated here appear
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also and right now in the south bay 76 . on the friday morning commute not much in the way of fog just patchy clouds for the south bay and 60s degrees. . mostly sunny for the tri-valley and notice the temperature down to cooler 59. you might need a light jacket to start especially in the north bay 55 degrees. heading through tomorrow temperatures right near average, even slightly below, fantastic day down here across the south bay. 76 in cupertino. 77 in downtown san jose. over towards the east bay we'll get up to 84 in conorder notice by the bay little bit of breeze keep us down to 71 in eelkd. humidly also low. 34% dryer air moving in makes it more comfortable than the humid conditions starting the week. peninsula 76 in redwood city.
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wind out of the wet at 9 miles an hour. 69 across the mission and cooler 65 for the morina. up towards the north bay 81 in novato. a trend like this through the next seven days. i'll update you what's coming our way. three troughs of high pressure. it keeps the temperatures near for friday. with the second one moving in mild 70s inland. even cooler. by next friday showers to the north we have revised are the seven-day forecast. notice how comfortable in san francisco with temperatures in the 60s. the inland valleys we see it low 80s this weekend. then to 75 degrees next tuesday. in fact, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday wp 70s for those days. that's the most comfortable we have seen since april at this point. >> a long time thanks, jeff.
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>> copious notes. thank you, jeff. >> got it. new hope for a bit bull found badly beaten. we have photos of the puppy after life saving surgery. filing a lawsuit.
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th) happening now, the six people who say they were attacked by mobs on b.a.r.t. are filing a lawsuit. they're suing tor damages and asking b.a.r.t. to increase security at all stations. on our twitter feed, a training consent fort brag north carolina killed one and wounded others. the army says it happened during a demolition drill. they're investigating what went wrong. a pit bull puppy -- was severely
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beaten -- is recoerving well tonigt. . we have some dpood news to share with you. a pit bull puppy was severely beaten but doing well tonight. this photo was after someone attacked here in the tri-valley this week. she went through surgery yesterday and last night where doctors reconstructed her ju and tonight we're happy to say she is on the mend. she will recover in foster care until a shelter can find a home.
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fiber security investigator was the company f the credit reporting firm announced last week the personal drait data of 140 million americans may be at risk. nearly half the u.s. population. he can which fax is offering free credit monitoring service anyone impacted by this breech. but experts say that may not be enough. >> this is the mother load of all hacks process. the hackers here got the gold mine of information that an identity thief would want, names social kurt numbers, dates of birth, addresses in some cases driver's license numbers. >> next on nightly news more into how the breach could impact your daily life and what your rights are as a consumer. we'll be right back. ==take vo==
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about 90 minutes from now -- conservative speaker ben ton at 6:00 we are staying on top of the situation at cal. about 90 minutes from now conservative speaker ben shapiro will take the stage. heavy police presence. lots of protesters too. we have several crews at berkeley. we'll bring you live updates tonight at 6:00. >> also updating the twitter and facebook feeds as well. that will do it at 5:00.
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as a reminder lester holt joins us neck. breaking news as we come on breaking news as we come on the air tonight. reports of a new missile launch from north korea. a new provocation from kim jong-un. we're live from seoul with late details. also, nursing home horror. amid a criminal investigation, new details about the eight seniors who died in sweltering heat. and over 100 more evacuated. some reportedly with body temperatures up to 106 degrees. what's the deal? mixed messages from the president and from democratic leaders regarding what was said over dinner about protecting d.r.e.a.m.ers and building the wall. a storm of anger on the right. was there a missed warning that could have stopped the security breach that's hit nearly half of americans? so many of you racing to freeze your credit. and the


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