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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 15, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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this morning an emergency u.n. security council meeting called to address north korea's latest missile launch. but can anything short of military action stop them? i think we are moving very rapidly on the wall. we are renovating large sections of wall. brand new by the time we finish. >> president trump refocusing on the wall and talk of a daca deal with dems leaves gop on edge. more equifax, id theft fallout. credit cards were also compromised. >> social media and singing superstar, selena gomez life saving gift from a close friend. >> and kiss it good-bye. the cassini spacecraft ends its
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13 year mission, plunging like a meteor directly into saturn. and "early today" starts right now. good friday morning, i'm frances riviera. the military standoff on korean peninsula is exploding with demonstrations of lethal power as north korea fires a ballistic missile. it is the 19th missile test this year. according to a south korean official, the rocket flew around 2300 miles before crashing into the pacific ocean. the u.s. is now responding with secretary of state rex tillerson saying we call on all nations to take new measures against the kim regime. and ron allen is in seoul this morning. ron, how is the rest of the world responding to the latest provocation from north korea? >> well there has been condemnation as you might expect from around the world. there is as you pointed out, the u.n. security council set to hold yet another, another emergency meeting later in new york to deal with the crisis. sanctions were just passed. couple days ago. what was said to be the toughest
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round of sanctions ever. the second time that was said. so, yes, the options seem to be running out. here in south korea, the, the military responded immediately to the north korean ballistic missile test. south koreans fired their missile. live fire exercise. the fact of the matter they have been conducting deterrent, shows of force, about every day however. since the last missile launch bay north koreans. since that massive nuclear test. so there is that. we expect that when the security council meets again they will be talk of more sanctions. the russians, chinese made it clear they're only going to go so far. rejected the u.s. call for an oil embar go against north korea. chinese want to see stability on korean peninsula don't want the regime to collapse. this latest missile. yes seemed north koreans are showing they have of a missile capability to fire and hit guam. u.s. sartoterritory. their stated goal. that's what they're apparently, show they can do. threats continue. escalation continues.
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we will have to see how the u.s. and u.n. respond. >> frances. stakes and tensions rising. ron, thank you. new disturbing details from hollywood, florida, above the the eight nursing home patient who died and 145 evacuated. some had body temperatures of 106 degrees. according to the state senator who represents the area. its horrifying. not to be callous. people were baked to death in the facility. >> authorities revealed one of eight died tuds desday. had a do not resuscitate order. nobody called 911. instead turning the body over to a funeral home. was ntd until wednesday, 3:00 a.m., the fire started receiving 911 calls. officials say the air conditioning was not functional. and port ac units were used to clear the facility. they're investigating. what happened? >> we're looking into the
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temperature inside facility. staffing inside the facility. and all of the conditions in side the facility. in the hours. >> the facilities administrator is cooperating futly. the center contacted florida power and light after irma knocked off a transformer. and we checked on the resident's well being. crews work around the clock to restore power for the 2 remain without electricity. president trump krafld to the state. hitting naples. there he gave out sandwiches and handshakes. later bratzed the recovery effort at an event back at the white house. >> it's been a rough time for florida. but the first responders, coast guard. all the people, fema. all of people that work so hard have done, an a-plus job. >> the president also mentioned hour cane harvey's impact on texas. and that's where happened.
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hurricane harvey as far as the hawk there. the injured bird which took on a taxicab, was released into the wild. after two weeks of rehab. the bird is now fully healed. as you can see, flying high. >> in washington lawmakers are scratching their heads this morning after democrats claims of a deal with the president that would protect hundreds of thousands of dreamers. for mr. trump to say the opposite in an early morning tweet. no deal was made. and then, the following up that tweet with this. >> i'm working on a plan, subject to getting massive border control, we are working on a, on a plan, for daca. people want to see that happen. you have, 800,000 young people. brought here, no fault of their own. we are working on a plan. see how it works out. awe all i just spoke paul ryan. do something, not talking
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amnesty. we are talking about -- taking care of people. >> so, where do things stand? tracy pots. good morning. kind of a high stakes version of deal, no deem. >> exactly. confusion on capitol hill by the very people who are going to have to decide what to do with that wall. how to pay for it. that was a big issue here. what to do afwult the dreamers can they say legally. there was confusion about the deal, statements, tweets. paul ryan the house speaker tried to clear it up. listen. >> there is no afreemts. the president and the chief of staff called from air force one today to, to, discuss what was discussed. and it was a discussion. not an agreement or negotiation. >> but that may have been clear to ryan. not necessarily to some of his colleagues. other lawmakers took from the conversation. >> one of our product tiff
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discussions was the daca program in which weave saul agreed on a framework. >> i've don't think, it's good they're talking. >> we have the makings of a deal. it's a deal on the table. unfair sue say it is a done feel. >> sounds like a deal to make a deal. no appeal currently made. >> deal or no deal. key things to we batch offing. watching this today. whether or not lawmakers directed by what happened behind closed doors will be putting funding for the president's border wall on the back burner. france: >> as you bring that up. one of the central components is the president's immigration policy. that much promised on the wall on the southern border. where he continues, that effort could be a ways off. peter alexander has that report. >> the president promising progress on the premiere promise of his campaign. >> think we are moving rapidly on the wall.
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renovating large sections of walls. brand new by the time we finish. >> of eight months into his presidency. there is no building the wall the president has been touting two years. >> we're going to build a wall. build a wall. build a wall. build a wall. build a wall. nbc news learned the study president trump ordered in january, how to fully secure the border, yet to be mienl finalized. the transition team did little to the project. and border control authorities, received prototypes for a proposed ball ares behind schedule. not much has changed since april. >> don't know what it will be made of. how high it will be. don't know, if it will have solar pages. >> if the president needed to build the wall. they couldn't be able to do it. there are hurdles to make it happen. >> the president remains bullish. >> very serious. the wall will happen. >> obstacles. are piling up.
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many construction firms, are shying away from typically would be a sought after and lucrative contract. >> the predicament is firms are scared to participate in the wall project. because they see severe potentially severe backlash. >> americans are expressing their duts toubts too. nbc news, monkey poll shows, four in ten support it. 56% against it. a wall of opposition for one of the president's top priorities. >> thanks to peter alexander. more heat on equifangs this morning. a probe into the data breach that compro is mied. 133 million americans. new accusations of negligence surfaced against the credit reporting come of pane. nbc's tom kos ole costello. >> notifying banks 200,000 customer credit card numbers were among those lost in the breach. public outrage continues to boil. in texas.
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mike cam's whip's information was stole twine years ago. with the equifax hack, they have frozen their reports. >> makes me angry i have to pay the credit bureaus money to do what they should have been doing to begin with. that's protect my information. >> credit scores are used for loans, credit cards. your ability to get a job. car insurance. rent the apt. turn on the power. sign up for a cell phone. >> what the breach points to. we need better control for consumers over the information in our credit reports. >> more allegations of. played the may hack on criminals that exploited a application in apatchy software. it issued urgent patch to fix it. two months earlier. march 7. the equifax data, was due to
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their failure to install, the associated patches foreign the strut project. >> and telling nbc news it did not identify vulnerability until july 29th when it took action to stop the intrusion. among questions investigators have why did it take six weeks for them to go public. >> they kept americans at risk during that period of time. we want to know why that is and get to the bottom of it. awe off it was a week ago that equifax announced the breach. on the same day on capitol hill, lobbying for fewer regulations and liability in the case of data breaches. now facing multiple congressional investigations. tom costello reporting. >> it is friday. looking at the weekend. >> i want to look at the weekend. don't want to look at jose. >> yes we have to now. it is shifting, closer, closer to the coast. with this point. the adviser, start telling
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people in southern preparedness kits and supplies in the beginning. make sure you have all of them. in case this gets close. 11:00 advisory. 5:00. going to shift closer to the coast. here's why the red line is the hurricane centers forecast. all of the computer models from overnight are well to the west. 100 miles west of the that. you can see where the lines are generally heading. close call in long island, role island. and masters. >> try to get ahead of the game. have all your preparations just ncase. still very hot in florida. typical afternoon storms. yeah, sorry to give bad news on jose. unfortunately, let's, some
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people have to start preparing. >> got to go. not to preel pair. >> 23 years after in living color, jim carrey is returning, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. >> on showtime, the show is executive produced by the pair. actor jason bateman. carrie will start mr. pickles. the premiere date not announced. just ahead. new controversy at google over pay practices. plufs the indians looking untopable as hand historic run continues. you're watching early today on a friday morning.
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earlier this week camp pendleton, now fort hood and bragg where military personnel injured and in two instances killed during training accidents. in all, over 20 service members have been hurt in training accidents on the three military installations. and now, many want answers including some of the country's temperature lawmakers.
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nbc's correspondent has the report. >> reporter: the explosion at fort bragg killed a soldier and sent several others to the hospital. members of the u.s. army special operations command were at a training range when something went wrong. the north carolina facility is often used for live fire exercises. where elite members of the army are based. the accident a day after marines were injured at camp pendleton in california. on wednesday, an amphibious assault vehicle used to transport marines from sea to land caught fire. and left three marines in critical condition, and five more in serious condition. we now have many more accidents due to the lack of readiness and training, and maintenance, than we do in combat. >> we are asking them to do too much, with too little. the result is an overworked,
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strained force with aging quinn and not enough of it. >> the military is investigating two new accidents. while congress is being asked to do more, to protect those who serve. just ahead, google is facing a major gender discrimination lawsuit. those details next. our bodies g. ...we run marathons... ...companies... ...solve problems. how? we eat. we eat almonds... ...strawberries... ...quinoa. and yeah...we eat chocolate. ♪ we eat in sweatpants... skirts. we eat alone... ...and together. women are strong. we eat, and we own it. special k. i wineverver wash my hair again now, i fuel it pantene is the first shampoo and conditioner system with active pro-v nutrient blends that fuel 100% stronger hair.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. this morning there is controversy swirling around
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googling after former employees accused the company of paying women less than their male peers. denying promotions in the process. the latest gender scandal to hit silicon valley. not the first time allegations of gender discrimination leveled at the tech giant. >> reporter: google is facing a major lawsuit on behalf of all women who have worked at the tech giant over the last four years. three former employees, kelly ellis, holly peas, and kelly missouri, said google distr discriminates against women cyst mat like paying them less than men and denying promotions. and google's failure to pay female employees the same for substantially similar work has been and is willful. >> these women are taking a risk. about their careers. and i think they're showing great courage. they're doing this because they feel that, there is a wring that needs to be righted. >> in an e-mail to nbc news,
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google denied the claim saying we disagree with the central allegations. we have extensive systems in place to ensure we pay fairly. if we ever see discrepancies or problems we work to fix them. google's work force is made up of 69% men. 31% women. suing google, alleging systemic compensation disparities against women across the work force. google has denied those allegations. the ballooning controversy comes just weeks after google fired engineer james de moore for writing internal memo claiming women and men differ in abilities because of biological causes. >> this has potential to impact the way google is able to hire in the future. a big deal. just ahead, the indians looking unstoppable as historic run continues. walgreens is easier than ever. just walk right in and pay zero dollars with most insurance.
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all right time for the weekend forecast. how about that chill in the west? it is the opposite in texas. all the way through oklahoma today. pretty nice weather from atlanta all the way up through new england today. still hot, in florida for those who haven't gotten the power back. even into saturday. not a lot changes. st. louis, hot, 90. chicago, warm at 86. warm weather covers everywhere east of the rockies. northern plains cools off. by the time we get to sunday. track a few thunderstorms in the afternoon. the cold front from oklahoma city, kansas city. chicago. nice weekend for the eastern seaboard. >> bill, thank you. >> well, new details today on the teen accused of gunning down a classmate in washington. 15-year-old, caleb sharp told police he wanted to teach everyone a lesson about what happens when you bully others.
4:27 am
police say sharp took weapons belonging to his father and brought them to freeman high school. that's where he shot four students, killing 15-year-old sam strahan. the three other victims are in stable condition but not identified. the spokane kelly sheriff gave condolences implicated society at large. in the proliferation of school shootings. >> you started glorifying cultures of violence. you glorified the game culture. glrifi glr tied games that give you points for raping and killing people. the gun didn't change. we changed. >> they plan to charge him with premeditated murder. images streaming back from the cassini spacecraft. hurdles towards saturn it will disintegrate. the impact will happen in a few hours.
4:28 am
saturn's moons, rings. cassini stayed in saturn's orbit for 13 years, exploring the planet and moons, its final plunge, traveling at 70,000 miles an hour. impressive. doing one thing for 13 years straight. >> we will miss it. saturn is beautiful planet. >> amaze how long it was out there. pop star, selena gomez shocked fans with news she had a kidney transplant because of lupus. actress/singer posted hospital photo on instagram with her donor and best friend. franceia reza, scar and recovery process. gomez battling lupus from 2012. removed her self for treatment and recovery. lupus triggers the immune system to attack parts of the body. not uncommon to develop kidney disease. celino gomez, soda post.
4:29 am
went be surprised if she beats it. >> her friend. not an easy thing. >> this is "early today." =marcus/live/vo=
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breaking right now in london.. a blast that is being investigated as a terror incident is unde . breaking right now, in london, the blast being investigated as a terror incident is under investigation. this after a rush hour fire aboard a subway train. this is a developing story, minute by minute. we'll bring you the latest in just a moment. good morning, i'm marcus washington. thanks for joining us. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a lot to get to this morning including the forecast. let's check in with kerry. >> at least in my department everything is looking good. nice weather as we head into the weekend. looking at sunshine into the afternoon hours and more of this very comfortable weather that we enjoyed yesterday. as you step out the door in santa rosa, 48 degrees, 50 in


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