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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 15, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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jensen who spoke with a woman arrested and what's her side of the story? >> reporter: raj, she says this sign it was large probably up to about my chin and about a foot wider than my body. she said she did carry it here before the speech started she was arrested. she had no idea it could be deemed a weapon. >> the arrest was captured on video, 44-year-old sarah rourk of sand brunn of cuffed and held in jail overnight accused of having a prohibited weapon at a admonition. >> i wish i could say i was shocked. >> what pam i charged with. >> rourk of one of nine arrested by lerkly police for carrying certain signs or items the department deemed dangerous at an antifacist demonstration thursday. >> my heart don't doesn't want to believe what i've been seeing. but my eyes don't lie to me. so i wish i could say i was shocked. deeply disappointed
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>> carrying a 5 feet by 3.5 feet sign board. she is active in the antifacist movement speaking outs on the strets and social media but her husband says she is never violence. >> she is a strong proponent of peaceful protesting and believes strongly that that's the way to actually effect change. >> the large post-er board does violate the list of banned items at thursday's demonstrations, among the 40 plus items no signs larger than 30 by 30 inches. even though it fit the construction material requirements because it was card board and paper it was too big. she says she plans to remain active in the movement and hold her head high. >> i'm proud of what i did and the arrest is actually on individual for all to see. >> as far as berkeley p. d. goes, a spokesperson for the department told me that they cannot comment on this case or any of the other arrests last
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night while being investigated live in berkeley thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> thank you thom. we continue team coverage with jodi hernandez live on the cal campus. and how much is this costing taxpayers and students to keep the community safe? >> reporter: well the university says the cost of yesterday's security here at cal will top $600,000 and with more conservative speakers lined up to visit they're likely going to be shelling out a whole lot more. >> what's the view that undergirds. >> after weeks of plans last night the ben shapiro event is called a success by organizer. >> people were able to attend and leave without being harassed or attacked. so i would say it's a success. >> uc berkeley spent a lot of money to make sure the event took place safely by create ago barricaded primate, closing buildings and bringing in more than 00 police officers. >> i think we're going to be looking into total cost in excess of $600,000.
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>> but a new slough of even more controversial speakers including milo yiannopoulos and steve bannon is set to visit cal in the coming days. >> i'm definitely nervous because some of my classes have been cancelled. so i think as students we're worried about our safety. >> the university says the berkeley patriots, the student group sponsoring that series hasn't done the necessary legwork for it to happen. >> if they do what they need to do is the university willing to spend $600,000. >> first we need to to see who is coming. >> the president of the berkeley patriots says they missed a 5:00 deadline to sign a contract and pay a $60,000 fee because the university didn't answer their questions until late today. but he says the four-day event will take place one way or another. and the university will have to do its part. >> ultimately it's the university's responsibility to secure their campus. >> now the president of the
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berkeley patriots says he plans to turn in the signed contract and the $60,000 fee that he says milo yiannopoulos is helping out with to the university on monday. it's unclear whether the university is going to except it. but he says even if they don't get approval to hold the event inside they will still hold them outside. reporting live from uc berkeley i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, jodi. >> jodi has been reporting the story on social media. here a tweet she sent out a few moments ago. if you are on twitter you can follow her. as uc berkeley knows the pursuit of peace is expensive and we have learned san francisco police spent nearly a million dollars on a contention rally that never took place. supposed to happen at crissy field last month. the city put up barricades and extra officers but organizer cancelled because of fierce of violence. still thousands of protesters
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showed pup how much did it cost the city. san francisco police spent $77 a 5,098% of that was for officer overtime the remainder went to food water and transportation costs. >> notesable developments on undocumented immigrants. today we could have a sanctuary states. today the legislator pass add bill. governor brown must sign the bill by october 15th to become law. also today a federal judge issue add nationwide injunction blocking president trump's from denying funds to antingary cities. ruling comes in response to the trump administration announcement back in july that all sanctuary cities must work with federal agents to enforce immigration laws in order to receive federal funding. the issue of course impacts several cities include o including frist. new at 6:00 sj pd could be losing a crime fighting tool, the helicopter. the police department is asking
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the city to help buy a new helicopter because the current one is simply too old and soo soon won't be able to fly. won't be safe enough to fly. nbc bay area robert handa joins us with the new details. robert. >> reporter: well it's a little jars to think of a big city police department without its own helicopter. we've seen it work in so many different situations such as natural disaster searching for a suspect or a chase. but now time is literally running out for air ii. the san jose police department ec 120 b has been a dependable tool since first deployed? 2000. but it's the oldest law enforcement helicopter of its kind in the nation and well past the usual life of six to eight years or 10,000 hours. san jose has managed to extend the life with major overhauls and councilman raul, a former cop says it's been a good investment for public safety. >> the benefit for being able to
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fight crime with a helicopter is so tremendous. and having that cool on a daily basis for the officers is a tool that we want to have every day. >> reporter: but air ii only has 500 flight hours left before it's no longer safe to use. the department is already cutting back on hours to try to save the half a million dollars it would cost for another overhaul, money it would rather put toward a new helicopter. the city will take up the budget issue next month a around the time the chopper runs out of safe hours. >> and it looks like we will probably extend the life but we still will be down a few months of nothing having a helicopter. >> so there could be a few months where san jose does not have a helicopter. >> yeah where we will not have our own. >> the plan would be to have the sheriffs department or chp provide a helicopter on an emergency basis but for now everyone is just watching the clock. for the october budget sessions and the helicopters remaining hours. live in san jose, rabbit handa
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nbc bay area news. >> thank you robert. a south bay mystery tonight. friends of helena has hired a private investigator to help find her. she hasn't been seen since she left on a kfrpg trip one month ago her white 2012 mercedes is missing. she has been known to hike and camp in the hasn't cruz mountains but she did not tell anyone where she was going. >> there is nothing to indicate she has been a victim of any type of crime at this point. it appears she went missing voluntarily. >> police say there is no sign of foul play and they've gotten no help from her cell phone or credit card records. political protests just squus for adults. today as they've done previously the students at berkeley high school walked out of class to stand up for immigration rights. they formed a human chain right on kafrmz protesting the potential end of the daca program which protests undocumented immigrants from
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deportation. they circle the entire school. >> some of the students add berkeley high are part of that daca program. children of undocumented immigrants. the goal today also among the goals was to show the world what a peaceful protest looks like. u.s. immigration officials are responding to our story by the investigative unit which broke last night. immigration agents confirmed they had a gps monitoring device on one of the men accused of carrying out a murder in san francisco with a police officer's stolen gun. as investigative reporter jaxon van derbeken tells us there are more unanswered. >> this 23ed-year-old was shot to death at this corner on august 15th. we first told you last night that the suspected gunman, eric garcia pinta was wearing of a electronic tracking bracelet placing him at the scene during
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the slaying as well as other crimes. now u.s. immigration officials say a second of the suspects, jailed in may but released by san francisco authorities, was also in the country illegally, 24-year-old jesus perez, as for garcia pinneta, officials say he was subject to being deported at the time of the killing. in a statement i.c.e. officials say garcia had been in i.c.e. custody since last december when he turned 18 all the way through april. when an immigration judge ordered him released with a gps tracking bracelet. garcia pinneta followed the court order until sometime in august. when i.c.e. agents say he failed to show up for a scheduled check in. keep in mind san francisco police say it was august 11th when garcia pinneta annual perez stole a police officer's personal weapon from his car. and then on august 15th escoval
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was killed. police say the they used the same gun for two other shootings five robberies. they won't say if they lost track of garcia before the crimes but they admitted the that they could have picked up back in august. but they say the agency has many such cases has to prioritize them. meanwhile police chief william scott says the department is addressing the issue of the officers gun given a state law last year that requires such weapons to be properly stored >> we have to investigate the circumstances surrounding how the officer's gun was stolen. that's an internal investigation ongoing. but it -- the loss of life is really a tragedy. >> jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. blue tooth technology is something a lot of us use all the time. dial my number. >> dial by number please took the talk switch and say the
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number. >> it's easy but coming up why it's putting 5 billion devices in danger. >> also the decision today that could once again remove a popular delicacy from restaurant men ewes what chefs are willing to do for faux gras. >> pooling pacific changes on the way as fall begins next friday. full details in the 7-day forecast plus a tropical system that could impact your vacation plans. that's at 6:20 tonight.
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here we go again. a new ruling on an old issue. it's reigniting the debate in the cull near world. today the ninth circuit court of appeals ruled a california law banning faux gras in state kitchens is legal. that means no faux gras on the m menu. tell uses inside information. >> we think we're pretty sure it does mean faux gras off the table pending appeal. but this is a state law back to 2004. that's when it was first created. it was implemented in 2012. by 2015 a judge overturned it now after the ruling today at the court of appeals, a tug of war continues. french cuisine is part of the mcnamara at black cat, the jazz
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club situated in the tender loirn. . the chef features it for now. >> i put it on the men u and it sells tp people are like are you sure you're out. >> yes. >> but insate i can't belieshab. after a court of appeals found the law ban going legal despite a ruling to the contrary in 2015. the it's a big decision we definitely think that this is an enormous step in the right direction here at eta. >> the people like at peta have said it's inhumane. >>. it's. >> janis mccarron calls their south korea characterization untrue she says the ducks and
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gees are not force fed. >> we are scrupulous where we get it knowing the need pur variouses be knowing the people raising the animals we know they were raised in ethical and healthy manner. >> we know that most for california restaurants, the faux gras is coming from out of state. now what happens if it's officially banned again? the black cat says it will abide by the rules. don't be surprised if some restaurants try to bend them. reporting live from san francisco this evening. sam brock back to you in the studio. >> there are hidden menu out there np surf up in half moon bay process the maverick surf contest will not be wiped out. a bankruptcy court approved a plan by the organizer cartel management to sell the contest rights to the world surf league for $$525,000.
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earlier this year we were to first to report that cartel management filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. effectively ending the contest at least for in season. new at 6:00 we learned about a hack that puts your laptop, phones even televisions in danger. it's made possible by something most of us every single day. nbc bay area scott budman our business and tech reporter joins us from one of the places we use bluetooth quite a bit our cars. scott. >> reporter: janelle if you think about it pretty much everywhere we drive we have bluetooth technology with us. fits on our gps, it's on our phones. dial my name. >> dial by number please push the talk switch and say the number. >> but now bluetooth vulnerability is putting billions of devices at risk. it's in our cars. in our coffee shops, in our devices. bluetooth. it's all over the place.
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>> i'm probably connected to bluetooth right now. >> i know a lot of people leave it on all the time. >> but the superpopular connection technology is the target of a recent hack. silicon valley security company discovered the vulnerability. >> now it's a race against the clock. >> san jose vectra says hacker can take over the device. . the hack is called blue born and puts data in danger. >> people want to steel stuff get into corporations people want to get into nuclear power plants. >> whether on a laptop in a cafe or in your car. >> i use bluetooth to assist in navigation. >> security experts say watch for software patches and hardware updates to try and keep billions of devices safe. >> lock things down you're not using. don't expose yourself to more risk than necessary and for the things you are using be diligent
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about updating them. >> who here is more good news there are patches online to protect devices if you uetz lo windows or android or lynn uks device if you upthe the apple device our probably safe. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, scott. let's economic the forecasts it was such a beautiful day jeff. >> i know. >> perfect temps. >> keep in around for a while. >> you're good on friday because he always gives us suggestions what to do. >> we have a lot going on sonoma raceway, the blood drive in san jose if you're looking to help the community. nbc bay area proud blood drive with garvin thomas. so much going on more on both of the events copping up later on in the show. right now we take you outside to the live sky camera network and excellent visibility tonight. checking in with 77 degrees after a high of 82 today and dropping down to 68 once we hit 9:00 p.m. as far as the forecast goes temperatures warm up a few
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degrees. but it's not extremely hot. watch out in condition cord also antioch with 86 and 87 respectively down to san jose, 82, palo alto 81. 67 in san francisco with the cooler ocean braze. temperatures will drop off a few degrees once we hit sunday. so it's not the start of any kind of heat wave. that's the best part about the forecast. 80 expected on sunday. by monday a cool front moving into the north. dropping us to 77 inland. we stay with 70s all the way through thursday. then by next friday fall officially begins at 1:02 p.m. we see it pop up to 82 degrees. but one of the best forks we've seen since april at this point. if you are planning a vacation to cabo sand lucas we are tracking norma currently wind at 70-mile-per-hour. looks like it moves in north of the area heading into monday
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morning. for sand lucas sunday night also into monday expect winds 30 to are the 60-mile-per-hour. also rain 2 to 5 inches. don't cancel the plan just be careful. it looks like tuesday fl full on sunny skies. >> see you soon thank you jeff. still to come works of art in the press i had owe and they've been seen we'll show you one man's special link to the artist. the pentagon makes it clear:
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transgender troops can re- enlist.
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this comes after president trump tweet h happening now the pentagon makes is it clear transgender groups can reenlist. but president trump wanted to ban their service. doves secretary john mattis said they can continue to serve and receive medical treatment. within the past hour the city lifted the do not drink warn for hundreds of people saying the water free of bacteria. some secrets..
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==jan//2shot== we )re talkab okay. it's a beautiful part of town with a deep history. and maybe even some secrets. >> we're talking about the the san francisco's presidio believed to be the oldest neighborhood. . as one man unravels a family secret. >> it's one of the rare places where nate and military history intertwine. in san francisco presidio every corner has a tale. >> and the depth of the history goes so far back that there are
6:26 pm
stories almost everywhere you look. >> but few have looked in the attic of building 1216, a former army bar acs off limits to the public where up the flights of stairs with a room full of forgotten murals painted by soldiers six decades ago. >> these were painted in 1956 and 1957 by men stationed at the presidio. >> we haven't seen it in a long time. >> on a different day ian gerber traveled to the presidio from his home in colorado to see the murals in person, not an archaeologist or a arch historian but as a son. >> this is an opportunity i never thought i would get. there is his signature right there. >> bill gesh he shall would see the murals in person the first time the work was familiar. >> that's my dad yeah. >> because many of them were painted by his father, perron gesh zbleesh dad talked about them on and off for years but
6:27 pm
look at the solar looking down the barrel of the gun. >> there is more. >> right next to the room, a separate room where plain white walls came to life with gerber's drawings. >> this is how he would sit. this is how his pens and everything would sit. >> after his stint in the military i went on to a career as of an artist he died in 2010. his son says art was his father ace way of coping. >> it wasn't what he wanted to do with his life he proudly served. it's so so great someone had the foresight to not destroy this. >> for now the murals remain off limits but that could change when the building is rehabilitated. >> we'll take the murals into consideration and ideally make enemy accessible to the public. >> and so amid the ghosts of presidio past. >> spectacular. >> a son and father reconnected military and human nate
6:28 pm
intertwined. nbc bay area news. >> a nice time capsle indeed up next here at 6:00 is it really possible solving our traffic problem here in the bay area? the solution to get everybody moving. plus a critical terror alert following explosion in the uk which investigators are hopeful tonight they'll find the people responsible. wheel.
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right now at 6:30, sitting
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longer and longer behind the wheel. live look at 80 on the left side heading eastbound toward berkeley. always a problem spot. but believe it or not grid lock is getting worse. the solution tonight to throw that problem in reverse. you probably already know this the traffic is bad. >> from bad to worse. more jobs, more people. and yes more headaches. tonight we have new information though about our freeways and maybe some help here. nbc bay area kristi smith is in perkily down below along the congested 80 corridor with hopefully answers here kristi. >> reporter: well you know if you drive interstate 80 in either direction you are familiar with traffic. and those who study traffic congestion say this is a pattern they'd seen dwechlg the last few years and parts of the bay area coninjection building much earlier in some cases sticking around for hours. the line of cars heading out of san francisco is a grind. and numbers suggest that grind
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can begin at 12:50 and run until nearly 9:00. >> the most congested corridor has the greatest number of cars stuck in traffic is actually going the other way toward the bay bridge. from the 101/280 interchange in san francisco north on 101 and then east on 80 out to the island tunnel. >> john good win is with the metropolitan transportation commission, 2016 numbers are expected soon. he believes will likely follow patterns from 2015. >> think traffic is getting worse? you're right. >> reporter: he points to a robust economy and says the congested right now were in and out of silicon valley or approaches to the bay bridge in places like i-80 westbound between highway 4 into the city were telling. >> average speeds were 35 mirror less all lay donning from well before 6:00 in the morning until almost 9:00 at night.
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>> reporter: there could be drops in movement but drivers like jeff briggs has made adjustments. >> i leave later or earlier. >> he takes a different route that's crowded and says oakland to antioch recently took him over two hours. >> reporter: now the mtc shares information with the transit partners and new 2016 data is expected too. one agency west cap says they are expecting an order of double decker buses sometime early next year to add to the express service along this corridor on i-80. reporting live in berkeley, kristi smith nbc. >> thanks kristi. another piece of the bay bridge coming down this weekend. caltrans plans to demolish one more under water pier. .
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they extremes the demolitions live online the agency says to expects traffic and b.a.r.t. delays between 9:30 and 11:30. it has a goal of finishing the demolition by november which would end it ahead of schedule. london's famed network of security cameras could be why police tonight are optimistic they'll find the people behind the sush hour subway bombing in london. 29 people were injured in the fourth terror attack this year alone in london. most of the wounds were burns this photo shows the improvised bomb in a plastic bucket. the threat level is now raze four-door severe to critical. >> the public should expect to see extra police resources armed and unarmed on the streets. additional stop and search using krsht terrorism powers and potentially additional road checks. >> the islamic state group has claimed responsibility for the attack which is said to be -- which it said was carried out by an affiliated unit.
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here in the bay area the london attack is prompting b.a.r.t. and immune y to respond by increasing patrols. riders may have noticed more uniformed officers in san francisco and oakland. both immune y and b.a.r.t. say it's done out of abundance of caution and no specific threats have be made et cetera gets against the systems. both agencies are urge being ride tors stay alert. >> if something looks out of place doesn't look normal somebody is out that doesn't look normal and is in an area that shouldn't be let us know. better off them telling us something than not. >> no word on how long these stepped up patrols will stay in place. well president trump is arrived at his golf club in new jersey this evening. he will there for the weekend. earlier today he said he is more confident than ever in the american ability to respond to the latest north korean missile threat. surrounded by the fire power at joint base andrews, the president spoke to military personnel today. north korea latest missile test sent a projectile directly over
6:36 pm
japan yesterday. less than 24 hours after being hit with united nations sanctions. today mr. trump offered a vague hint at what may come next. >> after seeing your capabilities and commitment here today i am more confident than ever that our options in addressing this threat are both effective and overwhelming. >> mr. trump will head to the united nations in new york on monday. it's one of the biggest problem in the bay area. now the state cut a new deal to address affordable housing. the package including a $4 billion bond put on the 2018 ballot for voters to decide. one bill places a $$75 fee on real estate tracks that would generality at least $$200 million each year as a permanent revenue source for affordable housing projects. republicans say that fee is really just a tax. >> if you're having housing, period you have to do this and this and this and this and this
6:37 pm
and just keeps piling on what does that do? piles on the costs. >> $1.0 billion from the bond measure would be set aside for veteran housing programs. the rest of the money would go to a program that helps people qualifying qualify as low income. >> if you are helping the to find out from your doctor if he he or she is isn't oh probation for some offense you have to keep waiting. >> the california medical board was created in part to be a watchdog for patients but that promise is putting the future of the agency in some limbo. investigative report bigad shaban. >> reporter: well the state medical board is said to expire at the end of the year unless the governor signs a bill to to renew it it's a process which runs smoothly usually but this year coming down to the wire. the major issue essentially put the medical board on lifetime support has to do with doctors across the state. the question is whether they should have to tell you their patients if they're medical license has been put on probation. for offenses including deadly
6:38 pm
medical errors. drug use, and sexual assaults against patients. probation i info about doctors is posted on the medical board website but critics say it's difficult to navigate. senator hill of san mateo authored legislation that would have forced doctors to tell patients directly but the state assembly gutted that plan. the california medical association which represents 43,000 doctors across the state lobbied strongly against the probation requirement. the group declined our interview request but has recentedly argued that forcing doctors to tell patients about the probation status would unfairly put doctors out of business without giving them due process. here is senator hill. >> there are some of the legislature that would rather support and protect doctors than patients. absolutely this was a loss for patients across california. >> even without the probation requirement, the medical board tells us it will still
6:39 pm
investigate complaints and delinquent doctors in fact the board tell us it will quote continue to have the same value its always had. but that's precisely the problem say critics we found it usually takes the medical board more than 900 days after a complaint is vield against a doctor for that physician to any kind of dplin discipline we needed the medical board but it's not working for us it's for the working on the doctor's behalf. they're doing things to keep the doctors in practice. >> eric is an outspoken critic of the dmeld medical board which he says failed to issue any rts action after his sister became the victim of medical errs. >> he testified in public hearings on the medical board and said the agency doesn't do enough to discipline doctors caught harming patients. >> it's crucial that doctors tell their patients if they're on probation. so it's absolutely ludicrous that this provision has been taken out of the bill. >> of california a's more than
6:40 pm
110,000 doctors about 600 are on probation. our vchgt unit discovered los angeles has the most doctors on probation with 164 with the 9-flount count bay area alameda tops the list with 16 doctors. santa clara, 14, san francisco, 10. the governor now has a month to decide whether to renew the medical board for another four years. if sign the law will require the board to restructure the investigations process over the next year. you can check out the website right now to find out which doctors have been placed on probation. their offenses and you can see if they're practicing in your neighborhood. that's all at investigate. >> bigad thank you process you have a tabd for anyone else in the investigative you know give us a call, 1-888-996-tips or send us a email directly at >> the warrior getting involved in the rescue effort from hurricane irma. tonight's red carpet welcome in
6:41 pm
oakland for pets from florida. also a large cat -- yes a mountain lion large cat, caught on camera, with this mountain lion is rooming in the bay area we'll tell you. more than 100 animals evacuated
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
from florida because of "hurricane irma" -- are now in bay area shelters. well more than 100 aim nams evacuated from florida because of hurricane irma are now here in the bay area. they received a hero's welcome from the warriors. the animal touchdown at oakland international about an hour ago. there to greet them there right there on the tar mack some of the warrior players. zau zau f the they teamed up with the adoption. they've been brought here to make room for more animals that got lost in the hurricane. really cute dogs and cats. >> this cat you don't want to adopt. a mountain lion lurking in a loss alt ohs neighborhood. a whomowner saw the big cat in
6:44 pm
the backyard. they said it was through just off 280 in the foot hls exit. police say there was an earlier siting on about a mile away. >> that cat just walking around. >> cruising. >> this is my neighborhood. >> man. >> chilling here. >> jeff is here take us through the weekend. i like that the fall is almost here. >> i know. it is. the 7-day forecast i don't think anybody argues with. and includes this weekend sfoerkt. some enjoyable temps if you're looking for something to do go pro grand prix at sonoma raceway temps in the low 80s. i'll be back with a look at the long-term stretch of 70s we have seen in months. we put four figures back into his pockets in week. i'm consumer investigator chris chumara. nbc bay area responds next. receive.
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==raj/2shot== this week: we got more than 150 nbc bay area responds to every call, every email we
6:47 pm
receive. this we can we got more than 150 calls for help. our consumer investigator chris chumara joins us now with what people are calling about. and more importantly what we're doing about it. chris. >> reporter: we received several calls about the exequifax breach. i assure we are monitoring the situation. our best advice is to set up alerts for credit cards and bank accounts. watch the flow of every penny and report anything suspicious. we also continue getting people their money back. this week our team won an $110 oh vikt for a woman in san jose. couldn't get a contractor to pay off her damage, crews did during ac work but after our call the company paid in full the $1,130. and coincidentally another 110 oh win we just moped a man in san francisco who had trouble with a big gift guard, 1100 gift card, well the money on it somehow disappeared. so we spoke up for him and got that 110 oh dollars reinstated.
6:48 pm
fraud is suspected in this case so the lesson here is to use gift cards quickly before crooks hack in. one last thing quick, the total amount we recovered for consumers as of today, 1st, $0,949. we'll gladly add your refund to that total. the number is 1-888-996-tips or online at >> they have a busy time. >> they do. put that number on the speed dial on the favorite list. >> for sure. >> jeff is with us. i also forgot we got the raiders home opener sunday at the coliseum nice afternoon for that. >> no problems in the weather. i was calculating through my brain here. and yeah. we're talking about 70s for the raiders. and for a lot of the bay area is supercomfortable. in fact let's start off with the weekend get you right into the saturday morning forecast. we are expecting the fog back at the immediate coastline and also patchy low clouds to return
6:49 pm
nothing too much out of the ordinary. 58 for the south by. peninsula 56. you'll notice the big thing if you didn't feel it this morning is the cooler temperatures that we're currently under, tri-valley starting at 59. a light jacket here in the south bay with 54. areas of fog in san francisco with 56. i'll give you a better view of the fog on the future cast, the top down view. you can see tomorrow morning 8:00 best chance of fog tea immediate coastline. across the bay to oakland down to hayward and fremont. by the amp we'll see high clouds filter by but quite a bit of sunshine and clear skies heading into tomorrow night. in terms of the microclimate forecast for saturday, temperatures do warm up a couple of degrees don't get mad at me here. we're not going up into the 90s. or the 100s. yes it warms up but i still think this is comfortable. 80 in cupertino.
6:50 pm
84 in gilroy. in the south bay you're looking for something to do and a way to help out the community check out the nbc bay area proud blood drive. garvin thomas our nbc bay area man going to be out there checking things out. temperatures in the low 80s down at the princeton plaszcza mal. you can also find more at nbc bay back to the microclimate forecast the east bay up to 87 in antioch. 84 pleasanton. closer to the bay 75 in oakland, very comfortable. wind out of the west at 0-mile-per-hour. peninsula redwood city at 79. up to daly city 67 regs. san francisco breezy winds out of the wet at 13. over towards the sunset a cooler 66. the north bay napa comes with 85. mill valley 79 degrees. we know you want more like this even cooler than this and we'll be able to deliver on that. i told you the high pressure that's keeping the storm track
6:51 pm
off to the north the past three months. taking a back seat move off for the south heading into next week. two troughs upper low pressure move in. what does that mean for us? two troughs upper low pressure a lot of you don't know what that means. let's break it down. you can see monday it means mild 70s return inland widespread. by next nasdaq we'll see showers to the north pan cooling. the seven day forecast you can see in san francisco temps in the 60s threw next friday as fall officially begins at 1:02 in the afternoon. for the inland valleys check it out. monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, 70s returning. ist earned my money this we can on that forecast. janelle is gifting me a high five over there. she is liking it. >> from across the set. >> maybe peen a bonus today was payday. >> backing that up. >> i'm jeff's agent thanks,
6:52 pm
jeff. >> you got it. >> up next we mentioned the raiders oakland native marshon lynch. checking in with the silver and black next. seattle this weekend.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
==raj/2shot== for the high flyin could be another rough
6:55 pm
sunday with the niners. they're in seattle this weekend. >> it could get ugly. we're keeping the faith here. for the high flying raiders a lot different. sand is the home opener against the jets. that means marshon lynch. nbc bay area colin resch joins us from alameda. >> reporter: the raiders with everything going for them into sunday home opener. they're relatively healthy after week one. heavy two touchdown favorites over the jets yes marshon lynch regular season debut in front of raider nation at the coliseum. >> i love the fans and happy they have someone home grown that gets to play in front of enemy. >> if marshon has any lynch from a year away from the game he didn't show it the past weekend. now comes the opportunity to show the home fans. >> boom. i'm back baby. >> with lynch in the folder he can cari expect the atmosphere at the coliseum. >> loud, yeah, loud. hopefully we'll be able to be excited and nongettet again real
6:56 pm
quick for him coming home i expect it to be loud. >> head jokes jack del rio expects his team to get the best shot. knowing his team is favored by 14 points. >> asked by the new york media about their team and the spread those things mean nothing to us. it's about playing a game about understanding the challenges that you face. it's about recognizing the talent in front of you. strengths and weaknesses going after them. our motto is basically to respect every opponent, fear nobody. >> that other one, just win, baby. in alameda, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> okay good news tickets for the museum of ice cream the bad news sold out but now extending it. so it's going to extend through february. originally it was going through october. tickets went on sale this morning. many dates already sold out. i'm online right now check going out first weekend available since january. >> i was just going to expose you that you were frantically looking for tickets. >> good night.
6:57 pm
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now on "extra." new video. selena gomez in new york as we uncover new details about her health crisis. >> you're going to get through it. >> why she was hospitalized twice before the transplant. how her man, the weekend, got her through the ordeal. tragedy for rosie o'donnell as her ex-wife reportedly commits suicide. we have the latest details. heather locklear in the er. after wrecking her porsche in a ditch. the police report is in, what detectives are telling us about the cause of the crash. angelina and rihanna take over new york. >> it is a big night for us. >> "extra" is inside as beyonce, jay-z, jamie foxx party


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