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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 18, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good monday morning to you as we start our workweek. a live look outside at stow right now. if you are not excited that it's monday, hopefully you are excited to join us on "today in the bay." >> go back to bed. >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm just waking up, too. i'm laura garcia-cannon. you can feel that cool in the air. >> this week begins fall. it feels like we could be getting fall this week. cooler the next several days and shower chances in the forecast by thursday. of course we'll be talking about that. let me get you out the door with the temperatures, what it feels like, 66 in palo alto.
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morgan hill, 52 degrees. as we look at the high temperatures for this afternoon, mostly in the 70s. there will be a few spots hitting the low 80s like antioch and santa rosa. we keep the low to mid-60s coming up. more on that in a few minutes. mike is tracking a crash. >> the sensors over the bay. southbound 680 at the parkway. no major injuries, there is a fire crew on scene assisting with minor injuries. the right lane is blocked north toward fremont. it is moving smoothly. toward the maze, a nice easy drive, the typical morning minimum. 14 minutes from highway 4. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. developing this morning, no word on the condition of two officers struck by a car, driven by an apparent shoplifting suspect. >> it happened at 9:00 at the
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greenhouse marketplace. police say one of the officers tried to stop that suspect as he got into the car. the man ignored the officer as the second approached. the man struck both of those officers with the car. one witness tell what happened. >> the guy got hurt. he fell on his knees. i don't know if he got run over or what. he couldn't get up. >> police have not revealed the severity of the injuries. a developing story, investigating a strange, attempted robbery. a passenger handed a note claiming people were pointing guns at her and demanding she hand over her belongings. we are hearing from the victim. >> we spoke with her and what led to the strange encounter. >> reporter: julie has been preparing for a trip to london for a long time. her id, credit card and phone
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all essential for that trip. on a moving bart train saturday, enroute from daly city to dublin, something happened. >> something draped a note in my lap. >> reporter: it read, if she wanted to live, to hand over her wallet and phone now, two guns were pointed at her and she better not turn around. she knew giving up her id and credit cards just a day before she leaves could threaten her london trip. >> it's going to be a nightmare to replace everything and still make it, which is,son if it's good logic or not. >> reporter: the decision came in a split second. >> if i fake a seizure, they may think i'm reacting. >> reporter: she thinks the person who dropped the note got off at the next stop and she hung on to her phone and wallet.
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a bart spokeswomen says it is under investigation. she didn't feel she was really robbed since she kept her things. she immediately tweeted about the attempted robbery because she wanted to warn other bart riders. >> i was really scared. probably the most scared i have ever been. >> we have done recent stories about crime on bart. bart says officers are being deployed to hot spot in an attempt to prevent assault and robbery. agents are another concern saying it costs nearly $25 million a year. it is 4:34. happening today, people in one san francisco neighborhood will talk to leaders about a string of recent assaults targeting asian women. police released video of an
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attack and said a man would approach an unsuspected woman. tonight's meeting takes place at the san francisco community empowerment center. recent tensions on the uc berkeley campus following the visit by ben shapiro. nine people were arrested last thursday when he spoke on campus. most are accused of carrying banned weapons near the event. there is expected to be bigger protests for berkeley's free speech week scheduled to begin next sunday. this morning, we are learning one student organization behind that event failed to reserve a venue on time. political commentator, chief strategist steve bannon. however, the university says many speakers have not confirmed
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if they will attend. happening now, keeping close watch on two more hurricanes. hurricane jose could bring strong winds and rain to the east coast and hurricane maria could sweep through the caribbean. places like the virgin islands still devastated from hurricane irma. they are warning this hurricane could be worse. >> make sure your families are safe. we can start the rebuilding process once again after this storm passes. >> how critical are the next few days ahead by the places hit by hurricane irma? >> they have the mental anguish and burden of trying to pick up after irma came through. now with maria, there's so much in front of them and the season has ten weeks to go. >> people in the caribbean are stocking up on supplies and bracing for the worst. toys "r" us could be toys
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where you do business. ♪ making it ♪ ooh ooh ooh. ♪ making it ♪ thick, carved turkey breast. the autumn carved turkey is back for a limited time at subway. so much turkey. good morning, i'm landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. wall street is set to start the week in positive territories. the markets coming off a strong week t dow with the best week of
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the year, helped by gains in the energy sector. economic reports on housing and manufacturing and a policy meeting by the federal reserve. on friday, the dow rose to 22,267 268, nasdaq up 19 to 6448. toys "r" us could be headed for bankruptcy. the retailer could file for chapter 11 in the next several weeks. the company's suppliers are behind the move. they say they are not shipping items unless they are paid in cash. toys "r" us has much of the merchandise for the holidays, but restocking could pose a problem. the iconic "rolling stone" magazine is up for sale. jann wehner plans to sell his portion. he sold 49% of "rolling stone yts in 2013 amid the industry wide drop in circulation. his company, recently sold the
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other magazines, the publisher of "national enquirer." >> it is a classic. >> it is. thanks, landon. >> mcdonald's happy meal is about to get healthier. they will switch to organic apple juice next month. they can get 1% or nonfat milk. last year, sales of organic groceries topped $43 billion. >> good stuff. coming up, the temperatures feel like fall. >> cooler in parts of the bay area as we look outside in san jose, you can see the clouds overhead as we go through the day in santa teresa, 64 degrees. still some clouds in the mix as we go through most of the morning and parts of the afternoon. it will be cooler. we'll talk about what's ahead, coming up next. >> over here, a smooth
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drive-through fremont. things are going to slow down later in the morning. a new crash for the trivalley. plusz, the producer of a popular netflix series is shot and killed while working in mexico. what his family is saying this morning.
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a very good monday morning to you. taking a live look outside. this is the san mateo bridge this morning.
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we were just talking during the commercial break, about friay it's not the say to say moyay. >> so much to do, hopefully you enjoyed the weekend. we are going continue on with this kind of weather as we start the week chl. it makes it easier to get out of bed. emeryville, it's already moving. maybe you are already behind the curve as you get ready head out the door on this monday. the feeling temperatures lower 60s. 63 in oakland. look how cool in santa rosa, 65 degrees. 52 degrees in morgan hills, 11 degrees warmer in san jose. san francisco, seven day forecast is at the bottom of the screen, we are going to look at today's high temperatures in the south bay, reaching into the upper 70, even 80 degrees in
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gilroy. 78 in walnut creek and hayward, 72 degrees. 70 in san mateo, san francisco, mid-60s. embark dare row, 66 degrees. sonoma, high of 79. as you are starting out, standing in front of the closet like, what am i going to wear, you would be comfortable with light, long sleeves all day long. grab the sunglasses, too. it will be a beautiful sunny day as you head out. we are looking at clouds looking at the golden gate bridge. the temperature now at 64 degrees. we are going to see those highs there reaching into the mid-60s. we will see those temperatures holding steady today and some breezy blends, then tracking showers in the forecast on wednesday. we'll have cooler air moving in behind that and warms up as we start fall. look at the weekend, upper 70s
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in san francisco with upper 80s inland. several more days of very nice and comfortable weather. as we head to mike, you are tracking a new crash in castro valley? >> i think so. you show the golden gate bridge where the center divide moves at the golden gate bridge. castro valley, something is reported. i'm going to check on that with chp. a couple vehicles reported on the way there at castro valley boulevard. plenty of time of adjust. there may be issues through the area and one lane blocked. i'll track these. i thiz it will be one smaller incident. 680 coming up past automall parkway. the waze system, this is reported by nondescript wazers. we want to know who you are so
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we can share that conversation. register with our team. let me show you how. this animation we have. go to your profile and click on nbc bay area wazers. that's here, the name of the team and this is how you do it. make sure you join. share the conversation. back to you. >> thanks, mike. the producer for a netflix series died. carlos munoz was shot several times and left for dead outside mexico city. he felt lucky to have that job. >> a show, how beautiful country, really. how nice people are and to be able to show it off. >> netflix extended their condolences to the family. he made a career scouting places for the movies.
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experts say the rise in drug gangs make mexico a risky location. authorities are investigating who is behind the killing. new video to show this morning, of a bomb suspect in a subway. security video was released by england's i-tv friday morning close to where police searched a home. police have two men in custody, neither have been identified as the suspected bomber. another developing story, four boston students recovering from an acid attack. it happened at a train station. a woman with a history of mental illness has been connected to the attack. they suspect terrorism. two victims may need more treatment for their burns. new backlash for president trump. a tweet over the weekend is getting a lot of controversy.
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a doctor's gift that slices together the video showing the first one, president trump hitting the golf ball. the second shows hillary clinton tripping as he boards a plane in 2011. that video is manipulated to show the ball hitting her. mr. trump retweeted that video. happening today, political heavyweights will press for so-called dreamers. nancy pelosi and congresswoman barbara lee will be in san francisco calling for the immediate passage of the dream act. it would grant children of undocumented immigrants from deportation and counter the white house decision to end the daca initiative. last week, president trump discussed plans to prepare the dream act with a deal on border security that may approve the promised border wall. no approval on whether the
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presidential primary will be moved to march. technically, early saturday morning, state senators moved the measure. it would follow the first monday in march, meaning it would be included in the typical supertuesday lineup. california's primary is currently held in june. big changes could be coming to the way of measures of student's success. 120 private high schools across the country are pushing to revamp the system, including several schools in the bay area. the head of the school spoke with the mercury news. eliminate a-f grading, transcripts and gpa. they will put a link to their work and achievements. they are too focussed on grades. coming up, the emmy goes to the winners and losers. surprise zs from the emmy
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awards. firefighters are battling a brush fire. the french fire is burning near el dorado county. it burned 120 acres. officials say the fire is 20% contained. pop star lady gaga is postponing her world tour until next year. the musician is dealing with physical pain that is impacting her ability to perform. no word on when the show will go on. talking about the emmys.
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laura politics loomed large - as a politico this morning, people are still talking about the emmys. politics loomed large as the political comedy and drama took home top honors.
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[ inaudible ] >> that is oprah. the handmaid's tale. veep won best for the third straight year. julia louie dreyfuss won for the third year. this is us won. kate mcginnen and alec baldwin won for "snl." the night's biggest shocker came early with sean spicer joked about crowd size during the opening bit. here is ha he said. >> look, if you are a republican or conservative, you are used to this. there's a lot of things that are funny. some things cross the line. it's up to every individual to make that decision. >> you can see it there. a recap of tonight's fashion. visit cooler temperatures. the feeling is in the air of
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ball. we are already talking about fall, yes. we have a few more days left of summer. we are going to have some nice and cooler temperatures, kind of like the weather we had over the weekend. we'll talk about what's ahead with the chance of showers in the forecast, coming up next. this live look at the palo alto shows it peninsula like this. in the east bay, we have a couple issues. that's coming up. breaking news out of the south bay. salvation army trailer, full of donations goes up in flames. the live report from the scene as investigators look for clues.
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a live look outside from our emeryville camera ad lib it is monday morning. who needs to remind you about that. a live look outside from our emeryville camera. hopefully you are coming off a great weekend. now you have to go to work and pay for it. good morning to you. there you go. let's get going. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marcus washington. of course, if you have to get up this morning, the temperature is nice. it is. >> this weekend was nice, more of that weather today. we are going have more comfortable conditions for a while longer as we celebrate the last few days of summer, if you
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can believe it. here is a live look outside in san jose. a cloudy start to this morning. looking at the temperature trends for the rest of the day starting in the mid-60s, reaching to the mid-70s. this is cooler than we need to be for this time of year. we are going heat up. that and the chance of rain in the forecast. as we head over to mike, updating castro valley. >> looks confusing as far as the details going on. we'll tell you where the slowing is. mostly green on the bay. westbound 580 slow as you get past dublin boulevard. that is one issue as far as the slowing goes. now the crash i have been following, chp is on sight and said it is just the ramp. tracking road work that may be blocking lanes. this jumped up the same time as the vehicles. we'll track the entire stretch.
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the bay bridge is great for travel times. back to you. thanks, mike. breaking news out of new york this morning. live pictures as 17 people are hurt, seven critically after a tour bus and mta collided. these are live pictures from the scene. you see multiple emergency personnel on the scene. they have taken away the victims and they are investigating the cause of the crash, once again, of an mta bus and tour bus in queens, in new york. we'll continue to monitor that and bring additional information. now, breaking news as we follow this out of the south bay. a salvation army trailer goes up in flames. >> we have on the scene with what they are telling us so far. bob? >> reporter: good morning, laura and marcus. i just spoke with the battalion chief. this trailer full of donations caught fire in the back of a salvation warehouse here. they believe


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