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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 18, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> we are immigrants too. >> the momentous eruption from a group who identified themselves as the immigration liberation movement. as you might be able to tell from these investigations on faces a daca deal with president trump isn't going to suffice. >> democrats continue to. only 800,000 of us we are 11 million. we are not 800,000 we are more than that. >> she create thd press conference saying she was fighting for the immigrant community when we have clear record that she hasn't. >> monday marked a bill of rights of sorts. 50 to 60 immigrant youth demanding comprehensive immigration reform from the congress woman not partial protection are from d.r.e.a.m.ers that comes with border security pelosi tells us she would rather get something than nothing. >> this brup is saying don't do
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the d.r.e.a.m. act unless you do comprehensive immigration reform we all want that. that's been our fight. >> under the lens of local and national media, the immigrant group today hoped to lead the charge for new terms in the immigration debate. >> reporter: and in a statement issued just a few hours ago, minority leader pelosi says that she has never actually met with the immigration liberation movement and that they had never requested a meeting with her. i can tell you having spoken with several members of the group today one of the driving motivations for in sort of response was the number of people deported under the obama administration, a record for any u.s. presidential administration. coming up at 6:00 how people are reacting to a liberal speaker being silenced by a crowd. reporting live from san francisco this evening. heated and emotional top ib thank you. we live streemd the pelosi news conference as it unfolded we sent out the alert on the live treem through the app. you can sign up for
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notifications just downloading the free nbc bay area app and select notifications. the other top story that attempted must going on b.a.r.t., the would be victim says it started when she was handed a note while on a train. i wasn't sure they had actually had guns but i was thinking they could hit like hit me in back of the head. >> the woman talked to us yesterday and gave thus picture of the note and now b.a.r.t. says the suspected robber may have been caught on surveillance video. >> nbc bay area mark matthews joins us with the details. mark. >> reporter: well, raj, the victim in this case an oakland woman julie, the suspect is also a woman. her likeness clearly captured by a b.a.r.t. surveillance camera. we have the photographer released just minutes ago. here in oakland. police retrieved the video from the daly city train headed to dublin. shows the crime as it was happening. 68th street to civic center stakes is when the note passed
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to the victim saying that if you want to live hand over your wallet and cell phone and don't current turned around. here the deputy chief. >> the video is from a bit of the difference but you can see the victim o victim seated and the person seated behind her described by the victim. at one point you see the suspect seated behind does reach over the seat and potentially does drop something in her lap. >> reporter: julie told nbc bay area that she faked a seizure in order to keep from handing over her wallet. she had been preparing for a trip to london, afraid she wouldn't make the trip if they turned over the wallet and gave up identification. she did what she did and it worked. police say they have video of the note being passed. they hope that anybody who was on the train car -- and there were probably a dozen or so people on the car -- if they have information about who this suspect is or if they recognize her from the surveillance video, they are hoping you'll contact
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the b.a.r.t. police. reporting from oakland mark maukts nbc bay area news. >> unnerving for a lot of people. this in another gun stole fibrin a member of law enforcement. here is what we know. the gun was in the trunk of a parked rental car and not inside of a metal lock box, which is the policy. that gun belonged to a san francisco sheriff's deputies. sheriff vicki hennessy telling us she opened an investigation into the deputy whose name has not been revealed. she also reminded other deputies about the need to secure their weapons. this is part of a deadly trend that we've been reporting on. guns stole fibrin law enforcement have been used a number of local shootings. just last week a gun used in a deadly shooting in san francisco was stolen from a police officer. our investigative unit uncovered one of the suspects in the hooting is an undocumented immigrant. the caribbean is in the cross hairs once again as hurricane mary today was upgraded to category 4. if the fork of maria's trek is
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correct it's expect today hit puerto rico late wednesday. it could be catastrophic. heavy winds already affecting the caribbean in sand juan puerto rico. stores selling out fast of the essentials, batteries, generators and replywood. water the biggest concern. puerto rico which was largely spared by hurricane irma but 11 days after irma blew through thousands on the island are still without power. >>s in a pivotal 24 hours for president trump at the united nations in new york meeting with world leaders ahead of the speech tomorrow. nbc blaine alexander joins us this evening from washington, d.c. with what's on the line here for the president. >> reporter: for president trump, new territory in his home city. back in new york today for miss very first united nations general assembly meeting. >> the forum what what we're
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talking about the president addressing the very organization he once slammed as ineffective. today praising it but urging reform. >> the united nations has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement. >> the president who promised to put america first now borrowing his campaign slogan saying he wants to make the united nations great this after he sat down with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. their goal middle east face. >> we are giving it an absolute go. i think there is a good chance it could happen. >> later a one-on-one meeting with the french president. >> he is doing a terrific job in france, doing what has to be done. >> the meeting not just meet and cigarette. president trump working to build new alunss' looks to turn up the pressure on north korea and
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iran. >> the global community is paying less attention to the tweets pan looking at what the policy actions are of the united states. >> in week a high stakes test for a relatively new president now taking his place on the world stage. >> that was blaine alexander reporting. in another ewes the texas man under arrest tonight accused of pushings a elderly woman it her death in san lorenzo. this is sean wallace. he was found unresponsive on the floor of an independent living facility. dying two days later at the hospital. no one saw her fall but surveillance video has since emerged which apparently shows wallace pushing her to the ground. police have not elaborated on a possible motive. a driver accuse of hitting two sand eernd an ooh police officers with his car has been arrested. terry gordon led cops on a short pursuit before crashing. last night police say two officers tried stopping him after he shop lifted from a
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grocery store. he allegedly ignored the cops sped off in the car hitting both officers. one of the officers has been release four-door the hospital. the other still there but suffering non-life threatening injuries. gordon facing charges of attempted murder and evading police. well no surprise here. numbers released today show traffic is hit agnew record on the local frooways. especially in san francisco and the silken valley. on friday our own kristi smith learned the worse area for traffic is on the 101/280 interchange in san francisco a and going toward the bay bridge into the east bay. the new report from the mtc released today backs up our data. as for the number two 2 westbound 80 in san francisco. coming the other direction here. the area is known sloan most of the day. number 3 on the list, the evening commute on southbound 101 from mounen view into the south bay into san jose. and number four the evening
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commute on northbound 680 from mission boulevard in fremont into sonole. >> an unarmed man shot and killed by police. in the south bay. the reason they gave today for opening fire. and organizers of freiheit speech week in berkeley say berkeley is trying to sabotage them. why the school says the organizers of the event are doing the damage themselves. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri, a cool and comfortable 73 right now in san jose. more where that came from. tracking three systems. i'll let you know of the possibility of few showers at 5:20 tonight.
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if you've been reading the press over the weekend you might have been misled into believing that berkeley free speech is in a bit of bother. >> confusion over free speech week. controversial conservative speaker mill of yiannopoulos firing back with this video about the four-day event sporesed to start this sunday. uc berkeley says yiannopoulos and organizers don't have the proper permits for the events but still preparing what could be another expensive exercise in free speech. nbc bay area thom jensen is live in berkeley to sort through the confusion and some of the costs.
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thom. >> reporter: boy we have seen how expensive haven't we. but the one thing the university says, is that they have no exteriors confirmation from speaker that he they're going to be here but meanwhile they've taken to youtube and facebook saying the university is trying to sabotage enemy. >> the administration at uc berkeley have tried everything to did he rail the free speech week. >> it's a week brain stormed by alt-right speaker milo yiannopoulos. and organized by the berkeley patriots. both say uc berkeley refused to work fairly with them to secure two large venues for some of the controversial and brt known speakers. >> the university wasn't providing the answers. >> the berkeley patriots and yiannopoulos say they wouldn't work with them on contract amendments that won to allow them to get back more than shh 65,000. >> it's ashamed they chose to try to cast blame upon the
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student organization that has been committed to working with them throughout the entire process. >> the list of speakers includes some big names breitbart founder and former trump administration adviser steve bannon. and kevlt columnist and commentator ann coulter. but a spokeman for the berkeley said the patriots never provided any confirmation from speakers that they would be there. the main sticking point, though, was that the deposit. the university says those rents and deposits on venue are never returned and the organizers have known that for longer than a month. >> nobody forced them to try to rent the most expensive venue on that kfrpz. we offered them venues free of charge. they said no. >> in and out berkeley patriots did not get back to us today with any of our questions on any of our questions. but they did say that janelle they will hold a press conference tomorrow and tri to clear up any more of this confusion. hopefully let us know who actually has committed to come
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here. live in berkeley thom jensen nbc bay area news. >> thanks, thom. a group of california d.r.e.a.m.ers is fighting back against the trump administration. we uncovered a lawsuit today filed asking the program to not be touched. among the drooechlers in this case is a 4th year medical opportunity at ucsf. he was brought from thailand when he was nine years old. . they are seeking a ruling that the daca program is lawful and constitutional. and they want an injunction from sharing daca information for immigration purposes. and. >> there is tension in san jose about a deadly police sheeting. san jose police announceding today that the man killed by an officer last friday didn't have a gun. what prompted this shooting? nbc bay area marianne favro joins news san jose with answers. marianne. >> reporter: raj, you can see
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here behind me a memorial of candles and flowers here on president corner where jacob was shot and killed by police process. today for the first time since the shooting last friday police revealed new information about what happened here. san jose police working undercover in an unmarked cars putted over this man friday night in east san jose. today police chief said officers told the man to remain in the car to put his hands up and stay that way. >> he disobeyed officers demands by lowering hands out of sight in a reaching motion to the front driver's floor board. the officers felt he was reaching for a weapon and discharged his weapon at the man striking himg one time. >> he died at the scene. >> no gun was located in the vehicle. >> relatives of 33-year-old say offense living in a christian home trying to turn his life around and was a great faert to his young kids.
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>> the babies want him home. they have no idea high pressure how do you tell that to three babies. >> police paint a different picture. any say he was a known gang member linked to a crime spree earlier this month that included a brey-by shooting injurying one person and a armed robbery at this station on september 123th. >> he put the gun to me like this. >> police say he had a violent past including a conviction for first degree robbery. but many of the more than 100 people who gathered here saturday night to mourn their friend say the man they knew was a good person. i spoke with jacob's family late this afternoon. they told me they are plans legal action against the city of san jose and the police department because any say jacob was not armed when he was shot. the offers that shot him has been placed on paid administrative leave as the
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investigation continues. >> thank you marianne. in just a few months we'll hear from san francisco police about crime in the twin peaks area after a recent homicide at the tourist hot spot. a community meeting at st. john's church is set for 5:30, about ten minutes from now. twin peaks has seen a growing number of car break-ins. and a man was reported robbed for his camera. >> another issue in the sthe san francisco preparing for the possibility of aggressive outbreak ever hepatitis a. the city health department says it's focusing on prevention after san diego declared a public health emergency last we can. most of the people in san diego area that are infected are homeless with a history of drug use. santa cruz reported 69 cases of hepatitis a since april. and officials believe san francisco has the same risk factors. the city reported three cases last year. okay let's get a check of the weather. fall is friday. >> yeah. >> and the weather is perfect
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leading up to it. >> no complaints today. irving i think we've been waiting for this after the long, hot summer and more to come in terms of the great weather here in the extended. as we get a look right now, the pattern is very complicated. the bottom line, it feels like fall today and continuing all the way throughout this week. in fact the coolest trend i calculated since the end of may some 113 days ago. the big thing we see changing is high pressure kept the storm track to the north. weakened moving to the south. allowing three areas of low pressure to move in. the first one keeps cool and clouding wednesday morning drizzle and showers nearby. by nasdaq a chilly morning and cool day on top. let's get knew tomorrow morning's forecast a mix ever sun and clouds. beginning at 57 in the south bay. peninsula 59. and a cool 55 in the tri-valley. the chifiest temperature in the north bay at 53. you might need a light jacket on
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the kids and yourself heading off to work and schooling are school. san francisco begins at 58. microclimate forecast tomorrow actually has temperatures cooling 1 to 3 degree. it gets better down in the south bay. we start off with a few morning clouds by the afternoon mostly sunny 75 in downtown. gilroy not too warm at 78. as we head through the microclimate. i think that's the only issue well have is breezy conditions. 81 in concord. warmest. in hayward at 72. the peninsula, perfect weather in redwood city, 73. >> san francisco 60s here from the mission up to the marina. this will be the breezeiest spot with winds up to 18-mile-per-hour. and in the northing bay 78 in novato and 73 in mill valley. out to the tropic i want to get you the latest on hurricane
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maria, another powerful hurricane, currently category 5. devastating impacts as it passes over guadalupe. moving over sand juan and the virgin islands. winds of 160-mile-per-hour. then at this point it looks parallel to the bahamas also florida as we head to saturday at 2:00 p.m. we'll closely monitor it at nbc bay back at home, san francisco's forecast has a slight of chance of showers wednesday morning. staying with 60s through saturday. warming up by sunday and monday. the inland valleys also watch for a slight chance of some morning showers on wednesday. not much. weal stay with 70s with through friday and then this weekend low 80s. low chance of shower we'll look at 6:20. >> i'm your official weather watcher on the peninsula. the leaves are falling. >> you got to send me a photo.
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>> thanks, jeff. up enemy rallies around a new ballpark, celebrating the latest proposal to move the a's to downtown oakland.
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happening now on our facebook page. the senate has overwhelmingly granted a bill to approve $720 to. in response to the north korea missile testing. household across california can be forced to help bay for governor brown's new water project. it pushing water to central and southern california through tunnels. more news when we come back.
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stadium in oakland, support for the project is building. ==takeo== nearly a week broke after the the stadium project news broke. the team wants to build a new ballpark tp tonight oakland city leaders gathered to express excitement about the project. the chamber the commerce says it looks forward to working with the a's and it's excited about the future. >> this is an honest and refreshing commitment by a supports franchise to support our community and we applaud
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their efforts. >> the new ballpark covers 13 acres and seats 35,000 people and costs about $500 million to pay for the here a it's a the parcel here between 8th street 8 80 over this and this street is fifth avenue. the builds are part of the community college district. lady college and lake merit left of this area that you can't see off screen. >> thanks janelle mp how about this ride b.a.r.t. for free. 80s new promgs to increase weekend requiredship. over the past couple of years there's been a concludes ever passengers on saturdays and sundays which cost b.a.r.t. about $15 million. b.a.r.t. so far handed out 25,000 tickets where you can ride b.a.r.t. for freon the weekend. >> nice. >> grab one of those. >> for sure. >> a new viewpoint of the south bay now open. you get a little more history too we'll explain next.
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ton at 6:00, a new crime trend in the south by. the creepy clue left by robbers. how ha homeowner fought back. only on nbc bay area at 6:00.
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>> finally at 5:00 we have a grand opening. unone of the bay area scenic spots. today mount umunhum looks different from this video taken last year. back then we knew it was open to the public but the fate of the distinctive cube was uncertain. today the cube stands and the area is now open to the public for the first time. this was a cool spot, or at least we've been told. >> yes. >> 37 years ago the peak was decommissioned it had been the air force station during the cold war and the concrete cube was a base. before that the mountain was sacred to local native americans. now this area is groomed for visitors with parking trails and benches to take in the spectacular view of san jose and silken valley. >> man, you guys you know you're a true local when you can say it and spell it mount umunhum. >> i don't know if i can spell
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it but we can say it. thanks for joining us. lester holte next for nightly news." tonight, not again. another monster hurricane is taking aim at caribbean islands left devastated by irma. the storm now in extremely category 4, it could hit as a category 5. a major storm emergency. and eyes also on another tropical system. this one threatening the northet. al roker is here. high drama as an unpredictable president prepares to address the world at the u.n. what will he say about north korea and iran? >> acid attack, american students burned in a bizarre incident at a train station in france. hazing in america, our special look at a growing concern on college campuses. tonight an anguished dad who says hazing pushed his son to suicide. and the marat


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