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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 18, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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damian what do we know about it. >> well the victim in in case showed us a picture of the clown mask that police took in for evidence. the suspect was not wearing the mask at the time of the crime. it apparently fell out of his get away car. it will be interesting to see if police link the mask to other crimes in the area. this is a creepy clown mask justin weiss says a suspect drops last week. next to a pair of rub are gloves. san jose police responded and took away the items. >> any say that they believe it might be linked to a few home invasions. then a slough of robberies. >> weiss says he was installing at aet shutters at a home when he saw young girls and this men stealing power tools from his truck. they jumped in the car and weiss ran after them down the street. police later told him the car was stolen out of fremont. >> i work hard for the tools. and those are what i use to
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support my family. and, too, no one should be able to go into anybody else's property and take it. >> what stuck with weiss was the clown mask. this is vurns of a convenience store robbery in florida in june. the suspects both wearing masks. >> i'm very upset. >> police are not confirming a trend with clown masks. but there is a concern because halloween is only a month and a half away. and you might recall last halloween schools banned clown masks all across campuses across the bay area, including masks that conceal a person's identity. no doubt they'll be back at it again this year. live at police headquarters in san jose. nbc bay area news. >> especially willy with the new movie. more details on a burglaries in san jose. we researched the numbers. they have gone down in recent years. now while this year's statistics aren't available there were 4200 last year. you can compare that to 4900
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burglaries in 2015 in. 2012, 2013 and 2014 all saw more than 5,000 reported burglaries. >> we are following dweflgs news near florida. we could be doing it again. look. irma is gone and here comes maria. within the past hour hurricane maria strengthened into a category 5 storm. currently over the caribbean. reaching florida possibly by saturday. chief meteorologist jeff rarn y has more details coming up later. it's happened again. another gun stolen from a member of the law enforcement in san francisco. the weapon was in the trunk of a parked rental car and not in a metal lock box which is the policy. that gun belonged to a san francisco sheriff's deputy now at the center of investigation. sheriff vicki hennessy has not named the deputy but today told our nbc bay area jaxon van derbeken that she is remining
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deputies to secure the weapons. >> i am disappointed because i'm hoping it doesn't fall into the hands of somebody using it to hurt somebody. >> gunning stolen from law enforcement have been used in a number of local shootings, just last week a police officer's stolen gun was used in a shooting in san francisco. our investigative unit uncovered one of the suspects in the shooing is an undocumented immigrant. between 2010 and 2016 a total of six guns were reported lost from the san francisco sheriff's department. you can watch our full report at >> okay this is what she looks like. the woman b.a.r.t. police say may have passed a death threat to a passenger. the note warn the rider she would be shot if she didn't hand over her wallet and cell phone. mark mathews is live in oakland with what the police chief told us a short time ago about the woman seen in the video. >> reporter: yeah, it's a very
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interesting case. we heard from the oakland woman who was the victim in in attempted robbery. now we find out the suspect also a woman, strawberry blond clearly identified by the surveillance picture taken from the b.a.r.t. train, this is the woman that police say passed the note to the victim as the daly city to dublin b.a.r.t. train was passing 16th street to the civic center station on saturday. the note saying there are two guns pointed at you. if you want to live hand over the wallet and cell phone and don't turn around. b.a.r.t. police retrieved the video from the daly city dublin train. and it shows the crime happening. >> there were other people on the train spp so we are asking if anyone recognizes this photo being put out in the media that they contact the b.a.r.t. police as a witness to this incident. >> reporter: judy told bay area last night when she read the
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note she faked a seizure in order to keep from handing over her wahl zbleet like if i fake a seizure or fake passing out i'm not even not complying they could think i'm scared and reacting. >> reporter: so she would be able to take that trip, she thought of faking a seizure and it worked. a couple of people on the train came to her aid and the suspect got up and walked away exiting the train at the powell street station. b.a.r.t. police as you heard are hoping anyone recognizing that woman will contact them. they say there were probably a couple dozen people on the car when it happened. reporting from oakland, nbc bay area. >> it's bizarre that's for view. a texas man is accused of pushing an elderly woman to her death in san leandro this man was arrested for murder. an 83-year-old woman was found
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unresponsive on the floor of a living facility in july, dying two days later at the hospital. originally the investigators thought she had fallen. but surveillance video emerged allegedly showing wallace pushing her to the ground. police haven't elaborated why he could have done it. nos the backing down tp controversial conservative commentator milo yiannopoulos posted this fiery youtube video responding to leaders at uc berkeley. he says cal is dragging its feet on the free speech week. the university says none of the speakers have confirmed appearance on campus. nbc bay area thom jensen joins us live in berkeley. a lot of finger pointing what's the latest. >> reporter: there is uc berkeley said it dnts receive any of the financial obligations on time to reserve the ven you here. and you're right milo yiannopoulos said he is not backing down. he went to youtube and facebook today putting out the video
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saying the university is trying to sabotage them. >> informs designed to force a cancellation. we are not going to cancel free speech week. >> in in the newly released youtube video milo yiannopoulos and student journalists at the berkeley patriot say the university hasn't negotiated with them fairly refusing to answer questions about refunding more than $65,000 in venue rental fee ifs they cancel. >> right now the way the contract is that we're forced to sign is that -- that we're on the hook for that money. >> the berkeley patriot has been promote ago free speech week including big names like steve bannon and ann coulter. the university says the organizers haven't provided any confirmation from the speakers that they will be here. and the spokesman says they failed to meet critical deadlines over the past month to pay reservation fees. >> if they wanted these venues
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so badly why did they miss three deadline? and why did payment suddenly appear on the doorstep days, weeks after the deadlines passed? >> uc berkeley spokeman says the school answered all of the organizers questions. the main disagreement was over the refund policy, something he says is standard in every contract. >> those questions had been answered weeks earlier. they didn't like the answers. >> the berkeley patriot says it will hold a news conference wednesday to update everyone on who will be here and when. in berkeley thom jensen, nbc bay area news. thom thanks. invite to you stay with us for coverage and free speech week and leading up to it. providing updates on air and online. updating the digital plfrmts 24/7. >> do you want to -- do you want to hear an answer or do you just want to shout. a shoutout in san francisco this morning. an airing of grievances against san francisco congresswoman
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nancy pelosi. now it was supposed to be a conversation about immigration. disrupted by the very people she was there to support. nbc bay area sam brock watched it unfold. sam, the mine or the didn't have much opportunity to respond couldn't get an answer out. >> reporter: no she really did not jessica. good evening, speaker -- minority leader pelosi was swarmed and drowned out by those folks. you could see in her face at first she is bewildered as to what was happening. to her credit she licensed for about an hour. surrounded by the security detail three or four people the entire time along with colleagues in congress. at one point after a while of waiting they came up the building goes down to the bottom of the block shuffled along the wall and had to come out the back door. >> the event at san francisco's college track in the bay view district went off the rails
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monday morning when a group of 50 to 60 immigrant youth confronted minority leader nancy pelosi. >> did you think we would forget? >> charging up the crowd, claims from capitol hill that minority leader pelosi is crafting a deal with president trump trading daca protections for more border security. >> making sure nancy employees here that we don't need to did he -- we need to be here for the millions of undocumented immigrants in the zbluns the people here say they want a better deal that doesn't involve concessions the immigrant rights. pelosi told us that ignores the reality of a republican led congress sfl we want comprehensive investigation i'd rather have that of course than just one piece the d.r.e.a.m. bill but we don't have that opportunity right now. >> some in the twitter universe relish the irony of this situation. karen noted quote spider caught in her web.
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kim identified as a conservative christian mom questioned how do you like being on the other end of hateful ungrateful problem? happy on this day? dissatisfaction across the political aisle. >> she did not fight for us. that's what we are fighting for. >> reporting from san francisco, sam brock, nbc bay area news. on a crime spree in the south bay. the reason officers say any shot and killed an unarmed man. facing the judge new details about the woman accused of trying to drown her newborn at a mcdonald's. >> a comfortable 79 in walnut creek down to 74. we're talking cooler temperatures the possibility of a few hours. hurricane maria and the latest. two updates one at 6:20 and one at 6:48. its a difficult story to
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comprehend. the redwood city mcdonald )s employee -- accused of it's a difficult story to comprehend. the redwood city mcdonald's employee accused of giving birth inside a bathroom and trying to drown her baby appeared in court today the first time. the district attorney says in isn't the first time that sarah lockner has given birth inside of a bathroom. nbc bay area scott budman joins from us the mcdonald's in redwood city with the details. scott. >> reporter: raj, this is the mcdonald's where lockner gave birth while working. today while in court her
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neighbors talked to us about the story. 25-year-old sarah lockner was only in court a short time before her case was continued two weeks. but prior to face ago judge on charges of giving birth in this mcdonald's bathroom on september 4th be, and trying to frush the baby down the toilet, the san mateo county district attorney told reporters lockner did something similar three years ago. >> with her older child three years ago she delivered that baby in the bathroom in her own home. similar circumstances. nobody knew that she was pregnant. >> lockner was silent as she stood before the judge. the baby born 14 days ago is alive and in stable condition. the d.a. says the previous delivery will not be used in the current case. >> it doesn't play into the conduct occurring on that day. this case will be judged on what occurred there on september 4th. however, the fact that she did something similar before may be somehow relevant to her state of
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pined, mental health and that that's being explored now. >> meanwhile one of her neighbors told us the case makes him appreciate his own kids. >> at least i value mine. i take care of mine. i'm a dad. so i'm still with my girlfriend. and you know we try to make things worse because of the kids. so i think kids are very important. but for that to happen that's shocking. >> lockner's bail remains at $11 million. in redwood city, stot budman, nbc bay area news. the man shot and killed by a san jose officer friday was not armed. that's what san jose police told us today. officers in unmarked carlos pulled him over in east san jose. police say dming ez is a known gang member linked to a crime spree earlier this month in san jose. the crime spree that included a drive-by shooting and armed robbery. today the police chief said the officers told him to put his hands up and stay that way.
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>> he then disobeyed the officer commands by lower hands out of sight in a reaching motion to the floor board. the officer felt he was reaching for a weapon and discharged his weapon at him striking him one time. >> the man died at the scene police say they found a knife and drugs but no bun. the he sfas he was livingston in a christian home and attempting to turn his life around and a great father. more than 300 people gathering near the reed saturday morning to mourn him. his family says he was unarmed when shot and they plan to pursue legal action action against the police department. a car crash forced the san jose. and kass payen sea drive. . the fire department tweeted out the foes. a driver ran into a gas meter which led to a gas leak the area
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had been to be evacuated unless pg&e could cap the leak. the driver wasn't hurt in the crash. a new report from the mtc confirms the number that we first reported last week. traffic is hit agnew record on bay area freeways. here is the list see if you agree. the biggest traffic headache, the 101-280 interchange on in san francisco and onto the bay bridge. number two, westbound 80 to fremont street in san francisco. and no relief in the silken valley number three on the list, the evening commute on southbound 101 from mountain view to san jose, followed by the evening commute on northbound 680 from mission boulevard in fremont into sonoll. >> could this help out? what about a ride on b.a.r.t. for free? it's a new proms to increase weekend requiredship. over the past two years there's been a decrease of passengers on saturday and sunday, costing b.a.r.t. about $15 million. another transit agency has been
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vicing riders across the bay area by handing out 25,000 tickets for free weekend rides. more tickets will be given out in the coming weeks. b.a.r.t. says it's keeping the details quiet as to when it gives out the free weekend tickets. who is paying for governor brown's twin tunnel's water project? he says the aging system delivering water from northern to southern california must be upgraded. but no major water district anywhere in the state has signed on to help fund the controversial structure which is an estimated cost of about $16 billion. the associated press reports that local water agencies and customers might be forced to pay for this. >> the scarey part about it is we don't know the cost. we know everybody is not going to be getting the water. and we don't think there is more water to export out of this already stressed estuary. >> the board member for santa clara valley water district says he hears the districts not joining will have the water
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supplies cut off. the he says the district goes to court before that happens. let's bring in jeff ranieri felt like a disjointed day. cool, warm abthen cool again. >> the pattern is getting more into the fall setup. >> good news. >> it is. next couple of days i think you'll be happy with what's coming down the pipeline for us. let's get a look at the microclimate forecast. and you'll be able to see for tomorrow we start off with mid-to high level cloud cover and cool 50s. by the afternoon temperatures dropping one to three degrees. so it's going to be cooler. and you can see that puts us at 78 in livermore, 81 concord, comfortable also in snappa. 68 in san francisco and mid-70s from palo alto into san jose. the only issue heading through tuesday will be the wind a little bit breezy. coming out of the northwest, a chillier wind 10 to 20 in san francisco, half moon up to 22. and possibly near 15 in redwood
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city and also for san jose. us more annoying if anything. on the extended forecast check this out. once we hit wednesday, a slight chance of a morning showers temperatures down to 75 for the high. closer look, you can see it's not widespread or heavy just spotty showers in the north bay down the peninsula also for the south bay. heading back into the seven-day forecast we stay with the trend 70s. fall officially begins at 1:02 in the amp. warming up into the 80s into next saturday, sunday and monday. we've been talking about hurricane and maria continuing in the caribbean, catastrophic size, 160-mile-per-hour. currently hitting dominica with the catastrophic winds. a compact eye stretching out 25 miles from the center. more on the track of that at
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6:48. winning off the field. . the major support the a's get for the new ballpark in oakland. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. to grant $700b in military spending to boost u-s missile defenses. happening now, the senate has approved a bill to grant $700 billion in military spending to boost u.s. missile defenses. in response to north korea's recently missile testing. that story is on our facebook page. on our twitter feed one of boston college students attacked with acid in france is recovering. now asking for prayers for her
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attacker. the a )s are building momentum
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around the bay area, and in the city of oakland... for its new proposed okay the a's building momentum around the bay area and in the city of elbowed for the new stadium. now the team wants to build a ballpark right near lake merit and lady college. today the city leaders gathered to express excitement about the project. chamber of commerce says it looks forward to working with the a's and is excite bd the future. >> this is an honest and refreshing commitment by a sports franchise to support our community and we applaud their efforts. >> now the new ballpark woe cover 13 acres and seat 35,000. it would cost around a half billion dollars to build which is the a's say thisly pay for. >> it's the billionaire boys club. nfl franchises rise in value.
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today forbes releasing the annual list of the most valuable franchise. elena though it's saw only a small increase the 49ers remain fifth on the list with a value of just over $3 billion. the raiders saw a bigger increase jumping up to 19 on the list of the 32 teams with a value of nearly 2.4 billion. and for the 11th straight year the dallas cowboys are the most valuable, worth nearly $5 billion. as for the 49ers next game you can watch it here on nbc bay area. they host the l.a. rams thursday night in santa clara. coverage at 5:00 p.m. >>abling straengt $sfrengt in the atlantic still recovering from i rememberia puerto rico gets ready for maria. >> president trump gets ready to address world leaders his plan for the united nations meeting.
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day one of the united nations general assembly andhe right now at 6:30, president trump on the international stage. day 1 of the united nations general assembly. and the president is in the thick of world diplomacy. the president is meeting with world leaders ahead of the highly anticipated speech which are will take place tomorrow. >> a pivotal 24 hours. north korea on the nuclear program will be front and center. janelle wang joining with us latest. >> raj and jess kwa the speech tomorrow is the main event after less than eight months in office this is the major talking to world leaders and could play a major role in setting the tone on the relationships moving
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forward. for president trump new territory in the home city. back in new york today for the first united nations general assembly meeting. >> reform is what we're talking about. >> the president addressing the very organization he once slammed at ineffective. today praising it but urging reform. >> the united nations has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement. >> the president who promised to put america first now borrowing his campaign slogan saying he wants to make the united nationss great. this afternoon the president sat down with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> a friend of many years. >> their goal middle east peace. >> we are giving an absolute go. i think there is a good chance that it could happen. >> also a one-on-one meeting with the french president. the meeting not just meet and greets. president trump working to build
6:31 pm
new alliances as he looks to turn up the pressure on north korea and iran. >> the global community is paying less attention to the tweets and actually looking at what the policy actions are. of the united states. >> this week a high stakes test for a relatively new president, taking his place on the world stage. the white house says the president's expected message this week, that u.n. members should work together while looking out for themselves and maintain ago sense of accountability. raj, jessica. okay thank you. now year one of the trump administration and also stirred controversy throughout the nation. especially here in blue california. where voters chose hillary clinton in a landslide. >> democrats view thd election as call to action. bringing in our political analyst. larry, similar to president bush is there a call to action action here what's the response. >> it's a huge call to action. the legislature doesn't like president trump. overwhelmingly democratsic legislature as we know. they're concerned most ily about
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compassion and his stouks to progress both of these transition are troublesome to the legislature and they have acted >> let's talk impact about that issue of compassion rich here in california a lot of democrats especially feel that the president does lack basic human compassion. toward people in the united states. and those especially the down and out. >> and start with the undocumented. president trump has been deporting undocumented at a roared rate here in california what we have done is tlaut to embrace them whether scholarships for college, whether driver's licenses, whether it's declaring this state a sanctuary state. the first of its kind. or we might look at transgender releases. you know the president wants to go ahead and deport, take away transgender military people. whereas in this state we became the first state, california, the first state to declare for transgender k through 12 students that they could go did -- to the bathroom to fit the identity rather than the.
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>> is this a wash four years of eight years in terms of california? or what is the plan of attack? he sees progress one way they see it differently the state democratic controlled legislature. >> it's a war. it's really a war. if you want to see what's going on all you have it think about the fact the legislature this year introduced 35 bills dealing with the president, 35 bills dealing with what they thought president trump was doing wrong. you can look at things like climate change for example, how we are the leader in climate change and how the president denies it. you can look at things like h 1 b worker we use them for innovation and thement says we want to minimize the number of h 1 bp we are going in one direction. the president is going in another. there are no indications of any two governments, california and trump that are no more at odds. >> that is nothing in new having state resistance to what federal programs. what makes it especially different than this this time. >> it's a twist.
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if you o back a few years it was texas declaring everything wrong with the obama administration. states rights, states rights suing the president taking him to court on everything. now what do we have, california day are doing the same thing with this president. saying everything you are doing is wrong. we're taking to you court in the name of state rights. that's what you never expect from a place like california. >> see if there is any progress or settlement with in thank you. >> of course we will tracking president trump's every move especially at the u.n. head to the website for all the latest from washington and new york this week including what's happening at the united nations. >> no word from governor brown about what will he will sign a bill to move the presidential primary to march. in the we hours of the current session technically early saturday morning, state senators approved that measure. and it would move california's primary to the tuesday following the first monday in march. meaning it would be including in the typical supertuesday lineup.
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california a's primary as you know is held in june currently. the caribbean is in the cross hairs once again as hurricane maria was upgraded to a category 5. if the forecasts of the track is correct expected to hit puerto rico late wednesday where it could be catastrophic. heavy winds are already impacting the caribbean. and sand juan puerto rico stores are selling the essentiallies. but really water is the biggest concern. puerto rico was largely spared by hurricane irma ten days ago but irma blew through thousands on the island are still without water. we have new video of the south bay national guard gearing up to rescue hurricane irma victims. you can see the 129th rescue wing based in mountain view loading equipment into a combat shadow aircraft. the crew completed more than 100 successful operations during hurricane harvey in houston. they've been home for only about a week. now they're going to florida
6:36 pm
because of their elite rescue skills. >> calling for calm communities in st. louis missouri are on edge after three days of vienlts protest attention, following the acquittal of a white police officer who shot and killed an african-american man. city leaders in st. louis are asking for peace. officer jason stockily was found not guilty in the shootth death of jason smith. this followed a high-speed car chase in 2011. over the weekend day time peaceful protests turned into nightly clashes with officers. more than 80 people arrested on various charges including damaging property and spraying an unknown chemical at officers. >> there hasn't been justice. we'll be out here until there is justice until everyone is treated equitiably. >> this is the crowd gathered outside the st. louis city justice center. at this point -- at this point tonight those protests continue to be peaceful. it's the silken valley
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showdown. the battle between uber and waymo wp waymo is asking for more time to sift through evidence. after uber was ordered to turn over thousands of documents that could be important to the case. waymo lawyer are hoping to find evidence in the documents that prove uber stole trade secrets. the documents are part of a report that uber put together before buying its own self-driving vehicle start-up. the trial scheduled to begin october 10th. if you don't want to wait in line at the dmv there is a new invention that may make it so you don't have to. the 14 self-serve keesks scattered across the bay area. you can go to safeway and renew registration, or online takes five business days but with this you can get the hard copy on the spot. stock based salvation army store catches fire. the reason investigators call it suspicious. everyone is okay after a school
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bus crash this morning. it happened around 8 am in morgan hill - along well thankfully everyone is okay after a school bus crash this morning. happened around 8:00 in the morning in morgan hill along butterfield. the bus and another vehicle collided. damage is minor. nobody hurt but there were about 30 high schoolers onboard. another bus picked them up onto and took them to the high school. >> an elbowed bar is behind garrs after trying to speed away from cops in the once but twice. he is accused of hitting two san leandro plofrz with his car last night and then this morning he went a short pursuit before crash. the video from last night where officers tried to stop him after he shop lifted. he ignored the officers and tried speeding off before hitting the officers. one of the plofrz has been released. the other is still there but with non-life threatening injuries. >> a suspicious fire has done a
6:41 pm
lot of damages to both the builds and financially to bay area non-profit. happening in gilroy arson investigators want to know why a 50-foot trailer filled with donations went up in flames overnight. the trailer was parked behind the store so the flamed charred the building. the sprinkler system kept it from spreading. the immediate residents will be hurt the most again. >> it's a set back for us. we don't like it. it hurts us. especially we we try to do the most good with it. and to have somebody damage it hurts us. >> the guy roy fire department said it responded to a similar fire six months ago. the salvation army store will likely stay closed the next tum days. >> they've been away for a while were any in hawaii or marshals researchers wrapped up living on a remote hawaiian volcano aimed as being a marshals-like habit
6:42 pm
at. they were quarantined below the summit of this volcano in january, the world's largest active volcano. you can see where they were housed in the 120 oh square foot dome. it was to understand the psychological impact that long-term man mission to space would have on astronauts. there were spencers that gauged moods and proximity to other people tp they were in the unit for eight months just by themselves. >> jeff ranieri. >> i would have been a total cook. >> the three of us it would have been crazy. >> you'd have been good. >> yeah but not that close. i would have been a cook and a half. >> a good reality tv. >> all right. check it out you guys look here at mount umunhum down in the south bay. we have cloud cover streaming by. it's been beautiful today. we had a high of 80 in san jose.
6:43 pm
cooler trends for the bay area, plus hurricane maria right now 160-mile-per-hour. where this is headed, next. >> and did you see it last night the talk of the emmy isn't just about the actors but president trump's former press secretary had to say about his surprise appearance. many cases that hinge on the
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
social security numbers of consumers. ==raj/2shot== nbc bay area responds to many cases that hinge on the social security numbers of consumers. that's private information. did you know you can change your social security number? here is your consumer investigator chris chumara. >>est move us have one social security number for life and it never changes. sometimes that's a. if you're a repeat identity theft victim you can apply fore a new one. do that at the local social security office. >> if auf question for complaint for chris give us a call. the number is 1-888-996-tips. or go to the website at okay. it was a big show last night.
6:46 pm
the emmy award. the focus on women at least in the drama category. the drama series, the hand maid's tail and the limited series big little lies" and the television category responded with the biggest surprises. but stephen colbert made political jabs. and the night's biggest surprise appearance. look. >> this will be the largest audience to witness an emmy, period. >> contrary to that pronouncement the early ratings were even with last year's numbers which were also an yul and time low but pretty entertaining. >> yeah, sean expires making the surprise appearance. >> the mount up. . up looked different last year back then. the we knew the area would be open to the public but the fate of the distinctive cube was uncertain tp today the cube stands. the yaur open to the public the
6:47 pm
first time. 37 years ago the peak was decommissioned and it had been the air force station during the cold war. the concrete cube was the base for a giant radar dish. the area is groomed for visitor was parking trails, even benches. >> there are many aspects to this place that are not well-known. and we think the public will find it fascinating. but if you look, you can see, it provides an incredible view of all of silicon valley. >> now the site was a military site, now sacred to level local native americans. >> i sense the first nbc bay area picnic. >> a weather live shot nice view. >> field trip. >> you got it. >> looks like fall today. the leaves are falling. we're there. >> i know. and next couple of days it's continuing here across the bay area. we've even added back in the possibility of showers in the microclimate forecast. and let's just say this. the pattern is certainly complicated. but that's why i'm here to break
6:48 pm
it down for you. i think the biggest change that we have underwent here the past week or so was the fact that high pressure which normally keeps the storm track off to the north in summer has weakened and move toward the south. that's going to allow three areas of upper low pressure to move in. now the first one tonight wris the cool temps and clouds. wednesday morning drizzle and a slight chance of isolated shower. by schutz it's a chilly start and a cool afternoon. this is the coolest trend i was able to find since the end of may. some 113 days ago. if you were thinking you were sick and tired of summer and all the triple digits we had you're on the right track. tomorrow morning forecast starts off with no issues. south bay 57. mostly clear. peninsula a little bit of fog near the coast and 59. 55 in the tri-valley. north bay to the chilliest in 53. east bay averages 5 kriegs. numbers drop a few more degrees in response to the upper low pressure moving in for the south
6:49 pm
bay temperatures actually below average. still happy to report that here on the tuesday forecast. 75 in san jose. gilroy at 78. keep an eye on the wind heading through the microclimate. breezy out of the northwest 10 to 20. concord at 8 is. pleasanton, very pleasant. palo alto at 76. and our typical chilly weather for beaches half moon bay 66. he san francisco comes in with 69 in the mission. outer sunset cooler 65. and the north bay 79 santa rosa and 74 in mill valley. now let's take you out to the tropics and we get a look at hurricane maria. a catastrophic storm by all standards as we've been mentioning. right now winds at 160-mile-per-hour. hurricane force winds with this one it's a very compact eye wall going out 25 miles from the center. it's better for widespread hurricane damage and not seeing
6:50 pm
as puch but that's little comfort for folks directly in the eye right now in dominica hammered with 160-mile-per-hour winds. where does it head? over puerto rico on the u.s. virgin islands, 2:00 a.m. wednesday, 160. a looks like it moves over the bahamas by saturday at 2:00 p.m. paralleling florida as well by saturday and sunday. we do not know much more after this just based on the fact the hurricane paths can change. but it gets close to the u.s. coastline by monday and tuesday. we'll keep a close eye. on the extended nocturia notice by wednesday the slight chance of morning shower here. temperatures remaining comfortable in san francisco through saturday. low 70s and sunday and monday. inland valleys 70s through friday. then by saturday and sunday we're back into the low 80s here. so windows open, enjoy it. we've had 17 days at 100 or hotter. so i think we're ready for this. >> it looks like someone has
6:51 pm
been counting. >> yes. >> that's his job he loves it. >> thanks, jeff. up next did you watch it yesterday? the best part of the raiders game? did you see this do you know who that is? that's beast mode. checking in the silver and white. stay with us. they gave away free skittles at
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
several skittles kiosks theru you're loving marshawn lynch aren't you. >> i do. i love it. >> before the game yesterday they gave away -- he loves skittless. >> yes. >> they gave away free skittless at skittless key osks. >> the radarers looked good. >> the first touchdown as a raider. he did it for the home fans. he was so happy. three touchdown passes. all to michael crabtree. and the silver black and so much hype for the beginning of the season. so far the raiders lip up to it. just doend remind jeff of that. >> good or bad this is a day where we rehash it tomorrow it's tell the truth tuesday for a reason. we'll go over the game and own up whether good or bad acknowledge it and put it behind us and move on. pretty matter of fact the which we go through the process.
6:55 pm
>> have you herd of tell the truth tuesday it's the second new hashtag. the best part. >> there it is. >> fun to say he is having a good time jeff this is during the game. >> wow. >> part of beast mode. >> having a good time the raiders had a good lean. that's him hanging out with the raider nation. >> a party. >> it's a party. a big week on nbc bay area. you can watch both teams here scluchg on the airwaves sunday night football the raidners washington, d.c. to take on the redskins. the 49ers here on nbc against the l.a. rams thursday night. the niners looked relatively seattle. both games of course the thursday night the 49ers sunday night the raiders. >> a lot of channel flips the raiders niners going on. and simultaneously a new champion crowned in the indy car series finale in sonoma. he clinchd the title by
6:56 pm
finishing second in the go pro grand prix in sonoma. the first american to win it since ryan hunter five years ago. we caught up with imat pier 39 and he was feeling a bit growingy. >> it's been a tough night after the season finale in sonoma. but you know if it's a tough night that normally means the day went well. for us we had an awesome day at team pens ski. i didn't win but my teammate did. very successful and day all around for the group. >> well tonight at 11:00 be on the look out a warning from berkeley police about a man posing a threat to children. his bizarre behavior at a park that landed him in jail earlier this summer, where he was spoeted a couple weeks ago that has police concerned yet again. that story coming up on the 11:00 newscasts. all right. i think what jeff should do after he does a forecast he should go beast mode. >> might go viral.
6:57 pm
>> thanks for joining us. >> see you 11:00 bye-bye.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
test. test. test. test. it's "extra." >> at the emmys, right now. ♪ extra extra ♪ >> you basically have stolen the whole emmys. >> women rule. colbert targets trump and sean spicer crashes the show. >> melissa mccarthy, everybody. give it up. >> the stars we spotted partying with spicy at the emmys get political. >> it's really part of the national conversation right now. >> anna faris' emotional first red carpet since her split. ben affleck with his new girlfriend. we're tracking all the emmy couples. >> you're already a winner. >> see? you're paying attention. >> plus our red carpet surprise to get the party started. >> we are with the biggest winners of the night, and >>ey're women!


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