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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 19, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> i'm marcus washington. we want to get a look at what's going on with traffic right now. >> we had a deadly crash investigation in san francisco. let's take you to the maps. we are talking out of the city on to the lower deck of the bay bridge. a pedestrian was hit and killed on the roadway there, but that did clear some lanes. however, the warning is they put flairs out to close lanes out. the flairs may take a while to burn out. keep that in mind as you travel over the exit and continue to the skyway. westbound 80 getting into the city fine. all the routes throughout the city moving well. just that little bit of slowing out of the altamont pass. kari, what do you have for us today? >> another pleasant day as we go into the afternoon. mostly clear skies with breezy winds. here is a look at high temperatures today. heading up to 69 degrees in san francisco, 71 degrees in
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oakland, 75 in san jose. all these temperatures cooler than where we should be for this time of year, thanks to a front that moved through yesterday that brought the gusty winds and a little more of a drop in those temperatures. we are keeping you up-to-date on what's happening with now hurricane maria, category 5 hurricane, wind speeds at 160 miles an hour. this has the potential to be more powerful than hurricane irma as it moves through the caribbean islands. west of guadeloupe and moving toward antigua as well. this is expected to continue on a west-northwesterly track as it is a category 4 hurricane moving to san juan, puerto rico, the dominican republic and the bahamas as we head for friday. this is going to be a major headline maker as it moves over some of the same island that is were devastated within a week or
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two ago from hurricane irma. weal continue to monitor that. marcus? >> as we saw with those images kari cuz showing us, this is the time we are getting the first glimpse of the monster storm. 31 miles from martinique. then new video from another island. looks like a movie set. winds of a category 5 storm lashing the island, which took a direct hit. meantime, to the west, puerto rico, we learned in the last 30 minutes, san juan's airport is going to shut down all together tonight. here is a warning from the u.s. territory's governor. >> the difference between life and death. >> we are very, very worried. >> the last hurricane to hit was hugo in 1989, a category 3.
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we are going to stay on top of hurricane maria on air and online. for instant coverage head to happening today, president trump will make his official debut to the united nations. a live look inside the united nations in new york where he will speak later this morning. we are already getting a hint of what the message will be. tracie potts is live with us. what can we expect the next couple hours? >> reporter: marcus, we can expect president trump is going to address the hot spots around the country, the world, north korea, iran. he also wants to talk to world leaders about how the u.n. operates on the inside. >> reform and reform is what we are talking about. >> reporter: president trump is expected to walk a fine line later this morning, urging nations to solve problems together. north korea, iran. while shiding the u.n. for being
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inefficient. >> the united nations has not reached its full potential because of beaurocracy and mismanagement. sending the message other countries needs to kick in more cash. >> no one or no member state shoulders a disproportionate share of the burden. that's militarily or financially. >> reporter: amid heavy security, president trump is already making the rounds with israel, france and a phone call with china's president. >> we discussed trade and we also discussed a place called north korea. >> reporter: today, he'll explain how his america first philosophy doesn't leave everyone else out. >> he is going to have to decide whether he gets back into the paris climate change and whether he pulls out of the iran nuclear deal. >> reporter: and north korea, nations united, the key to avoiding a military conflict.
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tracie potts, nbc news, washington. 5:04 now. happening today, combatting a bay area wide problem. today, san jose city leaders will look for ways to boost affordable housing supply. looking into the housing crisis for weeks now on "today in the bay" and "today in the bay's" rick is live in san jose with the possibilities and solutions in san jose for the problem. rick? >> reporter: there may be solution that is come sooner rather than later. we have been crunching numbers. we found the rents are rising higher than salaries out there. but, the city of san jose has a plan for that. they are considering requiring new apartment construction to include a certain number of affordable units. right now, there are more than 200 subsidized apartments in san jose. 17,000 people on the list need a place. that list is growing. this, chil the average rent in
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san jose is $2400 a month. that amount is pushing a lot of people out. a new berkeley poll found 58% of residents considered moving out because housing is too high. the whole solution is inside the governor's office right now. a bill is on the desk to sign. inside that bill is going to require more subsidized housing units inside apartment housing, complexes are in the area. san jose and throughout the bay area. that can't come soon enough. as we all know, today is the 19th and we have to pay that rent in 12 days. live in san jose, rick boone. >> thank you, rick. we have researched the bay area housing market overnight. a report from the california association of realtors says the median price for a single family home is over 908,0$908,000. a combination of job growth and
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low inventory is driving the prices higher. interest rates are good, too. the five counties with the lowest inventory are the bay area. san mateo tops, alameda. i filed a row port talking about this topic. you can find it on bart investigators are releasing details about a bizarre attempted robbery. an oakland woman says she was handed a note on a bart train demanding she give up her wallet and phone while two guns were pointed at her. they say the robbery may have been caught on surveillance camera. you are looking at it right now. we are going to show you -- there it is right there. she is a strawberry blond woman. the would be victim says she faked a seizure. the suspect then took off.
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a deputy is under investigation after his gun was stolen from his car. this happened on sunday. the gun was in the trunk of the parked rental car, not a metal lock box, which is the department policy. this is an ongoing policy. the guns stolen have been used in a number of local shootings including the killing of kate steinle two years ago, then a man shot by a san francisco police officer's stolen gun in a deadly shooting. 5:08. in our investigative unit found between 2010 and 2016 a total of six guns reported lost from the san francisco sheriff's department. you can watch the full investigation at two north bay law enforcement agencies are hoping to get their drone programs off the ground. the sonoma county sheriff's office in santa rosa police department has the gear in
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place. according to a democrat, a few hurdles have been cleared for the drones to take flight. they are hoping to can keep the drones from suspects and helping with search and rescue operations. specific policies still need to be drafted. that would come after each agency receives public feedback. a year's long battle over access to public parks for dogs continues. that is the word this morning. the state house passed an amendment to restrict canine access to the park. that move comes nine months after the golden gate national recreation area approval restricting off-leash dog walking. right now at 5:09 on this tuesday morning, we are starting out with clear skies and some chilly temperatures. we are only right now at 48 degrees in napa and 59 degrees now in san jose. if you are going hiking today in the south bay, we start with a few clouds, breezy winds,
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quickly clearing skies and a nice and mild afternoon. gusts up to 30 miles an hour today, so it is going to be windy. we'll talk more about what to expect as we go through the day, coming up in four minutes. mike starts with a look near the dublin interchange. >> the grid moves nicely today. dublin interchange westbound 580 may find a distraction on the shoulder. we heard about a big rig tire in the roadway. it was pulled over and the tire went under the vehicle. westbound toward the dublin interchange new york city slowing on the sensors. typical pattern, south bay peninsula looking good as we move toward the approach to the bay bridge new york city delays to the east shore or north bay. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, closing early. >> it's nuts. i have lived up there for 30
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years. >> reason one of the most stunning icon views of san francisco could be off limits. plus, cool features coming to your iphone today. i'll walk you through it when "today in the bay" continues. start the interview with a firm handshake.
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good tuesday morning, 5:13. we take a live look outside in palo alto already getting busy with the temperatures warming up today into the mid-70s, which is
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right where we should be for this time of year. going to see mostly sunny skies. hold on to your hat, it's going to be a windy day. i'll talk about what is ahead with showers in the forecast coming up next. these east bay travel times looking great right now. top of the screen, no delays for the east shore freeway. we are talking about traffic. we'll see how things shape up. >> thanks mike and kari. the best nighttime view of san francisco may soon be off limits. the sf supervisor is proposing that police shut down the gates to keep vehicles out after dark. we have done extensive reporting on crimes and assaults at twin peaks. he says the proposal will keep troublemakers out. >> if you put it down half a mile, most kids, most people that are going to do bad things are not going to walk up a hill. >> police say they have seen a drop in crime recently because
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officers have increased patrol and installed new security cameras. people we have talked with have mixed reactions with closing twin peaks. hear from them online, it looks like california voters will get to decide on a plan to provide $4 billion in funding for parks and water projects. last week, they approved a measure to restore parks and waterways along with boosting flood protections. if the governor finds it, the measure would appear on next june's primary ballot. >> happening today, frontier airlines is expected to have nonstop service out of the international airport. more of it. the denver based airline is the latest to join the airport, which we reported in july with a lot of enthusiasm. services to las vegas begin november 1th. i have family in denver and
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austin. nonstop is good. the equifax disaster is getting worse. they have been hacked more than once. >> the second hack dates back to march. >> they never told us about it. on the face of it, it violates california law. we knew they were hacked in july. that was the controversy that broke in july. a second hack took place earlier and was conducted by the same hackers. california state law demands companies that do business in the state notify people when unencrypted data was stolen and do so immediately. we were the first state to require that in 2003. the dow closed at the 40th record high this year. considering the market has only been open 180 business days this year, that's a batting average of .222 where every hit there's a home run. toys "r" us filed bankruptcy cht it's still open.
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now is the time to spend gift cards. they have a lay away program. get your stuff out of lay away. >> the apple iphone 8 comes out friday, but everybody who has one gets a new ios. ios 11 has reality things. it can detect when you are driving. of course, new emojis like zombies. >> i'm zombied out. that's cute. >> it's not going to work on iphone 5 or 5c are too old. some apps may not work with the update. there's a way to find out if an app you use will work. it's too complicated here. i'm going to put it on facebook. i have haven't done it yet, but i will put instructions on. >> if it blows out my family
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calendar -- anything else. thank you very much. we'll watch for that. new this morning, images of a kitten rescue from a lexus. this is in southern california. crews in spring valley, outside of san diego, had to disassemble the vehicle to save the animal. it was under the engine come partment. the owner heard the meowing and brought the car to the fire station. someone already adopted that kitten there. the name? what do you think? >> lexus. >> that's it. purr of the engine. >> i was going to say a cadillac. >> you got it. kari, you said it's going to be breezy. we have the bobby pins ready. >> cranking up the heat in the car. as you get ready head out, a cool start. we'll show you how cool as we
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grab the jackets heading out the door. mid-50s right now in the tri-valley. clear skies. speeds upper 50s for peninsula and the south bay. 60 degrees in the east bay and 57 in san francisco. 50 in the north bay with a chilly start this morning, take a look at the high temperatures later on today coming up on the bottom of the screen. we are now feeling air that's five to ten degrees cooler than yesterday when you headed out the door. looking at the south bay and the high temperatures, east san jose, a high of 77 degrees. east bay, looking at upper 70s. it is going to be so nice. we are also going to have 70s for redwood city and up to 67 degrees on the embarcadero. santa rosa, a high of 79 degrees. san jose and the temperature trend today, starting out at 9:00 at 62 degrees, then we make it to the low 70s by early afternoon.
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i think it's a great day to take the lunch outside and spend extra time outdoors. heading to school in livermore, 56 degrees at 7:00, then we see at the time, by the time you kids z get out of school, it will be in the mid-70s today. we will also have a chance of rain early tomorrow morning for the north bay starting to see showers coming up around santa rosa. there may be a few spotty showers elsewhere across the bay area as we go through the day. this will be a front dipping to the south. there will be another one behind it on thursday that will keep it cool as we head into the weekend. on friday, that's when we officially begin fall, but then it starts to warm up, of course. looking at the inland areas, it will turn into the low 80s for much of the weekend after a week feeling temperatures in the 70s. head over to mike. tuesday's commute is still looking good. >> it is great, but it is tuesday. we are watching for a bigger
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volume of traffic, much bigger than yesterday. a nice, no problem drive out of the altamont pass. take a move around here and show the east shore freeway coming off the bridge and the bay bridge, a nice easy drive. metering lights should be on any second there. no problems for walnut creek. i want to show you the trend with no delays as well. 45 trains are on time. waze points out travel times from oakland to san francisco. as we look at the waze map, we have mapped out that route and a quicker route as you cross the bay bridge. the crowd gathers in this area, 580 and 880, more delays. take the san mateo bridge. wherever you are make sure you make sure to check your profile and go to your team, nbc bay area wazers. that's the one i want you to be
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a part of. back to you. coming up, a cyber attack warning. new this morning, the most dangerous celebrities to search online. be sure to find our social media talking about all the day's top stories. follow us on twitter. you are watching "today in the bay." a small earthquake in stride
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last night - on the air .. as
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5:24 now. a veteran team took a small earthquake in stride last night. this is on air as cameras roll. >> p guys? >> did you feel that? >> yeah, did you feel it? just had a little earthquake. >> it was very sharp. just very sharp, but pronounced jolt. >> they lived in l.a. last night, they rolled through the minor 3.6 quake centered near westwood. it did not cause damage. clearly gets people talking. nearly 500 san francisco apartment buildings are not in compliance with the city's earthquake safety laws. the chronicle reports the owners of the soft story buildings missed the deadline to apply for retro fit permit.
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that is required by city law. each building will be tagged with violation notices. owners have 30 days to respond. 5:26. new this morning, computer security company, mcafee is out with the latest celebrity searches that may send your tablet or computer into a death spiral. the reason, viruses or malware. topping the list is averill levine, bruno mars, carly rae jepson. >> you are going to have the find a new crush. combatting car burglaries. trying to make rental cars less attractive to thieves. >> reporter: the top ten worst commutes in the bay area. the significant increase in the time behind the steering wheel.
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good tuesday morning to you as we begin "today in the bay." right now, you are looking at live pictures from the bay bridge. you can see the lights slowly moving along the bridge as people head to work today. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. we want to get a look at your forecast. you might be headed out the door. >> yes, grab the jacket before you do so. it feels quite cool in some spots. look where we are headed today
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with the high temperature in san francisco up to 69 degrees. 71 degrees in oakland and 75 today in san jose. lower 80s from concord to antioch and upper 70s for the north bay. heading into the next several days in san francisco, we'll be watching for a chance of rain early tomorrow morning. that clears out and stays nice and cool and fall officially begins friday. inland areas looking atmore of the same with a bit of a warm up into the weekend. i'll talk about the weekend forecast, coming up in seven minutes. mike is doing the dance right now. >> you might listen to the rock. that's the problem. eastbound 24 heading toward the caldecott. expect that as you travel through the area. no other issues as a result getting to the bay bridge is moving smoothly. there's slowing on the sensors. as we see the toll plaza, it's
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backed up, the meters lights are on. tuesday, pleasant for a tuesday. back to you. >> thank you very much, michael. no matter how long you talk to somebody, the complaint is traffic. the commute is getting worse according to a new report by the metropolitan transportation. this is a live look at several hot spots across the bay air yachlt commuters around the area are spending more time driving. >> bob redell is live with a closer look at the new study. good morning to you, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you marcus and kris. we are at mission boulevard and 262. behind me you can see northbound and southbound 680. come this afternoon, the northbound direction will be crammed with cars as workers are trying to get back home over to sunol grade. it is the fourth worst commute.
5:32 am
it's up two spots from number six. the planning agency released the study that fond traffic congestion during the rush hour commute has increased 80% since 2010. look at the graphics on the screen. if you compare the time spent in traffic in 2010, it was around nearly two minutes stuck in traffic 35 miles an hour or less compared to 2016 which jumps to 3.5 minutes. according to the mtc, the worst is the afternoon commute out of sf. drivers trying to get from 101 to the bay bridge. number two on the list happens to be the worst for the morning, it's for commuters trying to get from hercules to san francisco mainly using the east shore freeway down to and across the bay bridge. the study found this is the only route that stays congested throughout the day with no break in between.
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if you look down the list, a lot of familiar hot spots. highway 101 in mountainview. you have the sunol grade, as i mentioned, 880 between fremont and hayward. the list goes on. they point out the increased drive times show the job market in sf and silicon valley are strong. it shows how commuters find affordable housing how far they drive to and from work. they hope new express lane projects ease congestion on 880 and 680. we did a little research this morning. earlier this year, there's a navigation ranking for the worst commute nationwide. sf was ranked number two behind l.a., new york and san jose, number five. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. this can't be a surprise to you,
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mike. you deal with it every day. >> traffic out there. everybody says isn't it getting worse? now we know. >> 80%. that's bad. >> worse than i hoped. look at the live shot we have. for berkeley, this is one of the areas bob is talking about as far as where the traffic is bad, consistently bad all day. the headlights are coming down the east shore freeway frchlt the top of the screen, we have around the bend, past golden gate, right here. this is westbound 80 coming toward the bay bridge. now, all day long, university avenue is going to be crowded. in the afternoon, it's going to build up away from the bay bridge. show you where it is on the map as well. again, this area slowing there by golden gate field. bob talked about getting out of san francisco. we know that gets crowded early afternoon, especially on a friday. we get to almost noon, folks getting out of the city and the east. things are getting worse
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starting earlier. 280 in both directions jammed up. that's much more focused than it used to be. 280 is the alternate. 101 is already slowing. 280 has problems as well. the afternoon drive jams up early through the sunol area on a friday. you can't get through after 2:00 without major brake lights. lanes of eastbound 80 are back open after nearly 40 minute closure overnight in san francisco. chp police say someone was hit and killed when they were walking along the freeway near 4th before the bay bridge. this happened just before 4:00 this morning. all lanes reopened just before 4:40 a.m. no word on why that person was walking on the road. happening today, san francisco leaders vote on a plan to make rental cars less vulnerable to thieves. they are considering two proposals. one calls for a rental company to take off bar code stickers
5:36 am
and advertising from the vehicles. the other measure calls for them to educate tourists and taking their valuables with them. car break-ins are prevalent in tourist hot spots, no surprise. we have shown you that car break-ins are at epic levels. most are car rentals. 26,000 car burglaries in the cities in 2015 up 34% from the year before. we found the problem is not just in san francisco, it is, in fact, happening all across the bay area. 5:36. in berkeley, people are taking an unusual step warning parents about a man that is a potential threat to children. be aware of this man here on your screen, william nicholas turner. recent incidents prompted this warning. in june, he was accused of getting small children on a
5:37 am
playground a mysterious drink. officers arrested him. he's been on a psychiatric hold before and ordered to stay away from parks and schools. >> outside a preschool at 6:30 in the morning, stripped down to his underwear. the totality of the circumstances, we find troubling. >> turner is not violating parole by walking around. if he loiters around schools and parks, it is a violation and when people should call police. a pre-trial hearing in the case of jahi mcmath. we reported an alameda county judge allowed the malpractice suit to move forward and be decided by a jury. in 2013, the hospital declared the 13-year-old girl brain dead, following an operation to remove her tonsils. jahi is still alive and shows signs of life and wants the hospital to pay for her care. no trial date has been set. 5:37. today, we are expecting a better
5:38 am
understanding of how many new cases of hiv infections are recorded in san francisco. a new report will be released this afternoon by the getting to zero program. it's a program by the united nations to end new hiv infections. san francisco adopted a program in 2015 and hopes to be the first city to achieve the goal. the number of new hiv cases in san francisco has been declining for more than a decade. just last week, public health officials reported there were 223 new infections in the city in 2016. that's down slightly from the year before. overnight, we searched through san francisco's department of public health data and found a better perspective for you. this year, 104 new cases have been reported. that's a stark contrast to back in 2006 when there were 530 new infections. last year, there were 16,000 people living with hiv in san francisco. 90% of them were men and more than half were white.
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a peek over here at the east shore freeway sorry, east bay in oakland. we are tracking flashing lights. flashing lights were moving slowly. everything made its way continuing up. i haven't heard of incidents in the corridor between the coliseum and downtown oakland. the volume building a bit there. the metering lights are on. a smooth drive there. a smooth flow around the rest of the bay. a great start on this tuesday. we see tuesday traffic starting to build. we'll track it. so far, everybody's got cool heads. >> cool because the wind blowing through this morning. will that continue into the weekend? >> yeah, that's what everyone is wondering. >> it's tuesday and we are making plans for the weekend. if you are like me, you are like, hmm, what's going on.
5:40 am
a nice weekend, too. it's going to be warmer. inland areas up to 84 degrees. the bay will be at 79 and 74 by the coast. for sunday, we are looking at temperatures also in the mid-70s for the coast. a few clouds during the morning and inland areas, upper 80s. planning to go to yosemite, we are going to have cooler weather to start out. there will be a slight chance of rain on friday, a few 70 degrees on sunday. if it's a beach weekend and you are making plans to go to santa cruz, perfect, low 70s for saturday and sunday. let me know what you are doing this weekend. send me a message on facebook, meteorologist kari hall and i'll give you the forecast for that location. you may see it featured at 5:38 or 6:38 each morning on "today in the bay." kris and marcus? >> thanks very much, kari. caught on camera. a chaotic scene in new york. the moment a tour bus crashed
5:41 am
into a city bus in queens killing three people. the legislation making its way through congress and the reason several bay area tech companies aren't supporting it. the president's big day to speak to the united nations when "today in the bay" continues.
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=mike/trx= mike traffic tease it's 5:43 and mostly clear start. mostly clear. a live look in san jose this morning.
5:44 am
let's go to campable, 61 degrees at 9:00 this morning, 70 degrees at noon. take a lunch outside, it will be in the mid-70s today. we look at nice weather. we have a chance of rain in the forecast. i'll tell you where and when, coming up in five minutes. the tri-valley travel times are great right now. 84, slow through the city, but no problems in pleasanton ig itself. i' i'll show you the bay bridge approach coming up. this is new surveillance video coming into the news room. look at the deadly bus crash in new york. we covered the story as it was happening this time yesterday. we are seeing the moment the tour bus crashed into that city bus in queens. a person walking on the sidewalk died. the driver of the charter bus died and a passenger on the city bus died. more than a dozen people were hurt. the california attorney general is in washington, d.c.
5:45 am
this morning pushing legislation to stop sex trafficking. it is a bill silicon tech heavies are not backing. javier will be speaking at a senate hearing to stop enabling sex traffickers act of 2017. if passed, it would hold liable. "the washington post" reports facebook, google and amazon opposed the bill claiming it would open websites to lawsuits. 5:45. new this morning, hearing from the former fox news host, bill o riley. the first tv interview since the firing over allegations of sexual harassment. he spoke to matt lauer about the departure. >> you said you did nothing wrong. do you stand by that? >> i do. you know, nobody is a perfect person, but i can go to sleep at night very well knowing that i never mistreated anyone on my watch in 42 years.
5:46 am
>> you can watch that full interview, including heated back and forth. that's coming up on the "today" show. the big day for the president. he will address the u.n. general assembly this morning. >> scott mcgrew, all eyes are on donald trump. >> a president elected on the idea of america first. how does that fit in with an organization that wants countries to work together? here we see the president with ambassador nikki haley at the u.n. yesterday. president trump will address the opening at the united nation's general assembly in new york 7:00 a.m. our time. we will carry that live in a special report. live pictures from the u.n. where walk in. missing, three major world leaders. angela merkel is staying in germany. she has an election coming up. vladimir putin is not coming nor
5:47 am
is chinese president. x congressional rules say they have to pass the whole thing, both houses a week from saturday. john mccain, who once again is saying slow down. he's asking for hearings so senators and americans can understand what's in the new bill. if you recall, mccain was the final no vote in the senate the last time they tried to end obamacare, voting no with that simple thumbs down. they are on the shot clock. the september 30 deadline is part of reconciliation rule that is allow republicans to pass things without needing democrats to sign on. they have little time for debate, may not wait for a cbo score. this tells us how many people would lose their insurance. president trump was so impressed with his visit to france, he suggested we scrap the july 4th activities in washington and create a military parade of our own.
5:48 am
the bastille day parade was the best and quote, we have to outdo it. if you would like to tell us what you would like to see as far as coverage in washington goes, contact me on twitter. >> thank you, scott. you heard of the free give aways when the home team wins, right? this one has bitter twist. >> it is offered by a dharnlgers fan who feels guilted by the team's move from san diego to los angeles. in this case, it's free tacos when the l.a. chargers lose. the owner of the grill in san diego says he was a lifelong chargers fan until that team moved. now, he's so angry he's taking it out on his own bottom line. >> some were able to forgive and forget. most were not. i definitely am not. i have to give back and make this a bigger issue that what it should be by giving out free tacos. >> forgiveness is a good thing.
5:49 am
>> that looks good, doesn't it? >> the aren't owner may be giving away a lot of tacos if they keep playing the way they started. so far, they are 0-2. >> hold on. >> the chargers do it. >> i'm wondering what the shirt says. as we get ready to head out this morning, looking good. it's chilly as well. we are going to have these temperatures warming up. cool mornings and warm afternoons. here is a live look outside in san francisco. seven day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen with a mostly clear start. and temperatures now at 48 degrees in napa. yeah, it's cool. 60 in oakland. 59 degrees in palo alto and san jose. look at the high temperatures
5:50 am
today. looking at mid-70s 81 degrees the high in concord. san francisco, expect a high of 69 degrees. it's going to be windy. it was windy yesterday afternoon. more with the winds rushing out of the north. 23 miles an hour in san francisco, if you have on a dress like this in san francisco, keep those arms down. as we go throughout the next couple days, the wind calms down. as you are getting dressed this morning, starting out looking at the closet, a good day for a jacket. it is chilly but you can wear those cute little heels. once again, if you are wearing a dress, arms down. if you are going out to school this morning, the look at the forecast, it starts with clouds in palo alto. temperatures, upper 50s and low 70s by the time you go to pick up the kids. keeping you up-to-date on what's happening with hurricane jose for our families on the east coast, expecting a lot of rain
5:51 am
arnds new england. this will remain as a hurricane weakening to a tropical storm and churning up a lot of waves there. we'll continue to monitor that. as we head over to mike, you are seeing a sign of the tuesday back up. >> yeah. anything other than green is what i was looking for. hayward off castro valley. a typical pattern. watching carefully, seeing the slowing at the dublin interchange. we are going to zoom over toward the south bay and we are seeing more activity for 85 in both directions. here, no major problems. pleasanton, we are tracking 580 and 680. it's cleared from the shoulder. no problems except the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering light is on. it's no problem. it's not a surprise. look at the waze system. showing travel times from the north bay, vallejo to san francisco, pick your route. it's relatively similar. the blue is the longest if you
5:52 am
travel over the bridge. over through the north bay, it's shaped like a maple leaf but not that bad. be a member of our team, nbc bay area wazers. check your profile and confirm you are a member of our team. we'll share information. back to you. >> thank you, mike. curriculum controversy. the classes parents won't be able to opt their children out of at one california school. preparing for more north korean missile tests. the country moves a mobile missile defense system to a northern island. they test fired a missile that landed in the pacific off the japanese east coast. a humanitarian issue getting attention in asia. the united nations says 421,000 people fled from myanmar to brang bangladesh amid a terrorism crackdown. happening today--
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
a catholic priest convicted of dodging taxes-- is expected to be sentenced. 5:55. happening today, a catholic priest accused of dodging taxes is expected to be sentenced. he used that position to embezzle money from the church between 2005 and 2011. the government is asking for a
5:56 am
63-month prison sentence and more than $2 million in restitution. he will be sentenced in a few hours, coming up at 9:00. 5:56 now. happening today, leaders in the south bay are coming together to reassure a community about their commitment to immigrants. santa clara county leaders are meeting at 11:00 at the medical center campus. they will talk about immigrants and making sure they have access to health care. it's part of the national welcoming week. democrats are pushing their immigration legislation after dozens of activists interrupted house minority leader nancy pelosi's news conference. this was in san francisco. this was the scene yesterday. demonstrators said they were not happy with the way she is negotiating with president trump about dreamers. just hours after the protest in san francisco, pelosi traveled to sacramento state and was greeted by a much different crowd.
5:57 am
the school is home to more than 1,000 dreamers. pelosi promised to fight for their future. >> they are keeping the american dream alive. make america dream again. our dreamers are doing that. >> during the event, pelosi mentioned a clean d.r.e.a.m. act, but said a deal with the president is a work in process. daca recipients are concerned if a deal is not reached, all the personal information they gave the government will be used against them. a charter school will not let them opt out of gender identity. they voted to cite down. a transgender child brought the book, "i am jazz" to class. it tells the story of a transgender child and read it to class. many parents arguing they should be able to opt out like they can
5:58 am
with sex ed. the school ruled gender identity is part of sexual education and thus, parents cannot opt out. >> it's like race or religion or ethnicity. it's a protected class, but it's not sex ed. parents don't have the opportunity to opt out and it would be illegal for the school to allow them to opt out. >> at least 14 families left that school because of the issue. fedex is raising shipping rates starting in january. whew, after christmas. delivery rates will go up by 5%. the one rate service, which offers flat fee for express shipping will go up by 3.5%. no word, yet, on whether u.p.s. and the u.s. postal services will match the increases. taking a live look at the center this morning. all calm but tonight it will be bustling with hockey fans.
5:59 am
thursday, the sharks take on the new las vegas golden knights. the sharks officially kick off the season when they take on the philadelphia flyers at the shark tank. it is 6:00 right now. we are following breaking news as hurricane maria restrengthens overnight. tracking the powerful hurricane as it batters the caribbean and takes aim at puerto rico. housing crisis. the step leaders in the south bay are taking to bring affordable housing to the region. >> president trump gets ready to deliver a message to the world after the united nations. what he's expected to say. "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks so much for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marcus washington on this tuesday morning.
6:00 am
definitely a day to get up and get out. up since 4:30. we are ready. >> we are going to help ease you into your day. kari? >> i have been hearing people say i like the cool morning and the warm afternoon. that is what we are going to have this today. it did get breezy at times yesterday, the winds picking up. look at the high temperatures for this afternoon. expecting highs in san jose up to 75 degrees. 81 in concord and napa, expect a high of 78 degrees. the next several days, cooler temperatures and a chance of showers. also tracking what's going on with hurricane maria, now a category 5 hurricane. wind speeds at 160 miles an hour over the next several days. that is expected to move very close and maybe be a direct hit to puerto rico. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. mike, you are tracking a motorcycle crash? >> i am. in san francisco, we are looking at


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