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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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saying she is not coming to cal. but what about steve bannon? former white house chief strategist has not confirmed nor denied his participation. nbc bay area jodi hernandez joins us live with the latest reaction from the free speech week organizers and the university this this just goes on and on jodi. >> reporter: it does. berkeley patriot members tell me they are finalizing the list of speakers. but they insist the event will take place and the university says they'll be ready. as cal students gear up for tomorrow's big football game against usc they are also bracing for what's expected to be an bigger event on campus. four days of controversial ultraconservative speakers, including milo yiannopoulos. >> we have a lot of outside organizations from our school coming in. and they're disrupting our
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education. >> today ann coulter told the associated press she won't be coming. but student organizers with the berkeley patriot tell nbc bay area while the list of speakers is in flux the event is still on. >> the only chance i consider that mill of not coming is if something is wrong with his guarantee. i can't guarantee the event is going on. >> if the speakerers comes we'll be ready. >> the university is in the dark about who is and isn't coming. but are determined to keep the campus safe. >> we are going to be staging the area for the secure environment. >> meebl counterdemonstrations are in the works including four days of speakers on the north side of campus. an event called our free speech united against hate. >> essentially to offset the free speech week froms berkeley patriots. >> student artists staged their own kickoff of what they expect to be a spectacle. >> going into the free speech
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week people aren't going into this alone. they have a team to back them up. that is the and i facist uc berkeley team. >> berkeley patriot members tell me they'll hold a press conference with milo yiannopoulos tomorrow afternoon to spell out plans before the even is expected to kick-off with a march here on sunday. of course there will be a countermarch as well. reporting live here at uc berkeley jodi hernandez. >> of course well cover the twists and turns of the free speech week on air and online. also you want updating the digital platforms. we have new information from mexico city. four days after the earthquake it's not just recovery it's rescue. in the rubble there are cries for help. there is also frustration, civilians are pointing the finger at the mexican government for its sluggish response. let's start with encouraging news here at the textile factory in mexico city. people are moving debris. you see it there by hand.
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the factory pan caked in monday's 7.1 quake. and it buried workers alive. today the encouraging news, two people rescued. however two hundred people still unaccounted for. >> we're getting firhand information from damien trujillo, very interesting what you've been reporting about the volunteers leading the charge instead of government officials. what's happening tonight? >> reporter: that's exactly what's happening out here, raj. right now the rescue is going on up here in the neighborhood of mexico city. let me take you over here as family members of the victims are holding sand ridgel, they are hoping that maybe the rescue -- rescuers out here will bring in good news later on tonight worried families can only sit and watch as the foreign rescue crews sift through the rubble of what was once a 7-story office building this is a google street view
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before the quake. >> talk about anguish. >> armed o's niece was on the fourth floor when the quake struck. he says his anguish at is at 10 0%. juan garcia says 60 coworkers were inside the building. only nine made it out. he too counts the hours and hopes of getting a little good news. >> pablo o is retired military and showed up to help in the rescue. now he says it's time to give way to the experts. the japanese and american teams specially trained in these types of operations. >> this is a civilian led rescue operation, volunteers not only digging but providing the gloves, hard hats and other tools that are needed for the search. >> everything that you see here has happened because of -- of mexicans not the government. >> the volunteers here have
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formed their own army vowing not to stop until everyone who is still alive is rescued. >> mexico doesn't quit. >> this woman says mexico do not sit as she witnesses strangers coming to aid in the most difficult time of her life. and the live picture of the neighborhood operations here in mexico city. yanl willie i can't believe what piem seeing if i wasn't here i wouldn't believe this is actually happening here. it's striking. a lot of people here. a lot of faith and hope. they think there are still survivors under the rubble and they plan to get to them. live in mexico city, dame yaen trujillo. >> heart breaking and inspirational. rescues in mexico and shaking in parts of northern cal today. a magnitude 5.7 quake off the coast of the hum bolt county. the largest after shack was a 3.9. the quakes were shallow no
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reports of damage. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with information on the ring of fire and the ring of fire very active right now, jeff. >> extremely active. it usually does see quite a few quakes but we have had four that have been moderate to large in size which is giving us a lot of pause to think about what's happening out here. we have new information to share about the ring of fire and the pacific plate. but first off let's look at the earthquakes that we've been focused on this week. the 7.1 in mexico, the 6.1 in new zealand pan 6.2 in japan and a 5.7 off shore of eureka. in terms of what's cause going it's linked to the ring of fire. what is the ring of fire? the large pacific plate out here in the pacific. it borders five other major plalts, the all-star aufrlt, philippine, cocoa aband those as shift we get large earthquakes. in fact 81% of the world's largest quakes happen here in
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the ring of fire. what's the new information we are learning about the ring of fire and the associated pacific plate? it seems to be cooling geologies have been learning over the past one to two years and possibly contracting. that could be leading to increased activity. we're not sure. but geologists are closely watching this. of course the sand andreas fault line linked to it and the hayward fault it's been over 100 years since it's released any major pressure. we'll have more coming up at 6:20. crop cover and hold, best advice. >> that's great advice and the other big advice is be prepared. that's the issue do you have an earthquake quit. we have post-ed video with a list of things to keep in the disaster emergency kit it's not if but when i. you need one of these. check it out on nbc bay >> we have new details in the death of a beloved grocery store owner in san francisco.
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gus was hit by a car as he was loading produce into his truck overnight. the driver of the car took off. nbc bay area kristi smith it in san francisco with us telling us how it's impacting the local community there. kristi. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. his name was gus vardicanas 37 and people have been coming by sharing stories about his generosity, great sense of humor. but make no mistake. they are grieving and they want answers. >> it just broke my heart. just broke my heart. i can't believe it. >> gwen kaplan stopped by gus's community market after she got word that the friendly face she called gus was killed in a hitten hundred. >> just pennsylvania wonderful loving family. >> he went by the name of gus and opened three stores in the city. >> we came to get flowers to set up there. i don't know it's a tragedy. it really is.
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>> reuben works at a company office. he stopped by and brought flowers to leave near the area where gus was killed. the driver was speeding. >> i don't see how anybody would be going that rate of speed in that area. you know, i mean it's trafficked mainly by produce buyers at that time of the morning. he is there apparently at 1:00 a.m. in the morning most days of the week. buying produce. >> at this time what we know is that the vehicle appears to be a silver sedan that has front end and windshield damage. >> minutes before there were reports of gunfire less than a mile away but police did not say whether it was connected. >> he was always very receptive and extremely kind. >> well-known and loved in the community. >> it's a real tragedy. i certainly hope that they find who ever did this. >> reporter: now a number of politicians have reached out and offered their doeldss, including
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san francisco mayor ed lee. while frist san francisco police asking for the public's help in locating the car. >> thank you kristi. a trip to the gas station may have put antioch drivers at risk for fraud. the six skimmers were found on pumps in san francisco. near highway 4. it's unclear how long the skimmers have been there. the police are urging drivers using that gas station to check bank accounts and then report any evidence of fraud. now our investigative unit looked into gas pump thieves and the single master key they used to gain access to credit card information. it's interesting. you can watch the report on the website. >> new at 6:00. guess who is back at work. the warriors, the hot topic at headquarters wasn't necessarily bub, the white house visit. will the nba champs follow tradition or skip the meet and
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greet with president trump. >> respect the opportunity that we have to represent not only ourselves our own believes but organization waus we are obviously in this position because we won a championship and we did something special together. and so for us to just really take the time to understand the magnitude of this decision and the right things to do and the right way to go about it. >> well so far steph curry says he would vote not to visit the would you say. the warriors have not yet been officially tveten invited. however the leaders say if the any decide to go the invitation would be extended. they will announce a decision next week. kevin durant and the twitter controversy had all the players buzzing. draymond greene's comingle response that in 40 minutes. >> our job is to join every other major country on earth. >> medicare for all.
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bernie sanders makes the push in the bay area as republicans it plan to overall health care. that plan suffering a big blow. and a cool 69 in san jose right now. but temperatures going to get hotter this weekend. we'll let you know when 90s return inland and 70s at the beaches. the forecast at 6:20 tonight.
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arizona senator john mccain says he )s against his party )s latet healthcare plan. well the marching is back at
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it. arizona senator john mccain says he is against his own parties' latest health care proposal. this will likely kill the graham cassidy bill. in a written statement he calls for a new bipartisan effort to fix obamacare. republicans are working to sway other senators? the desperate hope of saving this bill. then there is bernie sanders the outspoken and energetic vermont senator was in san francisco today drumming up support for the new single payer health care proposal. like usual, he fired up the crowd. nbc bay area sam brock saw the speech and sam it seems like we're on the campaign all over again. >> reporter: it does have that feel to it, raj. it's interesting on one hand you have senator mccain's announcement. you just mentioned that throws the entire obamacare repeal into flux. at the same moment that's going on. on the other end you have bernie sanders out here at the gardens talking about universal health
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care it played great to the crowds but faces challenges. >> what else are you feeling. >> i'm feeling that. >> you feeling that. >> a familiar feeling in indeed be, the burn, back in san francisco boosting a health care plan that he says will end the national crisis of uninsured on undersured people. >> today we stand together in saying that in this great country health care is a right not a privilege. >> california nurses collectively cheered for senator sanders bill delivering universal health care drawing upon experiences they've had with patients inside the hospital walls. >> they have insurance but because of the high deductionables and high premium they put off care. when they come to our hospital they are sicker. people are die sfwlg developments friday cast doubts on republican abilities to pull oh off obamacare repeal there is no reason to believe that single payer system will gain traction
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in washington either. >> what he didn't do he didn't say what it was costing or how it was paid for. >> sally pipe is ceo of the free market think tank pacific reern institute. she frets his plan will not only run a tab of tril yans through heavy taxation but might mirror problems through other single country. >> announcer: as with any single payer systems there would be long waitingis lists for consider and rationed care and no access to latest treatment and technology. >> as it stands now all sides grooe an extosh tant you sum of money goes to american health care. and health care by the way was not senator sanders only issue here today. after he made this speech he headed over to the city college of san francisco to applaud the tuition fee program there called it a model for other cities. he also dipped into the daca debate this afternoon. basically saying we're not taking away legal status to
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800,000 young americans. these were issues raj and jessica we saw define his presidential campaign. reporting live from san francisco some brock. >> and with which he continues to talk about. san francisco unveiled a special monument dedicated to comfort women. the term used for hundreds of thousands of women forced in sex slavery by the japanese women during world war ii. the bronze statue of four women was unveiled at st. mary as park in china town in front of hundreds of people. monument creator says it was heart wrenching to work on. >> we do monuments to solars and to first responders. but to take on a subject that is so emotional, just telling people what you're doing as they come into the studio, it just -- it's shocking. because just think what these girls suffered through. >> thousands of girls taken from homes forced to work in brothels. organizers say san francisco is now the first major city to have
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a memorial highlighting the global issue. a blow for san francisco based uber. london is out. london is pulling the plug on uber's operating license citing what it cause the failing business practices. uber will be allowed to continue to operate in london as it appeals. there is an estimated 40,000 uber drivers in londened. but again out, off the table. over there. >> all right here we are at the weekend. finally what are having in store. >> warmer temperatures but not too hot this we could. we'll save that for next week. i still think we have a nice saturday and sunday coming our way. as we look at the microclimate forecast we start off down in l.a. i want to give the giants fans a look at weather conditions. mostly clear as the giants and the dodgers will be going at it right there on nbc bay area on 7:00 p.m. current 666 degrees for the first pitch temperatures right around 66. nice night down there in l.a. at the ballpark for the game. and in terms of our weather the cool area low pressure that
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brought comfortable weather the past couple days unfortunately it's moving off to the ieft. so hotter high pressure starts to build in as we head in the weekend. it's kicking up the wind. that's helping to increase the fire danger. a closer look at wind showing more out of the north and the east. at least for the north bay east bay and also for the south bay. a northeast wind is drying. won't be gusty but 10 to 15-mile-per-hour will keep the fire danger on the increase. temperatures warming up in response to that dryer northeastly wind go to 85 in antioch, 84 in napa. san jose 8 and also 84 in morgan hill. what about what's down the pipeline here for us? you can see monday 89 degrees. and even toe we turned over to fall today it's summer all next week. low to mid-90s on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. eventually by friday we shall see a trend downward.
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but once again get ready for warmer weather. the coastline forecast on the extended and well let you know how warm the beaches get. >> see you then thank you. ready set sail a bay area man voyage that's unlike any other. "system-wide delays" caused by
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track equipment problems in san francisco. happening had now on wirt feed, barj delay on b.a.r.t. systemwide delays caused by equipment track problems in san francisco.
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also president trump in alabama at this hour rallying for luther strange. during his speech he blasted nfl players kneeling during the national and them. he says they should be fired. you can see the full speech at the first person to sail around
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the americas and antara okay this is a big deal. bay area man plans to become the first person to sail around the americas and antarctica within a year. >> bold adventures start with a boring to do list. >> it's been a part of my dream since i was young. >> the stuff dreams are made of is not exactly glamorous. >> canned meets, vegetables. >> but to randall reed the key to big adventure. >> soups of different varieties. >> is in the small details. >> about half of the food i'll eat over the next year is in cans. >> reed spentds his days on the
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docks of poit richmond loading and organizing the 42 foot boat. >> you got to know where the food is. >> because when he sails out next month there will be no land, no grocery stores, no shower for a carrier. >> i'm planning to be the first person to sail around the americas and antarctica solo in one year. >> here we go. >> nobody has done this before. nobody has even tried. >> reeves calls his journey the figure eight voyage for the shape of the path. >> 40,000 miles in one year. almost twice the circumference of the earth. to for me is the quiet. i'll see animals most have never seen before. there is a sense of flying out on the water. >> this long solo journey might sound the adventure of a single
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person backup reeves biggest support in the trek is his wife. >> i've been nicknamed by his community as the best wife in the world. which i'm happy to wear. >> but even the best wife in the world isn't interested in waking up every hour to check the course or going the whole year without bathing. >> the idea of not taking a shower for a year is horrific. >> and so reeves will make his trek alone. >> the tradeoff is you get to wake up every day in this amazingly rough and wild part of the world. >> if you know what it is you're supposed to do then go do it. because you don't want to have a regret at the end of the day. >> reeves' course will carry him beyond the sea of regrets into oceans of unscripted nate, the stuff of dreams, at least to him. nbc bay area news. >>s we wish him well. up next still searching through the rubble. we'll go back live to mexico
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city and check in on the friday night there as our own damien trujillo there on the ground for us. but tonight the people of mexi
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right now at 6:30, piles of rubble and debris as far as the eye can see scatter the streets. but tonight the people of mexico are banding together to pick up the pieces of their badly broken city. nbc bay area damien trujillo has been in the earthquake zone for us where people are searching for survivors.
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and really acting on their own. >> this is the fourth straight night they've been doing this. an estimated two hundred people missing. damien a lot of criticism for the mexican government what's the biggest complaint you hear there on the streets? >> reporter: well the biggest complaint that marines are here and the army is here but the government sen them here without any equipment, withoutle shovels or anything to help out in the search operations. that's why we are over in other neighborhoods watching the volunteers begging for gloves, helmets, neopads, elbow pads, the basics of a search operation they're asking for their citizenry to come up with material. that's a basic criticism of the government. i spoke to a family memoranda few minutes ago. she told me also they want to bring in the heavy machinery and pull out all the debris. she says that is not going to happen while she is still here waiting for her loved one to be rescued. just a lot of criticism, no trust of the mexican government.
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and it's just piling up right now here in this earthquake zone. >> damien, thank you. damien has been pushing out tweets like this one showing a frustrated volunteer in mexico city. you can follow him @news damien. atsz hour president trump is in alabama do you want to take the story. >> let you handle it. >> president trump is in alabama attend ago rally for senator luther strange. once again he criticized north korean leader kim jong un. mr. trump on states in huntsville, alabama he continued the verbal attack within the hour calling kim jong un little rocket man and promising the crowd the united states will take care of north korea. this comes after what happened this morning on twitter when the called the north korean leader a madman. we're learning that senior aides to the president repeatedly warmed him not to tlifr a personal attack on kim jong un saying it could have irreparable
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outcome. leaders in washington, d.c. worry they were right. >> it leaves us no exit strategy no off ramp from this tough talk. >> today china called on all sides to stop irritating each other. the tensions are also playing growing threat on the you winter olympic in south korea. the olympics in february. faens said this morning france will become the first country to keep athletes away from the zone if security cannot be guaranteed >> we are tracking hurricane maria as it continues to churn in the atlantic. there are new problems ton. thousands of people in puerto rico are still trying to pick up pieces. but now a dam on the island is failing. forcing new evacuations. most of the 3.5 million living in puerto rico are without power. this could go on for months. now they're dealing with flooding as well. more than a dozen people killed during maria. the hurricane battering turks and caicos. unlikely to hit the u.s.
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mainland. hate in politics an issue sparking national protest across the country. >> many politicians deannounce the hate groups as we found many politician are taking money from white nationalists and leaders of fringe group here is vicki wynn. >> the southern poverty law center is a non-profit base maryland alabama that keeps a list of organizations it calls hate groups. but as our investigation uncovered some politicians who deannounced discrimination took money from the leaders of these groups. >> wyatt people cannot say they're proud to be white or they're called racist. >> like most political activist william johnson wants to transform america. >> i personally would like to have a white ethnic state a place of our own country language heritage sfl the self-proclaimed white nationalist. >> we live in an era of anti-white indoctrination. >> and chair of the american friedman party believes whites
6:34 pm
and minister don't belong in the same country. that view earned his party a spot on the southern poverty law center hate map. >> there is racial strive in the united states. should we give up and separate everybody? >> the end result of any rational strive is the destruction ever founding stock. the complete ee radmann indication of the white race i'm opposed to that. >> i don't understand why it is that white americans and backlashing americans and age americans can't could exist in your view. >> they're not now. i don't think it's workable. but i don't want it to work. i want a country where i go to little schools and it's just a sea of toe-headed kids with blond hair blue eyed. >> the american friedman part hopes to gain enough support to win major politicsle office. but until then johnson spends thousands of dollars each year contributing to various cause and candidates including state treasurer john chunk. >> his values are not what i want for california.
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>> chung running for california governor says he had no idea johnson gave $250 to his campaign for treasurer until we told him. >> we returned his contribution from the previous election. and he did try to make an additional contribution. and we are not accepting it. >> the investigative unit compared campaign finance records with the splc map of hate groups based here in california. we found state and from a politicianed accepted more than $250,000 since 2002 from board members of these groups. they include governor brown who received $5,000 and senator harris who received $1,000 in 2011 from a board member at taps. californiasen force population stabilization. even president obama received $2300 for his 2008 campaign. splc added caps to it's hate map earlier. calling out the ties to neonazi i. wp white national i. dating
6:36 pm
back to '86. >> those groups are today seeking greater speculatable. >> this man tracks group on the fringe with the anti-defamation league. he believes they're giving politician donations to gain acceptance. >> that's an effort for them to tie themselves, the supremacists to a legitimate candidate or political party and further gain legitimacy for extremist views. >> we contacted all the groups we found whose board members made contributions. denied discriminating. they antibiotic accused the southern poverty law of using divisive and unfair tactics to raise money. caps denied it's anti-immigrant, calling the splc claims baseless. >> what do you make of the designation as of the american friedman party as a hate group. >> i'm in good company. every middle of the road group
6:37 pm
is a hate group. >> he won't lose slope he says over his returned donation and says he still supports john chung for governor. >> as a white nationalist wouldn't you prefer a white governor? >> you know you look for good qualities in all people. >> senator harris's office tell us she donated the $1,000 she received. governor brown did not respond to calls about the $5,000 he accepted. to see where the campaign cash went head to nbc bay we investigate. >> thank you if you have a tip for vicki or anyone else in the investigative unit give us a call 1-888-996-tips, or just send us email directly the you know at >> well this weekend our emmy award-winning documentary series bay area revelations looks back at how the bay area became one of the greatest war machines in history. the bay area had more than 400 military installations, big and small by the end of world war ii. now back then san francisco presid owe was the main hub for
6:38 pm
the u.s. military. >> what it provided was all of the support system that you needed in order to be able to deploy our forces, particularly to the pacific. during world war ii. >> bay area revelations, where, protest and prosperity is this sunday at 10:00 p.m. after the raiders game. >> up next here at 6:00 waiting for apple's newest gadget and the surprise some customers got at apple's palo alto store. people in san francisco-- forced
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from their homes in the early hours of the morning this after a fire broke out in a high-rise tm people in san francisco forced from homes in the early hours of the morning after a fire broke out at a high rise apartment building. this is near san francisco state. the san francisco fire department put the video out on twitter of thes flames which broke out at 5:30 in the morning. chopper video from later in the morning. we brought you live breaking news coverage on "today in the
6:41 pm
bay." one victim taken to the hospital in serious condition. most of the people have been allowed back into homes. at this point we don't know exactly what started that fire. a little explaining and a lot of cleanup today at the port of oakland. yesterday nearly a dozen empty shipping containers fell into the bay. you can see one fished out by divers and cranes. port officials still don't know how the containers fell into the water. well the iphone 8 hit store shelves today. that meant a star sight at let palo alto location. [ applause ] okay everyone fired up to go in and apple ceo tim koch watts there to greet a small crowd when the doors opened. this is the university avenue location which the latest steve jobs used to visit. he lived down the road. apple's latest phone has a new design and features including wireless charging, the iphone 8 starts at about $700.
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>> all right i'm sure jeff already has his order in. >> no. not yet. >> next week. >> next week. >> the new puppy we got eis taking up extra cash. >> the i dog. >> the we got the giants on nbc bay area in 20 minutes. >> nice kick-off or pitch down there in the 60s. a closer look in a few minutes mp a live look at mt. diablo. hotter 90s we'll talk about in a few minutes. you're team is putting money back in people's pockets and approaching yet another benchmark. i'm consumer investigator chris chumara. nbc bay area responds. mexico. these satellite images
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
reveal the destruction after monday )s powerful quake. we want to take you back to mexico and show you satellite images that that show the druks o destruction after monday's quake for me damien trujillo is in mexico stp process he tells us at least 50 builds are collapsed. >> we're in this neighborhood
6:45 pm
and the rescue operations under way. the building that collapsed look at the rescuers at this point. they have harnesses, hard hats and do what they can to bring relief to the families here. this is their ground zero. they are here waiting for some good word. family members are over here in tents. they're just waiting for any kind of sign that their loved ones are employing to be rescued alive. >> that is what everyone is hoping for. damien will continue to provide updates through the weekend. you can follow him on twitter. at @news dl damien. >> the nbc responds team helped save viewers more money this we can. this is the part of the week we are count up the pony. the total nearly $1.1 million through the project. >> investigator chris chumara is here with some of the cases we closed. >> a frustrated pittsburg women
6:46 pm
wrote our team about a $900 tussle with the baepg. that case is closed in the viewers favor. next we helped a san jose man end a dispute with an electronics company. the result was a full refund of more than $220 because he says the surveillance camera he expected to work around the clock would shut off from time to time. and we intervened with yet another gift card glitch. a santa clara woman gave a friend a $$75 gift card but when the friend tried to use it it was pennies. fraud is always a possibility. so i am going to say it again. probably for the millionth time. gift card fraud is rampant right now. please, please, please try to quickly use the give cards before hackers steal the money. that's parked on them. call us with consumer complaints. the number is 8 st 1-888-996-tips or online on
6:47 pm >> and the weekend is here. >> the weekend. >> finally. >> jeff ranieri is here we have a big night in the bay area and also at dodger stadium as we count down to the first pitch. >> hoping the game is as exciting as the 49er gram. >> jeff is the newest 49er fan. >> love that game last night. across the bay area some beautiful weather tonight. we're taking you down to the l.a. basin from the weather underground skiem kraemer rowe camera network we have a little bit of crowd cover as the sun sets. the game again right here at 7:00. first pitch 7:05. we'll have 66 degrees and relatively light wind. looks like a nice night. in terms of forecast we have a big change coming our way by the weekend. all of the cool and comfortable we've had the past couple days is moving off to the east. i hear a collective sigh on the tv. because so many like the cooler weather. but it's out of here. high pressure building back in.
6:48 pm
bringing 80s and 90s inland over the next seven days and even 70s at the coast. the thing immediately that it's doing for the weekend forecast as it disrupts the atmosphere and move in is pick up the winds throughout the bay area that increases the fire danger the most through morin napa sonoma. fire danger in hills above 1,000 feet. winds out of droirer direction and northeast 10 to 20 miles an hour. please be careful if you're doing anything outdoors like barbecuing. in terms of tomorrow. sunny skies comfortable temps. tri valley down to 49 and for the north bay starting at 48. san francisco a couple of clouds and 55 degrees. if you're getting up early tomorrow to get the day started the weather is cooperating. by the afternoon high pressure as we talked about builds in stronger and warms us up. no 90s in the south bay. but notice 84 in morgan hill and going up to 83 in downtown east san jose that is.
6:49 pm
22% humidity. the air will be dryer as well with this wind building into the bay area. not gusty more of the direction it's coming out of. for the east bay up to 84 in concord. 84 in livermore by the bay still a slight breeze give us 79 in hayward. through the peninsula. 80 in palo alto. up to san mateo mild 78. san francisco getting in on the sefrts with 74 in the mission up for the north bay once again highest fire danger here. humidity down to 22%. winds up to 12-mile-per-hour on average. and go with 84 expected in napa. on the extended forecast it gets warmer even at the coast and our beaches. 70s all the which through the next seven days. keep your eye out for next wednesday that's the good beach day. 83 in san francisco and 70s at the immediate coast. inland valleys no 100s on the forecast. but notice wednesday and thursday low to mid-90s. it looks like the trend slowly
6:50 pm
slides downward which next friday and also saturday. well keep an eye on it. i did not want to put 100 on there today thankfully i didn't have to. let's hope it stay there is. >> you've got the authority to put the 100 on. >> i do. >> take it off. >> yes. >> thanks, jeff. okay summer is over. and yes summer vacation is over for the warriors. they're back to work today with a lot to say. colin resch joins us next. the warriors tip off training
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
camp... we mentioned earlier -- the possible white house visit. jess/2shot a lot of story lines as the warriors tip off training camp we mentioned earlier in the newscasts the possible white house visit. here is colin resch out of oakland. i mean 80s great thing if there is media here it means we're doing something special. this is what the media event is it's part speckle part politics. when draymond green is involved it's entertainment. >> glad to be back at work. bars off season. >> we all know draymond has had off the court issues in reason years, partly why he relevant i should the opportunity to take jobs at kevin durant for his
6:54 pm
recent twitter snafu calling out the former team and coach in oklahoma city. >> i talked to text. i saw him in person later. laughed in his face. draymond laughs at everything. >> this is how far they have come when the off season topics are related to social media. >> i new it was going so virile. i forgot the internet existed now i know. >> if i could do it all over again i would be clay. i mean that. i want to be clay. he is -- he has it figured it out. >> the other issue. shoes t.d. and nike versus steph and underarmer >> maybe in practice we should play in our socks call it a day. . that way no drama when season starts. >>-free agent starts with a senz of human. >> who in your opinion is the best shooter.
6:55 pm
>> well, you know, probably to go with steve kerr. and then. >> as i said, the sarcasm thick today. you can be that which when our the champion. >> being fabulous they look like they've having a good time. >> top of the world the warriors are. >> no chance at the playoff but a chance to play spoiler. >> the giants hoping to prevent the dodge frers glifrming dlifrmging the division title tonight. you can see the game in a few minutes on nbc baifr. let's bring in john miller and mike from dodger stadium. >> now the giants again the final road trip of the year. right here at donneler stadium against the rivals. the dodgers and -- for the dodgers they're about to clinch the western dwiegs title the magic number is one. but i'm guessing the giants would just as soon not watch them celebrate. >> they could have something to say about it.
6:56 pm
if they within president series not only would they prevent the celebration out there. dodgers last month have not played well 6-20 in the last 26 games. however the magic number is one. either the to meaners win or if the diamond backs lose that wow allow the damagers to clinch. but still for the giants they don't want it to happen with a j doer win that's the motivation today. >> for the j dodgers let's go back to you. >> thank you. that means the champagne is on ice for dodgers. giants hoping no celebration down in dodger stadium. you can watch america's talent by the way. comcast channel 186 over the air at 11 dsh 2. date line follows the game back on nbc bay area. >> i'm hoping for the giants to win but the champagne on ice sounds good it is friday. >> it is we made it thanks for joining us here. enjoy the game next we'll send it down to john miller and mike.
6:57 pm
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east coast as new york maybe mos the historic move west, the giants and the dodgers make up one of baseball's most memorable rivalries. magical play has been the trademark of the age-old rivalry, but this year belongs to the dodgers with one of the best are records in all of baseball and one needed to clinch the west. the rivalry of the giants and the dodgers continues next. >> jon: it


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