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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 26, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the people in charge of the system agree and say it will only be fixed if congress reforms immigration laws and gives enough money to hire at least another 200 immigration court judges. i'm stephen stock. >> if you have a tip call 88 888-996-tips of stunning developments. new video showing the moments after a driver slammed a car into a home. we are live with the aftermath left behind. plus, an overnight wreck in the south bay leaves a police suv mangled. the moments that led up to the crash. a bizarre string of crimes. the reason sunnyvale police say they targeted women in the south bay. new, we find out how you can
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prevent being victimized. we begin right now. good tuesday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marcus washington. right now, we want to take a look at what's going on with the weather today. it starts out nice and cool, but going to warm up today. >> yep. it's a day where you want to wear a sweater, then take it off because you are burning hot. midday, by 11:00 a.m., you won't need sweaters. current temperatures are fairly nice. if you are getting the kids ready for school, here is a quick check of your school day forecast. we'll start off in the 50s, as z marcus mentioned, nice and cool. by 9:00 a.m., upper 60s. at the 11:00 a.m. mark, we start the heat. nice, clear skies coming up in a bit. mike? >> we are going to take you back to the bay bridge toll plaza. the activity was here, we have this blocked off by a tow truck, ambulance, chp, they have all cleared, including the braambule after a toll taker was hit in
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that parking lot. they have just cleared the ambulance. there are no more lanes or activity right here. there's no activity here. that person has been taken to the hospital. we are tracking that as far as it has news story goes. meanwhile, the back-up continues at the bay bridge toll plaza. the map shows the approach looking great in the upper east shore freeway. the problem we have having now is over here, south 880 and fremont jammed up out of hayward. two crashes at fremont. they tied up at least one lane. it is starting to move. they were waiting for a second tow truck. i think it may have arrived. i'll get the update from chp. back to you guys. >> thanks, mike. breaking news in southern california. as you can see, the flames continue to burn. this is in southern california. this is called the canyon fire burning between anaheim and corona. right now, we know 2,000 acres have burned so far. firefighters have 5% of this
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contained. one home, we know, has been damaged. they are telling us 300 of those homes have been evacuated. firefighters don't have anything more than 5% of that contained. there's no word when they will have more. this is in southern california between anaheim and corona. it is 6:03 right now. new this morning, what a rude awakening for a san francisco neighborhood. take a look at that. a driver slammed into a home late last night leaving that surrounding area without power and a family without a place to stay. "today in the bay" is live with a closer look at the mess the crash left behind. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. we are waiting to get answers on what led that driver to actually lose control of that car in this blen park area. we are standing here on bosworth. it's clear by the damage here to the garage, they lost control going downhill at bosworth.
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let's show you the video of that scene when it all took place. you can see the car in the garage portion of the home. judging by the video, the car may have been coming downhill here on bosworth. san francisco fire say this took place roughly arnds 12:30 a.m. in this area. now, the car did hit one of the main service lines, popping a circuit breaker in the process. that shut off power to a home. crews had to shut off power to the areas here. the power is back on. some residents complained of odor and smell. pg&e said there are no issues in that regard. no issues in the car. it appears the people affected were talking to the medic. it was a scary scene for residents. here is one describing what took place. >> i was going to bed and heard, sort of in my sleep, a loud pop. my wife came in and said wharks was that. starting looking around the house, saw smoke.
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it popped out. less popping noises. >> reporter: quite a wake-up call in the morning hours. back out here live, you can see the damage here. the wood in front of that garage following that accident. there's no word from authorities on exactly what led to the crash. looks like the car may have been coming downhill. we'll continue to monitor the story and provide updates on social media throughout the morning. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." new this morning, the south bay officer taken to the hospital after this crash. we just got video into our news room. this happened just before 3:00 near the intersection of camden avenue. the suv was rear ended at a red light. there was major damage to the back of the vehicle. the driver of the other vehicle was taken into custody. at 6:05, new this morning, a crime spree spanning the south bay and peninsula.
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police say three robbery suspects behind bars this morning targeting women working alone. >> kris sanchez is live with how you can protect yourself. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning, the department of safety says this trio targeted women working alone either retail or real estate to make off with personal belongings, cash and credit card. three women facing 20 charges, including burglary and identity theft. detectives say that tria would target realtors and women working alone in retail. the suspect created a diversion like a clogged toilet and while the victim was distracted, the trio took off with cash and a credit card to a safeway or cvs store to buy gift cards. detectives say the trio is connected to cases here in suny
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vail, cupertino, palo alto and santa clara. tips for women who have to work alone, you don't have a choice. i did it in college. keep little cash on the premises. avoid taking out the garbage and limit entry and exit doors. avoid holding open houses alone. keep a registry of guests. keep your keys on you. we often hear officers say when you are in a situation like this, trust your gut. if it doesn't feel right, call for help. i posted pictures of three women who are suspect in this case because they could be connected to cases all around the bay. sunnyvale police say if you were a victim of these three women, contact local police. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> good advice there. thank you so much. 6:07 right now. new this morning, the fbi is out with new numbers showing the rate of crime across the
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country. nationally, the rate of violence increased for the second straight year. property crime is down for the 14th straight year according to the report. overnight, we looked into the data specifically for california. in the bay area, the numbers vary city by city. nearly all have crime rate that is are down from historic highs in decades past. statewide, violence crimes went up 4% in 2016 thanks to an up tick in major cities. property crime in california is down 3%. dallas played arizona last night on monday night football. once again, all everyone is talking about is what happened before the game in the playing of the national anthem. >> that includes president trump. before we show you what happened last night. here is the president's tweet from an hour ago. he says, quote, the booing at the nfl football game when the entire dallas team dropped their knees is the loudest i have ever
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heard. hear is what he is referring to. the dallas team took a knee joined by the owner, jerry jones. they then rose before the anthem began, following the game, he talked about the team's decision. >> we planned and it was executed according to plan that we would go out and kneel and stand to make the statement regarding the need for unity and need for equality. >> prior to that, no cowboys player took part in the protest. by the way, dallas won the game, 28-17. happening today, a new round of protests planned at uc berkeley. they are planning to hold a march. the group organizing the event has been involved in other protests in the east bay and san francisco. believe it or not, we are trucking hurricane maria again.
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north carolina's outer banks are set to feel the impact of the storm, which devastated the caribbean. tropical storm warnings are in effect for portions of north carolina's coast. the u.s. territory of puerto rico is among the hardest hit by maria. leaders there are pleading for help. most of the island is still without power and now the country's medical system is straining to provide services to thousands of patients and emergency rooms. the hospital does now have electrical power and water. the governor is warning of a possible humanitarian crisis. hurricane maria posing a threat. let's get a quick update now. we are expecting those winds to maintain 70 miles per hour. it is forecasted to pass through that north carolina coast early tomorrow, about 150 miles east
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of the outer banks, which is great. it will keep the stronger gusts of 75 miles per hour offshore. that will bring the chance for seeing less damage in the area, but expecting the threat of power outages, storm surge and dangerous waves. we are keeping an eye on speed sensors as well. the bay bridge toll plaza, things are standard. getting to the san mateo bridge and the nimitz freeway, two crashes there. south 880 is past the off ramp. an issue, indeed, we don't have that. i thought the sensors were indicating the lanes were clear. they are not yet clear. a crash north of 87 causing early, dramatic slowing from capital expressway. back to you. >> thanks, mike. easing tensions, new this morning, how the white house is trying to de-escalate the war of words with north korea.
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plus, amazon's new headquarters, where the fight stands now.
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good morning. it is 6:14. kids can expect a very sunny recess time. the forecast starts off in the upper 50s, then quickly climb to the 70s by 10:00 a.m. expect to have a very warm afternoon when you go pick up the kids from
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school. mike? >> well, looking at westbound 92, the san mateo bridge picking up more traffic because of a crash on the nimitz here. developing now, the white house trying to de-escalate the latest war of words with north korea. james mattis addressed it on the trip to india. he spoke of appreciation of india keeping pressure on north korea. he went on to talk about the growing crisis and escalating crisis. >> that is our goal to solve this diplomatically. i believe that president trump has been very clear on this issue. >> a series of tweets from president trump over the weekend prompted north korea's foreign minister to call it a declaration of war. the white house dismissed that stateme statement as absurd. cities across the country
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are doing all they can to get amazon's second headquarters here in the bay area. the "today" show will delve into the amazon battle more. the winning bid means 50,000 new jobs with the average pay of more than 100,0$100,000 a year. they are trying to get creative. that includes open letter ads in the new york times. i don't know if that will get the full center there. we'll see. bob redell broke the story about how there is a multi-city bid. take a look at the five cities working in concert to try to lure amazon to the bay area. concord, fremont, richland, san francisco and oak larnd working to bring the jobs here. new this morning, tesla and space exfounder, elan musk has plans to the mission to mars. musk wants to develop a spacecraft to send people to the
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red clay. he talked of sending 100 people then make the return back to earth. plans to unveil it on a conference going on in australia. breaking news, just getting into the news room, getting word that equifax ceo suddenly retired following the epic breach. cnbc reports the retirement was effective yesterday. it sparked multiple investigations including the department of justice and the trade commission. more business and tech news. new features to lyft east app. >> landon dowdy is live with more. good morning. >> hi. wall street will look to rebound from yesterday's losses. futures are slightly higher. the dow fell for a third straight session on tensions between the u.s. and north
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korea. the nasdaq was dragged down by facebook with the worst day of the year. oil prices are holding near multimonth highs. new home sales and consumer confidence. fed chair janet yellin will be speaking this afternoon. up 53 points. the nasdaq down 56 to 6370. netflix will partner with airlines next year to provide with mobile streaming technology. get airlines to offer better inflight wi-fi service. the reasoning is simple, the better the wi-fi, the better passengers can use to stream netflix on planes instead of downloading them before they board. they partnered to offer free wi-fi before, including virgin america. an ad to help drivers, 24/7 live phone support and improved spanish language and online support. they will support existing
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features that let drivers set destinations up to six times and ride guides with trip data to offer guidance on where a driver is most likely to pick up the next fare. back to you. >> thanks. i want you to take a look at this. this is when baseball players and fans collide in the stands. funny things happen. this is the scene at last night's game in st. louis. chicago's addison russell chasing the foul ball into the stands and accidentally -- look, nachos out of that man's hands, unfortunately. he got cheese spilled all over him. hand delivered the nachos over to the fan. >> nacho's are expensive, too. >> then i'll have to get the selfie. >> that's true. >> that's nice. i don't know they seem barrelling toward you.
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>> look at the fan is like wait a minute, that's my nachos. >> that was nice. >> hey, my nachos. >> making catches, baby in one hand, ball in the other and this guy couldn't hold on to his nachos. come on, man. >> next game. >> good baseball weather, nice and sunny. you will need your baseball cap if you are going to be outside. the winds pick up in the east bay. look at this live shot. sunol 55 degrees. we are starting out with a mild start. hey, if you are getting up or probably already up, right. parents wake up nice and early. san francisco school day forecast by 8:00 a.m., 62 degree mark. don't let these slightly cooler temperatures fool you. it will warm up. even in san francisco, the hotter spots are the east bay, but san francisco, the 70s. san jose, we will see the 80s in the forecast by 12:00.
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around the time the kids go outside to play or have lunch, it will be warmer. today's forecast highs in san jose, expect a high of 89. walnut creek, 92. we keep the fire danger through thursday. the warning is set to expire for tomorrow night. san francisco will be climbing into the 80s from mission district and mill valley at 87 degrees. red flag warning, as i was mentioning, is expected to stay in place for the highlights areas for tomorrow night because of the dry, northeasterly winds. why is that? the ridge of high pressure and the winds stick around through tomorrow with the hottest day of the week expected, upper 80s. friday and saturday, we see the high pressure make the exit and bring us back to a normal 70s, in san francisco and inland spots in the 80s. mike? >> we are going to show you the bay bridge toll plaza where we continue to follow an issue.
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issues with injuries and a toll taker. this is uncertain because it came in on the chp report. all the activity isolated toward the parking lot of the bridge. we are following this as traffic, i'm sorry, the news story. that's the good news as far as the driver goes, tracking the condition of that. we look at the map. we have a smooth drive toward the bay bridge. more slowing for the san mateo bridge. the crash is blocking one lane at 880. that's why traffic is jammed up out of hayward. north 87 jammed up off 85 because of the crash there blocking one lane. waze shows you you are going to map to sunniville. highway 85 is the best route or 101. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. a lot of us like a good cup of coffee early in the morning. the reason your cup of joe could
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internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. an attorney for "the council for education and research on your morning cup of joe could soon carry a warning. >> the education and research on toxics is providing everything to a los angeles judge saying coffee distributers and retailers.
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they violated a state law warning them to warn customers about the roasting process that could cause cancer. it is present but is harmless levels and outweighed by the benefits of coffee. "this is us" returns for the second season. >> it is coming back with emmy awards. the season finale left you with a lot of questions. stars say some of them may be answered as soon as tonight's first episode. >> i don't know if you can believe what you read about what season two will be. i can tell you the first episode, the opening episode will hit you in the gut. >> oh, like so many episodes do. it's a great show. season premier of "this is us" airs at 9:00 p.m. after "the voice". the voice at 8:00, "this is us"
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at 109:00, then law and order at 10:00. >> cozy tv is going to air the first eight seasons of will and grace. if you want to bing, the entire series will run monday, october 2nd. coming up next on "today in the bay," slowing down your commute. the alarming report that shows ride sharing companies are responsible for a majority of traffic violations in san francisco. a number of bay area students at risk of being kicked out of the united states. the actions one peninsula school will be taking several hours from now.
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6:30 this tuesday morning, taking a live look outside at fremont. a beautiful picture as we start out this day. >> looks like a postcard, right? >> it does. great way to wake up. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the weather has been nice and warm as well. we want to check in with vianey arana in for kari hall this morning. >> we are in the upper 50s and 60s. we haven't seen a lot of fog the past couple days. a lot of clear skies. here is a quick check of the 24-hour temperature change. we are expecting to get warmer. the warmest day tomorrow. santa rosa, we are seven degrees warmer at this hour than
6:31 am
yesterday. san jose, three degrees warmer. today's microclimate forecast highs, 89 degrees expected in san jose. cupertino, we'll talk about the red flag warnings and changes for the middle of the workweek in a bit. mike? >> let's go to the roadways. a smooth flow of traffic. two key spots stick out because of all the red you see. north 87, a crash blocked waiting for a tow truck to clear this. we have no update on when that tow truck can get there. it has to get through the jam, making the other lanes slow heading up from highway 85. you are going to see more traffic on north of 85 and 17 as a result of trying to avoid the back up. the build is on for silicon valley. we should see some recovery, south 880 out of hayward. the crash did clear. all the activity is on the shoulder. a lot of activity on the shoulder. they are impatient and don't
6:32 am
want to wait to get to dumbarton. back to you. new this morning, video just out of the south bay showing a fire ripping through brush near a swim center in holmes. the fire crews were called overnight to the swim center. the fire ended up burning close to a house next door, but was contained to an area behind the swim center. it took 15 minutes or firefighter to knock it down. 6:32. breaking news coming into the news room. we are just getting word. several ncaa assistant basketball coaches are in custody, arrested in overnight raids. there are not a lot of details outd. nbc news confirmed it is a fraud corruption probe involving coaches from prominent schools. a news conference is set for 9:00 a.m. in new york city. we are monitoring the story in the news room.
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we'll bring more information as soon as we dwet get it. senate republicans are looking into young undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. >> this as they race the calendar to end the daca program. it limits concerns they may have about allowing hundreds of thousands of eligible undocumented immigrants to become citizen zs. back at home, stunlts on the peninsula are rallying around classmates at risk of being kicked out of the country. bob redell is live outside the high school where later today the students plan to march for classmates. good morning, bob. good morning. later today after class, students here along with teachers will march and rally in support of classmates who are daca rescipients. it allows undocumented children
6:34 am
stay here illegally in the u.s. after their parents brought them here illegally. president trump hinted he might end the daca program. those students, so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers are at risk of deportation. there are 2 million undocumented immigrants in california, it's possible your child attends school with a they will carry home a sign to rally after school and march at a nearby park to let friends know we support daca and support you. you are not alone. >> super scared. i feel like if they do open up, they are going to cry or something. but, they should know that that's okay. they have -- we are someone they can lean on and we are going to be there through it all with them. >> they need to know they have teachers and others who support them and who are behind them and don't want to see them go. we want to support all the hard work they have been doing over the years.
6:35 am
>> the policies that are coming up are unjust and unfair. we are not going to stand for it. >> reporter: the students and staff will march at 4:00 to nearby eagle park and mountain vooul. there will be a public rally that starts at 5:00. the latino student union, students for haiti solidarity and teachers in solidarity. this is not an official school event. bob redell, today in the bay. >> a lot of people in the bay area. thank you. councilmembers will vote on a proposal to better protect undocumented immigrants. it limits cooperation of police with federal immigration authorities. councilmembers will hold a news conference ahead of the vote. we are going to keep track of what is next for the daca program on air and online.
6:36 am
we have complete coverage on our website, 6:35. happening today, six construction companies plan to test prototypes for the proposed border wall in san diego. agencies say they don't have a start date and has been confirmed. border angels, a civil rights group aganls the wall will hold a mass there. they are preparing for dman strags. a live look at washington, d.c. this morning. the effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act. it's hitting a major roadblock. republican senator susan collins of maine says she will not support it. republicans have four days to bring it to a vote before a critical deadline on saturday. that's when the threat to repeal goes from 61-60 votes. senator collins is the third republican to say no to the reprasment for obamacare. collins explaining her reasoning. >> i have to do what i think is right for the people of maine
6:37 am
and the people of this country. >> the congressional budget office predicts millions would lose coverage if the bill passed. overnight, president trump tweeted video of senator john mccain promising to repeal obamacare and saying quote, my oh my has he changed. the san francisco police department says two-thirds of congestion related traffic violations come from uber and lyft drivers. a hearing called the number, basically unbelievable. the violations include driving in transit only lanes, abinstructing traffic and making illegal u-turns. other supervisors have heard concerns of reckless driving. lyft calls the sf examiner, the company is committed to working with city leaders to cut congestion. the legal fees are going up in the battle over who is involved in the sinking millennium tower. the construction of the nearby
6:38 am
transbay transit center is causing it to sink. the joint powers of authority approved another $1.5 million in legal fees. that brings the total legal costs to $3.5 million. authority board members say insurance or transbay tower contractors will likely cover those legal costs. nbc bay area's investigative unit led the way on this story since the tower's troubles began to emerge. go to to view all the stories we have on file. just search millennium tower. 6:38. continuing coverage now. authorities released surveillance video of suspects accused of robbing toll booths in vallejo. we covered this yesterday morning on "today in the bay." the driver pulled out a gun and demanded money. they struck twice. they robbed the toll takers at
6:39 am
the carquinez bridge and the bay bridge. they drove a mercedes with carmax dealer plates. we are following a crash. a toll taker may have been hit. it's supposed to be boring but not the last couple days. a slower drive on north 87, a crash blocks the slow lanes. more folks are traveling northbound 85. slowing coming up on highway 17 as well. i'll double check with chp. the slowing shows up on the sensors. recovery on south 880 toward fremont. the kracrash is cleared. that's the good news. coming through the tri-valley, slowing southbound 680 on the dublin interchange. keep that in mind. a big jam at the bottom number with the big red square. 51 minutes from the dumbarton bridge that cleared at union
6:40 am
city and fremont. recovery. >> okay. all right. keep in mind the weekend is around the corner. >> yeah. around the corner. hopefully the weather is going to be nice. >> bring the summer play list back. in california, you can play it all. saturday's forecast, we are going to see a bit of a cooldown, especially along the coast. it is going to be more noticeable along the coast. the possible return of the marine layer that means, yes, we are waking up to fog in san francisco, again. bay 74 degrees. inland, 81 degrees. as we head toward sunday's forecast, also expect to see decent temperatures. 73 degrees and the bay, 76 and inland, 85 degrees. if you are heading out of the bay area, oh, maybe not the bay area, wine tasting, here is a look at what to expect. 77 degrees. sunday, 75. if you want to go to more of a kirkwood feel, here is a look at
6:41 am
what to expect. cooler up there. 50 degrees saturday. friday, 53. sunday, a nice 52 degrees. we have a great weekend to look forward to. back to you. >> it's nice. thank you very much. 6:41 now. breaking right now, flames inching closer to home in southern california. the race to douse the fire before it's too late. a wild scene in san francisco. a driver smashes into a home. the mess left behind this morning. like we do every morning here on "today in the bay," we are watching your numbers on wall street. you can see the dow is up 53 points. this is something that a lot of people are excited about. you are watching "today in the bay." ♪
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good morning. it is 6:44. let's get you off on a good foot. san jose forecast is starting in the 60s. a look at this, by 12:00, 81 degrees. the kids are going to enjoy their lunch hour. >> you are not going to enjoy the commute for the east shore freeway. these blocking lights two lanes. this is west 80 approaching that berkeley curve. we'll track the commute there. >> 6:44. breaking news now. israel's president is calling an overnight shooting a terror attack. authorities say three israeli men are dead and a fourth is critically hurt. the shooter killed by security
6:45 am
forces was a palestinian man. the shooting happened at a check point west of jerusalem. it is one of the deadliest attacks there in two years. 6:45 now. take a look at this. this is breaking news from south california where firefighters are in a battle to save dozens of homes. it's destroyed at least one so far. this is the canyon fire near the river side freeway. these are live pictures. you can see the smoke billowing there. the fire started yesterday afternoon. at the last check, it had grown to 2,000 acres. evacuees grabbed whatever they could and ran from home. they have no idea if their houses are still there. >> hopeless. like, my house may go and this is basically whatever i have. >> about 300 homes are evacuated and right now, firefighters say the fire is out of control and there's no timetable on
6:46 am
containment. new this morning, police are trying to determine how the driver of a car ended up slamming into the garage of a home in san francisco. it happened just after midnight in the city's glen park neighborhood. it knocked out the power to two homes including the one next door. neighbors got a jolt. >> i was going to bed and heard a loud pop. my wife came in and said what was that. i got up and looked around the house and saw lots of smoke. i turned lights on and off. they popped out. popping noises. >> good news in all of this, no one was injured. police believe speed was likely a factor. >> police showing off the hall in a drug bust made on saturday. officers discovered close to 700 pounds of magic mushrooms in a home onning alcatraz avenue. a disturbance involving a boyfriend and girlfriend.
6:47 am
they discovered the mushrooms when they entered the home. they are now facing criminal charges. back to breaking news. overnight raids across the country with ncaa coaches across the country. nbc news is pouring through more than 120 pages of criminal complaints now. we are just finding out there was a california connection to the crime rate. nbc news learned this is a fraud corruption program involving coaches from prominent schools. we confirmed one of the coaches arrested is from usc. arrested by the fbi business associates and business sports apparel. we will hear more at 9:00. we have correspondents and producers on the story. we'll tweet more information as soon as we get it.
6:48 am
new this morning, san francisco leaders will introduce defensery rules ahead of the marijuana legalization next year. supervisors will unveil legislation showing how the city plans to regulate and tax the city's budding pot industry starting in january. the rules will be debated today and reviewed by the planning commissioner next month. the board may hold a vote by mid november. only on nbc bay area, a bay area football coach who became a viral sensation with his dance moves gives a surprise visit from the crew on ellen. the live camera crew went to san jose state university to pay a surprise visit to coach carter. you may remember the moves carter busted out to the song "can't touch this." they posted the video over the summer. he was a back-up dancer for mc hammer. he told ellen why he made the
6:49 am
move to college football. >> i wanted to change lives, go back to my committee and give back. >> very cool. coach carter is from oakland. you can see the segment later today. >> you don't have to wait that long to drive to work. over here, we have our -- no. [ laughter ] >> i was like what are you saying? >> i'm like, what? what? >> there are other surprises on the show. we won't tell you about those. >> i have been telling you it is going to warm up. that's what's already happening. we are already in the 60s in spots. sunny, warmer for the north bay. you can expect to see a lot of sunshine. that's the good that is going to come out of the high pressure system, keep us nice and clear, and of course warm. across the area, south bay, 60 degrees. tri-valley, 65 degrees. there is one thing in common in all these live pictures.
6:50 am
not a cloud in sight. we are seeing no sight of fog and we are not expecting that fog to make a return anytime soon. looking ahead toward friday and saturday, the return of the marine layer. for now, enjoy the clear skies. san jose, a high of 89 degree. concord rksz 94 and san francisco, yes, we'll have the chance to climb to 80 degrees. we'll keep that fire, weather watch in effect with the red flag warning through tonight and into tomorrow as well. this is the reason why. pairing the 80s and 90s with dry northeast wind. by 4:30, we'll start seeing the winds picking up for santa rosa at 17 miles an hour. the biggest impact is going to be felt in the north bay and parts of the east bay. if you notice by midnight, 22 miles per hour in santa rosa. that's the biggest threat for those fire warnings. let's talk about hurricane maria. i just want to give ewe quick update. hurricane maria is a category 1.
6:51 am
however, as it inches closer, the possible threat of hitting north carolina, but not directly, just offshore. it is forecast to make an impact tomorrow. 150 miles from the outer banks. that's going to bring concern for tropical storm-like conditions, which means power outages. a strong storm surge and squall and dangerous seas. thankfully, it looks like once it makes the path in north carolina, it is expected to weaken, making an exit and hopefully, we'll finally stop talking about hurricane maria even though it left behind a devastating impact. we can expect wednesday, 86 degrees. thursday, 79 degrees. so, we start seeing a nice cooldown in san francisco. inland, 93 degrees. by thursday, that's expected to be a hotter day. tomorrow is really expected to be. for now, according to models, the hottest day of the week. mike? >> looking over here, the good news in berkeley, the crash we
6:52 am
showed you is clearing. the bad news, all these lanes have cars in them back toward richmond because it's the freeway. we'll show the speed sensors reflected over here. the slower drive from hercules down to 35 minutes to get to the berkeley curve off highway 4. slowing out of the end of the maze, not a major surprise. the dublin interchange, there's been another crash reported there off to the shoulder from west 580 approaching 680, i don't see problems yet. slowing south through hayward. the earlier crash and a pleasant drive. hayward, south 880 did clear as well. this is the slow drive, south 880 toward the dumbarton bridge is the worst for the east bay. we'll show you waze in the south bay. northbound is a typical commute rout. 101 and 280 jammed. the purple line is better than
6:53 am
highway 85 out of the valley toward sunniville. map it out on waze yourgs. be a member of our team. back to you. >> thank you, mike. a look at nbc's megyn kelly focuses on woman who have overcome the racial divide. >> megyn kelly speaks with four african-american police chiefs from north carolina. they will speak about their journey to the top and america. >> my first evaluation, i remember it. out of his mouth, he said, gal, i'm going to tell you this, i don't think women should be police officers. get that right out there. >> megyn kelly today airs at 9:00 here on nbc bay area. coming up, a san jose police suv smashed.
6:54 am
the overnight crash that led to this mess. first, happening now, egyptian authorities arrested seven people they accuse of being gay and promoting homosexuality. they are accused of raising a rainbow flag at a concert. egypt regularly arrests gay men at parties. a revision to decommission the fukushima plant. it removes radioactive fuel rods. i'll have more in two minutes. in the bay
6:55 am
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6:57 am
6:257 right now. welcome back. before you head out the door, the top stories on "today in the bay." >> new this morning, an officer take ton the hospital after this crash. we just got this video. it happened before 3:00 at cam don avenue and union avenue. the officer was rear ended at a light. there was major damage. the driver of the other vehicle was taken into custody. a bizarre series of crimes involving three young women. the public safety department says the suspects worked together, specifically to rob other women. officials say the 18, 19 and
6:58 am
20-year-olds face charges. they target women working alone. one suspect would cause a distraction, the others would steal cash or credit cards. the alleged crime spree took place in south bay cities. a round of protests at uc berkeley. organizers plan to gather at 2:00 p.m. and planning to hold a march there. the group organizing the event has been involved in other protests in the east bay and san francisco. things are going to warm up. happening today, san francisco is opening up cooling centers ahead of the midweek heat wave. you may recall, three people died of illnesses over the labor day weekend. we put together a list of some of the cooling centers. the last look of what is going on with the weather today. it is going to be a warm one. >> it is. even with the peninsula, luckily we don't have ac but you can see the 80s.
6:59 am
mid-80s and we'll see the hotter day tomorrow. increase in possibly four, five, six degrees in some locations as we head into tomorrow. wednesday, a high of 86 expected in san francisco. as we head into thursday and friday, that system kind of goes east and we see the arrival of the marine layer kicking up winds and, yes, the return of fog and clouds into the weekend. >> this weekend temperatures look nice. >> yeah. >> 75 is just about perfect. all right. some recovery from earlier crashes. >> 65 is the limit. we are looking for that in the south bay because things are really fast. recovery from crashes on 87 north and recovery from the reroute. that's slow through that split there. 17, i showed you the slowness building from the summit to lark. there was an earlier crash. there may be activity on the shoulder. >> let's hope that clears up. we are back at 7:25 with a live
7:00 am
look and news update. >> zwroun us at 11:00 for the news. have a great tuesday. good morning. america's team. the dallas cowboys and owner jerry jones take the field and kneel before the national anthem and get this reaction. >> as they take a knee collectively, boos can be heard. >> then both teams stand and link arms in a dramatic display of unity. ♪ the bombs bursting in air this morning, the debate takes a new turn. the widow of former nfl star and army ranger pat tillman accusing the president of politicizing her husband's death. fanning the flames. north korea releases a propaganda video shos the shows


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