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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 27, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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removed the suspect's car from 80 near the bay bridge. sky ranger was overhead when the chase came to an end near the university exit in emeryville. officers immediate lly drew the guns. >> the suspect in the car got out. we froze the video because moments later he was shot and killed by the officers. we had several officers on the ground level capturing other angles. you can see officers firing several rounds from a distance. this all happened around 9:00 a.m. soon after the traffic nightmare ensues. interstate 80 shut down. thousands of people late to their destination or never making it at all. the same issue remains at this hour. >> we have a team of reporters covering the story for you. we begin with nbc bay area jodi hernandez. you were there and heard when the barrage of shots range out.
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>> reporter: it was very, very scary. as you mentioned, westbound traffic has reopened within the hour. you can see it finally moving after this highway was closed for more than eight hours. meanwhile an investigation is under way into that deadly police shooting that took place as commuters watched in disbelief. a volley of gunfire smack in the middle of interstate 80. our cameras were rolling from above add a stand off suspect got out of his car. we froze the video before he went down. police say officers fired after the man started shooting at them. >> shots had been fired at the officer so the officers fearing for their lives had to engage. >> reporter: commuters who watched it all go down say it was terrifying. >> i was just shocked. i thought definitely he was dead. it was about 20, 30 shots.
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>> reporter: police say it all started after 8 clon 30 this morning when fairfield detectives located a homicide suspect but he refused to stop and led police on a high speed chase where the chp set up a spike strip to slow him down. >> the vehicle collided with the concrete barrier. after collidie ining with the br it lost its front right wheel. officers tried to negotiate a surrender. >> they attempted a lengthy negotiation with the subject. he eventually exited the vehicle and started shooting at officers. while the departments say the suspect took aim at officers first, police are leading the investigation and say that's still unclear. >> we don't know who fired first. >> reporter: we're back here live where you can see traffic moving again. the officers involved in that shooting we're told are from the
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fairfield police department and the richmond police department. all the officers have been placed on administrative leave. they have been separated and they are being interviewed. no word on how long the investigation will take. reporting live from emeryville. i'm jodi hernandez. >> jodi was stuck in that traffic and heard the gunshots. she's been tweeting updates throughout the day. you can follow her. getting around the east bay was a mess today but all lanes are back open and things are starting to get back to normal albeit slowly. how does it look out there? >> it's looking much better than it had been since 9:00 in the morning when this traffic camera spotted the activity. as you see all lanes westbound have reopened. they did during the 5:00 newscast. we see that eastbound benefitted greatly because the distractions no longer there.
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folks are able to get away from the bay bridge just fine. we have all the back upcoming down out of richmond and downtown towards the bay bridge. that's the reason why traffic is still very slow and it's very slow on city streets. it's a big issue. a lot of traffic getting across the bay bridge jamming up the approach in san francisco. i'll be with you tomorrow morning the see how this shapes up. a lot of folks didn't make it into work today. got some time to make up. send it back to you. >> thank you for being here throughout the day giving us these updates. among the questions and concerns, what's the policy when it comes to chasing suspects. this was among the worst we have seen in years. liz wagner joins us with answers. >> we obtained the pursuit policy. the chp was involved in the chase. we found some of the guidelines direct officers to make judgment calls. for example, the policy says the pu pursuit should not be initiated if the dangers of continuing are
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too great. we know the driver was a homicide suspect who took off when police tried to pull him over. the decision came down to letting a dangerous man escape or chasing him through rush hour traffic. some guidelines are black and white. for instance, the policy says the driver fails to stop officers can use what's called legal intervention like a roadblock and in this case officers used a spike strip to stop the suv. at this point there's no indication that chp deviated from its own pursuit policy. witnesses are saying at least 20. we spoke with a former officer who is no a forensic criminologist and says officers are trained to continue firing as long as it takes to stop an imminent threat. we don't know how many officers opened fire but we know they were from richmond and fairfield police, not chp. >> thank you. our coverage on this developing story continues in our next half hour with all those people who were stuck in their cars with
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nowhere to go. that's coming up in about 20 minutes. following another breaking story out of yosemite. it's a rock slide. we've learned one person has died and another is hurt. this is what it looks like from the air. happened just before 2:00 p.m. which has you know is a popular climbing site. >> that's the rock slide. you can hear it come crashing down. we have a photograph posted on facebook. it shows the moment the rock slide started. there was helicopter and ground rescue crews on site. at this point we have not learned the identity of the person injured nor the person that has died. nbc bay area is on his way to yosemite. we'll have a live report. following developing news
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out of san mateo where police are investigating the attempted abduction of a teenager. it happened this morning. the student was walking to san mateo high. the 14-year-old claims man driving a white van got out of the van and grabbed her but she was able to fight him off. police are investigating similar incident that happened in the area last week. this is what we know about the suspect described as a middle eastern man in his 60s. they don't know what they will do yet but they will be you ni -- united. that's the word on the 49ers. the majority of the news conference was spent talking about president trump's critical remarks about the national football legal. we saw it a few days ago. teams kneeling or locking arms or staying in the locker room during the anthem. >> the anthem is sensitive. some people ask members in the military and they still feel that it disrespects them. i have family members that served in the armed forces.
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i'm not going to force anybody to do anything that they don't want to do but what we will do is be together as team. >> they want to bring attention to equal rights for all people. coming up in 45 minutes we have much more with eric reid included the national event that ignited his believe in the national movement. will it go from the football field to the ice? there aren't players but one does play for the san jose sharks. it might happen as early as tomorrow night. we spoke with joel ward today in his only tv interview about the protest. >> reporter: he says if he does decide to protest tomorrow night it has nothing to do with the anthem or the flag and everybody to do with bringing awareness to a very important social issue.
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one player is considering a first ever move on the ice. joel ward says he's contemplating kneeling during the national anthem. >> i've experienced racism in the past and other issues. i think it's to help support and to help out especially what's been going on as of late. >> reporter: if he kneels he'll follow in the footsteps of more than 200 nfl players who took a knee or remained seated during the national anthem sunday. joel says he wants to draw attention to the same issues former san francisco 49er colin kaepernick did last year when he kneeled during the national anthem to protest police brutality against african-americans. ward is one of the nhl's few black players. there are less than 30 in the entire league. he said he has experienced a lot of racism including receiving death threats after scoring a
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series clenching goal in 2012. >> somebody took initiative to put you down because of the color of your skin it's tough. >> reporter: he says he's been profiled by police and pulled over. joel proudly wears number 42 as a tribute to probaseball player jackie robinson. the sharks said the san jose sharks deeply respect each individual's constitutional right to freedom of speech and personal expression. another nhl player wayne simmons with the philadelphia flyers is considering kneeling when his team plays the sharks next wednesday in san jose. nbc bay area news. all right. let's talk about our weather. another hot day across the bay area. the temperatures reached 90. chief meteorologist jeff rani
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ranieri. >> concord at 94. san francisco at a very warm 87. all right we're starting to see temperatures beginning to drop with a cooler ocean breeze starting to develop. coming up at 6:20, we're tracking a change in the jet stream that will allow some cooler temperatures. we'll let you know how much colder again. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. another tense day. it's free speech versus hate speech. that debate continued on campus today. social activist groups have demonstrated for five consecutive days at odds over guest speakers on the cal campus. >> you can come on campus. you'll be protected and there won't be violence.
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other groups will start coming in here. as long as berkeley continues to respect the first amendment right, patriot prayer doesn't have to come down here. >> a bogus bomb scare disrupted some of the planned events. it was a bogus scare. a miracle on the sidewalk. how three people managed to escape injury as an out of control bus came straight at them. i'm scott budman. former high school grocery store watching mild become taken by a robot. is this a trend? we'll take a look, coming up.
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my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area.
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sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. sidewalk. a bus loses control and clup ncht did you hear about this? a wild scene on the streets of san francisco and then on the sidewalk. a bus loses control and clogs up the commute. sam brock has been on the scene throughout the day and joins us now with the very latest. sam. >> reporter: there were three people walking on the sidewalk when the bus jumped the curb. police out here today would not say the bus driver caused this crash but the passengers on the bus said she nearly passed out trying to get off the road. this was the day full of near misses. this crash scene this morning
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covered several city blocks of san francisco after an ac transit bus driver lost control and barrelled into several vehicles and nearly a building sfwlp the only reason we stopped is because we finally get something solid enough to stop the bus. >> reporter: that something was likely a combination of a curb and a light pole as dozens of passengers tried to escape. nearby workers jumped right in. >> the construction workers were terrific. they opened the windows, got everybody out. >> one of the guys on my crew all i know is he came over and let me know where he had been and assisting with this before anybody got here. >> reporter: it was every man for himself when the bus bored down on several people walking by the apartments. >> there was a gentleman said he was walking on the sidewalk, looked back and saw the bus approaching and jumped into planter and watched as the bus went over. >> reporter: crews worried about the structural integrity of nearbydismantling it
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piece by piece. >> our experience is these buses travel through the city safely. rare occurrence. >> reporter: what you're looking at right now is where the bus was this afternoon. it's gone now. they were able to move it about an hour ago. right now five people transported to the local hospitals here in the bay area. i'm told they are not suffering life threatening injuries but i have no other updates on their condition. that does include the bus driver. reporting live, i'm sam brock, back to you in the studio. >> a lot of lucky people. new details tonight in oakland's deadly warehouse fire. nearly four months after they were charged, pleaded not guilty. they now face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. one for each victim that died in last year's deadly fire. the district attorney says the
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man acted recklessly when they held a crowded dance party party in the building and failed to get permits. if convicted, they could face sentences of up to 39 years in prison. here is one way to rock the vote. just change the date. california wants bigger part of the presidential nomination process. governor brown signing legislation today to move the 2020 primary from june to march on tsuper tuesday. this will force candidates to compete early on in the nomin e nominating prosays. it could force them to focus on california based issues such as climate change and environmental protection. okay, it's a multi-billion dollar business here in the bay area. for all the growth we're see ng rob rowi rowi roboti robotics, are those bots taking our jobs? >> reporter: welcome to the modern era. these are no longer our parents robots. instead a robotic drone like
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this one will go to places too dangerous for humans to get the job done. robots are becoming so advanced they beg the question, are they also coming for our jobs? case this point, this robot stocking shelves. part of a multibillion dollar rise in robotics to find and deliver products faster. >> when we order online we like our products arrived the next day. >> reporter: bots like this one along with this hand are gradually getting more efficient than us. >> the hand is very similar to a human hand. >> i had a high school job at a grocery store doing work like this, is this gone now? >> i don't know about that. robots are making their way into the retail front as well. >> reporter: they're solving complex problems, helping us get around. >> users like me be in two places at once. >> reporter: maybe taking some
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jobs. >> robots have been very good at taking on some of the dull, dirty and dangerous type of tasks. >> reporter: but creating a lot more. >> i believe new jobs, better jobs that people really do intel jents stuff. >> reporter: it's going to take a lot of us human types to build these robots. study hard because let's be honest, they're coming fast. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> watch out. >> have no doubt they're coming after us too. >> none behind us right now. >> we're okay now. i was a bag boy when i was a kid. you also. >> yeah. worked eed at a grocery store. >> they'll never come after you jeff. who can give us all that charm and perfect forecast? the pressure is on. i like that. back to you guys too. we have some nice weather coming our way as we head throughout the next two days.
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cooler temperatures move sboing that microclimate forecast. official high coming in at 92 degrees. that's in downtown. currently dropping to 89. notice how numbers go down to 69 degrees by midnight. we're going to see that more substantial drop tonight all due to fog building at the immediate coastline. it's already starting to get ramped up here. that's already dropping temperatures down six degrees cooler in santa rosa. down five in napa and down two degrees cooler in san jose. the fog of the coastline will be part one of the cooling and we'll see some larger cooling i'll get to that thin that seve forecast. 92 in antioch. 86 in napa. we're down to 77 and san jose we're looking at 87 degrees as well. on that extended, you can see numbers drop down even more as we get cooler air moving in with the jet stream. it's that storm track.
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it's going to keep the cooler air over us as we head into next monday, tuesday and wednesday. now we had been talking about this possibility of rainfall next week. right now looks like most of that rainfall activity will stay off to the north. right now we're calling it dry for next tuesday. temperatures are down. we're going to keep an eye on next tuesday very closely. we see any changes, we'll be first to let you know. we'll have more details at 6:48 tonight on how the coast is going to be dealing with some of this cooler weather moving in and how much temperatures will be dropping. thank you. a bart delay like we have never seen before. the odd sight that made for a rough commute. we )ve posted pictures and vides
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on our twitter feed. and we )ll post more updates as they come in. we're still following that deadly rock slide in yosemite. one person has died. we're going to post more updates as they come into our news room. the a's are moving to team headquarters from the coliseum to jack london square. that move will take place in january. we're back in a moment with more. at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes
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to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. ==vo== the county department of agriculture is issuing a a possible fruit fly infestation. the department is issuing a
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kwa quarantine after four adult flies were found. it's been known to target and destroy more than 250 types of fruits and vegetables. that includes grapes. today's epic traffic meltdown in the east bay also included an unusual bart delay caused by a dog. baffled and frustrated passengers followed the drama on twitter. there's the dog. a pit bull got on the elevated tracks of coliseum. bart crews, police, animal control spent about 45 minutes trying to round up the dog. the aftermath of the rescue captured on southbound. oakland's animal shelter is asking for the owner to come forward. it's male dog with no collar, no tags nor a chip. they tweeted out a thank you to the sergeant who made the dog rescue. we continue to track our top story and it continues to develop at this hour. the day long shut down of interstate 80 in emeryville
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following the shoot out. we're live with the latest details. right now at 6:30:
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af how long you been in traffic for? >> three hours. >> three hours. >> three hour. right now at 6:30 traffic is flowing again but the damage is done. thousands of people late to work or never getting to work. the police shoot out forced one of the biggest shut downs we have seen on a local freeway. >> drivers trapped in cars for hours. finally the traffic started moving around 5:30 this evening.
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such frustration for so many people trapped in their car. >> that's right. take a look. you can see traffic is moving pretty well. nothing compared to what we saw earlier today. drivers stuck in gridlock for hours. >> how's your commute been so far? >> sucks. >> where you headed to? >> sacramento. >> was there no other way to go? >> 24 is closed too. >> how long you been in traffic for? >> three hours. >> three hours. >> reporter: for hours bay area traffic goers sat and waited. >> some people are have a medical emergency back there. it's a major inconvenience. it is what it is. >> reporter: those driving east had it good compared to westbound traffic. that side shut down for about eight hours following a police stand off that left one suspect dead. >> one girl had a job interview. that sucks. that is messing with her job opportunity. >> reporter: debbie is one of
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the first cars to be stopped and interviewed by chp has drivers approached the blockade. she said she feels sorry for the suspect who lost his life but adds being stuck on the freeway for hours ditds impact those trying to get to work. >> never been in one especially seeing 15 seconds away from work. now i'm two hours late. then there were those who had no idea what was happening. >> took me four hours to get from san jose to here. not too close. >> reporter: while some trapped in traffic because even their smart phones couldn't figure way out. >> was there any other way you could have gone? >> i try, man. won't give me an option on my maps app. >> reporter: earlier many of the side streets were congested as well. much of those roads are now open as well. >> you can follow him.
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the big reveal. president trump unveiling his much anticipated tax overhaul. he outlined his plan at the indiana state fairground assuring the crowd the focus is on the working class. he says people in his tax bracket will not benefit. >> the tax reform will protect low income and middle income households. not the wealthy and well connected. they can call me all they want. it's not going to help. i'm doing the right thing. it's not good for me, believe me. >> here's the flip side. the associated press fact check says the plan eliminates the estate tax paid by america's richest americans along with the inheritance tax. the plan preserves the capital gains tax favored by the rich because it's lower than the income tax. it also lowers the corporate tax rate from 35 to 20%. the number of tax brackets shrink from 7 to 3. we don't know where those rates
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will kick in. we have seen a lot of protests in the past several months. many time it's a group of people cover their faces. >> they are known as antifa. it's short for antifasicm. >> tonight we'll introduce you to some of the people who call themselves antifa. they tell us what they want and why they think they need violence to get it. >> immediately disperse. >> reporter: a growing political movement making its presence and tactics clear. >> we don't stand for white
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supremacy. >> reporter: antifa has become synonymous with attacks that include property destruction, we ri and countless street fights. a mass army roaring against hate speech and what they call a corrupted american dream. >> we realize it's against us and we need to do something about it. >> reporter: daniel who asked us not the use his last night is 19 years old. a sophomore in college majoring in political science. in his dorm room he reads history and writes political papers. he's convinced the american people have been duped by false promises. >> america's greatest country. we have to follow the american dream of working hard and things will be all right. the future never materialized. >> reporter: he agreed to reveal his face and speak openly about why he's active with antifa. >> what is it that they want to accomplish? >> the goal of building a better society where everyone has a future. >> reporter: if it takes
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violence to build that future, daniel says antifa is ready. >> you have no other choice but to use a show of force against them. >> reporter: fasicm is associated with adolph hitter and use force to put down opponents. it's unclear how many people are part of antifa. it's not organized with a leader or member. they use social media to mobilize. the mayor wouldn't agree to an interview. we caught up with him at city hall. do you have a couple of minutes for us? >> i don't. >> why do you think antifa should be considered a gang? >> are you backing off that
6:36 pm
statement now? >> that's unacceptable. >> today the scoholar teaches history. he believes both antifa is a fringe group with fewer than 10,000 followers. >> what is wrong with their protest against hate speech? >> i would love them to go out and protest against hate speech. it's bad thing. >> what else is antifa doing besides what we see during protests? >> daniel and his friend invited us to follow them early on a sunday morning as they bagged lunches for the homeless in oakland. >> usually focus on community service than i do actually being militant on the streets. >> reporter: the battle in the streets is still what most people see as antifa. she said she's been harassed for being transgender. she said she demonstrates to
6:37 pm
take a stand against hate speech now before it becomes accepted ideology later. >> you get a platform to fascism, they will kill you. >> who elected antifa, the decidesers of who is or not. they can't beat people up. it's also building communities. there's no need for anyone to hate you. >> reporter: daniel vows to keep fighting with his pen and his body if necessary. police are still watching social media as they continue to pop up. as long as people are out to spread hate speech, they'll with out to protest. >> if you have a tip give us call. 888-996-tips or send an e-mail
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directly to the unit. the largest local grews are devastated by hurricane maria in puerto rico. were at yosemite during that
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rockslide. one person dd want to update our breaking news now. we're hearing from people at yosemite during the rock slide. one person died and another was injured. this is the height of the climbing season. >> it sounds like really loud thunder. like loud explosions. it was a massive dust cloud and we knew it was probably near climbers. climbing the valley for about 30 years. i instantly knew what it was. >> so many people locally from california and around the world are at yosemite this time of year. one person was killed, another injured. this picture into the news room taking the injured person to one of the local hospitals there.
6:41 pm
the bay area is doing its part to help as well. fairfield to help today bringing relief. the base equipped in natural disasters all around the country. >> what you have at the that vis air force base even though we're on the west coast we can get anywhere in the world. then about 12 hours. >> largest aircraft at the base is the c-5 super galaxy which is headed to puerto rico. it's got a general ratser and power air traffic control system as well. that will help relief planes speed up delivery. the biggest issue they are having on the ground is they got the supplies landing there. they don't have enough truck drivers to move around the island and get to the people in need. >> the streets are flooded. jeff you have been following this closely now. major devastation now. we're talking months, years for
6:42 pm
this recovery to get all cleaned up and back to normal. it's going to be very slow. back here at home we did have the warm temperatures coastline. don't get too used to it. tomorrow and into the weekend at half-moon bay much cooler 60s. i'm tracking that cooling change in a few minutes. this is a big deal. the college basketball wrieb ri scandal take mace jor turn. the high profile head coach that's out of a job. and cancellations the same.
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consumer investigator chris chmura says: choose wisy all airlines cannot handle delays and cancellations the same. choose wisely if you're jetting across the atlantic. >> reporter: european airlines are held to far stricter standards than u.s. airlines. in the event of a delay or baggage mix up you can get reaccommodation or cash composition that u.s. airlines aren't pforced to provide.
6:45 pm
it's the dark side of college basketball. allegations for years of bribery, secret payments and fraud and now the fbi is on the case and one of the biggest names in the sports have been effectively fired. >> can you tell us anything about the meeting? >> hall of fame coach rick petina is the latest big name figure caught up in the fbi dragnet targeting corruption. >> coach has been paid on an unpaid administrative leave. >> reporter: not just patino but his boss. he's on paid leave as the university continues to assess this situation. >> it's not happy day for the university. >> reporter: he was already facing a five-game suspension by the ncaa and the university is serving a four year probation after a separate scandal involving escorts hired for parties to entice recruits.
6:46 pm
four associate soechs from other universities including usc have been arrested accused in two separate but related schemes targeting student athletes and their families. >> you need the detail allegations and complaints totaling over 100 pages. you will find yourselves in the dark underbelly of college basketball. >> reporter: six other suspects have been charged including the glow ball marketing director at adidas that pays patino two million bucks a year. >> so far no bay area basketball teams have been caught up. a student athlete at louisville is being pulled from all ncaa actives including practice and games as a result of this probe. oc.j. simpson could be a fre
6:47 pm
man as soon as monday. he spent almost nine years in a las vegas prison for armed robbery. the prison said it's finalizing the paper for his release. the process could be finished as soon as as monday. he'll be supervised by the nevada division of parole. can you give us goodching t weekend. >> a lot of folks didn't want this hot weather we had most recently and over the next two days. much more noticeable changes in the atmosphere. live look right now. we have been bringing you the breaking news coverage. that was shut down. check out how fast traffic is moving at the current moment. you get full coverage after that at the good news for drivers while they were stuck there for around eight hours is the high temperature was 83. that helps a bit. right now we're dropping to 79 in emeryville. you can see the ocean kicks at 60s as soon as 10:00 p.m.
6:48 pm
tonight. coming back to the immediate coastline. that's going to start to develop some fog. we think we might have patchy fog tomorrow morning at the immediate cost and for the peninsula. that will be the big change for the commute and 63 degrees. mostly clear for the tri-valley and 60. san francisco also a bit of fog right near the immediate coastline and down to a chilly 55 in the north bay. you might need that light jacket for tomorrow morning. in terms of changes, it all has to do with this area of high pressure that brought us the heat. it was sitting right on top of california. the big thing that's going to be happening as we head tomorrow is this moved off towards the east this weekend. that's important because as that weekend is going to allow the jet stream to move closer as we head into friday's forecast, that will be good enough for a 10 to 15 degrees drop in our temperatures. tomorrow goes down a bit cooler but friday will be much more marked cooling. down in the south bay we'll go
6:49 pm
down to 87 in san jose and still warm 91 in morgan hill. back to the bay down to 80 in oakland. beaches also starting to go back to near average. i know it's been really nice in the immediate coastline. we're looking at a cooler 71 at half-moon bay. over to san mateo, 82. for france osan francisco out os back down to 80. the ocean breeze will push us to 72 in the outer sunset. it's going to be one of those days where we get up to 72 degrees in the outer sunset. maybe for an hour or two and it's back down to cooler 60s. enjoy it for tomorrow. it's going to be really nice. in the north bay we have 86 in napa. 83 in mill valley. extended forecast has the larger cooling coming. once we hit friday down to 69 degrees. al some morning fog and patchy
6:50 pm
drizzle. then looking pretty steady as we head throughout the next seven days. for the inland valleys we're back down to 80 on friday. there's your marked cooling. low 80s through next monday and then next week have been talking about this. there's still a storm system that will get close by. at this point looks like rainfall will be staying to the north on next tuesday. a look at the temperatures down to 78 degrees. from those mid-90s today eventually down to 78. i think that was enough to make at least a few folks happy. >> we'll buy you ice cream. >> i like that. i'll take it. >> thanks. all this recent talk about kneeling and the fight for equal rights, we really haven't heard from colin kaepernick recently. his former 49eres teammate thinks that will soon change. spreading across the nfl and now
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othet sporst franchises is unprecedented it's a show of solidarity that's opinion spreading across the nfl and into other sports franchises as well. now that momentum continues to grow. >> eric reid was the first to join the protest followed by his
6:54 pm
friend colin kaepernick. >> i'm confused. i didn't really understand why he said what he said. obviously, frustrating. i think he provided us or give us an opportunity to make something positive come out of this. >> that's what e aric reid and colin were hoping for when they began kneeling 13 months ago for they movement to gain traction. reid was contemplating an end to his silent protest in early august and then came the riots in charlottesville. >> after that happened and to hear the president's comments about that, come on. what we did was peaceful. somebody died during charlottesville. they were beating people and hear them be called very nice people is just, i guess it lit the flame for me again. >> to the point where he decided to write about it all. an op-ed piece in tuesday's new
6:55 pm
york times. >> another quote is i love this country so much that i reserve the right to criticize her perpetually. every day i come in this building as a football player i love this game so much that i criticize myself unendingly so i can become a better football player. why can't we do the same for the country? >> reid is in a contract year. he knows that his stance and beliefs could cost him his job. he accepts that and the treatment that comes with it. >> the most hurtful thing is the sneering that's happened since colin and i. we have the best intentions. we want positivity to come out of this and people to call us what they call us and say things about us that they said. i say this, we knew it was going to happen when we started. you can't please everybody. even still, we did it. we believe it's for the greater good. >> reid has been in it with cap since the beginning.
6:56 pm
it begs the question, when will we hear from him again. >> i'm in the sure. he hasn't given me an answer. i'm hoping he does say something. >> nbc bay area. >> sure we'll be hearing from him shortly. we have seen him grow up right before our eyes. now it's official. giants pimper matt cane is retiring. he said saturday start at at&t park will be his last game. the day before he turns 33 years old. i think i've been covering him since he was 20. since he came out of high school in tennessee. that means i'm old. he played his entire career with the giants. he ends his career with three world series. we wish him the best. >> lovely wife and lovely children. >> sure does. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have great evening. >> bye bye.
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now on "extra." jane fonda's first words about her awkward tv moment with megyn kelly. >> you're not proud to admit you had work done, why not? >> we really want to talk about that? >> the new star of morning tv making heads lines as she goes from probing politicians to grilling celebrities. first kim, then kylie, now khloe expecting a baby. anthony weiner in fear for his life


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