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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 28, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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during the ceremony. over the weekend more than 200 players took to the knee and refused to some out of the locker room during the anthem. this after president trump called on nfl owners to fire players who do not stand for the anthem. right now it's 6:00, back in full swing, the morning commute getting under way for the first time since a deadly police standoff that shut down one of the bay area's busiest freeways. as investigators piece together what happened. a deadly rock slide in one of california's most popular hiking spots, what led to this terrifying incident at yosemite's el capitan. remembering an icon, the look back at the life of playboy founder hugh hefner. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you and thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marcus washington. as we start this morning a nice cool way to start the day, going to warm up but not as much as yesterday and definitely easing into a weekend.
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>> that's a good word to use, easing into it. we've been seeing 90s, we had the fire danger which did cause some wildfires in the area and of course some brush fires here locally. we are expecting, though, those 80s and 90s again but let's get the parents started off on a good start, your san jose school day forecast shows 70s by 11:00 a.m. topping out in those mid to upper 80s for the most part so it will still be hot to just keep that in mind. >> we are going to look over all the map, shows you mostly green sensors, an easy start, easing in toward the build for hayward and union city. we have a crash eastbound highway 24, sounded serious, but it is over to the shoulder and no major injuries. we have a build for the walnut creek interchange, as you're looking at the rest of the map, a smooth drive getting over toward the bay bridge. i do want to show you the live camera at the bay bridge itself. it's toward the toll plaza where there are reports of a crash
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past the metering lights. i don't see any lanes blocked, that's good news. the roadway is open and that's good news as well. talking more about that police activity that had things shut down all yesterday, that will be up after this breaking news, guys. back to you. breaking news, china is ordering all north korean firms and businesses to close in china. the move follows u.n. sanctions over north korea's missile tests. china is under intense pressure from the international community to have lower tensions in the region. china had ordered banks to stop working with north korean regime. >> 6:02. the morning commute is in full swing along 80 this morning, first time the commute has hit the road since both sides of the freeway were shut down during a police standoff that turned deadly yesterday. nbc bay area sky ranger was overhead yesterday morning as police surrounded a homicide suspect turning that freeway just into a parking lot. we brought youull breing news covage as i unfolded. >> "today inhe bay's" pete
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sewer rat toes is along i-80 with request he is that still remain as this questions gets under way. >> reporter: there are still plenty of questions remaining regarding that incident but authorities are saying that that now deceased suspect is connected to a whom if i had investigation they were conducting back in 2015. of they are identifying the victim but not the deceased suspect at this time. i want to show you the cellphone video that we have of the moment shots were fired on the -- >> reporter: there you guys hear those are the shots that were fired that was filmed by our own jodi hernandez. now, that backup happened right at the 80/580 split one of the busiest freeway interchanges in all of the bay area as folks either head to san francisco or continue on through the east way. that backup started roughly around 9:00 a.m. and lasted well the time of a whole workday past
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5:00 p.m. police standoff was the result of a pursuit of that suspect which began in fairfield and ended at the split after chp laid down a spike strip at university avenue leading the suspect to a crash near a police surrounded him and eventually shot and killed him claiming he was armed and fired a weapon in their direction. as for the homicide case that i mentioned, fairfield police say he was a suspect in connection to a homicide in december of 2015 of 68-year-old william freeman. now that police may have identified this man who gunned freeman down, neighbors in that fairfield neighborhood are feeling a sense of relief. >> he was a very quiet man, very neighborly, he liked his old cars, he loved his sister. >> reporter: now, that suspect's identity has not been release nor do i know which officers from which departments fired
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shots. so many departments were called in to help out with this incident, all is under investigation which authorities say may take months. >> we are live in emeryville, pete suratos for "today in the bay." we broke in our regularly scheduled programming and brought you live breaking news coverage of the standoff and freeway closure all as it helped yesterday morning. mike inouye tracked all the backups that morning and even into the evening yesterday showing how to get around those closures. you can always count on nbc bay area to fully investigate our full team coverage of this breaking news as it happens in the bay area. >> most definitely. 6:05 right now, many consider him a cultural icon who brought sexuality out into the open. celebrities across the spectrum this morning are reacting to the death of playboy founder hugh hefner. the man they called hef died at his playboy mansion last night from natural causes. the southern california mansion maybe the hub of hefner's
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empire, empire built in large part by the magazine he single handedly started in the 1950s. he will be remembered for far more than that, he also created an entire brand and business that extended into all corners. it's not that hard to find reaction this morning, reverend jessie i can't think son tweeting hugh hefner was a strong supporter of the civil rights movement, we shall never forget him. may he res in peace. kim kardashian says, rip to the legendary hugh hefner. i'm so honored to have been a part of the playboy team. you will be greatly missed. love you, hef. xoxo. here is a tweet from tv and radio icon larry king saying, hugh hefner was a giant in publishing, journalism, free speech and civil rights. he was a true original and he was my friend. rest well, hef. hugh hefner was 91 years old. 6:06. developing now we are waiting to find out if more people are injured after a deadly rock slide at yosemite's world famous
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el capitan. we know that one person is dead and another is hurt. crews stopped searching for other victims when the sun went down. this is the height of the climbing season so a lot of people were there. one person posted video of the rock slide on social media. we talked to others who shared their horrifying accounts. >> we just saw this massive dust cloud and we knew that it was probably near climbers. >> it sounded like really, really loud thunder or very loud explosion, like louder than thunder, like loud explosions. >> now, the slide came from an area called waterfall route, a popular trail near horse trail falls. we don't know yet the cause of this. we are going to stay on top of this story throughout the day, sergio quintana is at yosemite national park tracking all of the developments. you can follow us both on air and online, our twitter handle is @nbc bay area. i want to take you live to washington, d.c. this morning where republicans are promising a simpler cheaper way to pay
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your taxes but the rollout was short on details including how to pay for it. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live on capitol hill this morning to explain more to us. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning. now republicans have to fill in the blanks, house speaker paul ryan saying this morning he feels confident they can get it done. the president has called this the biggest tax cut in history but while individuals may keep more money in their pockets some lawmakers are already wondering without that money coming to washington how are they going to pay for things like the military and oeds and bridges and healthcare. >> taxes you can pay with a postcard, that's the promise from republicans. >> a middle class miracle. this is a revolutionary change and the bigge winners will be the every day american workers as jobs start pouring into our country. >> here is the plan, business taxes slashed to 20%, individual
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taxes narrowed to three brackets. >> the top rate on the wealthiest comes down and the bottom rate on working class families goes up. what kind of plan is this? >> there will be fewer deductions but the big ones, charitable donations and home mortgage interest stay. the child tax credit expanded, the standard deductions doubled, the death tax mostly benefiting the wealthy gone, but easing your tax burden is expected to cost trillions of dollars. >> they have to find a way to pay for it if they want to make it work. >> this is a now or never moment. >> democrats urging the majority don't do it alone. >> let's have hearings, let's have people. >> republicans insist their plan will create jobs and growth. they want to get it done by the end of this year. and that's possible they could certainly do it but the way the rules are written here if republicans want to do it
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without democratic support they will have to get the budget taken care of first. >> tracie potts, one we will certainly continue to follow. new details this morning on a major change at palo alto schools. we have confirmed reports that superintendent max mcgee has resigned. also this morning palo alto online reports the school board has agreed to give him six months severance pay and health benefits. mcgee has been at the center of multiple controversies including concerns over pay raises and the district's handling of sexual assault reports. >> good morning, it's 6:10 as you're getting ready before you head out on this thursday here is a look at what you can expect in terms of those temperatures. san jose will be climbing to 87 degrees, east san jose still hitting the 90 degree mark and for all of you who live in the east bay we are anticipating a cooling trend, for you it's going to come at a slower pace. today we will see a few degrees cooler than yesterday, danville 91, walnut creek 91, antioch 92, for those folks who live along
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the peninsula we will see more cloud cover, low lying clouds and temperatures much more normal for this time of year for san francisco and the peninsula. in the 70s i will talk about what you can expect heading into friday in just a bit. we do have a new crash in hayward. i will show you south 880 somewhere between a street and the 92 interchange reports of a crash involving a big rig. there are a total of big rigs. one may be a big rig blocking your fast lane. the big rig would be in the fast lane on your left. that's why folks are slow in the middle. we're tracking that as you're getting over there a smooth drive coming out of the tri-valley so far but we will look at the san mateo bridge and the crowd heading across the westbound 92 direction, our live camera shows you the slow drive on the right side. i saw some flashing lights heading toward the end of the flat section, i will let you know if they have to block any lanes or other issues as well. up next, preparing for flu
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season, the reason babies with siblings are more likely to get a severe case of the flu and what you can do to make sure your children stay healthy. 6:11 right now, you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning, it's 6:14. we are one day shy of friday. let's help apartments and kids get through these last two days of the school week. san francisco school week forecast we are seeing those foggy conditions clearing out
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from the coast by midafternoon, 65 degrees, then the temperatures will stay at a comfortable 70 degrees in san francisco. we are looking over here, the crash still blocking lanes, now i'm told it blocked all but one lane, only one lane open southbound 880 somewhere between 8 and 92. you will see how quickly that build comes out of san leandro. we will sort things out. back to you. hope this isn't a problem for families this year but the flu season is nearly upon us and you have to keep your family safe. we are expect to go hear more about the upcoming season today from federal officials. secretary of health and human services dr. tom price is holding a news conference later this morning that we will follow. price is also facing major backlash right now after reports he spent thousands of federal dallas on private jets for government business. president trump says he's not happy about it. speaking of flu, laura, the
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babies of toddlers with older siblings are at higher risk of catching at flu. a new study out of the university of london found babies with older siblings were twice as likely to be admitted to the hospital with the flu. parents can protect you children by making sure all family members over the age of six months are vaccinated. in tech news this morning the interim ceo of equifax is apologizing for the data breach that affected tens of millions of americans. >> for that and a the rest of our news before the bell we go to landon dowdy at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> hi. good morning to you both. wall street could take a breather after stocks posted modest gains yesterday. republicans and the white house unveiled their tax reform plan. the prospects of tax reform has been the main driver of the markets gains so far this year. the dow rising 56 points yesterday to 22,340, the nasdaq closing up 73 to of 453.
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the interim ceo of equifax is apologizing for the data breach and the company's response. he says there was inadequate support for consumers seeking information after the breach was announced. he says more call center representatives will be added and the company will strengthen its response website. equifax promises to launch a service by january 31st to allow consumers to lock and unlock their credit reports for free. and alexa is hitting the road. bmw will add the virtual assistant to all of its 2018 model cars. you will be able to ask alexa for the latest news, how or to turn your lights on the at your house as well as directions and in many cases responses will include visual displays on the car's cash board. marcus and laura, back over to you. >> thanks a lot, landon. houston texan rookie deshaun watson is donating his first nfl
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game check to three nrg stadium employees who were impacted by hurricane harvey. he surprised the three yesterday. the team shared the video of it all. one woman ba i'm to emotional she asked him for a hug. watson donated $27,000 to the women. >> that's very kind. >> very generous. >> his first paycheck. first nfl paycheck. that's really cool. >> very nice. good to see. we like good news around here. >> i bring good news. >> that's what we like. >> keep it going. >> temperatures already in the 50s and 60s and we are seeing some spots cooler, significantly cooler for the north bay, 5 or 6 and 7 degrees cooler than what we've been waking up to all week long, san jose enjoying beautiful clear skies, we're seeing san jose waking up and the rest of the bay area as well. if you're making breakfast let's talk about the current temperatures as you make your way either to work, school or whatever you've got to get through today. palo alto 63 degrees right now, san jose 62, livermore 56
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degrees and san francisco at a nice 59 degrees. we've got one more warm day left before we can officially call it a bit of a cooling trend around here. san jose 87 degrees, east san jose 90 degrees, milpitas 88 and the inland spots won't see so much of a difference, but it will still be a flight one. danville 91 degrees, ccord 92, lnut creek 89, oakland 80 degrees. oakland can expect to see the return of some clouds, as you head into the midportion of the day because of that coastal fog it will start creeping in by the middle of the afternoon making a return through tomorrow with the possibility of seeing some drizzle along the coastline, the peninsula and san francisco as well. now, the north bay, santa rosa, 85 degrees, novato 87, point reyes 68. in the next seven days i bring each more good news. we've already seen the return of the fog along the coast and as you head into friday we will see the return of that morning drizzle. there will be a marine layer and on-shore flow. that's going to push away that
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ridge leading into saturday and sunday, the clouds will linger around the start of next week. if you had nice plans to be outside, whether you are in san francisco or wine tasting in napa you will still be enjoying nice beautiful sunshine with a little more cloud cover. over here we're covering the roadways where we have a big jam. let's show you the overall view of the bay. we have that one spot in hayward that was a concern. we have only one lane southbound 880 out of the san leandro jams up through hayward through 92. somewhere between a street and 92, we have the crash involving a big rig and three or four other vehicles there and that's the reason for the big slow down. no sig alert has been issued, that means so far they think they can clear that relatively quickly or at least that's according to the specifications on what a sig alert would be and why they would call that. meanwhile the tri-valley moves well, 680 smoothly down towards
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pleasanton. waze will show you that, if you are going from, for example, castro valley or san leandro through the peninsula you can take hess pairian and twill save you a lot of time if you're taking the dumbarton bridge over to the peninsula. make sure you take us with you that would be by joining our team called nbc bay area wazers. back to you. it is 6:21 coming up next google expansion, the reason the tech joint could derail plans to create thousands of units of much needed housing on the peninsula. coming up at 9:00 this morning, good morning, everyone. >> who loves dogs? they are man's best friend and best crime fighters. we meet the dogs that can sniff out predators. see you later this morning. and online right now our coverage of hugh hefner's passing continues. follow us @nbcbayarea for a link to a photo gallery, looking back at the life and legacy of the playboy founder.
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welcome back, everyone. it is 6:24. in a matter of ways o.j. simpson could walk out of prison a free man. the former football star received parole a few months ago. he served nine years of a 33 year sentence for armed robbery and now the las vegas prison where he is being held is finalizing papers for his release.
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simpson was acquitted of killing his ex-wife nicole and ron goldman but later went to jail after a confrontation over sports memorabilia in a las vegas hotel room. the prison says simpson could walk free as soon as monday. when he does leave he will be supervised by the nevada division of parole and probation. google looking to expand its headquarters in mountain view but they are changing plans and that seems to be causing friction with city leaders. in june google and the city agreed to build office space and nearly 1,000 units of housing. this would be in the north bay shore area of mountain view. google says in order to build all those homes the company needs to build more office space. google claims new homes would require the company to tear down existing office space. city officials are concerned about that. the plan is up for a vote in november. "will & grace" returns to nbc.
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>> the new season starts tonight. the stars say feels like old times. >> the four of us had not been in the same room for ten years. >> you have to pinch yourself you just can't blaef that you're walking on the same stage with the same set and the same group of people. >> it was just funny to have these voices come out of us and realize how much it was second nature. >> it's been some years. if you need to catch up cozi tv is going to air the first eight seasons. a special weekend marathon starts saturday. if you really want to binge the entire series will run starting monday. 6:26. back tonight several comedies premiere starting at 8:00 will and grace comes on at 9:00, then great news are an appearance by tina fey, chicago fire starts at 10:00 and stay tuned for the news at 11:00. coming up next on "today in the bay," keeping students connected, the new initiative designed to make sure every child in the bay area has access to technology that could help them succeed in school and life.
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>> an attempted abduction of a high school student here on the peninsula. the actions she took to escape. oh, you brought butch. yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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right now it's:30 we are tracking aool morning and a pleasant day ahead as temperatures cool down across the bay area. taking a live look outside downtown san jose a nice start to our thursday morning.
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thanks for starting it with us as well. good morning to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marcus washington. >> right now we want to head over to mike inouye you are tracking a sig alert southbound 92 in hayward. >> exactly. that's the worst spot of the bay. the rest of the bay shows an easy drive, hayward that's very tough. a sig alert means a significant impact, the jam from san leandro down to 92 for more than a half an hour. you can of course take a street -- sorry, b street, highway 92, coming down out of san leandro take has pairian. the issue is a number of incidents that have to be cleared from the area, they are waiting for the right tow trucks and we have this big backup which complicates things. no inl maar injuries. that's the good news. as we move the map out we see that the approach may be ugly, you may want to head north over the bay bridge. an earlier crash did tie up
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things in the maze, but we do see that things are moving smoothly. the east shore freeway is open unlike much of yesterday. there's some fog over at the golden gate bridge as well. what do you have for us today? >> there is some fog over at the golden gate bridge and don't be surprised when it sticks around for the next couple of hours. now, if you're getting the kids ready for san francisco it is cooler and will stay cooler, also in oakland we will see a slight drop in those temperatures, the temperatures are expected to climb into the 70s. for inland spots we will see another mid 80s, low 90s for areas like concord and antioch. around the lunch hour itill be nice, 72 degrees, i think it wille a great day for a picnic, maybe after school grab the kids and take them to the park. i will have a break down of the weekend in four minutes. so important to watch your
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kids. >> happening now a warning to parents as they get ready to take their kids to school this morning. >> police in one peninsula city are asking people to be on the lookout after an attempted kidnapping reporting near twoe schools. "today in the bay" bob redell joins us live outside san mateo high school to explain what happened there and who police are looking for. >> reporter: good morning. this is involves a 14-year-old girl who is a student here at san mateo high school. fortunately she is physically safe, she was able to escape this abduction but she did have a fight. this happened yesterday morning as she was on the way here to class. you take a look at this map we put together for you on your tv jean, it happened about a mile -- about a half mile from our location. she was walking on peninsula avenue, police say as she passed the railroad tracks a man in a white utility van honked at her, the man she describes as middle eastern got out of his vehicle, grabbed her by the shoulder and started pulling her towards him,
6:33 am
she kicked, escaped, ran home and called police. officers searched the area but they were not able to foond him. a number people who live around here are rattled. >> i'm frightened right now. i never -- and sometimes i walk at night like here is the train. >> police are investigating a similar incident that happened in the area last week. now, officers are working with a girl to come up with a sketch of her attacker but they do have some tips for you parents at home to help your children be aware of stranger danger. tell them to look, listen, stay safe, be aware of their surroundings. don't have them looking at a book or iphone but keep their head on a swivel and eyes up. use the buddy system if possible. watch for cars that follow you. if somebody approaches you, somebody who is a stranger, yell and tell, say no, say, no, you are not my mother, no, you are not my father and if you can run
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away and of course the most important piece of advice from police trust your instinct. reports live outside san mateo high school, bob redell, "today in the bay." this morning people have around the world are remembering playboy founder hugh hefner. he died from natural causes at his home in los angeles yesterday. he was 91 years old. we have a look back at his pretty iconic life. good morning. >> good morning, marcus and laura. yes, hefner -- boundaries when it came to sex and --. we are outside the named playboy mansion. a couple of people have left a tribute already in place. as you know over the course of his career hefner had his share of supporters and critics. one thing most people can agree
6:35 am
on is that he was a brilliant businessman. he grew his business into an empire that brings in more than $1 billion annually. he is being remembered as an icon of american culture and long before any of us talked about having a brand and developing an image hefner this perfected it. the parties will forever be remembered. playboy enterprises issued a statement last night calling hugh hefner a icon and saying he died of natural causes here at his home, the playboy mansion and he was surrounded by loved ones. as you mentioned 91 years old. hefner is survived by his wife crystal and four adult children. at this point funeral services are pending. back to you in the studio. >> we apologize for that breaking up a little bit. live report from los angeles. happening today, lawyers for sierra lamar's killer will go back to court. they will argue for a retrial.
6:36 am
attorneys for antolin garcia-torres have moved to disqualify the judge in the case. they say the judge filed to disclose a potential conflict of interest. the attorneys say the judge once represented the lead investigator in the case in a prior civil lawsuit. investigator was accused of playing a role in the inmate's death. a south bay woman who received a $7 million settlement in the excessive force case against santa clara police plans to talk about the police this afternoon. >> you are not allowed to come in this house. get out. >> the city of santa clara yesterday agreed t settle in the bake of a controversial incident in april of last year, this was caught by police body camera. officials arrived at the home of danielle harmon to arrest her 15-year-old daughter who they say was an arson suspect, she refused to open the door because they had no warrant.
6:37 am
santa clara's police chief stands by his officers though not everyone agrees. >> i firmly believe the judge would say that the officers acted in good faith and they are not in violation of law and that is the reason why i completely support their actions. >> santa clara police department trampled all over this mother's constitutional right and then they trampled all over her body. there was no need for them to make this type of entry. >> the $6.7 million settlement covers excessive force and long-term disability. it does not admit to criminal guilt. it is 6:37. developing this morning president trump is waiving the jones act to help get supplies to puerto rico quicker. they are tracking what is left now of the remnants of hurricane maria which slammed the u.s. her tore. the jones act requires ships going from american coast to american coast be american built, owned and operated, but that means goods going to puerto rico have to be on u.s. ships
6:38 am
which is actually stalling some of that aid and getting help to the island. president trump waived the act for florida and texas hurricanes after those hurricanes harvey and irma, but refused to do it for puerto rico until now. a bipartisan group of senators urged the president to act and he did. new this morning, fremont unified school district may build a new school. the school board heard from people in the community last night. the district says the new junior high school will go up on the horse property behind the mcdonald's on fremont boulevard. several schools will convert to middle schools meaning sixth, seventh and eighth grade students will attend. the district also has a timeline to make those changes through the 2022/23 school year. the population is booming across silicon valley and its straining some school districts, but maybe not for long. we looked into the projections overnight and the report from may 2015 says the number of school aged kids will actually go down in the coming years. the total number of kids and you
6:39 am
age 10 will decline by 5 to 8%, silicon valley's k through 12 enrollment rates will decline by about 3% between 2015 and 2023. now, here is why, researchers say the number of women who are childbearing age has not grown and will not keep pace with other population growth around the country. marcus, with the school year in full swing now you may have noticed your kids have a lot more homework that requires internet access, yet there are many families who don't have access at home. to close the homework gap a major u.s. carrier is giving students access for free. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us from the east side union school district with how this partnership wil work. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. it might seem like your teens are alws using their phones or their gadgets to go to snapchat, instagram, facebook, but turns out 70% of their teachers are assigning projects or homework that require internet access to
6:40 am
a lot of them don't have that access at home. earlier in the start of the school year comcast the parent company of this station donated six months free internet access and laptops to some oakland students and at 11:00 this morning sprint is going to give 3,200 oakland high schoolers hot spots, tablets or smart phones that act at hot spots. wireless company sprint is making that donation as part of their one million project working with tech exchange. ex land students are not the only bay area students benefitting, either. in addition tots 3,200 oakland unified high schoolers, 600 students in west contra costa unified, 4 to to in the campbell district and 450 in san jose unified got device this is year. there is still time for your school district to get involved in this one million project.
6:41 am
sprint is taking applications for the second year of the project, which will begin next year. i have posted a link to that application process on my twitter feed and on my facebook page so that you can see if perhaps you can get something for free for your school district. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." vianey and i know about that comcast give away as well wonderful for families. we are showing a smooth drive expect for hayward, san leandro down through hayward a crash involving a big rig and a couple other vehicles. all but one lane, only one lane open right now traveling south through this area. considering that it's actually not bad for the traffic throw flew hayward. look at that bottom to number, southbound 880 from 238 down past that scene it's over an hour and we are showing up toward the bay bridge that's an alternate for folks through oakland, an easier drive for 880
6:42 am
to get over to the peninsula side, that's the better option. it's friday eve after all. >> as we head into the weekend, we are coastg to the weekend with cooler temperatures. >> this year we had a wkend where it was always raining, weekend where there was record breaking heat, this is the weekend of cozy weather. inland spots will still expect to climb into the 80s on saturday but tomorrow is going to be a nice drop in the temperatures, that's going to be a lot more noticeable each for the inland areas. if you are not heading out on friday or saturday but sunday if you know day is your day, an increase in in a marine layer, cloud cover expecting to wake up to early morning fog on the bay, 76 degrees, clear skies inland, 85 degrees, plenty of sunshine to go around all weekend long. back to you. 6:42 right now, coming up, parking problems, the steps one of the bay area's biggest cities is taking to help people find a
6:43 am
parking spot near their home. plus we are watching the stocks as you can look right now and you can see the dow is down 30 points. most of that contributing from boeing, most of that decline. it's thursday morning, you are watching --
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good morning, it's of 45. one last look at your san jose school day draft just as you get the last minute eparations. we are in the 60s right now, it's a little on t cooler end,
6:46 am
definitely pack a light sweater. as we head into the 10:00, 11:00 hour summer clothes can come into play. we climb into the 80s where it will get very hot. one last day of heat before we see a cool down, parents. giving a thumbs up as southbound 880 all lanes suddenly very clear as far as the crash goes but the backup continues from san leandro. we are live in emeryville where there's still many unanswered questions surrounding a deadly police shooting. a story we brought you as breaking news all day yesterday it all started in fairfield early yesterday morning. when a suspect took officers on a high speed chase which ended at the 85/80 split in emeryville that's when officers shot and killed the suspect saying that he was armed and fired at them. investigators saying he was wanted in connection with a 2015 homicide. a toddler is in critical condition this morning after a
6:47 am
hit and run crash in richmond. these are new pictures of the three-year-old just into our newsroom this morning. these are surveillance pictures of the suspect's car what appears to be a smart car. it happened on mcdonald avenue near nicole park around 11:30 yet morning. investigators say that child started into the street as the mom was trying to put him in his car street and was struck. now police are looking for the driver of that car. san francisco car owners may want to brace for tighter restrictions on parking permits. the examiner reports transportation leaders are considering an overhaul on city parking permit program, it would add new limits to the number of permits for a household. if mta agrees on a pilroject the new plan would likely roll out first in the dog pitch and bernal heights neighborhoods. southwest airlines is apologizing after a passenger was dragged off of an l.a. bound flight and the whole thing was caught on camera.
6:48 am
>> i will walk off. don't touch me. >> let's walk. let's walk. >> don't touch me. >> it happened tuesday night in baltimore. passenger claimed she had a deadly allergy to animals and asked that a service dog be removed from the flight. it turns out airline policy requires anyone with such a serious condition to fly with a medical certificate. the woman did not have one and refused to get off. that's what led to this situation where she was forcefully removed by officers and then arrested. you new fbi director officially takes rain today. former fbi directors james comey and robert mueller could be there, however, president trump is not scheduled to attend. trump did fire james comey from the top post earlier this year and special counsel robert mueller is looking into whether the campaign excluded with russia. guy rights are speaking out about some of the textbooks they believe should not be part of california's new history and
6:49 am
social sciences curriculum. the department of education is currently formulating updated textbook recommendations for kindergarten through eighth grade. new requirements call for lgbt issues to be covered. gay rights supporters yesterday addressed the state commission saying some of the books under consideration are not significant and should be rejected. state's recommendation will be ratified in november 6:49. we shifted through test scores and reports to see how fornia students are performing. according to the state's department of education this year 49% of students are proficient in english and just 37% are proficient in math. the numbers are similar to last year. these are results from the california assessment of student performance and progress testing. 6:49. happening today a south bay nonprofit known for renovating and improving homes gets back to work. >> today rebuilding together silicon valley will help the ed 95-year-old navy veteran. the group will renovate his home. later this month crews will do
6:50 am
work on about 90 homes in a san jose mobile home park. those homes were badly damaged during the katie creek flooding. the nonprofit has been around for more than 25 years. a great program to go along with a great forecast. >> hopefully the kids can do homework outside, parents, if you have homework, too, anybody can do anything outside. sunny, the temperatures will be warmer in inland spots, so try to avoid the peak heat hours of the day typically through 12:00 and 3:00 and keep that in mind for your pets as well. wait until the sun goes down just a bit. or early right now, temperatures are the in 60s along the peninsula, it is foggy this morning. this isn't a sight we have seen all week long but, yes, that ridge of high pressure is falling apart, moving east and now we have the return of an on-shore flow. that's what's going to drop us down in those temperatures, san francisco looking absolutely beautiful right now. 61 degrees. north bay 49, east bay 59
6:51 am
degrees. it's a nice between can cool and mild and the fog is expected to linger through the coastal area at least through the afternoon, by mid lunch hour it will start burning off and we will see it make its return again overnight into saturday morning before we start to see the cooling trend on the way. what exactly is bringing that cooling trend? that hot high pressure that's been sitting over the bay area i've been showing it to you for the past couple days is finally going to start moving east. with that moving east right behind that we get that nice on-shore flow, a nice cooling jet stream and that's what's going to bring some of that cozier weather for the coastline. i know if you live in san francisco you probably love that cozy weather but you probably also enjoyed all that sunshine. today another round of warmer temperatures for the south bay. milpitas 88, morgan hill in the 90s. for the east bay we are still talking about 92 degrees in concord but at least oakland will be climbing into only the 80 degrees mark, it has been in
6:52 am
those mid to upper 80s all week long. peninsula returning to a normal temperature trend in the 70s, san francisco, not expect to go hit 80 today, it will stay in the upper 70s, the 70s and 80s across the board for the north bay. now your overall forecast is expected to cool down towards the weekend but the next seven days that's when we will see the biggest drop in those temperatures. talking about possibly 10 to 15 and i welcome that drop in temperatures. >> so do i. we have a drop in speeds as well but that's because of the volume of traffic out here. the south bay does show that slowing. i do want to follow up in case you just missed the update, with he did have all lanes cleared quickly, but much more quickly than we thought south 880 around winton avenue. recovery, though, from san leandro towards the san mateo bridge likely going to see a lot of traffic. a street and b street also a lot
6:53 am
more traffic heading toward that san mateo bridge as well. there is a crash on 580 approaching that maze that may be an issue over on the shoulder. we will look at the san mateo bridge we did see a burst of traffic sorting itself out now. quick look at the south bay on the waze system, the traffic shows slowing 101,el 7, 85 that is the issue there. as far as the times go coming down from the split 101 at 85 up in towards santa clara you can use 101 or 87, just about 40 minutes, waze will help you map that out. if you get on to your phone make sure you will know that our team called nbc bay area wazers right at the bottom of your screen. coming up we will take a click look at the top stories on "today in the bay" including clarifying moments at the yosemite national park. happening now two malaysian teenagers are being charged with murder after allegedly setting a fire at an islamic boarding
6:54 am
school. 23 people were killed mostly students. in a few hours leaders from twitter will appear before senate and house intelligence committee members. lawmakers are looking into how russia may have used social media to influence our presidential election. last week facebook turned over thousands of documents to investigators.
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it's 6:56.
6:57 am
before you head out the door here are the top stories in "today in the bay." we're waiting to find out if more people are injured after a deadly rock slide at yosemite's el capitan. one person is dead, another hurt. crews stopped searching for the other victims when the sun went down, this is the height of the climbing season so a lot of people were there. the slide came from an area called the waterfall route, it's a popular trail near horse tail falls. we don't know what caused it yet. our own sergio quintana is at yosemite national park this morning waiting to get an update at some point in morning, but you can get updates at any time on our website airports in switzerland are getting back to normal after a computer outage last night. airport officials say computer systems went down in several airports. the system was down for 15 minutes, it happened seven hours ago and no word on what caused the outage. you may want to check your flight status. live in san mateo where
6:58 am
police are searching for a man who a 14-year-old girl tried to abduct her. it happened yesterday morning about 10:30 not far from san mateo high school. the teenager says she was crossing railroad tracks on peninsula avenue when a man got out of his tracie potts and started grabbing her. police say she was able to break free, escape and call for help. the suspect is described as a middle eastern man in his late 50s driving a white utility truck. today thousands of bay area students will get access to internet for free. this is a live look at east side ion school, high school, in san jose. 70% of their teachers now assign homework that requires internet access. sprint is donating technology to students who may not have access at home. today some students in oakland get device, kids in san jose, contra costa are also part of this. school districts can still apply for this program for next year. coming up next on the "today" show continuing coverage of the death of playboy founder
6:59 am
hugh hefner. a look back at the poll rising life of the american icon. a quick look at what we have to expect for the weather today. >> i've been saying it all morning, it's been a little bit cooler, i don't want to say a lot because a lot comes into play tomorrow. a slight cool down, more y noticeable along the coast. as we head into the weekend it will be in the 60s in san francisco. antioch will start seeing relief from that as early as friday into saturday. >> finally feeling like fall maybe a little bit. traffic finally -- >> it's smoothing out. >> not going to be slowing down. >> it is continuing to slow down. we have hayward, a look at the south bay, no major problems there. hayward the crash cleared, unpleasantly slow coming off the castro valley y. a rumor of a new crash but at
7:00 am
least the east shore freeway is open this morning. >> that's what's happening today, back at 7:25 with a live local news update. join us at 11:00 for nbc bay area news on this friday eve. good morning. the ultimate playboy, hugh hefner, the iconic publisher who revolutionized an entire industry and forever changed pop culture has died. this morning, a look back at his unique, colorful and controversial life. the big reveal. >> it's called a middle class miracle. >> president trump unveiled his long-awaited tax overhaul plan, hailing it as revolutionary. how would it impact you, and how will he pay for it? tragedy at yosemite. a massive rock the size of an apartment building tears off the face of the famed el capitan. dozens of climbers on the wall


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