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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 29, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> i just think about it and i feel the hairs sticking up on arm. >> a climb we are decades of experience had just climbed the section that collapsed and filmed the video shows the massive dust cloud. he says he is incredibly lucky and in you a of the nate's pour. >> mounenners like to make the first accident of a mountain. the waterfall route doesn't exist anymore. >> the smaller slide in the same area killed a british man and injured his which have. today we found out she is in fair condition at a hospital. according to british media they were in yosemite celebrating the first year anniversary for them. laura doudy an avoid climb frere san jose says this is a reminder the sport is dangerous. >> we try to keep ourselves as safe as we can sometimes there are things out of our control. so it reallykind of is low back somebody reportering and reminding you these things
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happen. >> she says the recently rock faums have have made her emphasize safety more opinion and it starts with personal safety. geologiesists say the yack crack was caused by the expansion and contribution as the temperatures change. >> now we can tell you a lot of numbers but to see it is a different story. here is now big the rock slides el capitan from the base to top is 3,000 feet. that's a couple hundred feet taller than the world's largest building. the piece that is fell on wednesday you can see it highlighted here in yellow that's where it is there on it it looks small on the grand scale but it's actually the height of a 13-story apartment building. the slide yesterday was ten times big are than wednesday's. here is side by side comparison. here is the first one and then the second. one person died in all this. it could have been worse. our viewers sent us a lot of pictures and videos from
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yosemite. we posted all of them on our website. that's >> a man is dead ever being tazed by oakland police. tonight the department is trying to figure out what happened. it started yesterday afternoon near fremont high school. witnesses tell us the man crashed his car attempted to board an bus and run as police ordered him to stop. that's when officers tazed him. the alameda county coroner is trying to determine the compact aus of death. the coroner says even though the man died after being tazed it does not mean that is what killed him. we looked into which police departments are using tazers here in the bay area. officers in san jose and oakland have them. the santa clara county shfrds is working on a pilot program right now but doesn't have them yet. san francisco police department also isn't using tazer they're one of only two police department across the country with a population over 500,000 that does not use tazers. our coverage on the tazer death
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continues tonight at 6:00. witnesses describe what they saw right before officers used the tazers. but the investigative looks into how many people have died after being tazed. tonight at 6:00. a violent crime escalated into something beggar. what started as a possible home invasion in san jose developed into a murder case and then organized crime. as we first reported last night police swarmed an apartment complex in san jose after receiving a report that one was shot. the victim, a man, later died at the hospital. no other details were released. tonight we have exclusive information. the victim was shot execution style. and is linked to possibly to prostitution ring. nbc bay area robert handa broke the story on twitter and will join us for pennsylvania live report on the 6:00 newscasts. this made national news earlier this month an nfl star handcuffed and held at gunpoint by the las vegas police
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department. we're getting new video ulg fueling debate over what happened that night. . >> get up. get up. >>. las vegas police officers releasing more body cam footage today. shows seattle sea hawks star michael bennett in the minutes before and after he was handcuffed at gunpoint. bennett hired a high approval bay area attorney and claims he was detained because of the color of his skin. police say this video refutes the claim. nbc bay area jodi hernandez spoke with the attorney today and joins us this evening in oakland. jodi. >> reporter: raj michael bennett's attorney says they have been asking for in video for quite some time. las vegas investigators say the new video exonerates their officers. but attorney john burris here says not the case. you're looking at police body cam video that las vegas investigators say proved police
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did what they were trained to do when they detained the seattle seahawks player michael bennett oud a casino last month. >> i'd like to start by saying that while i'm responding because of the allegations of mr. bennett i'm not here tos disparage him. as often in the case there are two sides to the story. >> the video shows the crowd at a hotel casino night ground hit the ground at the sound of what they thought were gunshots. taking off running bennett included. but the sheriff says the actions standard out from the rest as aer ran through a row of slot machines then jumped a metal rail outside. the sheriff says he was running with purpose. >> they were all running with purpose. the fact is everybody was afraid. when you are running and you are afraid you are clearly running with a purpose. and the purpose was to get out of there. exactly what my knowledge was doing. >> bennett's attorney john burris says what's shone on video doesn't justify police detaining the football player.
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ben set considering legal action. >> mieshlg believes he was being stopped based upon his race. he certainly was a lig large black guy. >> reporter: now bennett claims that officers held a gun to his head. the evidence released today does not show the actual moment of the arrest because the initial officer did not have his body camera on. reporting live in oklahoma, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. well look at this. the construction accident on the top of the sales force tower in san francisco. it has equipment restoring over the roof's edge. the tower is on fremont street and is the tallest building in the city. cal observera says the crane unit was notified last night that a boom fell unexpectedly. it hit design work on the side of the building. inspectors say everything is stable but they need to develop a plan for bringing the fallen boom back up safely. after days of scrutiny for
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use of private charter planes on a taxpayer's dime health and human services secretary tom price is out. resigning from his perforate. nbc bay area blaine alexander has the latest from washington. >> reporter: after accepting the resignation of hhs secretary tom price president trump making his feelings clear. >> i'm not happy. okay. i can tell you. i'm not happy. >> price is one of four cabinet negotiables to come under fire for taking private charter flights at taxpayer expense. along with treasury secretary steve mnuchin. epa administer scott pruitt and interior secretary. though pry promised to reimburse the government for his part of the triep. $51,000 that did little to please the president who one promised to drain the swamp. >> not a question of competence. i was disappointed because ynt like it cosmetically or otherwise. i was disappointed and you know this is an administration that saves hundreds of millions of
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dollars on renegotiating things. >> earlier today president trump fighting off growing criticism over fema response to puerto rico. >> they're trying very, very hard i will tell you that. >> the u.s. territory in our lying in near ruens after hurricane maria struck more than a week ago. >> we don't have food right now in the supermarkets. and there is no water. >> hundreds waiting in line for hours for basic necessities as these cargo container line the potter pull of supplies but no way to deliver them. the acting homicide secretary who called the response a good news story yesterday today seeing the devastation firsthand. >> that was nbc's blaine alexander reporting. it's been a turbulent year in the west wing. price's disparate you are is the latest in the series of staff shake-ups. last month steve bannon left airport by mutual agreement. in july communications director anthony scar much was fired ten
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days after taking the job. in that short time his arrival prompted the resign nation of reince priebus and press secretary sean spicer. the effort to normalize relations between cuban and u.s. back slides. they told more than half the staff to leave the u.s. embassy in half havena. >> there is a travel warning discouraging americans from going to cuba. the cuban government has denied any role in the attacks and is critical of the new u.s. actions. >> coming up at 5:00 will it work in governor brown tackling the sky rocketing housing prices particularly in san francisco, the series of bills he hopes to ease the pain. this is what it looked like when the coyote creek overflowed the banks. the careenup effort begins tomorrow before the winter rains arrive. but there is a slight snag.
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what's standing in the way? i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. fog increasing in san francisco right now the let you know how much sticks around for the weekend forecast plus the winds about to pick up. how gusty this we could. coming up at 5:20 tonight. at at&t, we believe in access.
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the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. skyline. what some call the heart of california )s affordable a live look at the san francisco sky line. what some call the heart of california's affordable housing
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crisis. but all that could change thanks to a slough of bills signed today by governor brown. nbc bay area some barak is live in san francisco with details on what some think is the most significant housing policy to come out of sacramento in years. so, sam, the question will it work? >> reporter: that is a question, janelle. there is a whole lot of optimism right now. this is a great first step. the two words i heard a lot today were funding and fast tracking. there is a wind all fall of money coming in the package and new rules to prevent cities from dragging feet when he it comes to green lighting affordable housing projects. with a stroke of a pen california governor jerry brown cemented housing reform efforts that have been years in the making. >> it's not a fantasy. i can tell you in it will alleviate a lot of the problems. >> the boost begin was a major cash injecten, potentially a
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billion dollars a year in the near term. the supporters approve a bond next fall but financial back something only part of the equation. >> getting a housing permit for of an application that meets the rools shun be a shell game. >> bay area legislature he is from nance skinner to david whiner have fought to hand craft laws forcing cities to green light projects that meet the standards. >> you have to give the permit in three to six months. if a community is not meeting the housing goals we will help you meet the goals. >> sam moss of non-profit mission housing this is what developers are up against, cities trying to avoid high density projects. >> the single family homes are what they want. renot trying to demonize those at all. but the population is growing at a record rate it's not going to stop. and we can't single family home our way out of the crisis. >> moss is really hammering that
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home. it's about density building gechlts here transportation centers. if we do don't do that weal never address the tens of thousands of units we are at a tefz per year in the state of california. sam brock back to you in the studio. >> thank you. following the lead of president trump's policies the nationwide immigration sweep targeted sanctuary cities some in the bay area. federal agents arrested 21 people in santa clara county and six people in san francisco. i.c.e. says it targeted cities with sanctuary laws that block agents from local jails. i.c.e. arrested nearly 500 people nationwide. the agents say manyive of them interest convictions ranging from traffic violations to sexual assault. all face deportation. irchlts the rainy season is around the corner. the neighborhoods along the coyote creek in san jose are hoefg to prevent what we saw several months ago. flooding you saw it in february.
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hundreds of people had to be rescued from homes. this weekend volunteers will clean coyote creek. but there is only so much they can do. damian trujillo is along the banks of the creek with a closer look. >> reporter: this is a first official cleanup of this affected area of coyote creek. it's not a permanent fix. though organizers are crossing their finger nas history won't repeat itself. the debris is everywhere. wood, bicycle parts, trash, strewn across the banks of the coyote creek. this is nearly the rock springs neighborhood, an area where rescue crews had to evacuate hundreds of people flooded out of homes when the creek jumped banks the past february. >> there were lessons learned. >> the chairman of the water district board says the army corps of engineers will look at the feasibility of long-term flood control. . but that takes time. in the short term volunteer attention will gather tomorrow to clean out debris.
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environmental regulations prevent them from cutting trees causing creek blockages. >> we can't prune or clip. but we can pick up debris that's our intent to do that. because that adds to the problem of flooding as we are well aware. >> the water district is also keeping a close eye on weather patterns. >> constantly. we are in communication 24/7 with noaa who advances the preparticulars of any occurrences of weather. we're being told to prepare for weather against this year. >> the preparation continues with tomorrow's cleanup. >> the clean jum begins at 8:30 tomorrow morning along the creek in the rock springs neighborhood and also simultaneously along the william street corridor. in san jose, damian trujillo nbc bay area news. the acting secretary of homicide arrived in puerto rico today to help coordinate relief to the island. elaine duke applauded the puerto rican people for resilience virtually everyone on the island is struggling most have no
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running water or electricity people are waiting in long lyons for water, food, gas and cash at banks. atms are not working because there is no electricity. all bank transactions have to be done by hand. right now our top priorities are lives and safety of our fellow americans. and there is much work to do. voo. >> in addition to homes and businesses destroyed hurricane maria killed 16 people in puerto rico. okay this is always our favorite part of the week because jeff gives us a behind of what we should doing. there is something in win country something over here. >> i'm just saying stay in your backyard. >> there we go we have had a long time since it's been this nice across the bare. do a staycation. things are have started improve the across the bay area. a look live from the high definition spot in san jose you'll see mostly clear skies right now in so much more enjoyable instead of 80s and 90s
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right now we are down to 72 in san jose. also check out the temperature trend down to 60s as early as 7:00 p.m. if you're out in the silicon valley make sh sure to bring a jacket. all of the cool weather every bit is coming from the jet stream dipping down across northern california. not only bringing us milder weather for the we could but also increasing wint. let's get a discloser look at that .because it's gusty at times. on and off through saturday and also sunday we could see gusts at time up to 32 in santa rosa. 24 in nornda. 27 in san jose. if you get over the wind, maybe a little bit of noig we have a nice weekend. as we head into tomorrow morning we have a little bit of patchy fog near the peninsula and 56 degrees. south bay is mostly sunny and 58. in san francisco we start with isolated fog and 5 a. the number one chill close to the 40s tomorrow morning is up in the north bay at 53 degrees.
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heading through the tai tomorrow it's superbeautiful right cross the south bay. just 78 degrees in downtown san jose. still low 80s for morgan hill and also gilroy. throughout the east bay up to 84 in antioch. 81 in pleasenen fremont, 79. oakland at 72. and the peninsula we come in with 76 here in redwood city. san francisco 60s from the embarcadero outer sunset 70. 75 in mill valley and a warmer 84 in napa. extended forecast in san francisco keeps upper 60s to low 70s as we head through the next 7 had-day forecast. no rainfall at this point. looks like it stays away through next weak and the inland valleys again windy to brozy saturday and sunday. and 70s come on back monday, tuesday, wednesday and also on thursday. dry next seven days as well. with this dry weather as we look toward the first few days of
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october i thought it was important to look at what we can usually average when it comes to october weather. a high here in napa of 74 a and .98 a irj of rainfall. i'd like to see an inch of rain for october. right now nothing over the next 7 to 14 days that could change fast by the end of october. enjoy the week and keep our fingers crossed for rain. >> cross our fingers thank you. mink up at 5:00 preparing for thousands of spectators get ready to look up in the sky what's being done to keep everyone safe during san francisco's fleet week. and whole foods now dealing with hackers what you need to know about the possible data breach. police arrested two suspected
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happening now on our website we just posted a break in the east bay murder case. police arrested two suspected gang members accused of shooting and $22 million yan in sand pablo. on the twitter feed the warrior foundation revealed two outdoor kors alameda. they even sport the warrior logo. right back with more news.
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being arrested on child poog a bay area coast guard member is out on bail tonight after being arrested on child pornography charges. sonoma county investigators say he was arrested after a two-month investigation, charged with felony distribution and possession of child porn. detectives say because the images on his computers appear to be generic and not local he is out on bail. stationed at the coast guard training facility in petaluma. >> fleet week millions of people come to the city for the exciting event starting sunday. law enforcement agencies plan to work together to keep the weeks as long as event safe. the coast guard plans to work with san francisco police to watch for intoxicated boaters. and they'll staff appear team ready around the clock. >> glad to see enemy. >> glaz they're out doing the job they've done a wonderful job last couple of years. >> the most anticipated events of the week are the blue angel
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air shows, the parade of boats and the air shows kick-off october 6th. >> whole foods has been hacked. stolen credit card information. tap rooms and table service restaurants inside some of the whole food store mp main checkout registers or any shoppers weren't affected. it's unclear which of the 70 whole food stores were attacked. whole foods hired a cyberforensic security form to investigate. you might want to look closer at what the hotel is charging. it appears more hotels are adding extra costs labeled at resort or amenity fees. the fees can cover a innovator of things from wi-fi to pool access. things customers might assume are included. now there is a nationwood investigation to determine whether hotelless are being up-front with customers about the fees. we doesn't think it's fair to consumers that they're going in thinking they're paying one rate and they're coming out
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paying another. i know. it adds up tonight on nightly news tom costello looks at the fees and what you should look for. >> i never got those, the resort fees to use the who pool. what's the big deal here? lines around the store at target. we'll toll you why. tell you why. primetime.
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if you missed the much anticipated true crime story the menendez ton on nbc bay area in primetime, god night of television if you miss the anticipated true crime story the menendez brothers we are retearing process followed by a two-hour episode of date line or newscasts at 11:00. a modern update to a classic nintendo console and if you don't have it now too late. >> we missed the boat. >> missed the boat. >> this is the supernes classic at west gate target at saratoga. it's a remake of the best selling 90s video game console and preloaded with 21 games what games. >> legend of zelda. street fighter. >> the one we care about. >> donkey kong.
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we played those games 30 years and still around. >> great games. thanks for joining us. lester holt joins from us los angeles. >> see you back at 6:00. bye. out, under fire for his use of breaking news tonight. health secretary tom price is out, under fire for his use of private jets, resigning after promising to repay a fraction of taxpayer money. lashing out. growing anger over the puerto rico disaster response. >> we are dying, and you are killing us with the inefficiency. >> local officials furious. president trump insisting his administration is doing an incredible job. tonight millions desperate for help. cuba travel alert. americans warned not to visit cuba. embassy staff ordered out after mystery attacks on diplomats. another violent collapse in yosemite's el capitan. why are climbers not being kept away?


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