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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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trouble on top of the talles right now at 11:00, is it safe? trouble on top of the tallest building in the bay area. good evening, thank you for joining us on this friday. i'm junel wang. rauj and jessica are off tonight. well, it looks precarious. the crane malfunction atop the tower in san francisco raising safety concerns for peej down below. firefighters took a look at the
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situation tonight. and jean, how's it looking? >> reporter: junelle, the arm of that crane fell atop. the crane is still there. inspectors, local and state inspectors say it's safe and secure, but people down here on the ground say it is alarming. san francisco fire crews conduct a safety inspection more than 1,000 feet above ground after a crane malfunctioned at the top of the sales force tower. as crews dismantled the roof mounted crane yesterday a boom fell unexpectedly. san francisco fire crews took a look today. >> as they were dismantling the crane, the edge of the crane came in contact with the top part of the decorative siding of the building and the crane crushed and scratched up some of the siding of the building.
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>> reporter: inspectors say the crane is stable, and there is no danger to the public below. fire inspectors say it is tied down with steel cable. >> they showed me the crane was brought back and secured to the roof of the building. >> reporter: in a statement says the incident happened at 2:00 yesterday. the crane was secure throughout the process. there were no injures and no risk to the people or construction workers. people walking below the construction site say knowing something went wrong is alarming. >> thousands of people walk by here and something like that happens. >> reporter: now, that crane still needs to be removed. it can't do that until its presents its plan to inspectors and those inspectors approve of
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that plan. >> thank you, jean. new at 11:00, more high school players joining in on the national anthem protest. several players took a knee before their game tonight. the group said they talked with their coaches and teammates before making this decision to kneel. is in statement players say it was not meant to disrespect the law enforcement or the military. >> because you're doing it in this fashion, there's some people who are going to misunderstand what your intention is, if that's the result, we need you to be part of the conversation with us in helping to foster dialogue next week on campus. >> school administrators say they will have school meetings with the players on campus next week. also tonight, the nba taking a stance. reminding them of strict rules, players must stand for the national anthem. the memo also recommends the
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teams show views of themes of unity before their first home games. the warriors are expected to comply with this rule according to coach steve kur. about 900 people who live in or around there have an order to evacuate. winds are pushing the flames through tinder, dry brush towards home. the slides happened less than 24 hours apart, and tonight we may know why. the rock slides killed one man and injured two others and covered parts of yosemite valley in dust and debris. we spoke to a local geologist about why rock slides are happening more and more. >> it was shocking. >> reporter: even for san jose
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state professor kim, whose job is to study natural disasters around the world. >> in the case of rock falls, the basic agent is gravity, and the heavy rock tends to want to move from high to low elevation. >> reporter: she says the two massive slides were ominous, but they won't be the last. >> it is a natural jelogic hazard that occurs in nature every day. >> reporter: water, climate change and even small earthquakes are factors in these rock slides. a slab of granite came crashing down wednesday. one tourist was killed, his wife seriously hurt. thursday's slide, which was even bigger was the size of a 35 story building. >> the water fall route doesn't exist anymore. >> reporter: that doesn't mean stay away from the beauty of yosemite valley. because no one can predict when
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more slides will come. >> the landscape of yosemite was carved about 18,000 years ago. so that is a slow process. >> reporter: in menlo park, cheryl heard, nbc bay area news. it has been more than a week since hurricane maria devastated puerto rico. supplies are starting to trickle in. food, water and gas have started to arrive at ports. the island's geography, the u.s. says, is complicating the relief effort. san juan's mayor is making an emotional plea to president trump. >> if we don't get the food and water in people's hands, what we're going to see is something close to a genocide. >> the trump administration says there's at least 10,000 federal
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relief workers on the island. orlando bravo, a native of the island says he couldn't tolerate it anymore after seeing pleas on social media. he will charter a jet to a remote mart of the island, which has been nearly impossible to reach by rescue crews. he's bringing medical supplies and 100 water purifiers capable of serving 10,000 people. angry protesters over the appearance of former arizona sheriff joe arpaio at a republican fund-raiser. we're joined live in the newsroom with the latest. ian. >> reporter: tonight as you saw he was met by hundreds of protesters and supporters with a lot of emotion. at one point the police chief stood between the two sides asking them to give space and respect. many there calling arpaio a racist for violating a court
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order to stop racially profiling latinos when he was sheriff. he was convicted of contempt, but president trump pardoned him last month. people hitting the streets. >> i'm very humble that he did it. i'm not guilty, that's for sure. you'll hear that, the real story pretty soon. i'm not guilty. i've got two parking tickets in my life. >> reporter: speaking tonight to a gop fund-raiser that was built as a celebration to the first and second amendment. arpaio says he will continue his effort to prove barack obama was not born in the u.s. health and human services secretary tom price resigned today after a fire storm erupted over his use of private planes
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on the taxpayers dime. besides price at least two other cabinet members are under the mike scope for their travel plans including the treasury and interior secretaries. big questions tonight after the use of tazers after a man died in custody. witnesses say a man got combative with police following a car crash. the officers use adtaser on the man who later died at the hospital. now the man's family have enlisted a wellnone rights attorney. a san i don't say murder execution style could be linked to prostitution. a man was tied up and shot. he later died of his injuries. another man was inside the apartment when the gunman burst in, but he was not harmed. investigators are looking into the possibility of the shooting being linked to organized crime ring and prostitution.
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a sanctuary city crack down happened this week with i.c.e. target people in the bay area. agents arrested 21 people. i.c.e. arrested nearly 500 people nation wide-many with convictions ranging from traffic violations to violent crime, all now face deportation. still ahead. did he break the law, or is he being punished for blowing the whistle? an exclusive interview with a san francisco police officer charged with corruption, and what was discovered by our investigative unit. plus new video of an nfl star detained by police. why the bay area attorney representing this football player has other ideas. i'm meteorologist jeff -- cooling fall returning to san francisco. i'm tracking a windy change for
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the weekend. my forecast at 11:20 tonight. oh, you brought butch.
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fra only on nbc bay area we're hearing tonight from the stran police officer who was arrested last night for misdeerm fraud. turns out he's a whistle-blower. and he told investigator reporter he believes his legal troubles are now in retaliation. here's more. >> that's a few years back when obama was in office. >> reporter: officer joel babes has been a san francisco police officer for 25 years. he says he's had an unblemished record until last week when he was arrested for swapping vehicle registration stickers and filing a false police report. >> it's been living hell. >> reporter: babs claim his arrest is just the san francisco police department's way of getting back at him for reporting misconduct.
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>> how dare you have theadousty to make a complaint. >> reporter: officer babes says the trouble started when he turned in recordings of he made of roan call at the department's muny division. on this one describes pulling over suspected black gang members who could be armed. >> you know as a cop. i'm asking those guys because they look [ bleep ] dirty. but what they see, what they see you pull over two black men. >> reporter: babes was out raged over what he heard. >> they were dirty. as they referred to black occupants in the vehicle. that's why i say he's racist, the nature of the complaint when listening to the video over and over he said some very -- i feel -- racist things towards
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black people. >> reporter: in another roll call the same lieutenant appears to boast about his clash with a black suspect in the city's bay view. >> if you ever see her, she's -- i went to handcuff and she grabbed my hand so i grabbed her -- >> reporter: babs was questioned by internal affairs. and he says he say also ostracized. in may the city police department found he was indeed -- even though his own doctor declared him fit babs sds the department doctor told him why. >> people in my unit were ascared of me. >> reporter: then last week he was arrested. babs said all he did wrong
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wasstantly put the wrong registration sticker on the wrong car. he said he reported his license plate stolen because the department seized it without a warrant. in a statement the department told us, quote, we are aware of thesealigations which are under investigation but decline further comment. >> officer babs have decided to stand ground. >> reporter: his attorney says babs endured so much stress that he ended up in the hospital for four days. babs still hopes he can return to work. >> it's a job i love, it's a job they took away from me but for no parent reason but to tell the truth. >> we also reached out to the police supervisor who officer babs recorded. his attorney told us he would discuss with the lieutenant whether they wanted to comment. we never heard back. if you have a story for the
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investigative unit, give us a call. you can also send an e-mail to the unit at and new video is fueling the debate over why that happened. las vegas police released more body cam footage today seattle sea hawks star michael bennett handcuffed. bennett has hired a high profile bay area attorney. and he claims he was only detained because he's black and police used excessive force. police say this video refutes his claims. investigators say officers had reason to detain him based on the way he was running for from the scene. if you plan to drive across the bay bridge tomorrow, except some delays. another piece of the old bay bridge is going out with a bang. cal trans will explode another series of concrete landings.
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and if you want to see it it will streaming from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. the implosions will continue every weekend until mid-november. a citywide cleanup of the creek is happening tomorrow. volunteers will gather to cleanup wood, trash, basically any debris that has filled up the park in the last few months. >> that's good. because that can give the flood gauges improper readings. >> and it'll be a nice day to do it because it's going to be pleasant. >> exactly. you got it. it's going to be really comfortable across the bay area as we head not only through saturday and sunday. but there is going to be an increase in wind. that's the main thing we're tracking as we head throughout
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this saturday and sunday. now all of this cooler weather i know so many have been wanting and finally starting to arrive after a flashback here to some summer heat the past several days. it's all due to a jetstream moving cross southern california. i don't want you to get caught off-guard by this, so we'll take you here into the wind gusts. and it's going to be this on and off situation of winds kicking off at times. 24 in san francisco, 27 in san jose. and it's coming out of the northwest. so little bit of dryer direction of that win. so fire danger will be elevate said as well. if you're planning a barbecue, just be mindful. fire danger up a bit as these winds are gusting. we'll still a bit of patchy fog on the coastline and a cool 56. in the south bay 58. over to san francisco, areas of fog and 55.
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and down to 53 in the north bay. with some of the that wind kicking off, it's certainly going to feel like the 40s. you might need your jacket there. and sunny skies. we have a perfect day down in the south abay. 77 in cupertino, 81 in gill roy. 81 in pleasanten. but this is the sweet spot right here in oakland. they have the octoberfest happening. right up towards daily city the ocean breeze pushing us to 68 degrees. san francisco 60s for the most part. if you're in san francisco you're looking for something to do and you have a dog, this is the event for you. you can take your dog with you. it's called strut your mutt
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fund-raiser, and it's going to help some pets in need. and temperatures will be in the upper 60s. up towards the north bay, we have 75 in the middle valley, 84 in santa rosa and 84 in nappa. temperatures in the upper 60s through low 70s all the way through the next seven days. no issues here. for the inland valleys, i know you're going to like this, 80 heres. then cooling off monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday of next week into the 70s. this is just what we've all wanted after 17 days of 100 and haurter this past summer. and then we started off with that warm weather for the first few weeks of fall. weekend looks great. can't wait for that. i'm really looking forward to monday. usually push back monday, but that 78 looks good. >> i knowoy it's beautiful all next week.
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still to come, shoppers be wear. the security breach at whole foods and the specific customers that may be affected. and we have jimmy. hey, guys. terry cruise is here right now. it's a great show. do not change the channel. and happening now on our home page, governor brown signed 15 bills into law today all aimed at tackling the housing crisis. but it will be four years before affordable housing yupts start popping up across the state. the product were produced wednesday. we have more news coming up after the break. outrage over sky high water bills. the move a south bay council member is trying to take... to save you money. plus, the reason why you may have to pay more starting next week if you take the train to work. monday morning from 4:30 to 7.
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at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis,
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even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. florida )s attorney general to o.j. simpson. don't come home. that is the message from florida's attorney general to o. j. simpson. before his 2008 conviction for kidnapping in nevada, simpson was living in florida. simpson is due to be released this saebds. his lawyer says there is no did you tell he will return to florida at that time. whole foods has been hacked. credit card information was stolen from inside its stores. it is unclear, though, which of the 477 stores were hacked. whole foods has hired a cyber security forensics firm to investigate. spaceex is doing some cost cutting for the ship to mars.
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the company will start building it next year. it will carry only cargo for 2022. a manned mission is planned for 2024. we're talking about fleet week, and tonight we're learning security has been stepped up this year. law enforcement agencies plan to work together to keep it safe. the fire department will have a rescue team fully staffed around the clock. as for the main event bl, the blue angels, their airshow kicks off on friday, october 6. up next, baseball's top honor now being named after a bay area legend. and it falls on a special day for giants fans. stay tuned.
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the giants took on the padres tonight -- in their final series of the season. and the bats were hot for sf! especially for buster posey the giants took on the pod traz tonight in their final series of the season. buster posy, three doubles and 3 rbis. the giant were able to shutout out the padres. with a fourth on the mound throwing six strike outs and only allowing six hits in six innings. it's going to be an emotional moment coming tomorrow for the
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giants. pitcher matt cane is retiring and tomorrow will be his final game. taking on the rangers. top of the seventh. hits a bomb to right center field. it's his first career home run in the big league, but the rangers managed. major league baseball announced today it has renamed the world series mvp award in honor of willies maze. today's announcement came on the 63rd anniversary of the catch, the legendary play mays made montana world series. well, need a pick-me-up? this bay area city does. it spends the most in the nation on coffee. we will fill you in next.
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a new report says the bay area really cashes out for a cup. it is still national coffee day for just a little bit longer. a new report finds the bay area really cashes in for a cup. when it comes to highest average spending per household fremont topped the list. san francisco took third, and san i don't say took
11:34 pm
ninety-fifth. meanwhile san francisco took first place for most affordable good quality coffee sharing the spot. >> you think san francisco would be top on the list, but who knew, fremont. >> what to do this weekend, it's going to be glorious. >> how about some beer. october fest. a little bit breezy or windy this weekend, and incredible next week. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- will forte, terry crews,


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