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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 1, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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what do you get? [ engine stalls ] you get out of the way. 0-to-60 in 3.3 seconds. the mercedes-amg e63 s sedan. ♪ hi, everybody. welcome to xfinity sports sunday. my big pro bowl fullback is lorenzo neal. i'm dave feldman. another sunday in the books. not a good one for the home teams. >> no, it as wasn't. they battled. very close games down to the wire but it wasn't good. >> not for either one of them.
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we'll start with the raiders taking on the broncos. oakland looking to bounce back from their week 3 loss with washington. first quarter first and 10 from the 22. and trevor siemian finds a.y. derby. one-handed. that's a great, great catch. and denver was rolling. what about this catch? >> yeah, that's a big catch, big-time catch. one-handed grab. look at him snatch that out of the air. he leaves -- if he's leaving he's leaving. lee didn't have a chance right there. second quarter opened 10-0. 64 yards. here comes oakland. >> i see you, johnny horton. that's a nice catch. i got this. and he could go all the way. that was a nice throw by carr as well. >> carr sacked, takes a knee to the back. carr left the game and did not return. e.j. manuel goes in at quarterback. this is the raiders' worst fears. >> yeah, it is. last year you know what happened during the playoffs. this is the raiders' worst nightmare, seeing something like this happen.
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>> we'll have more on him later. later in the drive raiders run, take a punt. the broncos sniff it out. what did you think of this call and execution? >> the king is here. marquette king has some pied, 4.5 40. great job by denver to stay home. >> fourth quarter raiders to cook. oakland has to settle for a field goal. >> jared cook's got to make that catch. that ball's put in the bread basket. you have to make that grab. >> amari cooper. picked off by justin simmons. >> safety was able to get over the top. can't do that. >> denver wins 16-10. oakland has scored 20 points in their last two games. and everyone worried about the quarterback. >> physically, how are you feeling? >> not good either. but i don't think -- i'm going to do the treatment, all those kind of things. you guys know me. it's going to take a lot for me not to be out there. >> can you take us through that play, what happened? >> they covered up the move we
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were trying to run. then they dropped off. i took off and tried to get something with my feet. i think i made a couple guys miss i think and saw one guy coming and tried to get down. soon as i tried to get down, i don't know what happened. i got blasted pretty good. >> so while carr obviously injured enough where he couldn't come back in this game, they're hopeless he can play in the next game. but what does this do to the raiders' offense? >> if you don't have carr, you know you have to simplify the playbook. you know what he brings to the table. one of the smartest quarterbacks in the league. last two weeks haven't been good for carr. he's got to get better. he's got to get healthy. they need him in order to get where they want to go. but this injury to the back, it's going to be strictly on him, can he tolerate the pain and i think this guy's tough. we know his pedigree. i think this guy's going to be able to play this week. >> worst case scenario, he can't. what do we know about manuel? four years in buffalo.
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out of florida state. you say they'll have to simplify it. obviously he's not as good as carr but what can he do? >> e.j. manuel can run. he's a big quarterback. he can throw the ball down the field. we saw some of the touch passes he had. he's got to do a better job of holding the safety with his eyes and not letting him throw 20 where he's looking. what they're going to do, they're going to run the ball they understand they're coming home, this is an unit opportunity for e.j. manuel to step up and play big and by the way this guy's a first-round draft pick so he should pay some dividends. >> yep. he's getting paid too. next maun, that's the theory in your league. coming up xfinity "sports sunday." what started as a field goal kicking contest between the niners and the cardinals turned into a dramatic overtime affair. we'll tell you how it all broke down. that's next. and this is "xfinity sports sunday." vo: whenever a craving hits, vo: jack's got your back. jack: somebody craving my smoky jack burger? vo: the smoky jack burger combo for $4.99.
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q fint sports sunday. the 49ers and cardinals. third and goal from the four. carson palmer gets pressured and throws an interception to ray-ray armstrong. lo, the 49ers got a break here. cardinals were about to score. >> no question. great job from ray-ray armstrong. what does doe? i got this. >> brian hoyer sacked by pierre on third down. 49ers settled for a field goal. tough day for hoyer. >> it really was. two hands on the ball. still live to fight another day. >> 49ers driving, looking good, third and goal from the sixth. but hoyer overthrows it and the 49ers settle for another field goal. 40 seconds left in o.t., second and two from the 19. palmer finds 34-year-old larry fitzgerald.
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how is this guy still playing? he should be a grandfather. and he's still killing the niners. arizona wins it 18-15 in overtime. >> what do you say about little larry? >> you've got to throw and catch better. to me it's as simple as that. or it was in this case from what i saw. guys are open, you've got the time you've got to hit them. when -- i know nobody's perfect but there was way too much of that between both positions today. >> it's just so frustrating because we were so close. it's one thing if you get blown out and you say you never had a chance to win. i don't think, especially the last three weeks in particular, i don't feel that way. so it's frustrateding and we've just got to figure out what it is and really be hard on ourselves and come back and be ready to go next week. >> all right. so a couple things stick out in this game, lo. first of all, missed opportunities. they didn't score a touchdown. robbie gould had to kick five
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field goals for all their points. if you're not going to score any points -- and they scored 39 the week before. they're going to struggle. and hoyer continues to struggle. >> no question. if you can't score touchdowns in the national football league, you're going to lose football games. you saw hoyer. he was careful with the ball at times but then he threw some interceptio interceptions, some untimely interceptions, kind of missed some receivers. also some of the receivers there, were some drops. they had an opportunity to win that game, catch some touchdown balls. guys have got to 12e7 up and make plays, especially when you don't have that type of offense that's high powered. so guys have to step up and do a better job for hoyer as well. >> time for our foxit software game changer. you want to talk about a game changer, getting to the quarterback is something everyone thought they could do against arizona because the cowboys had sacked carson palmer six times and they got him six times. the defense played okay. >> you want to see those first-round picks, all those guys they went out and drafted, you want to see those guys step up and make plays, and you saw them doing that. it was big-time plays by those front four. those guys got after palmer,
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they hit palmer, they harassed him all day long. it was big, and i know the defense has to be happy with the way they played, especially when it comes to up front. >> elvis dumervil got his 300th career sack. >> good for him. >> you know that line is young. they have aric armstead. they've got a bunch of young people. they've drafted on the defense. the defense i believe is what they've built around with the hopes that maybe next year they get cousins out of washington, they get a signature quarterback. >> and i was happy to see solomon. young solomon from stanford. you love this guy, get some hits on the qush, make some pressures and you got to see that from the number two overall pick in the draft. you want to see this big fella get out there and impose his will. i was really happy with the way he plays and the way the interior line armstead and those guys went out there and played hard and fought for four quarters. >> armstead, buckner, solomon thomas, all first-round picks on the defensive line. that's by design, right? >> it was by design, but you've been waiting for these guys to show you some consistency. i know everyone's saying when
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are these guys going to hit the quarterback? they did that to an aging palmer. we saw the way dallas was able to get to palmer last week. this defense made a concerted effort to say we're going to put pressure on this quarterback and give us an opportunity to win. that was a game the niners could have won, should have won. that was a low-scoring game. they had their opportunities, went all the way to overtime. >> they've been in three of the four games, yet they're still 0-4. kyle shanahan still look for his first win. coming up we're going around the nfl and checking in on some of the bay area's rival teams and we'll unveil our nissan play of the day. that is next. plus -- >> i'm terry mcsweeney in the nbc bay area studio. coming up in just a few minutes, o.j. simpson now a free man after walking out of prison, and we've just learned where he will now be living. plus reaction from ron goldman's father. also a serious attack on the uc berkeley campus leaves a baseball player unconscious. what the victim says led up to it. and the warriors left for china but their head coach couldn't go with hem them.
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why steve kerr was forced to fly separately. that's next on nbc bay area news. who are these people?
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it is the nissan rogue play of the day. take on the unexpected with nissan's available intelligence safety shield technologies. innovation that excites. this might excite you. third quarter jared goff, todd gurley. 53 yards' worth of excitement. the rams improve to 3-1. and they win 35-30. over the dallas cowboys. 49ers' next opponent, the colts, visiting the seahawks right here on nbc. third quarter, jacoby brissett gets stripped. so brisset gets stripped and bobby wagner recovers the fumble and scores a 21-yard touchdown. seahawks score two defensive touchdowns in this game. they win 46-18.
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look at the nfc west standings. the rams are 3-1, very young head coach. seattle 2-2. wide open except at the bottom, san francisco 49ers are 0-4. next up for the san francisco 49ers the indianapolis colts, a team we just saw, lo. a team that is not flying on all cylinders. a team that has had an injury to maybe their key player andrew luck. how do you match up this colts and 49ers game next week which will be on the road? indy? >> this is a game they've got to look at on their schedule and say this is a game we have a chance to win. but you've got to look at brisset, what he's been able to do. they trade him over from new england, you see the way this young man's been able to go out, they beat cleveland, tonight you saw them battle against seattle, and at the end of course they got blown out, but i think this is going to be a very competitive game, it's going to come down to the team that makes the least amount of turnovers and the quarterback play. >> the numbers are very similar
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there. do you see this as maybe the 49ers getting their first win of the season on the road at indy? >> absolutely. they have a very good chance to win this game and as i said it's going to come down to not durning the ball over but there's a hungry ball that's going to be running the ball for the other team think he's got a thing or two to say about that. frank gore, the ageless wonder. two teams that are equally matched. >> what about the afc west which we thought okay, raiders are going tonight best team in the afc west. so far it's the kansas city chiefs that are the best team in the afc west. 3-0. denver 3-1 after the win today. oakland 2-2. the chargers 0-4. next up for oakland, a home date. they get to come back home and host the baltimore ravens. and the ravens, lo, are struggling. they lost to the steelers today. they don't have a good offense. joe flacco's not playing well. how do you match up the raiders and the ravens? >> i tell you right now, this is a must-win for this organization and jack del rio and those guys they've got to get it going ken norton that defense offense they've got to collectively say no matter who's our quarterback
9:17 pm
we have to inthis game. joe flacco like you alluded to has been struggling. you saw him today, improficient, didn't get to throw the ball down the field well,n't been running the ball well, the defense gave up some big plays. this is a game the raiders have to win and this is a game they must win, especially at home. >> you're calling it a must win in week 5? that early in the season? >> you have to. look at the schedule. you've still got kansas city. you've still got denver again. and you're thinking about whose going to get the wild card spot. this is must win. this is week number 5. you've got to already play the quarter of your season, now in this next quarter you've got to start getting the wins, especially the games you're supposed to win. >> raiders minus 23 their last two games. ravens minus 54. oakland playing at home you have to give them the big advantage in this game. >> no question. you have to give them the advantage, especially at that oakland coliseum. the way those guys have been playing, the raiders that is, they're disappointed the way they've been playing. and i think jack del rio you're going to see emphasis of them getting it done. they've got to light up the
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scoreboard. this team needs a good win and i think baltimore will be a good key for this losing streak. >> we're speculating that derek carr does play. do you think he's going to play? >> i think he will play. i don't know if he'll be limited -- i think he'll be limited this week at practice. but they need carr to play. but even at the game they're playing against this team, when you look at baltimore, i think they can win baltimore without carr but carr definitely gives them the better opportunity to win the game, especially at home. >> lo neal, always fun. it always flies by. >> it does. you're the man, feldy. >> for lo neal, i'm dave feldman. nbc bay area news is coming up next. thanks for watching "xfinity sports sunday." we'll see you next week. a violent beating outside a u-c
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berkeley dorm leaves a student unconscious. what theti right now a violent beating outside a uc berkeley dorm leaves a student unconscious. what the victim says led up to it. also, o.j. is now a free man. we've just learned where he'll be staying after walking out of prison. but first, new details about a deadly crash involving a chp officer and a pedestrian outside a popular restaurant. the news starts right now. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us in this special edition of nbc bay area news. i'm terry mcsweeney. a tragic story in half moon bay. we first reported last night at
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11:00. a man hit and killed by a chp officer outside of sam's chowder house. some people say that stretch of highway 1 is dangerous. the crash happened in the northbound lane last night. the man was crossing the highway after leaving that presenter. nbc bay area's sergio quintana is live near the scene right now with the details. sergio, i have seen this myself. this is a dangerous area for foot traffic. >> reporter: well, terry, i was talking with a traffic investigator with the chp, and he was telling me just how he was interested to see just how dark it is out here. let me show you. once we dialed down the light on our camera, it's pretty much pitch dark out here. this afternoon a special traffic investigator with the california highway patrol was on scene again. he was doing a follow-up on last night's deadly crash. a team of investigators will be using video from the officer's dash cam to help piece together this accident.
9:22 pm
>> our vehicles are quick with camer cameras. that's something we're going to be looking at to see what happened. >> reporter: aaccording to the chp their officer was traveling north on highway 1. the 74-year-old pred sfrooen was crossing the road when the patrol cruiser hit him. he died on scene. the officer was uninjured. this stretch of highway 1 through half moon bay is very busy. we noticed lots of people parking their vehicles, then scrambling across the road to get to sam's chowder house. >> taking our lives in our hands. it's very hard to get across the street. constant line of traffic. ever since we've even arrived here. >> but it's kind of crazy with the traffic, and it gets hard to cross streets. it's hard to pull out. it's hard to do anything. no parking anywhere. >> reporter: when the sun sets, it gets very dark out here. there are no street lamps. the only light seems to come from the glow of the restaurant sign across the road. now, the chp officer who was involved in this crash, he has been pulled off of patrol as this investigation continues.
9:23 pm
that's basically standard procedure. reporting live in half moon bay, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thank you very much. and we have been following the story all day on nbc bay we're going to continue to monitor the latest developments on all of our digital platforms. follow us on twitter and on facebook. new tonight, concern on the uc berkeley campus after a student was beaten unconscious outside a dorm. some students say they don't feel safe. nbc bay area's marian favro at uc berkeley with the very latest on that. >> reporter: terry, at salt happened here outside unit 3 administration hall, and students tell us that the victim just came out to make a phone call on his cell phone and that's when he was attacked. >> he got i think hit in the back of the head and like beat up. i know his face is a little bit hurt. so pretty crazy. it just like happened on the street. >> reporter: tonight uc berkeley police are looking for three men
9:24 pm
who beat a student unconscious right outside his dorm. students say the victim is a cal baseball player. >> he's not a threatening kid at all. he's like a very mild-mannered kid. he's really nice. he would never do anything to like incite an incident like this. >> reporter: uc berkeley police say the victim told them the attack just before 1:00 this morning was unprovoked. an ambulance took the student to the hospital, where he was treated and released. he's back in his dorm tonight. tonight police sent out this warning to students telling them about the aggravate add salt. >> it just shows how unsafe the area is for students. >> reporter: the suspects were last seen walking away here on durant avenue. students are shaken by the attack, and tonight many are pledging to be more vigilant. >> it shakes you up because it's like happening so close to you. >> reporter: so far police have made no arrests in this case, but they are asking anyone who saw anything that could help them solve this crime to contact
9:25 pm
uc berkeley police. reporting live in berkeley, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you very much. following up now on that deadly crash on interstate 880, police have now identified the victims. the crash happened early saturday morning. police say one car was headed the wrong way on the freeway, its lights off, before striking another car. both drivers died. the victims have been identified as 23-year-old jennifer ruiz of san leandro and 26-year-old joelle hutchison of oakland. it's unclear which driver was headed the wrong way. the east oakland youth development center posted condolences to hutchinson on its facebook page. the center says she took part in the center's program. a poon a go fund me page starte by hutchison's sister says hutchison was celebrating her birthday on the nieft of the crash. new details about the shooting deaths two of people in a car in san francisco. police have identified the man and woman killed as 248-year-old angel raygosa and 24-year-old --
9:26 pm
both lived in san francisco. two were found in a car in the dolores heights neighborhood. first responders found both suffering from gunshot wounds. they also found a gun in the car. not yet clear what led up to that shooting. but investigators say they do not believe a suspect is still at large. o.j. simpson is a free man. today he walked out of a nevada correctional facility after serving nine years for a botched armed robbery attempt in las vegas. we've just learned that simpson will be staying with a friend in las vegas, at least for the immediate future. he's ultimately trying to return to florida. the state leaders are trying to keep him out. nbc's dan sheneman has the latest. >> come on out. >> reporter: without fanfare or media scrutiny o.j. simpson walked out of prison shortly after midnight. >> he left at 12:08. it was very unremarkable. there was nothing unique about it. >> reporter: not long after his release a camera crew caught up to him at a gas station. >> i'm in a car for the last five hours. how do i know how it feels to be
9:27 pm
out? and hey, man, look, i've been in nowhere, usa for the last nine years doing nothing. nothing has changed in my life. what do you guys -- what do you expect? >> reporter: simpson spent nine years behind bars after he was convicted of armed robbery in 2008. in july of this year nevada's parole board granted his freedom. >> i've done my time. you know, i've done it as well and as respectfully as i think anybody can. >> reporter: simpson's release comes 22 years to the week ever he was acquitted in the murders of his ex-wife, nicole simpson, and her friend ronald goldman. a civil court later found him liable for the killings and ordered him to pay millions to survivors. the late ronald goldman's father was appalled to learn of simpson's parole. >> not too terribly thrilled that any horrible human being, certainly he is included in that description, gets out of jail. >> reporter: simpson is expected to eventually settle in florida. his top priority, according to his attorney, will be family.
9:28 pm
>> he's going to be able to hug those family members on the outside. >> reporter: simpson's attorney predicts his client will be a model parolee and be off parole within two years. dan sheneman, nbc news. now to a developing story overseas. hundreds have been injured after a controversial vote in spain. the catalonia region voted today for independence but the spanish central government declared the referendum illegal. nearly 800 people were injured when police moved in to shut down polling booths in barcelona. world leaders criticized the spanish government for its response. catalan officials say most of the 2 million people who voted wanted to break from spain. it's unclear whether catalonia will be able to declare independence. another deadly attack in france. this time at the st. charles train station in marseille. police say a man killed two women there with a knife. near soldiers on patrol shot and killed him. the witness says the soldiers
9:29 pm
intervened quickly. >> translator: was there a panic? >> translator: yes, yes. it was total panic. we were taken out. but the police, i was surprised, intervened very, very quickly. >> in the wake of a number of terror attacks over the last few years, the french government has beefed up security forces near popular tourist sites. the killings are being investigated as a possible act of terror. the two victims were 17 and 20 years old. the 37th annual fleet week in san francisco is officially under way. while the sight of the blue angels flying overhead thrills fans, there's also a very serious side to this event. as nbc bay area's christie smith shows us, crews will be training to deal with a potential disaster. >> reporter: an unexpected sight in the san francisco bay. a type of boat called landing craft units arrive near the mariposa yacht club, unloading u.s. military vehicles and equipment. >> it's going to drop its front and all of the supplies that are a part of our medical surge exercise that's happening tomorrow. all that equipment's going to be coming off here in san francisco.
9:30 pm
>> reporter: they'll take part in a disaster training scenario at zuckerberg general. >> we're going to be rehearsing medical surge. so anytime a hospital has a surge capability you're going to see multiple field hospitals being set up there in the parking lot to show what are the capabilities that will come out. >> reporter: the concern as disaster strikes is how to get resources moving around san francisco. >> so the scenario tomorrow is san francisco has suffered an earthquake but it's not catastrophic but it does isolate the city and there's a need for medical assistance. >> reporter: fleet week is estimated to bring in more than $10 million in revenue for the city, and in this exercise the hope is the city will be more ready in an emergency. in san francisco christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> and yes, it is a big week for san francisco. not just fleet week. today was also the opening of the oracle open world conference. some 40,000 people are to attend the event in the coming days. mayor ed lee taking part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony earlier
9:31 pm
today as you saw there. oracle co-founder larry ellison was a kinote speaker tonight but it's not just techies speaking at this event. actor joent gordon leavitt is going to be there too and so will california senator barbara boxer. oracle open world runs through thursday. most of the events took place at the mosconi center. jury selection in a bay area murder trial that has gained national attention is set to begin tomorrow. jose inez garcia sarate is accused of killing kite steinle on a san francisco pier two years ago. his attorneys claim it was an accidental shooting. the case is especially high-profile because of the debate over undocumented immigrants in sanctuary cities. sarate was in the country illegally and had been deported several times. because of san francisco's sanctuary city law he had been released from custody just months before that shooting. another day of protests across the nfl and i for the first time since a message by president trump sparked controversy the 49ers showed their stance. dozens much players took a knee
9:32 pm
during the national anthem. a team spokesman sent out a statement saying the goal of the demonstration demonstration was into spire unit. as you my recall it was former 49er colin kaepernick who inspired the movement during national anthems last season. we're going to have much more on the game itself, oont 49ers and their thrilling game against the arizona cardinals. that's coming up a little later in sports. now to the latest in washington, a big week ahead for the president after his controversial comments about puerto rico. the president will be heading to puerto rico on tuesday amid criticism his administration hasn't done enough to help the territory. nbc's jennifer johnson has more from washington. >> reporter: with about 90% of residents without power and running water, puerto rico is still reeling from hurricane maria. president trump goes there tuesday after publicly criticizing the mayor of san juan for not doing enough to help her own people. she had attacked the trum administration's inaction. >> i am mad as hell. >> reporter: today a more conciliatory tone. >> there's only one goal, and
9:33 pm
it's saving lives. so any dialogue that goes on just has to be able to produce results. >> reporter: the white house is defending the president and says the u.s. is spending hundreds of millions to help. >> when the president gets attacked, he attacks back. and i think the mayor's comments were unfair given what the federal government has done. >> reporter: the president tweeted sunday, "we have done a great job with the almost impossible situation in puerto rico. outside of the fake news or politically motivated ingrates." but critics aren't backing down. >> the president, instead of tweeting against the mayor of san juan, who's watching her people die and just made a plea for help, ought to roll up his sleeves and get to work here. >> reporter: the president also tweeted sunday a message to his secretary of state, who's trying to work out a diplomatic solution with north korea's volatile leader. "i told rex tillerson that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man. save your energy, rex. we'll do what has to be done." jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington.
9:34 pm
in his latest tweet this evening the president said "being nice to north korea failed for president clinton, bush, and obama." and president trump said he won't fail. we'll have more coverage of the relief efforts in puerto rico coming up a little bit later in this newscast. the u.s. supreme court returns to work tomorrow facing a blockbuster docket. justices are due to hear cases involving same-sex marriage, state regulation of sports betting and the privacy of cell phone use in other issues. the president's travel ban also on the docket. the attorneys for both sides set to at the time court what they think should be done with challenges to president trump's authority to issue executive orders. that's coming up on thursday. a coast guard investigation into the deadly 2015 sinking of the "el faro" lays most of the blame on the captain. at a briefing this morning in florida the head investigator said the cargo ship's captain misjudged the path of hurricane joaquin and failed to take adequate precautions. all 33 people on board including the captain died when the "el
9:35 pm
faro" bound for puerto rico from florida sailed into that raging storm. it sank near the bahamas exactly two years ago today. the report names other factors in the disaster as well, including an unfilled safety officer position and not enough rest for the crew. >> the crew was likely fatigued and suffering from anxiety for several reasons. some related to their -- to some of their hiring that was going to occur for the new vessels that were coming along. in the end we determined there were some violations in the months leading up to the accident. >> the coast guard says it will seek civil action against the ship's owner but no criminal action will be filed. germany celebrated its first same-sex marriage today. the gay marriage law passed back in june went into effect today. back in 2002 germany allowed for registered partnerships but same-sex couples received less benefits than opposite sex couples. germany is the 23rd country to legalize same-sex marriage.
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still ahead, the warriors' head coach left behind. his team flew to china but a glitch forced steve kerr to miss the flight. plus a facebook post that is getting a lot of attention. why ceo mark zuckerberg is apologizing. enjoy these cooler temperatures at 59 degrees right now in san francisco. because a warming trend is on the way. plus that red flag warning has been extended. i'll have all the details coming up in just a bit. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises,
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games -- but the team was missing a key member the golden state warriors flew out to china today for two -- or several preseason games, but the team was missing a key member. their head coach. steve kerr traveled separately from the team because of a passport delay. a team spokesperson confirmed there was a delay in transporting some passports to the warriors from a processing center. none of the players were affected. warriors are going to be playing in four preseason games in china. an apology from facebook's founder getting a lot of attention. ceo mark zuckerberg wrote a post
9:39 pm
online saying he was sorry for how his site divided people during the election. his comments were vague, but they appeared to be in reaction to allegations facebook did not do enough to stop the spread of fake news, which many believe influenced the presidential election. tomorrow facebook said it would turn over 3,000 ads to congress. those ads were bought by users in russia. in his apology zuckerberg said, "i will work to do better." now to the latest in puerto rico where cries for help are growing louder amid the very public dispute between president trump and the mayor of san juan. some are asking where is fema? nbc's ron mott reports from san juan. >> reporter: the city of rio grandee just 21 miles east of san juan this baseball stadium is where locals are being told to go for fema aid. except today it's empty and officials say it won't be ready for another five days. more than two weeks since hurricane maria made landfall. for now the mayor and police chief say food and water are
9:40 pm
bei being distributed at three shelters. not easy for even an experienced news crews to find. >> they know where the shelters are? >> many of them. >> you made announcements. >> yeah. >> emergency aid supposed to be flowing out of 11 distribution centers to local authorities around the island. what we found was confusion. local officials couldn't point us to the centers where people could get relief supplies. meantime, the port is overflowing with cargo containers ready for delivery. congressman luis gutierrez has spent three days on the island. >> hundreds of thousands of people live there, and they're disconnected. they're isolated. those people are literally with lack of communication to anything in the world. >> reporter: where there are supplies lines are long, frustrations ample. on the east coast retired police lieutenant luis carmelo cruz is living next door with his elderly parents, his home littering the landscape, destroyed, food supply down to a day or two. >> they lost everything. >> everything.
9:41 pm
>> reporter: his life, like thousands of others here, hanging in the balance. prayers for help not yet fully answered. ron mott, nbc news, san juan. still ahead, an artful good-bye this weekend in san francisco. after nearly 50 years, one of the city's most unusual art galleries has closed its doors. but we're going to tell you what's going in in its's play. . we enjoyed a weekend of sunshine and cool temperatures. we're in the 50s and 60s right now. but it looks like a warm-up is on the way. i'll talk about how hot we're expecting to be. coming up just after the break. stay with us. outrage over sky high water bills. the move a south bay council member is trying to take... to save you money. plus, the reason why you may have to pay more starting next week if you take the train to work. monday morning from 4:30 to 7.
9:42 pm
9:43 pm
unusual art galleries á is one owned and operated by the city itself. we )re talking about a one-time auto repair shop. one of san francisco's more unusual art galleries is one owned and operated by the city itself pf we're talking about a one-time auto repair shop that became a gallery almost a half century ago and now it's on the move. here's nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. >> i have all the pictures out.
9:44 pm
thousands of pictures out. >> reporter: an important component in any art is the element of surprise. when san francisco artist aaron winetsky sits down to create his photo collages he doesn't even know what will come out. >> it just slowly evolves. i don't have a preplan. >> reporter: in the art world the unexpected can also come from location. and since 1970 this unsuspecting gallery in the shadow of san francisco's city hall has surprised visitors just passing by. >> it's kind of fun to be across the street and watch people just wander by and suddenly stop because they're not expecting to see anything there. >> reporter: the gallery run by the san francisco arts commission has a long, long history of hosting art shows. the strange, the irreverent. >> i always loved that space because it was like a giant barn. it had the writing on the side of what it used to be. >> reporter: artist cliff hanks
9:45 pm
showed in the gallery back in the early days. >> it was my first show in san francisco where i thought i finally made it as an artist. the opening was amazing. there was just tons of drag queens walking in and out. and i thought, wow, this is a great place. and these are all titles of old shows from the past. i went to this meat show. nightfall. equations. >> there were shows with rufus sawa, imogen cunningham and ansel adams. >> but after 34 years the final curtain is coming down on this unique space. the arts commission wants to focus on its new gallery in the war memorial building so the old building is hosting its last show. >> it's the end of an era. >> almost 4,000 artists that have shown here over the course of 47 years. >> this is a musical coach. >> public arts spaces don't come back. >> the gallery will go out with a bang. color from a final photo collage
9:46 pm
by winetsky. the unexpected in the art world no longer surprised by change. joe rosato jr. nbc bay area news. you've got a lot to talk about here. we've got some red flag and we've got a curtain call for summer coming in. >> mm-hmm. i know we're in october and everybody was enjoying the cooler temperatures but i was looking at the models. it looks like we may be in for a warming trend bup first let's talk about that red flag warning. we've had that red flag warning in place since yesterday but it has been extended through tuesday evening. basically, what that means is that system that kicked up those winds will be lingering around just a little bit longer than we thought. right now if you're heading outside this is what you're going to feel in terms of the temperatures. san jose 62 degrees right now. over near livermore also in the 60s. mountainview 57. and along the coastline we're in the upper 50s. today it was definitely a pleasant day. we had nice clear skies and into
9:47 pm
the overnight hours you're going to notice once again we're not expecting any fog in the forecast. possibly some patchy fog as we head into the later part of monday morning. look at san jose. 62 right now. if you're going to be up early as you're heading in to work please remember to pack a light jacket because the temperatures are going to be on the colder side in the 50s. san francisco 59 degrees. if you notice, also expecting a nice clear night and a nice clear early morning, which will be great. however, if you're going to be driving through san francisco or along any of the bridges, don't be surprised if you feel a kick in those winds. which is why that red flag warning has been extended through tuesday night. and that's because those winds still have a possibility of coming up to the north-northeast and that humidity is still very low because we have this cooling air mass that's bring pg in this dry, dry wind. just to give you an idea, these were some of our peak winds for today. earlier in the morning mt. diablo saw winds of 50-plus miles per hour. half moon bay 40 miles per hour. monterey 36 miles per hour.
9:48 pm
point reyes 34 miles per hour. and in san francisco those wind speeds also managed to hit the 30s, or reach the 30s, rather. so remember, red flag warnings means there is an elevated fire danger. so they do not recommend that you light anything near any dry brush. you've seen how easily and how quickly fire can spread. a small brush fire can k. quickly become a very dangerous situation. let's talk about the timing of these winds. as we head into the overnight hours and through the early morning if you notice by about 1:30 check out santa rosa and napa. the winds start kicking up upwards of 35-plus miles pr hour. we're talk 40 miles per hour. and then those winds will linger. they'll stick around right through the middle of your morning commute. if you check out orinda, 22 miles per hour, even down near the south bay, san jose 20-plus miles per hour. you feel your car jerking a little bit, just remember keep both hands on the wheel. the winds do start dying down by about 8:00, 10:00 a.m. just to be on the safe side they have extended that warning
9:49 pm
through tuesday evening as that system makes its way out. let's talk about tomorrow's temperature. it's going to be another comfortable day. lower 70s, 80s for livermore. high of about 80. concord 82. san jose expected to top out at about 76 degrees. and san francisco and the coastline can once again expect to feel the breezy conditions along the coast, but here's where the changes come in. remember i was mentioning we may be in for a warming trend. well, this is why. we keep that cooling dry air mass through wednesday, keep the temperature in the 70s. but if you notice that's going ahead. those temperatures really kick up and we're talking upper 70s against for san francisco with the possibility of maybe seeing some 80s by sunday. check out these inland temperatures. we go from about 81 for tomorrow because of those dry northerly winds and then on tuesday and wednesday we keep that nice flow that brought that cooling dry air mass, and then on thursday we've got this building ridge of high pressure, and that's going to move in to the west coast yet again. kicking up our temperatures to about 85 degrees on friday.
9:50 pm
and look at saturday and sunday. we have the possibility of maybe seeing the return of 90s again. i know it's fall and we've been wishing and hoping that the summer-like temperatures leave us. but looks like they may be making a little bit of a comeback for san francisco and also inland spots. but hey, at least we'll enjoy some sunshine with it. it's a give and take. >> i want to say there are some of us -- i want to speak out on behalf of those of us who like summer temperatures and it's going to be nice to see a last heat-up. it might be a last heatup. there may be another one. >> maybe. >> on those january days i think of temperatures like next weekend and i feel better. >> some people like the fall-like temperatures. other people are fans of summer. i personally like the fall temperatures. >> i like them all. >> that's fair. i like them all too. i guess it's just that forecaster in me. >> the frustrations continue for 49ers fans. boy, do they. here's fallon smith. >> a baysy day in bay area
9:51 pm
sports. down at at&t park a pair of giants legends made the final game of the season a memorable one. plus the raiders and 49ers both in action against division rivals. we'll have the highlights. but the big news is the health of raiders franchise quarterback derek carr. more on that next in sports.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
i'm fallon smith with the nissan sports report. it wasn't a very good day for both bay area football teams. we're going to start with the 49ers. it had to be demoralizing to come so close to winning your first football game of the season only to fall short. and that's exactly what happened to the 49ers for the second
9:54 pm
straight week. 49ers in arizona taking on the cardinals. it was the battle of kickers. both teams knocked in four field goals each in regulation. the game was tied at 12. so we had to go to overtime. so in o.t. 49ers up three after another field goal but carson palmer finds guess who, folks. the old man. larry fitzgerald for the 19-yard touchdown. game over. cardinals win 18-15. 49ers now 0-4 on the season. now, before their game the 49ers showed a display of unity and urged others to follow their example via a statement that they released. players, coaches, and staff members formed two lines along the team's sideline and approximately 30 players took a knee during the national anthem while others stood behind them saluting the flag. raiders at denver. second quarter denver up 10-0. derek carr going deep. and he hits johnny holton right in the picnic basket.
9:55 pm
64-yard touchdown. raiders within three. third quarter broncos up nine. carr gets sacked here, takes a knee to the back. he would leave the game and not return. coach del rio said carr suffered back spasms. he said it wasn't that big of a deal, he'll be okay. so e.j. manuel came in for carr. he was playing well until this. under two minutes to go, raiders driving. chance to win it. and he's picked off. broncos win 16-10. the raiders drop to 2-2 on the season. marshawn lynch didn't do much in the game but before the game the raiders running back made headlines because of this. he entered the stadium way t-shirt that read "everybody versus trump." all season lynch has sat during the national anthem but his teammates joined him last sunday after president trump's criticism of nfl players protesting during the anthem. but today he was the only raider who sat. it was the season finale for the giants. they hosted the padres. no bp today. instead players were signing autographs.
9:56 pm
bottom four runners on the corners, nick lundly grounds into a fielder's choice. brandon crawford would score. ties the game at 4. one out for pablo sandoval. adios, folks. yes, a walk-off home run. what a way to end the season. third career walk-off homer. his first since 2013. giants win 5-4. after 13 seasons with the giants matt cain is calling it a career at the age of 33. after the giants' dramatic finish today. cain had one last chance to thank the fans and here's what he had to say. >> san francisco, thank you for putting this jersey on me. thank you for the organization. thank you for allowing me to be in your city. for all these years. and really opening your arms up to me and love me. thank you. i cannot say enough to the city and how much you guys mean to me. appreciate it so much.
9:57 pm
>> man, i love that. from all of us here we wish cain nothing but the best. congrats on a memorable career. so the horse riding off into the sunset. awesome. that's it for sports. see you. one kind of sports story to go. it's called the president's cup. it's only fitting that the president would make an appearance, right? president trump on hand in new jersey today to witness the united states defeat the international team in golf. team usa winning handily. mr. trump the first president to take part in the trophy ceremony. the very first. he dedicated the u.s. win to the victims in puerto rico. in spite of some criticism. as we reported, the administration has been accused of not doing enough to help the hurricane victims in puerto rico. vianey arana with one last check of your forecast. sxwlen joy the cooler temperatures. i've been enjoying the cooler weekend because we do have a couple changes on the way. i do want to emphasize the fact that red flag warning has been extended through turs night and that means there's an elevated
9:58 pm
fire danger because those winds will be kicking up overnight it and into the morning hours for the coast and also into the hills. 73 degrees by tuesday as we head into thursday and friday. we get a building ridge of high pressure. what that means is that we are expecting a warm-up in our temperatures. 85 degrees by friday and saturday and sunday we're talking about possibly 90s in some inland spots. return of a little bit of summer. >> very good. thanks very much. and thank you for watching. "dateline's" up next. see you back here at 11:00. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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