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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 1, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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we're still looking wewe day. concern at cal tonight. students there on edge, after a student was attacked. right now at 11:00, concern at cal tonight. students there on edge after a student was attacked. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. a student beaten unconscious outside his dorm. tonight uc berkeley police are searching for the suspects as students voice concern over their safety. nbc bay area's marianne favro live at uc berkeley with the very latest on a very disturbing story. marianne. >> reporter: it certainly is, terry. the student was attacked here outside this dorm, which is known as unit 3. and students who live here tell us he had just stepped outside to make a call on his cell phone when he was attacked. >> he got i think hit in the back of the head and beat up.
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i know his face is a little bit hurt. so pretty crazy. it just like happened on the street. >> reporter: tonight uc berkeley police are looking for three men who beat a student unconscious right outside his dorm. students say the victim is a cal baseball player. >> he's not a threatening kid at all. he's like a very mild-mannered kid. he's really nice. he would never do anything to like incite an incident like this. >> reporter: uc berkeley police say the victim told them the attack just before 1:00 this morning was unprovoked. an plans took the student to the hospital, where he was treated and released. he's back in his dorm tonight. tonight police sent out this warning to students telling them about the aggravated assault. >> it just shows how up safe the area is for the students. >> reporter: the suspects were last seen walking away here on durant avenue. students are shaken by the attack and tonight many are pledging to be more vigilant. >> it shakes you up because it's
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like happening so close to you. >> reporter: so far police have made no arrests in this case. reporting live in berkeley, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> all right, marianne, thank you very much. right now we are following breaking news out of las vegas. police there investigating reports of a shooting near mandalay bay resort and casino. reports on social media say the shooting happened at a music festiv festival. we're going to continue to follow the story and bring you updates throughout this newscast. jury selection begins tomorrow in the bay area murder trial that has gained national attention. jose inez garcia sarate is accused of killing kate steinle on a san francisco pier two years ago. his attorneys claim it's an accidental shooting. the case is especially high-profile because of the debate over undocumented immigrants and sanctuary cities. sarate was in the country illegally and had been deported several times. because of san francisco's sanctuary city law he had been released from custody just months before the shooting.
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a deadly crash outside a popular restaurant remains under investigation. a man hit and killed by a chp officer outside of sam's chowder house in half moon bay. the crash happened in happened in the northbound lane last night as the man was crossing the highway after leaving that restaurant. some customers are saying this is an especially dangerous stretch of highway. nbc bay area's sergio quintana live in half moon bay tonight with more on that. sergio. >> reporter: terry, this is a very busy road. i was actually talking to one of the chp investigators this afternoon who says that when he was out here last night one of the first things he noticed was just how dark things are. let me show you how dark it is once we turn down the light on our camera. it's basically pitch dark. this afternoon a special traffic investigator with the california highway patrol was doing a follow-up on last night's deadly crash. a team of investigators will be using video from the officer's
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dash cam to help piece together this accident. >> our vehicles are equipped with cameras. that's something we're definitely going to be looking at to see what happens. >> reporter: according to the chp, their officer was traveling north on california highway 1. the 74-year-old pedestrian was crossing the road when the patrol cruiser hit him. he died on scene. the officer was uninjured. this stretch of highway 1 through half moon bay is very busy. we noticed lots of people parking their vehicles and scrambling across the road to get to sam's chowder house. >> taking our lives in our hands. it's very hard to get across the street. the constant line of traffic ever since we arrived here. >> it's crazy with the traffic. it gets hard to cross streets. it's hard to pull out. no parking anywhere. >> reporter: when the sun sets it gets very dark out here. there are no street lamps. the only light seems to come from the glow of the restaurant sign across the road. the chp officer who was involved
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in this accident was uninjured. he has been pulled from patrol as this investigation continues, which is standard procedure. reporting live in half moon bay, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, sergio. we have been following the story all day on as the investigation unfolds we're going to bring you the updates on digital platforms. just follow us on twitter and facebook. following up now on that deadly crash on interstate 880 police have now identified the victims. the crash happened early saturday morning. police are saying one car was headed the wrong way on the freeway without its lights on before striking another car. both drivers died. and the victims have been identified as 23-year-old jennifer ruiz of san leandro and 26-year-old joelle hutchison of oakland. it's unclear which driver was driving the wrong way. east oakland youth development center posted condolences to hutchinson on its facebook page. the center says she took part in the center's program. the post on a go fund me page started by hutchinson's sister
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says hutchinson was celebrating her birthday the night of that crash. we're learning new details about the shooting deaths of two people in a car in san francisco. police have identified the man and woman killed as 24-year-old angel regoza and 24-year-old susanna robles degeneres. both lived in san francisco. the two were found yesterday morning in a car in the dolores heights neighborhood. first responders found both suffering from gunshots wounds. they also found a gun in the car. it's not clear what led up to that shooting but investigators believe they do not believe a suspect is at large. o.j. simpson is a free man. today he walked out of a nevada correctional facility after serving nine years for a botched armed robbery attempt in las vegas. we've just learned that simpson will be staying with a friend in las vegas at least for the immediate future. he's ultimately trying to return to florida. but state leaders are trying to keep him out. nbc's dan sheneman has more.
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>> come on out. >> reporter: without fanfare or media scrutiny o.j. simpson walked out of prison shortly after midnight. >> he left at 12:08. it was very unremarkable. there was nothing unique about it. >> reporter: not long after his release a camera crew caught up to him at a gas station. >> i'm in a car for the last five hours. how do i know how it feels to be out? and hey, man, look, i've been in nowhere, cal -- i've been in nowhere, usa for the last nine years doing nothing. nothing has changed in my life. what do you guys -- what do you expect? >> reporter: simpson spent nine years behind bars after he was convicted of armed robbery in 2008. in july of this year nevada's parole board granted his freedom. >> i've done my time. you know, i've done it as well and as respectfully as i think anybody can. >> reporter: simpson's release comes 22 years to the week after he was acquitted in the murders of his ex-wife, nicole simpson, and her friend ronald goldman. a civil court later found him liable for the killings and ordered him to pay millions to survivors. the late ronald goldman's father
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was appalled to learn of simpson's parole. >> not too terribly thrilled that any horrible human being, certainly he is included in that description, gets out of jail. >> reporter: simpson is expected to eventually settle in florida. his top priority, according to his attorney, will be family. >> he's going to be able to hug those family members on the outside. >> reporter: simpson's attorney predicts his client will be a model parolee and be off parole within two years. dan sheneman, nbc news. now to a developing story overseas. hundreds have been injured after a controversial vote in spain. the catalonia region voted today for independence. but the spanish government declared the referendum illegal. nearly 800 people were injured when police moved in to shut down polling booths. world leaders criticized the spanish government for its response. catalan officials say most of the 2 million people who voted want to break from spain. it's unclear whether catalonia
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will be able to declare its independence. another day of protests across the nfl. and for the first time since a message by president trump sparked controversy, as you can see the 49ers showed their stance before the game. several players took a knee during the national anthem. the team sent out a statement saying that the goal of the demonstration was to inspire unity. you might recall it was former 49er colin kaepernick who started the protest movement during national anthems last season. we're going to have much more on the 49ers and their game against the arizona cardinals coming up a bit later in sports. fleet week has arrived in san francisco, meaning the blue angels and the parade of ships of course, but also first responders preparing for a major emergency. military personnel and local first responders are going to be take part in a disaster training scenario at zuckerberg general hospital tomorrow. they're going to be practicing as if an earthquake hit and there was a need for medical assistance with limited resources. >> and we're going to be rehearsing medical surge. so anytime a hospital has a
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surge capability, you're going to see multiple field hospitals being set up in the parking lot to show what are the capabilities that will come out. >> fleet week also means heightened security on land and on the bay. millions of people expected to ring the bay for that week-long event. it's going to be a busy week in san francisco, not just fleet week. today was also the opening of the massive oracle open world conference. some 60,000 people are to attend the event in the coming days. mayor ed lee doing his part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony you saw there a moment ago. oracle co-founder larry ellison the keynote speaker tonight. but it's not just techies speaking at the event. actor joseph gordon leavitt's going to be there. so will former california senator barbara boxer. oracle open world runs through thursday. most of the events take place at the moscone center. big traffic jams down there. an investigation in southern california. parents being told to collect musical instruments handed out to their kids.
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the criminal investigation making national headlines. plus it's one local story apparently you don't want to mess with. incredible video of workers taking the law into their own hands. plus the warriors head coach left behind. why steve kerr was forced to stay behind while the team flew to china. and beautiful skies overlooking san francisco. this is a gorgeous live shot. what can we expect for the second day of october? will we be seeing cooler temperatures or a warm-up in the trend? i'll have all the answers coming up in just a bit. the move a south bay council member is trying to take... to save you money. plus, the reason why you may have to pay more starting next week if you take the train to work. monday morning from 4:30 to 7.
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chase. police there, investigating reports of an active shooter we continue to follow breaking news out of las vegas. police there investigating reports of an active shooter near mandalay bay resort and casino. we have some video from social media just in to our newsroom. and reports say the shooting happened at a music festival. there was a route 91 festival going on across the street from mandalay bay this weekend. a campbell resident tells us family members were at the music festival and heard rapid gunfire. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you updates throughout this newscast. now to the latest in washington. the big week ahead for the president after his controversial comments about puerto rico. the president will be heading to
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puerto rico on tuesday amid criticism his administration hasn't done enough to help the territory. nbc's jennifer johnson has more from washington. >> reporter: with about 95% of residents without power and running water, puerto rico is still reeling from hurricane maria. president trump goes there tuesday after publicly criticizing the mayor of san juan for not doing enough to help her own people. she had attacked the trump administration's inaction. >> i am mad as hell. >> reporter: today a more conciliatory tone. >> there's only one goal, and it's saving lives. so any dialogue that goes on just has to be able to produce results. >> reporter: the white house is defending the president and says the u.s. is spending hundreds of millions to help. >> when the president gets attacked, he attacks back. and i think the mayor's comments were unfair given what the federal government has done. >> reporter: the president tweeted sunday, "we have done a great job with the almost impossible situation in puerto rico. outside of the fake news or politically motivated ingrates."
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but critics aren't backing down. >> the president, instead of tweeting against the mayor of san juan, who's watching her people die and just made a plea for help, ought to roll up his sleeves and get to work here. >> the president also tweeted sunday a message to his secretary of state, who's trying to work out a diplomatic solution with north korea's volatile leader. "i told rex tillerson that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man. save your energy, rex. we'll do what has to be done." jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. and in his latest tweet this evening the president said being nice to north korea failed for presidents clinton, bush, and obama and president trump said he won't fail. we're going to have more coverage of the relief efforts in puerto rico a little bit later in this newscast. the u.s. supreme court returns to work tomorrow facing a blockbuster docket. justices are due to hear arguments on same-sex marriage, state regulation of sports betting, and the privacy of cell phone users among other issues.
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the president's travel ban also on the docket. attorneys for both sides say they are set to tell the court what they think should be done with challenges to president trump's authority to issue executive orders. that is coming up on thursday. another deadly attack in france, this time at the st. charles train station in marseille. police say a man killed two women there with a knife. nearby soldiers on patrol shot and killed him afterwards. a witness says the soldiers reacted quickly. >> translator: was there a panic? >> translator: yes, yes. it was total panic. we were taken out but the police i was surprised intervened very, very quickly. >> in the wake of many terror attacks in the last few years the french government has beefed up security forces near popular tourist sites. the killings are being investigated as a possible act of terror. the two victims were 17 and 20 years old. new at 11:00, parents in southern california on alert as a music teacher is accused of passing out instruments tainted with bodily fluids.
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the students were part of a program called flutes across the world. several school districts have told parents to put the flutes in a paper bag and then turn them in as evidence. parents say it led to difficult discussions with their children. >> well, you have to read in between the lines. and most likely it's not sweat. >> i had to hear it a second time. it made me sick to my stomach. >> reporter: a statement from los angeles unified school district says at least 13 districts could be involved. federal investigators want to test all the instruments they think that teacher contaminated. an apology from facebook's founder. getting a lot of attention tonight. ceo mark zuckerberg wrote a post online saying he was sorry for how his site divided people during the election. his comments were vague but they appear to be in reaction to allegations facebook didn't do enough to stop the spread of fake news, which a lot of people believe influenced the presidential election. tomorrow facebook said it would turn over 3,000 ads to congress. and those ads were bought by
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users in russia. in his apology zuckerberg said, "i will work to do better." the golden state warriors flew out to china today for two preseason games. but the team was missing a very key member. their head coach. steve kerr traveled separately from the team because of a passport delay. the team's spokesperson confirmed there was a delay in transporting some passports to the warriors from a processing center. none of the players were affected. the warriors are going to be playing two preseason games against minnesota in china. a harley-davidson dealership in the east bay has a warning for potential criminals. steal from them and you'll get your windshield smashed. mcguire harley-davidson in pacheco posted surveillance video after a theft on friday. check this out. you can see several workers running after the suspect, who jumps into a car. one worker leaps onto the suspect's hood and breaks the windshield. the store is asking anyone who recognizes that man or the car to contract police. several jackets were stolen.
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vianey joining us now with a look at the forecast. we've got a red flag alert for the next -- it's been extended, right? >> yeah, it's been extended. originally it was set to expire tonight but now it's been extended until tuesday. and now it's because those winds have been sticking around longer than we thought. we're also going to pair that with relatively low humidity. the cooler temperatures we've been enjoying will be sticking around for one or two more days along with the clear skies. here's a live look right now over san jose as the city's going to sleep although i have a feeling some folks are still going to be out. if you're one of those folks that is out and about it's a little bit chilly in some spots right now. san jose 61 degrees. hayward 58 degrees. oakland in the 50s. and along the coastline expect for the winds to start picking up into tonight and the overnight hours. what that means is we could also see some pretty strong gusts out there. let's get a quick check of that temperature trend, what you can expect overnight and early morning as you wake up for work. by about 3:00 a.m. we'll drop down into the lower 50s, then we'll kind of stay at about 55
11:20 pm
degrees for san jose, at least through about the 6:00, 7:00 a.m. hour before we start to see an increase in those temperatures. now, for san francisco expect to have a breezy to windy coast, definitely starting off with some nice clear skies, which will be great. we haven't seen much of that fog the past couple of days. 58 degrees by 4:00 a.m. by 5:00 a.m. we will be in the upper 50s. so if you have to be up for work or you like to go on morning runs there's a quick check of your morning forecast. we've had this red flag warning in place for the past couple of days and it was set to expire tonight but that has been extended through tuesday and the reason for this is we've still got plenty of cool air coming in and this dry, dry cool air is going to keep us so cool in some spots but it's also going to kick up those winds, which is why the highlighted areas are expected to remain under a red flag warning at least through tuesday night. expect winds to kick up anywhere between possibly 10, 25-plus miles per hour, which means as of right now outdoor burning is
11:21 pm
not recommended. another thing, too, if you have any outdoor patio, furniture or anything that needs to be tied down, it might be a good idea to do it now. overnight winds could be be kicking up. so you could be missing some lawn chairs and also create a safety concern. livermore 80 degrees, san jose 76. oakland 75. and san francisco 72. expect those comfortable weather -- or the comfortable temperatures to stick around through wednesday. we keep the 70s in the forecast through tuesday and wednesday, and then as we head into thursday we've got a little bit of a changing weather pattern. we're going to welcome in a ridge of high pressure and what that ridge of high pressure is going to do is going to warm us up again into the 70s and 80s in some spots. if you pay attention to next weekend, well, we're going to be climbing right back up into the upper 80s, possibly seeing the return of some 90s in the forecast. but tonight's biggest impact as we head into monday is going to be the wind. so please keep that in mind. >> vianey, thank you so much.
11:22 pm
and still to come, we continue to follow breaking news. an active shooter investigation in las vegas. there are reports it happened at a music festival near the mandalay bay resort and casino. these are pictures from las vegas tonight. active scene right now. an update coming up in just a bit.
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for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. police are investigating reports of an active shooter want to give you an update now on breaking news out of las vegas. police are investigating reports of an active shooter near mandalay bay resort and casino. reports say the shooting happened at a music festival. local hospitals say multiple people have been injured. a campbell resident tells us family members were at the music festival. quite possibly the route 91 festival across the street from
11:26 pm
mandalay bay. and this family from campbell reports their family member heard rapid gunfire. we've now learned flights have been grounded at the las vegas airport. we're going to continue to follow this story, bring you updates throughout the newscast. all of that happening in las vegas right now. now to the latest in puerto rico. where cries for help are growing louder amid the very public dispute between president trump and the mayor of san juan. some are asking where is fema and are relief supplies getting to people who need them the most? nbc's ron mott reports from san juan. >> reporter: in the city of rio grandee, just 21 miles east of san juan, this baseball stadium is where locals are being told to go for fema aid. except today it's empty and officials say it won't be ready for another five days. more than two weeks since hurricane maria made landfall. for now the mayor and police chief say food and water are being distributed at three shelters. not easy for even an experienced news crew to find. >> they know where the shelters are? >> many of them. many of them, yeah. >> reporter: we spent the day
11:27 pm
looking for people getting the emergency aid that's supposed to be flowing out of 11 fema distribution centers to local authorities around the island. what we found was confusion. local officials couldn't point us to the centers where people could get relief supplies. meantime, the port is overflowing with cargo containers ready for delivery. congressman luis gutierrez has spent three days on the island. >> hundreds of thousands of people live there. and they're disconnected. they're isolated. those people are literally with lack of communication to anything in the world. >> reporter: where there are supplies lines are long, frustrations ample. on the east coast retired police lieutenant luis carmelo cruz is living next door with his elderly parents. his home littering the landscape. destroyed. food supply down to a day or two. >> so you lost everything. >> everything. >> reporter: his life, like thousands of others here, hanging in the balance. prayers for help not yet fully answered. ron mott, nbc news, san juan.
11:28 pm
germany celebrated its first same-sex marriage today. the law passed back in june with a surprise vote in parliament that came into effect today and two men were ready for it. they've been together for 38 years, finally got married today. back in 2002 germany allowed for registered partnerships but same-sex couples received less benefits than opposite sex couples. germany is the 23rd country to legalize same-sex marriage. turning it over to sports now, a very difficult day for the raiders and the niners. here's fallon smith. >> a businessy day in bay area sports down at at&t park. a pair of giants legends made the final game of the season a memorable one. plus the raiders and 49ers both in action against division rivals. but the raiders have news on franchise quarterback derek carr. we'll have more on that next in sports.
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i'm fallon smith at the xfinity sports desk. so it wasn't a good day for both bay area football teams, but let's start with the 49ers. it has to be demoralizing to come so close to winning your first game of the season, only to fall short. and that is exactly what happened to the 49ers for two straight weeks. 49ers in arizona taking on the cardinals. it was the battle of kickers. both teams knocked in four field goals each in regulation. game was tied at 12. so we went to overtime. and in o.t. 49ers up three after another field goal. but carson palmer finds guess what. the old man, larry fitzgerald. for the 19-yard touchdown. game over. cardinals win 18-15. 49ers now 0-4 on the season. well, before their game the
11:32 pm
49ers showed a displayoff unity and urged others to follow their example via a statement they released. now players, coaches, and staff members formed two lines along the team's sideline. approximately 30 players took a knee during the national anthem while others stood behind them saluting the flag. raiders at denver. second quarter, denver up 10-0. derek carr goes deep. hello johnny holton right in the picnic basket. 64-yard touchdown. raiders within three. third quarter broncos up nine. carr gets sacked. and he takes a knee to his back. he would leave the game and not return. coach del rio, though, says carr suffered back spasms. it wasn't that big of a deal, he'll be okay. e.j. manuel came in for carr. he was playing well till this. under two minutes to go. oh, my goodness, the raiders had a chance to win it, and he's intercepted. broncos hold on to win 16-10. the raiders drop to 2-2 on the season. now, marshawn lynch didn't do much in the game, but before the game the raiders running
11:33 pm
back made headlines. he entered the stadium wearing a t-shirt that read "everybody versus trump." now, all season he sat during the national anthem. but his teammates joined him last sunday after his criticism of nfl players protesting during the anthem. but today he was the only raider who sat. it was the season finale for the giants. they hosted the padres. no bp today. instead players came out to sign autographs. pretty cool. bottom four, runners on the corners. nick hundley grounded to a fielder's choice. brandon crawford would score. ties the game at 4. bottom nine now, one out for pablo sandoval. adios. walk-off home run. what a way to end the season. it's panda's third career walk-off homer, his first since 2013. giants win 5-4. wow. after 13 seasons with the giants matt cain is calling it a career at the age of 33. now, after the giants' dramatic finish today, cain had one last chance to thank the fans, and
11:34 pm
here's what he had to say. >> san francisco, thank you for putting this jersey on me. thank you for the organization. thank you for allowing me to be in your city for all these years and really opening your arms up to me and love me. thank you. i cannot say enough to the city and how much you guys mean to me. appreciate it so much. >> that was awesome. and from all of us here we wish cain nothing but the best. congrats on a memorable career. the horse running off into the sunset. pretty cool. that's it for sports. see you.
11:35 pm
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reports of an active shooter. just got some new video, and you can hear the rapid gunfire. ♪ [ gunfire ] >> the sound of an automatic weapon unloading, apparently at this festival. a music festival near the mandalay bay casino. apparently the route 91 country music festival. local hospitals are saying that they are taking in several people with gunshot wounds. and we have video from the ground right here. you can see the massive presence from first responders. an army of cops. we are hearing there's a sea of ambulances there as well. people scrambling to run away from the scene. >> people running out of everywhere, and they were really -- the police were really unaware of where the person was, this way, that way. s.w.a.t. everywhere. >> flights have been grounded at las vegas mccarron international airport. flight activity has been impacted. police in las vegas are saying
11:37 pm
avoid the south end of the vegas strip. we're going to continue to update this story as more information becomes available. it is the tallest dam in the country, and we saw the problems earlier this year. the spillway collapsed, forcing 200,000 people from their homes. and now we've uncovered more problems with the oroville dam. the entire dam could fail, which could impact our water supply. senior investigative reporter steven stock has been on this case for six months. >> reporter: this independent forensic report just released says that the state failed to use modern engineering standards to address spillway back in february. but our investigation uncovered warning after warning that the dam itself needs serious attention and repair. problems that two former state insiders tell us are being kicked down the road and not being fully addressed now. all summer and into the fall
11:38 pm
work on oroville's collapsed spillway has forged on at a furious pace. as california's department of water resources races the clock to repair the mile-long spillway before the next rainy season. but it's what's not currently getting all this attention to concerns several engineers we spoke with. >> they don't know what to do. >> reporter: state water project engineer don colson retired 20 years ago after working on many facilities including oroville dam and its spillway. >> i think it has failed. it just hasn't collapsed. >> reporter: we examined two decad decades' worth of federal and state inspection reports, consultant letters and memos, nearly 10,000 documents in all. they repeatedly identify safety issues which concerned several engineers we spoke with. issues such as a 15-foot-long crack in the concrete at gate 8 in the dam's headworks or flood control structure that appears to be groelg. spalling, or deterioration of concrete in other areas. cracking tennion or trunion rods
11:39 pm
that helped move the gates which control the flow of water through the dam. and failure to come up with a long-term plan acceptable to inspectors which would monitor the amount and flow of water that naturally goes through the earthen dam. if that water comes out at the wrong place and at the wrong speed, it could wash the dam away. >> my driving force is out of concern for the public. >> reporter: this recently retired high-level dwr administrator who asked to be called mark also worked as a field engineer on the state water project. >> and they're not addressing issues that have been raised, pointed out, documented in previous division safety of the dam inspection reports. >> reporter: mark joined another retired dwr engineer tony, who worked on state water projects including oroville dam. both wanted to share their knowledge from the inside about how dwr runs, manages, and maintains its dams. >> they have a tendency to reduce -- try and reduce their maintenance cost by trying to do
11:40 pm
things themselves and not getting adequate technical help. >> reporter: they asked us to conceal their identities because both fear their pensions could be taken away for speaking out publicly. >> you're going to have a catastrophic structural failure that's going to not allow you to operate that facility the way it's supposed to. >> we're pretty confident that, you know, the dam is safe. >> reporter: joe ledesma serves as deputy director. he was there calling the shots when oroville spillway began to fail. >> we lose that and we knew that was a problem not only for public safety but the environment itself and the dam structure. >> reporter: this is led es ma's first extensive interview since that spillw waway back in febru. >> is the rest of the dam safe? >> yes. i think from today's assessments, inspections we've had, you know, structural engineers looking at those cracks. so today, yes. obviously we need to keep
11:41 pm
monitoring. we need to improve our maintenance program. >> reporter: critics such as the engineers who used to work at dwr say these issues must be addressed now. issues like that crack which this report shows in red paint and says is growing in length. >> cracks like that could really weaken the structure to the point where it could lead to a failure. >> well, i think that's probably a miscommunication that's been growing. i had communications with our dam safety engineers, and it has not grown. >> reporter: the cracks in the tendons or trunion rods that control the flood control gates worry engineers even more. 28 of those have cracks 1/32 of an inch or bigger. 16 have cracks 1/16 of an inch. more precise tests are called for. >> back 15 years ago when we were looking at it these bolts were cracking and failing.
11:42 pm
if this gate fails, you're not going to be able to control the releases out of oroville. >> when i show you that, what does that say to you as an engineer? >> it tells me we've got a problem. and it tells me that we're lucky that it hasn't manifest tdself to a great problem and a crisis. >> reporter: but what does the largest critical questions from the half dozen engineers we spoke to was this. dwr has failed to develop "a plan for long-term monitoring of water that naturally leaks through the earthen dam. what's known as the friatic surface." inspectors raised this concern repeatedly in report after report over the last five years. it was listed on the most recent inspection report as the top issue to address. the reason, to keep the dam safe experts say dwr must know with certainty how much water is coming out of the dam and where. because if water flows out of the dam face instead of at the dam's toe erosion can occur and
11:43 pm
the entire dam could wash away. >> clearly, federal monitors are concerned about this issue. >> we have a monitoring system today. obviously, dsod and ferc want us to improve that. >> but forgive me, the fact they keep repeated and pointing it out and pointing it out means it hasn't been addressed yet. what's taken so long to address these issues? >> you know, that i can't answer. and so is that something we could -- i could get back to you on on why so long? i don't have an answer for that. >> reporter: dwr never did get back to us on that question of why all this is taking so long. they also would not slet us see or take our own pictures up close of that large crack at gate 8. but they continue to insist the dam itself is safe, even after admitting that they also never expected that main spillway chute, or the emergency spalway to fail like it did back in february. i'm steven stock, nbc bay area news. >> tough a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us
11:44 pm
an e-mail to stay with us. we're going to be right back with an update on the situation in las vegas. dramatic video from social
11:45 pm
11:46 pm
♪ [ rapid gunfire ] stunning video from social media of an active shooting in las vegas. you hear the pop pop pop from an automatic weapon in the background as the concert goes
11:47 pm
on. reportedly happening at a music festival, the route 91 country music festival near the mandalay bay casino. video from the ground shows the massive police presence. hospitals reporting multiple injuries. unconfirmed reports from police scanners say one suspect has been shot at the mandalay bay casino. the "los angeles times" is reporting that two people are dead and two dozen wounded as a result of the shooting. las vegas police are saying that you should avoid the south end of the strip. las vegas mccarron international airport flight activity reported. some flights being canceled because of the threat from the shooter. and again the university medical center in las vegas taking in several people with gunshot wounds. and the "l.a. times" is saying there are 24 wounded and two people dead. there are reports that the shooting came from a higher area down onto the concert. where obviously thousands of people were. an active and chaotic situation in las vegas right now. we're going to continue to provide updates as more
11:48 pm
information becomes available. all right. vianey arana is joining us now, trying to -- it is a very difficult thing, especially in las vegas, so many people in the bay area have been there and know exactly where the mandalay bay casino resort is. and wishing for a very -- the most positive outcome you could have after the tragedy that we've been describing. >> several people i saw are trying to reach out to their loved ones out there, and that's going to be another tough situation. >> i saw that. i imagine calling, no answer, your first thought may be the most negative, may not be the case, but we'll find out as time goes by. we've got a workweek coming up and we've got a warning of -- >> got a red flag warning. and that means fire danger will be a threat. and we can of course expect to see the winds picking up through tonight and into tomorrow, which is why the red flag warning was extended through turs. and basically what that means is we've got some low relative humidity and with the winds picking up we've got these dry
11:49 pm
winds. that brings a concern for elevat elevated areas mountains and the hillsides for the north bay and east bay. right now if you're heading outside the temperatures remain pretty comfortable along the peninsula. still enjoying the clear skies. a fogless coastline at 60 degrees right now. 59 degrees for the tri-valley, 61 for the south bay. san francisco 60 degrees. the east bay's about 55 and the north bay at about 60 degrees. now, let's talk about that red flag warning. the reason we're still keeping this red flag warning in place is because that system that kind of cools us down as early as thursday, it's going to interact way ridge of high pressure that's building just over the pacific. and that interaction is going to kick up those winds. it's already kicked up some of the winds, especially for the hillside areas. so at this point outdoor burning is not recommended, especially for hillside areas, or if you know that there is some dry brush. peak winds, for today at the early morning hour, actually earlier today we did hit 50-plus-mile-an-hour winds at
11:50 pm
mount diabolo. half moon bay winds up to 40 miles per hour. monterey 36 miles per hour. and even in stris we did see some winds of about 34 miles per hour as well and we are expecting periods of sxon off again gusty conditions. into the overnight hours and the early morning hours. don't be surprised if you hear the winds. especially if you notice in napa we're talking about 38-plus mile per-hour winds. at about 10:30 a.m. and along the coastline, even along half moon bay. and the winds will be sticking around overnight. if you notice by about 5:00 a.m. still looking at 29 miles per hour. and that will persist through monday afternoon. but those temperatures for tomorrow will remain on the cooler side, more seasonable. livermore 80 degrees. san jose expect a high of 76. oakland 80. san francisco 72. over the next several days we have a couple of changes on the way. we'll keep the cooler temperatures through wednesday, then as we head through thursday and friday that's where we've got our biggest change coming and it's going to come in the form of a ridge of high pressure. and what that high pressure is going to do is it's going to
11:51 pm
warm us up by about ten-plus degrees in some areas. so these nice fall-like temperatures we've been enjoying since thursday, well, they're going to warm up as early as thursday and we will keep the sunny skies. on thaend of the spectrum it is good we'll be keeping the sunshine but expect the possibility of some 90s in some inland areas for next weekend. although i do think it will make for some pretty decent beach weather. but remember, that red flag warning is in place through tuesday evening. >> all right, vianey, thanks so much. still ahead our breaking news coverage continues. chaos in las vegas, where a shooting investigation under way. a mass shooting investigation. a lot of speculation on social media right now about how many people have been hurt. we've got an update next.
11:52 pm
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. ♪ [ rapid gunfire ] dramatic video from las vegas. an active shooting going on.
11:54 pm
you hear the music, then you hear the rapid fire of an automatic weapon. it happened at a music festival near the mandalay bay casino. the route 91 country music festival. "los angeles times" is reporting that there have been two people killed, 24 people wounded. this is video from the ground showing the massive police presence. we just saw a shot of the crowd. thousands of people were there. hospitals reporting a number of injuries. university medical center in las vegas taking in some of the people with gunshot wounds. again, the "times," "l.a. times" reporting two dozen people wounded. unconfirmed reports from police scanners say one suspect has been shot at the mandalay bay casino. it's an active scene. it's a chaotic scene. witnesses again talking about that automatic gunfire and the number of people who were hit. they were just sitting outside. also reports the gunfire came from above, shooting down on the crowd that we saw. the thousands of people who were gathered there. so a mass shooting in las vegas
11:55 pm
tonight near the mandalay bay casino at a country festival, country music festival called the route 91 festival. and the "l.a. times" reporting two dead and 24 wounded as a result. and you can see the massive police presence. we are also seeing reports of a massive ambulance response. they're trying to get the victims out there have and try to find the people -- person or people responsible for this. again, a report that there is one person, a shooter, that has been taken down at the mandalay bay casino. maybe more. we'll be right back.
11:56 pm
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11:58 pm
there has been a report of an active shooter near mandalay bay resort and casino. there's video and you can hear on it automatic weapons being fired into a crowd gathered at a country music festival. the route 91 festival. across the street from the mandalay bay casino. "los angeles times" is reporting two people are dead, at least 24 people are wounded. a campbell resident is telling us their family members were at the festival, heard the gunfire. we've now learned flights have been grounded at las vegas airport. nbc network has areport coming up in just minutes. good night. we're in beautiful
11:59 pm
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hope sound, florida with australia jan golf this is an nbc news special report. we come to you with breaking news out of las vegas where we have reports of multiple people possibly being shot during the harvest festival on the las vegas strip. they're investigating the active shooter. our nbc affiliate in las vegas knbc has been reporting. we're going to joe fryer who is in the four season tower which is near mandole bay where all of this happened at 10:30 p.m. ea


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