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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 3, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ones still search for answers. the vigils held for those who lost their loved ones and what we are learning about the victims. also ahead, new information on the gunman, the raids on multiple homes and the search for a possible motive. "today in the bay" continues right now. a lot of new news coming into the news room this tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marcus washington. still, a lot of people thinking about what's going on in las vegas. >> trying to figure it out. we are following breaking news. in the last few minutes, we learned sadly, two women in the bay area are among the 59 killed in the massacre. let's get to pete suratos in san francisco with information just coming in. pete? >> reporter: that's right, marcus and laura. the story we brought you in the past half hour, of the wife of a san francisco police officer, who went missing during the
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chaos of the las vegas mass shooting that took place a couple days ago has passed away. we learned that from her son, from her brother-in-law, who posted this message on facebook. we are going to show you a picture of her. she has just passed away. that is what we are learning from her brother-in-law. it is with a heavy heart and sorry she passed away. please pray for the family during this difficult time. she leaves behind two beautiful children and amazing husband. thank you to everyone for all the support everyone offered. we will dearly miss you, stacy. she went missing at the route 91 harvest festival in vegas. she went with her husband over the weekend. when the shooting occurred, her husband hid them behind scaffolding and her husband noticed a woman nearby them was hit and at that time, he treated her and told his wife and group
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of friends to run for safety. that is the last time he saw her. she did not have a phone or id with her. as i reported here, stacy has passed away. unfortunately, we share this. back to you guys in the news room. >> pete suratos, thank you very much. just tragic. more breaking news this morning. nbc bay area learned a 2003 graduate of san jose independent high school was also killed. this was a picture of the 32-year-old, living in los angeles. raj mathai is in las vegas this morning gathering more information about her death and her life. he is going to bring us a live report in about 30 minutes. >> meantime, so many questions remain after the vegas attack. this is a live look at the mandalay bay resort where the gunman opened fire from the 32nd
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floor. >> here is what we know right now. as we mentioned, the death toll stands at 59 this morning. at least 527 others were injured in the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. investigators say the gunman, 64-year-old stephen paddock, acted alone. 23 guns were found in his room at mandalay bay and 19 more found at his home in mesquite, nevada, 80 miles outside of las vegas. president trump will visit las vegas tomorrow called the shooting an act of pure evil. in addition to the two bay area women killed, we are learning more about some of the other victims in the shooting. they include an emergency room nurse in las vegas for his wedding anniversary. he died protecting his wife from the gunfire. another was a military veteran who served in afghanistan as well as a police records technician from manhattan beach
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in southern california. las vegas is rallying together to honor the victims. a lot of victims were held honoring those who were killed and injured. >> this morning, vegas waking toup a new reality. >> jay gray was there as the massacre started to unfold along the las vegas strip. he joins us with the reaction from the survivors and the ongoing investigation. >> reporter: overnight, mourning and memorials for the victims in las vegas. so many causing memories. gathering near the site of the attack. others in nashville and across the country, including new york where the empire state building and one world trade went dark. we are learning more about the shooter, 64-year-old stephen paddock and the arsenal inside his hotel suite. >> we have recovered 23 firearms at mandalay bay and 19 firearms
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at his home in mesquite. >> reporter: in that hotel room, more than a dozen assault weapons. we are also hearing more now from those caught in the massacre. >> panic. pure panic. >> reporter: thomas gunderson was hit in the leg. >> i went down and immediately saw blood everywhere. everything was numb. >> reporter: numb. like this city and the nation right now in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. >> cheryl hurd and nbc bay area anchor, raj mathai are both in las vegas gathering the latest from this massacre. raj will bring a live report on breaking news at 6:30. until then, we will post updates on 6:05 right now. president trump will spend the next two days visiting americans
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in crisis. he is heading to las vegas tomorrow. right now, he and the first lady are heading to puerto rico to see the damage left behind by hurricane irma and maria. the first couple will go to san juan to get a briefing on the relief efforts. the president praised u.s. aid. hurricane maria first left 1 million people without power and hurricane maria came along shortly after that, wiping out much of the u.s. territory. the president will meet with people impacted by the storms and visit a church. later, he will meet with governors of puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. >> 6:06. google is backing off what some called an ultimatum to allow new, desperately needed housing in mountainview. the mercury news reports google sent an apology to councilmembers after the company, last week, threatened to bar plans for nearly 10,000
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housing units, if it did not get approval for more office space. most of the new housing would be built on land owned by google. >> all right. it's 6:07. i was looking over the climate records. we haven't had a morning this cool in the north bay since mid may. look how cold it is as you head out in napa. 41 degrees. it's 42 degrees in santa rosa. you do need something nice and warm to get you out the door. look how much cooler it is now compared to yesterday morning in napa. 23 degrees lower. look at morgan hills, two degrees warmer. a wide range in temperatures now that the winds are calming down. we'll talk more about this and break down the temperature trend. mike has an update on the crash in concord. >> plus and minus on the
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temperature front. we are looking at plus for speeds in the south bay and the peninsula. concord, as you mentioned, that is the area i continue to follow this crash, southbound 242 at concord avenue. reports from chp, it moved to the left two lanes, closest to the center divide. it may be there for a while. concord police and chp are saying it will take a while to get the right tow truck there. if you cut down, go toward highway 4 and take 680 toward pleasant hill. that's a better route if you are heading to the walnut creek interchange. a light build in the upper east shore freeway. 27 minutes from highway four to the bay bridge. slowing for the east bay. 680 and 880 heading south from 580 are the slower areas. back to you. >> sounds good. thank you, mike.
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coming up next on "today in the bay," continuing coverage of the deadly las vegas shooting. the simple steps you can take right now to help the victims of the shooting, as well as their loved ones. taking a live look outside from emeryville. you can see right now, traffic is on the go. it is 6:09. you are watching "today in the bay."
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we are coming up on 6:12. it is clear out there this morning as we get a look at san jose. also a really cool start this morning. then, as we go through the day in evergreen, 60 degrees at 10:00 this morning, rising into the upper 70s today. very much like it was yesterday, but it's about to heat up out there as we get closer to the weekend, we'll have a look at that weekend forecast coming up at 6:17. the travel times not hot, slow. slow for highway 37 over that bridge in napa river. meanwhile, the bridge time is fine. the others are slowing westbound. thanks so much, kari and mike. 6:12. we continue to monitor the developments out of las vegas this morning. investigators are still searching for motive in the deadly mass shooting that left 59 dead. many people here at home may be feeling helpless in the wake of
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the shooting. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live this morning to explain what we can do to help those victims of the shooting. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning. the easiest act to take is pull out your credit card and make a donation online. clark county set up a gofundme page called the las vegas victims fund. this will help the people who were entered in the massacre and the family of those killed. they raised almost $3 million so far, short of the goal of $3.5 million. 43,000 people donated. the oakland raiders moving to las vegas donated $50,000 alone. the american red cross is also accepting donations online. pull out your credit card to help those affected by the massacre. mandalay bay is where the shooter gunned down the victims. they tweeted this request for
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certified counselors to volunteer their time. based on tweets, people have volunteered to do that. in las vegas and the city of henderson, a city nearby, people spent several hours in line to donate blood. one waited ten hours but he said it was worth the time. some people showed up at 2:00 this morning, a few hours after the shooting started around 10:00 sunday night. generally speaking, those flood donations should be available within 24-36 hours. reporting live in the news room, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> amaze zing. i just checked that gofundme page, it's over $3 million. we have seen it growing. >> what's happening there is on the hearts of a lot of people. everyone i know is talking about that, including late night talk show hosts paying tribute to the
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victims of the las vegas shooting. >> here is a moment from "the tonight show" with jimmie fallon. >> in the face of tragedy and acts of terror, good still exists in this world. we are here to entertain you tonight and that's what we are going to do. ladies and gentlemen, with help from adam sandler, miley cyrus. ♪ >> also overnight, jimmy kimmel, who is from las vegas, started his show with an emotional message. he tweeted to ban automatic weapons. the monologue is the top trending video on youtube this morning. 6:15 in business and tech news. wells fargo, back in the headlines as the ceo gets ready to talk to lawmakers about fake sales scandals. >> just not going away. for more on that, let's check in
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with landon dowdy, live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> good morning to you both. wall street could be set to test new heights today. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 closing at record levels yesterday. it could have been driven by economic data showing u.s. manufacturing at the highest level since 20 o 04. autosales getting a bump from losses from hurricane harvey and hurricane irma. the nasdaq rising to 6516. the former ceo of equifax will face lawmakers on capitol hill over the data breach. a review boosted the number of potentially affected consumers to 145 million. richard smith will tell congress the u.s. government alerted equifax about it in march, but
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the company did nothing. the ceo of wells fargo will be on capitol hill a year after the bank's scandal broke. tim sloan will say the company remains sorry for the previous practices. employees opened more than 3 million accounts without customer's permission between 2009 and last year as they tried to meet sales targets. they will focus on how wells fargo changed the focus. >> interesting how many companies have had to say, i'm sorry, lately. >> so, one thing i'm not sorry about, the weather. i'm loving it. >> it is cool this week to start out, but it will be heating up as we go toward the end of the week. that's what we'll be watching the next several days. out the door this morning, it does feel really chilly out there in the tri-valley. 46 degrees. and in the peninsula, 51
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degrees. let me show you where the coolest temperatures are. in the north bay, right here, 42 degrees. we are looking live right now. 53 degrees in san francisco. a wide range in temperatures. as we go through the day, we are going to see those highs in east bay and san jose, 79 degrees. it is going to be really comfortable. up to 81 in pleasanton, hayward, a high of 74 degrees. for the peninsula, mid-70s in san mateo and san francisco, 72 degrees and 78 degrees in mill valley. after this cold start, santa rosa, 81 degrees. it is going to be a very nice afternoon. starting out the day in oakland, getting the kids z out the door, low 50s. make sure they have something nice and warm to wear and name tags on because it will be in the low 50s, as they head out to have school, it's going to be really nice. if you are going hiking in the
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south bay, a nice, clear sunrise. yes, the sunrise getting later and later every day. also, sunset. it will be comfortable as we will be in the upper 60s by 6:00 today. warming up as we go through the week, you won't be able to tell that much of a difference in san francisco. look at the inland areas and the valley is going to go from 80 degrees today to almost 90 degrees for the weekend. i'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. mike says it's not too bad for a traffic tuesday. >> we call it traffic tuesday because it's the most traffic than other days of the week. right now, we are easing into the start. mostly green. there's some yellow and orange like the san mateo bridge and build for hay worth. we see the tri-valley with the build for 680 as we have been following travel times. over here, there may be a second back up. perhaps the second crash, again, holding steady, the advice for
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west highway 4 to 680 around the corner, instead of cutting the corner. it will keep you clear of that activity. the upper east shore freeway, no drama. about a half hour. under toward the bay bridge toll plaza. the live camera in palo alto, a light traffic flow. we are seeing more company. this is the bay shore freeway. we look toward waze as well. don't forget the south bay. of course we can't. this is the northbound direction that builds. 101, 87 and 85 showing the build through the route mapped out between 20 and 30 minutes. look, i don't know why, but waze did give you this option, it's weird. i'm not judgmental. >> the scenic route. >> exactly. you choose your route. nbc bay area wazers and depending on whether you want the scenic or direct route.
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>> hope you have a good driving companion. that's a lot of conversation. the reason many people want this historic statue to be removed. on social media, we continue our breaking coverage out of las vegas. two bay area women are among the dead. president trump says we'll be talking about gun laws. follow us to see our tweets. 6:21. you are watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. it is 6:24. developing in mexico, authorities raised the death toll in last month's massive earthquake. 363 people are confirmed dead. the 7.1 magnitude quake struck outside of mexico city. a few active recovery efforts under way. most of the rubble has been cleared. the vast majority of people who died were in buildings that were built before and survived a 1985 earthquake that killed thousands in mexico city. 6:24. happening today, supervisors will consider a plan to overhaul santa clara county's bell system for the minor or nonviolent crimes. they will vote on reforms including a new release option for low income.
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it will be a community based program to help post bail. if the program is approved, it would be the first of its kind in the state. san francisco leaders took the first step in the removal of a statue offensive to native americans. the pioneer monument is located between the plain library and ancient art museum in civic center. critics say it's a native american fallen in defeat that glorifies racism. there's been a push to have it removed. they voted unanimously to remove it. now it has to go through the preservation commission. leaders will get the ball rolling in the long awaited development, the north 40. the councilmembers approved the first phase of the project. it calls for 320 homes in more that you know 66,000 square feet of commercial space. highway 85 meets highway 17.
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the town council will hold a study session on the plan. the mayor is rolling out a plan to add 25,000 homes in san jose and more affordable housing. he unveiled the 15-point housing plan in front of a recently finished senior housing plan. he is hoping to expand housing downtown and near the transit centers. he's calling for more of the homes to be under construction or finished by 2022. >> it is 6:26. coming up next on "today in the bay," more breaking news in from the last hour. we have confirmed two of the victims in las vegas are from the bay area. next, we have continuing team coverage of the deadly mass shooting. we'll go live to raj mathai who is in las vegas this morning. >> reporter: some sad news to share when it comes to one of those victims. the wife of a san francisco police officer, who went missing
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amist the chaos. i'll have that later and what the family is saying this morning. taking a live look outside from the bay bridge toll plaza, a full check of your weather and traffic in two and a half minutes. it's 6:27. you are watching "today in the bay." news.
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the tragedy in las vegas hits home in the bay area.. right now at 6:30, breaking news. the tragedy in las vegas hits very close to home in the bay
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area. two local women were killed when that gunman shot down concert goers monday night. it's a story we told you about 30 minutes ago. we are live in las vegas with their stories and now the search for answers this morning. good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marcus washington. we'll get to the full coverage of the las vegas mass shooting in a moment. first, before you get out the door, a check of the weather and traffic. kari? >> good morning. it starts nice and cool. as we go through the day in san francisco, it's going to be pleasant with the high temperatures reaching 70 degrees. it will be breezy. as we look at the forecast for the inland areas, very comfortable today. highs in the low 80s. it will heat up this weekend. i'll talk about that weekend forecast that's coming up in seven minutes. mike, now you are concerned about a crash in san jose? >> i am. with warmer weather, nicer weather, we see more motorcycles. we have a crash involving one of those z.
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overall, the sensors look great. this is the slowing over the last ten minutes, north 101, a motorcycle down in if lane. chp will get there and give us an update of the rider. a note traveling north past the airport. the other issue in the tri-valley, you can see the gentle build. it's west 580. a live look from the dublin camera. reports of a disabled vehicle. westbound, the congestion. they may be moving now, they may have cleared that vehicle. i will track that again. the volume started to slow considerably. we'll watch the tri-valley and get you more, coming up. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:31 now. back to breaking news we are following this morning. nbc bay area has learned two women from the bay area have been identified as victims in that las vegas attack. this information just coming into the news room in the last 30 min you are thes or so. this morning, we have live team
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coverage. we want to begin with raj mathai. he has been in las vegas since yesterday. you are getting word of the two women among those killed. tragic news this morning, raj. >> reporter: it is sad to report this. it hits close to home for a lot of people, including myself. we'll tell you what we know. among the 59 victims here in las vegas, he was attending the concern here on sunday night when this went down. her name is michelle vo. she grew up in san jose. she graduated from san jose independent high school. after that, she worked at synopsis, a high-tech firm in mountain vooul. most recently, she worked in southern california at new york life insurance. i met her through the years, she used to work with my wife. what's happening today with her, friends and family members are coming to las vegas. many arrived last night. more will arrive tomorrow for
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the difficult process of dealing with what happened with their loved one. now, from michelle and the victim, we talk about the investigation. let me step out of the way. we are coming to you from the strip, las vegas boulevard. what you are seeing here is what we have been seeing the past 25 or 30 hours. an eerie scene, the las vegas boulevard is shut down, at least this port of it. this is the southern end of the street. we are seeing police vehicles fbi and atf as well. a few hours ago, last night, we saw a similar thing, but we also took a look at what's happening at the mandalay bay hotel on the 32nd floor, that suite. on the ground level, it was shut down and continues. up high, on the mandalay bay, the 32nd floor, you can see a couple blown out windows. that remains the place where
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stephen paddock was. police continue to work around the clock. they are looking for clues as they piece together the crime. they have found 23 firearms inside that suite at mandalay bay. in addition to the 19 firearms found in mesquite, nevada, his home 80 miles from here. a lot of things continue to gop. in an hour or two, we are waiting for another update from the sheriff here in las vegas. that's the latest from las vegas boulevard. i'm raj mathai. back to you in the studio. >> what is the mood there. las vegas is a get away for people. they go to have fun and gamble. what is it like there now? >> reporter: as you can imagine, a lot of sadness. beyond the sad nnness, there's shock. the first thing you notice, coming into the airport and the hotel, and on to the streets is a blank look on people's faces
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of just shock. i think what's going to happen now and unfortunately we have seen the tragedies play out in san bernardino and orlando, it's going to turn into anger of what can we do to move forward with the mass violence. >> exactly. >> before we let you go, i know the strip is a big part of the tourist attraction there. a lot of people walk up and down. is that restricted or can people walk in portions of it? >> reporter: it's a good question. the majority of the strip is open. this area where we are, and keep in mind, to my left, right here for 200 yards away is the airport. that's the airstrip, the las vegas airport. behind me is mandalay bay. this part of the strip, shut down, no foot traffic, no vehicles except federal agents and local agents. business goes on here in las vegas. there are a lot of conventions, including a silicon valley company, which was supposed to start yesterday, but will try to
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start today and tomorrow. >> some of the shows are taking a break, from what i understand. they will start up again. raj mathai, thanks so much. we are finding more breaking news this morning. the wife of a san francisco police officer was also killed in those attacks in las vegas. >> "today in the bay," pete suratos is live in san francisco with the tragic post just put on facebook. a lot of people have been wondering about this. >> reporter: that's right, marcus and laura. one of the victims with south bay roots passing away. we are learning that news. i'm also learning the news in the past hour, a navato resident, say see etcheber was at that concert passed away. she was at that concert and split up with her husband. she went missing and we are learning according to her brother-in-law on facebook, his name is al etcheber posting with
6:37 am
a heavy heart and sorrow that stacee etcheber has passed away. she leaves behind two adoring and beautiful children and a wonderful husband. stacee was at the route 91 music festival with her husband and friends over the weekend in vegas. when the deadly mass shooting occurred, her husband hid the group of them behind scaffolding. he noticed a woman next to him hit by gunshot. he jumped into action and told his wife and group of friends to run for safety. that is the last time he saw her. family members say she did not have a phone or id with her at the time. as i mentioned, as you saw on the facebook post by her brother-in-law, she leaves behind two children and a husband, vincent, who works for san francisco. prayers for the etcheber family during this tough time. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay."
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>> thanks, pete. now we want to take a live look at the mandalay bay hotel. the iconic, welcome to vegas sign as that hotel in the background. >> here is where everything stands right now. the death toll at 59 this morning. police say at least 527 people are hurt. investigators say the gunman had a total of 42 weapons, 23 guns in his hotel room and 19 others in his nevada home. investigators don't have a motive this morning. so many people are trying to search for answers. our coverage continues on "today in the bay" and also after the "today" show, savannah guthrie. it starts after "today in the bay" at 7:00 a.m. folks, i do want to call out a sig-alert that's just been issued by chp. the northbound commute pushing toward that crash involving a
6:39 am
motorcycle. sig-alert does not mean serious injuries, it means serious impact to the commute. that is what we seeing. the build as northbound 101 builds past 880. here is the airport. you can see the runways on the map. jamming up shy of trimable. that is the issue. don't know about the injuries for the motorcycle riders. a couple other vehicles involved. sig-alert means a half hour or more on the commute spot. we'll track that. that is critical for the south bay and could cause a ripple effect. the disabled vehicle near the dublin interchange, no major slowing. expect a little slowing in the left lane getting to the left side of the off ramp on the right. an easy drive toward the bay bridge. a nice, pleasant drive down the east shore freeway. almost 40 minutes from highway 4. we have a little slowing there. remember, in the city, we have a bart delay, a minor one.
6:40 am
but, muni will be delayed. we have fleet week all week for a lot of people in town. >> so much sad news lately. let's talk about the weekend. >> something really nice. the weather looks really pleasant heading into the next several days. by saturday, warmer out there. making plans to stay cool and maybe going to the pool, especially in the valleys, look at the temperatures reaching 89 degrees. 79 by the bay. the coast will be a comfortable 70 degrees. i don't think we'll have to worry about the fog like we have seen in previous years of fleet week and watching the air show. it will be at 71 degrees at the coast and 89 degrees for the inland valleys. not only do we have conventions and fleet week, but we have the hardly strictly bluegrass festival in golden gate park. perfect weather there, starting in the mid-70s starting the weekend on friday.
6:41 am
then, from saturday through sunday, the air show from noon to 4:00 in the afternoon. each day will start with mid-60s and seeing the high right at about 70 degrees. really comfortable. let me know what you are doing this weekend. tweet me and you may see it featured here at 6:38 as i do the weekend forecast every day at that time. i'll have a look at the temperature trend for san jose coming up in about three minutes. laura? >> we look forward to that. thank you. 6:41. coming up on "today in the bay," remembering tom petty. a look back at the life of the late rock 'n roll legend and the tributes pouring in. marcus? >> we are following your money as we do every day. you can see the dow is up 29 points. u.s. stock futures rise as wall street tries to build a record setting rally. you are watching "today in the bay."
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it's 6:44 on this tuesday morning. all clear start. cool temperatures. let's take a live look outside in san jose. breakdown san jose by neighborhood. let's go to santa teresa and look at the temperature trend. 10:00, 61 degrees. nothing but sunshine all day long. highs in the upper 70s. today is the day to get out there and do some yard work and spend extra time outside. it's going to be heating up. we'll talk about that at 6:49. we are looking at this. this is the sig-alert issued by
6:45 am
chp in san jose, 101 approaching symbol road. we are tracking the injuries and the impact on your south bay commute. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. also in las vegas, we are tracking the latest developments from that horrific shooting that happened. a live look at mandalay bay where the fbi, department of homeland security and police investigators are still combing through that room where the tragic shooting took place. we also learned two victims of the shooting are from the bay air yachlt michelle vo graduated from independent high school in san jose. stacee etcheber is from navato and her husband is a san francisco police officer. we continue to follow this news. we'll bring you the latest as we get it. it's heart breaking. you are seeing the faces and stories. >> this morning, we are taking a closer look at that time line of
6:46 am
the horrific tragedy. >> the first 191 call came in about 10:08 at night, about the same time this video seen around the world was taken. 22,000 concert goers are seen running and hiding for their lives. police had a hard time figuring out where the shots were coming from. they discovered it was from the elevated floor of mandalay bay. they reached the 32nd floor. that's when police radio traffic picked up officers blowing the door off the gunman's room. >> breach, breach, breach. >> now, one s.w.a.t. made it into the room, the gunman, stephen paddock was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. authorities say later, they found 23 firearms in thiz room. later in the day, they surrounded his home 80 miles east of las vegas and there, police discovered another 19
6:47 am
firearms. right now, the fbi, atf, homeland security agents siff through all that evidence, trying to get some answers in this tragedy. >> thousands of miles east from there, paddock's brother, in orlando, suffered from the same disbelief as the rest of the country. he shared his thoughts on the man he thought he knew. >> like an asteroid fell out of the sky. there's no, there was nothing to say he would do this kind of thing. >> he had no criminal record and was a licensed private pilot and a successful real estate owner. he kept in touch with his family and recently provided a new walker for his elderly mother. the las vegas shooting is resurfacing the gun control debate. the reaction followed the same pattern as other mass shootings. every lawmaker offering thoughts and prayers. some offering action on gun legislation. the white house says this is not the time for politics. the nra agrees.
6:48 am
>> call for ban this, ban that when you don't know what was used. >> lifting restrictions on gun silencers was suspended. it was supposed to get a vote on the house floor today. it's been pushed back saying it should never get a vote. >> once you put that silencer on them, people don't know to run. they don't know to hide. >> minority house leader, nancy pelosi is calling on speaker paul ryan to create a special committee to examine the nation's gun laws and recommend changes. >> 6:48 now. music fans around the world mourning as they remember the iconic rock icon, tom petty. ♪ and i'm free, free falling >> oerveverybody's got a favori
6:49 am
tom petty song. "free falling" one of the many songs they turned out. just last week, he finished a 40th anniversary tour with the heartbreakers. he died monday after suffering cardiac arrest. family members confirmed his death after media reports surfaced later in the day. tom petty was 66 years old. happening today, free flu shots at the santa clara library before the flu season begins. the library is the first to offer shots from 1:00 to 3:30 this afternoon. libraries in campbell, gilroy and cupertino will follow. they are partnering with the health department trying to get people vaccinated because it's hard to predict how bad a flu season might be. >> the risk of not getting a vaccine is greater than getting
6:50 am
vaccinated. it protects you against a disease that can cause not only fevers and body aches and discomfort, but can have severe complications like pneumonia and death. >> you can go to to find a flu shot clinic near you if you are not near one of the libraries. ask your kids, i'm sure they will help you do that. happening today, fleet week continues in san francisco. >> other things are happening, including a veterans resource fair. this morning at 10:00, the first ship tours are open to the public. >> get on board, we'll have sailors and marines there. they have displays of the equipment and vehicles. we have aircraft on the flight deck. they'll have people to explain all those capabilities. >> if you are excited about that, fleet week runs through monday. >> that is a huge tradition in the bay area.
6:51 am
[ inaudible ] >> it is fascinating to see. >> i was fine. >> it is one of my favorite events of the year, going through the displays of the military and showing appreciation. we are going to have some amazing weather today. if you are going out for the ship tours, you may be more comfortable wearing a jacket. the temperatures at pier 30-32, 59 degrees, a lot of sunshine and breezy winds. look how cool it is starting out this morning. this is the coldest morning we have had since may 13th in the north bay. it's only 41 degrees and we have seen the weather stations in the north bay dropping down into the 30s. so, you have to pull a nice heavy sweater or coat out of the closet. it is 23 degrees colder now in napa this morning than it was yesterday morning. look at morgan hill, two degrees warmer. we have this wide range in
6:52 am
temperatures now that the winds have calmed down and that allows those temperatures to really start to dip. then the sunshine today heating up to 82 degrees. so, a lot of cool temperatures through the morning and warm weather through the afternoon. it's going to warm up quickly. as you are getting dressed this morning, we talked about grabbing a jacket. you will be comfortable in the south bay wearing short sleeves and pants. then we'll be wearing shorts as we head toward the end of the week. getting the kids out the door, we are going to look at santa rosa. we see the widest range in temperatures from 45 degrees this morning walking to school to 77 degrees by the time they get out of school. i want to show you the seven day forecast quickly. san francisco, reaching into the low 70s for the next several days. heating up for the inland areas, almost 90 degrees for the weekend. right now, you have another traffic alert in san jose? >> i want to update folks. the sig-alert that traveled northbound 101 past the airport. look, as we see the build
6:53 am
happen, talking traffic tuesday kicks in over the tri-valley, the east bay and the south bay at this time. northbound 101, two left lanes blocked as you approach tremble. it has the traffic jammed up on north 101. it ripples back, more folks hitting 280. look at waze. we have this mapped out and timed out as well. the speeds 20s and 30s. 101, that really has you jammed. coming up from 85 split toward cupertino, the routes are mapped out and avoid the back up where it's less than 10 miles per hour. join the waze, it's nbc bay area wazers. the crash at 880 and high street we just see the build starting past the coliseum. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up, a quick look at the top stories including continuing coverage of the
6:54 am
deadly mass shooting in las vegas. >> happening now, just in, australia has ended the search for the mh370, admitting the missing plane, finding it is almost inconceivable. the jet disappeared over the indian ocean three years ago, carrying 239 people. snapchat may have reveals their surprise a day early. changing the computer's date and time tricked it into thinking the countdown was over. sn senatechat plans to augustment with an artist. we'll have more news in two minutes. in the bay--
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at 6:57, welcome back to you. before we head out the door, here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> breaking news that we have been working on the last hour. two victims of the mass shooting in las vegas are from the bay area. michelle vo on the left graduated from independent high school in san jose. stacee etchberg is from san francisco. the iconic welcome to las vegas sign. here is the latest on the attack. the death toll at 59 this morning. at least 527 people are hurt.
6:58 am
investigators say the gunman had a total of 42 weapons, 23 guns in his hotel room and 19 others in his nevada home. investigators don't have a motive this morning. president trump called the shooting an act of evil and plans to visit las vegas tomorrow. so many people are asking how they can help. money is starting to pour in. this is a look at the official gofund gofundme page for the victims. the goal is raise $3.5 million. actually, we refreshed it and they have raised over $3 million. head to for more on how you can help. i just tweeted that link as well. >> coverage of the deadly mass shooting in las vegas continues next on the "today" show with team coverage of the investigation as well as a closer look at the arsenal. >> people across the country are talking about it this morning.
6:59 am
>> notice how cool it was stepping out the door? >> especially in the north bay. we haven't had this cool of weather since mid may. it gives a taste of fall, we are going to have the temperatures reaching into the low 70s today in san francisco. a beautiful day as we look at the inland areas reaching 70 degrees and starting to warm up as we head toward the end of the week. >> mike, tracking traffic alert. >> that's right. the great weather makes more folks use their motorcycles. we have a motorcycle crash blocking two left lanes, north 101 by the airport. you can see from the map showing the local landmark off 87 and the 101. the jammed up traffic approaching the area has more folks shifting at 280 and 285. this is the ripple we are talking about. no word on major injuries. this is a problem for the south bay commute. the rest of the bay is smooth. >> that's what's happening at "today in the bay." we'll be back with a live local update.
7:00 am
. good morning. massacre. investigators struggling to find out what drove stephen paddock to kill 59 people and injure more than 500 others in the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history? >> we're hunting down and tracing down every single clue that we can get in his background. >> overnight, new searches inside the gunman's hotel room and his homes. his brother shedding some new light. >> nobody is ever going to say he was a normal guy, okay? >> emotional vigils in las vegas and across the country. ♪ >> as we learn more about the victims.


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