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tv   Today  NBC  October 3, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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update. . good morning. massacre. investigators struggling to find out what drove stephen paddock to kill 59 people and injure more than 500 others in the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history? >> we're hunting down and tracing down every single clue that we can get in his background. >> overnight, new searches inside the gunman's hotel room and his homes. his brother shedding some new light. >> nobody is ever going to say he was a normal guy, okay? >> emotional vigils in las vegas and across the country. ♪ >> as we learn more about the victims.
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>> i loved quinn. he was a very popular kid around school and around town. >> the heroes. >> i decided i am not going to leave anybody behind. >> and the overwhelming outpouring of support for a city facing an unspeakable tragedy today, tuesday, october 3rd, 2017. >> from nbc news this is a special edition of "today." the las vegas mass shooting. with matt lauer live from studio 1a and savannah guthrie live from las vegas. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to this special split edition of "today." it's 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. 7:00 a.m. here in las vegas. sun is coming up here. this city, matt, is still trying to get its hands around, its head around, its heart around what has taken place here the last 48 hours. >> savannah, stephen paddock's name will be forever etched in our history books for all the wrong reasons.
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the question is will we ever know why he did what he did? >> and in a word, it's unimaginable. that's exactly what the local newspaper here leads with this morning. we have the very latest on the investigation just ahead. police now say at least 59 people were killed. 527 others wounded here. 42 firearms recovered in all. 23 guns in the gunman's hotel room. another 19 at his home in nearby mesquite. agents with the fbi and local investigators are now searched a second home owned by stephen paddock. this one in reno, but so far they're not saying what, if anything, they found there. >> police are also apg shus to interview the suspect's girlfriend, mailou danley. she's currently out of the country, but investigators do plan to talk to her as soon as she returns.
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>> we are hearing from the president this morning. he spoke out before leaving for puerto rico and labelled the gunman as a sick and dimmented man. he also praised the las vegas police department for their response to this tragedy. >> and jason aldine has posted a new statement on instagram. he wrote, in part, my heartached for the victims and their families of this senseless act. i am so sorry for the hurt and pain everyone is feeling right now, and there are no words i can say to take that pain away. just know you are all in my heart and my prayers as we go through this together. lester holt is with me this morning, again. lester, just walking around, the conversation in coffee shops, everybody is just stunned. stunned that this happened. >> i talked to a local resident about 15 minutes ago and they said i've never seen the strip
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so quiet and so empty. then that somber mood. they say here's the number you can call to talk to loved ones. it's not the vegas we're used to. >> seems like everything has changed. you're going to have a lot more on the shooting suspect in just a moment. first, more on those overnight developments in the investigation. even as dozens of victims fight for their lives this morning. >> reporter: a city in mourning. its ever-present night life in shocked silence. instead makeshift memorials springing up along the vegas strip. people sharing prayers and tears at vigils across the city. those famous neon signs now remembering the fallen. overnight fbi agents seen searching the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel where a lone gunman fired high caliber weapons at a crowd of thousands of concert goers below.
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scenes of panic and chaos captured on cell phones, terrified people running and ducking for cover. others desperately trying to help the wounded. some in the crowd laying down on the ground hoping to avoid the bullets only to get up and run in desperation realizing there was no place to hide. >> the thought that you're leaving behind somebody and you don't know what to do, but you've got to duck and cover because you don't know what's coming next. >> there was people that were dead on top of me, and he was shooting them on top of me, and i was just -- i remember thinking just praying, like, is this my time? >> reporter: a tragedy made even harder to fathom because of the lack of an apparent motive. >> i am not aware of any derogatory information that we can utilize to furtherance of this investigation at this point. >> reporter: police say the shooter, 64-year-old stephen paddock, killed himself in his hotel room before a swat team reached the door. he had checked into the mandalay three days before bringing 23 firearms and hundreds of rounds
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of ammunition with him. from florida paddock's brother said he had no ties to violent groups. >> he has no affiliations. he has no religion, no politics. he doesn't care. he never cared about any of that stuff. >> reporter: paddock was an avid gambler with status at ceasar's entertainment casinos. he owned at least two homes in nevada, spending. of his time in a retirement community outside the city. >> it's shocking. tearful for all the victims. it's unbelievable. >> police initially said they were looking for paddock's girlfriend, but then discovered she's been out of the country and say she is not a suspect. president trump called it an act of pure evil and observed a moment of silence at the white house. >> in moments of tragedy and horror, america comes together
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as one. and it always has. >> reporter: emergency workers at five area hospitals worked nonstop to treat the hundreds of wounded victims. along with volunteers who jumped in to help wherever they could. >> that was like one of the most beautiful or craziest things i've ever seen inside of a tragedy the way that people came together last night. >> a city known as a place where people come to forget is now remembering so many victims along with the heroes who helped others survive. >> we want to turn back to lester now. we've got more on what we're learning about this gunman. so many questions. >> so many questions. stephen paddock didn't check the boxes that you think of as a typical mass killer, if there was such a thing. he was a wealthy real estate investor and simply left few, if any, clues as to why he wanted to turn that concert field
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behind us into a killing field. >> reporter: stephen paddock to neighbors showed no warning signs that he was a killer. >> we were in shock. couldn't believe this. >> reporter: but behind closed doors paddock's modest home was a massive arsenal. inside authorities say they found 19 firearms, explosives, and thousands of rounds of ammunition. >> we have calibers ranging from .308 to .233. >> reporter: his brother says these discoveries are hard to reconcile with the man he knew. >> something happened in his head that the steve i knew two weeks ago no longer is the guy who did that. >> reporter: describing his brother as a multi-millionaire, he also made this admission. >> nobody is ever going to say he was a normal guy. okay? this was a single guy who gambled many more hours than
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anyone you know gambles. >> reporter: multiple senior law enforcement officials and a casino executive tell nbc news over the past several weeks paddock gambled significant amounts of money in vegas. a source says the amount topped $10,000 a day for multiple days, but it's unclear whether paddock won or lost on the days in question. paddock has a documented past in vegas. nbc news obtained this video of him back in 201 1 slipping and falling in a high stakes gambling area at the cosmopolitan hotel and casino. paddock sued alleging negligence, blaming his fall on a slippery floor. the case went to arbitration and the arbitrator sided with the hotel. >> this is not a guy i would have looked at and thought he is going to commit a crime. >> reporter: paddock apparently shared a pension for gambling with his father, benjamin. a convicted bank robber who was placed on the fbi's ten most wanted list after a 1968 prison escape. the fbi warning the father was a diagnosed psychopathic with suicidal tendencies.
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now the spotlight is on the younger paddock and what his motive for murder may have been. >> i do want to say talking to folks here there's no reason for what he did, but people can't find any sense of -- to help them cope, to understand what was going through his mind. it just seems to be nothing. >> it doesn't dpit into any neat catego category, and investigators are working hard as we speak trying to figure out what caused this. >> yeah, they've got several scenes right now. they're still processing. >> lester, thank you so much. matt, we'll send it back to you. this investigation is really just beginning. the event only happened about 36 hours ago. authorities are digging into the gunman's recent past. pete williams is nbc's justice correspondent. pete, your sources, are they telling you that they're inching any closer to motive?
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>> inching may be the right word, matt, but nothing profound. nothing to suggest why he went to that hotel to carry out mass murder. they did search his house in mesquite, nevada. that's about 80 miles from las vegas, but they say it didn't turn up anything concrete. no notes. no emails. no social media postings. nothing to indicate how long ago he developed his plan. no clues about the motive. several gun stores in the region say he did buy handguns and rifles from them over the past several months, but both those stores and federal agents and the local authorities say those sales were legal. now, they have said that his live-in girlfriend, marilou danley was out of the country on sunday night on a trip to asia, but they are eager to talk to her. they want to see if she had any inkling of what he was up to or
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if she did anything to help him prepare. three new avenues of investigation. when and where did they get the guns. was he in touch with or enspierenspieinspired by somebody else and did all this gambling bring on such financial trouble that he decided to take it out on las vegas? >> let me go back to the guns for a second, pete. authorities now have their hands on those weapons. are you hearing anything more about what he did or didn't do to alter those weapons? >> yes. we're told by law enforcement officials that he bought two devices. they're called bump stocks. they attached to the back of an assault rifle, and that allows it to be fired like a fully automatic weapon. it essentially pulls its own trigger, and those devices, though ez bump stocks, matt, are le legal. >> thank you very much. let's go back to savannah in las vegas. >> all right, matt. thank you. of course, we've been mentioning some of the stories of heroism
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that are emerging here. people coming forward putting their own lives in danger to help others. nbc national correspondent miguel is at university medical center, and he has that part of the story. miguel, good morning to you. >> savannah, good morning. the numbers are just staggering. 527 injured. 59 killed. many of those that were critically wounded were brought to hospitals like this one where this morning they are sharing incredible stories of survival. >> i never got their names.
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>> heroes, even helping heroes. >> he said i like your shot. i need to help you. >> tom mcintosh was shot pushing his wife to safety over a brick wall. a stranger used tom's own belt to keep him from bleeding to death. then another stranger appeared. >> that guy threw me in that guy's truck, and he drove me to the hospital. it was just kind of everybody helping everybody. >> jonathan smith is credited with saving more than two dozen people before he was shot in the throat. >> i decided i am not going to leave anybody behind. >> reporter: but he says he is no hero. >> i didn't want to die here. >> reporter: just hours after the shooting hundreds lined up around the block to donate blood. >> we're going to see heroes of all shapes and sizes. >> reporter: some wore a badge. first responders donning kevlar help mets and vests rushing in
7:15 am
to help strangers in need. >> they lay over top of us we fired to make sure the women that were around them were safe. >> reporter: more than victims, these are survivors. >> you're one of the lucky ones. >> reporter: rob mcintosh shot three times. his friend mike cronk putting his own life in danger to stay with his buddy. >> thanks for staying with me. >> reporter: the worst of times bringing out the very best in so many. >> at this hospital alone more than a dozen people remain in critical condition. families and the victims coming together. savannah, back to you. >> all right. miguel, thank you. we're going to have a lot more from here in las vegas just ahead, but now, matt, we'll send it back to you. >> thanks. we'll he so you in a couple of minutes. a lot more to get to this morning. the trump administration will reportedly order nearly two-thirds of cuba's diplomatic core to leave washington. this follows mysterious sonic attacks that have injured
7:16 am
diplomats and staff members at the u.s. embassy in havana. the unexplained incidents have been blamed for hearing loss, dizziness, even brain damage. on friday the u.s. senate was drastically reducing its own diplomatic presence in cuba because of the danger. the u.s. also warned american citizens to avoid visiting cuba. meanwhile, the ceo of san francisco-based wells fargo bank expected to apologize this morning when he testifies before congress. >> they acted too slowly to address problems. wells fargo agreed last year to pay $1 85 million in fines and to reform the way it does business. mr. roker here now with a check of the weather. al, good to see you. >> good to see you, under tough circumstances. let's take a look. show you what's happening as far
7:17 am
as our western weather is concerned. much of the country out west looking gorgeous. we do have a few mix of showers and snowflakes up around billings, montana. seattle looks good with plenty of sunshine. 67 in san francisco. partly cloudy. 72 degrees. denver. sunshine. 58 degrees. if you are traveling across the rest of the country, you're going to see we're looking at plenty of sunshine out east. rip currents very strong along the southeast. big flood risk eastern texas on into the central mississippi river valley. that's what's going on around that's what's going on around ♪ (cover of chainsmokers 'don't l♪ me down') ♪ ♪ the issues we care about can weigh on us. so lift the weight of caring, by doing. visit state farm's to volunteer in your community.
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good tuesday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's a chilly start this morning, but a very pleasant afternoon. breezy, temperatures in san francisco reaching up to 70 degrees. then mid-70s by the end of the week. n now, we'll really feel the temperature warming up from 80 degrees today to the end of the weekend. this weekend is going to feel more like summer across the bay area with highs near 90 degrees for saturday and sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. more ahead, including imagine being in that hotel just a few rooms away from where the gunman opened fire. the couple that found themselves in that situation speaks out for the first time. savannah. >> and strangers helping strangers, matt. this morning a man and the wounded concert goer he helped
7:19 am
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>> a question that a lot of parents are asking. how do you talk to your kids about what happened here in las vegas. we'll have some expert advice straight ahead. matt. >> we will remember the legendary life and career of rock 'n' roll hall of famer tom petty, but, first, on a tuesday morning, these messages and a check of your local news and weather. when it's time to move to underwear toddlers see things a bit differently thanks to pampers easy ups while they see their first underwear you see an easy way to potty train pampers easy ups our first and only training underwear with an all around stretchy waistband and pampers superior protection
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our breaking news - good morning, it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have breaking news tho morning. we learned och the death of two people in the bay area killed. the family of stacee etcheber, this morning, confirming she died in the horrific rampage. she is a mother of two from navato. her husband is a san francisco police officer who went back to help other victims. we learned of the death of michelle vo who graduated from san jose independent high school. most recently, she is's been living in los angeles. 59 people are confirmed dead. sadly, two we know from the bay
7:27 am
area. >> we are going to check in with mike inouye because we have a problem on the roadways. >> that's right. continuing, we have not ended the sig-alert north 101. at trimable, we have a motorcycle crash. north 101 is jammed up past the airport. 87 is jammed up. 880 is jammed upcoming through the mess. the rest of the area feeling the ripple effect. hayward past san mateo and dumbarton bridge, no surprised. a back up down the east shore freeway. kari has the weather. >> it is cool. starting with a live look in san jose, mike. as we look at the numbers, the north bay dropped into the upper 40s or rather upper 30s to lower 40s. we are mostly in the 50s for san jose and our temperatures in some spots, 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. it warms up nicely today, looking at the highs reaching
7:28 am
into the low 80s for those inland arias. laura? >> thank you very much. another update in a half hour. hope to see you then.
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7:30 am
7:30 now on a tuesday morning. out on the west coast with some images of just some of the emotional vigils held last night in las vegas for the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. i'm matt lauer in new york. savannah has made her way to las vegas this morning. savannah, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. this community is really coming together and showing just what it's made of, and just ahead, we're going to have a remarkable story of bravery that has emerged from all of the chaos and sadness here. something you won't want to miss. we'll have that in just a couple of minutes. >> all right. we'll get back with you in a second. first, more on the shooting, the tributes, and some of the morning's other headlines.
7:31 am
>> overnight vigils honor the dozens killed in more than 500 injured in the las vegas massacre. >> we have an active shooter. >> there was people that were dead on top of me, and he was shooting them on top of me. >> reporter: as officials desperately search for the mystery motive behind the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. >> love has filled this space this morning. >> reporter: credit crunch. the ceo of equifax heads to capitol hill today to face a grilling from congress as the credit giant reveals their massive data breach may have bracketed nearly three million more people than originally thought. it's electric general motors announces plans to phase out all gas-operated vehicles in the future, opting to go 100% electric for its entire fleet of cars, trucks, and suvs. and remembering a legend. ♪ i'm free >> reporter: tributes pour in for tom petty, the rock 'n' roll hall of famer who passed away
7:32 am
overnight at the age of 66. tod today, tuesday, october 3rd, 2017. we welcome you back to "today" on this tuesday morning. savannah, we're going to have much more on the life and career of tom petty coming up in just a little while. >> all right. well, the tragedy here in las vegas, of course, has brought out the best in so many people. we talked to tom a little bit earlier. i started by asking him how he was doing. >> i'm a little sore. i'm okay, though. >> what happened? what do you remember? >> we were watching the show, and a bunch of shots range out, and we thought it was fireworks at first, and then just kept coming and coming, and once everybody realized what it was, everybody started running, and that's where we were running out to the east side of the property and tried to get over the wall and i helped my wife over the wall and helped another lady over the wall, and that's when i got shot. then i jumped over the wall and
7:33 am
i was kind of walking down trying to get away and bleeding really bad and then that's when i -- somebody tried to help me, and he wasn't really doing it right, and then james came along and tied off my leg and kept me from bleeding anymore, and another guy, he put me in a truck, and that guy took me to the hospital with james. just a lot of people helping out. >> you were there. your wife. you had gotten her over the wall, and then after you were shot, you were saying you were bleeding out. you feel like you wouldn't have made it. >> i wouldn't have. >> if someone hadn't stepped in. by t >> by the time i got over the wall my pants were already soaked and my shoe was full of blood. i know i wouldn't have made it. i'm very thankful that james was there to help me. >> james, now you know his name. complete stranger. >> yes. >> we were able to find james, and i know you wanted to thank him. >> i did. >> so we brought him here. >> oh, wow. >> so that you could meet him. james is here. this is james lawson.
7:34 am
>> there he is. >> hey, man. >> thanks, buddy. appreciate it. >> how are you doing? >> i'm all right. that's great. >> you haven't seen each other since yesterday. >> since we dropped him off at the e.r. >> james, you found tom. what did he look like to you? you could tell he needed help, obviously. >> yeah. i mean, we were getting away, and we came across, and he was in the bed of a pickup truck. there's a belt, makeshift tu-- was around his knee. completely wrong spot. i walked up there, and he was actively bleeding. i adjusted the belt and got it up where it should be. tightened it down. stopped the bleeding. some savior in a pickup truck came. do we need a ride?
7:35 am
said, yeah, we threw them all in the of the truck, and we took off to the hospital. >> you must have both been terrified because -- >> he was cool. he was actually really cool about it. >> i was terrified. yeah. >> i don't remember thinking. yeah, we just -- you know, he wanted to not lose his foot, and i kept reassuring him that, and he still has got it. we're good. >> yeah. >> james, how did you know how to care for tom? >> well, i've been in the army reserves for over ten years now. we go through numerous combat life saving trainings, and i got my emt cert a while back, and never did anything with it until the other night. it was -- i didn't go through all that semester for nothing. >> tom and i were just talking before we came on here, and he
7:36 am
couldn't say enough about you. he was saying he wanted to talk to jamses. he had to tell him thanks. >> of course. >> absolutely. >> when we were speaking a little bit earlier, we were talking about this tragedy, and everybody is so shaken up and stunned. i told you, you know, a story like this makes us remember who we really are. two strangers coming to help. >> absolutely. i mean, there was dozens and dozens of other concert goers doing the same thing. you know, they couldn't leave anybody behind. they were running back towards the fire to help more people. you know, there's got to be hundreds of stories like this one. just i do want to say that whoever is driving that maroon f-250, 350, thank you. could have been a whole different night if he wasn't there when he was.
7:37 am
>> i wouldn't be here. i wouldn't. >> i'm so glad to pemeet both o you, and i hope this is the beginning of a friendship here. >> absolutely. >> oh, definitely. >> thank you so much. thank you for being here. >> our time earlier with tom mcintosh and james lawson. i have to tell you, matt, that after they had that moment meeting oechl other again here, they stepped off. they spent a lot of time together. i kept looking over. they were still there. they were still talking, and they obviously just forged a real bond. tom's one of gratitude, and i think for james he said the reason i'm here is because i do want people to know of all the good that went on yesterday in the midst of such horror. >> yeah. well, thankfully they were there for each other at that time. it was great for you to bring them back together, savannah. thank you. >> let's head over to al now and get another check of the
7:38 am
weather. >> all right. good story. and let's show you what we've got. to talk about that's good in the weather. out west it is looking pretty darn good. portland, 71 degrees and sunshine. henderson, nevada, 83 and sunny. tucson, looking good. 95. a few showers in colorado springs. temperature about 56. a little on the chilly side in billings. we'll have a mix of rain and snow, and a high of about 44 degrees. the rest of the country, we are looking at plenty of sunshine up and down the west coast. some heavier snows back to the west central plains. along this front we look for some scattered showers and thunderstorms. we also see a pretty strong flood down through northern texas on into the central mississippi river valley, and nice out east. here in the new england area, new york state, it mid-atlantic state, into the great lakes, good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. looking at san francisco for the next several days, we will continue on with very pleasant
7:39 am
weather. the winds will calm down after today and temperatures warming up to the mid-70s by the end of the week. a nice weekend ahead for fleet week and the festivities going on around the city. for the inland areas, highs up to 80 degrees. then we begin the warming trend by the weekend. temperatures topping out near 90 degrees for both days. >> thank you very much. coming up,ing how did a man manage to bring so many weapons into a busy
7:40 am
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7:44 am
nbc's joe fryer has the latest. joe, good morning. >> savannah, good morning. by now we've seen the chaos and carnage outside of the mandalay bay resort. now we're learning details about what happened during and after the shooting inside the hotel where a lone gunman devastated the lives of so many people who were down below simply attending a country music concert. >> it's coming from upstairs in the mandalay bay. upstairs in the mandalay bay. halfway up. i see the shots coming from halfway up. >> reporter: flashes of light coming from the mandalay bay lead police to the hotel where they say 64-year-old stephen paddock was firing an automatic weapon out of two broken windows from his two bedroom corner suite. >> once they made entry on to the hallway, they could -- they immediately knew what he was in question. >> all units on the 32nd floor, swat has explosive breach. everyone in the hallway needs to move back. all units move back.
7:45 am
>> breach, breach, breach. >> reporter: when police blew the door open to room 135 on the 32nd floor, they found paddock according to the sheriff he had taken his own life. just six floors above our team already in town for another story happened to be staying in the mandalay bay tower when it was put into lockdown. >> within the hotel here there are police presence in tactical equipment going through these floors, checking things out. >> reporter: paddock checked into the hotel on thursday and was able to bring 23 guns and more than ten suitcases into his room unnoticed. >> it wasn't evident that he had weapons in his room. we have determined that there has been employees going to and fro from his room and nothing nepharious was noticed. >> reporter: police descended on the mandalay bay while a swat team conducted the sweep at the neighboring tropicana hotel. chaos all around. >> let's go, go, go. >> reporter: steve mcafee was on the same floor as the shooter. his wife, cindy, was at the
7:46 am
music festival down below with her sister. >> i just heard these loud pop, pom, pop, pop, pop, and i was troo ig to tell them where to go and what to avoid and what not to avoid because i had the perfect view looking down on everything that was going on. >> i was hysterical. i was very scared. he kept telling me to stay calm. when i heard shots to hide. when i heard no shots, run. >> once daylight broke, the devastation which could be seen from our hotel room, became even more clear. the shooter more than 400 yards from the massive crowd shattering many lives in a hail tv bullets. >> for those staying inside the mandalay bay complex, the lockdown lasted about ten hours. at times you could hear police going up and down the hallways, and at one point they knocked on the doors to check on everyone and make sure they were okay. savannah. >> a long and terrifying night for so many people. joe, thank you.
7:47 am
now we'll send it back to you for now. >> savannah, thank you very much. nbc news analyst clint van zandt, a former fbi profiler, where clint, good morning to you. >> hi, matt. >> people are talking about insanity, that this guy was insane, and, yet, there was such a methodical approach to what he set up and eventually did. the room, the weapons, the two shooting platforms. bringing the device to shatter the windows. altering those weapons. do you go in the area of insanity here? >> well, you know, it's hard, matt, for most people not to because the behavior, his actions, seem insane. that's not what a reasonable, rationale person would do. you know, maybe there's an encapsulated delusional system. a little nugget of craziness inside of this body of sanity. no family member, no neighbor, no one who this guy has had contacts with that the public knows about has said anything about that. now, we know his father was a
7:48 am
bank robber, had escaped from prison. his father evidently had some mental health issues. the fbi said he was suicidal. we're also told that the shooter from las vegas had very little contact with his father, so, you know, i'll leave it to a geneticist to tell us if that behavior can be passed from one generation to the next. what we know is this was a very methodical, well thought out, well planned from the very start with no get-away plan whatsoever. he knew what he was going to do, and he knew he was going to die. >> quickly, clint, if you can, take me through the gambling side of his life. as an fbi profiler who with has dealt with criminals and murderers and even mass murderers, does this excessive amount of gambling that we now know he seemed to do, does that add something to you in terms of determining what was making him tick? >> he was a risk taker, but all gamblers are risk takers. as soon as they belly up to the
7:49 am
table and put chips out there, they're taking a risk. that in and of itself -- it's part of his personality. it may explain, you know, why he might think of doing something outside of the norm, but nothing we have so far comes together except that this is a man who wanted to die, and he carried that out and took a lot of us with him. >> clint van zandt, thank you very muc to most people, i look like most people. but on the inside, i feel chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief for moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain. and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior,
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happening now... good tuesday morning. right now at 7:56, a live look outside in fremont with a bit of a fwreez breeze in morning. it will be breezy into the afternoon and a chilly start this morning. look at how cool it is. napa, 42 degrees. 52 degrees in san jose with mid-40s now in morgan hill. grab a nice warm sweater starting out. then you are taking it off today as we make it into the low 80s for the inland valleys in the east bay and south bay. san jose, a high of 78 degrees and 73 in oakland. low 80s for napa. san francisco, a high of 70 degrees. we'll have more 70s in the forecast. not much of a change for the next several days, kicking off fleet week and into the weekend. it will feel more like summer. let's head to mike for an update
7:57 am
on the traffic. >> feeling better here, san jose, northbound 101 all lanes are cleared from the motorcycle crash. a huge impact. the northbound route through san jose. there you go, cupertino. across the san mateo and dumbarton bridge, no surprises. slowdown on the east shore freeway. back to you. thank you very much. we received new con fifirmation the death of two area women. one is a women from navato that became separated from her husband and another graduated from independence high school recently living in san francisco. president trump is in puerto rico ten days after hurricane maria devastated the island. on twitter, we are posting updates including the meeting with the mayor of san juan.
7:58 am
have a good morning. showdown." coldplay comes to rock the south bay. the )public safety threat ) ... stadium officials say the band poses. and - google )s teasing a major announcement. our )business and tech reporter )s ) analysis - on what it might mean for you. join us tomorrow - 4:30
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, a city in mourning. ♪ vigils overnight for the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. >> the shots are coming from mandalay bay, halfway up. >> as investigators search for answers and a motive, behind what made stephen paddock snap, spraying a crowd of thousands with a hail of bullets. >> something happened in his head. the steve i knew two weeks ago, was no longer the guy who did that.
8:01 am
>> while stories of heroism and sacrifice emerge amid the carnage. >> it was everybody helping everybody. >> live from las vegas today. tuesday, october 3rd, 2017. good morning, everybody. welcome back to this special split-edition of "today." i'm savannah guthrie in las vegas. and matt and hoda, back in the studio. guys, the sun is coming up here. this city and this community is really just starting to come to grips with all that has been lost. we're hearing remarkable stories of courage and survival. and we are learning new information about the gunman and how he turned a luxury hotel suite into a deadly sniper's nest. overnight, fbi investigators scouring the vegas hotel room where the shooting rampage took place. while mourners shared prayers and tears at vinl vigils throughout the area. a difference from sunday night,
8:02 am
when joy turned to horror for thousands of country music fans. they were gathered for the final night of the route 91 harvest festival, when bullets started raining down on them. the shots fired from a two-room suite on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. police say stephen paddock, with thousands of rounds of ammo, fired repeatedly on the helpless victims below. [ gunfire ] 22,000 people, slow to recognize the threat at first, victim after victim, recalling the same thing. >> it's fireworks. it's fireworks, stop. it's fireworks. >> it sounded like firecrackers, basically. >> at first, we thought it was fireworks. but then, it was shooting. >> reporter: then, chaos. >> there were people that were dead on top of me. and he was shooting them on top of me. >> reporter: the first shot was fired at 10:08 p.m. within minutes, police were on
8:03 am
the scene. and by 11:20 p.m. -- >> breach, breach, breach. >> reporter: police had located the gunman, dead from self-inflicted wounds. amid the horror, countless stories of heroism. >> they were dragging me by my shirt and put me in a pickup truck to bring me. >> reporter: medical personnel were overwhelmed but valiant. >> i am running out of blankets here. >> physicians assisting a nurse outside, triaging the minute they got there. >> reporter: the shooter, stephen paddock, was a retired accountant and wealthy real estate developer with no criminal history. he checked into the hotel thursday. and officials say he had been gambling tens of thousands of doors. he brought 23 guns to the hotel. police found 19 more in his home in mesquite, nevada. but investigators still can't figure out a possible motive. why a 64-year-old man would take so many lives. >> this individual is almost
8:04 am
twice the age of statistical probability. >> reporter: from florida, his family has no answers. >> there's no affiliation. no church, no religion, no politics. no anything. nothing. he was just a guy. >> reporter: president trump calling it an act of pure evil. in the aftermath, resilience and fortitude. hotel marquees, on the normally bustling strip, quiet. lines stretching for blocks to donate blood. one of those donating, jordan, lost his cousin. >> i loved quentin. he was a popular kid around school. >> reporter: the people who call las vegas home, coming together to try to make sense of a senseless act of violence. earlier this morning i was joined by greg cassell. he's the fire chief here in clark county. here's what he had to say about the incredible effort by first
8:05 am
responders. >> we were able to do what we needed to do. got in, got out. nobody got hurt. >> you were very close. there's a station right by here. they were able to race. and you told me, they were still hearing the gunshots when the first responders raced in to help. >> coming from a station about a mile away, right on las vegas boulevard. another station north of them, they were converging while the situation was going on. >> they're all paramedics. they're all trained to help in situations like this. what have they told you about what they encountered? >> they encountered a war field, a battlefield. we train for a lot of scenarios. we do a lot of integration with our law enforcement partners, rescue task forces. we take firefighters and cops and stick them together to go into hos tatile environments an get to the people and stop the bleeding. we never prepared anything like this. a person in an elevated position, shooting at people
8:06 am
below. it was not a scenario we had anticipated. >> they are providing aid and transporting people to the hospital. you had private ambulances come and help. >> the private ambulance company was on standby for an event. that's typical for an event with 22,000 people. there's x amount of medics that they have to have an scene. but our ambulances converged. firefighters converged. police. everybody came in and handled the situation as best as they could, given the unique situation. >> how are your first responders doing? this takes a toll. i mean, for what they saw and what they witnessed. >> i've known some of these people for 30 years. it was a different tone in our organization yesterday. a shift change, talking to guys and guys on the phone, checking on them. definitely a different tone. we have the work cut out for us on the psychological side moving forward will be a challenge for us. >> such a beautiful example of community. so many people coming out. >> yeah. it was awesome.
8:07 am
>> giving food, even at your house last night. >> the community came out big. i didn't catch much news because we were so busy. when i did have a chance to catch up, see what was going on, the food and the water. the elementary school, delivering food to my house. >> chief, thank you so much. thanks for your work. give our best to your team. >> i will. >> our conversation, matt and hoda, with the fire chief here. and so many of the first responders, it cannot be stated enough. they were close, so close, that when they ran in there, the gunfire was going on. they could hear it. and again, they didn't know where it was coming from. everyone making that split-second decision and doing so much for their fellow human beings in need. >> a lot of bravery to go around, savannah. thank you very much. did the gunman use semiautomatic guns that had been
8:08 am
converted into fully automatic weapons? nbc's tom costello has that part of the story for us. tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. two nevada gun shops and one in utah, say they sold us guns to the suspect legally. semiassault weapons and ammo are legal in nevada. but converting a semiautomatic to a fully automatic weapon is against the law. did the subject use a cheap kit to get around the law? the rapid bursts of gunfire provided a first clue. >> i've shot semiautomatic weapons before. and this was more highly sophisticated gunfire. >> reporter: what sounded like automatic gunfire. police say stephen paddock had filled his room with ammo, tripods, scopes. and 23 guns, some semiautomatic, including .223 and .308 caliber rifles.
8:09 am
19 more guns were found in his home. the question this morning, were the weapons already automatic when paddock purchase them? or did he modify them? an easy way around federal laws that ban automatic weapons. the kits are legal, available online for $50. or you can also find videos. >> i just replacing the stock. >> reporter: showing how to convert a gun. the federal government has banned fully automatic machine guns for decades. any weapon before 1986 can be bought and sold legally. some states are limiting semiautomatic weapons, they are legal in nevada. >> gun elimination is not going to happen in america. that's the reality. returning some sanity to the insanity of our current gun regulations can be exceptionally helpful. >> reporter: this morning, as investigators search for a motive, all signs point to a suspect fully equipped to carry out maximum carnage. >> you wouldn't need skill level. it's holding down the trigger and moving the gun back and
8:10 am
forth. it's about spraying the crowd to cause maximum damage and death. >> reporter: the fbi has an additional challenge here. tracking all of the guns involved. under pressure from the nra, congress does not allow a computerized gun database. thank you. tom, thank you very much.>> las vegas tomorrow. but hee he is on his way to puerto rico to help with efforts there. peter alexander has more on that. >> reporter: hoda, good morning to you. president trump leaving as planned. before getting on marine one, called the shooter sick and demented and praising the police. >> what happened in las vegas, is in many ways a miracle. the police department has done an incredible job. we'll talk about gun laws as time goes by.
8:11 am
>> reporter: 72 minutes passed before police could find the shooter, who had taken his own life. mr. trump's response, a call for silence, an act that he called pure evil. what will this president do to combat that evil. his press secretary said it was premature to start the gun debid deba debate. many are calling for action. it's time for congress to get off its rear and do something. some asking whether mr. trump will return to his past support of stricter gun laws. but his staunchest supporters insist that would cause his base to erupt. first up, the transcript to puerto rico. he called on the puerto ricans to do more for themselves. he'll be briefed on the relief efforts. he will meet with the governor and victims and will meet with u.s. troops helping in the federal response.
8:12 am
he clashed with san juan's mayor over the weekend. the white house says she's been invited to meet with the president. an aide here says that she has indicated she will come. matt and hoda, that's the latest from here. now, back to you. >> peter alexander at the white house. thank you. also this morning, music fans are mourning the sudden death of tom petty. the rock superstar died at a hospital in los angeles last night, after suffering cardiac arrest. willie is here to take a look at his life and his career. it's sad news. >> it is, matt. good to see you. the three-time grammy winner was an american icon. a member of the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. his 40-year careered filled with countless hits that will resonate for generations to come. tributes from around the world in morning for tom petty, who died overnight, at the age of 66. the legendary rocker, expanded the southern rock sound, to explore themes of depression and isolation. and he did it with a rare honesty. ♪ last dance with mary jane one
8:13 am
more time to kill the pain ♪ >> reporter: petty went into cardiac arrest in his malibu home late sunday night. he died monday night, surrounded by loved ones and bandmates. his manager released a statement, that read in part, we're devastated to announce the untimely death of our father, husband, brother, leader and friend. ♪ the waiting is the hardest part ♪ >> reporter: petty's lyrics gave voice to the way so many people were feeling. a coming of age american soundtrack. it is music of love and loss. ♪ she was an american girl >> reporter: and of regret. ♪ and i'm free free falling now i'm free falling ♪ ♪ free falling >> reporter: born in florida, petty found success with his band, the heartbreakers. releasing hits, "break down." ♪ break down, go ahead and give it to me ♪
8:14 am
>> reporter: and "american girl." those were followed by four decades of hits. ♪ everybody's got somebody >> reporter: then, there was the unforgettable collaboration with music icons, bob dylan, roy orbison and george harrison. they called themselves the traveling wilburys. for all his classic rock sound, petty was an innovator. becoming the first to embrace music videos. like the visionary "don't come around here." and the elaborate staging of "you don't know how it feel." ♪ you don't know how it feels you don't know how it feels ♪ ♪ to be me >> reporter: petty headlined the super bowl halftime show. ♪ stand my ground >> reporter: and was a rock 'n' roll hall of famer. he just wrapped a summer tour, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the heartbreakers.
8:15 am
petty telling "rolling stone," i would be lying if i didn't say i was thinking this might be the last big one. among the many tributes on monday, one from john mayer. he tweeted, i loved tom petty and i covered his songs because i wanted to know what it felt like to fly. you belong somewhere you feel free. and "hamilton" creator, lin-manuel miranda, i am grateful for tom petty's music. i feel selfish to want more, but i always will. rest in peace. ♪ i'm free, free falling >> reporter: last night, the band coldplay honored petty in portland, by playing one of his classics. ♪ cool moment last night there from coldplay in portland. he finished a 53-date tour that celebrated 40 years of him and his band.
8:16 am
he looked great. he felt great. his second-to-last tweet was thanking the fans for 40 great years. he went out on a high note. >> he was someone we all love. what was impressive about him was how many other musicians and rock stars admired him and took inspiration from him. >> he was an individual. he was unique. nobody looked like him. nobody sounded like him. and for 40 years, starting in 1977 to this year, he put out hits. the list is long. >> you could have gone on with three minutes, just with song, after song, after song. >> that's the soundtrack of our lives. >> who didn't love the traveling wilburys? mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> here in the east, gorgeous weather. we're looking for spectacular temperatures. if you like it warmer than usual, you're going to love what we've got today. stretching from the great lakes all the way to the gulf coast. plenty of sunshine along the western coast. and heavy snow in the western plains. that's what's going on around the country.
8:17 am
good tuesday morning. i'm kari hall. we had such a cool start this morning. it will still be a comfortable day and looking at some low 80s for the inland valley. up to 84 in concord. san jose expect a high of 80 degrees. low 80s today in santa rosa and napa. temperatures stay in the 70s. nice weekend ahead. inland areas will feel more like summer starting on friday. >> if you're heading out, don't forget to check us out on our sirius/xm channel 108. >> thanks, al. more coming up. including portraits of the fallen from las vegas, that are now emerging. now emerging. and in the wake of this my m moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis was intense. i wondered if she could do the stuff she does for us which is kinda, a lot.
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permission to come aboard! what about a car that's all (makes awkward car noises) hgnnnn-nn-nn-nnnn-ayy-ayyy i don't see why not. what about, let's say... oh, i don't know, a purple van with a painting of a wizard just shooting lightning out of his fingers riding a unicorn sneezing rainbows? definitely. just asking for a friend. yea, i figured. (whispered to camera) wow. it's 8:22, now, on this tuesday morning. back with more on the las vegas shooting. and tom brokaw of nbc, has unfortunately, covered far too many of these strtragedies overe course of his career. and he's here with some thoughts on this one. good morning. >> i'm trying to put it in perspective for myself and the country, as well. this country, obviously, is the greatest experiment in self-rule, the rule of law. people come from all over the world because they want to be part of the american dream. i grew up as part of that.
8:23 am
now, we're going to look back on this era and we're going to think about mass murderers, shootings that have no rationale whatsoever. and we have to think about the consequences of that for all of us. this time, it was a crowded concert in las vegas. [ gunfire ] another made in america mass murder. to go with others, the massacre, at an elementary school in connecticut. [ gunshots ] a slaughter at virginia tech. of the 17 mass murders since the '60s, only two were linked to islamic terror, the tragedies in orlando and san bernadino. and once again, we're in the middle of a debate about guns in america. the percentage of americans that own guns is going down, an
8:24 am
estimated 32%. but gun owners are stockpiling even more weapons. the average owner has least eight weapons. and ironically, the outcry over las vegas will drive more owners to buy more guns and more ammo, worrying there will be more restrictions. in entertainment, guns are central to what we see on the screen. video games, rely on firearm violence. yet, we cannot have a civil debate about guns and their use. as guns become more lethal, so does the political debate becomes more toxic. the nra, one of the most powerful lobbies in politics, has suspended commercials in the virginia governor's race. >> the national rifle association of america.
8:25 am
>> reporter: gun enthusiasts are locked and loaded, ready for the coming debate after las vegas. in las vegas, a commentary on our time. when the concertgoers heard the gunshots, they knew to run or to comfort each other and seek sanctuary in each other's arms. and now, it's left to the relatives of the las vegas dead and wounded to mourn, and to pray for their recovery. matt and hoda, this is an issue that requires the best efforts of all of us, wherever we stand on who should own guns and what kind of guns they own. this has to go to the top of agenda in american life, it seems to me. >> isn't that the problem. no matter where we stand, there's a huge divide between the different thought processes on this. >> i think it will be interesting if the gun enthusiasts and the gun owners will have reaction to this. to let them say we've gone too far. military weapons have been in
8:26 am
effect, customized to meet the legal requirements. but these gun owners arei )m .. our breaking news - we )ve learned of the deaths of good morning. 8:26 in our breaking news. with have learned of the deaths of two bay area women killed in the shooting rampage in las vegas. the family confirmed online that she died in that rampage. she's the mother of two from nevada. her husband, san francisco police officer, who went to assist other shootings victims when the gunfire erupted. we have learned of the death of 32-year-old michelle vo. she graduated from san jose independent high school. this is in 2003. she was living in los angeles. in all, 59 people are confirmed dead. now we want to switch to traffic you're following a traffic alert in san pablo. >> it's the third traffic alert
8:27 am
of the morning. we had the upper east shore freeway jammed up in highway 4. that means anything south of here or west is clearing up but this crash blocks one lane involving a motorcycle. be very careful. it's tougher to see smaller vehicles. around the rest of the bay we had 580 clear getting over towards the maze there. north 101 at trimble cleared long ago. back to you. >> i'll have another update in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now. 8:30 on this tuesday morning. the third day of october, 2017. savannah is out in las vegas covering the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. savannah, good morning again. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. right here on this street was where people were 24 hours ago still spilling out of this convert venue. right behind me running for their lives. and now we count the toll. a staggering 59 people were
8:31 am
killed, another 527 people wounded. more numbers that are just hard to get your head around. the gunman's weapons, 23 firearms found in stephen paddock's hotel sweet at the mandalay bay hotel. 19 more weapons found in a rate in his home in nearby mesquite nevada. there could be more in another home in reno. federal agents raided that home overnight. we should point out officials have established a phone number. if they're looking for missing or trying to locate family members. 1-800-536-9488. matt and hoda, we'll send it back to you. this community has really reached out to one another and really wrapped its arms around those who need so much right now. >> savannah, thank you. >> following a tragedy like this, the healing process can be a real struggle so the question is where do you even begin. >> his emmy nens, timothy cardinal dolan, the archbishop
8:32 am
of new york along with rabbi inger. thank you. i think this might be unfair. i think we're going to ask you questions that don't have answers which is hard. i'm curious though as you consume news like this, do you consume it the way we do? do you stand in front of the television set, do you want to scream at the set? do you allow yourselves those moments? >> we do. the rabbi and i were chatting ahead of time, matt and hoda, and people come to us for meaning and focus and an explanation. we both admitted, we're asking ourselves the same thing. but yet we all struggle with that. sometimes the best we can do for people is to express a solidarity that we're here with you trying to find meaning, trying to find redemption in all of this. that's a being and religious
8:33 am
lead e leaders. >> we have roles at a personal level. levels on what is horrifying and it strikes such a core, a belief that i have in the human beings and the rest of the world. in those moments, of course, part of faith is doubt. part of faith is being able to ask the right questions. sometimes the right questions that we ask ourselves are an act of faith. it's a tremendously powerful thing to say i'm in doubt. >> is that a challenge in your congregation because we had this horrific shooting obviously but there have been horrific shootings before and you're asking your congregations to keep the faith, to pray, you know? how do you -- >> it is, hoda. i think the rabbi would agree with me. for me it's always inspirational to see that our people never lose their sense of sadness, disappointment, deep grief when something like this happens because the big temptation is to just yawn and be ho hum about
8:34 am
it. we can never let that happen. matt, hoda, savannah when folks tuned in to you yesterday in the morning, there was a cosmic groan throughout the nation and throughout the world. people groaned, people cried. what a tribute that is to the human heart, that we never can -- we can never accept this kind of thing. >> no. >> that deep down we know something is tragically wrong here. this shouldn't happen. god doesn't want this to happen. we don't want this to happen. that's a tribute, is it not, rabbi, to the resilience and to the faith that's deep down in the human psyche? >> absolutely. we saw the depravity and the dignity and divine possibility. we saw the sublime and the worst. i think it's really incumbent upon us to recognize that as a nation we are grieving now and there are certain stages of grief. so the first stage, of course, is to acknowledge this tragedy,
8:35 am
the horror of this. and then also within it to hold that with the courage, compassion and the things that elevate who we are. >> there's a temptation to both of you here briefly if you don't mind to immediately grieve and point a finger of blame. >> right. >> to assess and assign blame in one direction or another. >> yeah. >> how do you counsel on that? >> both the christian and the jewish tradition, rabbi, correct me if i'm wrong, would warn against assigning scapegoats. we don't want to point fingers at people. sometimes i think the best response is silence. i remember when pope benedict visited auschwitz. they said are you going to make a statement? he said, in this nauseating horror, the best response is silence, awe, trust. so instead of pointing blame -- >> right. >> -- isn't it sometimes just to kind of be silent. >> i think that we have to balance everything here. i think that by nature people want to find blame and by nature
8:36 am
people do look for causes. i think that's a natural way to work. i think that as people of faith, we have to use our faith as fuel to both fight and also not to flee. we have to be present with the feelings and also recognize that there are bigger systemic issues here. i don't think it's wrong. i want to be clear about this. we were talking before about people leave religion and go away from religion. i think that religion's role is not only to comfort but also to make people uncomfortable, to make those who are comfortable uncomfortable and to make those who are uncomfortable comfortable. we have to balance those two things. what that means now is religion can't be just prayers and thoughts, right? prayers and thoughts are not sufficient. it says in james, just as the body led us all to dead, so isn't faith without works. faith without works, prayers without making a difference, without following up your prayers with what you can do. i think the rush not to politicize something or to call this a political conversation is, in my -- i think it's
8:37 am
criminal. i think we stand at a moment again where we as a country and people in the faith community, we have to come together and say faith and works, prayer and powerful usage of our political power to make a difference, i think both of those have to come together at this moment. >> it's a difficult time. >> boy, is it ever. >> it really is. >> is it ever. >> we've had these discussions personally. >> matt, i wish you would invite me on for happy occasions. >> both always welcome. >> thank you. >> we appreciate you. >> what a joy to meet tom. what an honor. >> wow. all right. i'm sure he was happy to meet you, too. thank you very much. let's go to mr. roker. >> you can help me do the weather. talking about bad news. i hope you are talking about the weather. >> man, anyway, we are looking at rip currents stretching from the eastern florida coast line all the way to the southeast. beautiful but unseasonably warm in the northeast. along the front looking for wet weather and plenty of sunshine
8:38 am
from southern california all the wa good morning. i'm kari hall. a lot of sunshine as we take a live look outside in san francisco. also really chilly out there especially in the north bay. we're still in the lower 40s in santa rosa. we do have some 50s elsewhere farther to the south in san jose. 52 degrees. our high temperature will reach into the upper 70s for the south bay. some low 80s from antioch to morgan hills. santa rosa today up to 81 this afternoon. thaensd your latest weather. savannah? >> all right, al. thank you. coming up, how the music world is reacting to this tragedy here in las vegas. we have natalie here with that part of the story, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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welcome back to las vegas. and one of the hardest things to comprehend about this horror and everything that's happened here is the target. this was supposed to be a night of fun. and natalie's got more on how the music world is reacting and how people must be so traumatized. >> they are traumatized. but they are rallying and pulling together, as well. 22,000 fans came here. converged on las vegas, and see jason aldean and other performers at the route 91 harvest festival. an evening that started in celebration, now leaving many in the industry shocked and heartbroken. it took several moments for jason aldean, it was gunshots he was hearing at the route 91 harvest festival. [ gunshots ] aldean, who was not injured,
8:42 am
took to instagram overnight. this world is becoming the kind of place i'm afraid to raise my children in. at the end of the day, we aren't democrats or republicans, whites or blacks, men or women. we are all humans and we're all americans. and it's time to start acting like it and stand together as one. other artists quickly turn to social media to share their sadness. taylor swift tweeting, there's no words to express the helplessness and sorrow my broken heart feels for las vegas and their families. rihanna writing, this is an act of terror. and blake shelton asking why? las vegas is a popular place for many a-listers to connect with fans and residents. like celine dion, britney spears and others. but this is adding to a growing
8:43 am
list of attacks at music events, including the manchester bombing at an ariana grande concert. this is looking for peace. and call it what it is, terrorism. live nation, the promoter behind the route 91 festival, released a statement. while we are grieving over this moment of violence, we must come together to prevent more tragedies like this from occurring. the question remains, will music fans feel comfortable at music venues. buzz brainard was at the festival with his son when shots ring out. should people continue to go to concerts and festivals? >> yes. that's the way i live my life. i don't know how you live your life. but i'm not saying i'm not going to be afraid or i'm not going going to think about it.
8:44 am
but i don't think i'm going to stop. you want that guy to win? >> reporter: and in nashville on monday night, a step towards healing. some of country music's biggest stars, including keith urban and vince gill, came together at a vigil, to allow people an opportunity to show their love for the victims of this deadly shooting. ♪ amazing grace >> such a touching vigil in nashville. no doubt, savannah, up with of many tributes that will come in the aftermath of this. as you know, country fans, they're like family. they bond together and they rally. they lift each other up in times like this. that's what you're seeing here. >> we saw it here. so much. natalie, thank you so much. coming up, an issue that a lot of parents are struggling with this morning. how do you talk to your kids? what do you say to them about what has happened here? we're going to get expert advice. first, on a tuesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:46. these days when something like the tragedy in las vegas unfolds, children find out about the news really quickly. it happens on tv, the internet, social media. >> how do you talk to your kids about what happened? jennifer heartsteen is a child psychologist. >> good morning. >> having conversations is a difficult thing. but i know talking to my friends and the children, one thing that put the kids at ease already, is that the bad guy is dead. >> right. >> there is something that can help your kids sleep, knowing that piece of information to start. >> they know that that person can't come get them, especially for younger kids, who are having a hard time processing and understanding why the bad guy did this. when you're 5 and 6, you can't get it. for those guys, it's the honester under the bed.
8:48 am
he's gone and we can take a breath and be okay. >> with parents, we want to know how much we should share with our children. and in the past, my kids let me know. they ask a lot of questions and then, all of a sudden, they just stop. when we haven't completely covered the subject. is that what the parents should do, listen to the kids? >> the fact is, we are anxious. we overtalk when we're anxious. that's true in any situation. this is a situation where, we're anxious because we're worried about our own safety, our kids' safety. if they ask a question, answer that question. don't give more information. let them ask a follow-up question. they may come back and ask more. when you're done, just leave it alone. >> we worry about very young kids. i have teenagers. and in a way, i think sometimes, that might be a little scarier. they're out in the world a lot more than their younger
8:49 am
siblings. >> and they're attached to social media more. and a lot of people were getting their information that way. what is a reputable news source. what are they getting that's reliable. you need to talk to your teenagers, what are they doing? where are they getting news? are they looking for exits? do they have the safe people? and make sure they have a safety plan to you. >> and kids go to concerts. and we saw the ariana grande concert and now, this concert. you want to say something to them to let them know the venues aren't horrible. >> as adults, we have to be safe, too. >> a big difference between saying your kids are safe and it won't happen again. those are two different things. >> important distinction. just ahead, the helpehelper. how this tragedy has revealed the bes int
8:50 am
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we can always count on hoda to help us end the hour with a positive thought. i like what you got here. >> i recently posted a quote on instagram from mr. rogers. he said, when he was a boy and he witnessed scary things in the news. his mother told him, to look for the helpers. you will always find people who are helping. with that in mind, here are those in las vegas. >> we need to stop the shooter before we have more victims. >> can you tell me where it is coming from? >> reporter: under a shower of bullets, jason aldean's fans mobilized to leave no man or woman behind. >> get down. get down. >> reporter: loved ones. >> grabbed me by the hand. he was 19 years old. but he was my little boy. >> reporter: friends. >> she pulled me out. and we started running. >> reporter: even total
8:53 am
strangers did all they could to save lives. >> we need your truck. we need to get people over to the hospital, okay? >> okay. put them all in the back. >> throwing people over the fence. there was one main guy. >> reporter: their words tell a story the gunman never intended. that of the human spirit. >> i owe my life to a couple of girls that i'll probably never find out who they are. they grabbed me by the legs. they drag mged me over to the side. and dragged a couple guys next to them and said, you will carry him out of here. i owe them my life. >> i was transferring somebody's son. and he passed away there. in my arms, as we were on the curbside. >> we have multiple, multiple victims shot. >> reporter: in the sea of those ducking for cover, the police stood bravely, directing crowds.
8:54 am
becoming targets themselves. >> god bless the police officers. these guys stood up. they knew what they were against. and they ran towards the danger. i mean, that's real bravery right there. >> we just all got down as low as we could. and luckily, there were some police officers that actually laid over the women that were there, to make sure they wouldn't get shot at. >> reporter: with no access to paramedics, bystanders became field nurses. >> i saw people plugging bullet holes with their fingers. >> see if they have exit wounds. and my first thought is, he's my friend. he's my brother. i'm not leaving him. i wasn't going to leave him. >> you're one of the lucky ones. >> what's up, man? >> there were trucks pulling up. i think there were eight victims in the back of the truck. and the nurses were pulling the patients out. >> it was one of the most beautiful, craziest things, the
8:55 am
way that people came together last night. it was pretty incredible. >> reporter: and in the light of day, more came to help, crowding blood banks to give of themselves, finding hope in the horror. this is how we begin to heal. >> we're a country music community. we are like family. we are going to heal together. i don't know how. it's going to be hard. but i think we can do it. >> we can do it. >> you're looking for heroes. look no further than the streets of las vegas, two nights ago. >> crowded with them. crowded with them. >> much more ahead on this story on "megyn kelly today." good morning. >> good morning, guys. we're going to try to continue the thoughtful discussion. tom brokaw will be here. and also, a survivor of the boston bombing, jeff bowman, he will be here.
8:56 am
and we'll have a discussion in a town hall format we hope will be healing. see you in a few minutes. >> megyn, we look forward to that. much more ahead on "today" after these messages and your local news. i )m - -... our breaking news - we )ve learned of the deaths of two bay area women .. killed in the massacre in las vegas. the family of stacee etcheber this morning confirmesh good normorning. we learned the death of two bay area women killed in the massacre in las vegas. the family confirmed that she died in the shooting rampage. she's a mother of two from novado. her husband a san francisco police officer. he went to assist other shooting victims when the gunfire
8:57 am
erupted. we learned of the death of 32-year-old michelle vo. she graduated from san jose independent high school in 2003. most recently she's been living in los angeles. in all 59 people are confirmed dead. happening now it's close following the developments. learning more about both of the bay area victims. he'll have a live report in our midday newscast. you can get more details right now on our homepage. president trump is in puerto rico right now ten days after hurricane maria devastated the island. we have been posting updates including the meeting with san ju juan's mayor. rock star tom petty has died. many fans mourning his death. his family confirmed it last nig night.
8:58 am
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imagine what we can do for you. ♪ welcome, everyone, to "megyn kelly today," on this somber morning. yesterday, as you know, we woke up to a horrific story. at least 59 people were murdered. more than 500 were wounded, in yet another mass shooting incident. this one was in las vegas. i felt so sad on hearing the news and helpless. right? i personally felt thankful that


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