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tv   Today  NBC  October 4, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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better there. thanks for joining us. >> see you back here at 11:00 for more news on nbc bay area. it's wednesday, hump day, enjoy the day. good morning. inside the chaos. chilling new video of the las vegas massacre captured on police body cameras. >> go, go, go. that way. that way. >> also new images emerging from inside of the hotel room used to launch that attack. the investigation intensifying. >> we haven't absolutely ruled anything out in this investigation. >> as the gunman's girlfriend returns overnight escorted by federal agents at the airport. investigators are hoping she can
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shed some light on what prompted stephen paddock to carry out his horrific fan. october 4th, 2017. from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" the las vegas shooting with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from las vegas. >> we welcome you to "today" on this wednesday morning. it is 7:00 on the west coast, and savannah is in las vegas once again. and we will show more of the body cam video from the police, and people are going to get a sense for the chaos experienced by everyone that night. >> yes. it is disturbing to watch. there is so much to tell you this morning. a lot of new information on the investigation, so we want to get right to these overnight development developments. as you mentioned, the gunman's girlfriend is now back in the u.s. marilou danley arrived at l.a.x.
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late last night with an fbi escort. officials are calling her a person of interest, but stress that she is not under arrest. we are also hearing from danl danley's sisters this morning that claim that stephen paddock sent her away so she would not interfere with his plan. >> that body camera video that we referenced before was released at a late night news conference and it shows the officers trying to deal with the chaos and the terror of the shooting as it unfolded. >> we are also seeing the first images of the hotel room that stephen paddock used as a sni sniper's nest. you can see one of the guns behind the yellow police tape that now blocks the door. inside that room in the hallway, officials say that paddock had hidden cameras that allowed him to watch for police. >> as the investigation moves forward, president trump is going to be visiting las vegas today and meeting with first responders and some of the survivors, savannah.
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>> we have in depth coverage for you, and we will start with the latest on the search to figure out what drove this gunman to commit an unspeakable tragedy. >> reporter: overnight, perhaps the biggest key to the investigation into the las vegas massacre, stephen paddock's girlfriend, marilou danley returning to the u.s. from the philippines. she returned to l.a.x. and immediately met by federal agents. in australia, danley's sisters are speaking out about her relationship with paddock. >> and it is marilou, i bought you a ticket. he sent her away. so that he can plan what he is planning without interruptions, and in that sense, i thank him for sparing my sister's life, but that is not going to come pep it is a the 59 people's live. >> reporter: this as the police release new body cam video show showing the tense moments as the
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officers attempt to approach the mandalay hotel. >> everybody, get down. >> reporter: police call the three minutes of video a small sampling of what was recorded by officers that night. you can hear the torrents of bullets being fired as the officers are taking cover trying to get people out of the harm's way. new images from inside of the steven paddock's hotel were leaked by reportedly police source, and police say they plan to investigate the leak, and these photos by the daily mail show a chilling scene of assault rifles along the floor with spent ammo, and this image of what appears to be the body of stephen paddock after he took his own life. video shows the yellow police tape with windows blown out and the door after a security officer checked rooms. >> the amount of weaponry in that room is are preplanned extensively. >> reporter: police say that he
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fired to the crowd below for 9 to 11 minutes, and he used something called a bounce stop to make the guns more deadly. the fbi recovered three cameras placed inside and out of paddock's suite. >> there were two cameras located in the hallway so that the suspect wicould watch law enforcement outside of the room and another camera in the peephole so that he could look down the hallway. >> reporter: at his home in reno, they discovered more guns to bring the total al to 47. officials are hoping to find out more information from marilou danley after she left for the philippines and danley wired her $100,000. it was a part of the long -term family to build a house. >> steve took care of the people he loved and he helped to make
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me and my family wealthy and this is the steve that we know. ♪ be still my soul >> reporter: as las vegas continues to heal, the motive behind this senseless tragedy is still unclear. and the city is trying to get back to normal, matt, but there is a feeling that everything has changed here. we will will send it back to you for now. >> thank you, savannah. for more on the investigation, we go to nbc justice correspondent pete williams. pete, savannah said that the motive is still unknown, and is this investigation now going in any specific direction and are they focusing on anything in particular? >> yes, the direction is mostly backwards, and what they are trying to figure out is backwards from the moment of the shooting and they have found some disturbing things. they told us that the weekend of the shooting paddock had rented room s rooms in this high-rise in a condo building that overlooked
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the "big as light" music festival, and wondered if that is a dry run. and then looking at the time line of buying shotguns and handguns in utah, texas and california and atf says he bought most of them within the last year. they are looking hard at the finances, the gambling, and the spending and the money he wired overseas, and they want to know if he was in some kind of financial trouble. >> and when you go back to the kocondominium that he rented, i there any surveillance showing that he brought the same suitcase s suitcases to the location, and might have had weapons with him at this time? >> that is something they want to pursue. they have a ton of surveillance video to go through, and it is a long complicated process, and they don't have the answer to that question, matt. >> and searches of the location, and they have searched a couple of home, and the hotel room, and where does that stand, is that over? >> the hotel room is not over, and they say it is going to be taking several days, but the search of the homes and the cars
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and the storage unit is done as well, and they have not found any answer to why. no manifesto or video statement or anything to explain what he did. but in some ways the most important searches are still going on now sh, the electronic devices that he had, the phones, and the tablet and the computers, and they hope to find some answers there. >> and anything, before i let you go, anything more on the explosive compounds found in particular in that automobile? >> well, that is a real poser, because one of the cars did have ammonium nitrate in the trunk which is a fertilizer, but we looked at the aerial pictures of the houses in nevada, and neither of them has a lawn. and ammonium nitrate can be used to make explosives, and that is something else that law enfor enforcement is looking for and they are hoping for the the girlfriend to answer some of the questions. and they are questioning her now. >> thank you, pete williams. back out to savannah. >> all right. matt, as we mentioned at the top, the president is traveling
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here to las vegas today on the heels of his visit from another place dealing with a horrific situation, puerto rico. and kristen welker has traveled her. >> yes, all eyes are going to be on president trump's visit today in the hours after the shooting, and the president referred to it as an act of pure evil, now he will have the chance to witness the aftermath firsthand. he is is going the be meeting with the survivors in hospitas s as well as first responders. it is a major test for the president who is now dealing with two major disasters at the same time. >> reporter: president trump speaking out this morning before leaving for las vegas. >> we are going to the pay our respects and to see the police who have done really a fantastic job in a short time. it is a very, very sad day for me personally. >> reporter: aiming to provide comfort to a community ripped by grief after sunday's mass shooting. >> we will be paying our
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personal respects and condolences to everybody. what happened is such a tragedy. >> reporter: it comes on the heels of his tuesday visit to another scene of devastation, puerto rico. on air force one overnight, president trump insisting that he heard no criticism while on the ground. >> we totally heard thank yous from the people of puerto rico. >> but the mayor saw it differently. >> he was insulting. >> the mayor and he have been quarrelling on the federal response. but when they shook hands, it seemed a temporary truce. >> it is not about politics, but about saving lives. >> reporter: and then he made no mention of the governor. >> this governor did not play politics at all. he was saying it like it was and giving us the highest rating. >> reporter: and he joked about
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how the disaster costs. >> and i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you are throw ing the budget out of whack. >> reporter: and he claimed that there was a much lower death toll as that in katrina. >> if you are look at a death toll of katrina and the hundreds of people who died and 16 people versus in the thousands, you can be very proud. >> reporter: the mayor of san juan lashing out. >> he has a communication issue, and he is sort of like miscommunicator in chief. >> reporter: angry words from washington, too. >> mr. president, enough. stop blaming puerto rico for the storm that devastated their shores. >> reporter: it all capped a day of presidential outreach, and president trump meeting families struggling to rebuild and tossing out pay p paper towels
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basketballs. and he insisted that he is going to be talking about the victims and not gun control. >> we will talk about gun laws as time goes by. >> reporter: we want to point out that the death toll in puerto rico rose to 34 overnight, and more than twice the number cited by president trump yesterday. the president is tweeting about the visit this morning saying that a great day in puerto rico yesterday, and while most of the news is fake, it was warmth and friendship. so in all, we expect him to be on the ground for four hours today, and it is going to be an emotional day. >> yes, a lot of people hurting here today, kristen. thank you very much. matt, we will share some of the dramatic stories of heroism and survival here. but for now, we send it back to you. >> a lot more the get to, including a situation in the white house of what appears to be a deepening riff between the president and the secretary of state rex tillerson.
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andrea mitchell is here with latest on that. good morning to you. >> indeed, matt. and the u.s. officials are denying a split between the president and the top diplomat over north korea after the president e president's tweets undercut the secretary's outreach to north korea a day earlier, and according to the nbc news, this incident is capping months of friction of the president and tillerson which almost led to the top diplomat resigning in ju july. this morning, more signs that the troubled relationship between president trump and the secretary of state is reaching a boiling point. a growing course of headlines calling for rex tillerson to quit after the president attacked his outreach for north korea. >> save your energy, rex. we will do what has to be done. >> i told rex tillerson our secretary of state that he is e sting his time to negoatti with little rocket man. that that bombshell coming just
7:14 am
seven hours after tillerson's arrival home from china. and he said, we do talk to them through our back channels. tillerson's diplomacy is pleasing to china, but not boss back home. and multiple white house officials tell us that tillerson was already on the outs for the president for refusing to tear up the iran nuclear deal, and pointedly disagreeing with president trump's controversial comments about the deadly unrest in charlottesville. >> the president speaks for himself. >> for his part, tillerson was frustrate frustrated when the president sided with saudi arabia against a key u.s. a ally qatar, and officials say that the final blow for the secretary of state a former leader of the boy scouts came in july when the president gave a widely political speech to the scouts.
7:15 am
>> we would go to wisconsin and we had tremendous crowds. >> current and former officials tell care ra lee that tillerson tried to quit but talked out of bit allies including the secreta secretary of state general mattis and vice president mike pence who had to give tillerson what is described as a pep talk to tell him to get on board with the president. the secretary mattis is trying to play down the riff between the president and tillerson, and top tillerson aide denies that the secretary was going to try to quit or offended by the president's speech to the boy scouts. a top aide said that he will stay in the cabinet for as long as the president wants him to serve, but many say that nikki haley is campaigning for it. >> and this not a squabble between the boss and the employee, but it is the president of the united states
7:16 am
and the secretary of the state given all that is going on in the world right now, can rex tillerson carry on diplomacy while he is being undercut in this manner? >> well, that is the big question, because the stakes are enormous, and look at north korea, taand the fact that kim jong-un and the leaders of president xi in china are confuse who is in charge, and they know that it is the president, and tillerson does not speak for him, and that is dangerous around the world. >> and to give an idea, carol of where this has all gone, you have reporting that suggests that rex tillerson following a national security meeting used a derogatory term to describe the president. take me further. >> okay. i will set the scene for you, at a meeting with the pentagon and the president's national security team and cabinet officials, the white house officials, and the president attended and left and the group was gathering and a number of people around and the secretary called the president a moron. >> in front of all of those people. >> and he said it loudly enough
7:17 am
for a number of people to say, yes. >> is the president of the united states aware that happened or was he aware prior to right now? >> a good question. it is unclear if he was aware, but sources tell us that no family members were around, so it is unlike ly that anybody tod him. >> and andrea, why is tillerson still there and given all of this, why has he not handed in the resignation? >> he is a proud man and he wants to accomplish something, and downsizing the state department and eliminating waste and he wants to wait for the management review, but the frustrations are mounting, and if he feels that he cannot accomplish anything especially since he has lost the confidence of the department with his budget cuts and the lost the confidence of capitol hill, he could leave at any time. >> andrea mitchell and carol lee, appreciate it. new developments this morning in a mystery fueling are renewed tension between the united states and cuba. the u.s. state department is now expelling 15 cuban diplomats from the country. this is coming in response to
7:18 am
the mysterious sonic attacks that sickened american officials at the u.s. embassy in havana. the unexplained attacks dating back to late last year led to 22 american diplomats and family memb members with symptoms of headaches, memory loss, and secretary tillerson says that we continue to maintain diplomatic relations with cuba and we will will continue to cooperate with cuba as we pursue the investigation into the attacks. al is here with the first check of the weather. al? >> thank you, mr. lauer. we are looking at the elevations of snow into utah as well, but basically for the most part pretty nice day around the country, and plenty of sunshine what i remember most is when my wife opened the door and she was met by her wedding dress. it was a wakeup call. we're not invincible at all. you think about all of the things you got over the years and in one night it's all wiped away.
7:19 am
you got to remember. you are here. you have life. just because you lost everything materially doesn't mean that you lost everything. good wednesday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. as you head out the door, it's going to be a cool start and at least we have some sunshine. we are at 51 degrees in the peninsula, 47 at the tri-valley and the north bay, 40 degrees. grab a coat. we are going to warm up nicely with high temperatures in the north bay upper 70s to low 80s. 84 degrees in concord and san jose, 79 degrees. oakland, a high of 72 and upper 60s for san francisco and the coast. >> that is the latest weather. matt? >> thank you, al.
7:20 am
and the hero whose instincts took over when the shooting began. savannah? that is right. one of them is a husband who lost his own life while saving his wife. she is going to share their story in a ment. but omfi
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with less pain, i can do more with my family. talk to your doctor today. see if lyrica can help. a large response this good morning, it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia. a large response this morning at sfo, not for an emergency, but an emergency drill. crews conducted a full scale emergency exercise into the morning hours. the goal to practice responding to a terrorist attack in terminal one. federal agencies all participated. more than 60 volunteers acted as passengers. a big rig fire causing back ups for the community on interstate 580. this is video from nbc bay area sky ranger taken a short time ago. i want to get the latest on the situation we have been following with mike inouye. >> now that the fire is out,
7:27 am
they were able to clear everything from the roadway. we are seeing good recovery over the last 20 minutes. the commute direction westbound eased up. i think some folks avoided the dublin grid. slowing for 880 as well and south of 580 was not a problem to fremont. across the san mateo and dumbarton bridge, westbound is the trend. in the south bay, north 87, a second crash occurred. slow there. kari? >> we start with cool temperatures on the roadways and out the door. here is a live look in san francisco. all clear. we are seeing the sunshine and light breeze this morning. look how cool it is. santa rosa, 40 degrees. 49 in oakland and palo alto, 49 degrees. we'll reach the upper 70s and low 80s for spots. mid-80s for the east bay. the peninsula reaching low to
7:28 am
mid-70s. san francisco, up to 69 in the mission district. another update in half hour.
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7:30 am
we are back at 7:30 on the west coast, and there are new images from sunday's tragic shooting here in las vegas. body camera footage that shows officers trying to figure out where this gunman was even as they were shuttling people to safety and dodging bullets themselves, and it has been three days, matt, and it is still so hard to understand what happened. >> and yes, savannah, in the early parts of the body cam footage you have trained police officers wanting to know whether it is fireworks or gunshots before coming to the realization that yes, those are gunshots. there are new developments in
7:31 am
the investigation as well, and that is where we begin our check of today's headlines. breaking overnight, the girlfriend of las vegas shooter stephen paddock returns to the u.s. escorted by federal law enforcement agents as she is set to face questions from investigators. and while the officials are intensifying the search to find a motive behind the tragedy. as police release dramatic body camera video from officers in the chaotic shootout. >> go back, go back! >> president trump heads to las vegas this morning on the heels of his visit to puerto rico where he met families struggling in the wake of hurricane maria, and delivering con trtroversial remarks about the cost of rebuilding. >> i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you have thrown our budget out of whack. >> and the giant yahoo! revealing that 3 billion user accounts were hacked in a massive attack in 2013. maverick president
7:32 am
billionaire mark cuban is inching closer to running for the white house. >> mark, are you considering running for the president of the white house? >> considering yes, ready to commit, no. >> and the cardinals -- the yankees overcome an early deficit belting three homers to send the minnesota twins packing. >> aaron judge with the two-run homer. and moving mon the american league playoffs, today, wednesday october 4th, 2017. and congratulations to the yankees, and the national league's wild card game is tonight to pit the colorado ro rockies taking on the arizona diamondback diamondbacks. we go back out the las vegas and savannah. >> all right. matt, thanks. now, more on this shooting. amid so much heartbreak and horror here on sunday night, there were heroes. heroes who leapt into action and strangers racing in to help gunshot victims and doctors and nurses treating hundreds of patients who flooded into e memg si rooms all across this city.
7:33 am
>> in the aftermath of tragedy more stories of survival are emerging. >> everyone started running and screaming, and then me and my friend were holding hands, and we started running. >> taylor stovall is the youngest patient here at the university medical center with a gunshot in her arm. she was save bade total stranger carrying her to the ambulance with bullets a all around them. >> it is right here, and if it were two inches over, it would have gone through my chest. >> reporter: at sunrise hospital, more than 200 patients flooded the emergency room. >> people were everywhere, and blood everywhere and coming in pickup trucks and cars and civilians in the city were bringing people here, and they were here before the ambulances got here. >> reporter: trauma surgeon dr. mcintyre was there. >> we had everybody in the
7:34 am
hospital here. it was amazing. >> reporter: all hans on deck. >> all hands on deck. >> reporter: among those there was this man who was standing in the crowd when the shooting began. >> i felt like a pop on my stomach and i looked down and it was a bunch of blood. had no idea where my friends were, and i was lost. >> reporter: artie's parents who struggled to get information about him in the hours following the shooting taking his words to heart. >> that is the first time i heard from him. it is hard. to know that your child was going through that. >> reporter: but among the survival stories is heartbreak and dozens who will not return home, and some sacrificing themselves to save othersf travis fippen and his father used their bodies to shield others. >> he was going between the girl, and he got shot and i got there as fast as i could and got
7:35 am
my arm around him and that is when i got shot. >> reporter: john a father of six died in the attack. >> he gave his life for somebody that he didn't know. >> reporter: another hero sunny melton who was a registered nurse who attended the concert with his wife heather. the crowd rushed, and sonny shielded his wife from danger and giving up his life to save hers. earlier this morning we spoke with heather melton and she talked about sonny and her tremendous loss. >> it wasn't just a loss for me, but a loss for the world and our community. >> reporter: i nknow that you feel that he saved your life. >> yes. >> in those moments. >> i know that he saved my life. when we realized that gunshots were going off, and that it was not just fireworks like everybody thought, i said, let's get down, and he said, no, we will get trampled and he said, let's go. and he wrapped his arms around
7:36 am
my back and i pe felt him get shot, and we fell to ground when he got shot. at that point, gunfire all around us, and people were lying on the ground, and i tried to perform cpr on him in the field. >> you are a doctor, a surgeon? >> yes. >> did you know in your heart right then? >> as it progressed on, i did. as i was giving him cpr, he began to bleed from his mouth, and i was screaming for somebody to help me. somebody finally did come help when the gunfire stopped. >> somebody helped you to get to the hospital? >> yes, i don't know who they were, but a man ran out and put sonny over his shoulder, and ran across the field. he was put in the back of a pickup truck with two other victims and he performed cpr on sonny the entire way to the hospital. >> and they stayed with you there?
7:37 am
>> they stayed with me in the entire time. we were on lockdown in the hospital, and they stayed by my side. i don't know their names, but i was in too much shock to even ask, but i'm very grateful that i was not left alone. >> because you are not from here. >> no, we from tennessee. a small town in tennessee. >> and i want to talk about you and sonny. >> right. >> a love affair and newlyweds and just married a year ago? >> yes. i don't know -- i mean, it was a love that i had never experienced before, and it was the kind of love that fills you up every single day. we loved being together. and people felt how much we loved each other, and i will carry that with me forever. i don't know that i will ever experience that kind of love again, but the days i had with him were worth every minute. >> he was a nurse, and you recently started working together. and you are the surgeon and he was your surgical nurse. >> yes, a little role reversal, and he was my surgical assistant
7:38 am
in the operating room, and it just gave us the opportunity to be together even more, and we had a lot of enjoyment in that. >> what kind of person was sonny? >> anybody who ever met sonny deskr described him as just the most sincere and warm hearted and caring person. he could walk in a room, and smile that infectious smile and people just really felt that he cared for them. i got dozens off letters from patients who he cared for while he was an e.r. nurse and i.c.u. nurse that praised how he cared for them and their families. >> and how are you doing, heather? how do you begin to bear this grief? >> nobody teaches you how to do this. life just happens, and i don't know. i mean, i feel like at this point that it is just almost breath by breath. sometimes you feel like you can't breathe and other times,
7:39 am
you just cherish the moments that you had together, but i have a very supportive family and so did he, and we have to all get through this. our community has to get through this. >> and i want to say that you are here, and it is not easy for you have to be here, and you are here for him, and you felt it was important. >> absolutely. i did want to do this at all, and but i did not want the negative person to outshine the good souls that were lost. i wanted the world to know how good sonny was. my son said to me, mom, sopny is an international hesbeinternati was always our hero, but now everybody knows that. and it didn't happen just one night, but now he knows that his mother was saved by sonny. >> heather, we appreciate it. much love. >> thank you. >> our conversation a little bit earlier, and one thing that she
7:40 am
told me that they would fall asleep holding hands every single night. back to you, al. >> so many stories like that being repeat and thank you for sharing that, is a van nax becau -- savannah, because that is heart warm ing. >> and now we can see snow in parts of nevada, an plenty of sunshine stretching from seattle all of the way to san diego with temperatures close, and bunched up into the mid-70s to 80 degree, and showers and colorado spring, and we are looking at the sunny conditions, and looking at rip currents along good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. our temperatures will be nice and warm indland with sunshine and breezy winds. up to 80 degrees in livermore and morgan hills. san jose, 79. oakland, a high of 79. san francisco, upper 60s. it will be warmer over the next
7:41 am
few days. very pleasant weather for the next several days, into the weekend. inland areas are going to start to warm up from the upper 5070so start the week to the upper 80s by the weekend. >> and that is the latest weath weather. guys? >> thank you, al. >> there is still a lot more ahead including the doctors and volunteers all busy answering your breast cancer-related question questions. you can tweet your questions to the #pinkpowertoday or e-mail us at we will be back with more after these messages.
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you can take as many courses as you want each term for one flat tuition. so you can live & learn. find out more about flexpath at 7:46 on a wednesday morning and as we welcome you back, we welcome back carson daly back to the show after an absence and you lost your mom back on september 17th, and how are you doing? >> heal, and still in shock, and really rough loss, and nobody likes that phone to ring in the middle of the night to get that call, and of course, my heart rebreaks for so many people who lost someone they love and someone they love was so quickly taken from them, and so my thoughts and prayers go out to everybody in las vegas. it is a process and i have great faith and incredible friends and you guys have been unblooelieva.
7:47 am
the first people to reach out to me, and matt, the first person i spoke to, and hoda and al and willie and jenna and dylan, and savannah flew out for the memorial, and maz and don, the incredible team tash, and the p here at the "today" show are the highest quality of people, and i could not have gotten past this without my faith in god and my family and friends. >> we got to know your mom here some, and when she came in, she lit the place up? and she also stole everything. >> and so much for the sentimental things. >> and going through her things and how much she loved life, and she was a kleptomaniac, and we were going through things, wine corks that she wrote on and ashtrays and menus, and rocks, and things from the "today" show, and she died at 73, and lived a life that was passionately twice as much, so
7:48 am
she really died at 146. >> her pal out in las vegas wants to say hello. >> carson, i wish that i could wrap my arms around you, and i just want to say, i got to witness what an adoring son were and are, and i know that patty knew every minute how much you treasured her, and we will miss her. >> thank you, savannah, and seeing you out there with mike and i mean, incredible. incredible to have the love of such great friends and people, so thank you. and my mom, and by the way, everybody here, you gave my mom the greatest gift ever by employing me on the "today" show, because she could watch me every single morning in the kitchen and i know that she did, and no place that she would rather have me than back here and thank you so everybody here and nbc news. >> thank you, ka carson. >> i feel the love, and everybody out there on twitter and viewers who have written me
7:49 am
and gone through the incredible amount of pain and that is going to pick you up. thank you, everybody. >> we are back on a wednesday morning right after this. this. we come into this world needing others. this. ♪ then we are told it's braver to go it alone. ♪ but there is another way to live. ♪ a way that sees the only path to fulfillment-
7:50 am
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it is 7:56 on this wednesday morning. we walk out the door to cool temperatures, again. taking a live look outside in san jose, it is bright and sunny. it is now 53 degrees. 48 degrees in livermore. we still have those low to mid-40s for the north bay. this afternoon, it wampls up into the upper 70s, low 80s for santa rosa and napa. concord, 84 degrees. livermore and morgan hill, 80 degrees and 79 in san jose. warmer for the rest of the week into the weekend. mostly sunny skies, also a lot of sunshine for the interior valleys, reaching 82 degrees today with upper 80s in time for friday, throughout the weekend and the weather starts to cool down a few degrees as we go into the beginning of next week. mike has a heads up for train commuters. >> bart trains are delayed.
7:57 am
it was major, over 20-25 minutes, now 15-minute delays. an equipment delay. we are tracking that. make sure you check the mobile app for the latest train times. the freeways are slow. the truck fire is clear north 101 and 87 slow through san jose. the crash at capital expressway on 101 off to the shoulder. back to you. >> thank you very much. happening now, president trump is on his way to las vegas in the aftermath of the massacre that killed nearly 60 people. the president is expected to land in nevada at 9:00 our time. nbc plans to cut into the "today" show coverage for a special report. you can stay current on the twitter feed. meantime, the girlfriend of the las vegas gunman arrived from the philippines. she is talking to investigators about what she may know about the rampage. you can lynn tink to the later
7:58 am
information. another update in a half hour. have a good morning. the push for daca recipients to renew - with the program )s future in question. plus - "designing your own downtown" the impact an innovative approach to planning - may have on one east bay city. join us tomorrow - 4:30
7:59 am
my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, breaking overnight, back in the u.s. the girlfriend of gunman stephen paddock, arrives from the philippines. federal agents hoping she can provide any insight as dramatic body camera footage show police making their approach on the gunman. [ gunfire ] plus, pink power today. we're marking breast cancer awareness month with a team of doctors ready to answer your questions as olivia newton-john opens up about her own relapse and recovery. >> they have a place that supports the people that are
8:01 am
going through it and their families. it's my dream. it's here. and drama and the city. kim cantrall opens up about her rift with co-stars over a possible "sex and the city" 3. and refusing to take blame over the canceled film. the actress not holding back. today, wednesday, october 4th, 2017. ♪ >> today on the plaza, we are sending love to special people all over the country. who do you want to send love to? >> to our kids and our grandkids. love you from mimi and papa. >> want to send love to my mom in puerto rico. >> we're sending love all the way across the country to california. >> hi, clinton, scarlet, and tessa. >> who do you want to send love to? >> i want to send love to my beautiful wife of 48 years. >> isabel is still celebrating her 14th birthday.
8:02 am
and all you want is -- >> selfie with al roker. >> we might be able to arrange that without any problem. >> i think so. >> welcome back to "today" on this wednesday morning. it is 8:00 on the west coast, 11:00 on the east coast. i'm matt lauer along with hoda kotb, here in new york. and savannah is in las vegas. we're talking about the tragic but heartwarming story of heather melton. the very vooifr who -- the survivor who lost her husband in the shooting. >> she is full of love and grace and wanted to tell many about the man she lost. and investigators are trying to figure out how this happened. they are speaking to the woman who might have insight on the mind and motives of the hotel sniper. and new images emerge from the deadliest shooting spree in recent u.s. history. >> get down! >> reporter: overnight,
8:03 am
authorities releasing dramatic body camera footage that provides a glimpse of the chaos and danger officers were facing in the shooting's first moments. >> they are shooting right at us, guy, everybody stay down, stay down. >> reporter: the officers trying to locate the shooter while coming under intense gunfire. >> reporter: muzzle flashes coming from the mandalay bay. and police clarifying just how long the bullets were firing. >> he fired off and on for somewhere between 9 and 11 minutes. >> reporter: new images from inside stephen paddock's hotel room were leaked to several news outlets, reportedly by police sources. these photos obtained by "the daily mail" show a chilling scene. chairs full of guns. assault rifles on the floor, along with spent ammo. and this image of what appears to be the body of the shooter, after police say he took his own
8:04 am
life. police say paddock used high-powered rifles fitted with attachments that allow the assault-style weapons to be fired rapidly like machine guns. they also said paddock placed cameras outside of his room to watch for officers. marilou danley flew into l.a.x. where she was met by federal agents and authorities want to question her about what she knows. back in the philippines, danley's sisters are speaking out about her relationship with the gunman. paddock's brother was emotional outside his florida home. >> i was the youngest son. i grew up with a single mom. steve was like, the dad. he took me camping. >> reporter: so far, investigators are still having a hard time figuring out the killer's motive. >> we have a lot more questions
8:05 am
than answers today. >> reporter: in the meantime, many are remembering the people who had their lives cut short in the tragedy. christopher roybal who served in afghanistan was in vegas with his mother. >> he was a proud american. >> reporter: they were supposed to meet at the concert but were on opposite sides of the stage when the shooting broke out. >> he went to combat and came out without being injured and then goes to a concert and dies. >> reporter: lisa paterson, a mother of three in vegas with her girlfriends posted this photo from the festival about an hour before she was killed. >> she was torn on whether to come home on sunday night. or just stay and watch the concert. and i told her to stay and have fun. >> reporter: well, president trump is traveling to las vegas this morning and he's going to encounter that kind of hurting and that kind of pain as he meets with shooting survivors and first responders and families of victims. this trip comes one day after
8:06 am
his visit to puerto rico. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker is here dealing with these twin tragedies and then also a political firestorm at home. >> this is a big test for president trump, really, the first time that he's dealing with two crises at the same time. as savannah just mentioned, he'll be here later today departed on air force one saying this is a very sad day for me personally according to the white house. he'll be meeting with survivors in hospitals as well as first responders. and it comes as his secretary of state is on defense this morning, responding to a report by nbc news that according to seven current and former officials, he did at one point over the summer consider leaving the administration. our sources tell us he was persuaded to stay by the general john kelly as well as defense
8:07 am
secretary james mattis. now, we also know that according to one senior official had a conversation with when you know, in which he urged him to air any public differences with the president in private. we know there have been some big policy differences here, in particular, over north korea which came to the forefront in that press conference that tillerson just had moments ago and said he never considered leaving. he's focused on the agenda ahead. >> a lot for him to focus, kristen welker traveling with the president. for now, we'll send it back to you in new york. >> thank you, savannah. more to get to today, just days after his release from a nevada prison, we're seeing our first photos of what o.j. simpson is up to now. simpson was photographed on his first full day of freedom on a backyard putting green. he's in a temporary residence in las vegas. simpson's denim prisonwear replaced bay polo shirt and shorts and he enjoyed a viz from his daughter who seems to be showing him something on her cell phone. simpson was paroled after
8:08 am
serving nine years for armed robbery. and now it is time for hoda's morning boost. >> we have a young woman named jordan cleverly trying on a bunch of wedding gowns because she was going to get married in boise, idaho. none of them had the antique feel she was looking for. luckily, jordan's dad had saved his grandmother's gown and they restored it and modernized it. during the rehearsal dinner she put the gown on and surprised her grandmother, penny jenson. penny had no idea. she could kind of just sense that her grandma's thoughts were flashing back to her wedding in '62. when they hugged, her grandmother said, i married my high school sweetheart in this dress and now so will you. >> that's nice. >> how about that? and that dress, by the way, almost got discarded by jordan's dad took care of it and had it restored and now they have a moment to remember forever. >> i think you should always save those things if you can. >> i didn't save mine but that's
8:09 am
a different story. that's, of course, a whole other story. all right. we've got a lot more ahead. our special live event for pink power is in full swing. joan london is here with a team of experts. so keep calling, tweeting and e-mailing. they are answering all your breast cancer questions. and olivia newton john talks about battling the disease for a second time and her work to help other women with the fight. and why kim cantrell is calling her "sex and the city" costars toxic. and designer coats that are 70% off. but first, these messages. if you like cinnamon toast crunch then you'll love strawberry...
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♪ back, now, at 8:13. we're ready to "trend." you ready? let's check out what's trending on twitter. national taco day. wednesday wisdom. happens to be world animal day. speaking of animals, are you afraid of snakes? >> not crazy about them. just watch this video for one second. this is a video of a baby -- >> this should not be happening already. >> the snake is harmless, we should say. and the baby isn't afraid. why is this video going viral? well, the bbc is suggesting that we aren't born with fears. we learn to be afraid of things. that's true, right? that's terrifying to watch that video. i'm sorry. >> the baby doesn't know to be afraid of that -- >> there's danger in that. the baby is ignorant. >> when you were kids, did you have any fears? >> my closet, after watching
8:15 am
"poltergeist." i thought there was a portal to the other side in my closet. >> there is. absolutely. >> right behind the winter clothes. >> al, afraid of anything as a kid? >> jumping out of a plane. as a kid, watching people skydive. >> weren't you on the top of some bridge? >> i climbed the george washington bridge. but i'm on a bridge. i didn't jump off the bridge. >> lightning. >> really, lightning. >> i was on the golf course and i saw lightning, i get freaked out. >> why? >> it's so dangerous. >> that's good. >> i didn't think i had many phobias. and then, i did a "dateline" on phob phobias. we go to the top of the empire state building.
8:16 am
and we get to the top and i start hyperventilating. and you're on a plane, and someone said, is something going on? we had some fears here. let's show you some of the moments on the "today" show when people have been afraid of everything. [ screaming ] >> that's not fear. that's scaring somebody. >> you know that better than anybody, too. >> the airborne in the trash can. remember that? >> mostly, that's al roker walking the halls. no one does it better than you. >> it's a gift. >> first time in a long time, we get to say -- carson, let's do "pop star." kim cattrall is speaking out about her "sex and the city" cast mates. kim saying, it feels like a toxic relationship. she says it's been difficult to keep a relationship with her
8:17 am
co-stars. but the common ground was that the series was over. but since that news broke, sarah jessica parker and kristen davis, disappointed it will go on. avatar just gained some star power. kate winslet. first time that winslet reunites with james cameron. in other news, jared leto going to star as hugh hefner, in the upcoming bio-pic. jimmy fallon and miley cyrus. miley and jimmy surprise unsuspecting fans as they were taking photos in a voice coach's chair. resulting in picture-perfect photo bombs. >> holy -- >> oh, my god. [ screaming ] >> hi. >> make sure we got it.
8:18 am
[ screaming ] >> oh, my god. oh, my god. [ screaming ] >> what is happening? oh, my god. >> there you go. having some fun with the chair. that's your "pop start" today. we're going to move on to "the daly click." this is mike, he was driving a bus filled with 47 passengers. this is his vantage point. he sees a car spinning up ahead. he puts on the brakes, literally inches from the car. you can hear everybody in the back of the bus there, giving him applause. he hits the brakes. is he going to stop? just an inch away. thankfully, nobody was injured. that's your "daly click." >> very nice. carson, thank you very much. mr. roker?
8:19 am
>> miley cyrus and billy joel at the garden. my new favorite version of "new york state of mind." unbelievable. we're looking at this area that's most likely going to become a tropical depression this evening. a chance of 90%. five days, 90%. this is the zone of development. we're concerned about this because it could ramp up very quickly. in fact, now, the attention shifts from the atlantic to the gulf and the western caribbean. and you see by monday, it's onshore somewhere from louisiana on into alabama or the panhandle of florida. we'll be watching this very, very closely over the next several days. it will make, probably, landfall some time on sunday, if it continues on those tracks. sunny and mild up and down the east coast. big flood threat coming we will have a gorgeous day again this afternoon. looking live right now in san jose, it's a cool start.
8:20 am
we have some mostly sunny skies. our temperatures going from 53 degrees right now into the upper 70s later on today. we're going to see a high also of 79 degrees in palo alto, 72 in oakland and some upper 60s for half moon bay and san francisco. some of the warmer spots for the interior valleys will reach into the low to mid-80s. up to 84 in concord. >> pink power on "today" is sponsored by the genius 3d mammography exam. now, to pink power week. if you have questions for experts. there's three ways to ask. 212-790-2290. the phones are burning up and we're going to get answers.
8:21 am
first, we're going to hear more from music superstar, olivia newton-john, as she battles breast cancer for a second time. natalie is in los angeles with more on that. >> hey, hoda. olivia has partnered with austin health to make the olivia new n newton-john center. and she visits with fellow survivors, or she calls them thrivers. we talk about how wellness goes beyond traditional treatment methods. >> how do you feel? >> good. welcome to my home away from home. >> reporter: for olivia newton-john and the patients at the cancer and research center that bares her name, treating the mind and the body is her core philosophy. >> thank you doesn't even cover it. >> you're going to make me cry. >> it is unique. no one does it like this place does it. >> reporter: newton-john was
8:22 am
diagnosed in breast cancer in 1992, becoming an advocate for fellow survivors. earlier this year, she discovered the cancered ed ed e returned. metastasizing in her lower back. how is it the second time around for you? >> i think it's not as frightening. i'm not as freaked out as i had a young child. i went through radiation. i didn't do that the first time. when i talk to a parent that's going through that, i understand what that means. i have a comprehensive view of the different stages of going through cancer and also to support them and say, you know, i got fthrough it, you can. >> reporter: in addition to the hundreds of patients receiving care and therapies, the staff works towards groundbreaking treatments. conducting up to 200 trials at any given time. working towards helping ease patients' pain now and in the future. jonathan seabonn is the
8:23 am
director. >> it's about treating the whole person. the emotional needs, the spiritual needs and the physical needs. the journey can be traumatic. >> reporter: it's the personal approach that olivia advocates. it was central to her first recovery, mental wellness was something she had to seek on her own. to have a place like this, you didn't have this 25 years ago, when you were going through it the first time. >> that's why this wellness center is here. when i went through cancer the first time,chemotherapy, even though i was afraid of doing it. but i did supportive things for myself. to have a place that supports the people that are going through it and their families is my dream. it's here. and i'm so thrilled. >> reporter: being in a place like this, where you have the wellness approach, how has that helped you? >> really top notch.
8:24 am
>> when i first was diagnosed, i was really frightened. like dreadfully frightened. i was reluctant to start the treatment. the staff took me to the wellness center. and that calmed. he. >> reporter: part of the care patients receive including music therapy. >> we wrote down our feelings and we song them. and when you sing, you do not think about chemo or treatment. it was the best thing. it really was. >> reporter: battling a disease that can feel so isolating with companionship and compassion. and that combination of traditional medicine and the wellness approach and wholistic therapies are occurring at many hospitals. >> we're going to turn to our
8:25 am
pink power "today" team. we have a group of doctors and people have komen. doctors, raise your hands when introduced. i have doctor menese. mr. massey is here. dr. neumann is here. dr. margulies. joan lunden is here and dr. natalie azar. all here to answer questions. we've been getting treats and questions. one of the most asked questions we have is about mammography. when should i start? what's the answer there? >> i and the national concert network, we recommend that american women get them at age 40 and continue them every year after. >> and you f yif you have a his the family? >> you might want to start earlier. and get breast mri in addition
8:26 am
to mammogram. >> we're going to talk to doctors and talk to joan lunden. we'll have more after this. i )m a large response this morning at sfo - not for an emergency .. but an emergency drill. good morning, it's 8:26, i'm marcus washington. a large response at sfo for an emergency drill. crews conducted a full-scale emergency exercise into the early morning hours. the goal was to practice responding to a terrorist attack in terminal 1. airport staff, firefighters, state and federal agencies all participated. more than 60 volunteers acted as passengers, some even donned with fake blood, to simulate triage and transport. regulations require airports to conduct these exercises every three year, but sfo does it annually. mike, right now we want to head to you. you're tracking a traffic fatality in east contra costa county. >> we have a deadly crash reported.
8:27 am
one person has died, four more have been taken to the scene. this is westbound highway 4 around railroad. so that's the start of the backup coming out of antioch into pittsburg and bay point. that's where the traffic really kicks in. we're tracking highway 4 slow include the walnut creek exchange and the bay bridge metering lights are still on. b.a.r.t. still has ten-minute delays reported, in recovery mode from an earlier mechanic al issue. >> i'll have another update in half an hour. this is the new comfort food.
8:28 am
grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. discover that thences old worldelief. can always show you something new. find out that luxury has a wild side. and get outside your comfort zone... comfortably.
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with 13 stunning ships... more than 300 destinations... and nine straight years as the best premium cruise line, the world is officially open with celebrity cruises. for a limited time, receive complimentary drinks and wi-fi.
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♪ we're back, now. 8:30 on a wednesday morning. the 4th day of october, 2017. we have a beautiful day here in the northeast. we're saying hi to the nice folks on rockefeller plaza. and you know what? it feels like things are back to normal. savannah is going to make her way back from las vegas. carson daly back on the plaza.
8:31 am
great to have you back. hoda is inside, overseeing our pink power live event. we're going to get more of your questions about breast cancer in a moment. and with hoda upstairs, you are taking on a new responsibility. >> where is joseph and jenna lee? put your hands together for them. there they are. how are you? good to see you. you're celebrating a little anniversary, i understand? >> our first anniversary was august. >> where are you from? >> mississippi. >> and your sign says, celebrating our first anniversary and our baby on the way. congratulations. you know if it's a boy or girl yet? >> no. we find out next week. >> congratulations. here's a "today" show onesie. a little something for you. nice to have you guys here. thank you so much. >> which, by the way, answers the question. >> i was wondering what was in your pocket. >> i carry onesies around. >> there you go. just ahead, jill martin is
8:32 am
here with a special "steals & deals." this is going to help you stay warm in the winter months, including coats with a crazy markdown. >> the good news, is we're going to see a warm-up, so you won't need the coats just yet. >> should we cancel jill's segment? >> never. eventually, it is going to get cold. let's show you what we got going on for today. sunny. the rip currents along the gulf and the eastern coast of florida. big flood threat in the middle plains. and sunshine along the west coast. tomorrow, we're expecting to see a cooldown in the northeast and new england. so, you will need jill's coats. tropical showers in florida. and again, the west coast is spectacular. sunshine from san diego to seattle. well, you're enjoying some sunshine right now as we take a live look outside in san francisco and some cool temperatures. it will be warming up very quickly, though. we're still in the 40s in the north bay and also for the
8:33 am
interior valley. san jose right now at 53 degrees. our high temperatures this afternoon will reach into the upper 70s, from san jose to palo alto. for oakland expect a high of 72 degrees. lower 80s stretching from concord down to morgan hill. santa rosa expect a high of 79 degrees. >> don't forget. get that weather anytime you need it. go to our friends at the weather channel on cable. hoda? >> al, thank you so much. now to more pink power today. it was more than ten years since i was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery. i thought it was a cool time to catch up with my surgeon and friend, to talk about what changed in diagnosising and treating the disease in the last decade. i'm so glad it's over. so glad it's over. >> ten years and breast cancer is like a century. the pace that change happens is accelerating all the time. >> yeah. >> the technology of
8:34 am
diagnosising breast cancer has advanced. we do 3d mammograms now. our surgical techniques are refined. the reconstructive methods are better. >> you have to give it up. >> that's great advice. yeah. surrend surrender, right? i surrender. can you believe that since you did that surgery on me, ten years has passed. in that ten years, i have this cute little girl. >> oh, my gosh. delicious. >> come on. >> delicious. >> how do you think the world will change for her when it comes to breast cancer? >> they're going to do a better job of picking up early breast cancer, where the treatment can be much less obnoxious and much less life-altering. it will be one of the diseases that we're going to genuinely recognize is chronic. okay, i got diagnosed with high blood pressure. every now and then, i might have
8:35 am
to change the meds. but this is something i'm going to live with. breast cancer is going to be like that. >> i love you. >> love you, too, babe. love you, too, babe and so happy to be on your team. >> thank you. >> we're going to get to more of your questions. we've got, again, the top doctors from around the country, assembled here with us. it's a great group. dr. depa is a surgeon at ohio health. dr. azar is going to speak with me. and joan lunden, as well. you are a breast cancer survivor. tell me about your diagnosis. >> yes. i started to work with ohio health about three years ago. it was eight months after i started to work as a breast surgeon, i was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. and i go through the stages, denial, anger, acceptance. i think this has made me a better person and a better physician.
8:36 am
>> when women walk in to see you and they are in the vulnerable state to see you, what are the three questions that you get the most from patients? >> the three most common questions i get, women would say, i don't have family history. should i be getting screening mammograms. 80% to 90% of the time, there's no family history. the other question is, there's so many guidelines when one should get a screening mammogram. >> when should you start? >> age 40. >> what's the third question? >> should i be doing a self-breast exam. the same thing, you want to be aware of your body. >> let's go to joan lund elunde. >> you are a vision. >> i own more hot pink than anyone should own. >> in 2014, you went through
8:37 am
aggressive breast cancer. how are you? >> i'm n.e.d. that's what everyone wants to hear, no evidence of disease. >> what is the question you had before you went into the doctor's office? >> i wish i understood the reality of our risk factors. i was under this myth that if you don't have it in your family history, it's probably going to be someone else. and i didn't realize that less than 15% of all women diagnosed with breast cancer had a family history. i didn't know anything about dense breast tissue. i didn't know anything. i didn't know it meant i should probably have another test. 50% of women in this country have really dense breast tissue, which shows up on a mammogram, sitting next to a radiologist specialist here. as white. and so does cancer. it's like looking for a snowball in a snowstorm, right? >> that's right.
8:38 am
if you have a cancer and there's no fat around it, you won't see it on a mammogram. >> i went for an ultrasound as a fluke because i had been sent to do an interview about mammograms. and when i said to her, they're always calling me back in for more pictures. they tell me i have dense breasts. she said, go get an ultrasound. if i hadn't done it, i would never have found my cancer. >> dr. natalie azar is with us. let's talk about risk factors. if it's not family history, what is it? >> and just to acknowledge that a lot of women are diagnosed with breast cancer and they say, i don't have the obvious risk factors. you can classify them as things you can change and things you can't change. you can't change the fact that you're female. you can't change that you're getting older. and you can't change your family history. the good news, there are things you can control. >> such as? >> maintaining a healthy weight. obesity is linked to a risk. alcohol intake.
8:39 am
and increasing your exercise. that's shown to decrease the chance of breast cancer. we feel out of control and women feel empowered to take some control back with the lifestyle factors they can modify. >> and stress is also a factor. you have to make sure your stress factor is lowered. >> stress can lead to inflammation and cancer risk, obvious. >> dr. natalie azar, we want to thank all of our doctors. send in your questions. we have so much more coming up. this is a great group. ahead, jill martin is staying ahead with "steals & deals." first this, is "today" on nbc. we're the generation that had it all.
8:40 am
we're the generation that had the music and the moves. we're the generation that had the style. well, sometimes. we're the generation that walked where no one had walked before, like no one had walked before, and, boy, did we know how to fly. we're the generation that had a dream and broke down walls. we came together to feed the world's children.
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8:42 am
getting cooler. "today" contributor jill martin is here with bargains on stylish items that will keep you warm. >> al said it's not getting colder. you want to cancel the segment. but you will need these. thanks for keeping me around. >> hoda walked up and said she likes this coat. >> we knew it looked like you. we could see you wearing it. there's different options. the retail, $198 to $300. a choice of down-filled coats or the elegant wool coats. removable hood. nati macy's, nordstrom, and lord & taylor. >> that is great. >> for the boys? >> which one? >> i picture matt in the gray one. >> yeah. i like them a lot. i looked a second ago. it's a coat within a coat. and i like the layer systems. >> and there's a lot of pockets
8:43 am
for all of the things you like to carry. >> my brush, my comb. >> pens. >> perfect. >> the izod men's coats. they rarely give details like this. this is for the "today" show. they have fashion and functionality to it. there's pockets. they're water-resistant. the retail, $200 to $225. the deal, $84. >> love a good scarf, jill. what's happening with this? >> i did my homework on this. not only a scarf. maybe a shawl. maybe a throw blanket. >> omg. >> matt likes to wear things like this. >> the shawl blankets. >> that's okay. >> when you're golfing. the scarf, the retail -- $185. it has the diagonal pattern. it has a lot of interest to it,
8:44 am
depending how you wear it. available in four color combos. beyonce, kendall jenner and jessica alba all worn these. >> made in los angeles, right? >> yes. >> you read these notes? >> i do. >> just in case. >> and i get follow-ups. >> in case jill seizes up in the middle of the segment. >> the deal is $49.50 73% off. >> this is you. >> the nine space bathrobe. they're machine washable. >> what are they? >> sherpa. it's a kind of material. it's hard for me to say. jump sizing, small, medium, large and extra large. if you're giving them as a gift, don't worry about the sizing. sherpa. the retail, $42. 58% off. >> looks like a down comforter. this is not down, though, right? >> yeah. this is an alternative down
8:45 am
comfortable but has the same feel and warmth. $225 to $232. available in queen for oversized king. not for a twin. if you like a bigger blanket. the deal, $97 for any size up to 58% off. >> these are great, also can be worn as a shawl for you. don't do that. that looks funny. >> the products one more time. matt, take it away. >> women's coats from larry levine. men's coats from izod. the donnie charm scarf. bathrobes from nine space. and the comfortable that can be a shawl from natural comfort. if you have questions, head to up next, we're going to talk to ellen paige about her rier. firsthllt
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"flatliners" a group of students embark on a controversial experiments. they stop each other's hearts briefly. but as the experiments become more risky, each member is met with things of their past. ellen page plays courtney. when what she experiences enter the here and now. take a look. >> i think i'm going crazy. i think i'm seeing things. something i did. it was my fault. i'm sorry. >> uh-oh. >> uh-oh is right. ellen, nice to see you. how are you doing?
8:49 am
>> i'm well. >> i don't know if this is the wrong or the right thing to say. i loved the 1990 movie "flatliners." it freaked me out. when did you get to see it? you were a young, young kid when it came out. >> i saw it a few years ago. a friend of mine was such a huge fan of it and shared it with me. so, it was fun a few years later when this came up. >> i love slash movies. it's part psychological thriller/horror movie. which part of that equation do you like best as a viewer? >> probably the psychological thriller because i get scared. you know? even when i saw the movie and the scenes i'm in. and the scares for me, i got scared. >> what's your favorite scary movie of all-time, by the way? >> goodness. probably "the shining." and recently, i loved -- >> i didn't see it. did you see "wait until dark"?
8:50 am
>> i didn't. >> "the exorcist." they're right up there in this genre. what happens to people when they start stopping each other's hearts? >> well, at first, there's a feeling of euphoria. connection to oneness. they're full of energy and their mind's expanded. but then, some not-so-lovely things start to happen. and they're not being honest with one another. and so, for each of them, parts of their past and major regrets start coming for them, essentially. >> i'm not asking you to take me through the entire history of how to act. but when i look at the scene we ran, the clip we ran in the open, when you're there on the cell phone and you're experiencing terror, is there something you think about at a moment like that on camera, knowing the camera is focused solely on your face, to try to take you to that place? >> for this, i thought about what happened to courtney, to be
8:51 am
honest. it's like -- >> the script takes you there? >> yeah. and the dialogue. yeah. just sort of happens. >> you've been acting a while now. you started at a young age. do you remember what it was that gave you the bug? >> it was an accident when it happened when i was 10. it wasn't until i was 15 that i fell in love with film. started to educate myself and watch lots of movies that i wanted to be an actor. that's when i think i got the bug. >> we have the bug every time we watch you on screen. >> you're so sweet. >> seriously. this one is "flatliners" in theaters now. ellen, nice to see you. >> you, too. >> we're back in a moment. this is "tay" on nbc.od
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♪ we're back with more pink power today. our control room is getting in the spirit, too. we want to say hey to the folks downstairs. looking good, kids. check this out. we have a pink ribbon made of c cupcakes by our friends at bake by melissa. we want to give a big thank you to them. and to our volunteers that are manning the phones, the komen foundation, the help line and susan b. komen, if you didn't get a chance to call this morning, you can call the komen cancer line. pink power "today" isn't over yet. our doctors are going to stick around and answer your questions on a youtube live stream. head to right now and watch. we're going to go live. also on "megyn kelly today" in a few minutes. we're keeping this going. we know there's a lot of questions that need answered and we want to take care of it.
8:55 am
guys? >> such a great idea, hoda. well donae. thank you for doing that. and all the people on the phone. speaking of megyn, she is with us right now. >> hi, guys. so, we've got pink power right here at "megyn kelly today" with elizabeth hurley, who is going to talk to us about how she got so active on this cause. joan lunden will be here for an extensive interview. and how a bag of grapes and a bag of peas and a bar of soap can save your life. >> how about that for a tease? >> we'll see you at the top of the hour. >> see you soon. we have much more ahead on a wednesday morning. it happens after these messages and a look at your local news. i )m - -...
8:56 am
we )re following breaking news n good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington and we are following breaking news in eastern contra costa county. emergency crews are on the scene of a deadly crash on highway 4. this right here is a live look from nbc bay area sky ranger at westbound 4 and railroad avenue in pittsburg. one lane of traffic is open. you can see at least five cars were involved in that crash. the chp tells us that one person
8:57 am
sadly has died. up to five people are injured. now, a sig alert has been issued with three lanes closed right now. a break for authorities investigating the las vegas massacre. the girlfriend of the gunman arrived in los angeles late last night on a flight from the philippines. it's not certain where investigators are taking her, but they do plan to try to determine more about the gunman's motive. for starters, investigators want to know why the gunman wired $100,000 to the bank account in the philippines last week. happening now, president trump is scheduled to arrive in las vegas any time now. at some point nbc is planning to break into the "today" show's coverage for a special report. we will have a complete wrap on today's developments in our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. more news in an hour. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston.
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