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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 5, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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completely clear, great for the early commute but the problem we saw from the live camera, southbound 101 between whipple and woodside there is an investigation going on, a chp cruiser was involved in a crash. pete suratos is on site. you can take veterans boulevard, there was an in and out and then that will get you back over to wide side. now, the delay is minimal right now but this is a big investigation, for more on what's going on, pete, you are out there, what have you found out? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, mike. in fact, we ran into this issue as we were going to another story but i want to show you back behind me here 101 southbound as you can see no one is driving here because that area has been shut down as a result of that collision and off in the distance you're seeing police on the scene still here off whipple in this area, an investigation following that collision. in the past 15 minutes that
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patrol car was towed away. i want to show you guys some video, i believe we have video from earlier when we were here on the scene. now, according to chp they're saying this patrol car got into a collision at around 3:15 a.m., that's when this area was shut down. as mike mentioned as a result folks were being diverted off of whipple and back on to woodside. so really this can pose a pretty big issue for folks as this commute picks up. back out here live, you can see investigators still on the scene here at 101 southbound. we will continue to monitor this issue all morning and tell you more importantly when this all clears up. back to you in the newsroom. >> thank you, pete. now to developing news out of las vegas this morning, a shadow hangs over the city days after that shooting massacre took the lives of 58 people. this is a live look at the mandalay bay hotel this morning. >> overnight more solemn moments for dozens of victims. across the nation people are coming together to remember the lives cut short from the
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senseless violence that erupted sunday night as the country continues to recover from the tragedy we're learning chilling new details about that investigation. right now authorities are trying to figure out if the gunman stephen paddock had any help. meantime we're learning more about what was found inside his hotel room and that investigators believe paddock expected to survive that attack. >> nbc's jay gray has been on the ground in vegas since before that shooting. he joins us live now. jay, this investigation has been hampered by the gunman's secrecy. >> reporter: yeah, no, marcus, you're absolutely right, laura, good morning to you as well. look, investigators looking to get through that, put together a timeline of his life before the attack and for the first time now police are suggesting at some point he may have had some help. >> keep your head down. go. >> reporter: four days after the massacre in las vegas the investigation is growing. >> more than 100 investigators have spent the last 72 hours
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combing through the life of 64-year-old stephen paddock. to produce a profile of someone i will call disturbed and dangerous. >> reporter: there is new information this morning including this stunning revelation from sheriff joe lombardo. >> do you think this was all accomplished on his own? >> self value, face value, you've got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point. >> reporter: while police don't know where that help may have come from, the investigation has revealed a significant amount of explosives in paddock's car, thousands of rounds of unused ammunition in his hotel room. we also now know some of his guns apparently jammed during the attack and while they won't say what it is, investigators do say there is evidence paddock expected to survive and escape after the attack. federal agents have spent hours talking with his girlfriend marilou danley and say she's
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cooperating fully with the investigation. she also shared a statement through her attorney. >> i am devastated by the death and injuries that have occurred and my prayers go out to the victims and their families. >> reporter: victims and families that, like investigators, continue to search for answers here. yeah, and, you know, in the days before the attack paddock was seen with another woman, they don't know who she is, but investigators would like to talk with her. we also now know he spent hours gambling before he locked his hotel room door and turned his weapons on the crowd below. laura, marcus. >> so many unanswered questions there. now, we're going to continue to follow this day by day progress on this investigation, both on air and online. as we get new details and they emerge, we will post those updates on our website, also happening today, the fate of hundreds of thousands of
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d.r.e.a.m.ers will be determined. today is the deadline for eligible daca recipients to file their renewal requests. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live in san jose with more on what could happen to all the people who actually forget to -- or don't apply. good morning, kris. >> reporter: san jose was the first city to sue the trump administration over that decision to end daca. despite that protest and other pressures the renewal deadline has not changed. what has changed that a lot of d.r.e.a.m.ers have taken to the streets to protest, calling for action after they came out of the shadows to apply for that dak ra promise of deportation, promise of protection against deportation and permission to work. the trump administration announced last month that it would phase out the program and then told congress to take action to protect the d.r.e.a.m.ers. today's deadline is for the 154,000 or so daca recipients whose status expires on or before march 5th of next year.
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the interesting thing here, it doesn't have be to postmarked today, it actually has to be received by today. now, we talked with an immigration attorney about whether some of those d.r.e.a.m.ers are wondering if they're making themselves greater targets by renewing those daca applications. >> there is a lot of fear, sometimes in the community. it's important to remember, yes, the government knows about your personal information, but i think it's worth it to have those two other years of let's say semi-protection and authorization to work in the united states. >> reporter: now, while the president did tell congress to act to protect the d.r.e.a.m.ers from deportation long-term in a more permanent way there is also bipartisan support for something like that. the snag, though, is how to make that happen. some folks saying it should be a stand-alone bill just for the d.r.e.a.m.ers, some folks saying it should be enveloped into a greater package on immigration
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reform. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." 5:06. take a look at this, this is brand-new video of a boat fire in the san leandro bay on the alameda oakland border. that fire broke out overnight about 12:45 in the morning. officials say no one was on board, they called the boat abandoned, the coast guard is investigating now, no word on a possible cause. new this morning designing your own downtown. >> that is exactly what one east bay city is letting its residents do. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us from every more with a look at what some are calling an innovative approach. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the city of livermore needs whatever skills you acquired playing the sin city video game to find out what to do with this eight acre lot behind me. the city already has ideas of its own on what to build on these two parcels that are
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between railroad and first street but the planning department would like your input as well. the city has launched and on line tool that let's you come up with your own plan for an urban live work space development. with a click of a mouse you can choose where to place housing, hotel, office, retail and conference center space as well as parking and plazas. the tool also lets you know how much your protect would end up costing the city. >> we're looking to see are there themes behind what people are seeing. maybe everybody does want a little bit of open space in the heart of downtown. as people submit we will go inn to capture that and we will also be able to see where they want it, what kind of retail do they want, where do they want that retail. maybe you will come up with an idea that we have never thought of. >> a number of citizens have already hosted their ideas online, you can check them out. livermore is accepting feedback through the end of the month. the hope is to have a plan in place early next year with construction starting sometime in 2019. livermore tells us the city of
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menlo park has a similar tool for a project that it had. you can find the link for the livermore project -- >> oh, i was just about ready to hear how we can find out. we will find out that information from bob coming up in just a bit. probably go to the city of livermore website perhaps. we'll check. new this morning keeping the carousel. developers say plans to revamp the kamd brie a park shopping center in san jose do include that popular landmark. that's the word this morning. if you are not familiar that retail center sits at union and camden avenues. you can't miss it when you go by, you see that '50s style carousel. developers want to replace the aging areas with hotels, offices, shops and apartments. they want the area to resemble downtown los gatos or downtown campbell. good thursday morning. we are coming up on 5:10. right now we are starting out with some cool temperatures and
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in san francisco it's going to be another beautiful day. we're going to see the high there up to 71 degrees and then a little bit warmer for the weekend, but still very pleasant. we will have some warmer temperatures in the forecast early next he can would. inland areas will continue to warm as well. so just a few degrees above yesterday for today and for the weekend we see those high temperatures reaching into the upper 80s. we will talk more about what to expect with the breakdown of today's temperatures coming up in about four minutes. mike is still talking about that closure on 101. >> right here behind me, kari. this is a shot from pete's live truck here, southbound highway 101. no traffic southbound because of the chp vehicle here and a number of officers you see them in the center divide with flashlights, they're looking for any evidence they might need. there was an earlier crash which has been taken from the scene, we showed you the chp vehicle, crashed into the center divide, we know that from the visual or shot we saw there. this will continue to be closed
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for the time being, we don't know when they are going to reopen those lanes, being dark it's tougher for the investigation, they may have to wait for daylight for photos. as we look at your map you see the closure and the cloeg southbound 101 coming into redwood city, you're forced off the freeway at whipple, take veterans down to wide side then get back on to the freeway. it's only one exit but that is a critical point south of the san mateo bridge. you may want to go on the 880 and dumbarton bridge which is very clear right now. back to you. coming up is the bay area housing bubble about to burst? a new study this morning that could determine when you should sell your home. plus a toy company decides a toy may be too creepy for kids. we will show it to you. it's coming up.
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it's 5:14 with a clear and cool start again this morning, let's take a live look outside in fremont right now. grab a nice warm sweater. we will be at about 60 degrees at 9:00 this morning, so a little bit better. all of that sunshine warms things up quickly, we will be at 80 degrees by 3:00 today and more warm temperatures in the forecast for the weekend. we will get a look at that coming up in five minutes. that forecast looks great. not great the peninsula, highway 101 continues with the closure, the chp involved crash and the investigation going on. we will talk about your reroute and we will see the build as it comes down from the san mateo bridge.
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new this morning when it comes to the risk of a housing bubble, the bay area is better protected than most places, that's the consensus from a new study by the swiss financial services company ubs. the study looked at 20 global financial markets and sound san francisco's housing market greatly outpaced the economy over the past four decades, but remained at a lower risk due to the economic stability and the silicon valley staying power. that study found toronto to be the most at risk for a bubble. california regulators are stopping short to require uber and lyft drivers to submit fingerprints. california's puc oversees ride service companies, the chronicle reports the agency decided only to require proof of annual background checks which uber and lyft already do. companies oppose fingerprint requirements and in other states it's become a divisive issue. taxi drivers in california are generally required to submit fingerprints but the cpuc
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decided an added layer of security would not boost safety. 5:15 this morning there is a growing pressure on facebook to show americans ads that tried to influence the presidential election. >> as bought and paid for by russians. scott mcgrew has more. >> facebook says russians bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ads and it has turned copies of those ads over to the senate intelligence company, facebook did, that committee says it can't show them to you in the middle of an investigation, but it has no problem if facebook does. clearly if any of the social media platforms would like to do that we're fine with them doing it because we've already got scheduled an open hearing because we believe the american people deserve to hear firsthand. >> the senate intelligence committee also says it wants to request he leaders from facebook, google and twitter said set november 1st and the date. it's an invitation not a demand though those sort of invitations carry a lot of weight.
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shortly after the committee said november 1st facebook announced it would make its quarterly report to investors on the very same day. this might make it difficult for executives like mark zuckerberg to attend the senate inquiry because they would be busy. the two leaders of the committee say they're drafting a bipartisan law that would force social networks like facebook to reveal who buys political ads, the same way political ads on tv and radio have to explain their funding. yet another win for stocks on wednesday, there seems to be nothing that will pull the price lower. we get the big jobs number tomorrow but the data will be a mess because of all the hurricanes, nobody hires in the middle of an evacuation after all. markets mattel has canceled development of a toy that was an alexa for kids, it was designed to be your child's companion from baby to teen, it starts as a night lap, it adapts and learns, critics found it a little creepy and mattel decided maybe this is not such a good
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idea. >> yeah, that's strange. >> my a decks a learns about me but i'm an adult. i think if i had small children i would be a little uncomfortable about it. >> exactly. >> i would, too. >> i'd rather have me there for my child. >> that might just -- >> their whole lifetime. >> just might work. parenting. >> yeah. no kidding. so if you are in san francisco today get ready to hear some loud thunderous sounds in the skies. don't panic it's just the blue angels practicing. err they're getting ready for their big show that's going to happen this weekend. it's really cool stuff that you've never seen up close. always a great show that they provide for a lot of people. >> i went through all the training, the breathing exercises, got the outfit on, they were like, oh, you are too short. >> they couldn't measure you first? >> maybe i took off my high heels. anyway, it's kind of scene. >> just to see them going straight down and then -- i mean, it's just amazing.
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all of that going on this week, fleet week, and we will definitely be watching the forecast for san francisco. normally around that time we start to see the skies clearing, so that will be something we will have to keep an eye on over the next couple of days, it's all clear right now as you get ready to step out the door in the tri-valley it's 50 degrees that's on the right side of your seen, looking live in pleasanton. now the east bay looking live in oakland it's 50 degrees, one of the cool spots, it's cool in the north bay 48 degrees. it will be warming up a few degrees above where we were yesterday, so it starts out cool and then it warms up quickly. we will be up to 84 degrees in santa rosa, 82 degrees in palo alto and san jose and livermore expect a high of 84 degrees. san francisco low 70s there. as we get that morning commute under way in the south bay it will be in the low 50s at 7:00,
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many more people getting up and out the door and then as we get ready for that lunch hour people heading back out again, it will be in the mid 70s. in oakland as you get ready to take the kids out for school it will be in the lower 50s, by 7:00 this morning temperatures today rising into the low 70s and then after school the kids have football practice on the peninsula, a lot of sunshine is going to be so comfortable and temperatures in the upper 70s, a little cooler by 6:00. in san francisco looking at more 70s in the forecast over the next several days and we will get a little bit of a warm up for the inland valleys, we will be in the upper 80s starting tomorrow. mike is still tracking the chp investigation. >> we are, kari, we have a photographer outá5ñj there, thi pete suratos' van with the rooftop camera. southbound 101 is closed. you see a couple chp vehicles, let me get out of the way, there you go, we have chp officers with the flashlights and they've been scanning this entire area.
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you see the sign above it says whipple avenue, we are a quarter mile south of that on ramp. people are allowed back on at woodside. this investigation continues. a single chp people involved, in the crash two officers were taken to the scene. as we look at the map we will explain they were taken away, sounds like they are all right, minor injuries, nothing major, we know that, but this is a major impact to highway 101. veterans boulevard will take you bast that scene and past the in and out before you get to woodside and head back to the freeway, that's south of the san mateo bridge, so you may want to get to the dumbarton bridge. both are looking clear right now. no major build yet, but we will see those metering lights on at the bay bridge any section now. we will watch as the commute buildings. back to you. coming up, dangers behind the wheel, not from cell phones. the car technology added to that distracting driving problem. and on twitter right now
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we're talking about that chp crash in redwood city. follow @nbcbayarea to find our handle and to get instant updates on those stories. is facing a high-profile
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lawsuit. it stems from the death of a 3 5:24 on your thursday morning. this morning alameda county facing a high profile lawsuit it stems from the death of a
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three-year-old girl. an attorney tells the east bay times that the county missed signs that the foster child was in danger. she died after ingesting methamphetamine two different times. the attorney contends that the county should have removed the girl from the stockton home after the first incident. michigan mom who refused to have her son vaccinated will now briefly be going to jail. the woman's ex-husband demanded the vaccinations which she argued went against her beliefs. a judge last year ordered here who have her nine-year-old son vaccinated, she agreed in court to do so but never actually followed through, now the woman will seven serve a seven day jail sentence for contempt of court, the father has been awarded temporary primary custody. research that says technology aimed at preventing traffic problems may actually make it worse. aaa commissioned in study. research found that drivers who use voice based and touch screen features to send a text or set up directions were distracted
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for more than 40 seconds. >> we're making what were relatively simple interactions more complex. the workload associated with these new systems is very high. >> the surprise here is that these are technologies built and marketed as making us safer and less distracted behind the wheel. >> researchers say auto makers need to be more thoughtful about the technology being introduced to drivers. coming up revealing details on the investigation into sunday night's mass shooting on the las vegas strip. the new clues we're learning about the moments leading up to that gruesome attack. >> an accident involving a patrol car on a major freeway may cause some issues for your morning commute. i will have the latest on that crash and the details i'm just getting from chp. a big problem for commuters --
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live pictures as southbound breaking news at 5:30. a big problem for commuters, live pictures as southbound lanes of 101 closed right now, this is at whipple avenue. the patrol vehicle crashed, we are working to find out what caused that crash and the injuries. good morning. thank you for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia cannon. let's get straight over to mike inouye. >> critical start ri on the peninsula, the bay shore freeway right there where the exclamation point s looking at the rest of the bay, nothing unexpected. the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. that's the biggest issue aside
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from this. this is a whopper for the peninsula, southbound highway 101 completely closed to traffic flow, folks are forced off at whipple and back on at woodside. we can verify the veterans past the in and out burger is a good option because pete suratos took that to get around the scene on the way to live coverage. pete, i hear you might have some developments. >> reporter: -- from chp redwood city who is in charge of this investigation and they're saying the crash at this time is unknown but we know that it only involves one car and that car would be that chp cruiser and there were officers in there they're saying the officers were minor and they had been transported to a hospital but we will show you this freeway, this empty freeway on 101 southbound between whipple and woodside as chp continues their investigation. while they are still here on the freeway conducting that investigation we will show you the video from earlier, you can
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see that chp cruiser at the divider after that crash. as i mentioned they don't know exactly what caused this crash but we do know that it took place roughly around 3:15 a.m. of course, as mike was mentioned all morning it could cause some issues for folks using 101 southbound during their morning commute specifically between whipple and woodside. you can see 101 southbound empty as a result of this crash. chp told me they don't know exactly when these lanes will reopen but they are working on reopening one lane. of course, we will be here in this spot monitoring their conditions and more importantly we will let our viewers know when those lanes reopen. back to you in the newsroom. >> inks that, pete. and now to new developments out of las vegas as we look live at the mandalay bay hotel. investigators continue to look into a possible motive for the deadly concert shooting. >> first let's talk about the
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victim. the victim death toll still stands at 58 people, about 500 others were hurt. last night in las vegas people gathered again for a candlelight vigil. federal agents have spent hours talking about the gunman's girlfriend, she says she had no rng with a of any kind that he was planning an attack. investigators do say that stephen paddock was seen with a different woman in the days leading up to the attack. they would like to find out who that woman is and talk to her. now the latest on the investigation this morning, police now say the gunman had to have some help at some point. police say he may have had an escape plan as well, though he did ultimately take his own life. this morning we are learning details about what the suspect did in the days and really years leading up to this shooting. >> nbc's jay gray is live from las vegas with that part of the story. jay. >> reporter: marcus, laura, we know that he collected weapons really more intensely over the last year of his life. investigators right now focused on that point in october when he
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began to really accumulate those rifles and they want to know if something perhaps changed in his life at that point to drive him to amass all of this firepower. we also know that inside his car that was parked at the mandalay bay hotel and casino there was a large amount of explosives in the trunk as well as 1,600 more rounds of ammunition. that does play into the idea that they have some information though they are not sharing it with us about his plans after this attack, that he indeed had planned to escape and get away from what was going on. that other woman involved here, they don't know her name, don't know exactly what her part if any may have been here, but they would like to talk with her. we are also now learning that he gambled for hours before ultimately going and locking the door of his hotel suite, turning his weapons on the crowd below.
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still so many questions here and all of them surrounding that idea that they want to find what may have been the driving force, the motive in this attack. >> jay gray reporting live from las vegas. we will continue to follow this day by day progress of the investigation both on air and on line as new details emerge we will be posting them on our website, let's take a live peek outside. levi stadium pretty quiet right now but last night the band coldplay really delivered. not only did they leaves fans pretty satisfied but followed through on a promise to play past that 10:00 p.m. curfew. you heard the crowd singing alo along. coldplay wrapping up closer to 11:00 at night. this kind of late show is something santa clara will not be seeing again for at least a while. weeknight concerts at levi's are being put on indefinite hold due
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to the noise. last night one neighbor let us into his home to experience it firsthand. >> so the fireworks noises and the noise of the crowd and the singers at the event, it can be very noisy at times. >> the 49ers managed levi's and say the city is missing out on potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue because of the noise limit. the steam is asking for four weekday extensions every year. we just spoke to a santa clara council woman about last night's show, we will bring you her interview in the next hour. a campus wide symposium to mark the uc berkeley free peach movement. it started in 1964. the past year has seen a new free speech gate brewing at cal, we've seen fights and drauls between conservative groups and liberal protesters. today's event will be a day of discussion on the history and
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practice of free speech at cal and how new media is transforming it. an oversight committee to monitor the santa clara jail will start taking hap today. the board of supervisors has been looking into creating a committee into after the death of michael tyree. the county's finance and government operations committee will consider establishing one, three deputies were convinced to of beating him which eventually led to his death. today santa clara valley transportation leaders will discuss the tunnel being built under downtown, it's part of the second phase of the project to san jose and includes a five mile long subway tunnel that will pa start at the allen rock station and run to the santa clara caltrain station near the san jose airport. today officials will discuss how to dig that tunnel. >> i want to check in with mike because you've been monitoring what's going on on southbound 101. >> there's nothing. that's the black section right
5:37 am
here, completely unlit, no head lights, no chp lights, either. this talks about a half mile short of here is the whipple off ramp, between whipple and woodside is the closure, the chp investigation continues through this stretch but again we just saw the cruisers lead from this scene. most of the rest of the day just fine, the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on, that's expected at this time, there is a mild backup, 20 to 30 cars at the most and then take -- whipple avenue and then take veterans boulevard over towards woodside. the reason why whipple avenue is critical, whipple avenue is on the peninsula, whipple road is on the east bay on the hayward side. over here looking across the bay o toward the bay bridge toll plaza and the approach is looking just fine. there are your travel times getting through the maze. the metering lights are on there. travel times for the tri-valley, we do see slowing for 84 heading through livermore and
5:38 am
pleasanton, it's relatively mild. >> getting through the maze, getting through the traffic, we're getting towards the weekend. >> we want to know what that weekend weather, a lot of things going on, especially in the city. >> absolutely. with it being friday eve we like to look forward to all of those events and i'm also requesting that people let me know what you're doing this weekend so that i can feature it right here. let me show you the overall view of what to expect for the coast. it's going to be 70 degrees, the bay at 79 and inland it's going to be 89 degrees. we know a lot of people will be heading to the coast because it's fleet week and for the inland areas it is still going to be quite toasty. yes, you will want to find somewhere a little cooler. the bay not bad, 80 degrees, 71 degrees for the coast on sunday. tomorrow we start out with a hardly strictly bluegrass and that is going to be perfect. it will probably feel a little warmer than 78 degrees but that's going to be our high
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temperature, it starts cooling down quickly as we near sunset. thank you, jennifer, for letting me know you're going to the vallejo waterfront weekend and that is also going to be perfect, mostly sunny skies, 78 degrees by 1:00, high temperatures in the low 80s and then it starts to cool back down. a lot of events going on not only there but also for the marina green area over towards sausalito, oakland, find your spot and you can watch the blue angels fly overhead along with all of the other planes that will be flying by. reaching up to 70 degrees as the event wraps up. if you're heading out of town going to lake tahoe it's going to be beautiful this weekend, look at these high temperatures reaching into the low 70s, a little cooler there on sunday, but the morning temperatures are going to be near freezing so pack something nice and warm. in monterey also going to be perfect with highs in the mid 70s, nothing but sunshine there. you may want to bring some long
5:40 am
sleeves in case it gets chilly for you. muir woods will have the free morning hike on sunday, that early morning sunrise guided hike and the high temperature for that afternoon will be at 76 degrees. once again let me know what they're doing, send me their weekend plans on facebook and we will see it featured right here at 5:38. i will have another look at the forecast coming up in three minutes. >> sounds good. we will have a segment called hiking with kari. >> i'm in. 5:40. coming up, educating the next generation. the changes the majority of californianess want to see in our school testimony system. what a new poll is unveiling. the president is on the attack this morning. we will show you the latest.
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a clear and chilly start right now at 5:43 as we take a live look outside in downtown san jose. let's go to willow glen. good morning, it's going to be in the mid 50s by 9:00. definitely a willie start, but it warms up into the low 80s already by 3:00, now, we are going to have warmer temperatures in time for the weekend. with we will take a look at that coming up in five minutes. and we just got word and visual confirmation right here all lanes of southbound 101 have reopened. that's in the early chp investigation we're tracking this and here comes that traffic we're tracking as well south out of redwood city and in toward menlo park. a new numbers this morning show support for school vouchers
5:44 am
or tax credit. we've looked through the research for you. >> uc berkeley did this study about school choice. 55% of californians want the government to help low income families to send children to private school. 46% want the state to offer that help to families of all income levels. the findings come as education secretary betsy devos has reignited debate over those school vouchers. she supports the program. critics say vouchers take much needed funding from public schools. a follow-up caltrans has announced an opening day for pfeiffer bridge in big sir. caltrans says the fridge will reopen friday the 13th. now to the unfolding crisis in puerto rico. right now more than 90% of the
5:45 am
island still without power, that's millions of people who are struggling to recover and rebuild. the outlook, well, it's grim. many are being told that power won't come back for months. if you are looking to help here is your chance, the academy school in perkily is collecting donations all today to send to the island. they're looking for portable cellphone chargers, first aid kits, baby food and batteries. drop off those items at the school until 4:00 today. stocks hit a new record and the president wants you to know about it. >> scott mcgrew, donald trump trumpeting the job market as well. >> the president loves the employment numbers, laura, though remember he used to call them fake back when president obama was president. now that he's president they're real. trump tweeting this morning stock market hits an all time high, unemployment lowest in 16 years, business and manufacturing enthusiasm at highest level in decades. now, the president sent out that
5:46 am
tweet just 24 hours before we get the big jobs number. 5:30 a.m. our time tomorrow. and we expect tomorrow's number to be fairly lousy because of the hurricanes. nobody hires in a hurricane. it will be interesting to see how the president handles that tomorrow. the president also very angry this morning about an nbc news report that said secretary of state rex tillerson wanted to resign after the president's embarrassing speech before the boy scouts, a speech even the boy scouts apologized for. nbc also reported tillerson called the president a moron. both tillerson and the president deny tillerson threatened to resign. as for the moron comment, tillerson wouldn't comment either way. >> can you address the main headline of this story that you called the president a moron and if not where do you think these reports -- >> i'm not going to deal with petty stuff like that. i mean, this is -- this is what i don't understand about washington. again, you know, i'm not
5:47 am
interest this place, but the places i come from we don't deal with that kind of petty nonsense. >> the nbc reporter who broke the story stands by her reporting, she says tillerson did threaten to resign, not only did he say the president was a moron, he said something far stronger. "the new york times" reports this morning tillerson had threatened to resign more than once. we examined the president's tweets and speeches and everything he has to say every morning on nbc bay area. you can contact me directly, tell us what you would like to see. i'm @scottmcgrew on twitter. hillary clinton fans get ready, she will be in the bay area on friday, she is a keynote speaker at stanford for a conference on democratic values. later she will head to books inc. on van ness in san francisco for a book signing of her new book, properly entitled "what happened". every morning i get to sit next to her from 4:30 to 7:00 and even on the midday show. >> you are so lucky. >> i am.
5:48 am
laura is doing not only anchoring this morning but you have emcee duties today. >> i am the emcee at this year's women of impact luncheon in san jose, it's a great event that spotlights and honors women who make all these great positive contributions to our society and really even the world. it's organized by san jose's notre dame high school. it's happening at 11:30 this morning at the san jose convention center and we're happy to say it is sold out. all the money raised goes to stem programs for young girls at notre dame. stem, if you don't know already, science, technology, engineers, arts and math. the goal is to get more young girls into those subjects. i'm really looking forward to getting out of the box and going to see people in person. it's nice. >> notre dame is an outstanding school for young women. >> it really is. a lot of great graduates out there. >> speaking of stem we have a woman in stem right here. >> great example. >> and i'm putting that to good use today looking at all of those cold temperatures in the north bay, now we are having a really cool start, but then it
5:49 am
warms up quite a bit as we go into the afternoon. so all those microclimates in full effect today. let's get a look at what we're feeling right now as you get ready to step out the door in fairfield napa it is 43 degrees, 42 degrees in santa rosa and 50 now in oakland and in palo alto. and then as we go to the south bay getting a look at these high temperatures for this afternoon, we will be up to 83 degrees in milpitas and los gatos, morgan hill expect a high of 85 degrees, we are going to also have mid 80s for parts of the east bay, the tri-valley up to 85 degrees in pleasanton and hayward up to 79 degrees, it's going to be a little bit warmer than it was yesterday, that will be the trend over the next several days, daly city expect a high of 69 degrees and some low 70s in san francisco in the mission district, 72 degrees, 80 for today in sonoma. so as you're getting started this morning looking out the window and getting ready for the day, it's a good day to wear
5:50 am
something that will keep you nice and warm like a hat, maybe even some gloves especially in the north bay and we have been upper 30s and low 40s there. pants will keep you comfortable with those breezy winds but it will be warming up. you will probably need layers for the way the temperatures will be changing today. looking live outside in oakland and it's already busy. let's check out that commute forecast for the east bay, looking at the temperatures for the oakland area at 7:00 more people out there on the roads, it's going to be only 53 degrees, inn the heater will be on, and then as we go through the day people heading out for lunch it will be in the upper 60s. getting the kids ready for school this morning, heading out the door in san francisco, walking to school it will be in the low 50s but then look at those temperatures as they get out of school, we are going to see low 70s over the next couple days, warming up to 77 on monday, early next week we will still have warm summer like temperatures but gradually starting to cool back down. mike, 101 has it reopened yet?
5:51 am
>> it has. evidence that all lanes southbound 101 have reopened. chp through that area was handling an investigation, an earlier chp involved vehicle crash. only the chp vehicle was involved there and to make sure everything was going well and now you see as we're watching that volume of traffic, the burst of traffic. look at your math, this is south of whipple avenue before you get to woodside. we had a lot of slowing that has just about completely cleared because traffic still relatively light, light for palo alto, redwood city, menlo parks, folks traveling between the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. others mate not have heard yet and they may be heading toward the dumbarton bridge, a little more traffic expected early in the commute. over at the castro valley y southbound 680 your fast lane is blocked by a crash there. no i think maar injuries but that's a critical point so we will track that traffic out of castro valley and in toward hayward. san jose just starting to see
5:52 am
the commute build. back to you. coming up at 5:51 a new warning for young soccer players, the injuries many are seeing and what parents need to know. happening now, breaking news, a chemical weapons watchdog says traces of sarin gas was found after the march attack in syria that injured 50 people. days later an april attack killed nearly 100 people. syria has denied responsibility for ate tax. >> plus, less than an hour ago the winner of the nobel prize in literature was announced. kazuo ishuguro, last year bob dylan won the honor. nor . you get a massage to
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
relax-- but what happens when something goes wrong behind so you get a massage to relax, that's the idea hyped it all, but what happens when something goes wrong behind closed doors. >> nbc bay area has learned sexual assault complaints at spas are on the rise. senior investigative reporter vicki nguyen joins us with a preview of her report tonight. >> reporter: if you've ever gotten a massage you know it's usually just you and the massage therapist in a room, the lights are dim, no cameras, no witnesses to any potential problems. if an assault or inappropriate touching happens, it can be
5:56 am
difficult to investigate. >> he was rubbing his crotch on his top of my head and i'm scooting down and stoogt down to avoid this from happening. >> what's going through your mind. >> i'm just fearful and thinking how am i going to get out of this situation. >> tonight at 11:00 we investigate why some massage therapists facing serious complaints, even arrests remain on the job into if you have a story for our investigative unit give us a call 8 8 8 88-996-tip send us an e-mail. 5:56. soccer parents listen up. doctors say that they are seeing a big increase in knee and ankle injuries among young female soccer players. doctors say that they have been seeing this big increase in torn acls among female athletes. they say there is a mist balance between certain types of muscles and female athletes are more likely to get injured because they land -- the way they land
5:57 am
and move while playing. in fact, experts say that girls are up to nine times more likely to carry their acl compared to boys. so what can parents do? doctors say that you need to watch your child carefully from the sidelines. >> if it looks like it's really affecting play, we are not able to get up to speed with running, we really look like we're struggling for some reason, that needs to be looked at. >> and if you hear a pop, that's a big sign that you have a problem. doctors say an athlete's knee may also give out and start to swell. a cyber attack at some of the drive in restaurants, sonic says hackers may have stolen customers debit and credit card information. sonic operates in 45 states but isn't saying how many locations are affected. there are sonic stores in hayward, vacaville, gilroy, they say they will offer customers free identity theft protection. you can start your nissan car or suv with just your voice.
5:58 am
the auto maker says about a dozen of its newer models including the centra, maxima and pathfinder will work with amazon's alexa for features such as starting the engine. unlocking your doors or even turning lights on or off. last month bmw said it will integrate alexa into its cars to help people get the latest news or ask for directions. levi's stadium is still running to host the 2026 fifa world cup. the united committee says that the bay area is one of 32 locations across north america that could serve as the official host city for the world cup. there are four possible host cities in canada, three in mexico and 25 cities in the u.s. during the next stage of the bid process the united bid committee will work with local officials to finalize hosting documents. coming up at 6:00 we are following breaking news on the peninsula where lanes are just reopening after a crash involving a consider chp patrol
5:59 am
car. plus many questions remain in the deadly las vegas mass shooting. the new clues we're learning as investigators look into a motive of the massacre. and a deadline, today is the dead lane to apply for renewal through the program. "today in the bay" continues right now. we say continue because we've been on air since 4:30. good morning to you. thank you for being there. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now we want to take it to mike inouye who has been tracking a lane closure this morning on 101, but that has since opened, mike. >> that's right. in fact, it wasn't just a lane, marcus, the entire side of the freeway was closed southbound highway 101. the critical connection between the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. we will zoom in toward the area where we've followed in closure between whipple avenue and woodside road. they are both reopened and so has the traffic flow on the freeway in between. the reason we were concerned was this was an extensive
6:00 am
investigation, again, all lanes are open but pete suratos is out, you've been following it since the beginning of the show. this involves chp, i think that's why things took a little longer. >> reporter: that's right, mike, those lanes reopened roughly around 5:40 and according to chp we just talked to them off camera they're telling us that this involved only one patrol car and that patrol car was en route to help another unit on the freeway. behind me you see that the traffic is typical of this morning. let's show you the scene from this morning on the freeway when that patrol car essentially hit a center divider. the cause of that cash is unknown. we do know it shut down the freeway between whipple and woodside for a few hours, reopening in the past 20 minutes. as far as injuries to the officers, they are minor and they have been transported to a hospital, according to chp, but the cause of that crash is unknown and right now, guys, for


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