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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 5, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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access. inside the rooms they found thousands of rooms unspent ammunition and explosives in his car. >> we looked for indicators of affiliation of motive of intent and so far we are not there. we don't have those indicators. >> reporter: today more praise for the first responders including the fire captain returning from another call when he heard the zblushts captain picked up the radio and do you have reports of gunfire i'm i'm hearing gunfire. they said no. yes now we do. that fast. >> the flood gates0l opened an out pours dozens and dozens. >> jumping into action, brarly that undoubtedly saved lives at bullets rained down. and the fisher says the shooter's girlfriend continues to fully cooperate. meanwhile they are looking for a woman seen with him in the keays leading up to the attack. they don't know if she was involved in this backup but they
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do say they want to speak with her. jack bow. >> thank you very much sarah. tonight we obtained a new video which offers a staggering new view of the chaos and confusion petition festival as paddock began his assault. now much of the ten-minute clip shows police trying to get people out of harm's way. we do need to tell that you some people may find the video too disturbing. you can hear the gunfire in the barked. it's one of the clearest views that shows thousands of people running from the festival. it was shot by the clark county traffic worker. people jumping over fences. ducking behind barricades as the shots rang out. you can see the hear the police ordering people to keep heads down. the workers stopped several times to help victims. we are showing you a closer look at the video and police response coming up tonight right here at
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6:00 irngts a some ber remembrance today as university of san francisco for those caught in that mass shooting. the st. ignatius church bell tolled for those killed in las vegas as well as hurricanes. the ministry led a prayer in memory of the lives lost and end to violence. four of the victims have strong ties to the bay area. stacee etcheber, michelle bow, grou up in san jose. derek taylor. denise ramon. 500 wounded and 58 killed. we're looking at pictures of those who lost lives. >> support seems to be growing tonight for one very specific ban we it comes to rifles. republican lawmakers and even the nra urge agnew look at bump fire stocks. an attachment that modified
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rieflts to fire like automatic weapons. the las vegas gunl used them. there is a willingness to consider this ban. >> fully automatic weapons band a long time airport this allows you to take a semiautomatic and turn it into fully automatic we need to look into that. the national rifle across association is open the issue. it is reconsidering the legality but culled for spanx of right to carry lines. on gun control legislation coverage continues. nightly news looks into what it could mean if the republicans and nra are shifting. lester holt joins us in 20 minutes. >> some embarrassing questions for the santa clara county sheriffs department as she mistakenly released a inmate from jail. our damian trujillo broke the it on twitter. he joins us live outside the jail where the man is back behind bars tonight.
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>> reporter: that's right. david lopez is back at the main jail today. he was rearrest thd morning after spending one week free because of a clerical error. david lopez was sentenced to prison for pistol whipping a victim during a armed robbery. instead santa clara county set him free from the jail in milpitas last week. >> any time something like this happens it's a concern. we don't take matters isaac this lightry. it's unacceptable it happened. >> here is what happened last thursday he was sentenced on two cases. he was set to be freon a a grand theft charge but ordered to prison on a second charge of armed robbery. the cleric did not see the second case and filed for release. it took the department 7 days to notice the error. >> that's really bad. that should have never happened, right. >> players at the golf course here were shocked this morning when undercover officers swarmed
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the dlubz to arrest him who was warneding on the premises. gob gonzalez snapped this picture squloo i was just hitting golf balls. and i hear sirens. i look that way and everything is going on over here like five police officers arresting some guy over here. >> detectors tracked him via social media where he had been active on the lamb. tonight the jail and the sheriff are being asked to explain how this all could happen and how they were going to keep it from happening again. . and tonight lopez is awaiting the trip to prison. and detectives are still determining if he broke any laws while he was out on the loose. they can see the public, however was in danger during the week. they are also taking corrective action against the clerk in this case and looking at the jail procedures. live outside the main jail in san jose, damian trujillo nbc bay area. >> we want to let you know we did send out a breaking news alert on the story. if you want to get the alerts
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you can do it by downloading the bay area app and signing up. >> the justice department broke with another obama era policy this one applying to transgender people. the department decided laws protecting workers from discrimination don't apply to transgender. it reversed a decision made by eric holder three years ago. the justice department says the obama administration oversteps its boundary was that policy and it's now up to congress to decide to whom the law applies. in a quiet defiant moved governor brown challenged the trump administration by sighing this sanctuary state law making california the first sanctuary state in the country. the new law takes effect jan 1st. limits how much local law enforcement can cooperate with immigration officials. the white house took notice. >> the president will be laying out his responsible immigration plan over the next week. and i hope that california will
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push back on their governor's -- i think err responsible decision. >> governor brown released the rare statement with the bill he called it a balance measure that allowed law enforcement to target criminals while respecting hard working immigrant families. a demonstrators got their wish. this is a demonstration. they called on governor brown to pass assembly bill 21. kwhiel they were standing there word arrived he did sign the law. it protects all california students regardless of immigration status. the signing coming comes the last day for those registered in daca to renew but students are estimated about the 40,000 not reenrolled. >> the protection from deportation is recommended. there is many people that depended on obamacare daca a lot. now knowing that maybe they don't have that i just can't -- i say it with a heavy heart. i can't imagine what it's sfwliek immigrant rights
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advocates say the department of homicide should have notified all of those eligible for daca about the deadline. but even those renewing there is fear and uncertainty about what happens when daca is set to expire. >> there are angels flying around the bay area. chances you heard them before you saw them. of course we're talking about the blue angels. across the bay area skies. part of the fleet week. a video of canadian joe birds taking a bra run over the golden gate. the annual event has been around since 1981. our reporter was there. >> reporter: the blue skies above the san francisco bay will belong to the blue angels this weekend. lynn pederson and her family are visiting from atlanta. specifically for fleet week. hoping to honor the men and women in ufrmt. >> it's just an awesome experience, what the human taken villages set up. and see what our military is
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capable of. it's inspiring. >> i used to date a blue angel. but this is so fabulous. >> we're not talking about that. >> fleet week has become a bay area tradition. one of the largest events of its kind in the country. for captain ber neng it's a homecoming process. he grew up in the south bay and he says there is nothing like flying in front of the hometown crowd. >> you do feel like you're flying for the hometown crowd for sure. once the engines come online and we take to the air. it's one of pure focus. >> for this lady it's a different kind of excitement process. s it's her first show he hopes it will abdistraction from the past few weeks. >> everybody comes together and celebrating american spirit. that's a perfect way. >> if you want to see the full list of events head to the website. still to come charges
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dropped. why the investigation in a sexual abuse scandal rocking the oakland police department is coming apart plus. >> technology is just a tool. it's what you do with technology that's the magic. >> that it is. and a group of north bay parents turn an idea into a center that works for thousands of students. the subject of tonight's bay area proud. >> i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri mostly clear from our weather underground camera in belvedere. i'll have the fleet week forecasts plus details on warmer temperatures and a danger at the beach this is weekend. several police officers...
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accused in sex abuse scandal... it appears the case against several police officers accused in a sexual abuse scandal is falling apart. the alameda county district attorney's office noupzed this morning it's dropping charges against an oakland police officer. the moves come one day after a judge dismissed charges guess the contra costa sheriffs department in the same case. last month charges were dropped against another officer today the defendants attorney says prosecutors never should have filed charges in the first place. >> i think it's politics. at its very worst. nothing but politics. these cops got accused. the d.a. bit and said we're
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filing. without vetting all the evidence. >> the attorney juror jasmine the woman at the center said she never wanted them prosecuted. she has sheaved a $1 million settlement from the city of oakland and pursuing claims against richmond and contra costa county. >> it happened 53 years ago. a speaking mar than at uc bergly that change everything. that became birth the birth of the sfree speech movement. and cal is separating that movement tomorrow. it has been a volatile year. admonitions turned to riots over planned amazeds by right wing speakers. back in the 60s free speech meant shouting in a bull horn. tomorrow that will be part of the discussion. >> technology changed our lives and for some with dablts it has the power to transform them.
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>> all these needed it the right person to make that happen. garvin thompson joins to us introduce us to just that man in tonight's bay area proud. >> dan philips isn't someone creating technology. he is not someone with a disability. what he is is someone with a nack for bringing those two groups together. there are many places in the bay area where almost daily amazing technology is developed by brilliant people. for the past 17 years though there was one spot in sand rafael where cutting edge has been turned into life-changing. >> what do you think. >> and dan philips. >> pretty cool, right. >> at the heart of it the whole time. >> technology is just a tool. okay. it's what you do with technology that's the magic. see this -- >> the magic, dan and his team at the technology resource center of marin have been performing since 2000 is taking
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the best that silicon valley creates and adapting to help students with special needs of all kinds. >> we'll just see how it goes. >> and an interesting line of work for someone whose training is as a speech therapist. it started, dan says, with the students he had the hardest time reaching. >> i didn't know how to address these issues. i didn't know the proper tools. i just knew that there had been some different way. so i started exploring. >> technology is where it led. with the help of a group of parents dan started the tech center and has since touched the lives of thousands of special needs student. >> none perhaps more dramatically than 21-year-old hannah. having only the ability to move one hand. dan has worked with hannah most of her life helping her find ways to communicate with others. she is now going to college studying web design.
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>> hannah is the reason why i do this. she is the prime example of someone who has grown up, seen technology evolve, seen technology finally catch up with the person that she is. >> and they just. >> hannah's mom could not be more grateful. >> he does it with heart. he wants to help everybody. >> in today's world technology can sometimes come across as cold and unfeeling. but at least around here for the past two decades. >> when it seems to work well. >> it has often been the key to unlocking all sorts of wonder. dan is quick to point ut he doesn't do it alone what makes it unique is the collaboration of the schools, the businesses and primarily the parents. the parents moved to raise $100,000 to give a face lift to the tech resource center. they had a grand reopening but the amazing work has been going on many years. >> what a gift to give those
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children and parents the ability like you were saying to communicate with your child maybe the first time. >> that wouldn't have existed. >> they never had the resource before. okay, garvin. thank you very much. well we have an update for you on the construction accident that happened on top of the sales force tower in san francisco. you may remember last week a boom slipped unexpectedly. crews were disassembling the roof. mounted crane. the four is on fremont street. now the tallest building in the city. cal osh an respected the site thp they will finish the work. >> let's get a check on the forecasts we have the the beautiful live pictures of the san francisco. watching the blue angels practice vague. >> we got superlucky with the weather. is the fog come in or not in? pu but it's planning out for the blue angels. if you are doing thinking for fleet week you'll love this. as we look live outside of the sky camera network we'll take to you east bay.
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clear across mount diablo. and a warmer 84 degrees right now. also notice the humidity down to a low of 15%. elevated fire danger tonight. but notice temperatures drop to 67 once we hit 9:00. i do think for tomorrow morning starting friday it will be chilly but not as cold as it has been recently. south bay mostly clear and 5 a over to the tri-valley 54. and just a little bit of isolated fog near the peninsula. north bay will be the coolest starting off at 48 and just a few clouds in san francisco and 54. we are on the cusp of some amazing weather setting up for friday, saturday and sunday. sure, we'd like a storm system in here and even colder weather since it's october. but that's not happening right now. we have a couple of changes happening. now the first change that's going to allow temperatures to warm up more as we head through tomorrow is the cooler low pressure system we have had a good part of the week continues to exit off towards the east. making way for high pressure to
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build in and bring the warm air. on top of plain old warm air moving in we see a change in the wind. a dryer direction from the north and east. so that's going to be an off shore wind cutting off sea breezes. not only warmer inland but also some mild october weather at the beaches. let's take knew the microclimate forecast. you can see the south bay pushes up to 90 in gilroy process 89 in morgan hill and 86 in downtown san jose. low humidity keeps the if fire danger elevated. back to elbowed, 78. for the peninsula, watch out near the beaches. we are warming up to 70 in half moon. but rip current are going to be at the coastline it's the hidden danger. it's looking nice but be careful when you head in the water. back to redwood city, 85 opinion et san francisco on the 70s in the mission. up towards the morina 71. fleet week, mostly sunny
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charting off with a chill at 64 at 11:00 a.m. then low tests by 3:00 and 4:00. heading about a be to the microclimate forecast up in the north bay 86 expected in sonoma. extended forecast keeps 70s in san francisco all the way through next wednesday. then we drop down to some 60s by next thursday's forecast. columbus day look the warmest at 77. inland valleys stay with the trend of mid-to upper 80s through columbus day nondown to 77 by next thursday. a little last stint of summer but no complaints so far. >> some kids have monday off too. >> and tomorrow kids in the east bay in pleasanton. >> it's going to be pleasant. >> long weekend, great weekend. >> still to come cracking down on conspiracy videos the changes youtube is stop fake news from rising to the top of searching.
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traveling in hayward. and today bart police have identified the m w happening now, a robbery. on a b.a.r.t. train through hayward. police identified the man who they say committed the crime. investigators are asking for help in finding him. that story is on the twitter feed. also on twitter, the world cup could be coming to los angeles in 2026. los angeles made the final cut. but don't get too excited. 11 other cities in the running. san francisco...
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firefighters have rushed to fort funston... where a woman has fallen off breaking news in san francisco right now. firefighters are runchd to where a woman fell off a krip. in the past 30 minutes. we have no idea yet on the woman's condition. nbc bay area is headed to the scene. more on the at which time feet. yublt rolls out a plan for dealing with fake news. the tech giant updated the search engine to correct it. the youtube isn't saying exactly how it identifies credible sources. google and facebook reported similar search problems this week. >> if you get a massage to relax but what happens when something goes wrong behind doors. nbc bay area has learned sexual sault complaints are on the
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rise. vicki wynn joins with us a preview of the investigation tonight. >> reporter: if you've gotten a massage you know it's usually just you and the massage therapist in a room. the lights are dim. no cameras no witnesses. to any potential problems. if an assault or inappropriate touching happens it can be difficult to investigate. >> he was rubbing his crotch on the top of my head. scooting down to avoid it. >> what's happening in your mind. >> i'm thinking how am i getting out. >> tonight at 11:00 we investigate why some massage therapists face serious complaints and arrests remain on the job. >> thank you, vim. >> a time capsle unearthed in san jose and more than 50 years later. we are showing what's inside in a moment.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer.
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woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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first off, we're going to give you all... the shooting on 1-0-1 that ended with dealership cars hit by ton at 6:00, new cars riddled with bullets. the shooting on 101 that endwood a car dealership hit by gunfire. the plea from investigators is coming up at 6:00 irngts well the opening of a time capsule today showed despite passing of years some traditions just don't
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change. >> notice the title. even the series for all you san francisco giants fans. >> the newspaper was among several items sealed in the wall of the development of center in san jose. there was some old film but since no one brought a projector no way to view it. they unearth all those. such a great time to do a time kass capsule. >> the problem is i did one 30e years ago but forgot where i buried it. >> someone else will find it. >> get the metal detecter. >> i think i put my name it willie in it. let's look terkt beautiful. >> on the look for the blue angels. you mentioned you spotted some earlier. nothing in the view right now. blue sky for any of the flights. 74 right now dropping to the low 60s. for fleet week looking at low 70s in morina green. downtowning mid-seventies
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tomorrow. beautiful. >> definitely the color of the day. >> yes. >> thank you for joining us see you back here at 6:00. bye-bye. tonight, ten minutes of terror. dramatic new tape and a new time line. >> run, keep your head down. >> did the killer plan to target other cities before taking aim at las vegas? and tonight is the nra opening the door to a ban on bump stocks? nbc news exclusive says president ump was furious at his secretary of state after our report about rex tillerson referring to the president as a moron. a showdown inside the white house. americans ambushed, overwhelmed by islamic milita s militants, three green berets killed. a congressman who pressured his mistress to get an


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