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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 5, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the digital platforms as well process. to the news in las vegas and the las vegas massacre investigation. u.s. officials say the shooter may have planned plor attacks including a war bombing. there is no solid evidence but looking into the possibility. ert authorities confirm that the gunman, stephen paddock looked at other city was high rises overlooking outdoor venue procession. including in boston fenway park. he booked rooms in las vegas the week of life is beautiful which is of an alternative festival. in chicago during la la plooza. aflt he never checked in the who willie hotel in chicago. >> we are get ago terrifying new look at the chaotic moments after bullets rang out. a city employee working on a stoplight saw what was happening and walked into the line of fire. according to the video, the entire time. >> sam brock joins us with whats ten-minute video revealed about
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the police response, sam. >> reporter: hi, janelle, good evening that clark county combo employees employee certainly not the only personistic aring life. that video in breath taking perspective shows you concertgoers trying to get away and at the same time police officers on the ground there rushing into render aid and direction to those caught up in the gunfire. >> run, go. >> as thousands of people pour out of the route 91 harvest festival escaping a wave and bullets and running for her lives. this pinpoint direction from police. >> run that way. it's safer >> what is the most direct evidence to date of heroism in the mass shooting. >> they exposed themselves to direct sniper fire from an automatic weapon to help the people of las vegas. >> tony rivera is a form san francisco police chief who currently teaches at usf. he reviewed the footage with us
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and points out protocol is key here. officers wait for a break in the you have gunfire and keep the escape route open. >> if you have people lying down or crouched down at one of the egress points, they're blocking other people from getting out. you have to keep it clear. you have to keep people moving. >> he was shot? >> i need 911. i blooed need an ambulance. >> at one point you hear a man's dahl for aid unaware he has taken to a bullet to the chess. the injured man receives a to your honor ket and attention as they balance saving a life without sacrificing more people. >> if anything comes out of this horrible situation, hopefully more people realize the officers san francisco for our safety. >> in total there were 10 minutes of video there. what you just saw was only a snippet of what police officers are up against. if you would like to see the full reporting you see that on
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the website at website wbts. this evening reporting live from san francisco, sam brock, nbc bay area news. here in the bay area a some ber remembrance at the university of san francisco for those caught in the mass shooting. st. ig naysious church bell told for those gunned down as well as those in killed in recently hurricanes. the ministry led a prayer calling for end to violence. four of the victims grew up in the bay area and 58 people killed, 500 wounded. coverage on the developing story continues in 28 minutes. we'll go live to las vegas with new stories of heroism. >> bullets fired from a par o car traveling on 1010 managed to hit cars at a car dealership. happened at 10:00 in the morning while people were car shopping or having the vehicles serviced. laura malpert obtained exclusive
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pictures. and just a block from the highway patrol office. >> i'm on convention way and the shooting happened behind me. employees say they were shaken up. one man heard the rapid grurcht gunfire just before 11:00 a.m. and immediately thought he was in trouble. >> it's superscareyen a it's more gun violence in our country. >> jeff of redwood city is talking about a drive by shooting aimed at the infiniti car dealership yesterday morning. highway patrol officers say at 10:40 a.m. two suspects he had headed south on the 101 fired shots toward the dealership located off of the frontage road. >> we are living in cook econclude crazy times. >> officers say three cars were damaged. in photos exclusively obtained by nbc bay area news you can see
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the scene blocked off with crime tape and bullet holes. >> obviously a dangerous situation. and total disregard for life. thank god nobody was hurt. >> officers say the suspects may have been a driving a four-door silver sedan. chp doesn't know if the dealership was the target or if the shooting was random. this man who owns a dealership nearby is on edge. >> it came as a surprise. generally this area it is quiet. but it's everywhere. it's everywhere. >> officers say they really need the public's help on this. if you have any information contact chp. reporting live in redwood city, laura malpert, nbc bay area news. >> certainly scarey for those people. thank you. a clerical error put people in danger in san jose. a clerk in the sheriff's office accidentally orders this inmate release when he should be going to prison.
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damian true owe broke this on twitter. he joins us live outside the jail where the inmate is back in custody tonight. >> reporter: that's right david lopez is back at the main jail tonight but not after he spent a week on the lam and he was considered armed and dangerous. golfers were enjoying the day at rancho dell peebl o when they heard a commotion. >> i saw a young man walking inside the golf shop. and then all of a sudden six or seven undercover cops just ran in there and just grapd him threw him in the van. >> the man was in guy david lopez. a convicted armed robber was mistakenly released from the santa clara county jail last thursday when he was supposed to be sent to prison. no one realize the error for seven days. >> any time this happens it's a concern. we don't take matters like this
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lightly. it's unacceptable that this happened. >> here is how it happened. last thursday lopez was sentenced on two separate cases. he was set to be freon a grand sheft charge but ordered to prison on a second charge of armed robbery. the clerk didn't see the second order and filed for his release. the sheriff's office ultimately issued a be on the look out ford for lopez yesterday noting he should be considered armed and dangerous. this morning golfer bob gonzalez snapped this picture as he was rearrested. >> he complied and they handcuffed him and put him in the van. >> detectives say they tracked him via activity on social media. tonight a jail system already meider in controversy after controversy once again finds itself explaining how a dangerous criminal could be accidentally set free. the jail system tells me they are taking now corrective measures. how did they find out they made a mistake? they got a call from the prison
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system saying they were ready for the prisoner. that's when he they found out they had no inmate. live outside the main jail in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area. >> damian was the first reporter to break this on twitter. you can follow him on twitter. >> daca demonstrations got their wish. they called on governor brown to pass assembly bill 21. while they stood there word arrived he signed it into law. the law protects all california students regardless of immigration status. today by the way is the last day for those registered in daca to renew status. many san jose bay students are worried about the estimated 40,000 not reenrolled. >> you're not going to have a source of income. there is many people that depended on daca a lot. knowing they don't have that, i just can't -- i it's -- i say it
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with a heavy heart. i can't imagine. >> the immigrant lights rights advocates say homicide should have notified everybody about the deadline. protesters in l.a. today. they set set up the middle of an intersection in diane feinstein's office calling for end to deportation and the stinks of the program. nine people arrested by police. no one was hurt despite drivers nafrgts through the demonstration. >> governor brown challenged the trump administration by signing the sanctuary state law. he did not hold a public krer money or speak publicly. the new law takes effect january 1st and limits local law enforcement cooperation with frimgs officials. the white house took notice. >> the president will be laying out his responsible immigration plan over the next week. and i hope that california will
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push back on in re governor's -- i think err responsible decision. >> governor brown released a rare statement with the bill. he called it a balance measure that allows law enforcement to target criminals while respecting hard working immigrant families. amazon's plan to build a new headquarters has cities falling over each other. but one mayor is saying he is doing nothing. the mayor of san jose has written editorial in san jose journal. say dising the lucrative deals for amazon. ricardo says cities should develop their workforce and join with calculation and universities to do it. he says once that's in place businesses will have more inincentive to move here. >> hillary clinton is coming to the bay area tomorrow. she is the keynote speaker at stanford for a conference on democratic value. she is heading to book, inc,
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for a book signing of her new book what happened. >> flying into town the blue angels put on a show ahead of the week o weekend as big act. >> meteorology jenn ranieri. a clear and cool 69 in san francisco. hount i'll tell but something special in the sky tonight. plus details on warmer weather. a quick look at the forecast at 6:20 tonight. >>. plus a growing problem. the surprising amount of emergency calls that are accidental and how san francisco city leaders are trying to bring the number down. just about all of us have a
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smartphone, and that can prove to be critical in a li o new tonight at 6:00, just about all of us have a smartphone. that can prove to be critical in life or death situation. but the phones can provide a hangup for emergency dispatchers. san francisco is working on a way to lower the number of accidental 911 calls that can delay the response to a real emergency. nbc bay area kristi smith joins us with a look at the new campaign ad. kristi. >> reporter: that's right people will be urged to set the lock on the cell phone and make the right call. that is call the right agency here at the department of emergency management they say that dispatchers are getting way too many accidental calls. and these are calls that take time. in san francisco the 911 dispatch center is busy.
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overall call volume has jumped 35% in recent years. that includes accidental dials. >> we have seen a huge increase due to cell phones and touch screens. >> rob is with the department of emergency management. they'll be rolling out a public education campaign. >> close to a third of the 911 calls about 30% are accidental calls. of all kinds. >> what makes it worse is they need to shf the calls are not real emergencies. the new campaign is urging use tors lock cell phones before putting it in the pocket or purse and make the right call like dialing 311 for crimes not in progress. >> when you see it and want to report it that's not emergency it's 311. unless you are witnessing the act. >> aaron peskin ises addressing the lagging response time they are in the process of filling operator positions and addressing issues.
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>> our numbers have been creeping up. we are 83% but we still have another 7 points before we hit the national standard of 90% of calls answered within 10 seconds. >> the goal is simple. make sure 911 is available in a real emergency. now they'll also be reminding people that a police nonemergency line is available. of course if it is a real emergency you do want to call 911. as this should start popping up on social media tomorrow. and then in the coming weeks it starts appearing on bus ads and bus shelters. reporting live in san francisco. kristi smith. >> thank you. more controversy offer the free speech week last weak. a group of conservative students is now suing the university saying school leader violated first amendment rights. this stems from an email the uc berkeley chancellor sent to institutes on staffs they called the posters by the parities
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hateful and cowardly these investigating whether they constituted hate crimes. they cancelled the free speech week as a result. they were threatened with a criminal investigation for exercising first amendment rights. >> people gathered to develop free speech on campus. student teacheser and people socialwood the free speech movement gathered for a symposium on campus. meant to honor the 53 rd anniversary of the movement and. violence was one of the topics of discussion. did you hear them before you saw them? the blue angels roared over the bay area. part of the fleet week. you'll hear more noise as they continue those replyovers. nbc bay area's reporter is in san francisco with the first practice of the season from the blue angels. >> reporter: the blue sky above the san francisco bay will belong to the blue angels this
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weekend. lynn pederson and her family are visiting from atlanta. specifically for fleet week. hoping to honor the men and women in uniform. >> it's an awesome experience, what with the humanitarian villages set up and see what our military is capable of. it's inspiring. >> and i used to date a blue angel but this is so fabulous. >> that's a story. >> we're not talking about that. >> fleet week has become a bay area tradition and one of the largest events of its kind in the country. for this captain 80s homecoming. he says there is nothing like flying in front of the hometown crowd. >> you do feel like you're flying for a hometown crowd for sure. once the engines come online and the canopies come down and we take to the air it's pure focus. >> for in lady it's a different kind of excitement. this is her first blue angels show and she hopes it's a distraction from the past few
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weeks. >> everybody comes together to celebrate american spirit. that's a perfect way. >> she is right. she is right it's nice to see the blue skies and have some faith that life gets better. >> good point. weather is coming through as we head throughout saturday, sunday. even into columbus day. if if you have the three-day weekend coming your way let's get a look at the forecast. and something special in the sky tonight. not the blue angels. but look up. it is going to be the moon that we're talking about. called the harvest moon under mostly clear skies this evening. it's the full moon closest to the equal eek which knox which happened september 22nd. tonight you want to look towards the east as the moon rises. tomorrow morning you want to look towards the west as the moon sets. it's called the harvest moon because the moonlight helps the farmers and aided in their harvest because they got so much extra light from the moon. so check it out tonight.
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let's get a low back in the san jose and clear skies across the valley. currently 76 degrees. looking at the moon this evening, temperatures drop into the 60s throughout rait 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00. heading to tomorrow morning not nearly as cold as it has been. but still chilly. down to 55 in the south bay and 54 for the tri-valley. temperatures in the upper 40s in the north bay. and san francisco just a few clouds and a 54. through the day tomorrow temperatures warm up. pushing up to 90 no concord, 89 in livermore. 86 in san jose. a mild 70 in half moon bay. watch out for rough surf and kip current. we'll have more on the seven day forecast come up at 6:48. >> still ahead, sforts and
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gender equality. questionable comments to a reporter. a reporter that is now distancing itself from a star quarterback. a car crash on highway 101 in
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gilroy sparked a small brush fire... and triggered happening now, car crash on 101 in gilroy sparked a brush fire. that story on the at which time feed. the man accused of robbing a woman aboard a b.a.r.t. train. b.a.r.t. pals are asking for
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help in identifying him. more news after the break. nbc bay area )s sky ranger above
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fort funston where a update to the breaking news we told but at the top of the newscasts. the sky ranger where the woman has fallen off a cliff. let's take tu to united stateser with the latest. >> right now there is little information. what we know is a young woman fell 300 feet from the cliff to her death below. the medical examiner is on route. fire crews are out here. you can see the park is still open. i spoke with the fire captain. he says they got the call at 4:40. the caller said someone fell. the fire captain says they believe the young woman was alone. this is a popular site for hang gliders. he says the body is so badly bruised they cannot make out other details at this time. the firefighters say the cliffs can be dangerous and warned
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people to stay on the trail. we are waiting for the medical examiner who is on route and again jessica we will bring you any updates we learn on air and online. reporting live in san francisco, united stateser hassans. >> carolina panther quarterback cam nutten made a comment to a reporter who asked a detailed question about his performance. >> it's funny to hear a female talk about routes, like. funny. >> well the comment which has some viewing it as sexist has cost newtonen as his role ago the spoerk person for a responser. >> we are smocked and disheartened at the behavior and comments of cam newton toward jourdan rodrigua which we perceive as sexist and disparjing we are shared our concerns with cam. >> get ready to see a price jump
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on netflix. raising prices on some plain plan,s the popular hd plans goes up a dollar. the ultrahd plan goes up $$14 a month hike of $2. the last time they raised prices was two years ago. the case is unraveling. new developments of the sexual abuse scandal that rocked the oakland police department. plus new tales of heroism coming from las vegas, including how first responders were able to begin treating victims within seconds. . chilling new information - we
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learned today that federal agents believe the las vegas right now at 6:30, chilling new information. we learned today that federal agents now believe the las vegas gunman looked at outdoor concert venues in a few cities before deciding to to carry out the massacre. we are tracking developments frontsd in the investigation. they come as the police and feds enter a fourth day of searching. sarah is live in las vegas and what are the investigators saying about the so-called secret life of the gunman. >> reporter: hi, janelle and jessica. you nailed it. investigators are saying the gunman had a secret life. he spent years amassing an arsenal of weapons and explosives. in the weeks and months leading up to the massacre in las vegas, >> shooting right at us stay
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down. >> norts confirm stephen paddock looked at other venues including boston's fenway park. he went so far as to book rooms in las vegas the weekend of the life is beautiful music festival. and in chicago. >> was he doing preshurns surveillance? we don't know yet. >> when i arrived at mandalay bay he requested a room on a lie floor mounted cameras to look for law enforcement and blocked stair access. inside the room police found thousands of rounds of ammunition and a significant amount of explosives in his car. >> we looked for actual indicators of affiliation, motive, intent and so far we are not there. we don't have those sort of indicators. >> today more praise for the first responders including a fire captain returning from a another call when he heard ushts gunshots. >> he picked up the radio and said dispatch do you have reports of gunfire i'm i'm hearing gunfire. >> they said, no, oh yes now we
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do. it was that fast. the flood gates opened and out powerss dozens of patients. >> jumping into action. bravery that undoubtedly saved lives as bullets rained down. the fifb says the girlfriend of the gunman is cooperating fully. meanwhile they continue to look for a woman seen with him in the days leading up to the attack. they don't know if she is involved, janelle abjess, but they want to speak with her. >> okay sarah thank you so much for the update on the investigation. after years of inaction on gun control support is growing for a specific ban. republican law makers and even the nra are looking at butch stocks an attachment that modifies guns to fire like automatic weapons. house speaker paul ryan signalled a willingness to consider a ban on these.
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and the nra is open to the issue. new revelations tonight that president trump wanted to fire secretary of state rex tillerson after nbc's exclusive report aired yesterday. the president according to fire senior administration officials was furious at tillerson. two said the president wanted to fire tillerson but chief of staff john kelly argued politically he could not afford process. kelly scrapped plans to travel to las vegas so manage the fallout. the leaves the secretary of state morality aly weakened with the foreign leaders. >> he has to be able to go into the kremlin and meet with vladimir putin or go to beijing as secretary tillerson did last week and meet with xi jinping. they won't take him seriously if he doesn't appear to have the confidence of the president of the united states. tillerson and the president have differed how to cope with threats from north korea. well it was a case that made national headlines.
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east bay police officers accused of skauly exploiting a teenager. initially more than half dozen other officers were implicated. tonight it appears the case is unraveling. nbc bay area joerd shall hernandez say the defense attorneys say the officers shouldn't have been charged in the first place. >> where is the proof? there is nothing. >> defense attorney michael car doza says it's becoming more and more clear that the sex scandal involving this teenager is unraveling. today prosecutors dropped charges against oakland police officers after a judge dismissed charges yesterday against another officer. contra costa sheriff deputied ricardo perez. and last month a case was tossed out against brian bunten citing a lack of evidence. >> it's politics at its worst. nothing but politics. these cops got accused. the d.a. bit and said we're
6:34 pm
filing without vetting all the evidence. >> of the 7 officers charged, three have this had cases dropped or dismissed. and three have struck plea deals, none jail time. the attorney pamela price says that's an injustice. >> the community has a right to expect to hold police officers accountable when they are accused of engaging in misconduct. >> the attorney for the woman at the center of it all says she never wanted the officers prosecuted and is satisfied they faced discipline from the department. she says she wants to move on. but another attorney says the officers have been unfairly dragged through the mud. >> nef altered his professional life, social life and family life with this. it's awful. >> the d.a. office says they disagree with the judge's decision and plan to appeal. they say they decided to drop charges today after consulting
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with the alleged victim. in oakland i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. the robbery of a woman on a b.a.r.t. train last month has police asking for the public's help. they say the robber is named fred achi dom. the it shows him armed with a handgun and is considered dangerous. stone doesn't have a known address. but is known to frequent the area. >> the accident of construction on top of a sales force tower last week the boom slipped. it's the tallest building in the city. cal osha did respect the site and said everything is stable. crews will be able to finish work on top of the tower. b.a.r.t. riders looking forward to more train cars. we'll have to wait a little bit longer. the new fleet was due to be in place last month.
6:36 pm
but they are bogged down in paperwork and training delays. the california public utilities commission has yet to sign final documents for the $29.6 billion project. certifying the new cars will take weeks and training the operators on the new equipment could stretch past thanksgiving. well there is trouble over a toe. he reaches out to the investigator center after her valuable sun flass disappeared. >> an abandoned boat catches fire in the way. now investigators looking for a cause. we're the generation that had it all.
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we're the generation that had the music and the moves. we're the generation that had the style. well, sometimes. we're the generation that walked where no one had walked before, like no one had walked before, and, boy, did we know how to fly. we're the generation that had a dream and broke down walls. we came together to feed the world's children. we came together to protect them. and in this dangerous world, we have to keep on saving them, protecting them, caring for them even when we're gone.
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if we remember unicef in our will, we'll remember the children who desperately need our help, and we'll be the generation who left a better world for children. visit take a look at this video of a boat fire. a fiery problem on the san leandro bay. look at the video of the boat fire that broke out before 1:00 in the morning. the boat was abandoned. the cause remains under investigation. two chp officers recovering from an early morning crash in redwood at the. happened on the 101.
6:39 pm
look at the wreck of the cruiser. the driver lost control and hit the center divide. two officers went to the hospital with minor injuriless. the kmu in the east bay gets easier but you have to pay for tp new express lane laneses open. they allow southbound and northbound drivers to pay for the privilege of using the car pool lanes. the price is based on demand with the minimum selfie 50 cents per toll zone. other hot lines pricing can go up to $6. but that kbra fee is to guarantee that you'll be going at least 45 miles an hour in those express lanes. >> it's expected to reduce congestion and to provide a more reliable trip for everybody in the corridor. but it is not going to eliminate congestion. now to use the express lanes you'll need a fast track transponder preferably the flex which allows to you indicate how
6:40 pm
many passengers you have. >> you might see electronic billboards on the san jose roadways. the city council is thinking of end bang. the proponents are saying they are too distracting. but others say there is more money and morive revenue with the advertising. >> livermore looking for people who live there for inspiration on sprucing up the downtown area. city is asking for suggestions how to remake the empty 8-acre lot. the department just launched an online tool that lours people to create their own design for the lot. if all goes well the construction on a final idea could start in 2019. okay. let's look at the forecast. going to be a longer weekend for students out there. nice, too. >> yeah, beautiful, nice sunset back here behind us tonight. check it out. the usual busy spot of substitutes 80 in emeryville. currently 67 degrees.
6:41 pm
dropping down to 57 by 11:00 p.m. we'll talk more about the warmer weather even for the beaches in five minutes. her rental car is towed thank to the rental company oversight. only part of the problem. consumer investigator chris chumara. nbc bay area responds yeks. my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely.
6:42 pm
i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
6:43 pm
pricey personal item because she left it inside a rental car. thatas . nbc bay area responds to a san jose woman who lost a pricey personal item because she left is inside a rental car that was towed. >> but the toe want her fault. our consumer investigator is here to explain. she rent add car from hertz. the car was towed and took 11 days for her and hertz to find it. they discovered the car had been kbounded because the tags were
6:44 pm
exexpired. when they collected her belonging the shh 500 designer sunglasses weren't in the car at the lot. she asked hertz to reimburse her after all the tow wasn't her fault. she says the rental car company said no. after a month of getting no where she asked us for help. we contacted hertz. first as for the tow, hertz told us the car's registration had automatically renewed but hadn't put the sticker on the plate for this year. now we checked with california vehicle code and yes the car can be towed and kbounded if the tags are more than six months expired. back to the $500 sunglasses hertz didn't find him neither did the customer. so the company reimbursed her the $500. in a statement hertz offered her sincere apologies for the error and for the loss of her belongings. if you have a consumer complaint call us a 1-888-996-tips, or online at
6:45 pm what color are we wearing tomorrow. >> >> we're all in blue. >> we didn't plan it zbliem wearing red tomorrow. >> okay. youtube is rolling out a new plan for dealing with fake news or so-called fake news. tech giants updated the search engine to separate what is fact based video from actual fake video. change comes after conspiracy theory started appearing tfr las vegas mass shooting. youtube isn't saying exactly how it identified the credible sources. goingle and facebook reported similar search problems as well. >> she is recalling more than 60,000 cars a second timing. the 2004 through 2006 mad models of the lancer and lancer evolution had been recalled over the faulty air bags inflaters. they were using upgaited inflate frers the same company. those are recalled. the affected car other thanes are being notified by mail.
6:46 pm
nissan says some of its new models will work with alexa. they will give voice commands to start the engine unlock doors and turn it on and off. the nissan sent ray and the maximum ima and path finder. the last five centerry that was clear. that was clear as a time capsule was opened. >> notice the title, the bums, even the series. that's all for you san francisco giant fans. >> on october 3rd, 1959 the newspaper was a an item seals into the wall of the former ago knew developmental center in san jose. some old film but since no one brought a projector no way to see it. the build something being demolished to make way for a new park. the latest member of the blue band is here. jeff ranieri. >> i know. >> we didn't plan it awl.
6:47 pm
>> we didn't we're all in sync. >> you're into this nice weather coming our way. >> for sure. >> all right. that is good. ifky please you two all is good in the world heading through the next couple of days. really nice weather coming. let's get a look. and with some warmer weather on top, it is not totally unheard of to get hot weather in october. check it out in livermore. i wanted to show you all this. it's gotten as hot as 103 treeings. the hottest ever in october. look at least we're not that hot heading through the upcoming weekend. we would like rainfall for the month of october. we average .87 in october. there is none of that planned for the next seven days though. heading into tomorrow morning starts off the cool side but not nearlily as cold as recently. south bay at 5 5. towards the tri-valley 54.
6:48 pm
th north bay pat 48. san francisco looking at 54. the main reason we see warmer weather build something in the area of low pressure we had a good part of the week is now starting to move on out and push off towards the east. here comes high pressure building off shore. that's bringing the warm air overall throughout california. but the added companion are component to get temperatures up heading through the upcoming weekend, still into monday, will be the dryer northeastly wend, off shore wind cutting off any ocean breeze. that's why it's not only warm inland but also s.e. at the immediate coastline. let's take to you friday forecast. we're ready tor friday. in the south bay 86 in san jose. temperatures warming up. 90 in gilroy. low humidity. fire dangerous elevated. 90 in concord, 86 in vallejo. and looking at 86 in fremont. for the peninsula, redwood city at 85.
6:49 pm
the beaches nice day, sunny skies by the ampen a 70 degrees. watch out for some sneaker waves 5 to 7 feet. and rip current. those can be dangerous. like of a style in danger. you may not be able to tell. so be careful in the water. right over towards the marina. 71. awesome for fleet we can. check it out. cool start mighted need a light jacket at 11:00 a.m. 62 degrees. in the early afternoon when the air show is going on temperatures in the low 70s. north bay wine country 88 in napa. 86 in sonoma. extended forecast shows san francisco staying in the 70s through this weekend. and for that matter 70s in the mix all the way through wednesday. eventually cooling off to the 60s by thursday's forecast. column put day will be the warmest at this point. for the inland valleys how does it shake out? up to 88 saturday, 84 sunday and
6:50 pm
then we're start to see things beginning to drop by next thursday. 77 degrees. so some beautiful october weather. and aus lasered know once we hit halloween and all the kids want dry weather that's when the storm probably comes in. but we need rainfall soon. >> it threatens to rain halloween because i explain to you every halloween. >> thanks, jeff. will this be the winning week? the 49ers head to indy to take on a familiar face. the preview. door for weeks...
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6:53 pm
but is this the week the 49ers finally break through and get okay. they have been knocking on the door for weeks. but is this the week the 49ers finally break through and get the first one of the season. >> they haven't lost confidence as they prepare for the colts. nbc bay area colin resch has more from santa clara. >> is the glass half full or half empty? the niners winless record suggests half empty. heading into sunday's game. but if you look deeper they have lost by a total of 8 points. quarterback sees it as half full. >> you see that you're only a few plays away but it's tough to swallow because you know you
6:54 pm
were that close. and we're not. we're 0-4. that's just a result of business. no one cares that we almost won in or that game. you only care if you win. >> and win, something hard to come by in recently years. dating back to the 2016 season the niners won twice in 20 games. the head coach kyle shanahan hand he only cares about this year. and like hoyer, he is encouraged. >> i feel strongly when you lose three games by a total of 8 points you could have won those games, which one or two plays went different. if they went different we'd be 3-1. people would be hyping us up. and then you got to put that in perspective. you didn't make the prays and you're 0-4. >> what it comes town for hoyer. >> you can go one of two directions. either this is what i'm doing or work hard err to get the extra
6:55 pm
edge. >> we got to finish and we got opportunities in the last three games to win at the end we haven't finished. from the coaching staff to all the players, we got to make the players in the moment of truth. that's the difference of winning or losing. >> in santa clara, colin resch. coming tonight at 11:00 you get a massage to relax but what happens when something goes wrong behind closed doors? we investigate sexual assault complaints at spas. and how those complaints are on the rise. again that's tonight at 11:00 right here. >> okay before we go another check of the forecast. this is like consistent clear, beautiful weather. >> you got it. >> i like it. >> >> and the harvest moon. i haven't had the moon cake yet. >> oh wow you got time. >> i got time tonight. >> beautiful if you guys are heading out tonight. it's the harvest moon. the full moon close toast fall equinox. look early tomorrow morning towards the west. the moonlight helped the farmers back in the day.
6:56 pm
that's why it's called the harvest moon because that light aided in the farming. all right gets get a look at for example. temperatures in the upper 80s heading into friday and saturday. then cool off heading into early next week. eventually down to 77 by thursday. san francisco temperatures in the 70s. as we head into friday. saturday and sunday. and then we'll -- >> what warm up into monday, evenly 60s by next thursday. if you're in town for fleet week, great weather, low 70s and mostly clear skies headed our way. just having a good time on the set. >> is about the moon cake. >> you didn't bring the moon cake. >> i totally forgot. i got to ask my parents because they have the moon cake. >> sweet. >> okay thanks. >> it is stunning. >> that will do it for us, have a great night. >> bye-bye.
6:57 pm
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>> announcer: now a "extra" -- o.j. simp so i pose fog selfies secretly signing memorabilia? the new outrage. is he already trying to hide money? >> will you all seize that income? breaking news details on the vegas mad man. >> the concert vinu he scoped out two months before vegas. the mystery woman. did he have an accomplice? plus why jay leno is praising jimmy kimmel. >> he's from las vegas. dancing's max and vanessa call a truce, but are they just playing nice for the camera? live with mario -- >> my manusher, what's up, man?


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