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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 6, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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i needed to do pay respect for those who were lost in the snant. >> tonight investigators say they are confident no one entered the mandalay bay hotel suite while stephen paddock's car was out of the garage. and they matched all cell chargers with the multiple cell phones he had. answers to question that is had earlier puzzled officials. >> we are very confident that he did not -- there was not another shoot ner the room. but i cannot confirm to you today and what we investigate is whether anybody else may have known about in incident before he carried it out. >> meanwhile funerals for the 58 killed are said to begin as the coroner begins releasing remains to grieving families. a victim resource center is up and running helping with transportation within lodging and financial assistance. >> make sure we have one stop shop covering all the services for victims. it's incredibly important. >> reporter: and a heart breaking tribute next to one of the most recognizable landmarks.
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white crosses representing each of the dead. photos on some hearts on all. and the vice president is expected in town tomorrow to participate in a prayer walk and to offer his condolences to the victims. jessica and raj. >> thank you very much. here at home family and friends meet tonight to remember michelle vo. vo grew up in san jose and went to independence high. she worked for synopsis but now working as a insurance agent in los angeles before her death sunday night. her family is remembering her as someone who was fearless and loved life to the fullest. they will hold a vigil at the san jose city hall tp coverage continues online you with read about mitchell vo along with the other victims on the website. well there is so much concern about copy cat crimes.
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we are following a developing story in new york with chilling similarities to what's happening in las vegas. the feds arrested three men in an isis inspired plot to attack crowd at times square on the new york subways and at concerts. the the plot was timed to coincidence with the holy month much ramadan. while the plot was discovered months ago they were not prepared to reveal the arrest until today. one of the suspects is a u.s. citizen based in pakistan. now the other suspects are from canada and the philippines. attempting to calm nerves in the bay area several high approval events going on this weekend which withdrawing hundreds of thousands of people to san francisco. and that includes the blew grass festival. the police and event organizers are responding in light of what happened in las vegas, nbc sam brock went looking for answers.
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>> reporter: music has a magical ability to unite. it's what brings more than a half million people to this annual concert in the golden gate park. >> it's a language that breaks bar years and doesn't matter the language everyone loves music. >> >> reporter: as bluegrass bands let lose, fan out and enjoy friedman they have not forgotten the recent attacks on liberty. but they window by cowed by them either. >> if you need to be anywhere be here. >> we get to see the people are safe and. it was a fluke kind of thing. you got to keep lifelock life. >> with fleet week also falling on the same weekend, san francisco police are wore of huge crowds bubbling up around the city. captain o'brien says the department has special procedures in place and is beefing up staffing with no days off this weekend.
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>> we have all hands on deck. every officer that we have is working this weekend, either down at the embarcadero at flet or over here. >> reporter: and shurns concertgoers can let hair down a bit even with tensions on the rise. well a problem at aville owe elementary school turned into a deadly confrontation away from the campus. the parents of two students got into a fight. counselors pent the day at a vista elementary school a after a situation reportedly between two first graders escalated into violence involving fathers. the two dads got into a fight yesterday morning. police say a 51-year-old man was shot and killed. vallejo police and the school district are releasing very few details but parents do say they're talking to kids about how to keep their emotions from getting out of hand. >> not to argue with other kids and i tell them all the time
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can't get your parents involved because a lot of stuff happens like this. >> it's important for us to come together and embrace the individuals who may have been connected to the- this particular event. >> the identity of the victim has not been released. and no word if the suspect is in custody. well the gulf kwoeft is bracing for tropical storm nate this weekend. a mandatory evacuation is in place for new orleans. this is satellite footage of the storms from nasa. the winds topping out at 50-mile-per-hour. the sform is expected to make landfall possibly as the hurricane 1 category and hit louisiana's coast as soon as tomorrow night. the storm has killed more than 20 people in central america. anywhere between 3 to 6 inches of rain in spectacle theed governors of florida and louisiana declaring emergencies. virj willing islands and puerto rico picking up pieces. today vice president mike pence visited the island to see the
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damage himself. he flew over st. kroi to get a briefing on the situation. after that he headed to puerto rico to see relief efforts there. the vice president visited storm victims on both islands. >> sweeping new changes in health care law kbaking thousands of women. today the trump administration announced that an expanded list of employers can opt out of providing free birth control to women. that is if nef a religious or moral objection. this move reignites the debate over a controversial part of obamacare. nbc bay area laura malpert joins from us the numerous with the new details laura. raj the dhangs take effect immediately coming as no surprise to bay area women and lawmakers. to see minority have been under attack since he took office. but the trump dprgs says it's a return to common sense. >> white house press secretary sarah huck obey sanders defends
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the trump administration move to roll back laws requiring employers to include birth control coverage in health insurance plans. >> the president believes that the friedman to practice one's faith is a fundamental right in the country. >> the moves affects mandatory coverage for sterile tags and drugs and devices that may cause abortions including the morning after pill. >> if you look at who is making the decisions, i don't see a woman involved at all. >> california lawmakers agree. and are fighting back. >> i'm outraged by it. i think it would be interesting to allow employers now to withdraw coverage for viagra on moral grounds. >> california's attorney general javier says he is prepared to take action. on the other side the united states conference of catholic bish ops says today's move is a return to common sense. longstanding federal practice
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and peaceful co-existens between church and state. the american center for law and justice which filed multiple cases trying to block contra septemberive coverage says it's a tremendous victory for religious liberty. the aclu has already filed a lawsuit against the decision which planned parenthood calls an unassemble o ep isable attack on basic health care. tonight at 6:00 we will hear from focus on the family. back to you. >> well despite several opportunities today, president trump declined to clarify yesterday's dment about, quote, the calm before the storm. he made that cryptic comment at a photo op with his top generals when asked today about the storm he was referring to he said, only you will find out. later, the president and first lady hosted the celebration saluting hispanic heritage month when talking about recovery efforts in puerto rico president trump used a playful accent. >> we love puerto rico.
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puerto rico. and we also love puerto rico. and we are marshaling ever federal resource at our disposal. >> also today our recent hurricanes are blamed for the first negative jobs report in 7 years. the economy lost 33,000 jobs. well up next here at 5:00 of an active crime scene in the south bay. a woman found dead in a local neighborhood. we are live on the scene with the new details. i'm molestation jeff ranieri, a mild 71 in san francisco and mostly clear. i'll have the fleet week forecasts plus hidden dangers in the weekend weather. the update at 5:20 tonight.
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so how did it happen in tonight san jose police working to piece together what led up to the city's latest homicide. a woman found dead and man found injured nearby. nbc bay area reporter joins us with what neighbors say about the victim. >> reporter: jessica, it's still a militariry here tonight. police have few answers even know they've been on the scene 8 hours. let's show video. at one point they cordoned off near the entire 2500 block in east san jose. investigatored took evidence and canvassed neighbors. after 8:30 they this morning
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they got a call for a disturbance and found two people stabbed inside a home. a woman was dead at the scene. a man taken to the hospital. police aren't saying how they may know each other. and neighbors are puzzled too. >> as neighbors okay. i live here many years i don't see that happening. >> very nice people. >> very nice. >> yeah very nice people. >> reporter: now police aren't commenting on a possible motive for a suspect at this point. as part of the investigation one neighbor told me that police downloaded his surveillance video. they're hoping it will yield clues that might tell them exactly what happened here. live in east san jose. rorz slater >> sf p. d. under a microscope. activists demanding accountability for police shootings, taking pleas to sacramento. one step at a type they're going to march to the state capital to demand the attorney general do what san francisco leaders have
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not. the activists wants police officers who shot and killed seven young men in the past two years to face charges. we need to change the situation because we thinking about our children. not only those who died, but those who are alive and because of the color of their skin they will be looked at as criminals. we want to stop that. >> really 80s slow march to the exam. the activists say they expect to arrive on october 19th along the way they will meet at churches and community centers to call for an end to what they say is excessive police force. >> a federal showdown is brewing tonight over california's new status as the first sanctuary state in the country. tonight, the country's top immigration officials say says the agency have no choice but to conduct immigration raids in california neighborhoods and work siting. the acting director of i.c.e. thomas holman seen on the right says because the law the undocumented immigrants will have to be placed in out of
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state detention centers. the sanctuary law taking effect january signed yesterday. allowing the jails to transfer the inmates to immigration authorities. only if convicted. >> guess who is back in the bay area. as an author. you can see here there hillary clinton at the podium. a live stream from the stanford campus. mrs. clinton giving a talk about technology and diplomacy. at the stanford business school. a fullhouse open to stanford students and professor. . earlier she was he was in frist for a book signing hundreds of people lined up. in stretched several blocks. s in time laps video showing how long the line was. we tweeted the video a short while ago. following mrs. clinton today nbc bay area kristi smith. >> reporter: at the book signing in san francisco hillary clinton
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arrived to a warm response. many got here early to make sure they had a spot. >> she has been a lifelong inspiration to me for decades now. i wish the outcome had been different. >> the book entitled what happened? explores experiences in the content issues 2016 presidential election. there was tight security inside the book store today. outside the line stretched around the block, 1,000 tickets told. >> i was talking to people in line and they're all saying it's emotional we get to see her now there is tiers. >> shelby volunteered for the campaign in washington state. today she hoped for a few seconds with the former secretary of state. >> i'm feeling really inspired. and, like, a mess. and i just -- i love her. she is such an incredible human being. >> while there have been called for mrs. clinton and other long-term democrats to pass the torch. supporters say they want those with experience to stay and help lead the next generation.
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>> i think it's still a lot of faith for diane feinstein nancy pelosi and hillary clinton. >> there are hundreds who want her to keep speaking zblup. . the video you see here right now she is on the stanford campus. you can get the behind the scenes video follow us on twitter. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri felt toasty outside. >> warmer also at the coastline awesome for fleet we can. looks like the trend continues into the upcoming weekend. we have hidden dangerous in the forecast, two, that we are getting to. as we look at the microchiemt forecast. what you'll see is the main thing i'm tracking heading right into the upcoming weekend is the area of high pressure from the pacific. bringing normally warm air like we typically see when high pressure builds. but the added component we are
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watching one of the hidden dangerous in the forecast is the dryer northerly wind. 15 to 26-mile-per-hour. that's going to cut off any kind of ocean breeze and bring very low humidity throughout the bay area as we head through the upcoming weekend. that mainly increases fire danger. please, please be careful if you are doing any barbecuing and no outdoor burning. second danger this weekend we want to you be aware of with the milder weather near the beaches is at the coast. we have a rip current risk for the entire bay area coastline. as well as of 4 to 7 feet. but breaking waves at the coast ranging 7 to 10 feet and also neeker waves a look at the beauy report. 5 to 6 feet along the san francisco coat lane but increases even higher water temperature a chilly 55 to 56 degrees. so think twice before you head in the water. and just enjoy it along the shore line and remember that.
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as we head into the tomorrow morning. mostly sunny sky tomorrow. 56 for the south by. towards tri valley a cool 35 p coolest in the north bay at 58. and 10 mile plus visibility in san francisco. through today tomorrow temperatures above average. putting the soug bay in the 80s. 82 in cupertino. getting away from any breeze coming off the bay you're getting warmer weather. eye especially in morgan hill and gilroy, upper 80s. contra costa 80s. 86 in livermore. back by the bay, 78 in hayward. the peninsula palo alto checking in with 83. up toward san mateo 79. san francisco, a mix of temperatures. look if you go right up to the immediate coastline and the outer sunset it's 67. but if you head over towards the mission, a milder 74. and right in the marina best viewing for fleet week looking
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at 70 degrees. if you are headed out there for the viewing of the air show i just want to show you here we are looking at sunny skies through the entire day tomorrow at marina green, one of the best spots if you head to check it out. heading up to wine country to get away from big crowds in san francisco process 85 in insomnia an -- 86 in sonoma. 85 in napa. on the extended forecast you see san francisco a little bit of up and down. by sunday under 72 with windy conditions. 76 on column blues bus day. head next temperatures drop, wednesday, thursday into friday, we're looking at siktsz returning. still no rain. for the inland valleys we are talking about 84 on sunday. a little bit cooler and back up to 87 monday. eventually temperatures also drop down to the 70s by next thursday and friday's forecast. beyond this, any signs of any changes that would allow maybe a storm system to get close, looks like october 15th through 209th.
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we try to see a storm develop to north. no big rain. >> we need the rain coming in but enjoying the sunshine right now. >> amazing. >> thanks, jeff. >> coming up improvements at one of b.a.r.t.'s most popular stations, the work though comes with a warning. and the health concerns for b.a.r.t. riders. >> back to this not just in the water but also in the sky. fleet week, the big arrival today as we kick-off this big weekend. working to put out a pile of
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debris that is burning in a field near highway 101 and story road. happening now san jose firefighters working to put out a file of debris burning in a field near 101 and story road. the flames are not on the road. but traffic is impacted both directions as drivers slow down to look.
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nobody is hurt. the friday night commute is at a crawl. we're tweeting developments as the crews try to get the upper hand. back in a moment with more news. woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) first off, we're going to give you all... food. water. internet. we need it to live.
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but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. about a million people will in th it is one of san francisco's biggest weekends of the year. we have been talking about it. fleet we can. about a million people heading into the city to watch all the festivities today. the you uss essex led the annual
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parade of ships. did you hear it? the blue angels roaring across the sky. the nbc bay area traffic cameras caught the view in the at the. you see it an incredible sight as the pilots create add heart over the city. to see the full list of events. head the website. we made it easy pu post to do at website wbts. some b.a.r.t. riders are affected by preparation to put in new sealing panels. crew haves to remove the asbestos up there. some riders are worried. >> i'm glad to know about it's happening. if i'm unaware and walking through theis places -- i think people should know. >> b.a.r.t. removed asbestos from eight other stations over the summer and didn't have issues doing it. the crews will put up the protective enclosure during. renovations. >> not the whole groerry is to.
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new details with the data breach at whole foods markets in the bay area. 8 local stores are involved. people who used in store restaurants and tap rooms may have had the credit card information exposed. however, the main checkout registers, those weren't impacted. the stores in cupertino, dublin, mill valley, santa clara. two stores in san francisco impacted >> the big reveal pushed back. tesla reveals the semi truck in november. instead of the end of this this minute. elon musk devoting the company is focusing on fixing bottle necks for the model 3. also diverting resource noose puerto rico. up next saying goodbye to a piece of internet history. the popular program about to sign off. we continue to monitor hillary
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clinton )s speech at stanford. coming tonight at 6:00 we are taking you back and monitor hillary clinton's speech at stanford. what she had to say about the election. and hacking by the russians. all that and more coming up at 6:00. okay remember back in the olden days aol messenger. revolutionized how we communicate. but it's soon to be phased out.
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aol instant messenger service >> you have mail. >> yes. this is old school. aol instant messenger will be shut down in december. it started 1997. hugely popular. it was the leading instant messenger service until the rise of smartphones and social media. this was before we texted each other and before twitter and all that stuff. the company said instant messenger ignited a cultural shift. it sure did. >> the little thing that says "you've got mail". >> it still says that? how would i know? i still have aol. >> that's a throwback. >> you have a throwback. >> i can't let it go. all right. send you guys an email. >> yes. >> fleet week happening this weekend. and we are seeing temperatures at 70 at morina green one of the best viewing spots. sunny skies couldn't get better. on the extended forecast in san francisco a little bit windier on sunday. slightly cooler then back up.
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>> you will still have mail just no the the instant messenger. >> lester holt next with nightly news. breaking news tonight, state of emergency. they're bracing for impact from new orleans to biloxi to pensacola. it could hit as a hurricane. >> did any one else know about the plot to kill in las vegas. new developments in the investigation. police not convinced that the attacker kept it to himself. >> birth control battle. the trump administration rolls back obama era rules, allowing more employers to opt out of paying for contraception coverage. shock waves, rippling across hollywood and new fallout for a powerful movie mogul facing a storm of accusations of sexual misconduct including from a major star. >> and song and a prayer.


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