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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 7, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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news along the gulf coast. hurricane nate made land fall within the past hour. tracking it all day long and, what is the latest? >> we did see that it made land fall. the national hurricane center said it made land fall shortly after 8:00 p.m. eastern time. putting that about 5:00 p.m. our time. rite near the mouth of the mississippi river as a category 1 hurricane. winds 85 miles per hour. it's bringing heavy downpours. a tornado warning in the area. that trajectory has it passing through alabama at least through the over night hours and into tomorrow. the biggest threat is going to be the storm surge. we're talking between seven to 11 feet aboveground level for the highlighted areas. keep a close eye on hurricane nate. as it makes its trajectory. >> now to our other top story. the chp searching for a hit and run driver who injured four
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cyclists. one critically. live with the details on this. >> those four bicyclist were part of the event. it's a cycling rally that starts in santa rose and winds through the narrow two lane roads here. emergency crews arrived to find bikes strewn throughout the road. the suspects truck pulled alongside four bicyclists in the race and swerved into them. hitting all four. one ride suffered serious injuries and was air lifted to the hospital in critical condition. the other three were rushed in an ambulance with minor injuries. they were shocked at what happened. >> there's a single most important priority in the work it's safety. it's why an event like this is
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heartbreaking. we don't know all the details. we know that four people were injured. one critically. >> a witness shot video of the collision but chp officers haven't released an imand of the truck. it's a blue dodge ram. super cab. with large rims and wheels that may have front end damage. obviously if anyone knows who the driver of the vehicle is, they are urged to call the local police department. or the california highway patrol. >> thank you. new at 6. discovery of a body inside a home yesterday has been ruled a homicide. deputies were dispatched to a house on marsh creek road yesterday morning. responding to what investigators are calling a medical call. inside they found the body of a 37 year-old woman from danville. autopsy is set for monday. a disturbing investigation in the south bay. this man, a music teacher at two
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different schools is under arrest to want for lewd acts with a 13 year-old girl. live at dart mouth middle school where the teacher worked. i understand you spoke to a very concerned parent. >> i did. in fact students where he also worked your just informed today about the arrest during band practice. and they were so distraught. they had to cancel the practice. >> reporter: sam knife is accused of several crimes including lewd acting with a minor under 14. oral copulation. possession of child pornography and extortion. the last charge is because he threatened to post nude pictures of the 13 year-old victim who was his student. tonight band parents we talked to say they're devastated. >> kids are devastated. kids are shocked. they're upset. this is someone that was their music teach r for three yees. >> he used his position of authority as a teacher to have a
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three year sexual relationship with a 13 year-old girl. knife is also the assistant band director in san jose. the principal informed students at prak tig today. the students were so upset they cancelled practice. >> knife met the 13 year-old victim here at dart mouth middle school. knife lives in gilroy. >> thanks very much. hundreds and thousands of people enjoying fleet week festtivities with many thinking about the deadly las vegas shooting which targeted a large music festival. police are out in force. trying to make sure everyone stays safe and feels safe. not just fleet week. the bluegrass festival, too. >> that's right. i have to tell you you couldn't ask for better weather to come out and see the blue angels. there's so much going on in san francisco this weekend.
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it's a busy time for police. and a handful of other events. they're trying to keep people safe at all of them at the same time. >> reporter: the blue angels put on a show in san francisco. under clears skies with a crowd eager to see them. with the u.s. air force. he answered questions today during the air show. >> the experience has been fantastic. >> last year on saturday neat week drew record crowdsment this yore could be bigger. the bluegrass festival is under way bringing in tens of thousands of people. after the recent attack had las vegas, one man said it was something he considered as he headed out into the crowd. >> it's part of the reason my kids are going home today. i was just a little kind of
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weird about that. that crossed my mind. i also believe that you have to live your life. >> san francisco police say they work with local and federal law enforcement with information and best practices. officers will be spread out. >> this communication is always constant. and always revaluates our situation and operational plans to make sure the city is safe. >> reporter: safe and enjoyable. for all the crowds taking in the music, the air show and what the city has to offer. >> this is why we live in san francisco. blue angels, fleet week. bluegrass. sunshine. what could be better? >> all those things he mentioned. they all happen again tomorrow. and they are also is a parade happening as well. reporting live in san francisco. thanks very much. what a gorgeous night.
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you can find a complete schedule of events, you can see the blue angels flying around near the golden gate bridge. over the san francisco bridge. all posted for you online. another freeway shooting in the east bay leaves a family shaken. the suspects are still at large. this happened about 8:00 last night. in oakland. a family of four was driving on highway 24 near 580. the gunman riding in a gray sedan pull up along the car and opened fire. didn't hit anybody. no one inside the vehicle was hit. the family pulled off the freeway to get help at a gas station. the search is on. >> a deadly crash between a sedan and big rig. it happened about 6:00 this morning. a strange story. the driver was traveling on boulevard when he drifted off the road and crashed into a big rig. the truck driver pulled over to sleep. and the didn't feel the crash. it's unclear why the driver
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drifted off the road. new information in the las vegas shooting investigation. a note left in the gunman's hotel room. bay area work herpsiers hel animals. as a hurricane makes land fall. moving north about 20 miles per hour. i'll talk about the trajectory and where the biggest impacts we can expect. as it moves through areas like alabama. details coming up after the break. deadly las vegas shooting
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massacre and police continue wo it's been a week since the deadly las vegas shooting massacre. police continue working around the clock to figure out a mote efive. we have learned what was written on a cryptic note in the gunman's room. bullet trajectory calculations. to give him better precision. a family is petitioning the court to freeze stephen paddock's assets. his brother says the shooter was a multi-millionaire. freezing his assets would stop the killers girlfriend or family members from getting them. instead victims can pursue lawsuits against the estate. vice president mike pence hz wife visited the shooting site. and offered condolences to the victims. >> i stand before you today on behalf of my family and every family in america.
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to say we're with you. we're all vegas strong. >> have yet to determine a motive behind the attack that left 58 dead. 500 injured. >> here in the bay area. people continue to remember the victims who had local connections. 200 people showing up outside the city hall. to honor michelle voe. you can hear emotional reaction from people who spoke with the vigil by logging onto nbc bay area .km. a car crash in london led to fears of a terror attack. the crash left nearly a dozen people hurt outside the natural history museum. one man has been arrested. police are saying it was just an accident. this is not terror related. in all, eleven people injured in the crash. >> returning to the breaking news along the gulf koes. where hurricane nate made land fall as a category one storm. a live look at new orleans.
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dark, calm, strange situation. dangerous situation. people in the bay area helping out. we have video for you sent to you from the animal services. ten dogs arrived in hayward today. animal services in louisiana can make room for more dogs. that need shelter during the storm. there's no doubt people and animals will be needing help with this storm. it's not a category three, 4, 5 like we have seen. it has its own set of problems. >> it's a cat fwoir one people think it's not dangerous. it is. we're talking about dangerous storm surge. tornado warnings. and we're talking about an increase in the winds speeds over the next couple hours. it is a category one and made land fall already, first land fall. there's a chance it could make a second land fall at the coast of mississippi. it is a category 1. about 85 miles per hour. it's moving north about 20 miles per hour. so this is a fast moving storm. which is great in terms of the rainfall. it's not going to give it a long
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period of time to continuously pour rain over the area. alistening the coastline, we're seeing the biggest threat of the storm surge. anywhere between 7 to 11 feet above ground level. all the low lying areas are at an immediate threat. tornado warnings throughout the area. right now the current time line has hurricane nate pushing through north at about 20 miles per hour. making its way through alabama. possibly making a second land fall. over night into the early sunday morning hours. through sunday and into monday. it inches closer to the east coast. and finally going to make an exit. on tuesday. but when we're talking about the estimated rain totals. working in favor of hurricane nate is it is fast moving. we're talking about the threat of possibly six to 7 inches of rain for the areas in orange. and isolated chance of eleven inches of rainfall in some areas. we have to keep a close eye on
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that. as it makes its biggest impact within a couple hours. you're outside you're probably noticing it's a nice comfortable 77 degrees. nice clear skies. 65 degrees right now in san francisco. as we head into tomorrow we have some changes on the way. it's all going to come in the form of strong gusty winds. and pair that up with the temperatures we're talking about fire danger for the north bay mountains. east bay hills and santa cruz mountains. we're expecting highs of 83 livermore. 79 oakland. and there is a red flag warning that will remain in place buzz of the dry winds. of about 20, 25 miles per hour. i want to take you through the map here. you're going to notice the strongest and gustiest of the winds starting sunday evening and night. as of 10:00 p.m. on sunday we are talking about the possibility of sustained winds of up to 30 miles per hour. along the coastline. gusts could hit 40, 45 plus. it's going to be a very windy
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sunday. we have a cooling trend on the way as we head into wednesday. we have to get through the 80s and that wind for tomorrow. fire danger. >> at some point one has to get in the act. it's coming. >> it's october. but we're not in the clear of the fire danger yet. a special mission just off the coast. the voyage that could help save marine life. we'll tack you along for an up close look. kept scientists very busy
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lately. they )re trying to understand changing ocean conditions have kept scientists very busy lately. trying to understand everything from climate change to what's causing whales along the coast. recently a special mission led to surprises. hopefully solutions to big
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problem for whales. >> reporter: creatures in general are a fascinating. you just never know what you'll run into. >> as the sun springs into action. so does a unique group of scientists. heading out of the bay as they have done 49 times before. several times a year researchers from point blue conservation and science make these seasonal trips to the gulf of fair lawns national marine sanctuary. taking stock of the ocean, and its inhabitants. this trip was special. because it marked groups 50th since the program began in 2004. >> things change over time. how the numbers and the ocean. >> reporter: the researchers sample ocean conditions.
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pulling nets to check the abundance of kril. the main staple of whales. the second part of the mission requires nothing but eyes. >> unknown whales. >> reporter: each trip the group travels a physical examinatiofi. counting every mammal, every bird. every boat. sometimes the group encounters things that surprise scientists. on this journey the researchers found themselves amiftd some 100 hump back and blue whales. the information gathered on the trips is helped relocate commercial shipping lanes from the whales path. now they're trying to figure out a solution of the rising number of whales caught in fishing gear. >> 2016 there were 70 reports. >> reporter: the crews operate
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on the simple premise that time plus information equals knowledge. even in the analytical nature of science there are times when scientists just have to sit back and appreciate nature. >> time for sports. >> good evening everyone. the biggest show in sports has gone across the atlantic. warriors are in china. we have all the latest buzz and fun videos from their visit in shanghai. that's next in sports.
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hi, everyone. the 49ers going to their match up on the colts as one of four
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winless teams in the nfl. >> the 49ers are still looking for their first victory in the kyle shanahan era. and have a good chance to pull it off on sunday. against the indianapolis colts. a team that has one win against the winless cleveland browns. now in order for the 49ers to do so, they're going to have to shut down the old friend. frang gore. he comes into the game just three yards away from eric kickerson to be number 7 all time on the rushing list. the guy who will be assigned to shutting him down. he's gotten off to a slow start. but had a bit of a better game last week against arizona. these games are all important for bowman. with foster coming back and bowman with a wig contract for next year. he has to play well the rest ot season in order to earn his spot back in 2018. >> a 3 poin shot only nine times
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throughout his nine year career. and made one. curry is at 402 during a season. look, mcgee holding his own with a record holder. maybe this is the year that he hits his first three with the warriors. and along with being a champ. curry is also a champion of donating his time. the warriors star spent part of the day with athletes from special olympics. he ran them through shooting and dribbling drills. clay thompson looking for rekemgs. remember this. he visited during the off season to promote his shoe and a failed attempt at a 360 dunk went viral. he set it up again on this team trip. but didn't go through with it. he's setting us all up for something. both kings and lakers announce the teams will donate the proceeds from sunday night preseason game in las vegas to the victims of the shooting. the donation will be made
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through the mgm resort foundation with all the money raised going directly to victims. their families and first responders. and the nhl kings are in san jose to face the sharks tonight. sharks coming off a season opening loss. puck drops at 7:30. sharks pregame live starts at 7. we'll bring you those highlights tonight in sports at 11. see you later. more news after the break. loose in petaluma was not an
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escaped exotic pet. his name is ar alligator on the loose was not an escaped exotic pet. his name is dart gator. he belongs to a woman who runs a local rescue. he decided he didn't want to be rescued anymore. a couple spotted the gator thursday night trying to get ento their pond. animal services says the gator is back with its owner and working things out. the gator this time will stay with the lady. >> is it micro chipped, i wonder? >> you can do that, huh? i guess. >> they're not going to put up a fight an alligator might. >> it was small one. i wouldn't want to encounter that. the most i encountered was a
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bunny rabbit. let's talk about the temperatures. if you're going on a hike -- it was cute. i have to get my dog off of it. 75 degrees for tomorrow. san francisco and we'll talk about that fire danger. that's because we're talking about strong gusty wind conditions through sunday. and red flag warning is expected to stay in place at least through tuesday. take a look at your 7-day forecast. 85 degrees for tomorrow. we keep the 80s in the forecast through tuesday and into tuesday we see the ridge of high pressure breaking down. and start a bit of a cooling trend. set us up for 70s into thursday and friday. and i know we're in the fall. seeing 80s. that's bringing that fire danger. we're expecting to keep the wind advisories in place through tomorrow. if you have anything like a patio furniture or anything that might fly away, get it out of the way in the morning. before the winds pick up midafternoon. with a gustier conditions in the hills and along the coastline. tomorrow will be a very windy
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day. barbecue not suggested. unless you're not the not dry brush. >> you think of summer and the hot july and august. the big fire threat. and you stop thinking about it now. some of the most horrific fires in california history start in september. >> red flag warning up here. thanks for joining us. see you back here tonight at 11. male news special.u're watching an nbc bay area tonight, nbc bay area "responds." daniel yang: and i went to chipotle, and chipotle said, "your card is not valid." and it was the first time i ever used it. announcer: consumers are buying gift cards that end up with $0 balances before they ever use them. we uncover the scam. barbara rowe: they misrepresented themselves, and i think that's fraudulent.
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announcer: there's a food fight going on between local restaurants and a san francisco startup, and consumers are stuck in the middle. lindsay pedroche: so, it basically was $800 wasted. announcer: home buyers rely on inspectors to make sure the house they're buying is problem free, but some are failing the job. and one lawmaker says it's because they're simply not qualified. elia barrera: thankfully, i was compatible with him. announcer: after surviving a life-threatening surgery, he made plans to celebrate with his family in mexico. but when things went wrong, his travel insurance didn't protect him. we found an unlikely hero to this story. robert robinson: it was not my signature. it wasn't even close to my signature. announcer: a renter says his landlord forged his signature, putting him on the hook for hundreds of dollars. we ask a handwriting expert to weigh in. here's consumer investigator chris chmura. chris chmura: good evening, and welcome to our nbc bay area "responds" special.


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