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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 8, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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take a live look o your time is 7:00. you are watching "today in the bay," sunday. let's get you outside right now. that's san francisco from the camera on san bruno mountain. it's cooler than yesterday. good morning and thank you so much for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen. vianey arana is standing by. look at the microclimate forecast. it's going to be warm, but cooler than yesterday? >> yes, exactly. we are going to see spots in the 80s, but a few degrees cooler than yesterday. yeah, it's going to be an overall pleasant day. we have been seeing a chillier start all week long. that's the only thing making it feel like fall. peninsula, 51. tri-valley, waking up to 51
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degrees. san francisco, 54 degrees. the temperature trend does show plenty of sunshine and temperatures jumping into the 70s at least by the noon hour for san jose and eventually to the 80s for san jose as well. lower 80s today, not necessarily mid-80s like yesterday. san francisco right now, 53 degrees, jumping to the 70s by 1:00. today's biggest event is the breezy conditions picking up throughout the afternoon. that is why there is a red flag warning in place. low humidity paired with dry northeasterly winds. we'll go into depth with what to expect in 15 minutes. >> thank you so much. the hurricane known as nate battered the gulf coast overnight, bringing strong winds, heavy waves and storm surge from louisiana to the florida panhandle. 85-90-mile-an-hour winds.
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the category 1 hurricane made land fall around 8:00 local time last night. this is video out of biloxi, mississippi where it made land fall. >> this is an unusual storm. again, with minimal amount of damage, we hope. >> that may be the good thing about that storm, it moved through so quickly, it didn't have much of a chance to do damage. this year's hurricane season is one of the ten most active on record. 14 named storms, nine hurricanes, five of those major, category 3 or higher. a child is back home, safe, after hours of searching this morning. an amber alert was called off last night. san francisco police were searching for two men and a woman believed to have kidnapped the girl. here is photos of two suspects. the victim is 2 years old, the
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same last name as one suspect but their relationship is not yet clear. the child has been found safe and two suspects are now under arrest. as soon as the amber alert was issued, we sent out a breaking news alert. follow us on facebook and twitter or if you can sign up for breaking news alerts do that at a disturbing story in the south bay. police say a san jose music teacher had a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student. we learned about a new school that teacher had ties to. san jose police arrested dartmouth middle schoolteacher, sam knight for having a relationship with a student. the abuse happened over a three-year period and started when the victim was 13. he has been the band teacher since 2008. knight tried to blackmail the
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victim by promising to post nude photos of her. he is on administrative leave. the arrest is shocking because the teacher was well respected by students and parents. >> kids are devastated. kids are shocked, they are upset. this is someone that was the music teacher for three years. >> according to this staff page, sam knight had ties to several bay area schools including lehigh of san jose. new details in a homicide investigation that left a neighborhood on edge. police identified a suspect. officers found a woman dead and man injured in an east san jose neighborhood on friday. police say the injured man is the suspected killer. he and the victim had been in a dating relationship. the victim's identity has not been released. details in the search of a
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hit and run driver. the crash left four cyclists injured, one critically. we have photos of the suspect. we have the latest information. >> reporter: emergency crews arrived to find bicycles along petaluma road. these are pictures released from the highway patrol of the blue pick-up truck captured by a motorcyclist. they got this image of the driver. the man in the pick-up pulled up along the four bicyclists and swerved into them. >> there are a lot of bicyclists out today, nice weather. >> if there's a single most important priority in our work is safety. an event like this is heart breaking. >> reporter: they were participating in a bike event. the ride started in santa rosa and continued along the narrow two lane roads in sonoma county. if you recognize the pick up,
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call the police department or highway patrol. now, more tension in the south. about three dozen white nationalists carrying torches gathered last night. they gathered around the tarp covered robert lee statue. counter protesters shouted back. the rally lasted a half hour, ended without violence. a similar demonstration led to outrage last month. state's exhibit discovery of a body inside a contra costa county home has been ruled a homicide. deputies went to a house in byron, responding to what investigators are calling a medical call. inside, they found the body of a 37-year-old woman from danville. autopsy is set for tomorrow. sax deadly crash between a sedan and big rig. it happened around 6:00 yesterday morning. the driver was traveling on sir
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francis boulevard when he drifted off the road and crashed into the big rig. the truck driver pulled over to sleep and didn't feel the crash. in fact, he didn't wake up. it is unclear, at this time, why the driver drifted off the road. a car crash in london led to fears of a terror attack. the crash yesterday morning left nearly a dozen people hurt outside the natural history museum. one man has been arrested. police say this was just an accident and not terror related. 11 people were hurt in that crash. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, new information in the las vegas shooting investigation. what investigators are revealing about a note left in the gunman's hotel room. a massive turnout for fleet week. security remains a concern for crowds nearly a week after the violence in las vegas. stay with us.
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francisco. great place to watch the blue angels flying high in the sky. you can see the bird flying there, now. look to the left of the screen thar, that is alcatraz. a los angeles mother is reunited with her children after being shot during last week's rampage in las vegas. neighbors lined the streets cheering and holding signs of support as chelsea returned home to her 5-year-old son and 20-month-old daughter. she was hit in the face during the shooting at the route 91 harvest festival. it's a long road to recovery, but she has the right attitude. >> her spirits are just amazing. we go see her in the hospital and she's cracking jokes. she's just so upbeat. she's uplifting to people in there. >> romo lost her left eye in the attack and needs a cornea transplant to save her right eye. it has been nearly a week
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since the deadly las vegas shooting and police continue working new information to try to find a motive. we have learned now, what was written on a note left in the gunman's room. the note included bullet trajectory cal cculations as he opened fire on the crowd 300 yards away. a family petitioning a court to freeze his assets. paddock's brother says it shooter was a multimillionaire. freezing the assets keeps others from using the money. also, vice president mike pence and his wife visited the shooting site and offered their condolences. >> i stand before you today on behalf of my family and every family in america to say, we are with you. today, we are all vegas strong. >> investigators have yet to
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determine a motive behind the attack that left 58 dead and nearly 500 people injured. you are watching "today in the bay." coming up, a surprising sight for a north bay community. an alligator. the reason families don't have to worry anymore. we are expecting another beautiful day. a live look over mt. hamilton using the cameras. we have to factor in the wind and fire danger. an update on tropical storm nate coming up in a bit. stay with us. transamerica pyramid -- san
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francisco you are looking live at the transamerica pyramid in san francisco. no fog to be seen. a chilly start and cooler temperatures than what we saw yesterday. vianey arana will be along in a bit to give you the complete weather outlook. it turns out an alligator on the loose in petaluma was not escaped. he belonged to a woman who runs
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a local rescue. animal services says the gator is back with its owner. hundreds of thousands of people have been out enjoying fleet week festivities. police are out in force in the wake of the deadly las vegas shooting to make sure everyone is safe. we have more on security not only at fleet week, but the hardly strictly bluegrass festival as well. >> reporter: the blue angels put on a show in san francisco under the clear skies with a crowd eager to see them. >> look at that. >> a display of teamwork. >> reporter: this sergeant is with the u.s. air force. he answered questions today during the air show. >> it has been amazing, encounting many amazing people. >> reporter: last year drew record crowds and this year could be bigger. the hardly bluegrass festival is
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under way bringing in thousands, too. after the attacks in las vegas, one man said it was something he considered as he headed out into the crowd. >> that is part of the reason my kids are heading home today. i was weird about that. that definitely crossed my mind, but, i also believe you have to live your life. >> reporter: san francisco police worked with local and federal enforcement on best practices. with the busy weekend, officers are spread out. >> this communication is always constant. we are always re-evaluating the situation and operational plans to make sure the city is safe. >> reporter: safe and enjoyable for all the crowds taking in the music, the air show and what the city thooz offer. >> this is why we live in san francisco. blue angels, fleet week, hardly strictly bluegrass, sunshine. what could be better. >> reporter: christy smith nbc bay area news. vianey arana is here with
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the rest of the weekend forecast and the week ahead. >> went outside and didn't grab a jacket on the way to work and felt it. >> it's cold. we have been waking to the chillier temperatures. you saw clear skies, perfect for the weekend. it could not be better in terms of the skis. we have windy conditions to monitor. that is going to kick up the fire danger. we have a couple things to look out for. right now, 51 degrees. probably why most of you have been feeling the early morning temperatures. that time of year where it starts off cold. you feel like you need a jacket. by the lunch hour, it's really, really hot in your area. today is slightly warmer, but cooler than yesterday. if you are heading to fleet week today, sunday, you didn't get a chance to check it out yesterday, look at the pleasant temperatures. temperatures in the 70s by 2:00. by 3:00, all the icons have not a cloud in sight. just the way we like to enjoy fleet week.
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perfect for photos. remember, if you take photos or have photos, send them to us on nbcbayarea, on facebook and twitter. today's forecast, as i mentioned, some areas warmer. areas along the south bay remain in the 80s. san jose, 80 degrees. livermore, 82. concord, 82. oakland, a high of 79. along the coastline, breezy to windy conditions. san francisco will climb to mid-70s. half-moon bay in the 60s at 68. today's biggest thing is going to be a lot of people heading to the beach, i would assume. i want to remind folks, be careful. we are seeing dangerous waves. there is a beach hazard statement in place. there is a warning of red currents. don't ever turn your back to a wave. we are seeing tough waves. some outward areas, let's talk about the red flag warnings.
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i have been mentioning the red flag warnings since friday into saturday. it looks like all these highlighted areas. we are talking the north bay mountains, the east bay hills, the santa cruz mountains are expecting to see an increase in winds from the north-northeast. 15-20 plus miles per hour with gusty conditions at 30-40. i was looking ahead at the models. here is a quick look. we could see sustained winds of 30 plus in some areas, including orinda at 31 miles per hour. when talking the fire danger, we zone in on the mountain hillside areas because the dry winds are very dry. what that does is, you have seen over and over again, a very small brush fire can quickly spread. the overnight hours tonight and early monday morning, look at san francisco. 29 miles per hour with gusts up to 30 plus miles per hour.
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napa, in the 30 range. livermore, 15, 20 plus in the south bay. the winds will carry over at least through monday. so, as we head into monday and tuesday, we will keep the red flag warnings in place. now, let's get a quick update on what was hurricane nate. it made two land falls yesterday. the last was in the mississippi area. right now, the last overnight hours it has weakened to a tropical storm. it has gone from a category 1 with the initial land fall hitting at 85 miles per hour. now, a tropical storm made with sustained max winds of 45 plus miles per hour. now, that is just hitting that mark of the tropical storm wind. still, fairly quickly north-northeast at 23 miles per hour. with this, the threat of storm surge is very much real. working in the favor of it is going to be the fast moving pace, not giving this storm a chance to drop a significant amount of rainfall.
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the next seven days, we end with 80s. a cooling trend on the way as we head into thursday and friday, just in time for next weekend. a lot of sunshine, vickie. >> thank you. still ahead on "today in the bay" -- >> technology is just a tool. okay? it's what you do with technology that is the magic thing. a group of north bay parents turn an idea to help their children into a center that works for thousands of children. "today in the bay" area proud report is coming back after this short break.
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and i'm an arborist with i'pg&e in the sierras. the drought in california has killed trees on a massive scale. any of those trees that fail into power lines could cause a wildfire or a power outage. public safety is the main goal of our program. that's why we're out removing these hundreds of thousands of hazard trees. having tools and technology gives us a huge edge to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california.
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and for some with disabilities, it has the power to transform technology has changed our lives and for some with disabilities, it that has power to transform them. all that's needed is the right person to make it happen. we are introduced to a man in this morning's bay area proud. >> dan phillips isn't someone who creates technology or someone with a disability.
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what he is is someone with a knack for bringing those two groups together. there are many places in the bay area where almost daily, amazing technology is developed by brilliant people. for the past 17 years, though, there is one spot in san rafael where cutting edge has been turned into life changing. >> what do you think? >> reporter: dan phillips, has been at the heart of it the whole time. >> technology is a tool. okay? it's what you do with technology that is the magic. >> reporter: the magic, dan and his team at the technology resource center in marin have been performing since 2000. taking the best silicon valley creates and adapting it to help students with special needs of all kinds. an interesting line of work for someone whose training is as a speech therapist. it started, dan says, with the student he had the hardest time reaching.
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>> i didn't know how to address these issues. i didn't know the proper tools. i just knew there had to be some different way so i started exploring. >> reporter: technology is where it led. with the help of a group of parents, dan started the tech center and has since touched the lives of thousands of special needs students. none, perhaps more dramatically than 21-year-old hannah. having only the ability to move one hand, dan worked with hannah most of her life, helping her find ways to communicate with others. she is now going to college, studying web design. >> hannah is the reason why i do this. she is the prime example of someone who has grown up, seen technology evolve, seen technology finally catch up to the person that she is. >> reporter: hannah's mom could not be more grateful. >> he does it with heart. he does it, you know, he wants
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to help everybody. >> reporter: in today's world, technology can come across as cold and unfeeling, but at least around here, for the past two decades -- >> what seems to work really well -- >> reporter: it has been the key to unlocking all sorts of wonders. dan is quick to point out he doesn't do this by himself. the center is a unique collaboration of the school, businesses and most of all, parents. in fact, a group of parents helped raise $100,000 to give the tech center a facelift. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. the power of getting together. "today in the bay" is back in two months. president trump still wants to repeal obamacare. the message to democrats and their response. plus -- >> they are known as killers in the sea. what's killing them? thousands of sharks wash up dead in the san francisco bay. i'm bigad shaban.
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we investigate what's attack k them and other sea life, next. looking toward golden gate
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bridge -- yacht harbor good sunday morning. the time is 7:29. you are watching sunday "today in the bay." take a look at that gorgeous live shot there. you are looking at the golden gate bridge, the yacht harbor. a beautiful day to be out sailing, as a matter of fact. nice winds on the bay. thanks for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen. vianey arana is standing by for us to look at the microclimate forecast. a chilly start for the morning. as the day wears on, normal, but not as hot as yesterday. >> the live shot of the water makes me want to head over to the water today. it's going to be a great day for that. a lot of sunshine. we have seen the sunshine over and over again. a look over san francisco, again. the temperatures, yes, still on the chilly side in spots like mountainview, 49 degrees. palo alto in the 40s. san francisco, 53 degrees. further inland, oakland, 49
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degrees. san jose, 55. let's talk about some of those winds. now, right now is not too bad. we are seeing breezy to windy. later into this evening, about 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00 is when you will see the noticeable increase in the dry winds in the north-northeast, 20 plus miles per hour. 9:30, san francisco, 24 miles per hour. orinda, 31. napa and the santa rosa area, 30 plus, 40 plus in some areas. i'll talk about the red flag warnings and the fire danger in about 15 minutes. >> thank you so much, see you then. hurricane nate battered the gulf coast bringing strong winds, heavy rain and storm surge from louisiana through the florida panhandle. 89 to 90 miles per hour winds. a category 1 hurricane made land fall around 8:00 last night. this is video out of biloxi, mississippi where nate made the second land fall.
7:31 am
the fastest ever in the gulf, rushing through the area. >> this is an unusual storm. move this fast and, again, with just a minimal amount of damage we hope. >> this year's atlantic hurricane season is one of the ten most active on record. 14 named storms and nine hurricanes, five of those major hurricanes, category 3 or higher. a child is back safe at home after hours of searching. an amber alert was called off late last night. san francisco police were searching for two men and a woman believed to have kidnapped a girl. photos of the two suspects. the victim is 2 years old, the same last name as one of the suspects. their relationship is not clear. they were armed and dangerous. the chil has been found safe and two people are now arrested. as soon as the amber alert was issued, we sent out a breaking news alert. follow us on facebook or
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twitter. you can sign up for breaking news alert at to a developing story in the south bay. police say a san jose music teacher had a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student. we have learned the teacher had ties to several san jose schools. san jose police arrested dartmouth middle schoolteacher, sam knight on suspicion of a sexual relationship with a one-time student. the abuse happened over a three-year period and started when the victim of 13. he has been the band director since 2008. he tried to blackmail the victim by threatening to post nude videos on social media. knight has been placed on administrative leave. knight's arrest is more shocking because the teacher was well respected and well liked by students and parents.
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>> kids are devastated. kids are shocked, they are upset. this is someone that was the music teacher for three years. >> according to this dartmouth website, he is attached to lehigh of san jose. something deadly is lurking in the waters of the san francisco bay and killing thousands of sharks. scientists aren't sure how to stop it from spreading to other sea life, including the fish you eat. what is behind the shark deaths. bigad shaban is at the shore with that story. >> reporter: the san francisco bay is home to a complex ecosystem. the wildlife is interconnected. even though this area stretches 1600 square miles, when one species suffers, others can, too. here along the waterfront, scientists believe there is a dead deadly threat that lies beneath.
7:34 am
hidden in the beauty of the bay is a cool mystery that's leaving thousands of sharks disoriented or dead. >> we have to find out what's killing the sharks. >> reporter: this is a marine biologist and expert on leopard sharks, the main species washing up death. in five months, 1,000-2000 leopard sharks died in the bay. >> this is going to stretch? rewe going to see it up and down the stretch? we don't know. >> reporter: field work on sharks is rare. they invited us aboard their boat in san diego for a first and look. >> we are headed to a known leopard shark hot spot. we have a leopard shark here. >> reporter: he catches and releases them on their movement. here we go, again. >> reporter: the team takes measurements, blood samples and
7:35 am
attaches tracking tags. the sharks eyes are covered to reduce stretch. his research is funded by private donors and focuses on sharks swimming patterns, not their demise. it's crucial to investigate what is happening to kill them. >> if we don't find out, there's nothing we can do about it. >> reporter: they are not naturally buoyant. sharks infected that die in deep water may never wash up on shore. >> the sharks you see are a small fraction of the sharks that are actually dying in the bay. >> reporter: dr. mark should know. he is the one keeping count. he is the state's one-man science team trying to find out what is preying on california sharks. similar deaths date back 50 years and have been unexplained. he believes he's turning the tide. his research points to a
7:36 am
parasite. it sneaks in there a shark's nose and slowly eats away at the brain, oftentimes causing sharks to beach themselves. this year, it's not just sharks washing ashore. up to 500 bat rays, hundreds of striped bass, 50 smooth ham sharks and 100 halibut all dead. >> it's possible the parasite is spreading in. >> yes. that's a reasonable assumption. >> reporter: investigating the cause isn't his job. he assesses the health of sea bass. he's been researching shark death during his spare time and he does it from home. he examines shark tissue on his dining room table. >> probably have to wash this clothe before thanksgiving. >> reporter: he studies bacteria samples in his kitchen. over 1,000 sharks are dead.
7:37 am
different types of sharks and fish are now getting infected and the sceptcenter of the rese center to find out why is here in your backyard? >> fish and wildlife, we are spread pretty thin. >> weaf lot of constraints on how the programs are funded. >> reporter: gabe tiffany oversees the budget and accounting. the deputy director and could best answer our question. right now, california is relying on a guy who is checking shark tissue samples in his dining room. doesn't that seem strange to you. >> i have no knowledge of how his day-to-day work, you know, operations work. so -- i can't answer that. >> you are not aware he is doing the science in his living room. >> i didn't know that. >> reporter: in the kitchen? in his backyard? >> no. >> reporter: no? not at all? our understanding is there isn't
7:38 am
funding for that. >> we'll have to get back with you on that. >> reporter: they did. they dedicate zero dollars to researching the shark deaths. the legislature governor could approve additional funds. until that happens, the department is putting resources elsewhere, like other higher risk wildlife. leopard sharks aren't threatened or in danger. they are some of the most abundant sharks off the california coast. andy say that is makes them canaries in a bay area coal mine. >> when they die and wash ashore, it's obvious. what about all the other species that, perhaps, are getting sick and dying and sinking to the bottom that we don't know about? there's more at stake here than leopard sharks. >> reporter: the number of shark deaths peaked in april and may. a fair amount of pollution washes into the bay after a rainfall. it can compromise a shark's
7:39 am
immune system, leaving it too weak to fight off infection. as to what is leading other species vulnerable, nobody knows for sure. the state has no plan on putting money behind finding an answer. >> if you have a story for aur investigative unit, call 888-996-tips or e-mail the the unit as the debate over health care in this country. president trump sends out a new tweet saying he reached out to democrats to work on a new health care bill. in a message, he called new york senator chuck schumer on friday. the president only, quote, wanted to make another run at repealing obamacare. schumer says that is off the table but the democrats are open about talking ability improving the health care system. still ahead on "today in the bay," issues that unfortunately come up every time a mass shooting takes place. gun control. political analysts will join us
7:40 am
live in studio to talk about what lawmakers are doing in the wake of the shooting in las vegas. that's in five minutes from now. next is sports. up their first win of the
7:41 am
7:42 am
season. team teal took on the l-a kingst the sharks are looking to pick up their first win of the season. they took on the l.a. kings at the shark tank. here is mindy. >> reporter: hi, everyone. the shark season opener did not go as planned. they lost the the flyers, the first game facing john stephens as the head coach. the game tied at one. andre, off the quick flick picks up the goal. his first of the season. the kings take a one-goal lead. later, in the second period, 3-1, kings. kings score off the goal by carlson. jones taken out. the sharks drop, 0-2 as they
7:43 am
lose, 4-1. ryan zimmerman does this, a three-run blast, just over the fence. the nationals win, 6-3 and tie the series up at a game a piece. game two of the other national game series, the diamondbacks at dodgers stadium t. fifth inning, dodgers up by two. austin barnes send this is down the left field line. it's a double. two runs come across. six runs in the fifth score for the dodgers. they win, 8-5 and take a 2-0 lead in the series. the raiders take on the ravens at 1:00. darren karr is reporting will tested back out during warm up. e.j. manual is expected to start. the 49ers are in indianapolis. they will play the colts starting at 10:00 a.m. be sure to join us. until then, more news after the break. i can't see anything! that's because it's working so hard.
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chase. it's time for our fall sale on the only bed that adjusts on your sleep number setting.omfort does your bed do that? and right now queen sleep number beds start at just $699. save $200. with free home delivery on select beds only during our fall sale. ends monday. modern american history, but hardly the first. the recent las vegas tragedy was the largest mass killing in
7:46 am
modern american history, but hardly the first. according to one study, 90 mass attacks occurred in the past 30 years. larry is here this morning. larry, this is the only country with these kind of statistics. quha accounts for them? >> simple. it starts with access. access to firearms. while some states ask a few questions about potential firearms owners, 40% of all purchases occur without any form of background checks, according to the handgun campaign. guns are prevalent. 30%, almost one out of three american adults own at least one gun, according to the poll. in stephen's case, 42 weapons, all purchased legally, thanks to lax laws or no laws by the states. by the way, california had the strictist gun control laws in
7:47 am
the nation, including semiautomatic weapons. >> larry, the question, do background checks make a difference. we look at what happened in las vegas, at the elementary school in sandy hook, the shooters passed a background check. these guns bought by stephen paddo paddock were all purchased legally. >> there's an exception to every rule. states with background checks have fewer gun related crimes than states without the legislation. that is a fact. according to a recent gallup poll, 86%, 86% of americans support background checks versus 12% who oppose them. >> 86%, that is very much, by any definition, an overwhelming majority, when you talk politics, whatever. >> yeah. >> with that public support, will congress do something and why haven't they, thus far. >> a couple things to look at.
7:48 am
public anguish from tragedies like las vegas. it dissipates quickly. think of sandy hook, charleston. after a couple weeks, people go on to other issues. second, national rifle association is a fierce opponent of -- the strongest interest group. americans value the nra. in that same gallup poll, 56% of americans had favorable views of the nra, compared to 35% with unfavorable views. it gets complicated quickly. >> looking back at the las vegas shooting, the number of people who were hurt and killed as well as the types of weapons that were used by paddock, particularly the semiautomatic that was con ferted to fire as
7:49 am
an automatic to spray hundreds or thousands of bullets into the crowd. senator dianne feinstein saying we need a law. is congress willing to respond? >> it may. it may respond, but only in a slight way. in stephen paddock's case, the murderer converted a semiautomat to an automatic weapon with a bump stock. that changed a fire rate between 400 to 600 rounds a minute compared to 45 or 60. there's a move in congress to make the bump stock illegal. the nra, perhaps sensing the public mood, 86%, has been pretty quiet. let's not kid ourselves here. even 45-60 rounds per minute in a semiautomatic rifle can take a
7:50 am
lot of lives quickly as we have seen through time. >> semiautomatic weapons, people may forget they were once illegal in this country. >> they were. in 1994, california u.s. senator, dianne feinstein who has been involve in this, passed a weapons ban which outlawed semiautomatic weapons that expired. feinstein is now a co-author of the bump stock bill. if it passes, don't kid yourself, it will not impact the sale or ownership of semiatmatic weapons in most states. if the past is a guide to the future, the future of mass murdersers are likely to occur again. >> thanks for your insight and bring thg information to us on sunday morning. appreciate it. stay with us. still ahead on "today in the bay." you know when someone you love
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does something amazing? sometimes you go overboard. see what happens when a college football player gets rushed by his sister after scoring touchdown. the sunshine and comfortable weather may have you heading to the beach. we are talking about dangerous waves as we end out our sunday. plus, fire danger for the workweek. details after the break. stay with us. a bit faster - on monday. the new express lanes - literally years in the making. and some peninsula students- call their r-v - )home. ) the solution one superintendent has for this growing problem. that )s monday - on )today in e
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good morning. it's 7:53. if you are up and at it, congratulations because it's sunday. the weather is going to make way for an overall pleasant day. 54 degrees. a nice, cool, start. if you are heading out, don't forget to grab that jacket and sweater as you can take off throughout the day. 55 degrees. mountainview, 50 degrees. 49 degrees, palo alto, half-moon bay, 48. san francisco, 53 degrees. if you are heading toward fleet week for today, if you haven't had a chance to check it out, beautiful site. temperatures will be in the 70s by 2:00 and stick to the 70s through at least 4:00 before we see a drop in those temperatures. i would say, pack a light sweater, not necessarily because it's going to be extremely cold, but we are expecting the winds to kick up. let's talk about the forecast. slightly cooler than yesterday, above normal.
7:55 am
san jose, 80 degrees. livermore, 82. concord, 82. san francisco, we are talking 74 degrees. so, what are we expecting in terms of beach weather? the sunshine will have a lot of folks heading toward the beach. a beach hazard in effect. we are monitoring the swell. 4-7 feet. you have to watch for the sneaker waves. if you get caught in a rip current, swim parallel to it. that brings me to the santa cruz forecast for today. temperatures in the 60s. then, right on the mark at 78 degrees, great beach weather. now, another thing to take into consideration if you have plans outside is this red flag warning for the north bay mountains, the east bay hills and santa cruz mountains. we are going to see the winds kicking up at 20 plus miles per hour over the next couple hours. humidity is low. between 10% to 20%. outdoor burning is not
7:56 am
recommended. if you are near dry brush and have plans to barbecue, maybe bring it to the concrete area, small brush fires can quickly spread and become dangerous. the winds will pick up this afternoon but get really gusty at 9:30 p.m. tonight. napa, 44. orinda 36 miles per hour. the overnight hours and monday, during that monday morning commute, 2:30 a.m., san francisco, 31 miles per hour. if you are driving along any of those bridges, i would imagine a wind advisory would be put in place. keep both hands on the wheel. as of now, we are expecting the red flag warnings to stick around through tuesday. an update on tropical storm nate. it was a hurricane. category one, made two land falls, now it is moving north-northeast with winds of 45 plus miles per hour, keeping it as the tropical storm level,
7:57 am
bringing the threat of the storm surge. as of now, the current trajectory shows it weakening as it continues over land fall, making the exit to the east on tuesday. next seven days, a cooling trend for the end of the week. >> looking good. thanks. an embarrassing moment for the sibling of a western michigan university player. tight end scored a touchdown in overtime. exciting, of course. within seconds, his sister was on the field celebrating. small problem, game not over. a 15-yard penalty and kicked out of the game. the game went into a seventh overtime. fortunately, they came out on top. western michigan ended up winning the game, 71-50. she was right, but premature. >> sisterly love. >> yeah. thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. no 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. news. xfinity sports prime time airs
7:58 am
at 8:30. we'll be here with your special edition of nbc bay area news at 9:00. have a great day. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them.
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this sunday, after las vegas. another mass murder, the biggest ever in the u.s. and another debate over whether to debate gun control. both parties in their usual corner. republicans -- and see we're not going to talk about the activity. >> we can have that discussion at another time. >> and democrats. >> if we don't act now, when will we? >> when is the right time? >> this morning my interviews with democratic senator dianne feinstein. >> america is a gun-happy country. >> and republican gun-happy steve scalise who himself was wounded by a gunman earlier this


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