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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 9, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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filtering in across the bay area. so i do think firefighters will be getting help in the next few day air quality alert in place. limit the outdoor exposure. keep your aaron recirculate in the car and at home. check out the. ac is tas has an arrow in the button it kicks pl takes the care in the car keeping it in so you're not taking in air from outside. if you suffer from symptoms including vomiting too much you may need to check yourself into the emergency room. we have full coverage at nbc bay if you want more updates we've a stream going there. get the app you'll get the alerts as we get enemy. >> jeff we will see you shortly. if you're tongue in it's 6:00. we need reporting nonstop sints four in the morning. we'll keep ut povertied with the latest in nap an and the latest in the sonoma county process. but five to six minutes ago we get reports of an earthquake in san jose. perhaps you felt it, a 4.4
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magnitude earthquake at 5:53 p.m. in south san jose process. >> this is in the allen rock neighborhood. the symmes graph here. 4.4 magnitude earthquake preliminary at this time no reports of any damage yet. but we'll follow it closely. we'll bring you any information as it comes into the newsroom. >> not judge us san jose we goat reports in the newsroom people as far as san francisco have felt this. in the allen rock area with the southeast san jose on the east side of 680 you can see a map here. it's a 4.4 magnitude. if you are looking in the newsroom we are getting calls and emails and texts. it has been confirmed and a lot of people around the bay area especially the south bay felt it at 5:53. about nine minutes ago a pap. and people in san francisco feeling it. >> we have a reporter on the way of course latest online at >> this wind and fire behavior is. >> i've lived here 26 years raised my kids here.
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everything gone. >> home service destroyed, blocks gone. >> this is it. what you're left with. >> this is where my kids grew up where my friends lived. this is devastating. >> jessica aguirre live in the coffey park neighborhood in santa rosa war it's about devastation and picking up the pieces. >> raj mathai in the nbc bay area studio. >> and i'm janelle wang. we've been on the air since 4:00 a.m. 14 hours of straight coverage. we continue right now as we talk about this breaking news in the north bay, thousands of people evacuated. thousands of people evacuated, nearly 20,000 people and a curfew about to go into effect in about 45 minutes from now. >> okay let's give you some updates now as the sun starts to set we mentioned the curfew in
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45 minutes. you're looking live from the nbc bay area sky ranger. as this is a two-part thing wg the fires in the rural rugged area but also in the populated area specifically in santa rosa. >> there are multiple fires burning in northern california. the two major ones right now are in sonoma county including the city of santa rosa. countless neighborhoods reduced to rubble. and there is a fire called the atlas fire in napa county. that's burning along the silver add o trail. so far 151500 homes, wineries schools destroyed most in the city of santa rosa neighborhood like this coffey park fountain grove crystal drive, neighborhoods reduced to rubble. >> this started at 9:00 p.m. last night. but really the fires exploded overnight. the wind -- it's a been a perfect storm of hot weather dry weather winds upwards of 50-mile-per-hour. and that made this fire hopscotch across two different
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counties four us. in fact it's not just napa and sonoma but 7 counties all the fires essentialed started last night. we mentioned the evacuations the calls came in the middle of the night. we had several people tell us they got phone calls at midnight 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m., through the night. nearly 20,000 people evacuated. you are looking here now video from earlier wsh patients people in the hospital from one of two hospitals that were evacuated specifically kaiser there in santa rosa about 130 patient's vakted taken to the kaiser in sand rafael. >> dramatic pictures. they were whisked away in ambulances and private vehicles. they had to get the patients out. they did. they were all moved safely. we have a keem of reporters spanned across the north bay. we'll begin with jessica aguirre. she is in santa rosa at a neighborhood that has been reduced to rubble. jessica, like you explained earlier it's like a war zone,
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nothing left. >> reporter: janelle, raj, it really is like the end of the world happened here. this is the neighborhood in santa rosa. as far as you can see all you see is rubble, a few chimneys behind me if you can see behind me is just a row of charred cars, trucks that people left behind when they abandoned the homes in the middle of the night. the people of the neighborhood telling me they literally left with the clothes on their backs. grabbed a couple of things, had no idea what was going to happen. they were terrified. the sun is starting to set here. i have to say it's getting eerie here. earlier you had people coming to see if they could find anything left in the rubble from homes. you had people handing masks. other people handing out water. now it's very, very quiet because that curfew is taking effect in just a little bit. it's getting dark out here. people have decided just to leave. what you do see around you is
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really it looks like something out of a movie like the apocolypse where the world has ended. then you see the gas line fires still burning. there are a couple of transformer fires burning around. the only thing you hear is a little bit of hissing from the gas lines but nothing else. most of the people have decided to leave this neighborhood one of those people that we met earlier was a gentleman named charlily williamson. they said they had no time over a couple of blocks over. they got up and left to the daughter's house. i talked to them on the flatbed of their truck. all they said was their safe which they went back to get. >> mr. williamson and hif wife
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saying they literally through a couple of things they went to their daughter's house and came back they couldn't believe what had happened in their neighborhood. his wife is devastated. they say they have more than 25 years in that home. that's where they raised their children. bring their grandchildren. and that's a story you keep hearing over and over again. now the fire chief urging people not to come out now. that curfew goes into effect. this is just not a safe area. i mean wave been hearing -- mike and i have been out here we have been hearing pops. that's from some of the hot spots still going on in the fires. as i mentioned some of the guidelines are active. this is not a neighborhood they want people in. and they are still evacuations going on in other parts of the santa rosa. so for right now -- you said it best janelle. it's a war zone. you see a come of people walking around heavy smoke and they sit and stand and really can't
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believe or really fathom and take everything that's happened. >> it's so difficult to process. jess kwa thank you so much. one of many neighborhoods in santa rosa that's been decimated. the death toll at 10 right now. 7 in sonoma county. 2 in napa and one in mendocino. >> just a short distance from jessica be, keep in mind there are many pockets in santa rosa destroyed. among them there is nbc bay area damian trujillo. you've been with us 6 or 7 hours. you've been talking to me also what you're breathing and feeling there in the air at this hour. >> reporter: yeah, this is on most of the day here raj because you really don't know. >> now it's a earthquake. >> it's thick and going into your lungs. it's a little bit difficult. let me hoe show you right behind nigh is the hilton hotel behind me still on fire. they have not been able to put
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those flames out. i'm not even sure if they're trying at this point because they know it's kind of pointless at this point. but you can kind of see the flames now that the -- it's gotten a little darker here. it's not as warm as it was earlier today. it's a little cool. you got a little bit of a breeze coming in. it's not a strong win a light breeze enough to cool things down. but everywhere you look in the mobile home park whatever is left of it -- some of it is still smoking. you can see in the distance there is a family here that came back out to see what is left. and they just are looking around and there is just really nothing left for them to come back to. and so understandably distraught. you can't imagine what it's like to lose all of your belongings like that. we did see earlier today a chp cruiser patrolling this area. i'm assuming that it's for the fact that we do -- have had reports offing as you've been
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reporting here throughout the day. he is patrolling the area making sure that everyone is safe. nobody is really forcing any of the folks to leave. it's not worth it that they be out here. in fact they are asking them not to come back because a lot of tripping hazards and a lot of stuff we're inhaling. but understandably folks want to see what's left of their homes and gathering whatever small belonging they have that survived but it's hard to imagine anything did. we'll pan over and show you the sun looks like with the heavy thick smoke as the sun sets on the santa rosa community. just an eerie sight to top what we have seen here utter devastation of this adjourny's end ironically the name of this mobile home park is journey's end mobile home park and there is nothing for a lot of these folks to come back. >> we didn't take anything. we got out just got out there
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was none of that dsh i got to get that. no no we'll get it later. and that's how it went. >> what you heard is one of the neighbors where damian was. . when are talking about what we canada look at from damian's shot it looked early similar to the elbow hills four in 1991. the most zrukt in california state history. 2,900 structures were destroyed. right now the conservative estimate for what we're seeing in sonoma and napa is 1,500. this ranks up there, a dubious distinction for the most zriktive fires. >> an earthquake just rattled the south bay but people as far north as san francisco felt it. a 4.4 earthquake in the allen rock earthquake in san jose. it came in at 5:a 539 people a 4.4 on a michael martin from the santa theresa neighborhood what you did feel michael.
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>> it was a sudden jolt. you definitely could feel it. it was a jolt. and then a creaking of a house. and. >> michael did anything fall from the shelves or your home is fine? just realitiesed? >> no, it just kind of swayed. >> it just swayed. how long did it last for. >> long enough for jeff to get through his whole report. >> susan barns, you felt it and then it swayed and then it was over you have no damage in your area. >> no damage. it just was playing and swaying within o abwithin really kind of a funny -- kind of a funny feeling. it was -- the whole room swayed. and that was what was really strange. because usually it just is a
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small feeling. but this time the whole room swayed. >> okay. susan we're glad you're okay. a little never racking we are in earthquake country. >> susan, thank you sorry to cut you off. susan martin and michael martin. specifically in the san jose and south bay area. let's bring in jeff ranieri talking about the fires in the north by. and now this comes, a sizable earthquake. enough to rattle a lot of nerves right a along the 680 corridor. >> certainly and there is no relation between earthquakes and fires. we often goat that as this earthquake weather. there is nothing linking that together when you look at weather and all of that. in terms of what we experience they have downgraded to the usgs to the 4.1. they have a preliminary number and then they ratchet it down. on the this fault system a 4.1.
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the most of you felt it it was a relatively shallow, 49.9 milestone below the surface. the shallow nalt of this enabled people from san jose up tos san francisco and all the way town port salen as to feel it. i'm tracking it on my phone. but good reminders for people even though we are used to potential of earthquakes is to drop, cover and hold. that's the best advice, best which to stay safe. you want to stay away from the windows and the walls. if this is a foreshock and we get a larger one being near the exterior walls is dangerous that's where we see the walls collapse. you want to be in the interior portion. hallways not always the best support. drop cover and hold under a tevfik or table. if you're inside don't try and exit theabling while it's shaking you can get lots of injuries you run outside and
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then a tree comes down and that is worse. it's a 4.1, the latest magnitude happening on the caliveras fault. i want to remind you guys to get the phones out and also the ipads any electronic device follow us as o at get the app. you get instant alerts when there is an earthquake. >> we're going back to the other top story, the wildfires furng burning in northern california process we've talked a lot about sanity rosa. the napa also hit hard the wineries. >> a life line if you will a blood line for the economy both in sonoma and napa. a lot of people wondering which wineries survived. also as important are the vines okay, the actual grapes. we no he already sig more he will o destroyed. now another legend 'sagsly. let's bring in kim who joins us
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near the winery along the silver add o trail. >> well raj the last hour we've been watching firefighters fighting fire with fire. we're at the 7,000 block along the trail. they have been pretty successful here with this fire line actually burning it so the glams go back in trying to save the vineyards in front and successfully to the left of this they actually saved a big home here. so some good news on this front. we did go down. we are in yountville right now. as we were heading up here from signorello winery, that structure completely lost. the vineyards leading up looked intact. we drove up the trail and we were nearly i believe it's called pelican inn. we came across this man who lives up in the hills whose
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family, second generation lived up here for years. he said everything started 11:00 last night it has been crazy. he has been up since then. he lost his water, got a generator pumped the water out of the pool he and his cousins were able to save three homes back there. but he said -- we saw him he was putting out hot spots still popping up in the office that was burned and he lost farm equipment. he was not leaving. he never left all night long. we left him came up the road. and it was really quite a sight to see the fire burning along this ridge. firefighters again as i mentioned very successful one thing we noticed too silver ado trail normally very busy. it's very quiet obviously because it's closed. we have seen some fire engining coming with lights on. nobody else really here. you know we also saw it was rg to see how the winds were so severe -- excuse me the smoke is is so thick up here -- the wind
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so severe last night you could see where the flames and embers were picked up be pel down marked the spot destroyed what was in the path. and it just jumped from spot to spot. driefgt up silver add o trail it was apparent the devastation. there was no rhyme or reason to it. something i could tell you right now, there is no wind, good news for the fire men and women trying to fight the fires up here. i did notice also something -- we'll try and get some information on it. like i said we're in the 7,000 i'm culling it a block of the trail. the homes here have yellow caution tape on them and have been tagged. so -- once we get to some fire personnel i'll ask them about it. i don't know the meaning of it. but with he did notice that homes on the other side of the street here along silver ado trail where the winery is visually they look okay and are intact. but as you know is this is a
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fluid swagts. you can see they're still up there still a lot of fight left to try and extinguish the fire. one other thing i could add too. cell service as we've been mentioning very spotty and hard to get information. very hard to reach people. we actually went into the a are the right aid off of the street in snappa to get a good old fashioned map. really eerie quiet site. it's a surreal scene out here. >> and kim reporting live for us. we'll keep a shot up there live this is the dramatic scenes we've seen in the last 60 minutes. we can see the fire truck. we can see the fire response has been more evacuations now they're getting offensive on the fire and knocking down the flames. that was the shift about a couple hours ago they are taking
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down the flames because evacuations were the first order of business. >> yeah you see the firefighters working hard on the front lines preventing the fire from spreading and protect the wineries along the trail. thank you so much, kim. we'll go back to sonoma and dhek with in with vicki nguyen. this is a grabd you grew up in and a lot of the homes destroyed there also been a difficult day for you because your inlaws home of 40 years also destroyed today. >> reporter: yeah, janelle, like so many of the people we're talking to my in laws got that call, an alert at mid-nile weapon to thank everyone for the support and well wishes and prayer process truly everybody on social media has been fantastic. that's where i'm now being asked to tweet out information for people needing help. right up the way here right up mark quest springs home and
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people are asking for help to evacuate horses goats, pigs all sorts of animals in need. check the twitter feed i'm doing my best to connect the helpers with the people of in need of help. we are standing at what used to be a restaurant and inn sight and just a few minutes ago a sonoma sheriff's deputy was came up we've been on the move all day trying to show you different parts of santa rosa what is standing what isn't. that deputy came by to tell me that two elderly people lived in the little inn at the strount and have thought been able to locate them. he asked me to keep an eye out for them our hope is that they made it out. maybe they will come become and check tell them that the sheriffs department here in sonoma county wants to make sure they're okay. but that is the stage -- excuse me -- the smoke here is getting really bad. that's the stage of life rescue
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operations. we are still in at this hour some 18 plus hours since the start of the fire. at least here in santa rosa. at the press conference you heard the emergency officials say they are going around to check for people still. and that includes at sites like this. that's why they keep us out of mark quest estates. i grew up on katey leeway. i went to meals at this restaurant as many people did. across the street i want to take you, if jeremy can pan over there. excuse me. the smoke once again picking up petitions that's why everybody is advised to stay inside wp spoke with robert jaco a short time ago, a home owner over there behind the business park as you can see it's gone. the ac ur puncture certainty center wg the holistic center gone. robert toll us he lived here 36 years and plans to reable. i'm send going back to you in
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studio et cetera getting really smoky. the curfew is coming. >> yeah, vicki get some water put that mask on. we're thinking of you out there. another picture from the sky ranger as vicki mentioned curfew starts at dusk 1:45 and runs until dawn in all the mandatory evacuation areas. if you're in those police say the you may be detained and arrested. looters are out there. horrible to hear about that. but there are arrests for looters. fully engufld the fires raging in wine country. zero canement in all the fires burning. >> as the sun sets we can see the flames bounce up and really visible from the terrain up in the hills of sonoma and napa. back to the coverage in napa and sonoma. several reporters that have been with us throughout the day, the morning but we want to break now to check in with the earthquake
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and perhaps you felt it. we're getting to the earthquake coverage in san jose. it's 5:53 this evening, a 4.1 earthquake in east san jose and allen rock talk about that a in a moment we want to stay in wine country. >> we'll go to napa county now and our own jodi hernandez. he she has been there we've been talking about santa rosa and sonoma county. but now let's go to jodi hernandez at the napa valley expo. and you have seen devastation there as well. people evacuated homes destroyed. >> reporter: it has been an absolutely devastating day for folks in napa. we're at the napa valley expo. we should be getting updated numbers within the hour. but cal fire has told me that more than 100 homes have been lost here in napa county. again, we were up in the neighborhoods. we were there watching as some of those homes went up in
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flames. >> the firefighters have been working feverishly to save houses in the exclusive napa valley neighborhood near a country club. we watched as house after house went up in flames. there have been so many hot spots fire crews simply can't get to them all. >> it started up on top the allen peek road jumped from area to area within three hours. >> we got home right when it happened. and as we were driving home we literally saw the fire just growing bigger and bigger. i feel incredibly lucky be the fact my home is still there. and so many other people's homes are gone. >> panicked residents left in the middle of the night. many still don't know if their homes are standing. >> you can control a lot of things but not this. >> but some have gotten the worst news possible. chuck rippy says his elderly
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parents ages 98 and 100 didn't make it out the caregiver made it out. >> she went down to get my father. all the windows exploded smoke and heat everywhere. and just couldn't find them. >> paul and theresa duggen returned home from vacation last night in the nick of time to gather belongings and their dog before the fire took everything else. >> pictures of the dog. stuff we can't replace. the rest we can. >> reporter: and we are back here live again. this is the new staging area for in fire here in napa county. again we are told we will be getting updated figures at 7:00. now in addition to the emergency worker staging here. it's also an area for folks to bring large animals.
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we can't show you here but there is a field and people are bringing trailers, an area for folks to come and bring large animals here at the napa valley expo. once kwen more than 100 homes destroyed here. we know this has been also a deadly fire talking to the one gentleman who lost his parents. a very tragic and sad day here we hope things get contained soon. reporting live in napa. jodi hernandez. >> a dark day for the entire bay area. we can him at the winonary. jodi at the stagesing areas. and cheryl hurd we talk about 20,000 evacuees at least 250 at the crosswalk community church there in napa. cheryl, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, as the sun goes down it seems as though the air is getting clearer or maybe i'm getting to us it. but i see a little bit of blue
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skies and air quality is betting better. since i last saw you this is what happened. they brought in porta potties for people. they have the dogs. people are bringing water, necessities maybe diapers for babies. i saw some folks bringing that in. things are going on as usual. as you said raj about 250 people checked in here last night. they expect the same amount of people tonight. with me live is john with the american red cross. since we last talked, john has anything changed skbloo we have had a slow trick trickle of people checking in. we expected that to be approximately 200 tonight. we had a tremendous amount of community donations, you you mentioned water baby stuff. at this point we are asking folks contribute by going to the red cross website and donating money.
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we can deploy the most effective and efficient manner if that's how people do that. if people want to go online and volunteer and tell us you know what they want to do and how they want to do it we can over the next several days as the recovery goes on plug people in who have the right interests sfl you guys have been really busy. i saw them bring in something looking like a mailbox. what was that. >> today one of the wireless carriers brought in a giant charging station. a box almost like a safety deposit box. has 12 or 15 space resist where people can charge their phones, combo to sleep for the night, wake up in the morning and know the phone is not going to get disappear overnight. >> you are hoping for wi-fi, maybe, maybe not. >> when i was up here for the earthquake one of the carriers was brought in wi-fi. if they can do that that's wonderful. the church has some which we have been using and the evacuees
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have been using. but it's a modern thing people start to need more and more. >> volunteers volunteers that's what you need. >> that is what we need. all of the people staffing this shelter are shortly ifs you are interested and want to help go to the red cross website and indicate interest there. it's on the facebook page and twitter page with a link to indicate interest and we can plug you in where your best able to be plugged in. >> some people have been coming up to me a little frustrated. i know it's too soon for that. but they want more information. they want to know how dangerous it is out there and you don't have that information, right. >> we are here to help residents displaced. the information when you can go back in what's still there, what's not, unfortunately i don't even know. that's something the local authorities, the county or city that's where you need to get that information. the napa county sheriff has been a great source of information for people in napa county.
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>> keep up the good work. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, john. so, again they have what they need here. water, and dog food and things like that. what they need is donations. cash so if you would like to help go on the website, the american red cross and donate. back to you guys. >> okay cheryl thank you. we wanted to give updates now what you were talking about there specifically. they were talking about red cross volunteers they need volunteers in napa. also more volunteers in the sonoma side next to santa rosa. if you're interested in helping you can go to the elsie allen high school in santa rosa. we talked about wi-fi spots. comcast is offering free hot spots in santa rosa. comcast is our parent company. >> they are doing that to help emergency sponers communicate with each other because cell service is so spotty. if if you are donating money is the best way to go.
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some toiletries would be nice. some people are donating water. money, cash is the best. they can use the money to help the relief efforts for the victims who lost everything. >> we talked about the shelters around both snappa and sonoma. airbnb is offering free housing zero cost to speem compacted in the santa rosa area. one of the corporate partners stepping up airbnb and we have reports of gas lines gas stations sold out because as we have seen people have been driving away since 1 in the morning. gas lines are long and some gas stations are sold out. >> we want to go to the other story, the earthquake that was felt around the bay area, 4.19 magnitude in the allen rock area of san jose. our ion cull is in that area. in milpitas what are you hearing, ian? >> reporter: janelle it's interesting for myself.
6:33 pm
i was here at the hue mane society working on a story when i was sitting in the car and it felt like a strong gust of the wind hit it. it did what many of us californians you feel like is might be a earthquake. looked around checked out the surroundings, trees were completely calm because there is not a breeze here. i felt like someone might be pushing the back of the car. that wasn't the case. i looked online. usgs obviously at magnitude 4.1 earthquake right now. the people i talked to here nepd they didn't really feel much. one person was upset because they wanted to feel it. but sighing reports of it on social media some people on twitter felt it. the usgs map from all the way up to san francisco. from the sought bay up to san francisco. a little bit of a strong jolt felt like someone pushed on the
6:34 pm
side of the cars a few seconds. that's what we are feeling here. we are hearing here not a whole lot of people feeling it process. but reports on social media of people feeling it. we will get the latest to you and bring it back live. >> ian cull reporting in milpitas. he has the widespread earthquake. as jeff said earlier it wasn't deep. >> shallow. >> and it was rolling a lot of people felt it. initially it was a 4.4 magnitude. as often is the says it's downgraded. you the official magnitude is 4.1 from the usgs. >> let's check with jeff and you were saying this a shallow quack. >> it seems it's part of the network then a 4.1. checking for updates now we have a cool pool on the nbc bay area app also that shows the earthquakes real time happening. and you get alerts on that.
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again current check doesn't show anything caliveras fault. 4.9 miles deep. relatively shallow. it's also pornt in this case all the other earthquakes we had about the two or three weeks ago those were associatewood the hayward fault. due different fall lines active here. it's always good reminder here even though in earthquake country on what to do p simplest reminder is drop cover and hold, final a table, desk that's the best spot stay away from the windows and walls, the exterior walls. this could be a foreshock to a lorjer one we don't know. but we are monitoring for after shock. a doorway use to be one of the best spots but that's not necessarily the case. again you want to get under a table or get under some sort of a devg. now you are in a high danger if you're inside and you try to exit while it's shaking just due to the fact you can have objects falling. please do not do that.
6:36 pm
you gent want to stay indoors. we are checking for after shocks. i'm getting the latest from the nbc bay nothing coming in right now. but we will stay on top of it. i will have more if enough time in the hour on the air quality if the fires in the north bay. >> 4 prt 19 in san jose. we want to back to coverage in sonoma county napa county. among the latest we heard within the news conference officials urging everyone to stay off the road. there are early calls of looters. and they will make arrests if you go to the cordoned off areas. there have been plenty of neighborhoods evacuated and that are in the specific fire areas. we mentioned 7 counties. this is into numbera county in northern, northern california and also many fires down in anaheim. socal fire stretched thin
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throughout the state. and the curfew begins less hand than ten minutes. 6:45 it begins. >> cal fire says the conditions are severe. the sources are very thin. death toll right now at 109 in northern cal from the fires. 7 in sonoma county alone. jessica aguirre is live in santa rosa as one of the larger wildfires. many neighborhoods hit hard and completely just destroyed jessica. >> reporter: yeah, janelle i've been reporting from this this coffey park neighborhood one of the hardest hit with me is suzie brown i saw her going through the rubble. suzie you're emotional knowing you lost the house but you really want your cat. >> we wanted to come back near dinner time hoping mini our cat, skinny minimum y would come home trying to find food. my husband looked last night. he had to leave it was around
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2:30 or so in the morning. and so we came back you know and just see if total rubble. and he is still standing out there yelling minimum we got to try. >> minimum y is a gray cat. >> real little and slender, skinny minimum y. >> you and i were talking about all the things you want you want the cat and some photographs. >> yes. i have photos of my grand kids, youngest granddaughter alie and what i'd love to see that, her picture of a pig moua my other granddaughter did this picture she gave her mom for her birthday. and i just those kind of things, and the photos. it's just -- it's horrible. >> tell everybody what you
6:39 pm
showed me that inspired in spite of everything happening here. the one thing that survived in your house is unbelievable. tell everybody what it is. >> you money the post. >> yes. >> in the backyard we have the post from the fence. and my husband a long time ago made a heart with a little cupid arrow through it saying tom loves suzie. and that was the only post still standing. there it is tom and suzie. so we'll survive, make it through this. >> when you saw the post and it said tom and suzie, what did that mean to you. >> well, we had a a lot of good years dpl yeah. >> and maybe we will again. right now looking at the pile of ash. >> yeah. >> it's hard to imagine. but we'll get through because we have each other. and my daughter is safe and grand kids are safe.
6:40 pm
and so. >> right. >> we'll be okay. >> and those are the things that really count in all of this. >> yes, yes. >> i know you said you were down in the bay area with your mom. >> zbliefs and tom was here by himself all the sudden the neighbors came running tom had to flee on bicycle i couldn't get out in a normal away. >> if it wasn't for mike and renae, who knows what would have happened first they called and he came and banged on the door. and he heard that and went all right, all right. >> they said you got to go, get ut of here. >> he started to leave in our toyota tundra and the had the bicycle in the back of the truck. and it was so jam packed with all the cars it's like -- he thought i got to get out went back and parked the truck and got on the bike headed towards one of the shelters. >> tom was telling us when he got out in the yard there were
6:41 pm
fires in the front yard he started to put them out. at one point he was like i got to go. >> yeah, he got the hose and he saw one of the fences on fire. he was like i should put this out. then looks up the industry he see the houses going up in flames. he said that i got to get out of here. >> yeah. >> at 2:30 in the morning you aren't real clear headed you don't think of things birth certificates, you know all your important papers or you just -- you just go he mainly thought i better change my pants and wear my felt gloo right. >> again, he didn't grab anything. >> so you lost both cars. you lost the house but you're -- one of the fortunate once because you do have insurance. >> yes we lost a 2014 toyota tundra and lost my camry. and i had our old truck, our little one that i had brought
6:42 pm
down to the bay area because i can reach, being short i didn't want. >> so now what happens what are you guys going to do now? >> well we're going to hope that the insurance company -- they told us that they'll pay for us to stay first if in a hotel then try to find a house to rent while we rezbloobld and you're already thinking that clearly this is where you want -- you have lived here you told me since 1994 this is where you want to stay. >> that's how i'm feeling right now and my husband lived in santa rosa since he was 5. so santa rosa has been our home and that's where my grand kids -- yeah and daughter live. so it's -- i guess that's what i'm thinking now. >> at least you're safe and know your daughter is safe. >> that's right. >> and you have a place to go with her. >> that's where wae are going tonight. luckily she is out of the town and isn't smelling the smoke. >> with any luck we'll be able
6:43 pm
to find mini. and you have the sign that says tom and suzie. >> yes thank you. >> we'll move forward and you'll be able to thank you for sharing with us. >> you bet. >> such a harrowing ordeal for you. >> thank you. >> all the thoughts of the people in the bay area are with you. you heard this is suzie and tom's tale, the same thing from folks all over here throughout the neighborhood as they come back and again the most important thing that people hear from people like suzie is they're okay and that they- this is their home. >> yeah. >> this is their home, raj and janelle. >> they lost homes and everybody we spoken to today actually wants to rebuild back in the community thp. they don't want to leave they've lived there decades and plan to rebuild and hopefully sooner than later. >> let's bring things back over to napa county now. where the active firefighter up in the hills above the napa
6:44 pm
account silverado trail. marianne what tough for us. >> it's active. we saw a helicopter come through with a water bucket a few minutes ago. but also anxious time for people here. and frankly they're frustrated. we have had about 25 families come up to us and ask us to please help them find out whether or not their house is still standing. now firefighters are in the fire zone right now trying to assess the damage. but so far all they can tell us is that two people have died in the atlas fire. and that more than 100 homes have burned. we saw house after house in this residences with only the fireplace standing. and these are multimillion dollar homes. we talked to one man who describe the frightening moments when police knocked on the the car and told his family to get out.
6:45 pm
can you tell me what your concerns are are str imdownwind of the woods and the woods are on fire. sometimes i can't even see past my house. and that means i'm in the thick of it. so i really want things to turn out well. the fire department can't put out the small fires they're here to put out the big fires. if i can put out a little one i'll do it. things get away then i got five ways to get out and four wheel drive so i'll do it. >> he said it looked like laugha there was so much fire there. at his neighbor's house there are three cars in the driveway burned shells. david's frank's house is stamg but he worries that the small fires at his neighbor's house will spread to his. he says the embers he saw flying through the year were as big as his 3-year-old's hands. another reason nap an residents are frustrated is many are them are trying to get back because
6:46 pm
thech important medication they want to get and also personal belongings. but they are not allowed to get back in tonight. we also want to tell you about two different shelters here in napa. the big problem today is that people have not been able to go online because they have not had internet access and also we have had very limited cell phone service. so there are two community centers, the community church on first street where i'm told they have wi-fi internet and you can make calls there. and the gym at napa valley community college. reporting live in napa, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> okay marianne -- sory good. >> napa county will give us an update at 7:00 on conditions there. sonoma county gave us update at 5:00. napa will update in 15 minutes now. a lot of residents are frustrated there they can't go back home and pick up examinations. because the evacuation zones are
6:47 pm
dangerous, active. there could be the power lines down. gas lines that aren't capped. it's dangerous situation for the safety of residents they're not allowed to return. >> heed the warnings. we saw it first hand. damian trujillo was in one of the neighborhoods. three hours after that another building caught fire. a major fire. one thing that's remarkable is the various locations all the major points around sonoma appear napa accounts. in sonoma at the raceway this is what itted looked like one of the biggest tourist attractions all the nascar and irl raise cal fire gat on the scene after 5:00 a.m. at this point the hillside above the track was fully engufld you can see in the distance. before the fire jumped the roads so thankfully no damage came to the structures there at the raceway and that includes the track itself.
6:48 pm
the vice president of the facilities there jerry stark worked at the raceway more than 20 years. he has never seen a fire anywhere close to this one. >> the wind is shifting around. that changes the dynamics. but i'm assured by the folks in charge of putting out the fire we're in good shape. part of in fire was set deliberately to reduce the fuel of the fire that is advancing that started the whole thing this morning. >> we'll take a few above now from the clouds. the video from the sky ranger right here. . this was a short while before the sunset. you can see the mass amounts of smoke. >> it's like rolling hills of smoke and haze. affecting a lot of reporters down there so thick. they're coughing, spread to the bay area ash falling in san francisco. some good news kmerl hurd said she saw blue skies a little bit in napa.
6:49 pm
i hope it might clear up a little bit with the wind shifting let's economic the forecasts with chief meteorologist jeff rarnia. >> a little bit of relief through parts of the bay area. we have seen the winds change time and time again. the bottom line is we are not under pennsylvania 40 to 60-mile-per-hour winds like late last night or early this morning. more do we expect an event like that this week. we are done with that wind event. right now look at the surface winds. you can see the 10-mile-per-hour and less. also notice the little blue air owes on the map. this is the direction the surface wind is blowing now it's coming on shore coming from the cool pacific ocean right across the north bay. that's why we started to see a little bit of clearing on some of the sides in napa. also santa rosa. but there is continuing to below the smoke here through many communities in the north bay. it's continually push it up into the central valley. so even though the wind has shifted we have lingering smoke at the lower levels.
6:50 pm
we are looking at dangerous levels of air quality through tomorrow in the north bay. east bay, peninsula, south bay with unhealthy levels. watch out. we'll be under the residual smoke where you have to be careful if you have respiratory problems or allergies. variable winds 10 to 20-mile-per-hour that's the maximum at this point. what can you do if you notice the smoke around you starting to cough, all of those things, you got to limit the outdoor exposure even though you want to be outside see what's going on. you may have to take shelters in the evacuation center. find the button on the air-conditioner if you haven't used that before pull out the manual. look it up. put it on recircuit. you may feel dumb we agree a breathing machnik but it helps. guilty it at the hardware
6:51 pm
stores. it's superimportant to keep lungs and yourself healthy. process you are feeling gnashes, kaufrgt, way too much you may need to head to the emergency room. we have full coverage at nbc bay how many fires are burning? fire fires cal fire is currently attacking vigorously the top two here is the tubbs fire bennett lane and highway 128. that has devastated portions of santa rosa. at least 25,000 acre. the second largest fire is the atlas fire. near atlas peek road near lake berryessa. 30,000 acres. part the partik fire and nunsary and sears point. . in terms of the largest devastation we have the reporters on the ground i want to give you a close upview of the neighborhoods in case you are watching right now in the evacuation center. if you live near coffey park, near coffey lane, that's where
6:52 pm
we have major devastation. jessica aguirre has been reporting near dogwood drive and coffey lane. blocks and blocks of homes completely gone at this point. now the other major devastation we have been following with nbc bay area vicki nguyen. near pacific heights drive. also mark get spring road. a lot of the neighborhoods near jeanmariery drive. pacific heights drive. we have substantial damage that has been suffered here. and we are continuing to follow that. i'll finish it out right now with a look at the forecast. more the north day. temperatures in the 70s all the which through saturday. good news for firefighters with the lower temperatures. then warmer weather back in the low 80s by sunday and monday. by in weekend, raj and janelle we'll be watching closely. more dry off shore winds out of the east, 10 to 20-mile-per-hour. overall i think the bottom line next couple of days winds not
6:53 pm
extremely gusty and temperatures are going to be cooler for us. >> jeffery thank you. you mentioned something that was very important. jeff is saying it's not just the viewers around the bay area but people online watching from out of town and more importantly people in evacuation centers watching. we are getting the information in the newsroom and immediately send going out because we know so many people are relying on this. sadly this goes down in history as the most destructive fire in sonoma county. >> for sure. >> early estimates in terms of the scope of this fire, more than 1500 structures. conservative estimates 1,500 structures destroyed. >> they haven't gotten to the outlying area. they can't reach them they're vakting people because the fire is spreading in parts of sonoma account county. and curfew took place at 6:45. they're asking meme to stay indoors in the mandatory evacuation areas because heavy law enforcement will be patrolling to look out for
6:54 pm
looters. >> and goss mosh 12 hours we've been going commercial free. among the many stories is how people found out about this sometimes bull horns from police and first responders, others through the phone system. it's a wide variety of terms of how people found out. >> we want to talk about the emergency alert systems in napa and sonoma counties. our investigative reporter liz wagner has been digging into that how it works. >> we've alone hearing from so many saying they were confused about what to do in the middle of the night when the fire began to spread. many say they didn't get alerted from county officials. they were woken up by neighbors. as we've been reporting all day long. both napa and sonoma county have an alert system to use called nixel. you have to opt into the service you sign up with the phone number and designate with the zip code.
6:55 pm
sends you alerts vye yoo email or text based on your zip code. but since the fire spread overnight and people were asleep a lot of people may not have seen the alerts. they another alert called soco this is an opt in service. they can choose to receive messages through text or phone call. in napa county they have a reverse 911 systems calling land lines. the first reverse 911 alert went out today at 2:00 p.m. he says that was to alert residents that cell phone service in the area was spotty. now county officials also tell us law enforcement as you mentioned raj went into neighborhoods door to door and in the middle of the night to tell residents to evacuate. and just a little bit ago i talked to a man living in sonoma county. woke up to the sounds of neighbors pounding on the door and telling him to get out. he lives in an uncorporated area near the mark west language and
6:56 pm
a notice went out for that area at 109:51 p.m. and later on at 1:20 ordering evacuations. but he didn't hear his phone in the middle of the night. that's a theme among so many people out there in napa and sonoma counties. we'll send it back to you. >> liz wagner in the newsroom. there will be questions moving forward there. take you back to live pictures now and it's dramatic as the sun starts to set in yountville. you can see the fire on the hillside. 24 hours now since this started in various locations. really it was a perfect storm in terms of our hot weather, wind and of course downed power lines proelting and starting other fires. >> we are continuing our coverage across our nbc bay area platforms streaming live on nbc bay right now we are going to nbc nightly news and lester holt. >> see you back here at 7:30.
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