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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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. fast, furious and on the move as night falls across the north bay, those flames continue to spread. >> we're not comfortable calling any portion of this fire contained. >> reporter: that curfew is in effect, if you are caught in a mandatory evacuation neighborhood, you will be arrested. >> while some are forced to flee others are returning home to see the devastation and the heart break. >> we had a lot of good years
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there, maybe we will again. >> nbc bay area's coverage of the north bay wild fires begins now. what we're seeing is not just deadly, but historic. if you're just joining us, we've been live streaming since 4:00 a.m. >> we've been bringing you nonstop coverage. >> i'm jessica aguirre, 25 hours in and this deadly inferno is not done with northern california yet. the fury of this fire seems to know know respite. there are numerous fires still burning through northern california so you can see what we're dealing with at this point. flames are dotting the landscape across northern california, ten people confirmed dead, seven in napa county, 114 thor,000 peopl without power.
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i want to tell you about notable fires still burning this hour. we're talking four fires in sonoma kunty and napa county. 16000 acres blackened, the scope is monstrous. 30,000 in the tubs fire, 25,000 acres in the atlas fire. about two hours ago they ordered new evacuations, mandatory evacuations in the rural part of solano county. let's turn things over to cheryl hurd who joins us live from solano county. tell us about the scope of these evacuations. >> reporter: we are right now on sue valley road right at twin sister's road. so as you can see, twin sister's road is up that area where the road is closed. sheriff's deputies are movine quickly to jos lin lane, going
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door to door telling people to get one. one sheriff told us we were in great danger because the fire is coming over the hill. folks were trying to get their horse trailers up the hill to get their horses out and sheriff's deputies were turning them around saying it was too dangerous. one deputy did stop for a short time to update us on the situation. >> we're trying to get out and let everyone know the fire is going to come over the hill. it's a mandatory evacuation zone. >> reporter: how long do you think the fire it's going to take for the fire to get over here. >> i really don't know. >> reporter: a lot of folks are out of there up here on twin sister's road, about 35 homes there on joyce lane, probably about another 30 homes there. the air is kind of getting thick
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right now and some ash is coming down. yellow tape is being tied on mailboxes so law enforcement will know that those homes have been checked. i did ask one law enforcement officer, how long do you think the fire will come over the hill and he told me flat out he just doesn't know. reporting live from the outskirts of fairfield, i'm cheryl hurd. back to you. >> i don't know is a big answer around here. it's just too difficult to figure out what's going on. let's bring it back here to santa rosa, one of the places that's been pumabled by the fires. we'll turn things over to jean elle. you're in the fountain grove area, i was there earlier and the hilton hotel seemed decimated. what was what happens the situation there? still burning? >> reporter: it is still burning, jessica. there is still a lot of work for firefighters to do in santa rosa
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as structures are still burning. this is the hilton hotel you were talk about. you can see it's fully involved. you can see walls collapse. behind the hotel is a neighborhood. it's the fountain grove neighborhood. most homes there are destroyed. firefighters are not focussing attention here on the hilton hotel because other structures are flaring up. fires flare up in already burned areas. an arby's restaurant destroyed this morning flares back up tonight. at the end of sullivan way, firefighters battled hot spots at an already burned home. putting water on it to prevent another fire from starting and raging through homes that made it through the fire. firefighters say this moved so fast and in so many directions they never had a chance to gain their footings.
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they focussed on evacuating people. and when they set up a post, the fire jumped and made them evacuate. >> the wal-mart was on fire, then the pizza parlor, then the kmart. there was too much wind and fire. >> the chief said his firefighters took risks to get people away from the raging fire. the devastation is widespread. there are still hot spots in neighborhoods who wr dozens of homes burned. we're seeing a lot of devastation in santa rosa and seeing this when we're driving around the devastated areas. we're seeing fire extinguishers evidence people tried to fight it. reporting live in santa rosa jean elle. >> there's no question about that. you're so right. i'm about a mile away, i'm in
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the coffee park neighborhood. this is a family neighborhood here, completely devastated by the fire. this is a neighborhood you have nurses and police officers and firefighters that lihere. there isn't a house to be seen in this area. we just saw some police officers because we're in the middle of a curfew, we saw police officers come by patrolling. they're sfpd officers, they've been sent to the area to make sure no looting was going on. i'm on dogwood. if you go that way, you get to sweet road, and you can see the houses, we went house by house, no power, 114,000 people with no power, no gas. but there are people that came back to their homes that were evacuated yesterday. a young mom, who woke up yesterday in the middle of the night, has a 3 month old and a 3-year-old, got up saw the fire and said they had to go. they're back in their homes
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tonight she said this time they're not leaving. >> i'm going to fight this fire ourselves, right? if there's flames on our roof, we have hoses, i can do it. i want to save my house. it's scary. we're one of the only safe houses in the neighborhood, right? >> so laura was able to come back into her house. her mom unfortunately who lives down the street from her lost their house. so they're out of a home tonight. tomorrow when the sun rises it's going to be a day of evaluation to see what you have and don't have and to think about what happens next for the people in the neighborhood. those that were able to save their homes and those that were not. we're going to keep you in place and tomorrow will be a day of evaluation but there's more in terms of of the fire fight tonight. we're referring to the hilton
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inn in santa rosa. this is something we've talked about 10 or 11 hours. this is right where jean and jessica are. our photographers say the flames are so bright, intense, the buildings are collapsing even at this hour. most people are out of the area so they're not worried about people being inside. that's the good news. we'll continue to follow what's happening at the hilton and surrounding buildings. >> we're going to go to napa coun county. you can see the fire has turned the sky an orange glow. from nbc bay area skyranger you can see big plumes of smoke being generated. let's bring in jeff ranieri, he's tracking the major fires burning in the north bay and he has a look at fire conditions which are improving rapidly. >> they are, and we continue to
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see that in the next several hours. we've shown you so many pictures and our reporters on the ground, we have five different firing burning right now. we had one near sears point, 3000 acres at the patrick fire. then the nuns fire, the two largest ones is the tubbs fire, raced down into santa rosa that's at 27,000 acres and then on the eastern side of napa that's the atlas fire at 37,000 acres. winds are light right now. currently reading zero, that means a calm wind at the moment. what can we expect overnight? wind speed 10 miles per hour and less. great news helping. also the humidity, 40% and higher helps firefighters
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overnight we're looking at it ranging 60 to 70%. that adds moisture to the air with the higher numbers. temperatures dropping down to the 40s with smoke lingering. we'll have more information on what you can do with the smoke and avoiding illnesses. >> that smoke is impacting the entire bay area. what makes this so dynamic, we've covered so many areas before but that's generally one area now we're covering several cities. we talked about about sonoma county this is napa county. not just homes and businesses but one of the lifelines of our economy in the bay area is the wine and the grapes. this is the heart of our wine country. our vineyards are on fire.
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let's go to tim there. what do we know moving forward be, kim. >> reporter: what i can tell you right now, just right here, we had a fire engine pull next to us and two firefighters tell us there's a home here, we're in the driveway of the home and the flames on the hillside are coming close to the home. we asked if we were okay to stay here, they said we are. they gooering to in and going to fight it. they're tending 300 acres in you yountville. tonight the hope is it'll burn itself out. about an hour ago flames threatened the home here on silverado trail. >> we have a road right here and so we're going to let it bump that. so there won't be too much embers around the house.
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>> reporter: the rugged terrain has been challenging to fight. up and down the trail there are triumphs. >> we didn't have power so i had to hook it up to a trailer and rewire the house. and i was able to save the house. >> they come among some big defeats flames destroyed the cignarella winery but the vineyards are still strong. at this point there's no telling what the loss to the wine industry will be. the leaf disstrict is among the hardest hit. it looked like the winery was intact, and that was late this afternoon around 4:00 or 5:00. as many of you know, t the cell
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service up is practically nonexistence. it's taken a longer time for us doing what we did visually going up and down silverado trail. we saw firefighters flagged them down, asked them wha how is it going? are you okay? are we okay? that's how we're getting our himself. unfortunately not just vineyards lost, homes lost or businesses lost. lives lost as well. as we've reported 10 confirmed deaths, two in napa county. an elderly couple that was unable to escape. this was video of where they lived the silverado community in napa county. >> jody is live for more on this heartbreaking story. >> it has been a devastating 24 hours for folks here in the napa
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county but for the family of one napa valley couple the news couldn't be any worse. >> reporter: as the atlas fires leaves the hills a glow for the second straight night. they say they're nowhere close to having a handle on it. >> we're nowhere close to having it contained. >> tonight the family of this elderly couple is mourning. they didn't make it out of the silverado golf course house they lived in for the past 40 years. their son told us he got a call from their care giver last night. >> the care giver called me and said there was fire everywhere. before she knew it, the roof was caving in. it was very sad. >> chuck griffith said his dad was a world war ii veteran who loved playing tennis and going
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out to eat but loved his wife more than anything. he finds peace knowing they died together. their care giver tried to save them but couldn't. >> she went to get my father and all the windows started to explode and smoke and heat and all that everywhere. she just couldn't find them. >> he tells us that they located his parents' bodies in the ashes. he said despite the intense heat and smoke and his father's walker he somehow managed to almost get to his mother's side. i'm jody hernandez. >> throughout the day and throughout the night people have been sharing with us their stories of how they escaped with little or nothing. one of our own reporters, vicky win grew up in santa rosa. her childhood neighborhood has been devastated.
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her long time popular restaurant is now gone. this woman and her husband told vicky they just had a few minutes to escape. >> actually, i came outside to look and i saw the hill up there on fire. i told my husband, we got to go. so we just packed what we could in my car and his truck and we left. >> as we mentioned this hits close to home for vicky, not just her but her husband's family has been impacted. this is her in-law's home or what's left of us. vicky took us there during our earlier broadcast, she joins us now. we're very thankful that brian and his family and your in-laws are okay tonight. >> reporter: raj, thank you. we really appreciate the support we're getting from not only the news room but everyone in the community has been so kind and
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loving. and we really appreciate that. we're trying to stay focussed on the job at hand tonight. we are a short distance away from mark west estates where you saw that video up on the crystal drive area. we're on chelsea drive right now. you can see, this is the same situation we've been seeing all day. entire subdivisions levelled, it's not dirch here i'm afraid to report for the folks that live on this cul-de-sac. this is what it looks like, cars gutted, homes to the ground. today just so many people sharing their stories of escaping just barely. >> at the overlook apartment, a fire fight to do what couldn't be done in so much of santa rosa, stop the flames. >> the things i've seen, it's hard to explain. it's very hot i can say that. imagine being in one spot that's
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in the fire and then surrounded by a cul-de-sac of houses on fire and you're trying to save one of the houses. >> reporter: fire overtook robert's home in minutes. >> we never got a call or alert. everyone i know out in this area that i've talked to never got a call. >> reporter: across the street, 195 homes in mark west estate levelled. including the home i grew up. in fountain grove, dozens of homes are gone. >> thanks to go guys out there fighting, they saved our house down here. >> robert jayco's whose family is overcome with emotion but vowed to return. >> tell us about santa rosa and what the community is like. >> it's a strong community. everybody helps everybody.
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>> reporter: and those are the moments, sometimes it just hits you when you least expect it. we have some good news to report. a couple that was missing earlier, the folks that lived at the crickle wood inn, michaelo brian called our news room after seeing our report and said he and his partner are just fine. they are okay tonight and safe. >> vicky joining us from her neighborhood in santa rosa. she's been with us for about 10 hours, that smoke is getting to her as well. firefighters spread thin throughout the area. we have this imagine from terry sweeny. what did you see in the area of glen allen? >> reporter: it's a small town, people know each other there,
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dozens of homes have burned down to the ground. it could have been worse without the help of cal fire and a slew of bay area firefighters. along arnold down r drive in glen ellen, a propane tank spews fire, similar to what happened last night. >> john powell is watering down his home, hoping it'll still be there tomorrow. >> my concern is the ridge. >> they have one on the far side. >> san francisco firefighters are here with crews from the bay area. they're trying to stop hot em r embers from leapfrogging. >> the property is not valuable, but the potential for what it's capable of doing is what we're trying to mitigate.
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>> the elementary school had some fire damage but it stopped before it got to the school. the fire tore through neighborhoods burning one house to the ground, not touching the one next to it. the sun obscured by smoke. the mayer winery building still standing. there's much work to be done before this fire no longer poses a threat. >> reporter: it's not just bay area firefighters coming to a rescue. tonight i came across a number of police officers in the bay area including, san francisco and san mateo. >> thank you, terry, we're talking about a large list of cities that have been impacted. some of the photos sent of places that have been impacted. again before and after photos we
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mentioned our winery. this is the cignarel la. the winery destroyed. >> people forming a prayer circle near the crosswalk community church. this is one of the many evacuation centers in nae. our prayers from everyone here are with them. >> we have dozens of videos from the wild fires and we've posted a slide slow on our website, our coverage is far from over. our chief meteorologist jfr jeff ranieri. we're going to see pictures from santa rosa, the activities that continue. you've been helpful tracking the wind and what to expect in the next 12 hours. >> the wind is still continuing to go down, that's dramatically helping the firefighters down. we'll set the bird's eye
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perspective again. you know you hear the term napa a lot but there are other fires burning in other locations. you have the sears point fire, 1,500 acres the patrick fire 15,000 acres. the nuns 5,000 and then the two larger fires this one started at yountville that is is t atlas fire at 30,000 acres and then the tubbs fire. now they haven't made any containment on this because as we've been reporting they're trying to safe life and also property when they can. so the next step, of course, is tackling it on the fire lines. we are getting help from firefighters as they continue to arrive to battle this. check out the wind speed, best
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news to report all day long. two reporting sites in napa and san santa rosa, zero. that means no wind. when things kick up, you see the arrows on the map, that's the wind speed at the surface. it's starting to move more at the south and east. so that's moving the smoke off to the north and the west. again it's not a big wind at times it's up to 10 miles per hour, but that is it at this point. where w do we go from here joov in terms of of the wind. i don't see anything above 10 miles per hour. along the fire line it may be 10 to 20 miles per hour. that's due to the fact that fires can create their own wind. in terms of air quality, worst is in the north bay dangerous healthy. also unhealthy for ooeb east bay peninsula and south bay.
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we'll deal with smoke off and on through friday at this point. so you have to limit your outdoor exposure. put the ac on recirculate. get a breathing mask. you may feel dumb wearing it but you won't when you feel better. breathing in the smoke can put you in the hospital. watch out for common symptoms, nausea and coughing, of smoke inhalation. let's get you into tomorrow morning's forecast. areas of haze, be temperatures in the 50s for most of us. in the north bay, 47 and that's going to continue to help firefighters. temperatures not too hot tomorrow that's also the good news, 79 for the high in napa, 82 in river moore and 81 in san jose. what about the extended forecast, 70s through the average through saturday and then some low 80s sunday and
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monday. variable winds, saturday and sunday we'll be watching for gusts 10 to 20, might be another dry fire. so we'll keep tabs on this. san francisco 60s all the way through saturday's forecast. and our inland valleys looking at plenty of 70s throughout the work week. i have more coverage on twitter and nbc bay >> thank you for that. these first 24 hours was all about prevention and helping people evacuate. these next 24 hours is about taking the offensive approach and stopping these flames. we continue to get new video into our news room. we have our screws spread across both valleys, including our own jessica aguirre. jessica. >> i'm in costly park. coming up more stories from survivors and why tonight they have chosen to come back into the fire zone.
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california. 10 people are confirmed dead... while the search fo we continue to follow the wild fires burning in northern california, multiple fires burning in the north bay, 10 people confirmed dead, the search for the missing under way at this hour. >> impacting so many of our friends and neighbors here. one of the firefighters saying i've never seen anything like that. napa county and sonoma county getting hit the hardest. let's go to jessica aguirre. jessica some homes are standing there which are beside the destroyed homes? >> it is so quiet here, raj, in this particular area we're at because this is the part that was just decimated. all you see are burned out cars, charred remnants of what was
11:31 pm
people's lives. it's so quiet, there's so much haze and smoel smoke. yet it's palpable the loss. if you walk a couple blocks there's another part of the development that's standing and across the street it's all gone. you walk through the neighborhood and people have come back into their homes. they don't have gas, cell service, electricity. they're so grateful to be in their homes. there is a mandatory curfew. we spoke to one family, lewis delgado and he said he's so grateful his house is still there. but his heart breaks for his neighbors. >> you see the face of the neighbors and they crying. i just feel really bad because they need to start again. >> it's really hard. >> you work 10, 20 years to have
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a house and in a second you lose everything. >> it's just heartbreaking when you hear. they're looking to get out tomorrow and help their neighbors. we saw people grabbing things from the houses that are still standing. they don't want to be here tonight in case something happens. we are seeing flare-ups just past us, the police are patrolling, the curfew is in effect until sun rise. you can count on the fact when the sun comes up many families will be back here to see if there's anything they can salvage from the life they had before. raj and janel. >> jessica, heart breaking to see so many homes destroyed. you can help. a lot of help is needed. can you donate or volunteer at the one of the many evacuation centers in the north bay we have
11:33 pm
a list at this is the napa and sonoma county relief, $11,000 raised so far. >> this is one of the most destructive fires in history. with the 1991 oakland fire, we are on pace to approach those numbers. there's more to come in the next few weeks and months ahead. >> our coverage continues at 4:00. we'll be updating all our social media platforms overnight. before we go, we leave you with some of the most dramatic images from today. have a good night. >> good night. >> it was the whole -- the whole house was inundated with the
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smoke. >> i went outside and realized we had no power. it was like driving through hell. >> this is a mobile home park completely flattened by fire. >> it's a strong community. everybody helps everybody. it's just -- >> just we threw a few things together but there's a lot of things we left behind. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- tyler perry, lea michele,


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