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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 10, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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house after house up in house after house, up in flames. it's been an emotional 24 hours for communities in the north bay as families watch their belongings turn to ash. >> i have lived here for 26 years, raised my kids here. all our pictures are gone. everything. everything is gone. >> so far, there's no end in sight. wildfires in sonoma, napa and now solano counties continue to spread. we are live in the front lines of these destructive flames. nbc bay area's coverage on the north bay wildfires continue right now. some of the images are so hard to continue to see. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we go to monitor the devastation that is happening in the north bay with those wildfires. here are things stand at this
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hour. there are at least 10 confirmed deaths. this is related to those fires. seven in sonoma county, two in napa and one in mendocino county. at least 100 people are reported injured. >> there are dozens of missing persons reports. the firefighters are not sure how many of the reports have to do with spotty cell service in affected areas. the fire destroyed at least 1500 stru structures. that includes wineries and buildings in santa rosa. 20,000 people are evacuated. >> a map of the notable fires this morning. 60,000 acres are destroyed so far in sonoma and napa county. 30,000 acres burned in the so-called tubbs fire. 25,000 acres scorched in the atlas fire near napa. we are expecting updates from cal fire on the acreage burned anytime now. >> let's turn to anser hassan at the high school in santa rosa,
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which was partially spared, but is really hard to see. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, laura. right now, school officials say 50% of the structures on campus have been burned. this is one of the portables you can see. the roof all but collapsed. we have been out here a while. we continue to hear crackling. who knows if it comes down all the way, at any point. as you walk this way -- this would be the hall -- still intact. but this, this is the true devastation. this has one of the classrooms. you can see what's left. the metal remains of the desks and chairs. you can see the electrical outlets as well. the principal of the school estimates 18 of the 35 classrooms have been destroyed. that includes portables like this as well as the main office and library. the challenge will be to determine how much of the school is still usable and to figure
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out where the rest of the students can go for class. it's not just the school's infrastructure, but textbooks, computers and resources that students will need. now, we have been seeing on social media a lot of rival schools tweeting messages of encouragement and support for students. on the school's website, there's a link that you can make donations. this school, this community needing all the help they can get this morning. reporting live in santa rosa, anser hassan, "today in the bay." >> so many people know that school. thank you very much. here are some of the school that is will be closed today. suisun valley, k-8. napa unified schools. santa rosa schools are closed. sonoma state as well as santa rosa junior college. napa valley college canceled class but the gym is used as an
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evacuation center. there is an extensive list on our website, i want to check in with reporter, pete suratos, in solano county at the office of emergency services. have they released any new information, pete? >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, we just moved here to the office of emergency services. of course, they are the one that put out the alert for folks in solano county to evacuate because of the fire in napa county. as far as new information, they will have a briefing in about an hour. we are in place for when that takes place. hopefully we can get new information on how close the fire is to solano county. i want to show you video from the top of the show. off green valley road, a ways away from a mountain area where sheriffs are saying that's where the orange glow is is where the fire is, right on the border of napa county and solano county. that is exactly why they want
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folks to evacuate this area in fairfield, in solano county. they are protecting structures off valley end lane. i want to show you video from last night. the sheriff's offices and other law enforcement agencies going out in full force, evacuating folks from their homes. cheryl hurd got a chance to talk to the sheriff's office as well as a homeowner trying to get out of harm's way. >> trying to get out as many as we can to let them know the fire is probably going to come over the hill top. it's a mandatory evacuation. >> how long do you think the fire is going to take to get here? >> i don't know that answer. that is something for cal fire. we are doing our job in letting everyone know to leave the area. >> reporter: you guys are looking at a map on your television screen showing the areas that have been evacuated. folks west of suisun valley
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road. they were evacuated as well as the upper and lower areas of green valley road. a few hundred homes have been evacuated and they have been taken to shelters at solano community college. if there is overflow, go to allen whit park. they have beds set up for folks evacuated. folks here are waking up to smoke in the air coming in from that atlas fire. we'll continue to monitor things the update is going to come up in about an hour. we'll have more information when that comes in. back to you in the studio. >> we'll check back with you, thank you very much. happening today, smart trains will operate on limited schedule because of the wildfires. smart service will be free today for people who need transportation options as the fires continue to burn. southbound service starts at 5:01. it's already under way. the northbound service starts at 6:29, that's coming up quickly out of san rafael.
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smart train will run 28 trips today. the sonoma county airport and santa rosa stations will be closed because of power outages and closed railroad crossings in the northern part of santa rosa. smart officials say fire conditions can change, as we all know now, at anytime. that could impact the schedule. keep that in mind as well. if you are looking for a way to get emergency updates, this is a great resource. first responders and other responsered are using it to get the latest information out. if you haven't signed up, text your zip code to 888777. a lot of people are asking how they can help the victims of the north bay wildfires. there are actually several things you can do. first, you can donate to an evacuation center. a lot of officials have asked people to donate supplies. they need baby food, pet food,
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water, blankets. we have a link on it outlines the evacuation centers that are in the most need of help. another way to help is to donate. sign up to volunteer as well with the red cross. they are stretched thin with volunteers and will need them not coming days. red cross releasing a statement saying it met its immediate need for volunteers. of course you can sign up online for updates because more people might be needed in the coming days. if you want to donate to red cross, call 800-red-cross or text red cross to 90999. that makes a $10 donation. you can donate to the napa valley community foundation. it was set up as a disaster relief fund after the napa earth quark. they are going to continue to use it to help fire victims. there is a verified gofundme page, which we posted on our website. a lot of people in the bay area
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that want to give. >> that's so true. >> want to help out. >> we want to head over to kari. you are looking at the surface wind. >> the winds have calmed down. that is going to be a definite bonus today as the firefighters try to get containment today and we had the winds changing direction, light, variable wind. here is a look at those numbers in miles per hour. only at 3-5 as we start out the day, maybe only heading up to ten later this afternoon. humidity has increased quite a bit as well. so, you want more humidity and calmer winds. that's exactly what we are seeing right now, compare this to the percentages yesterday that were in the teens. well, right now in navato, the relative humidity is 71%. we go through the day, looking at the temperatures and what we are going to see in napa county, it's going to be in the upper 60s later this morning and then low 80s for this afternoon. so much more comfortable weather
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and light winds coming out of the east-northeast at 5-10 miles an hour. we'll continue to track those wind speeds. mike is talking about where you can drive in the north bay. >> focus on where you can drive, kari. yesterday morning, no for 37. this morning, yes, you can drive connecting vallejo and navato. 101 reopened for both directions through san rafael. remember, various off ramps are closed. we are shifting to the negative. you can't drive in many portions of the north bay. we have limited transit service. smart train is running limited emergency service this morning. we are looking at 128 close to the atlas peak area. calistoga, we have closures there and yountville, watch for traffic control. power lines down in glen ellen, that's the reason for the closure there on highway 12. toward santa rosa for highway
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12, the smoke pushing to solano county. pete suratos is out there keeping an eye on things. south of the highway 37 area, the normal commute, we have a back up at the bay bridge. we'll show the richmond to san ra rafael bridge. no major activity. they are opening more lanes. here is traffic from richmond to san rafael. the bay bridge just the back up at the toll plaza and slowing through berkeley. the rest of the bay shows a pleasant ride. this is very good for 66:11 on a tuesday morning. >> we need the rest of the commute to cooperate with everything going on. thank you very much, mike. we'll have continuing breaking news coverage of the wildfires burning in the north bay after the break. remember these scenes from yesterday when they had to evacuate kaiser hospital? we'll have an update on all the evacuations and closures on we'll be right back. north bay wildfires--
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b 6:14. continuing coverage of the north bay fires as you look down as those fires continue to burn this morning. this is something that firefighters will continue to battle as they try to keep people safe and finish out this job of putting out the fire. >> yeah, they are having a
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really tough go. as a result of the fires, we are seeing a lot of power lines down. they could be live, don't cross over them. other concerns, there are boil water notices for santa rosa and the silverado trail in napa. those expanded evacuations are spreading to fairfield and southern santa rosa overnight. we'll try to keep you posted on all the things going on. >> hundreds of families who lost their homes, but now they are writing the next chapter in their life. for most, it will begin with a bunch of insurance paperwork. >> a lot of things you take for granted. we asked chris chmura for advice and to make it easier. >> first and foremost, priority number one is make sure that it is safe. do not go home to assess the damage until firefighters tell you it is safe. now, when that finally happens and we hope it happens today or
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tomorrow, but who knows at this point. when it finally does happen, let me share four pieces of advice to prepare you for the fastest insurance claim. call your insurance company. claims are often handled on a first come, first serve basis and you do not want to be last in line. take photos. document the scene as soon as it is safe. the images will help you prove your losses. resist the temptation to throw things in the trash right away. they say you shouldn't dispose of anything until after an adjuster visits. fourth, if you have to make emergency repairs, do that, but document your expenses. save your receipt. insurance might cover those costs as part of your claim. along those lines, this note is for evacuees who are in shelters right now. your insurance policy might include coverage for hotel stay and meals.
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it's in most policies and generous. if you are not sure if you have coverage, call your agent or insurance company. they should have an 800 number to find out about your policy. now, be on the lookout for face-to-face help. insurance companies deploy teams to disaster scenes. i want no be surprised if you see recovery centers opening soon. they have the ability to pay claims there, on the spot. it's going to be important to look out for those. when we learn their locations, we will pass them along. >> valuable information and good reminders, even if you are not a victim of the fires, things we need to keep an eye on. we are following breaking news out of san leandro where an amber alert has been issued. >> bob redell is there to explain what happened. this is the second time this little girl has been taken, bob?
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>> reporter: unfortunately, it is. this is the second time this year this mother abducted her daughter. after 12:30 this morning, chp issued an amber alert. they are asking people to be on the lookout for the mother, her name is laquita davis and for her daughter, malayia davis-booker, her 6-year-old daughter. law enforcement believe davis took her daughter and fled on foot. they believe she is still in the area, either alameda or costa county. again, malayia bodavis-booker. the mother, again, laquita davis is also african-american, 34 years olds. davis, allegedly took her daughter back in mid-july from her daughter's grandmother in berkeley. at the time, police told us davis was homeless, diminished
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capacity and did not have legal custody of her daughter. in san leandro, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> let's hope that little girl is found. back to the wildfire coverage in santa rosa. look at the devastation. it is so sad to see. some neighborhoods remarkably, were spared. this is not far from coffey park, where the pictures were taken. homes are without power. some evacuees have returned back, including laura. she has a 3-month-old and a 3-year-old. >> i'm going to fight this fire ourselves, right. if there's flames on the roof, we have hoses. we can do it. i want to save my house. it's scary. we are like one of the only safe houses in the neighborhood, right? >> officials say if you need to evacuate, you should. her mother doesn't live far from
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her and lott her home. >> this morning, kari, the thing about the weather is it is really cooperating with the fire. it's not as windy as yesterday and the conditions are cooler. >> it is cooler this morning and more humidity and lighter wind, which is all very good positives this morning as they try to get some containment here. as you step out, we have a lot of smoke and haze in the air and dangerous air quality. for the north bay and south bay, it is going to be unhealthy today. you want to limit your outdoor time. also, turn the air-conditioning on recirculate, wear a breathing mask if you can or if you have to spend a lot of time outside. if you feel nauseous, lighteded or start coughing, it's time to seek medical condition. it is hazy. the smoke drifting by. also, we are going to see that in san jose with mostly clear skies to start.
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temperatures are cooler this morning in the mid-40s in parts of the north bay. the rest of the area, generally in the low 50s. the high temperatures, 83 degrees in concord and antioch. north bay, upper 70s to low 80s. the south bay, up to 81 degrees. we are going to continue to focus on the winds today. right now, blowing out of the east-northeast. as we go through the day, the winds shift a bit, but not strong. up to 10-15 miles an hour. the stronger winds will be arriving tomorrow and that may cause more concern as we still will be watching them, trying to get a handle on those wildfires. breezy winds in the forecast tomorrow for the north bay, calming down, then picking up, once again, for the weekend. let's head over to mike, checking the fire-related closures. >> lots in the north bay. 101 and 37, the highways are not closed. the closures on the map, you can
6:22 am
see why i had to clear them. it continues for napa, glen ellen, sonoma, highway 12, lakeville highway. all the same as yesterday, in fact nor for highway 12 because of more fire related activity. that's the reason we have limited transit service. no service in sonoma county. emergency transit service for smart. golden gate tran sis has no buses going to santa rosa. the city bus has a saturday schedule. there's transportation through the city. south of highway 37 is open. we have the normal commute. richmond, san rafael bridge is isolated to the left lane. anywhere south of the bay bridge, a nice flow that includes the tri-valley and getting across, slightly more congested. really, this is not the big deal. the issues are the closures.
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back to you. >> that is good advice. thank you, mike. >> we have continuing breaking news coverage as the wildfires burn. head to for updates. there, you will find evacuations and closures posted. we'll be right back. flz . - grocery outlet
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let )s show you some video at 6:25, continuing coverage of the north bay wildfires. let's show you the video of the hilton hotel. this is in santa rosa. we have been reporting about the hotel burning since yesterday. this is video from overnight. the hotel burned for hours. firefighters say they moved on from that structure. the reason is because there was no chance of saving it. in fact, that situation in santa rosa has been dire when the tubbs fire spread into the city limits, which we followed live. firefighters had to set up command post at a k-mart parking lot on the west side of 101. the fire burning on the east side jumped six lanes of freeway, heading straight for the command center. here is what firefighters told us. >> in the k-mart parking lot. there's black smoke coming.
6:27 am
we were like we have to get out of here. too much wind, too much fire. >> the wind causing a lot of trouble. the neighborhood behind the hilton hotel was destroyed, as you see there. >> so hard for people to come to grips with the images. destruction all over. it really sinks in when you compare the before and after. fascinating. scott mcgrew, you have been collecting the pictures. >> we start with dramatic before and after images of the area around coffey park. you can see the google images of what the neighborhood looked like before the fire yesterday. on the right is what the area looks like today. hundreds of homes leveled. here is the aftermath picture, all by itself, not a home or building spared block after block. homes, cars, trees, destroyed. we mentioned wineries. this is in napa. marshall sergeant sending us this dramatic before and after.
6:28 am
the winery destroyed. you mentioned the hilton hotel. that's the before on the left and after is on round barn boulevard. marcus was showing you the flames there. just dramatic when you can see the before and after. back to you. >> yeah, it really is. we'll continue to cover the breaking news coverage of the wildfires burning in the north bay after the break as well as ways you can help. head to for updates. we have evacuations, all the closures posted as well. we'll be right back. for joining us.
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i )m laura garcia. and i )m marcus washington. good tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we continue to monitor the devastating fires in the north bay. here is where things stand at this hour. there are at least ten confirmed deaths related to those fires, seven in sonoma county, two in napa and one in mendocino county. at least 100 people reported injured. >> this morning, there are dozens of missing persons reports. so far, firefighters are not sure how many reports are due to spotty cell service, people not able to get hold of their loved ones. the fire, we know, destroyed 1500 structures. that includes three wineries and numerous commercial buildings in santa rosa. 20,000 people are evacuated. >> here is the map before the notable fires. more than 60,000 acres are destroyed in the sonoma and napa
6:32 am
counties. 30,000 acres burned in the so-called tubbs fire, 25,000 acres scorched in the atlas fire in napa. we are expecting updates on the acreage burn anytime now. >> a main road is shut down in santa rosa because of power lines that are down. be careful, they may be live. anser hassan filed this report. >> reporter: this is old redwood highway in santa rosa, a main road as you make your way through the city. right now, completely black and a lot of thick smoke. you can see one of the issues has to do with these downed power lines which makes traveling on this road very dangerous, even though the power is likely to be turned off. trees, branches, other debris. a scene of devastation. behind it, a burned out truck. from our vantage point, it looks like it is completely flattened.
6:33 am
we see off to the side here, hot spots that are burning and a strong smell of smoke and ashes. a curfew is in place until after sunrise. from the looks of it, it looks like this area has had little assessment. we have been traveling back and forth on the roads to keep people out. anser hassan, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. you mentioned the power lines. right now, more than 100,000 customers are without power in sonoma and napa county. pg&e can't start to get it restored because the fire that is are burning. they have started staging crews. that way when things clear, they can get to some of the problems quickly, once firefighters give them the green light. >> pete suratos is in solano county. what have you been able to learn
6:34 am
this morning? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. we are in front of the office of emergency services for solano county in fairfield. i took a peek inside. there's a number of officials on the law enforcement side as well as officials getting ready for the meeting. they are going to game play what they are going to do for folks in solano county. folks are affected by the fire taking place in napa county. we'll show the video from the top of the show. we were on green valley road, quite a ways away from the mountain area. the orange glow you are seeing is a concern. that's where the fire is, on the border of napa county and solano county. as a result, they are reinforcing structures in that area, specifically on valley and lane. that have where there are structures there and they are reinforcing as a result of concerns there. because of this, they have evacuated a number of communities in fair field. show you some of the video of
6:35 am
the sheriff's department evacuating people, going door-to-door telling people to evacuate the area to get out of harms way. cheryl hurd got a chance to talk to the sheriff's deputies as they were doing this as well as a homeowner leaves last night. >> trying to get out as many as we can. the fire is probably going to go over the hill. a mandatory evacuation area. >> reporter: how long do you think the fire is going to take to get here? >> i don't know that answer. that is something for cal fire. we are doing our job letting everybody know to leave the area. >> reporter: get out? >> yeah. >> reporter: hopefully we'll get more answers on that later on after that briefing. the map you are looking at are areas that have been evacuated. west of suisun valley road and the upper and lower parts of green valley road. the folks that have been evacuated have been sent to
6:36 am
solano community college or allen whit park, where the overflow will be according to the solano county sheriff's department. a few hundred homes have been evacuated. we will find out if more homes need to evacuate because of the fire. back to the newsroom. >> thank you, pete. there are multiple front lines in yountville. firefighters let the flames reach the silverado trail, using the roadway to block the fire from spreading. one man stayed behind. here is how he saved his home. >> we didn't have power, so i had to hook a tractor up to the generator and rewire the house so i had water up there. i was able to save the house, but we lost the tank house. >> silverado trails has wineries nearby. the signorello winery has been destroyed.
6:37 am
several other wineries have damage. firefighters continue to battle the flames. it's too soon to tell how much this will possibly impact the multimillion dollar wine industry. right now, we are going to head over to kari. she is looking at tracking the fires, the conditions outside. kari, what are things looking like right now for us? >> we are tracking those five main wildfires burning in the north bay. we have the tubbs fire that is just to the north of santa rosa. we have seen parts of santa rosa burning and south of that, the nuns fire and the sears fire. the atlas fire that is now starting to spread into solano county and the partrick fire. a lot to monitor here. the morning hours, the best time for firefighters to get containment. the humidity is higher, the winds are lighter. that's exactly what we are seeing right now.
6:38 am
mostly calm winds at this point. as we go through the day, the winds will start out from the east-northeast, then shift as we go into the evening. that's why the morning time is the best for cal fire. this morning, humidity is in the upper 60s. so, that is a huge improvement over yesterday. we started out yesterday morning, it was windy and the humidity was down in the teens. so, it looked pretty good as far as more relative humidity this morning. as we go through the day, it's still going to be really smokey in the north bay. dangerous air quality, smoke and haze dripping by and unhealthy for the rest of the bay area with the variable winds. at times you may smell smoke, at other times it is better. we'll continue to monitor the wind direction and the speed. i'll talk about all that in a few minutes. mike caulks about the road closures in the north bay. >> we have all been talking about a number of fires, the
6:39 am
nuns fire, the tubbs fire, the atlas peak area closed. 128 in calistoga, highway 29. we know about that. in addition to the fire, there are power lines that are down through the area. of course, tree branches have come down during the heavier winds as well. a lot of activity. stay out of the area. the latest closure, highway 12 because of some fire in the area. glen ellen, highway 12 closed, another section of it because of power lines down. sears point fire cleared from highway 37 but there's still fire in the area. keep that in mind. so far, that maintained open for the morning commute between vallejo and navato. highway 101 is open. the off ramp, a number of them are closed because they don't want folks in the area with the fire ak tifrty. we saw the hilton hotel still going on there.
6:40 am
this crash activity here, the richmond, san rafael bridge, that's the biggest issue. look at the live shot. we see the flashing lights activity. now, this truck here, they did remove the overturned vehicle that was blocked. we have the fast track and the hov lanes closed. westbound 580 moves smoothly. still lighter traffic and the cash lanes get by going to the san rafael side. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. >> we'll have continuing breaking news coverage of the wildfires in the north bay. head to there, you will find all the information you need. we will be back here on air, after the break. ♪
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this morning - fire 6:43. we are going to continue with our coverage of the north bay wildfire. this morning, that fire spread to oak month golf club. >> south of highway 12. kris sanchez is there with the very latest. >> reporter: this is the neighborhood in santa rosa. you can see behind us, this hillside is still aglow. we see lots of embers there and we can hear the trees and fire still crackling. the good news is we are not seeing the kind of wind we were seeing yesterday. this time yesterday, things were just whipping all around. we never would have gotten this close to the fire line for fear the embers would have blown over. that is how still it is this
6:44 am
morning, we feel comfortable getting closer to show you what is happening here. the folks in this neighborhood are under evacuation orders and they are not to come back until at least daybreak, especially if they are in the areas that are under curfew this morning. we know that the fire jumped the fire lines overnight as well into the neighborhood. this is not forfrom the oakmont golf course. the hilton from santa rosa, the photographer said the flames were so intense, the buildings were just collapsing. the sonoma hilton burned to the ground. the fountain grove inn burned to the ground. they are under evacuation orders. west, there's a multimillion dollar neighborhood. those homes are under evacuation orders as well. we spoke with a firefighter who said these winds are so much
6:45 am
calmer and giving a fighting chance. >> we don't have fighting winds. the fire has laid down. it's not very active. we can make a stand against this. last night, we wouldn't be up here. that's the difference. >> reporter: at this point, cal fire doesn't know where this fire is going to move. with that red flag warning expiring in a matter of hours, and the higher humidity which you can feel in the air, the conditions are a little more favorable for those firefighters who must be completely exhausted at this point. we are going to keep tracking through these neighborhoods to bring you more information as the morning goes on. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you, kris. exhausted firefighters, but that fight must continue. >> kris is in sonoma. we want to head to the spokesperson for solano county. we saw in kris' story, the oakmont golf course, where the fire jumped.
6:46 am
that was a trying time for firefighters in the area and for you all navigating things. >> caller: yeah, there are firefighters on the scene to protect as much property as they can. it looked like they are holding steady and we appreciate their work on that. we are concerned about that area. highway 12, in that area, many parts of it are closed. glen ellen in kenwood and oakmont, all three locations are on a mandatory evacuation notice. we are asking folks not to return to any area where there's an evacuation order. >> it is a good idea. we spoke with someone from cal fire. even if it looks like the fire moved through, there could be hot spots and dangerous for people. >> caller: absolutely. it's still dangerous for emergency personnel as well. we don't want folks trying to check on their homes or animals left behind. stay clear of those areas.
6:47 am
it is not safe in the mandatory evacuation zones. >> any new numbers you have to report? >> caller: no, things are holding steady. we have 28 centers in sonoma county, 24 are open and accepting new individuals. four shelters are at capacity, but in total, we have 4,991 folks staying at the shelters. >> what do people need to be mindful of as the fire continues to grow? if they have to go to one of the shelters are there things they should and should not bring? >> caller: definitely need to bring medication. they need to bring a change of clothes, blankets, if poszsible. we have delivered cots through many shelters last night and into this morning. we are hopeful that more supplies are coming and they are. we are working with the state and national guard to get those supplies to all the shelters as quickly as posz zablsible.
6:48 am
>> okay, that's good. folks want to help any way they can. you say the red cross is a good way to go? >> caller: they are a trusted organization. we are urging folks to call the red cross and register online. then the red cross can get in touch with you on how best to help. >> i just want to briefly talk about, getting in touch with loved ones. a lot of people have had problems getting in touch with loved ones they feel are missing right now. it might be a sense of power lines down or cell phone service interrupted. do you have a way to help with that as well? >> caller: yeah, we have a public hot line that is open. the phones are ringing. we are taking missing person reports. members of the public can call 707-565-3856. we have volunteers and staff standing by to take those reports. so, if they are concerned, they are not able to get ahold of
6:49 am
someone, file the report so we can investigate. >> thank you so much. scott alonzo with sonoma county. you are probably getting little sleep. thanks for all the information. >> caller: thank you. thanks for helping get the word out. >> we want to turn to anser hassan at cardinal newman high school. this is a structure damaged by the fire in the area. talk to us about what you are seeing behind you. very little we can make out. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. school officials say about 50% of the buildings here on campus have been completely destroyed. this is one of the classrooms, one of the portables. this roof, all but collapsed. we have been out here a while. we continue to hear crackling. who knows if the structures are still stable. this is actually the hallway here. one of the steel supports still up, but this, this is where the
6:50 am
complete damage is. these classrooms, what you are seeing right now are the remains of desks and chairs amist all this debris. there are hot spots still burning. the school principal estimated 18 of the 35 classrooms have been destroyed. that includes the library, main office and many portable classrooms like you see here. the challenge will be to determine how much of the school is usable and to figure out where the students will go to complete the rest of the school year. some of the rival high schools have been tweeting messages of encouragement to the students. as of now, the principal said classes canceled through the end of the week. anser hassan, "today in the bay." >> alum from the school set up a gofundme page, all right thinking of rebuilding. thank you. >> thanks for wanting to help. we want to turn to kari hall. she has been focusing on the weather conditions dealing with the fire in that area. kari, good today as the winds
6:51 am
have started to die down. >> yes, the winds are calming down. we have higher humidity as we take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. a little fog moving in. once again, that's a sign we have higher humidity. think about that smoke drifting by. when you have fog, we get smoggy conditions and very poor air quality. a live look outside at san jose. as the sunrises, another orange sunrise because of all the particul particular matter in the air as the sun continues to come up. the temperature, 53 degrees no san jose and oakland. mid-40s for the north bay. it is good that we have cooler temperatures. the highs reaching the upper 70s to lower 80s. 81 in santa rosa this afternoon. the interior valley, lower 80s. in oakland, 75. 70 in san francisco. we'll continue to monitor the winds because that is so important, that could cause the fire to change directions.
6:52 am
that's what cal fire will continue to monitor today. right now, very light winds. as we go through the day, the wind will start to change direction and that could change the direction that the fires are spreading. they will shift and come on shore at about 10-possibly 15 miles an hour and then stronger winds possible for tomorrow afternoon as we will get cooler temperatures and the wind coming in from the north. looking at the seven day forecast for the north bay, mid-70s, low 80s and very smokey. a little more breezy tomorrow. that could increase that fire danger and then the winds calm down for a couple days on thursday and friday. before we are expecting more gusty winds for the weekend. that could also increase the fire danger once again with highs in the low 80s. san francisco will see the highs in the low 70s today. then cooling down, especially during the morning hours into the upper 40s. inland areas for the south bay
6:53 am
and the east bay, highs of low 80s today and nice and fall-like for tomorrow through the end of the week. mike, you are talking still about the north bay road closures. >> they continue because of all the activity, the fire, the downed power lines we keep talking about. those are the orange signs i have for road closures. so many. you can't really see the map. we are going clear them from the map and show the freeways involved. 128 in calistoga north of 29. we are talking the atlas peak area. 121, highway 12 through glen ellen, oakmont, kenwood. we are talking a new section of highway 12 for santa rosa. that's the bad news. they are additional closures. but, highway 101 is open. the freeway is open where it was closed yesterday morning through the evening until 4:00. the off ramp, many are closed.
6:54 am
you don't need to do that, highway 37 is also open for business this morning. transit, no sonoma county transit bus smart bus is running emergency service for the morning. no golden gate transit. limited service for the city bus. anywhere south, the regular commute. this is light for a tuesday. the crash clearing. the bay bridge has the back up slowing for berkeley and south of there. traffic just starting to build. back to you. >> all right. thank you, mike. 6:54. continuing coverage of the wildfires burning in the north bay after the break. head to for details. we have all the evacuations and closures that are posted as of right now. we'll be right back. devastating wildfires in the
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
north bay. 6:57. we continue to monitor the devastating wildfires in the north bay. these are live pictures from what used to be newman high school in santa rosa. charred remains of that building. 18 of the 35 classrooms destroyed by the fire. the question is how much of that school is usable. here is where things stand at this hour. there are at least ten confirmed deaths related to the fire, seven in sonoma county, two in
6:58 am
napa and money in county. >> this morning, still dozens of missing person reports. firefighters not sure how many of those reports have to do with spotty cell service in some of the affected areas. the fire destroyed at least 1500 structures. that includes three wineries and numerous commercial buildings in santa rosa. 20,000 people are evacuated. here is a map for the fires we are watching this morning. more than 60,000 acres charred. 30,000 acres burned in the so-called tubbs fire and 25,000 acres scorched in the atlas fire near napa. we are expecting updates on the acreage burn anytime now. here are some of the school that is will be closed. suisun valley, k-8, all napa
6:59 am
valley unified will be closed. santa rosa city schools are closed. sonoma state and santa rosa junior college. napa valley is closed, but the gym is used for an evacuation center. we have a list of the extensive closures. that is on our website, happening today, smart trains will operate on a limited schedule because of the wildfires. smart service will be free for people who need transportation options as it has fires continue to burn. southbound service started at 5:00, running out of santa rosa, the downtown station there and the northbound station started at 6:29 out of san rafael. they are going to run 28 trips today. north stations will be closed because of power outages and railroad crossings in northern santa rosa. they are reminding people as the fires continue to spread that those schedules could change. we'll continue to follow the
7:00 am
fires burning in california. >> we'll have it on air and online, we'll update you as soon as we get new information. . good morning. breaking overnight. out of control wildfires ravaging california, including its famed wine country. at least 11 people killed. 1,500 homes and businesses destroyed. >> all the pictures are gone. everything. >> and just look at the skies over disneyland. we're live on the frontlines. war of the wives. melania trump with a stinging rebuke of ivanka trump's remark that she's the real first lady, calling it self-serving noise, as the rift between the president and his secretary of state escalate. the president reacting to our report that rex tillerson called hi


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